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What did he mean by this?

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Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ysAdXfhqGtU

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and in one out of the 3 whooping total games where AMD doesn't completely shit the bed as well
shills gonna be mad

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Whoa, it performs better in gayms than OG Ryzen!
Too bad Pinnacle Ridge is launching in ~5 month tops.

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>j-just w-wait!

Ah yes, it's an amd shill, alright.

Regardless, it's an i3. The lowest of the lowest beating one of the most expensive ryzen cpus out there. You might as well be praying for a miracle lmao

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Hi Rajeesh!
How's Intel™ Internet of the Toilet project going?

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So where does an Intel Core i5-7200U fit on this?

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Probably gonna get flamed here but are the Ryzens in all these infographs stock or are they ever shown as OC without stating it? Because stock will always look terrible when you are losing out on a potential 700-1000mhz.

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t. pajeet

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t. pakesh

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Who the fuck cares when the motherboards cost almost as much if not more than the CPUs?

And you'd need to pair this with a 1080 ti or vega 64 LC and a 144 hz gaming monitor to see any difference anyway. Which there hardly is any to begin with.

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>What is a price to performance ratio?

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8100 and 8400 excel at that.
Shame about H310/B360 mobos are launching like a month before Pinnacle Ridge.
Oh the irony.

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Something that ryzen has completely lost to a fucking i3? And let's not even talk about the true elephant in the room, the i5 8400 that is utterly demolishing ryzen's value. 10 bucks cheaper, destroys the r5 1600 without breaking a sweat.

Because there's only z mobos at first, which means you should buy the non-z ones once available? Are you retarded?

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>Because there's only z mobos at first, which means you should buy the non-z ones once available?
You might as well wait™ a month for Pinnacle Ridge after B360 arrives.

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>Because there's only z mobos at first, which means you should buy the non-z ones once available? Are you retarded?
Yeah, they'll be available .. next year. Right before 12nm Ryzen refresh lands. I'm sure AMD is terrified.

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More like whats the point of buying i7 if i3 gets the same performance

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>ryzen loses even in ashes of nobody


>waiting for AMD trash
Because that always pays off amirite?

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>AMD being shit just like the FX series

anything new ? The FX series was shilled for the same reasons as Ryzen, the shitshow is going to be fun in some weeks

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A 4c/4t CPU performs better than an 8c/16t CPU in an optimized game like Battlefield
With Vega 64
On DX12

I think that impressive

There is still the R7 1800X, which is just a higher clocked version of the 1700
And nobody would buy a Ryzen 1700 and run it on stock clock, so comparing the stock I3 vs an overclocked 1700/stock 1800X is more "realistic"
It's just impressive that a stock $130 CPU could beat a stock $300 cpu with 4 times more threads in Battlefield

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Btw how's Scalable Family sales?

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>What did he mean by this?

A better question is why the fuck does the Ryzen 5 1600 beat the Ryzen 7 1700.

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Intel managed to botch yet another launch this year. This time they have a good product at a good price, but no stock and no motherboards. They're getting a track record for it at this rate.

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>m-muh sales!
>m-muh unrelated thing!
Why would I care or even know about specific product sales when we're talking benchmarks again? Do you really want to get into market share discussion here, pajeet?

Pajeet, you're a shill being paid 5 cents a day, not an investor. Learn the difference and don't let it get over your head.

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Otellini literally died when he saw Cofveve Lake availability.
How's Scalable Family sales?
Datacenter was your most safe, most lucrative market.

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Brand loyalty is one hell of a drug

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>beats the 1700
>loses to the 1600
>1600 has same clocks as 1700
What did he mean by this?

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>wow look at how good this CPU is
>where can i buy one?
>wow look at how affordable this gaming CPU is
>can i get an affordable motherboard with it?
>am i going to stuff a 1080ti and 144hz gaming monitor in there, too?
>does it give any more than 5-10 FPS anyway even if i did?

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Yeah, but the I5 7400 isn't overclockable,
Uses mayonnaise as thermal paste,
Still gets rekt in production workload,
Comes with a shitty CPU cooler
and has only 16 PCIE-Lanes available, like the other Coffee lakes CPUs.

It's ONLY good for gaming, and not even that much compared to an overclocked R5 1600. AMD still offers a better price/performance ratio

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the 8100 is actually available

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Nene is such a whore.
>can i get an affordable motherboard with it?

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Oh no, I really needed that extra fps on my 120Hz monitor. Surely, a few frames matter at that frequency.

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They cost twice as much as cheap B250, but with a 120$ to 140$ mono you still got that upgrade path. Not very budget friendly and not for budget builds unfortunately. Wish Intel could unfuck theirselves and release their B3xy chipset. Right now they just want to sell their expensive shit nobody really wants first to cuck them.
>$130mobo for $120cpu

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It's not a dick length contest, its a CPU performance benchmark. Having more fps for better gaming isn't the point, it's about an I3 delivering better stock performance in that specific test than an R7

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>Wish Intel could unfuck theirselves and release their B3xy chipset
Q1 2018, hehe.
Btw Z370 is a dead chipset to be replaced by Z390 somewhere H1 2018.

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>oc'd i3 use 40W more power than oc'd r5
what did they mean by this?

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can you even read?
>Ryzen 5 1500x @ 4.0GHz

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But the R5 delivers even better performance than the i3...

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Thanks to AMD, Intel now have to match the price of their shitty processor with ryzen. Is there only gaming benchmark where Intel shine with a few percent more than amd?

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>this i3 8100 is very competitive
>buy our z370 mobo, goy
i guess i'll wait.

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Thanks to AMD, Intel is adding moar coars.

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does it fit in skylake sockets?

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Intel isnt even fucking improving, its the same over and over again, same IPC, same mayonnaise
At least this time they rose the threadcount by %50 for more or less the same price to compete with AMDs price/performance
If Intel soldered their cpus and their cheaper b serious chipsets were out, which would also be compatible with Cannon Lake, I would actually like coffee lake

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amd does shit in that game especially in dx12

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No intel is only a couple percent better, while running way hotter, consuming more power, and needing to WAIT and stuttering

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I think Intel is really holding out at the moment using mayonaise for now for 2 reasons 1: its cheaper for now so more profits 2: when intel goes on their shitty 10nm and AMD goes on the superior 7nm Intel will use better shit than the mayonaise theyre using right now to make their gen jump seem alot less shitty with higher clocks and temps etc.

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Why are you using a Vega argument against Intel?
A bit hypocritical if you ask me.

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wtf amdrones told me this cpu isn't god tier

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>200 watt quad core
>barely any better than amd
it isnt

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Would've been good 4 years ago.

Now we need more cores than ever before.

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>>200 watt quad core
Because it's clocked high af you drone

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4 fps, probably margin of error. A lot of games freak out when seeing a lot of cores.

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It's literally a 7700k for half the price and it shits all over anything AMD has to offer. Coffe Lake just made the entire Ryze line-up obsolete.

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Why is the 8600K never in these benchmarks???

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How so? Can you prove that Coffee Lake made Ryzen obsolete, with the excepion of gaymen?

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>buying intel to run it at stock
then AMD is better

learn to spell pajeet

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Who the fuck cares about shitty games? 10-20fps is going to make literally no difference. You'd just be wasting power.

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>then AMD is better
But that's wrong you cum guzzling piece of shit.

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Unsurprisingly, AMD is bad for gaming, and it has been proven for many years, bad or non existent drivers especially on launch, very hot temperature products, bad overclocking, high power consumption. Intel wins at every range from budget to high end both in performance and price.

The only thing AMD is good at is making APUs for consoles. Nothing else.

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>unironically acting with a tribal mindset over pieces of silicon
You're all pathetic.

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Well it looks like AMD has Intel beat at something at least, right? Intel isn't good for anything at all. Unless you consider having too much money a problem.

>> No.62803371

>high power consumption
But that's wrong.

>> No.62803379

>very hot temperature products
but that's wrong

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>190 dollar 8400 perforams like a 8700k on games
What did intel mean by this?

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I don't know
It's just amd cpus with toy cores that are bad with insane latency
Or it's the Vega hbmeme shit gpu
Or it's the combination of both that deliver the supreme wait fiasco?

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I just paid the 120 for a nice mobo since the chip is worth it

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clock speed rasheed

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Whatever make you sleep at night.
Even here in the hell hole of Brazil I spotted 2 retailers selling. Skx took a full month to arrive, I think this whole talk about availability is horseshit from ayymd drones.

Anyway how is your endless waiting game for amd?
Wait for zen2
Wait for Navi
Wait for drivers
Just wait you will see amd will win
It's not fair it was amd turn this time!

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BIRGing in all forms is cancerous.
I already dread next year's football world cup.
Millions of passive, brain-dead "fans" will talk about how "they won" as they numb the shriveled remains of their central nervous systems with ethyl alcohol.

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That is not entire true.
When you are poor and you want to show other pajeets that your CPU was a lot of cores you can buy ayymd. Well performance is subpar but it's a cheaper clone

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Don't forget vega partner cards, those came out in August, or was it September, or October? I forget.

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not quite?

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>2.8 ghz beats 3.6 ghz

>> No.62803555

>cherry picked garbage no one plays
I see...

>> No.62803558

>AMD Losing in a game they optimised for their own hardware

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It is irrelevant if the game is popular or not. It is pretty evident it's much better parallelized than Battlefield 1, and may be used as an indicator of future performance.

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8700K is 21.8% faster than 8400 on that screenshot.

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>8600k/8400 with the Microcenter mobo deal soon

wew lads, glad i held out to upgrade

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>Even here in the hell hole of Brazil

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AOTS has no future

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>You will see custom Vegas will arrive and they will btfo 1080ti, just wait for the drivers that will unlock the secret super features

Enjoy your wait poorfags while I will enjoy my coffee lake SLI rig by the end of the month.
Don't forget to buy your super expensive unicorn memory that allow blazin fast speeds of 3000 in zen while I can throw whatever kit on Intel and it just werks

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Do you know how to read?

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The funny part is ayymd paid almost 1million to creative assembly and aos developer plus several hours of ayymd support to make patches for these games and it's still mediocre compared to intel

>> No.62803660

Resonable conaiderinf 8600k costs 200% what the 8400 does and also is not available

>> No.62803677

Btw how is Vega availability?

>> No.62803679

Do you know that that game is shit and no one will play it neither are they optimizing for inturds

>> No.62803686

Are you aware that value for money scales non-linearly in computer hardware? Are you also aware that one is locked but the other is overclockable, and they were both tested at stock?

>> No.62803688

*citation needed

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enjoy your housefire.

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>ryzen 3 is literally two times slower than shittest i3
>in ashes of amd

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AMDpajeets BTFO

>> No.62803722

Do you have brain deficiency? It literally does not matter if the game is shit of not, according to results in can utilize more than 8 threads, which makes it a great suite to compare CPUs. 99% of gamers were using 4 core or lower cpu until very recently, so games that can efficiently utilize a lot of threads are rare, do you finally understand why aots makes a great benchmark you dense retard?

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>some one failed at maths

>> No.62803742

It's still 300% of G4560, does it perform thrice as better?

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>itt: /v/ermin
> /g/ - Video Game support general

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>> No.62803791

Why that particular application of technolo/g/y triggers you so much?

>> No.62803801

A hundred thousand

>> No.62803827

because amd consistently loses at it

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>all the framerates solidly achieve beyond 1080p60
>not just getting best value, which would be ryzen because of its upgradability, core/thread count, and price

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if you get a 8700k or the i3, youre retared. the i5 8400 is literally perfect

>> No.62803866

>Intel launches 8th gen
>look for one online
I'm almost pulling the trigger on a 1700. Wtf is Intel doing?

>> No.62803868

8400 still best price/performance in cherry picked benchmarks

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At this rate you better switch to a console shitbox powered by ayymd apus

Seriously playing on a PC on anything below 100hz is mediocre

>> No.62803889

Turn time is what matters in civ 6. Slower cpus need more time to calculate each turn and stay on the same screen longer thus higher fps.

>> No.62803917

have you got anything to back up your statement?

>> No.62803918

They paper launched it to stop people being ryzens and to stop them dominating the holiday season. Unknown but SOOON sounds better than q1 2018. so they hope people will wait out till theres stock available.

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>> No.62803935

CivVfag here, is Civ VI still broken?
inb4 CivIVfag asking the same thing about CivV

>> No.62803952

you're literally a faggot

and so are you for jacking off to traps

>kaby lake low clocked i5 is best
yea no you don't know what you are talking about

>> No.62803953

Do you remember how was skx launch? Or ryzen launch? Next 2 weeks tell me how shortage is going on.
Btw Vega is available? Just curious I never looked for it

>> No.62803958

jesus fuck a 30 min video? my time means something to me, if you have the approximate part of the video then ill watch it but otherwise no thanks

>> No.62803965

broken how?

>> No.62803980

i don't have time for shillware unboxed, he reads straight from the intel review guide for ryzen

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>kaby lake low clocked i5 is best
That chart isn't showing turn times, retard.
see >>62803870

>> No.62803995

No one cares about that fat unwashed faggot intel apologist

>> No.62804024

>utterly booty bamboozled

>> No.62804063

>le Price to performance argument
That argument is kinda null with the 8400 preforming so well.

Cherry Picked.

>> No.62804102

>Ryzen 1600 beating both the 8100 and the 1700

>> No.62804103

I think vega partner cards and magic drivers are coming this month

>> No.62804131

still waiting™ for in-depth 1600 vs 8400

>> No.62804137

>implying anything you pick where the 8400 is suspiciously at the top isn't

>> No.62804153

the 1600 is cheaper (cost of platform atm), and better at multithreading, thats all you really need to know

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Amd is like fine wine
In just 3 years you will be able to fully play at unmatched games release last year.
It's okay. You pay less and when you purchase your games they are already cheap. Everyone wins. There is no need to rush playing games that are what, released 2 months ago?

>> No.62804178

This means the next generation of intel chips will have no gains in performance and they will go back to work on the igpu unless ryzen 2 is a real threat.
Are you ready for 10+ years of no performance gains?

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File: 176 KB, 979x535, 97.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are they correct?

>> No.62804220

It also gets shit on in gaming by the 8400

>> No.62804228

Yeah dude my fx-6300 aged like fine wine huh?

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>Anticipate getting a upgrade on 5 okt because mainstream intel chips are usually well stocked on launch
>wait months
>lol nope not on stock
Well fuck you then intel if you dont want my money i'll just wait till zen+ comes out and buy that.

>> No.62804283

7700k has 8 threads fucking retard.
There's no counterpart to the 7700k in the Coffee Lake lineup.

>> No.62804324

Oh wow a extra 5fps at 1080p meme resolutions

>> No.62804390

>ashes of benchmark

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File: 42 KB, 500x1050, 1507262928770.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

7700k should be ranked 2nd on this particular bench considering the 1%min. Makes no sense to put the i3 above when it dip -3 1%min FPS and only +1avg FPS.

Anyway, 7700k owner here and don't plan on upgrading until at least a 8c16t in 7mn.

>> No.62804539

How btfo do you feel by the 8400?

>> No.62804591



>> No.62804600

I used to feel bitter and annoyed at Intel releasing 6c/6t-12t CPUs the same year I bought my 7700k for sure but back when I bought this I clearly had no other choices. I was without a PC since my old Athlon X2 died and absolutely needed something. I didn't feel like buying the R7 that had just gotten out back then because of how clunky the BIOS/RAM shitshow was. So I bought what I needed most and it's served me more than well all this time, I have nothing to complain, it's still one of the best CPUs out there.

Had I bought a 4c/4t i5 I really would've felt BTFO though, but thankfully I did my researches and knew I needed more than 4t to last the couple next years.

>> No.62804604

The Ryzen chips aren't running near 4ghz

>> No.62804619

Don't even care. As long as Ryzen performs well enough, I'm done giving money to the silicon jew.

>> No.62804629

Reasonable. I just ordered the 8400 because my 6300 died and i have buy something. Timing seems good for me though

>> No.62804652

Why would you order a CPU with half the thread of it's competitor for only a slight increase in game performance?

>> No.62804658

>Ryzens can gain a lot of performance with DDR4-3200
>i3-8100 gains a lot of performance with DDR4-3200
Fucking shills, just nuke this board as soon as possible.

>> No.62804663


I don't play gaymes.

>> No.62804666

More like cheap wine turned to vinegar

>> No.62804670

Who is this cute girl?

>> No.62804671

Doubt you'll regret it, price/perf is awesome, and I assume you got a Z board since that's all there is so if in the future you want more you can get a 8700k instead. As of now I feel like the 8700(k) aren't exactly useful gaming-wise though, the 6c/6t i5s are enough, kind of how it was back then when disabling HT on i7s would get your a performance boost.

With time though the 8700(k) will age better.

>> No.62804687


>> No.62804694

You are fine.
If you have a 7700k going for 8700k is like bleeding edge upgrade. Considering Intel leaked 8c mainstream next year, it would be the most reasonable.
A good thing about constantly upgrade is that I will be able to forward my 7700k 5gjz at almost zero loss

>> No.62804697

I think he's asking why you're not buying a R5 1600.

>> No.62804703

>Even here in the hell hole of Brazil I spotted 2 retailers selling.

that's because no one in your hellhole of a country can afford it, macaco.

>> No.62804712


>> No.62804722

Upgrading now would be a total waste of money, I plan on keeping my CPU/PC for at the very least 3 years.

>> No.62804723

>6300 died
holy shit what are you doing to your cpu

>> No.62804726

more or less

>> No.62804746

That website is useless man

And yes, I meant the R5 1600

Maybe his motherboard died, FX chips are tanks and can take 1.5V all day everyday with the right motherboard and cooling.

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File: 62 KB, 719x719, 1463786104272.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm kinda sold on the 8600k, 6 cores and i read it hits 5.0 ghz pretty easily although it can get a bit of hot but not 8700k hot atleast.

Any reason to opt for the 8700k over the 8600k for the next 5 years if you only care about gaming performance? I dont render or stream so I dont care about that

>> No.62804748

The 6300 is still alive actually. The 50 dollar msi mobo is kill from 1.4v 4.3hoz oc. Pos 6300 never oced worth a damn either

>> No.62804759

But the Ryzen chip isn't much slower in games and gives you more threads for multi-threaded performance.

It becomes a good deal slower with a 1080ti in some games.

Is your monitor even 144hz? what's your GPU? Suppose it's too late to save you though.

Could always just save money with an R5 1400 which will get the job done on the cheap, then upgrade to Ryzen Revision 2 8 core or something if it's hitting 4.5ghz

>> No.62804774

>The 50 dollar msi mobo is kill from 1.4v 4.3hoz oc. Pos 6300 never oced worth a damn either

Those are probably related man. most FX chips will OC pretty close to 5ghz depending on the voltage.

The VRM was likely shit .

>> No.62804781

I have a gtx 970 and a 144hz 1080p monitor. 1840 has much better benches in 1080p than ryzen.

>> No.62804782

If you have the money I'd go 8700k just to be safe. There are plenty of games using more than 6 threads already.

IMHO it'll come down to this :
Budget : i3 8100
Good all around : i5 8400
Max perfs : i7 8700k

Also the 8700k isn't that hot apparently.

>> No.62804783

>R5 1400 which will get the job done on the cheap
Money isnt that much of a issue. Currently sitting on a heavily overclocked 2600k So I don't know if the 1400 will be that much of an upgrade where it matters for me.

>> No.62804795

Why would you order a couple that runs at 70% frequency and have massive latency

>> No.62804800

Probably. Was never worth investing more money in a mobo to find out. I am however curious if my 970 will actually oc once i get my msi z370 board.

>> No.62804802

Explain. I see it hitting 90 degrees on alot of reviews.

>> No.62804820

Its pretty much known that if you want to oc your 8700k u need water and a decent air cooler is required to even run it

>> No.62804821

>1840 has much better benches in 1080p than ryzen.

Did you mean the i5 8400?

With your GPU the CPUs would perform pretty closely, look at people who benched with a 1080, the CPUs are far closer than people who used a 1080ti, and who possibly didn't turn off the auto OC on some motherboards.

Then no it wouldn't be an upgrade, You could either double your cores with Ryzen or get better 144hz gaming, but with that CPU you should be pretty set anyways.

you wot m8?

the GPU overclock shouldn't change with the motherboard.

>> No.62804822

You are an ayymd shill but you know perf difference on Intel and ayymd is totally different regarding memory.
Ayymd ryzen directly benefits from ram speed because infinity glue is tied to ram speed, which induce massive latency between ccx.

>> No.62804831

>Good all around : i5 8400
Good all around : R5 1600
fixed it for you m8

AMD will likely drop prices to compete until they have a Ryzen refresh with much higher clocks and hopefully some IPC gains.

>> No.62804839

First 6min here on Coffee Lake thermals :
Haven't watched will do right now.
Honestly a lot of reviewers are reporting different stories at the moment. My point is just that if you want your PC to last 5 years you might as well go all in. What if in a few years you end up getting screwed for a game you love that runs like shit on anything that doesn't have 8 threads?

>> No.62804849

>but with that CPU you should be pretty set anyways.
My friend has the same gpu but gets like 50% more frames on some games with his 6700k, I also notice some stutters sometimes with newer games so I think it's time to replace it.

>> No.62804853
File: 84 KB, 237x361, pewds.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>1600 is good all around
>amd will likely drop prices
Damage control

>> No.62804854

We're talking about Coffee Lake fuck off with your shills already, Jesus.

>> No.62804860

Stutter can often be resolved by increasing voltage or lowering clockspeed

>> No.62804866

Give me non game benchmarks please.

>> No.62804880

GN has benchmarks for you, your OC just might not be stable anymore if you have stuttering issues

Overally it's still more than capable at 60hz.


it's 6c/6t with a bit more gaming performance Vs 6c/12t with a fair amount more multi-threaded performance.

>> No.62804883

A word of advice from a 7700k owner : take with a grain of salt all these "overheating" memes. Yes these CPUs run relatively hot but if you know how to adjust voltages they're still fine. People getting 90°C at stock and other stupidities are dumbtards who never bothered to undervolt or even open their BIOS.

>> No.62804888

Ryzen is your answer. Pay as much as you wish and you get more.

>> No.62804899

How do you think i will do running a 8400 with a stock intel cooler? 8400 runs a pretty good margin cooler than a 7700k

>> No.62804915

This is sort of true but I wanna see PS, vst, blender, single and multi thread compilation. If I had the hardware I'd do it myself

>> No.62804920

Blender favors the intel but everything else favors amd in multicore

>> No.62804930

I think you'll be fine. The stock cooler from Intel makes annoying noises I think though so just make sure to make it stay silent for when you're not gaming, and only start getting serious once it reaches a certain temperature like 62°C or so. Just try things out yourself, that's how I do with my 7700k paired with a H7.

Speaking of the H7 it's a rather cheap air cooler and pretty good for the price, so worst case scenario if you hate your stock cooler get that or an EVO.
My 7700k is OC'd to 4.6ghz and I never go over 75°C even after playing BF1 for 3 hours, and those are just spikes when loading a new map, when playing it's around 65-70°C.

>> No.62804940

.....when it 'should' only be comparable to the R3 series.

>> No.62804949
File: 86 KB, 475x330, ayy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kek at those comments


>> No.62804957

Yeah if it is shit i will buy a decent cooler but i suspect it woll be fine since the 8400 does pull a lot of power. The only reason i ordered the 8400 is because i hate the heat sink tax modern cpus burden you with. Plus the additional research i am expected to do plus termal paste. It's jewish as fuck

>> No.62804958

Where does blender favour Intel? Even after cycles? Seems with opencl being good now that the higher ram fireproof cards paired with a 1800x would be the best choice

>> No.62804960

By silent I don't mean 0% by the way, just precising just in case. It's just that coolers generally get audible only after a certain % (depends on the cooler and how soundproof your case is), for example :
10 to 50% = silent
once it reaches 60% and more = you hear it.

>> No.62804962

Take a look at the fucking chart you retard, with DDR4-2400 it can't even beat a 1500X.

>> No.62804966

I just know the 8400 crushes the 1600 in blender when normals the 1600 beats the 8400 in multithreading apps

>> No.62804980

who the fuck buys a brand new cpu in 2017.5 and still games on poor man 1080p step up to 1440 and all these scores change drastically

>> No.62804995
File: 19 KB, 413x395, laughing reaction.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i5 7600k uses slightly less power than i3 8100 kek

>> No.62805007

>buying Z370 for i3
nobody does this right?

whole value lineup is dead. you either buy 8700K or nothing
only good i5 is 8400 and you can't buy motherboard for it

>> No.62805011


I have a Ryzen 1700. Last night, I had played a game and at some point, I didn't feel like playing it any longer. So I just tabbed out. I turned on my browser and played an audiobook and then started another game. I could do all of this without stuttering. I don't give a shit anymore about LMAO 10 FRAEMS in some gayme when I can have this level of comfyness.

>> No.62805017

no one will know unless they get into memory and SMT0/1

>> No.62805035

and all these scores mean nothing.
at 1440p you will bottleneck stock ryzen 1600 maybe in 8 years with GPU in the class of triple 1080ti

>> No.62805036

For what? Pure rendering or pre rendering? Benchmark me up

>> No.62805037
File: 15 KB, 327x344, 80840531.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Patricians game at 144hz

>> No.62805044

Pretty embarassing baka.

>> No.62805048

It's Gamers Nexus you dumb nigger.

>> No.62805050

if you go a notch higher from 1080p you will never look back
sharpness>fps above 60

>> No.62805058

Too drunk, but there are only a few video of the new 8400, all compare to ryzen, all tell the same story. Intel dominates gaming, ryzen is dominate productivity (more or less, 8700k kind of wins both)

>> No.62805076

Ive gamed at 4k, its a meme on small screens. 1080p is fine for a 24 inch monitor.

>> No.62805082

here is a thing, hardware unxboxed certainly testing on 2133 memory, and probably using old scores from june
This is not exactly good purchasing advice.
8400 is good, sure, no question, but non Z motherboards come in 2018

>> No.62805086

What the fuck is this thread and where are the mods?
Might as well make a containment board for Intel & AMD marketing teams.

>> No.62805090

>anything below 27'' in the year of our lord gilgamesh 5017

>> No.62805093

Hairy divk balls

>> No.62805095
File: 537 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-10-07-19-47-41.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Amazon gave me 10% cash back on my cpu and mobo so i got my z370 for free

>> No.62805107

When drumpf cuts my taxes i will buy a 244hx 1440p monitor

>> No.62805112


>> No.62805113

>cashback "argument"
you are better than this.

>> No.62805135

intel is fucking ded

>> No.62805166
File: 78 KB, 814x1024, 1486824223408m.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A deal is a deal. I would lose money by not buying it

>> No.62805173

I became a buyer of their products for the first time in over a decade today

>> No.62805299

Refining of 14nm is granting a free pass on all cores to 5ghz, differences only in voltage requirements.
Fuck this thing on 5ghz is already killing 1800x in blender. Comparing 8700k to 7800 is like spanking, sky lake x was a fucking shoot in feet with non inclusive cache.

>> No.62805300

Didn't they used to do this limited quantity thing but make the first chips reaaly good binned and then when it went into "production" they were actually on average worse

>> No.62805329

Anyone got experience with RAID controllers? What should I look for?

>> No.62805331

>That website is useless man
if you're a shill trying to get your commission maybe

>> No.62805338

>60hz is perfectly good
This is the target of ayymd poorfags

>> No.62805356

4k 60hz isn't a thing?

>> No.62805368


>> No.62805370

One that can control a raid

>> No.62805384

less than 100hz is unplayable

>> No.62805385
File: 444 KB, 600x600, Blender.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Ayynd is better at productivity
No coffee already spanks a 8 core CPU.
Unfortunately ayymd cores are weak

>> No.62805395

I have already pointed out intel outperforms ryzen in blender. Post cinebench. I dont even like pooze

>> No.62805405

Personally I prefer 1440p on 144hz. There is no real 4k monitors for 100hz.
With 2 1080s I can sustain 144hz on most games

>> No.62805429

Once you go 100+ hz everything is slowmotion I would prefer to have 1080p 144hz to 60hz if I had to choose

>> No.62805447

>With 2 1080s
two play whole 2 games that support it?

>> No.62805448

What kind of cuck cheer leads a monopoly?

>> No.62805451

Reviewers weren't given them, only 8700k and 8350k/8400

>> No.62805458
File: 476 KB, 600x600, Cinebench-multi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Another win for coffee.
Best CPU all around

>> No.62805463

intel released 3 generation in one year to catchup to ryzen productivity value, amazing
meanwhile AMD will release 4.5Ghz ryzen in february to make it all null

>> No.62805464

Ryzen won though

>> No.62805494

Majority of top titles support it.
I purchased b4 1080ti was released and I usually get upscaling of 40-70%, a single ti would boost just 30%.
Imo it's pretty worth, even for older games withoit support using Nvidia inspector I manage to squeeze at least 30% extra.

Witcher 3 gives 70% boost Hitman is incredible, a dx12 with almost 100% scaling ppl who made Hitman programmed it truly how dx12 should.

>> No.62805500

>+2 cores
>Manages to be 5% faster

>> No.62805518

But it won

>> No.62805519

Do a frame latency analysis. Chances are you're not getting 144Hz at all.
With alternate frame rendering games, at least. In DX12 split frame rendering you actually are. If it ain't a DX12 game, what you're getting is actually this: AFR works by setting one frame onto one graphics card and then the next frame onto the other. The result of this is that the latency from game generation of content to the frame you see on the screen is exactly the same. Which isn't bad so long as there isn't user input. When user input happens, it means that you don't actually gain any reduced latency over a single card.
It's effectively just as smooth as if you had one card, but you're getting more frames. The smoothness (IE the distribution of frame latencies) is not improved by multi-gpu cards, and reduction of frame latencies is the point of having more processing power, but how it works is they don't give you more smoothness, just a higher number on your fps tests.

>> No.62805530

>it doesn't count when i say it doesn't

how about mentioning ryzen has far lower power consumption than that housefire

>> No.62805536
File: 36 KB, 221x246, 1451358756801.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it'd be crazy if B350s really are still compatible

>> No.62805537

AMD doesn't give a shit about you, you should put your needs above anything else. If Intel releases something good at correct price then you buy it that's all.

>> No.62805542

You are bullshiting right?

>> No.62805545
File: 614 KB, 992x1043, 1506507630702.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.62805553

It won the benchmark you posted

>> No.62805558

it will be, check amd tweets, they made a joke about intel changing socket for coffee

>> No.62805564

>paper launch
Ryzen is still better simply because it exists.

>> No.62805566

Amd is so funny and relatable. Truely /ourproduct/

>> No.62805570
File: 343 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-10-07-23-20-27.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.62805578

No. Multi card setups have been a big con since they changed it to AFR. Nvidia (and AMD now) actually adds frame latency so that they don't get the shotgun effect, which is when both graphics cards finish their frames at roughly the same time. When this happens, you have to wait the time it takes for a single card to render a frame for the next two frames- and they both come at once. This results in the average FPS going up, but you never actually see half the frames since the monitor never renders them. The famous 4870HD etc crossfire microstutter was just this, but it happened dozens of times a second.
You get more fps but half of them are clones of the other frames.

>> No.62805579

Toppest of keks

>> No.62805588
File: 34 KB, 506x404, 1419769957348.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>If Intel releases something good at correct price then you buy it that's all.
I'm still waiting then

>> No.62805592

>Paying 60 dollars to overclock and then 6 dollars for thermal paste and 100 dollars for aio water cooler.
Im not doing that dumb.shit for 10% performance boost

>> No.62805602
File: 28 KB, 768x768, 1506648415078.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

5.2GHz stable, faggot.

>> No.62805603

I just want a 100$ ryzen apu with HBM on it so ddr4 doesn't bottleneck the gpu.

>> No.62805611

Rypoo buyers have severe buyer's remorse now

>> No.62805615

youre confusing i5s and i7s. 8400 is 190 dollars not 380 d

>> No.62805624

No you were supposed to buy an R5 1600

>> No.62805654

where can i find this $18 mobo?

>> No.62805667

hes a retard he was supposed to buy shit products to only complain about them later, take note that he will go radio silence when he gets the thing and /g/ will have another amd shill

>> No.62805697

Just ordered an 1600x, too bad Intel's paper launch was so shit everybody is still buying Ryzen.

>> No.62805699

Am I reading this wrong or is an 8 series i3 beating previous generations across the board

>> No.62805718

>Paying 60 dollars to overclock
This is why you don't buy Intel, dummy.

>> No.62805754

This. Overclocking is too hard.

>> No.62805795

I'm not a rich fag so the $200 R5 1600 is fantastic value for me.
I'll replace it with a fast 8 core Ryzen in a couple of years time. I will probably only have to pay $200 for that product also.

I'm happy with my upgrade choice.

>> No.62805818

The 1600 is god-tier because it gives you a great 6 core CPU for today and you can up grande to 8 core in 2 years or so at towards the end of the sockets lifespan.
All your CPU needs covered for 4 years for $400.

>> No.62805891

they are cucks

>> No.62805973

Would have been good if Intel released 6 core mainstream with the 6700k, and the "6350k" was $170.

Too little too late.

I'd recommend it over an R5 1500X and maybe the 1600 at MSRP, but I'd still recommend the 1200 for budget builds because motherboards cost a fucking third what a board for the 8350k costs.

>> No.62806189

*leans in and whispers* Epyc

>> No.62806202

Oy vey, you need to DELET THIS, goy.

>> No.62806257
File: 126 KB, 1413x747, 000079.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What did they mean by this?

>> No.62806343

>8700K 5Ghz
>8700K 4.3 Ghz
>1600X 4Ghz

1606/1315 = 22%
5 Ghz / 4 Ghz = 25%

1404/1315 = 6.7%
4.3Ghz/4 Ghz = 10.75%

So the difference between Ryzen 1600X and Intel 8700K is purely clockspeed?

I would bet 8700K @ 4Ghz would lose to 1600X @ 4Ghz.

>> No.62806391

Yes, consumer market is the only place where Intel can ride it's node advantage.

>> No.62806413

Yea in power consumption not the gaming "benchmark"

>> No.62806435
File: 133 KB, 959x1211, 2017-10-07 22_26_42.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>5-10 FPS difference

who fucking cares

you shouldn't even buy Intel because of pic related

>> No.62806474
File: 2.86 MB, 2560x1440, starwarsbattlefronttrial_2017_10_07_21_54_59_607.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> There are plenty of games using more than 6 threads already.
Such as?

>> No.62806542

AMD shills are working hard 24/7 when everyone else wants their new i7 and i5

>> No.62806557

All they can do is want, these things don't exist IRL.

>> No.62806607

That's the situation this entire time. Intel can into niggahertz, AMD cannot and we're Just Waiting for it to catch up, when real fun begins (since Intel will actually be forced to do something new), Supposedly Ryzen12nm/Zentoo will have that, but we gotta wait.

>> No.62806623

By "new" you mean another P6 iteration?

>> No.62806808

I mean, in those 10 years they must've made something actually new and good, right? They can't have sat on their asses all that time.

>> No.62806835

The good
Intel is competing.
Good CPUs, good number of cores, nice clocks, at nice prices.

The bad
Low availability
Are Z370 motherboards even available?
Just Wait™ for February for wide availability.
Why not give it another month and see what Zen+ has to offer, then?

Overall, this is a good thing, something that needed to happen. I'm personally not going to buy them, but we're on a good timeline again.

>> No.62806849


>> No.62806850

Why waste money to produce something new when you got millions of fans willingly buying your old shit with brand new sticker?

If you were my marketing department, i will fired you right away.

>> No.62806885

So that you can then reveal it when some bad things happen and say you actually worked on this Brand New Thing all along :^)

>> No.62806901


>> No.62806910

This, Only AMDtard would wasted billions of money on making new technology and still losing in market.


>> No.62806921
File: 45 KB, 200x200, 1506977929561.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.62806923

>I mean, in those 10 years they must've made something actually new and good, right?
Like Larrabee?
That was offensively bad.
That's not how the industry works.
You can't cook "sikrit sauce" there.

>> No.62806987

His ass

>> No.62807008
File: 11 KB, 335x279, wat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Ryzen came out
>Reviewer start testing the Wraith cooler and compare it with other third party cooler
>Any intel CPU came out
>Completely ignoring the stock cooler
>Start using the best cooler available
>Even for the i3 CPU
How is this even legal?
I got an i3 Haswell refresh and it run almost over 60c+ on stock cooler.

>> No.62807024

Welcome to the world of jews and shills

>> No.62807042

and where would these magical ipc gains come from with just an improved process?

>> No.62807048

Ryzen overclocks. i3s don't. For unlocked i3, you have to have a aftermarket cooler, else the slightest overclock will heat up the shit.

Did you not read the reviews? The i3 with dual fan liquid cooler was going close to 90c with 4.9 ghz OC.

Ryzen with stock @ 4Ghz and stock cooler does ~55C

>> No.62807083

That's the problem with all of my i3, it was not for OC, its a freaking Haswell and still hot as fuck.
I wished reviewer at least doesn't confused people with such misleading review.
Who the fuck buying a $70 cooler for a $100 CPU?

>> No.62807134


In your own graph I'm seeing KBL i5's already beating the 1700 in BF1. What is your point?

>> No.62807161
File: 14 KB, 237x233, 1507320044727.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wonder how salty people are who bought a 7800x for a premium price a few months ago

>> No.62807191

They still have the extra PCIe lanes which are the main reason to buy a HEDT CPU.

>> No.62807201

>HEDT with 28 lanes
It's a joke.

>> No.62807246
File: 3.88 MB, 344x203, 1462922476168.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Both Intel and Amd fags should put aside their differences in this instance and teamup and laugh at the Skylake-x buyers. They are the ones that really got screwed over.

>> No.62807248

>Skylake-x buyers
These don't exist.

>> No.62807280

... I got a 7800x

>> No.62807281
File: 11 KB, 230x67, i9-7980XE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>62807248 >>62807246
what did intel mean by this

>> No.62807284

Are you retarded?
As in literally retarded.

>> No.62807316

390 bux for a Intel 6/12 chip seemed like a good deal at the time.

>> No.62807328

You couldn't be this naive.

>> No.62807330

What's the feeling of being made obsolete barely 6 months later?

>> No.62807350
File: 33 KB, 400x384, 1456909459521.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not waiting for IceLake
it's like you guys never learn

>> No.62807371

i3 is now quad core.
like i5 last gen.

>> No.62808748

Lol so called 12 zen will net 100-200mhz more. Sure I would love to see real competition,really want, but the current amd arch doesn't scale with high frequency.

>> No.62808801


>> No.62808816

Skylake x is a tumor.
I think it's not even the mesh is the problem, but the fact Intel made l3 non inclusive. On paper, more l2 means better performance however on most scenarios skx lose to amd and broadwell.
The whole capped 28 lanes was the nail on coffin.

>> No.62808842

Man if I was in your position I would go for a cheap used haswell hedt or even xeon.
Purley arch have some sense, with mesh on high count cores but it was been disatrous on hedt specially under 10 cores

>> No.62808883

Current zen process is made for power sa ing. You can see how 1800x draw much more than others, and it hits a hard wall on 4.1. you can see how you need massive voltage on 1700 and 1600 to near 4.0 GHz and it's not even garanteed.
So called 12 nm isn't a magic is just gate pitch optimization.

>> No.62809085

You can do a lot with simple vt tweaks.
Compare 28nm in Carizzo and Kaveri.
That and Zeppelin has a lot of low handing fruit to collect.

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