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User Scripts (including opengl shaders):

High quality video output profile (goes into mpv.conf):



Post your system specs and config if youre asking performance related questions.

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dude raw mplayer installed as it comes works perfect.

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what can I do with mpv that I can't do with mpc-hc

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Have non shit audio

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Do I have to configure anything?
I'm fucking ready. Let's do this.

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no just drag your movie into mpv retard. it just werks.

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for those asking about acompressor.lua

It's an audio dynamic compression extension. You enable it fit SHIFT+N and change the parameters with Fx keys

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Give her your money.

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>>I would also like to integrate the RetroArch/slang shader system if possible
Are there any shaders potentially useful for video playback?

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>drag and drop
nvm then; I only use keyboard driven command line interface

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https://github.com/Themaister/slang-shaders has a lot of them, including various scalers, nnedi3, denoisers, whatnot; which is what got me interested.

It's also arguably a better API than the mpv hook shit for writing new shaders.

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I have no money but i will show my gratitude to hanna by masturbating to this pic.

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Then do that

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This. Angle it's an horrible idea and a horrible project and needs to die ASAP.

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File: 1.68 MB, 1920x1080, Star.Wars.Episode.IV.A.New.Hope.1977.Blu-ray.Remux.1080p.AVC.DTS-HD.MA.6.1-HDRemuX-[49_53.866-49_59.705].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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How do I know if what I am watching actually looks good

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Having eyes helps a lot desu

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Post a screenshot and let a hive of autists yell at you for all the ringing

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doesn't d3d11 use angle

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if you're not seeing any issues, don't go looking for them

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How do you know what your favorite color is?

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resource monitor while playing a video says NO

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How retarded are you? ANGLE is a translation layer from OpenGL to Direct3D

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i can be your almost native graphics layer engine... or your developer's image library

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and it' also a GLSL2HLSL translator

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shit sounds like ass out of the box

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I can't tell the difference between mpv and mpc-hc quality, someone post the best mpv screenshot you can

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Visual quality is pretty comparable for the most part (at least with madVR on mpc), the real improvements on my end have been performance and audio quality.

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They probably look about the same by default. You can get higher quality rendering out of both, but mpv is much more customizable.

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I want stats to show what Api and context are running, is this possible?

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Would be relatively useful indeed.

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I don't think ANGLE exposes the GLSL->HLSL compiler in any usable form. It's internal code

ra_d3d11 uses glslang -> SPIR-V Cross

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How much better is ra_d3d11 supposed to be against angle? I know theoretically speaking opengl running on top of an opengl -> d3d11 abstraction layer should never really be able to be faster than d3d11 running natively, but doing some tests here with
Angle is actually faster, which doesn't really make any sense whatsoever. (Vulkan the fastest by far).

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Let me guess, you get exactly 60 fps with d3d11?

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No. Depends on the file but it's usually slower than anything else at around ~400fps

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I get 240fps with both angle and d3d11, 300fps with dxinterop, and 400fps with vulkan with a 780 nvidia card here.

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You need d3d11-sync-interval=0

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mpv opens just as fast for me with something other than angle, good enough for me

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Sorry, forgot to put it in my message but I do have it too.

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I am getting [vo/gpu] Unrecognized/unavailable FORMAT name: 'rgba16f'!
[vo/gpu] Unrecognized/unavailable FORMAT name: 'rgba16f'!

when using ravu on d3d11

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have you tried not using the vulkan one

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compute didn't work
but normal ones did

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Is this the best player for watching Rick and Morty?

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run with -v -v and mpv will dump all available texture formats

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To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand mpv. The configuration is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of signal theory most of the options will go over a typical user’s head. There’s also wm4’s minimalistic outlook, which is deftly woven into his design choices- his personal philosophy draws heavily from the New Jersey style, for instance. The users understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of these decisions, to realise that they’re not just efficient- they say something deep about software development. As a consequence people who dislike mpv truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn’t appreciate, for instance, the efficiency in mpv’s rendering abstraction which itself is a distillation of the Vulkan API. I’m smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as haasn's genius programming unfolds itself on their computer monitors. What fools.. how I pity them. And yes, by the way, i DO have an mpv tattoo. And no, you cannot see it. It’s for the ladies’ eyes only- and even then they have to demonstrate that they’re within 5 IQ points of my own (preferably lower) beforehand.

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Is SSimSuperRes 1-pass the best for anime 720p to 1080p?

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Btw, can the people benchmarking vulkan try increasing --vulkan-queue-count and seeing if that improves performance? Try a value of 2 or 4.

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I tip my fedora to you, m'pv

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placebo meme

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It slightly decreases performance for me with a nvidia 780.

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1080 Ti/1800X fag here

queue-count=(default/commented) = ~1800fps
queue-count=2 = ~1700fps
queue-count=4 = ~1750fps

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I'm getting tearing (I think) on my stock mpv on debian, what could be causing this?

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your gpu driver isn't doing tearing prevention and you're not using a compositor.

You can either force your GPU driver to do tearfree even for non-composited surfaces, or you can install a modern compositor which will do tearing avoidance for you.

If you're on Intel with modesetting, you'll see diagonal tearing lines without a compositor.

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Ah, it worked, thanks man!

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Absolute Shit.

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found this cute picture of wm4 and haasn

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As expected for nvidia; which only exports “fake” graphics queues. Hmm, which probably also means that it doesn't correctly enable async compute on pascal, either. (I might have to add an option to force it)

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>which probably also means that it doesn't correctly enable async compute on pascal, either
Is that why the swapchain errors get spit out when it's enabled?

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No, that should be irrelevant. Also, wait, what?

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Where was this from again? Can't remember

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post yfw https://chiru.no + mpv

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With the latest driver it went from not displaying anything with async-compute as you may recall (which prompted you to add that option to begin with, at least I think it did?) and now with the driver update it gives a black screen with audio and nothing else.

see >>62837940

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rick and morty pasta

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rust shitpost

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What are acceptable values for vsync-jitter? I used to get ~0.003 but now I'm on a fresh windows install and get ~0.030 with the same hardware and config.

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When I use


It still gives me mpv-shot0004.png

I'm on debian, am I doing something wrong? I tried quotes and such.

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vsync jitter is just an estimation, try setting your cpu to never leave the high power states, if its sitting in low power ones the estimation will be less accurate (though no real problems will occur because of this)

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nvm, fixed it.

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>Btw, can the people benchmarking vulkan try increasing --vulkan-queue-count and seeing if that improves performance? Try a value of 2 or 4.
Last time i tested rev2 it didn't help.

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>Btw, can the people benchmarking vulkan try increasing --vulkan-queue-count and seeing if that improves performance? Try a value of 2 or 4.
Last time i tested rev2 it didn't help. AMD Polaris, Windows 7.
What site is that? Radio?

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Ive heard anything lover than 0.500 is fine.

>> No.62853183

FLAC anime radio

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>Shader for mpv.
>Trained with --distort=True (means it can remove minor compression artifacts)
Very nice.

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nice! comparison screenshots? does it negatively affect "clean" videos/images?

>> No.62853636

>Unsupported url
>youtube-dl failed, trying to play URL directly

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How do I get the highest possible quality?

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Install MPC-HC and madVR

>> No.62854473

what is the MPV equivalent of Reclock's "Enable Dynamic Range Compressor"?

I used to enable this in MPC-HC to increase volume.

>> No.62854485

It's actually "Enable Sound Compressor".

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Value ranges from 0-1

This is what you're looking for right?

>> No.62854692

is this limited to AC-3 only? if this applies to all then this might be it.

the one with reclock works on all audio.

>> No.62854709

how is that different from acompressor.lua?

>> No.62854733

That won't do anything for non ac3 audio (flac, mp3 etc). You need to use one of ffmpeg audio filters like loudnorm, dynaudnorm or acompressor. Use acompressor.lua for interactive changing or put something like af=lavfi=[acompressor=threshold=-25dB:ratio=3:makeup=8dB] in config

>> No.62854744

take your pick?

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>ffmpeg audio filters
easily mess up sync

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Anybody on Arch that has gotten vulkan to work using the mpv-build package?
Mine crashes and returns a segmentation error.
I'm using amdgpu drivers.

>> No.62854963

i have acompressor here. it seems to do what i meant.

im going to try the other options.

>> No.62855005

using a 290X
about a 10%-15% performance loss when set to 2 or 4 over default but the FPS is a lot more stable

>> No.62855021

7 cycle-values af "dynaudnorm=s=30" "loudnorm" ""

loudnorm seems perfect.

>> No.62855184

what do i type in order to cycle between loudnorm and acompressor?

i need to comapre the two.

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Lads where are the config files located on windows? They're supposed to be under C:\users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\mpv\ but that folder is empty for me.

>> No.62855311

You have to create them.

>> No.62855322

Just make a config in the same folder as mpv.exe. Or you can run "install opengl-hq.bat" if youre using shinchiro build. It will create a config for you.

>> No.62855326

create one. or you can create one inside mpv folder called "portable_config"

>> No.62855337

Thanks lads. Any suggestions on how to make the video output look better or is the one in the OP sufficient?

>> No.62855340

>can create one inside mpv folder called "portable_config"
No need for that. >>62855322 Works too.

>> No.62855350

The one in the OP is a good starting point. Most other settings are placebo meme.

>> No.62855356

>is the one in the OP sufficient?
Yes. Anything above that is pretty much zone of diminishing returns.

>> No.62855361

I'm using 20170423 build, any reason to update?

>> No.62855369

its better inside a folder. It makes it neat and tidy.
the one in OP is good enough.

>> No.62855392

>It makes it neat and tidy.
Well that's subjective. Not everyone has to do this. I think it's neat and tidy to have all my programs' configuration in the same spot (AppData on Windows, ~/.config on Linux.)

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stop posting saber

>> No.62855439

its a neko saber baka anon :<

>> No.62855521

Alright I added the config to my mpv folder but now my scripts aren't working anymore. Do they have to be loaded in through the config now or something?

>> No.62855528

holy shit, that's fancy

>> No.62855543

Scripts work automatically.

>> No.62855555

Yeah well they don't anymore. They worked fine yesterday.

>> No.62855582

If you made a portable_config folder, you have to move everything else (incl. scripts) to that folder.

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>brainlets trying to use mpv

>> No.62855592

Oh that works. Thanks breh.

>> No.62855714

shinchiro d3d11 update when

>> No.62855720

neither neko nor saber. doesn't matter though

>> No.62855955

your dynaudorm doesn't work

>> No.62856018

>does it negatively affect "clean" videos/images?

>> No.62856084

So what would be the recommended config for a T450 Thinkpad w/i5-5200u 4gb of ram?

>> No.62856124

plenty of conflicts after stast.lua integration. Rossy needs to create a PR.

>> No.62856203

>stast.lua integration
Whats the benefit of this? and why was the OSC integrated first than this

>> No.62856242

New d3d11 build lads: https://files.jrg.systems/mpv-d3d11-x86_64-20171012-git-e272dcc.7z

What's fixed:
- HDR and interpolation
- window screenshots (Ctrl+S)

What's broken:
- ???

Thanks again to shinchiro for the build scripts.

Oh, I rebased to master if that's any help. This build contains the stats.lua stuff. I should create a PR, but I don't want to make one until I'm happy with the code quality and I need to change a few things. It should be close now, because it passes haasn's mpv-unit tests, but on the other hand, I'm going to be away from a Windows PC for four days, so there won't be any changes during that time.

>> No.62856329

How do you bind the new stats.lua?

>> No.62856377

yep it doesnt. how to make it work?

>> No.62856390

thanks for the build. No need for PR if you rebased it to master then.

>> No.62856395

Thank you rossy. You're the fucking man for us Windows fags.

Is shinchiro on vacation?

>> No.62856421

No problem man. I think shinchiro is around because he was making changes to his scripts while I was using them,

>> No.62856427

why is the download speed like 57.6 KB/s?

>> No.62856467

Not sure. I'm getting around 1MB/s, which is fast for my connection. Blame DigitalOcean (I use them because they were free for students.)

>> No.62856472


which is better D3D11 or vulkan?

>> No.62856495

ah, was just wondering. can confirm that screenshots work again so nice work.

how was interpolation broken before?

>> No.62856498

It depends on your PC. Some people are reporting higher benchmark framerates with D3D11 and some have higher with Vulkan. If I was going to guess, I'd say that D3D11 does better on older hardware.

>> No.62856524

I have a GTX 1060 and although I haven't benchmarked Vulkan/D3D11 yet, I feel as if though they both perform the same for me but D3D11 is much more stable.

The problems I had with Vulkan are that it crashes on a certain video because of the subtitles and I can't take any screenshots. D3D11 fixes both of those.

>> No.62856536

Great, thanks for testing.

>how was interpolation broken before?
It was green: https://github.com/mpv-player/mpv/issues/4957#issuecomment-335010663

Only with HDR input though. This was fixed in SPIRV-Cross. The lead SPIRV-Cross dev seems pretty keen to help solve mpv issues, which is cool.

>> No.62856539

on a shitty GT710 d3d11 is the fastest by far

>> No.62856562


>> No.62856581

d3d11 would be nice if compute ravu shaders worked
>Is shinchiro on vacation?

>> No.62856591

ah, only hdr input. that's interesting.

>> No.62856601

Is d3d11 can be improved in future?

>> No.62856626

>I use them because they were free for students
And they still are, if you don't mind making a new account every few months, valid .edu emails can be purchased cheaply ($3-5) that can be used for the github pack that includes $50 DigitalOcean credit

>> No.62856674

Thanks rossy

>> No.62856840

smoothes movement but I didn't like it

>> No.62856856

what video and what subtitles. vulkan seems more stable to me. i have 750Ti

>> No.62856896

isnt it supposed to be that vulkan is faster because it is a low level API compared to D3D11?

>> No.62856906

vulkan on gtx670?

>> No.62856910

I'm using GT740 and d3d11 is better, I haven't benchmarked but vulkan rev 1/2 have a small start-up delay white flash and occasional crashed whilst d3d11 is absolutely flawless.

Saying that though angle is probably fine for 90% of people.

>> No.62856959

It seems like direct rendering (--vd-lavc-dr) doesn't work:
[ 0.131][v][vd] Allocating new DR image...
[ 0.131][v][vd] ...failed..
[ 0.131][v][vd] DR failed - disabling.

>> No.62856962

>d3d11 would be nice if compute ravu shaders worked
Just use Gather shaders. They are on par in speed. Tested by haasn's methodology.

>> No.62857001

Yeah, the D3D11 backend has no support for PBOs or DR at the moment. Texture upload in Direct3D doesn't really work like it does in GL or Vulkan, so there's no direct translation for PBOs, and mpv's support for direct rendering uses untyped buffers, but for D3D, it should probably be made to use staging or dynamic textures somehow.

>> No.62857024

btw I love you rossy
thank you for your work

>> No.62857091

This one: https://nyaa.si/view/963561

>inb4 SAO
Despite the shit anime, it's the only video file to display this problem with the subtitles. Subtitles on = crash. Subtitles off = no crash.

>> No.62857281

ok i test this build.
i tried vulkan i had stable 4000-5000 framestiming both interpolation on and off.

i tried d3d11 on this and i have 6500 to 8000 on OFF interpolation and i have 24,000 frametiming on Interpolation ON.

GTX750Ti. Win10

>> No.62857330

Note that, the build used -rev1 of vulkan

>> No.62857345

Were you using shinchiro's build with just vulkan? I had a similar issue when using it but the build with both vulkan and d3d doesn't seem to have it.
Otherwise have you tried running with --no-config --gpu-api=vulkan --gpu-context=win to check it's not another setting causing it?

>> No.62857384

rev1 is better i think. my stable version is shinchiro 64 stable.

>> No.62857399

anyone knows how to change the built in keybinding of acompressor. it is set in dedfault to "n".

>> No.62857425

I'm not the person you're replying to, but I opened the issue on github about it and yes here it crashes at 00:01:03 with rev1, rev2, standalone vulkan build or vulkan+d3d11 build, doesn't really matter.

First ra_d3d11 build also crashed on it with the d3d11 renderer, but it works fine now. Who knows really, I'm starting to wonder if it isn't caused by something else entirely since haasn didn't have the issue under linux.

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>> No.62857672

Kind of afraid of downloading this.

>> No.62857752

it's rossy.

he's a fucking developer

>> No.62857760

I don't know if its her or not.

>> No.62857770

See info

>> No.62857774


>> No.62857817

This will do, thanks.
It is just that i never even seen such a domain name.

>> No.62857875

i already tested that. it is safe.

>> No.62857900

Thank you rossy. Ur the best tbqh

>> No.62857939

which one is better

>> No.62857947

different things

>> No.62857963

They serve different purposes. Adaptive sharpen is for videos native to your display resolution. SSSR for everything else.

>> No.62858329

I think with the latest builds now here with a polaris card it goes like this:

spline36 for scale and cscale on a 10bit HEVC file:
Vulkan (fastest by a considerable amount) > wingl > Angle > d3d11 = dxinterop

ewa_lanczossharp for scale and scale on the same 10bit HEVC file:
Vulkan (still fastest by far) > wingl > dxinterop > d3d11 > angle

super light avc low res file (spline scale and cscale):
Vulkan (still far) > d3d11 > angle > wingl > dxinterop

super light avc low res file (ewa_lanczossharp scale and cscale):
Vulkan (yes, still far) > d3d11 > angle > wingl > dxinterop

>> No.62858391

with a normal horriblesubs AVC 720p file which is what most people watch weekly anyway (ewa_lanczossharp for scale and cscale):
Vulkan > d3d11 > angle > wingl ~= dxinterop

>> No.62858442

I get the same error with RAVU from the "gather" folder and d3d11 from >>62856242

>> No.62858446

How were these compared? Frame timings in stats.lua or the haasn fps method?

>> No.62858481

haasn's fps method

>> No.62858495

I actually get this error with every RAVU version.

>> No.62858526

use the vulkan folder version

>> No.62858529

Tried the ones in the vulkan folder?

>> No.62858678

Vulkan shaders werk. I don't drop frames in windowed mode compared to Vulkan rev2 (GPU under utilized) which is good. Stats report very high frame times for interpolation though. Much lower Vsync Jitter compared to Vulkan rev2. Direct Rendering doesn't work. Fuck...

>> No.62858715

stat timings are not accurate for vulkan and presumably also d3d11

>> No.62858763

Just tested that one last d3d11 build with haasn's method.
>d3d11 - 1050FPS
>Vulkan - 1500FPS
AMD Polaris GPU. Windows 7. Tested on the same files with same benchmark config.

>> No.62858767

What benchmark config is it?

>> No.62858785

Yeah Vulkan is absurdly faster compared to anything else most of the time, but it comes with jerky resizing and jerky full-screen transition. Also screenshot bugs, random crashes and some subtitle issues.

>> No.62858795

osd-msg1="FPS: ${estimated-display-fps}"

>> No.62858826


Vulkan (at least on Windows) is better than angle but these meme benchmarks are rendered useless by the fact d3d11 from rossy just actually works better overall.

>> No.62858836

Still can't figure out why SSSR doesn't work in combination with vulkan on my machine.

>> No.62858847

Me again.
>opengl-backend=win - 1300FPS
>opengl-backend=dxinterop - 240FPS
dxinterop seems to be locked at 240FPS for some reason. Anyone know how to fix?

>> No.62858868

I always though it worked since it made cpu performance drop quite a bit, I think >>62858715
might be right

>> No.62858897

Why does it matter if Angle gets 1000 FPS and D3D11 gets 900 FPS when the videos are only 23.976FPS?

>> No.62858922

Just tested again with RAVU shaders.
>d3d11 - 210FPS
>Vulkan - 390FPS

>> No.62858989

meme shaders

>> No.62859006

>opengl-backend=dxinterop - 220FPS
>opengl-backend=win - 340FPS
I guess ill just keep using dxinterop since its more stable than d3d11 and Vulkan right now.

>> No.62859025

do you guys disable vsync?

>> No.62859043

Technically speaking if X can get the frames done faster X will consume less power. It also gives you more headroom for heavy things like FSRCNN.

>> No.62859078

Dxinterop, angle and d3d11 are all limited for me in fullscreen (usually at 150fps). Wingl limits itself when it isn't in full fullscreen, and Vulkan is never limited.

>> No.62859930

MPlayer masterrace

>> No.62860030


ffplay > * > MPlayer

>> No.62860034

My gut tells me there's a libass/OSD bug lurking somewhere. When I last ran into a subtitle-related crash with vulkan, it was an out-of-bounds read on an under-allocated *source* texture. In other words, the texture I got from the OSD code to read from was too small compared to the size it told me to upload.

>> No.62860059

Is that with or without --vulkan-async-compute? If without, can you try turning it on? If it still works, can you try also increasing --vulkan-queue-count?

Would be lovely to get some performance figures from AMD's vulkan drivers, because mesa's are pretty shit

>> No.62860086

>vsync jitter
the vulkan numbers are misreported; there's currently no good way of measuring the actual vsync duration with vulkan. The jitter is so high because what it's _actually_ measuring is how long it took to render the frame, but that takes a variable amount of time (especially when using interpolation) so the figure is very unreliable

as long as mpv doesn't report any mistimed/delayed frames, the reading should be completely bogus and safe to ignore

>> No.62860146

>>62858989 this, also
1. power consumption (higher fps = more efficient)
2. extreme files (e.g. 4K or 8K)

Just try comparing back 8K 60 Hz playback on the various RAs; e.g. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1La4QzGeaaQ (also a good benchmark for vd-lavc-dr)

>> No.62860311

Ah, i`m fine with the Jitter, its not very high. My only problem is windowed mode. I get unlimited dropped/delayed frames during windowed playback. I reported this issue multiple times but got no response yet. Also subs glitch sometimes with stats.lua ON, i believe. Other that that Vulkan is great. The only API that lets me use DR on Windows.

>> No.62860424

How is the codec support? Can it do mkv, mp4, etc?

>> No.62860636

unlimited? can you explain?

>stats.lua glitches
try setting --vulkan-async-transfer=no

>> No.62860663

>unlimited? can you explain?
It just starts dropping frames without stopping as long as video plays. When i go fullscreen it stops instantly.

>> No.62860718

It can play anything FFmpeg can because it's FFmpeg... which is what mpv uses to play everything.

I wouldn't seriously recommend using it though its very basic since it's essentially a program to test files.

>> No.62861497

Is there a way to modify tscale settings to get less "stuttering" within the image? I mean i don't get any CAMERA stuttering during panning scene but in parts of the picture during fast panning scenes i get a stuttering overshoot of some lines.

>> No.62861523


>> No.62861540

It doesn't help. I tried all of them. I can still see the stuttering overshoot but its just blurry.

>> No.62861582

does your display have overshoot/response time settings?

>> No.62861634

Nope. Ill try to look into tscale-clamp
>reduces excessive ringing artifacts in the temporal domain (which typically manifest themselves as short flashes or fringes of black, mostly around moving edges)
Sound a bit like what i'm talking about.

>> No.62861688

wait for haasns next gen interpolation+ :)

>> No.62861742
File: 3 KB, 184x172, 52595465.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Probably not soon...

>> No.62861949

pls post your config files

>> No.62861980

Kill yourself.

>> No.62862114


>> No.62862314


simple = best
also compile from master or else you're normalfag tier

>> No.62862957

the most recent vulkan builds randomly crash when switching through a playlist ;_;

>> No.62863153

ahahaahahahahaha >>62862096

>> No.62863303


>> No.62863351



>> No.62863387

vulkan randomly crashes doing a lot of things...

>> No.62863478

Do I have to worry about a few mistimed frames when starting/seeking?

>> No.62863499


>> No.62864063

Bilinear is enough.

>> No.62864089


>> No.62864688

What programming language is being used in mpv?

>> No.62864723

you can see this on the github page if you click the multicolored bar

>> No.62864776
File: 2.36 MB, 1920x800, me.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love webm.lua

>> No.62864936

Jesus christ what the fuck is wrong with you. Where did you go so wrong in life.

Like how can you actually have so much autism to put all that shit in there and still fuck up by having cscale-blur twice in the same profile.

>> No.62865010

madVR doesn't have this problem.

>> No.62865245

Haven't updated to latest commit in a while. Suddenly update and got this warning (video couldn't be played)
>Driver 'opengl' has been replaced with 'gpu'!

>> No.62865607
File: 965 KB, 978x936, 1495614701397.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>need to read a fucking dictionary wiki just to get a media player to work
>or I can just install VLC and have it work right out of the box

>> No.62865635

nigger detected

>> No.62865645

what can't you figure out?

>> No.62865698

New to profiles, how do I set them up based on video resolution?

>> No.62865819

Reports of crashes only do anybody any good if you can include a backtrace

>> No.62865858

Is this better than VLC for gay pornography mkvs?

>> No.62865924

Not for those, no.

>> No.62865984

I think you're looking for Quicktime.

>> No.62866066

>have it work

>> No.62866540

this post might become true in a years time once haasn fixes it

>> No.62866749

I just added windows to my machine, where is the mpv folder located?

>> No.62866795

i get it

>> No.62866863
File: 3.05 MB, 1845x1079, MPC_HC.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is my favorite media player and I wish it was on linux. My daily life is dependent on MPC-HC and Syncplay because I watch anime with a friend.

>> No.62866871

My WiFi router runs Linux. How do I install mpv on it?

>> No.62866985

MPV also works with Syncplay

>> No.62867011

I use Syncplay all the time with mpv. The only thing you need to look out for is autoload.lua, it freaks out when used in conjunction with Syncplay's playlist.

>> No.62867097
File: 188 KB, 327x328, RinRinRin.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>watching anime with a friend

>> No.62867337

I thought syncplay was windows only? I haven't gone to their site in a while so I guess they might have gone cross platform without me knowing. That's super cool though.

I hope you stick to that convention and never go to /a/ streams, or streams for any of the events on various boards like world of tanks generals girls und panzer streams or sonic the hedgehog general streams or anything like that. Syncplay is literally super fucking awesome tech for watching shows with friends. I wouldn't recommend watching stuff with more than one or two people if you have voice communication going but I watch airing anime and older anime with one friend and have been doing so for almost 10 years now. We used to count down and start it as best as we could at the same time. We each take turns picking something to watch to completion outside of the airing shows we are watching. There are so many shows I never would have watched if it wasn't for that set up.

>Jin Roh
>Hyouge Mono
>Black Lagoon
>Outlaw Star

And so many good shows he wouldn't have watched if I hadn't picked them.
>Tora Dora
>Madoka Magica
>Kemono no Souja Erin
>Hijame no Ippo

Also so many shows are super fun to watch with other people especially the first time through.
>Mirai Nikki
>Highschool of the Dead
>Ghost Stories(dubbed)

You just need to find someone that isn't a shitter. If a show is really good we barely talk at all except for key parts where we both know the rhythm and then during just fun shows they become so much more entertaining. We also spot different things and obviously since we've been watching stuff together for so long there are in jokes that are just funny while we're watching stuff and we can compare stuff to other shows. It helps that he was my best friend my entire life though, I don't know if I'd enjoy it if it were just some random person.

>> No.62867348

You have fucking terrible taste.

>> No.62867361

nice blog

>> No.62867406

Whats good taste then? I listed some of the shows he's picked that I liked and some of the shows I've picked that he liked. We also tend to pick stuff we think will be good that we know the other person might not normally pick. I listed 14 shows, that's not enough to determine taste. Also comments about people shitting on taste are rather moot unless you have an actual conversation because I get people that shit on my taste all the time that end up talking about shit like Kyoukaisenjou no Horizon and strike the blood like its the second coming of the good book.

>> No.62867412

He has better taste than you do recommending LOGH while you recommend entry tier redditbabby garbage like Madoka

>> No.62867460

Why are these /a/nons always the most obnoxious cunts?

>> No.62867463

Back to r/anime you go, sperg.

>> No.62867472

I pushed him to pick LotGH because he wasn't sure if I would like it and it was super long. Immediately afterwords I picked VOTOMS which was less good but still worth the watch IMO. Also Kimono no Souja Erin is listed there and that's not entry level either, neither is Major.

>> No.62867481

>implying I browse anything anime related

>> No.62867487

Erin is Ghibli tier anime for people who don't want to claim they like Ghibli movies.

You're on 4chan right now.

>> No.62867494

>madoka is redditbaby garbage
>literally consumed /a/ for years
>homucifer is still a player on /u/ and madoka is still a player on toy, I forget who madokami plays for.
Madoka is a good show, you're just a faggot.

>> No.62867503

/a/ has had reddit tier taste since 2007, your argument isn't valid.
>Madoka is a good show
Can you possibly be any more entry level? Next you'll tell me Kill la Kill was a good show.

>> No.62867505

>I remember browsing /a/ when madoka was airing
Okay contrarian-kun

>> No.62867513

>g-guys trust me I'm not a stupid newfag
also see >>62867503

>> No.62867576

I mean I am a stupid newfag. I mainly started browsing in 2009 I think. In 2007 I was busy watching Naruto off of datebayo I think. I just got my own computer when I was like 16 in 2008. Before that I didn't have a ton of access to just explore the internet on my own and my main introduction to anime was through toonami and adult swim. If it makes you feel better I've always hated DBZ and my favorite shows from those dark days were FLCL and Blue Gender.

>> No.62867582

>If it makes you feel better I've always hated DBZ and my favorite shows from those dark days were FLCL and Blue Gender.
>not watching CCS as a kid and your first introduction to anime
Already off to a bad start, come on anon.

>> No.62867594

Same. /a/ died after TTGL finished airing :^)

>> No.62867595

Anything 5.1 (e.g. sepirothic evangelion) sounds like hot garbage, you need to do -ac 2.

>> No.62867617

/a/ started dying when Geass started airing and TTGL was the final blow.

>> No.62867635

I'm not sure what my first introduction was. I have this vague mish mash of Case Closed, Cyborg 009, Zoids, Mobile Suit Gundam, Kenshin, Yu Yu Hakusho, Wolfs Rain, FMA, and a bunch of other shows. If it was anime and I knew it was airing on cartoon network I was going to watch it.

I also remember watching Totally Spies until I was like 17.

>> No.62867884


>> No.62867977

ffplay is basically just a kind of reference ffmpeg frontend
mpv is also an ffmpeg frontend, a much, much more capable one

>> No.62867994

>I thought syncplay was windows only? I haven't gone to their site in a while so I guess they might have gone cross platform without me knowing. That's super cool though.
syncplay is available for linux as well, and supports mpv

>> No.62868432

Literally ironic normalfag weeb. Ew.

>> No.62868495

Quick Question:

When will DX12 API be available for MPV?

>> No.62868535


>> No.62868611

I hope never, it would be better to have a good implementation of Vulkan rather than a half working Vulkan & DX12

>> No.62868696

This. mpv shouldn't add RA backends for the sake of it. Every additional backend will slow development because sweeping changes to RA will have to touch all backends (this is the same problem the original vo_opengl->vo_gpu change had because of all the OpenGL contexts that had to be changed.)

A D3D12 backend would provide questionable benefit over D3D11 and Vulkan and it won't be usable by Windows 7 users, but it would consume development time. It's not impossible though. It might turn out that there are benefits to D3D12, and it might not be that hard to write if it's similar to D3D11.

>> No.62869019

>It might turn out that there are benefits to D3D12, and it might not be that hard to write if it's similar to D3D11.
I wonder about that, games that have attempted to implement DX12 have pretty much failed across the board (Bf1 is a good example), whereas Vulkan seems to be doing well; as DOOM demonstrated well

>> No.62869158

I hate to write this but perhaps windows support for dx12 is better than its vulkan support and maybe the same performance would be able to be achieved without the weird crashes, jerky resizing and weird full-screen transition (it's actually just going to exclusive full screen mode). I defend cross platform code and I would never really implement anything in d3d12 myself if I could do it in vulkan, but sometimes the shitty options are relatively reasonable.

I don't really see a reason "Muh windows 7" should stop them, not saying there aren't reasons not to do it but there's also no reason to be running an ancient version of Windows. The d3d11 backend is there because wingl and angle are problematic sometimes, if the code for a d3d12 isn't that much different from it (and I don't think it would be, since d3d12 is a Frankenstein version of d3d11 with extra shit) then it could be worth it.

>> No.62869403

From what I've seen, Vulkan is a much more difficult API to target than Direct3D 12. Might filter out garbage video game companies who can't write an engine worth shit from attempting it. Instead, they add a few function calls to be able to advertise the fact that they're now technically using Direct3D 12 and gain zero benefit.

Then again, even most people that *do* implement vulkan see no gains, because they do the stupid shit / easy way out solutions. The other day I had a laugh reading https://github.com/bkaradzic/bgfx/blob/master/src/renderer_vk.cpp. It's like they literally ignore everything vulkan has to offer and just treat it like a shittier, slower version of OpenGL.

It's actually quite funny that it takes mpv to uncover the heaps of vulkan driver bugs that have been hiding out there, because apparently simply no game has ever tried aggressively parallelizing work the way ra_vk does.

>> No.62869453

Interesting, and yeah I saw those GitHub issues haasn made. I think it's great that mpv is pushing for improvements in so many areas

>> No.62869847

yo fa/g/s, why isn't this working no more?

Exec=mpv --no-cache --no-sub-auto --no-stop-screensaver --ytdl-format bestaudio --script-opts=osc-visibility=always --player-operation-mode=pseudo-gui --external-files=$(youtube-dl --get-thumbnail "$(sselp)") --autofit-smaller=960x480 -- sselp

mpv --version
mpv 0.26.0 (C) 2000-2017 mpv/MPlayer/mplayer2 projects
built on Thu Jul 20 13:13:36 CEST 2017
ffmpeg library versions:
libavutil 55.58.100
libavcodec 57.89.100
libavformat 57.71.100
libswscale 4.6.100
libavfilter 6.82.100
libswresample 2.7.100
ffmpeg version: 3.3.3

[file] Cannot open file 'https': No such file or directory
Failed to open https.
Can not open external file https.
[file] Cannot open file '//i.ytimg.com/vi/AFxnpFqGEFQ/hqdefault.jpg': No such file or directory
Failed to open //i.ytimg.com/vi/AFxnpFqGEFQ/hqdefault.jpg.
Can not open external file //i.ytimg.com/vi/AFxnpFqGEFQ/hqdefault.jpg.

worked fine b4

>> No.62869859

Someone know how to configure a profile to set deband=no only in Hi10P files?

>> No.62869916

Update to latest release and try again?

>> No.62870071

mpv parses --external-files=https://i.ytimg.com/... as two separate files
replace that part with this:
--external-files-append=$(youtube-dl --get-thumbnail "$(sselp)")

>> No.62870154
File: 50 KB, 634x373, average_russian_macarena.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

muchas gracias

>> No.62870398

Best subtitle fonts?

>> No.62870441

try Metric Medium

>> No.62870573

Segoe Print

>> No.62870802


>> No.62871310

I hope the next madVR build will contain fixes for the new artefact reducer algos to dump them as hlsl and ask haasn to concert them as mpv shaders.

>> No.62871347


>> No.62871666

profile-desc=cond:get("video-params/pixelformat", "unknown")=="yuv420p10"

>> No.62871936

Hey this is actually really neat. Thanks anon for linking it.

>> No.62871951

Amiga support when?

>> No.62872434

Why would you want this?

>> No.62872526

Which --scale do wm4 use?

>> No.62872531

Many thanks.

>> No.62872565


>> No.62872949

unrelated, but do you know what the cond would be to detect if a video has no audio available?

>> No.62873380

so, how do I play all files in a directory sorted like so:
>1. X
>2. X
>10. X
and not like so:
>1. X
>10. X

>> No.62873385

Getting this error:
[vo/opengl] Failed initializing any suitable GPU context!
Error opening/initializing the selected video_out (--vo) device.
Video: no video

>> No.62873403

Same profile shown in OP is in config. And yes x11 and latest drivers are installed.

>> No.62873441

works for me

>> No.62873606

She's a qt, what anime?

>> No.62873646
File: 1.51 MB, 500x281, 1500653260543.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone have a good high-contrast LUT that they use for anime?

>> No.62873718

profile-desc=cond:get("audio", "unknown")==false
#No audio track playing
profile-desc=cond:get("audio", "unknown")==1
#track 1 playing
profile-desc=cond:get("audio", "unknown")==2
#track 2 playing etc...

For most of the stuff you'd want to use in auto-profiles you can check stats.lua to find what you need instead of the manual e.g. for 10bit I opened a HS file and a file I knew was 10bit opened stats.lua on both and saw that pixel format was different and most likely meant 10bit so Ctrl+F'd stats.lua and there it was.

>> No.62874173


This fixes my vulkan + video with no audio + display-resample causing video speedup issue

>> No.62874461

There is literally zero new video features on DX12.

>> No.62874536

Does default mpv look at least as good as mpc-hc on default? (I never bothered with madvr)

>> No.62874588


>> No.62874613

Dope. So it just werk? so no script autism is required right

>> No.62874627

Konohana Kitan

>> No.62874638

The 'script autism' is for making your own customization.

>> No.62874649

Yes. If you download shinchiro's release you can run one .bat file for very high quality config.

>> No.62874722

Thanks bros.

>> No.62874948

vd-lavc-skiploopfilter=bidir is a must in any toaster config. It uses way less CPU for h26x decoding and I can't really notice a loss of quality.
Is loopfilter really that important? Does it depend on the video file and the way is compressed? (16ref frames...etc)

>> No.62875001

Is it possible to have livestreamer support for mpv like youtube-dl works? i.e. just specify livestreamer-options in mpv.conf and have it call up livestreamer when it notices and unseekable stream?

Or is this already possible and I am simply ignorant?

I know it works via command line but I wish it worked with just giving mpv the link

>> No.62875110

You don't need livestreamer and 'via commandprompt' is how you 'give' mpv the link.

Alternatively you can just open an mpv window and drag a video thumbnail from Youtube into it, assuming you have youtube-dl in your mpv fodler.

>> No.62875149

>You don't need livestreamer and 'via commandprompt' is how you 'give' mpv the link.

You do need livestreamer for livestreams. Youtube-dl cannot handle those.

>Alternatively you can just open an mpv window and drag a video thumbnail from Youtube into it, assuming you have youtube-dl in your mpv fodler.

First, if you drag the thumbnail, mpv will show the thumbnail and not the video. You need to drag the video title. I use "Open With" for Firefox to have an easy right click open with mpv option.
Second, again, livestreams are not handled by ytdl.

>> No.62875183

mpv "stream link" works for Twitch

>> No.62875214


not for YouTube though

>> No.62875249

youtube-dl can do some livestreams
youtube live and twitch streams are supported

livestreamer hasn't been updated in years. streamlink is a fork and uses the same commands and has support for more sites.


>> No.62875284

That is odd, it does not work for me on YouTube. The video in question: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6XY8Fwr3bi4

>> No.62875310
File: 52 KB, 1468x766, 1507837061.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

etane kilmiston

>> No.62875341

working here. is your youtube-dl up to date?

>> No.62875352
File: 60 KB, 913x312, ConEmu64_2017-10-12_21-39-49.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

strange. mpv is the latest windows build with vulkan

yeah, 2017.10.12

>> No.62875375

this is my ytdl-format line btw.


>> No.62875466

yeah that is fucked


>> No.62875502


Coolio, thanks. That solved it. That line has been in my config forever.

>> No.62875587

When will rev2 be merged?

>> No.62875611

i imagine when wm4 gets around to reviewing it

>> No.62875746

niggativo wont undate the fedora nvidia repo to 387.12 so i cant use vukan still REEEEEEEEEEE

>> No.62875757

found your problem

>> No.62876096
File: 45 KB, 585x159, weird.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>using shinichiro's mpv-x86_64-20171008-git-584edbc-branch-vulkan-rev2.7z
>mpv with no scripts
>mpv.exe --gpu-api=vulkan (aka empty mpv.conf settings)

When I skip through video, it crashes after few seconds. But it only happens when the mkv is in same folder as other mkv files.

On the same note pics related, I get this weird different chapter mark thing. When the video I'm playing is in same folder as bunch of other mkv files, I get the top chapter mark. When I try to put that same mkv file in a new empty file, the chapter mark dissappears.

>> No.62876113

log file


>> No.62876155

Is there a way to optimize mpv for displays with slow response time?

>> No.62876160

Not sure why the player crashes with vulkan when there's other files in the folder.

That release is probably using ordered chapters. The missing chapter is the OP/ED file that doesn't exist in a folder with just that mkv.

>> No.62876227

>That release is probably using ordered chapters. The missing chapter is the OP/ED file that doesn't exist in a folder with just that mkv.
Thanks. That makes sense. I just verified this on my end by moving around the OP/ED file.

>> No.62876288

>displays with slow response time?

>> No.62876320

My monitors panel is slow (as in g2g) and produces dark overshoot on moving lines.

>> No.62876388

so it's broken

>> No.62876412

are you using it at its native resolution?

>> No.62876465

>crashes when I skip video but fast/excellent playback
>fps at 1000-2000s

>delays/mistimes everywhere
>fps at 100s


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