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Latest Intel Core Range "Covfefe Lake" has been experiencing notably high temperatures under all-core turbo, to address this Intel have decided to no longer disclose the All-Core turbo speeds, so when thermal throttling does occur, users are none the wiser that they are not achieving advertised (Read, promised) speeds.


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I'm not sure it matters that much, I've always just looked at the max base clock for all cores anyway.

I do agree it's misleading, specially when webshops and the likes list the single core turbo as the chips speed. There's not a single demanding workload that I can think of that only uses a single core. Compiling, video encoding and everything else that takes more than a minute will just push all cores to the max for the duration.

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AMD circlejerk finally found an article they can release some steam after Coffeelake wrecked the entire Ryzen lineup.

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>My bet is probably Intel is harvesting worse dies that would normally get trashed instead, too keep up with demand.

>tl,dr: Intel will only list base clock and single core turbo on their cpu's from now on. Die quality dropping overall maybe?
I'd bet it's this

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>users are none the wiser that they are not achieving advertised (Read, promised) speeds.

>not achieving advertised speeds
>no longer disclose the All-Core turbo speeds

Pick one faggot.

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you're not very smart are u

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Maybe you get it when I word it a bit different:

You cannot *not* reach speeds you don't advertize.

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Paper launches can't wreck anything, Brian.

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