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In what order will these corps fall?

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Facebook, Microsoft, Apple (will "fall" before Microsoft but struggle and outlive Microsoft)

Google will rule the new world.

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Facebook is more likely to suffer a natural decline. Google is more likely to have legal action taken to break it up.

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Facebook is ripe on the vine, they'll be first.
Apple and Google seem pretty cozy for now.
Microsoft probably isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

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Facebook first, then Apple many years later. Google and Microsoft are staying forever. They are too rooted into governments and schools.

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Interesting, why Apple first?

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All at once, or never ever. There's no entity that wants to take them down, and much of the population is enslaved to them and thus supports them.

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Have you heard about the pinnacle of modern technology design called iPhone X? What good has Apple done since Jobs died?

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Google is here to stay

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(few decades)


id put apple before MS but they have so much cash right now and they have status recognition among millenials

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It's settled then. Just close the thread.

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True, but they still have a cult-like following that will buy whatever shit they put out. Their whole ecosystem (computers, mobile, Air TV, whatever) would have to lose favor with that crowd for them to fall. Not saying it's impossible, but certainly more difficult than people moving away from something like Facebook.

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hopefully all at once and soon

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>What good has Apple done since Jobs died?
Tons of profits.

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Apple first, then Microsoft. Apple is the least powerful right now, and with all the dumb shit they do, I could see it making them fail at some point. Microsoft powers pretty much all desktop PCs, and is the only option for gayming, so it's gonna stick around for longer.
I say facebook is third, because it is a platform that is independent of an OS. If Apple and Microsoft die, Facebook can still be accessed through just about anything else. Google I feel is making more sneaky indoctrination moves, and is definitely continuing to grow, while I'm not sure about Facebook (is it still growing? Shrinking? Staying where it is?). I think our distant future will consist of everybody locked down into Chromebooks/Fuchsia devices, as Google moves to take control of the entire world. I can't say the same for Facebook.

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Which is why I placed Apple after Facebook and Microsoft. Quality of Apple products will decline shortly but there are so many Apple drones, Apple will live for a while. Facebook will be the first to fall for obvious reasons. I'm also convinced that Microsoft does something absolutely retarded at some point, turning people into Linux, which leads to decent MS Office replacement and game support on Linux, thus killing Microsoft. If no laws intervene, Google will prevail.

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Google and Microsoft are too big to fail. Microsoft holds majority desktop OS marketshare and Android holds majority mobile OS marketshare too.

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Even if Windows dies, Microsoft still has a shit-ton of other products that are heavily used by large IT departments that won't change easily. Think Outlook, Lync, SharePoint, etc. Plus they also have
>.NET (C#, ASP.NET, VB.NET, Visual Studio, etc)
>whatever else

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FB first, hope its an instant death
Apple second, they dont have that many products and if they fuck up enough ppl will stop buying them.
But if they decide to do a retail macOS that can be installed in any hardware then MS will be completely dead before

If google dies it might cause a complete worldwide shitstorm like never seen before

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BRIC countries will make Google and Microsoft largely irrelevant after they cease to be third world and start to really develop their own industries. Facebook will go the way of Yahoo long before then because they don't really provide anything unique. Apple will live on for a very long time, but will eventually be forced into the luxury market by cheaper and technically superior products from BRIC countries.

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Facebook, Google (has a core business that is potentially losable to chinese competitors), Microsoft, Apple cannot fall as its stocks currently make up more than 10% of the value of the NASDAQ, so it'd get bailed out several times before it could fall.

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least powerful but they have two things: the most cash of any company on earth (~270b) + name/status recognition among millennials

That cash alone would take them at least a decade or two of complete fuckups (not just mildly shitty things like memebars and notches) to burn through that kind of cash.

People outside of America/Canada might not realize the stranglehold Apple has on young people, and especially girls.

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Microsoft is (kind of) preparing for this by turning all their products into services. If Microsoft died ten years ago, the companies would still run Outlook and shit even if Microsoft didn't exist.

If Apples "innovations" remain the quality of iPhone X, it will eventually fall. Even the normies realize how retarded iPhone X is. Microsoft is unlikely to fall but they have really been poking the ice lately by trying how far will their userbase bend.

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Fking tards... Facebook isn't all about the social media site facebook. They've grown the last couple years even tho many stopped using facebook. I would say apple, microsoft, facebook, google

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Microsoft will go first since power users don't want Botnet 10 and non-technical users are fine with tablets. Apple will likely merge OSX and IOS into an ARM-based platform, which will kill off x86 and cross-platform support with Windows.

Zuckerberg is very smart business-wise so I doubt Facebook will go under anytime soon. Apple will always have blind consumers. Google is too big to fail. Amazon will continue to grow.

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Facebook is still financially solvent? Who uses it besides Russian advertisers?

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None. Even twitter can survive, despite all the shit.

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What good have they done before he died, brainlet?

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Facebook is too big to suffer a natural decline. The Facebook website may stagnate and die but Facebook the company will have their hands in whatever the next platform is, even if they need to buy it out. FB will more likely become a holding company like Alphabet, or Nestle, at which point there's no way to remove them from the market via market forces, and the only way to get rid of them will be by government intervention.

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I don't know, but one thing is certain, Google isn't going anywhere. They're practically the right hands of both the NSA and CIA, and they're so firmly rooted in global politics, it just wouldn't be """allowed""".

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Apple has no vision without Jobs, they will at least decline

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My 120gb iPod Classic still works like new. They were ahead of their time with the first iPhones too.

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tons of campuses I know rely on Microsoft for desktop support and they also rely on gmail for email services to students and staff.

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They still have money and scandals they are still the bastards of the industry. It can function without that salesman.

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This. Adding: Zuckerberg aided the Russians in influencing the elections, charges should be brought against him and Facebook shutdown. What's good for Kaspersky, should be good for Facebook.

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Yeah I'm sure the federal government will get right on bringing charges against the organizations that won them the election

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Those companies are too big to fail and creates a lot of job worldwide. For them to fail, something very awful would need to happen.

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>They were ahead of their time with the first iPhones too
You're an absolute moron. Symbian could do WAY more than the first iPhone. It was better in every single way.

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I had a Symbian. I never had an iPhone. I still think they were ahead of their time with iPhone, considering normies and other dumb people who prefer form over function.

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I think the only reason people are putting Google last is because they are heavily investing into AI and have the capacity to feed their bots metric shit tons of data.

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>Google & Facebook are literally an AD company
wew no wonder they try hard to stop ad blockers.

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>Symbian could do WAY more than the first iPhone. It was better in every single way.

So much better than it singlehandedly sealed the future of the biggest mobile phone company in the world at the time

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Actually the was Android, brainlet.

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>I had a Sybian
You degenerate, bastard.

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Facebook needs to go. There's nothing good about it.

Lots of people are moving on anyways. Granted a lot of the competition against Facebook is owned/could be owned by Facebook such as WhatsApp and Instagram.

Facebook is such a cancer to society that it's not even funny.

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t. gender studies majors who role play on tech forums because they watched an episode of Mr.Robot

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I'm convinced that Cuckenberg is actually Satan.

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Wrong, faggot.

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He's right. I hope Putin invades and imprisons all you SJW Amerifats.

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I'm talking about Nokia you mong, besides what are you even trying to say with that image? The market share is irrelevant for apple as they make money with the hardware they own and its software. The App Store alone is more profitable than what can Google earn with 80% of the market share.

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NYET Ivan! You are not to be supposed to be making it so obvious.

20 rubles have been subtracted from your account.

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Facebook is already done, now that Windows spy on everyone NSA don't need them anymore, Google will be killed by either Amazon or some new dog, Apple will ride on backs of tech illiterate morons for decades, Microsoft isn't going anywhere.

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These people don't even objectively look at birth statistics enough to realize their real enemies aren't "white males" and "the patriarchy".

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You dumb nigger. My point is this; if the Russian scare mongers want to play their games, ( Zuckerberg admits to selling the Russians ads on Facebook) then why not turn it against them and punish the enablers?

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[citation needed]

>135kg 90-IQ liberal American thinks he can offend anyone

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then why is google making an ad blocker for chrome coming next year?

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Embrace, extend, extinguish. Easier to let their own ads pass through their own adblocker.

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I think Facebook will definitely fail first. From their Oculus blunder to the fact that most of my normie friends deleted/don't use their facebook in favor of other social sites like twatter or instragram. Also Zuckercuck running for president is just funny

Next I think Apple will start sinking, their retarded notch and 50 dongles to do anything ever since Jobs was out of the picture shows they are weakening.

Microsoft I think isn't going anywhere any time soon because of all the businesses that use Windows.

Google is literally the fucking internet so I can't see them going anywhere in the foreseeable future.

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I don't know why they didn't do it sooner. Block all malicious ads, aka all ads that aren't theirs. And drive all their competitors out of business.

It's a perfect business model. Also I thought it was Google that bought ad block plus? ''''anonymous'''' buyer

they need to ship a built in ad blocker for chrome.

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>Block all malicious ads, aka all ads that aren't theirs.
Pretty sure that's illegal, hombre.

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major yet shitty social media website that have had no updates since 2014, only live off local ads. should die in a decade.
only relies on their "ecosystem" of i-shit. doesn't control any market or industry, doesn't have any major products, only sells "elitist" hardware or service that works with this hardware exclusively with this hardware, i. e. itunes, app store. should share vertu's fate as "premium" smartphones manufacturer soon.
sells various tech-related products, from office to xbox, has the majority in desktop and minor stake in servers, has the most diversified chart of revenue streams. doesn't develop in mobile and web industries at all, which is two most significant at the moment. if it dies, we probably would've lost a couple of major services, but almost all of them has alternatives.
>alphabet (google)
powers overwhelming majority of ads on the web, owns several most visited websites and most used services, has the majority in mobile, actively develops and invests in future technologies i. e. google glasses, tensorflow. looks like it's not going anywhere in the future, as lots of industries are contolled by google or at least depend on it.

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So is NSA spying.

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Actually, now that I think about it, why the fuck would that be illegal?

They are allowed to block ads in their browser if they want, and they are allowed to pick and choose which they block. Definitely not illegal.

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I get the sentiment, but FB bought Insta years ago dude

I am however seeing a trend away from kids blindly buying macbook/pros. I'm also seeing more local ads for people willing to sell their iphones for samsung s8 so I imagine the aesthetic of the s8 is catching on

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Maybe not in the burgerland of freedom but probably in Europe. We have laws against "anti-competitive behaviour" to stop this kind of madness.

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>We have laws against "anti-competitive behaviour" to stop this kind of madness.
If blocking ads is illegal there then yeah, but otherwise no.

Because then brave browser should be illegal as well. Or ad block plus because it allows some ads but not others. It might be fucked if google does it, but definitely should be legal. Nothing wrong with blocking ads.

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>...something very awful would need to happen.
Awful for their investors maybe, but good for humanity.

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Both Brave and ABP allow ads from any paying company pass through. I'll repeat, any company has the chance to go through these blocks.

Google's would only allow Google ads through, not giving other companies a chance to pass through would be considered anti-competitive and illegal.

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>has the most diversified chart of revenue streams

This is not inherently good when most of your products and services are just straight up mediocre (Windows, Azure) or on life support (Surface, Xbox)

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Literally your mom.

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i had an mp3 player like 10 years before ipod was branded

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Microsoft will probably last a bit longer than you think.
They have massive cloud contracts with governments for massive IT infrastructure.
Azure even has it's own subscription type for US gov.

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at least they won't care much if one of their mediocre or on life support products or services will die, that what should increase microsoft's lifetime. for instance, they recently said "we admit that windows phone is shit and we no longer support it" and it didn't hurt the company at all. imagine reading the same thing written by google about android or even apple about ios.

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Oh no I definitely agree. I'm the same poster as >>62876630, and that was even forgetting their cloud and Azure services.

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Google will never die, it is controlled by the jewish shadow government.

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I can see Microsoft dying off as a consumer brand: getting squeezed out between Apple at the top end and Google on the low end. But their hold on business seems enduring.

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Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Google

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Windows is going absolutely nowhere, but those other products are just a fraction of MS's revenue.

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>"Steve Jobs is a hack who just steals ideas and markets them well, there's nothing special about him he never made anything useful and he had tonnes of failures and he also abandoned his kids and didn't wash."

>"Wow Apple is doomed without the grand visionary Steve Jobs who truly and single handedly made the company who was always so perfect and my god I want to blow his cock."

Are you people THAT contrarian that you'll praise Steve fucking Jobs just to get at modern day Apple? Do you not know that Apple is more Jobs than ever? Don't you know that Apple haven't even fulfilled the product road map set out by him fully yet and aren't even close? Jesus Christ. You're all clueless.

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Hopefully Microsoft first. But Facebook will die first because it's easily replaceable on day 1. Microsoft and Apple products not so much.

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It's almost as if demography changes as the years pass!

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You think the population of this board has been totally replaced in 6 years? Maybe you're just new and don't know of how badly Jobs got shitted on all the time.

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Hopefully all of them and at once. Throw in Tesla, Twitter, Netflix, and Amazon too.

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This. Sadly

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oy vey shut this post down

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No, i think it got replaced during the Election.

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Facebook first. All that needs to happen is another big social network shows up or normies get tired of using social networks in general. People don't use Facebook as much these days. At best, it's a way to keep in touch with friends, and nothing more. Some of their other shit is failing. Oculus is dead in the water, for instance.

Among the rest, I'm not sure if any will actually fall. Apple can survive a decade with no profits unless they get fucked by the EU for their Ireland tax scheme, in which case their monetary reserves could collapse. Microsoft in some ways is becoming less relevant, and in other ways is making money hand over fist from Azure. They don't always succeed at things, but they seem to be able to pick themselves up from their failures well and make enough to keep stable. As for Google... the problem is they don't exactly have any competition.

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>..the only way to get rid of them..
You blow up their server farm

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They had that in the 90s as well. The Cult of Mac was always a thing. They won't die off for a while. Hell, even Amiga isn't entirely dead yet.

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ms will never go anywhere.

their shady business practices make their "ms partners" so much money, they would be fucking retarded to abandon ms. for every dollar ms earns from a partner, the partner earns 14.

its in the partners best interest to keep their clients running software that is going to continue to make the partners money through constant servicing being required for the clients to have a working system.

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what the fuck? i had no idea so MUCH of googs rev stream was ads.

i put them second to fb tbqh.

fb fails first
goog next.
apple next.
amazon and ms forever. theyve already survived anti trusts and monopolies and all sorts of charges. goog and fb would crumble under these charges.

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But brave and ad block plus are not ads companies. If Google does that it's anti competitive.

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I notice you specifically chose an image with Goolag in back, very clever

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Facebook is ready to eat shit. Last election cycle really turned many people off of the platform. Everyone blocked so many other people that probably half the traffic is occurring on the site anymore.

Microsoft doesn't know what the fuck they are anymore besides a corporate software company and video game console producer. Windows is better than ever, yet worse than ever at the same time. They know they have to embrace the *nix infrastructure to keep devs around, but it's too little too late, and their offerings are meager at best.

Apple is no longer a computer company, but a cell phone company for many years running. Steve Jobs was Apple. We all know this, yet most consumers and market players are barely figuring this out now. Innovation? Naw, just iPhone 9 - Now with no screen!

Google will always be around, kinda like IBM. They're so diversified and half-decent that you can't kill them. They do a bit of everything. Their marketshare may drop a bit, but I still see them as a search giant for the foreseeable future.

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Google fundamentally has parts of their business nobody can even come close to replicating. Googles main threat is antitrust because having a monopoly when it comes to search and video gives you an OBSCENE amount of power by controlling the algorithms that control what people see. No Bing and Vimeo aren't real competition.

Microsoft as well is also too deeply embedded in the business market to be easily dislodged. I see them as being the least vulnerable to any existential threat because they still make insane margins on their products yet they're not really liable to get another antitrust ruling against them.

Apple could easily turn into Sony in a matter of decades.

Facebook will probably HNGGGGG first because it has a fairly meme business model and is surrounded by viable replacements and competitors regardless of how it diversifies.

So Facebook > Apple > Alphabet > MS.

>> No.62882769

Basically the order your image has them marching to their death where Facebook is the first to the executioner's block.

Microsoft and Google will be the last to go because of how diversified they are, where applel has already been to Deaths door and Microsoft bailed them out (though I am willing to bet if there had been a third viable commercial OS at the time so M$ wouldn't be facing extra scrutiny for having a monopoly, Billy boy would have let Apple die), and Farcebook could just as easily go the way of MySpace if something else comes along that captures the public attention, as Facebook ads only make money when people are actually using Facebook.

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Facebook first for sure. There are tons of social media options.

>> No.62882864

Facebook is already dying like Myspace did. Its collapse won't be as dramatic, but the rot is terminal.

Apple is the new Sony, except they haven't diversified into banking quite like Sony did, which saved Sony's ass when their consumer electronics biz went tits up. However, that giant cash pile of theirs could kickstart one hell of an investment bank if they Jew up enough.

Google/Alphabet is massively undiversified, but their products are woven into the fabric of the Internet so tightly that displacing them will be difficult.

Amazon's core e-commerce biz can be duplicated too easily. It's why Bezos is trying to diversify like mad, and trying to become the new Microsoft.

Microsoft is completely entrenched in government and business. They have gobs of talent, but somehow they keep killing off everything good that they create (WP7, Zune, HoloLens, that exercise band, Nano Server, etc) while doubling down on garbage (SharePoint, which the bad half of O365 is built around...I'm not fond of Azure, especially ARM, but it's not total trash). They're a lot like Xerox. And like Xerox, they'll be around after the others have turned to dust.

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>Apple could easily turn into Sony in a matter of decades.
In what way?

>> No.62884653

>Apple could easily turn into Sony in a matter of decades.
Opinion discarded.

>> No.62885732


LOL they have so many hands and dollars in congress, the US will default on our loans before any of these guys go out of business.

>> No.62886039

Don't remind me.

>> No.62886108

>id put apple before MS but they have so much cash right now and they have status recognition among millenials
right, this is what is kind of scary about Apple's success. They have the cash to do truly remarkable things but instead they're more interested in stock buy backs.

>> No.62886127

They lost Steve Jobs, they don't know what's remarkable while they have a brand/reputation to maintain so they're playing it safe.

>> No.62887569

It will die much sooner than expected if Zuckerberg actually runs for president

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Facebook is a great example of why normies shouldn't be allowed to the use computers.

I want to go back to the 80s, goddammit.

>> No.62887749

Too big to fail at this point

>> No.62888215

1: FB, already dead, it just hasn't noticed yet
2: Microsoft, should have continued to actually sell a product instead of a paid ad platform
3: Apple
4: Google

>> No.62888259

>25kg 70-IQ alcoholic Russian thinks he can offend anyone

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> too big to fail

>> No.62890165

>What good has Apple done since Jobs died?
Retina Imac

>> No.62890179

Google has a shaky foundation, it's entirely based on ad revenue, if this goes so does Google.

>> No.62890209

this. they'll all be put against the wall when the revolution comes.

>> No.62890216

Microsoft will go the way of General Electric and Blackberry, drop out of the consumer space and focus entirely on enterprise and government contracts.

>> No.62890265

You don't get anything. Jobs was a total moron, yet he was the driving force in anything decent coming out of Apple. This mostly tells you what a joke Apple and all the other major tech corporations are.

>> No.62890266

Literally in the order of your pic google being last.

But considering their recent philosophies and how that mega-corporation no longer has a solid leadership - might be surprised to see 50 years from now apple still selling personal gadgets while google is gone.

>> No.62890291

Facebook needs to die ASAP.

>> No.62890329

Google is linked to foreign espionage, I would not want to be them when the government finally wise up and does something about it

>> No.62890819

Google feels threatened by Amazon since it has become essentially a search engine for products.

>> No.62890992

Apple is now in decline, their business model is built on perfection, everything theyve done in the last couple of years is a complete fuck up, they lost their reputation, buggy iPhones are going to kill the only thing they have left

I cant believe Facebook has no real competition, they should have been replaced a long time ago.

Microsoft has total monopoly on operating systems and is able to shit down the throat of their users and they just deal with it by continueing to use win7

Google still has the best search, their search engine is still their only money maker, Ad nauseaum might actually kill them

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facebook first
google last

>> No.62891041

>What good has Apple done since Jobs died?

Apple Music is pretty cool. The iPad Pro with the pencil is probably the first iPad worth getting over like, any other tablet, as long as you can afford it.

Other than that, eeh.

>> No.62891045

they have the pixel phone, chrome books, chrome casts, and other products that people cheaply buy google probably wont go anywhere.

>> No.62891062

Honestly I would like MS to finally grow a pair, annouce an actual point of no return in windoze development and just fucking rewrite this shit from scratch - same looks, different internals, all bugs amended, actual useful features added (sorting catalgos by size omg, pls) and bullshit thrown out. Make it cheap and everyone will buy one, good lord is it that hard to understand it?

>> No.62891088

>they have the pixel phone, chrome books, chrome casts, and other products that people cheaply buy
no one buys the chromebook, you dont even know how to shill

>> No.62891117

They probably wont even be a social media company anymore in the near future

>> No.62891124

Easily the riskiest business. One wrong step or a change in trends and they're gone.
Very diversified, but all of their products are mediocre. They're surviving solely on user's inertia. It will be a slow but certain death.
They have too much money and too much talent to fail. They've got the right formula and their niche market set.
Sadly, they're not going anywhere. Too entrenched in the web and in everything. All the accumulated data allows them to be major players in AI, which is a key market of the future.

>> No.62891171

>annouce an actual point of no return in windoze development

they did with windows 10

also they already tried rewriting windows, wasted 7 years and just used windows server 2003 as a base

>> No.62891227

Sony was once known ubiquitously as being a brand of quality.

Make no mistake, today, Sony does make some good products, but I think he's just referring to Sony's "fall from grace" as it were.

You can see it from macbook pros whose specs are shit for the price (and other companies are starting to surpass it in terms of aesthetics, but not OS - yet)

You can see it in the iPhone and it's same-look year in and year out, same OS, and an in the iPhone X that they are having troubles making but also is ugly as fuck and costs $1000 to start.

Mac rose meteorically after those Justin Long vs old, nerdy guy commercials in the mid-late 2000s. In the early 2000s, nobody wanted to be caught dead with those fucking eMacs. Do not overestimate Apple as some company that is incapable of failing. They simply built up a shit load of cash over the past decade on the basis of people's vanity. Tastes can change, and I'm starting to see more young people trading their iPhones in for the s8

>> No.62891280

>In what order will these corps fall?
Google, I would say. Consider the follow:

>There is a global economic downturn with in the 2-3 years.
>Ad speeding declines.
>Companies realize that AdSense is worthless for adversing and Alphabet starts to bleed money.
>But because Google has injected themselves deep inside the web, they are Too Big to Fail.
>Eventually they are bailed out by governments. The European and Russian portions are nationalized, like EADS in the former case. The American portion is nationalized, but is privatized afterwards with special relationship with the government like Ma Bell and RCA back in the day. Not sure about what happens in East Asia.

Mircosoft and Apple are diversified enough to avoid failure. Not sure about Facebook.

>> No.62891310

Let's go, brother.

>> No.62892764

>Let it go

>> No.62892892

Facebook first, social media comes and goes, it'll be nothing major for it to fade away
Then a long time after that (possibly to the point where there has been 2 or 3 new facebooks), apple next. Their business is rather limited in terms of what they can make, and even their dedicated fanbase will eventually move onto something else.
Then, quite a long time after that as well, Google. The way they're currently acting will eventually annoy too many users, and a replacement will come along. Maybe even Amazon will branch out to be the next google, though I can see them making the exact same mistakes as google.
Microsoft will of course eventually die as all companies do, but I cant imagine it happening. Not because their doing so well, but they're certainly the most established out of all 4.

>> No.62893612

So have we just accepted that Amazon will be around forever?

>> No.62894238

In the order of that picture excluding google. The fucking Americans would never let it die.

>> No.62894258

>scroll through thread
>all these tards saying microshaft will fall before applel
Microsoft makes money from a lot more than just it's shitty operating systems and consoles.

>> No.62894265

you were born on or after 1995

>> No.62894271

none are going to die in the next 50 years unless they get fucked by antitrust laws

>> No.62894293

I mean right to left just to clarify.

>> No.62894299

>le just rewrite from scratch
this has been the death of many software companies, it is almost never a good idea and certainly is not in the case of Windows

>> No.62894321

>Very diversified, but all of their products are mediocre
Their non-consumer oriented services are fantastic

>They're surviving solely on user's inertia
Azure is a relative newcomer to the market and it has completely displaced its' competitors such as AWS in the enterprise market. MS might not be so innovative in the consumer market anymore but they're pulling an IBM and dominating the enterprise market behind the scenes.

>> No.62894337

>People outside of America/Canada might not realize the stranglehold Apple has on young people, and especially girls.
It's fucking plague with young women in Australia aswell.

>> No.62894397

windows has 50 MLOC. there's no rewriting that from scratch. they could rewrite it part by part during the next 20 years, but that's all

>> No.62894509

>doesn't have any major products, only sells "elitist" hardware
So like every European car company?

>> No.62894540

turns out it's probably much more than 50 MLOC, which is the number for Windows Server 2003

>> No.62894547

>it has completely displaced its' competitors

lol no.

Plus most of Microshit's Azure is ran on AWS infrastructure.

>> No.62895423

Facebook is already dying, a floundering apple will achieve possibly the biggest corporate merger of all time when they take over facebook. It'll just wither and die over time though, it'll basically become the new yahoo in about 10 years.
Google will survive a lot longer, but their poor treatment of acquisitions such as youtube and the endless virtue signalling will erode them over time. Once they become just a search engine, investors will see the profits disappear and abandon ship
Microsoft will survive. Microsoft ain't going anywhere, because they basically have an OS monopoly that lincucks keep alive by shilling their redundant platform. Linux is Microsoft's greatest strength in a way.

>> No.62896059

Microsoft, Google/Apple, Facebook

>> No.62896083

what is the other revenue in M$? that take up to 18% kek

>> No.62896186

Things like patent trolling, for example. That's why they bought Nokia, so now every phone you buy gives MS some money.
MS is shit as a tech company, but they've always been focused on making profit.

>> No.62896306

Microsoft is the most stable company on here. They have such a diversified business model that I can see them lasting well into the future. Sure they will be a shambling zombie in 100 years, but I guarantee they will still be around.

>> No.62896316

Well people actually use those phones, so that's comparing apples to oranges

>> No.62896391

facebook is already dying TBQH

>> No.62896402

I never thought I would be shilling microsoft, an on /g/ of all places, but I agree. I recently used Azure for a project and it had by far the highest quality of service and just an insane amount of useful features. Far better than AWS or Google Cloud, although in the future I will probably just use openstack because I'm a control freak when it comes to cloud architecture.

>> No.62896500

facebook as it was originally intended to be used is dead as fuck
its now just news outlets and advertisers competing with big page that get all the attention. the individual user isnt shit on facebook anymore and no one cares

its the same as youtube is with the giant channels dominating the entire platform, but with more established companies instead of people. probably where twitter and everything else already is or is heading

>> No.62896510

Oranges are better

>> No.62897048

Oh I forgot to say
Screenshot this
t. visitor

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