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Hello, /g/! My country is fucked and is banning VPNs and Tor. What do I do now? I've heard they can block traffic after analyzing it with DPI. There was even one guy who I think went to prison just for using tor he didn't even do anything illegal with it. What can I do to save myself? TunnelBear has a thing called Ghostbear that supposedly makes it harder to the ISP to label the traffic as illegal and stuff like that but i'm not sure how safe that is and I was wondering if there are better ways or other vpns that do that. Help

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Move to a less authoritarian country.

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move to a better country

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Tunnel HTTP over facebook.

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call up your local antifa chapter and ask if they can take a break from crawling up shapiro's ass so they can fight actual fascism

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SSL into your own vps, and vpn/tor from there?

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>tfw they will never actually do this

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that homebrew vpn wouldnt be anoymoose with OP being the only user and with her name attached to it.

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If I only I could

I'm not really technically savvy, not sure how do to that and what to use to set that kind of thing up.

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Is this different from using a VPN over ssl? Maybe the destination IP address would be a factor

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rent an instance on a web service, set it up as a vpn

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How is that different from just using any VPN? I need for my traffic to not be picked up by DPI, that's really the main concern.

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vpn's are generally identified by their name. rent something on an all-purpose service and they can't tell what the fuck you're doing as long as it's hosted out-of-country and encrypted

basically your government wants to blacklist a group of websites

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Yes. The vpn is being used from the vps, and you remotely connect with encryption to your own vps. Your isp only sees you connecting to one location.

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basically it works like this

you have alice and bob

you're alice in this instance

>alice sends an http request to bob
>because alice's home nation prohibits direct contact with bob, she proxies the http request via Facebook by posting it on bob's timeline
>bob, who lives in another castle, sees the request on his timeline and copies the link into a new tab and takes a screenshot with the Microsoft(TM) Snipping Tool and posts it on Alice's timeline.
>Alice sees that bob has fetched the requested resource, and can now plan interaction with it. If the page has interactive HTML5 content, Alice can now tell bob via Facebook messenger chat where to move his mouse and when to click. Bob will the post updates to the DOM on Alice's timeline.

This is also pretty secure because Facebook has to adhere to the EU's strict data security laws.

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>I'm not really technically savvy, not sure how do to that and what to use to set that kind of thing up.
You're indirectly using a vpn.

You could try goldenfrog I haven't kept up with what they offer, but I vaguely remember that they offer a service that bypasses China's DPI inspection. You'll have to check that out for yourself, because I'm not to fond of their services.

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Use Badsocks with SSH or just plain SSH Tunnels.
You can't be accused of using proxy software when you are just working on a remote site :D

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there are some slick ways of getting around vpn bans and filtering

I doubt you'll find any info here though

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Sucks to be you, I guess. Where the hell you live, OP? Red China?

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I am worrying about the fact that all they see is encrypted traffic and may not like it and just cut it or even fuck me up in some other legal way. What are the ways of circumventing that? Like okay, I set up some web service that isn't really a vpn in the first place. What do I do to make my connection appear to be a regular one (like true https or something?)

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>Will this finally stop the ebil russian haxor?

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? any comments

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Thanks, I will take a look at that!

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You're fucked if they actually try to ban VPNs. The only reason China isn't as dystopian as it could be is that the commies don't actually give a shit.

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You need to get more info about the ban of VPN in Russia. You actually can legally use it. Half of a fucking country use it for Rutracker. Are they gonna put us all in Gulag now? It's illigal to provide a VPN service though.

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A guy was sent to prison for just having Tor traffic already, man. I actually got this paranoid after reading through some of the posts on rutracker.

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There is a case with an exit node operator. Read the link:

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>The only reason China isn't as dystopian as it could be is that the commies don't actually give a shit.

Wrong. They couldn't ban VPNs before because chinese domestic internet was very primitive. They needed to wait for things mature and establish all the domestic mirrors for western sites like facebook (wechat) and amazon (alibaba). Now they are starting to crack down.

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Can't you just use TCP instead of UDP for your VPN settings?

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Antifa will burn his car and then tell their work here is done

Go to Poland, no internet censorship, no political correctness shit , no terrorist shit.

If you are programmist or good it tech you can still earn good money.

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>TunnelBear has a thing called Ghostbear that supposedly makes it harder to the ISP to label the traffic as illegal and stuff like that but i'm not sure how safe that is
It's not very safe. They do tend to work, but they do get found out at some point, at which point they can detect you using it (and, if you're unlucky, detect you having used it in the past). If that gets you partyvanned, it's a seriously risky move.

>and I was wondering if there are better ways or other vpns that do that.
There are several systems that do (an acquaintance of mine works on tor pluggable transports), but none of them are safe against a censor that will fuck you up just for using VPNs. They WILL find out eventually, count on it.

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I don't really use VPN, I just use Tor because it works for the things I need to do

I wish I could. I'm jobless and I trade cryptos for a living, no real qualifications that could land me a job in other countries. Only have a degree in translation but who cares about that.

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I wish I could move to Poland, but I speak no polska.

Based Polen though.

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what am i even reading r n

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If you're a cyute Russian girl like Lischina, I can welcome you in western Europe.

We have shitskins, but not much Internet surveillance.

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Download Tor browser bundle, select "my internet is censored", follow the instructions

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Except that can cause trouble too, China's GFW bans all IPs with a too large fraction of traffic (e.g if 100% of the traffic goes to 1 ip it starts acting unpredictably)
Meek hides it as google traffic by using rented servers in google data centers.

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Tunnel your traffic trough https and move out of the usa

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>I am worrying about the fact that all they see is encrypted traffic


every time you use HTTPS your traffic is encrypted. you don't need to worry about that specifically.

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Иcпoльзyй HOCКИ, ниггep.
Damn it, fucker, runet is full of articles about setting secure connections, can you even read? There is no such thing like DPI comparable to China GFW in Russia now, what are you afraid of? Grab your balls and learn how to make ssl tunnel.

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>Go to Poland, no internet censorship
ISPs have to keep records of your traffic that pretty much any law enforcement / govt agency has access to in real fucking time without court order. Banning VPNs is only a matter of time in this god forsaken, authoritarian shithole.

>no terrorist shit
Doesn't stop the govt from justifying erosion of freedoms with terrorist boogeymen. Can't even buy a prepaid SIM without your name and number getting in a central registry anymore because of muh imaginary terrorists.

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> ниггep
> went to 4chan to avoid slavs
> still being called a nigger by a slav
> tfw

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American Internets is an instrument of Russian influence, in case you didn't know. World is global, nowhere to run boi.

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If you move to a larger city, it's not that big of a problem, most service workers are expected to know at least fundamental engelska.
Despite that, unless we tell current ruling party to fuck off, we'll slowly slide onto true authoritarism (right now not as bad as e.g. in Turkey, Kaczynski is not as bold as Erdogan, but I'm afraid we're getting there).
Where do you live currently? Maybe there are other countries closer to you for emigration.

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You still oinda have, if your gov deems some domains as "of special interest". Sure, unless your encryption is not compromised and nothing gets decrypted by a middleman (like when using websites behind fucking Cloudflare, because they are too lazy to configure their own HTTP servers properly), they won't know what you have send. But they'll know to whom.
That and there are still websites that uses unencrypted CDNs, despite theur HTTP servers using HTTPS (I'm looking at you, exhentai).

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> unencrypted CDNs, despite theur HTTP servers using HTTPS
Shouldn't they be blocked by a browser?

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A'ight, I've found you're a ruski. Possibly even better, there's a growing minority of russians in Warsaw, especially in the suburbs right beside the city. Some of them are a bit... well, they are shitty gopniks, but they're just an unwelcommed minority (same problem with Poles in the UK).
There's another option: maybe try e-residence in Estonia? That might give you an option for asap emigration, especially if you're tech savy. Not sure how easy it is to get for someone outside the EU, you'll have to read about it yourself.

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No by default, you'll just be warned about some resources comming from unsafe sources.

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use Tor with obfuscated proxies if that's still a thing
or some other way those degenerate leftists came up with to give access to porn to ahmed
the guardian project people went through this over and over again in many countries

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what you need to do is get a directional antenna and point it at a coffee shop to leech their wifi for browsing on the chans. other than that you can set up a vps from another country with a ssh server on port 443. you can then open a tunnel and set up a separate browser with your new personal proxy server to browse chans. use a different browser for normie shit. The point of using 443 for ssh is that the traffic looks like normal encrypted web traffic and nothing fancy. these are your only 2 options. get to googling (please dont use google) you have a lot of homework to do for your freedom.

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there is hope

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