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Enjoy your botnet fag

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wtf are these benchmarks

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Why is the i7 slower than the i5 in Anandtech's testing? Is is a throttling housefire?

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Ice Lake is early next year

Hence why the board is called Z390 instead of Z470

Coffee Lake users will get cucked by Ice Lake

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noice thread ...


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op, you realise this is Skylake V3.0 right?

waiting for 10nm might be wise.

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Maybe? It'd have to throttle very fucking hard though, considering base clock is higher. inb4 massive multithreading issues

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Correction: IPC DECREASE!!!!




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still missing the temperature and power tests

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>250W overclocked
Literally house fire.

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what do we know about AMD security?
I'm willing to sacrifice some performance for security as someone that works abroad.

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Wasn't it known for a while that they were just cramming more cores and that's it?

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Ice Lake is 2H 2018 at the earliest though

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Slower clock for clock is the surprise.

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the 8400 got the best value

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Isn't 2 points in the margin of error anyway?

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>Z370 for zero performance increase

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I think he meant the results here >>62760946

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Yes, 2 points pretty much is within margin of error.
Also, it's only just released within the last few hours, so there's bound to be some ironing out to be done.
>inb4 Intlel shill
Fuck off, I'm using a Ryzen system with Nvidia graphics, and the only Intel branded component (Ethernet) isn't even being used.
I'm just glad Intel is adapting to AMD's push for higher core counts on the mainstream.

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I understand the point you're trying to make with there being little to no IPC improvements, but you have to realise they're making an effort to finally bring more than their standard 4 cores to mainstream now.
No sensible human being is going to buy an i7 8700k to disable 2 cores.
Just fuck off and be glad that Intel is adapting. It's shitty to push a new chipset, but they're at the very least adapting.

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>arguing with an AMDrone

Funny how he posts that slide but he will never posts the slides where the 8700k beats his Ryzen 7 without a sweat.

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>little to no IPC improvements
You meant, IPC dis-improvements

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its disimprovement you idiots.

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>too serious
you're spreading the mayo on your 7700k right now, anon ?

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Being priced at just under the 1800x in Australia, that's actually kinda impressive to see at this point. I know AMD is going to be bringing out further CPU's on the same AM4 platform, but damn.
>pic related
Well yeah. No improvement means a decline, or as you put it, a "dis-improvement". From what I've seen so far though, a fair amount of slides can be classed under margin of error. Performance varies from chip to chip, of course. For example, the first Ryzen 1400 I bought could only reach 4GHz stable at 1.4875v. My current 1400 can reach the same 4GHz stable at 1.375.

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AMD now has their own similar botnet called PSP, the fastest chips without it are Vishera/Piledriver FX.

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Reminder to report shitposting bandodging spammers.

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>Barely beats Ryzen
>At housefire temps
>Requires nuclear reactor to power
>Cannot purchase anywhere
>No IPC improvements just two extra cores over Baby Lake
>Requires a new motherboard
>Only 16 PCIE lanes
>Costs more than Ryzen overall

Intel shills will defend this.

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>on par or better than 1700 in productivity
>on par or better than 7700k in single thread/games
>$60 more expensive than 1700, $30 more expensive than 7700k
>not as dependent on memory speeds as ryzen
>performs good on stock so doesn't have to be delidded
explain why are you not buying 8700k, the best jack of all threads cpu, right fucking now

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Paper launch?

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It squashes the 1800 save for like 1-2 benchmarks where the 8 core reigns supreme.

Kek AMD, no wonder their shills are spamming and forum sliding right now.

Literally a cult, reminds me of the Vega launch.

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1800x is superfluous, it basically equals 1700 at max overclock, so it's not exactly fair to compare to it as no one's with half a brain would buy it over a 1700.

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I haven't seen the numbers for the i5 yet, but I was impressed by the workstation numbers for the i7. Intel just needed the core count and finally got it.

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>no one's with half a brain would buy it over a 1700.
Can confirm.
A friend of mine streams, and she recently bought an 1800x rather than buying a 1700 and overclocking.
She unironically thinks it's an amazing choice.
When I was talking about Ryzen upgrades, she told me I should sell my 1600 and buy an 1800x.

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It has a bigger number so it's better

t. woman

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fuck off falseflagging pajeet

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that's cheaper than r7.
price drop soon.
thank you intel.

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is there any ipc gain or just add moar coars?

>> No.62762234

0 ipc or ips gain, it was obvious before launch

>> No.62762239

Looks like the latter. Any possible change in IPC could very well just be statistical noise.

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6 Intel cores= 8 AMD cores

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On things like Blender it's very surprising. They're very close.

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You get more cores for your money going with AMD

>> No.62762326

oh, so basically for $360 you get

a)superb single core
b)excellent multicore

a)mediocre single core
b)excellent multicore + 10%

tough choice!

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But the cores themselves are inferior, resulting in mostly equivalent performance.
That's in workstation tasks. In games and paired with a high-end GPU they don't perform nearly as well.

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>Minus IPC increase
>Only 16 PCIe Lanes
>Needs new motherboard

>> No.62762351

>wasn't here with Skylake-X and Threadripper

The 12-core Threadripper is like the Intel 10-core

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>ryzen is less shitty bulldozer
>8700k is the new SB

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It's time to stop shitposting, huenigger.

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>8700k is the new SB
Don't believe the hype

There will be an 8-core Intel CPU early next year

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What's the point of Skylake-X again?

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Intel is dead, anon, coffee lake is a housefire disaster.

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What the fuck, how's 8400 (stock clock: two point eight oh) faster than 8700k?
No IPC get...
But will it get positives under LN2 too?
So they've released Ryzen with Intel's ultragiganiggahertz, except hotter, more powerhungry, twice as expensive, without any upgrade path and hardly available? Did Intel forgot it was supposed to be better than it's competition.

>> No.62762472

Isn't the 8700k a paper launch as well?

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>muh boogieman

>> No.62762503

Yep. Coffin Lake is pretty much dead.

>> No.62762531

I bet the motherboard manufacturers are thrilled about all those X270 motherboards that will be lying on the shelves only 8 months after Kaby Lake. I hope they feel the burn.

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one is a housefire and the other is efficient.

>> No.62762682

8700K is anything but a housefire at stock clocks.

>> No.62762722

It's for people living in a tiny apartment who don't have room for a seperate space heater. Turning your computer into one is super convenient.

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>buy k
>can't oc

>> No.62762809

Also Coffee Lake is on the aging Skylake uarch, Icelake is a new uarch just like Sandy Bridge was.

>> No.62762826

You can if you have ample cooling solution. The thing is, it is already faster at stock than Ryzen overclock to the hilt.

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>yfw it even shits over the 1800x with 8 cores and 16 threads
>yfw Rypoo fags don't even have the 'But muh productivity argument' anymore


>> No.62763452

>.1 frame per second
>shits over
i love this board

>> No.62763462

>has 2 cores and 4 threads less
>performs better
Yes shits over

>> No.62763477

Rypoo garbage was never good

Intel 6 cores DESTROYS AYYMD HOUSEFIRES 8 cores in performance & power efficiency

>> No.62763479

you mean 24.6% difference?
this is pretty embarrassing desu, I feel kinda bad for people bought into ryzen

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Welp, time to dump my 6700k

Also lol @ Ryzen

>> No.62763519

I bought 7700k, should I killed myself?

>> No.62763525

fucking lul

>> No.62763542

Probably yes. Buy a i3 sticker for your case, because that's what it is now.

>> No.62763563

>dump my 6700k
>for 10fps

>> No.62763579

>time to dump my 6700k
And your mobo too.

>> No.62763618

>10% slower for half the price, half the power consumption and temperatures below 90°C

"lol" indeed

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The 4C/8T variant is just barely faster than my 4790K

>> No.62763679

Now turn off HT and your 4790K is barely faster than my 3470. Pointless comparison.

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My 2600K at 4.5GHz is only 15% slower. Almost seven years for 15%. Thank you based Intel!

>> No.62763698

He's not talking about the i3, dumbdumb. He's talking about the simulated 4c/8t result from the post he linked to. And that chip has the benefit of 50% more cache to work with in that configuration.

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>Need a new mobo for Coffee Lake
>Will need yet another new mobo for Cannonlake
>This will become the new norm

You've gone too far Intelaviv

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Like I said, it's a pointless comparison. It is a gimped Coffee Lake with 33% of its cores disabled.
8700k scores 1400-1650 on CB depending on oc.

>> No.62763730

a socket change a yea- for a couple months...keeps the goyim in fear.

>> No.62763783

Most games use 6 threads, and perform better without hyperthreading
So this CPU perfectly fits the requirement

>> No.62763805

>Now turn the i7 into an i5, defeating the purpose of an i7-centric comparison

>> No.62763811

It's just as stupid as comparing a 4790K with 8700K with two of its cores disabled.

>> No.62763817

No, it's not a pointless comparison. It's showing that Covfefe Lake is literally just a 7700K with two more cores. If you're so butthurt about the comparison, just call it a comparison to the 7700K instead. It makes no difference. Both chips came out this year. It doesn't make Intel's """""progress""""" any more impressive.

That doesn't account for the massive clock speed difference. The 8400 has a 2.8GHz base clock. It shouldn't be outperforming the 8700K in ANY scenario. Yet several reviews have found that it does, including those from Linus and Anandtech. Something's amiss.

>> No.62763840

Everyone remotely interested in hardware already knew that Coffee Lake is Kaby Lake + 2 extra cores without any architectural or IPS improvement, retard.

>> No.62763867

It has a 4 GHz turbo boost, im not sure if its all core turbo, but it probably hits it easily

>> No.62763870

any idea how 3570k compares to these? Looks like I have to start searching for good deals for ddr4

>> No.62763879

So what's your argument here, my buttblasted shill? You seem to be just generally furious because somebody dared question Intel in any way. His comparison is perfectly valid and your raging won't change that. For any workload that doesn't use more than eight threads, the 8700K isn't an upgrade from what he has. That's a fact, Jack.

The 8700K has a 4.7GHz turbo, so again...

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>> No.62763894

>For any workload that doesn't use more than eight threads
My argument is that was already known for months before release and if it comes off as a surprise to you, you should probably stop browsing this board.

>> No.62763898

That 4 core 4 thread unlocked i3 with a 4Ghz base clock is looking fine.

>> No.62763919

some retard messed up a graph and switched two labels
stop sperging

>> No.62763922

Coffe Lake just made Ryzen completely obsolete, though that was expected. Hope AMD enjoyed their 3 months of fame.

>> No.62763974

What an utter fucking failure Ryzen is.

>> No.62763995

Then your argument is irrelevant, because nobody claimed it came as a surprise to them. Go take your bitchfit elsewhere.

No, they didn't. Linus also had graphs showing the 8400 leading the 8700K in several games, as did other outlets. There is no "mistake" here. The 8400 is faster than the 8700K in certain games.

>> No.62764002

Covfefe lake made no difference, Ryzen is still as strong as ever in places it dominated.

>> No.62764007

8400 is absolutely nuts

>> No.62764009


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>> No.62764029


>> No.62764063

let me guess they used the version 0.10.5 right?

>> No.62764076

>shittier ipc
lmao bravo intel

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>Ryzen is still as strong as ever
>entire line-up getting raped by the i5 8400 which is dirt cheap
>8700k literally the best gaming cpu ever made and as good as the 1800x at multitasking
>strong as ever

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>> No.62764115 [DELETED] 

now that's just pathetic

>> No.62764130

Too bad coffee lake is a paper launch.

>> No.62764137


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>5Ghz + super hot with AIO

>> No.62764168

Shocking. A processor clocked 25% lower performs exactly as expected in a single threaded bench. And if my math is correct, that pegs intel’s IPC advantage at about 4-5%

>> No.62764180

So if I do lts of encoding, I should buy Intel, right? But if I want to upgrade in 2019, Intel will need a new mobo because they always change their chipset, whereas AMD will till use AM4, right? This is all very confusing, what should I buy for Christmas.

>> No.62764193 [DELETED] 

Well, he's describing Intel, so it fits

>> No.62764205

>what should I buy for Christmas.
You imply you'll be able to do so

>> No.62764215

That is margin of error.

>> No.62764216

so its confirmed till 2020-22 when intel actually brings a new design they are literally dead on water
might as well start selling delided cpu's out of the factory

>> No.62764253

But that's wrong.

>> No.62764284

they obviously had zero stockpile and are pushing them out in a hurry

>> No.62764294

You do realize these cpus are properly hitting shelves in 6 months earliest. Intel rushed the release because they feel pressured big time.... what could make them nervous enough to paperlaunch this early even when it kills their prev generation?

One reason I've begun to suspect is Ryzen1.5 could be considerably stronger than expected. Maybe even stronger than AMD thought since they're not rushing anything out yet to counteract Intel at this point. I almost regret buying ryzen 1600 now. If the 1.5 gets +20% clocks I'm going to be pissed.

>> No.62764403

AMD will just drop their prices a bit and keep on rolling.

>> No.62764469

>Ryzen1.5 could be considerably stronger than expected

wtf is that?

>> No.62764471


I think they did already since I got 1600 for 199€...in Finland, which has 24% VAT. That means it's the equivalent of $159 for you hillbillies. Not a bad deal at all I think.

>> No.62764501


Means ryzen+ is more like a solid half a gen jump instead of typical 10% implied in the "+". Enough to give ulcers to Inlets.

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>so doesn't have to be delidded
nobody believes your lies

>> No.62764555

no, 8700k IS SB, because they literally haven't improved anything since SB

nice pre-overclocked 3960X you bought there

>> No.62764612

If you have unlocked Sandy bridge or newer just upgrade when that shit breaks. No point in upgrading just yet.

>> No.62764825

this guy gets it

>> No.62765263


>> No.62765266

it's shit, unless you want to do a yify tier size.
it will look slightly better than x264.

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Ryzen on top of still having broken IOMMU needs 2 (two) GPUs for pci-passtru VM.

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File: 2.20 MB, 500x281, amd shill.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.62765671

I like how hand picked the samples are with several Ryzens missing so that they won't mess with how Coffee Lake is good for their price.

>> No.62765754


I really wish they would have run hw-e or bw-e at the same clocks as a 8700k for their gaming benchmarks. Thats really all i wanted to see. That and if it was any better than a 7800x.

>> No.62765849

c)house dosent catch fier
d)cpu upgrades until 2020+ with 7nm CPUs
e)no botnet

>> No.62765903

Does anyone know where in Yuroland I can get a socket 1155 motherboard that lets me make use of my 2600K or do I have to put my trust on scalpers?

>> No.62765959
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>> No.62766008

d)[citation needed]

>> No.62766065

people believe this shit?

>> No.62766089

>he doesn't know AM4 will be compatible with Zen 3
Also >>62761196 >>62762996
Why bother with reality if your memes are stronger than everything else?

>> No.62766102

If you can buy that 8700K that is...which you can't.

Expect Ryzen prices to fall if it does come back into stock in any major way. If only memory prices (and GPU) normalized it would be a great time to upgrade. But I am not paying not fuckiing $150+ for 16GB of DDR4

>> No.62766131
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I feel blessed by getting an i7 7700k at 200 from my bro, 8th gen is a fucking meme.

>> No.62766133

Still claiming that ryzen is botnet free is straight lie but shills don't care right.

>> No.62766188

I didn't claim that lol

>> No.62766194

what a fucking joke this is

a cpu that costs double when you add a mobo and is barely better and is a housefire

intel is literally done

>> No.62766236

that could mean it's 0-10% better when counting margin of error

>> No.62766260

>So they've released Ryzen with Intel's ultragiganiggahertz, except hotter, more powerhungry, twice as expensive, without any upgrade path and hardly available? Did Intel forgot it was supposed to be better than it's competition.
lol, it's funny because zen+ is going to assblast intel in 6 months

>> No.62766299

I wonder why AMD is so expensive in Portugal. Today, I was helping a workmate to pick the parts for his new PC and a 7600K with a Z270 was cheaper than a 1600 with a X370. He was eyeing the 8400 that's even cheaper, but I have to warn him that it may be months until it's in stock.

>> No.62766321

Too bad Wikileaks proved that post right.

>> No.62767245 [DELETED] 


8600K DESTROYS 1600X in performance


>> No.62767460

1. That CPU is $50 more expensive
2. It still loses in multithreaded performance
3. Nobody cares, housefire spammer. Kill yourself.

>> No.62767480 [DELETED] 

Bump to laugh at that AYYMD loser at life, totally destroyed by Intel's superior performance and totally lost any credibility

>> No.62767508

Why do you make it so obvious it's just you samefagging this shit?

>> No.62767533

>consumes more with less cores
>higher temps with less cores


>> No.62767534 [DELETED] 

rbt.asia spammer, you lost, just admit it

Oh wait, you don't have a penis anyway like real men do, go back to licking your mother's cunt and crawl back into her womb where you belong

>> No.62767559

>Is is a throttling housefire?

THG never could run prime95 on their chip, even at stock it would overheat and they were using a big AIO water cooler.

no one who's done a serious overclock on these chips has been able to run prime on it.

>> No.62767560

Oops, baby had another accident all over /g/. Don't worry, soon someone will be around to clean up your mess soon.

>> No.62767583 [DELETED] 

Loser at life, spams sopa like an uneducated buffoon but got destroyed in CPU performance by Intel :^)

Keep on eating the poo that AYYMD drops on the floor for you

>> No.62767654


>> No.62767671

You spent years shitting up /g/.

>> No.62767688 [DELETED] 

Yes, good dog, keep doing it like the dog that you are

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Yep, every single person on here that tells you you're a stupid dipshit is the same person, including all the mods that keep banning you and removing your shitposts. All the same guy!

>> No.62767776 [DELETED] 

rbt.asia spammer, biggest lying cunt that ever existed on /g/

>> No.62767790 [DELETED] 

The only one that shitted up /g/ is you

>Thinks 1 person posts on /g/

What a retarded person you are, probably was dropped on the head by your stupid mother

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>just want to get a cheap 4/4 i3 build
>have to get a expensive Z370 motherboard because thats the only model they released

>> No.62767941

If you want a cheap motherboard you have to wait until January for Intel B360 chipset launch

>> No.62767942
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>> No.62767946

It's amazing how much needless gaymerz shit they can pack in just to inflate the price.

>> No.62767955

Just sell off the 1600 to some idiot when the time comes. You dont need to upgrade your motherboard for the new gen.

>> No.62768011

>$499 for 1800x

Is this 6 months ago?

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stop samefagging

>> No.62768047


>> No.62768052
File: 614 KB, 992x1043, 1506507630702.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.62768065
File: 6 KB, 350x314, 1496608156512.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

calm your autism

>> No.62768068

AMD price drop incoming

>> No.62768123

Coffee lake is too shit for amd to drop the prices

>> No.62768133
File: 1.32 MB, 720x1280, zen.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.62768158
File: 110 KB, 1466x664, 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Am I misunderstanding something here?. Is an i7-8700k really gonna give me 76 fps increase in gta v compared to my i7-2600k?.

>> No.62768160

I can see them dropping price on the 1600/1600X by $20 to match the i5-8400.

>> No.62768189

Yes depending if you have the same gpu as in the setup they used

>> No.62768210

If you have a 1080 ti and a 144/240 Hz gaming monitor, sure. Otherwise, you're wasting your money.

>> No.62768234

Keep in mind that GTA V has a bug which causes stuttering at very high framerates, You'll have to lock your framerate.

>> No.62768266

I got a gtx 1070 compared to the gtx 1080ti he was using for the bench, but I guess by upgrading my cpu I would get an equally great increase only I won't be getting the same fps as in that bench.

>> No.62768286

I'm on a gtx 1070 with a 165/1440p monitor. So I'm really starting to feel the cpu holding me back.

>> No.62768294

So basically still no reason to upgrade from a 4690k?

>> No.62768314

>I would get an equally great increase
Not really, the faster your gpu is the more it gets bottlenecked by a slower cpu. But yeah there would still be a big leap.

>> No.62768365

Oh, I didn't know that, thanks for the input though.

>> No.62768410
File: 91 KB, 734x729, 1507103977747.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no, the jump from an i5 4690k to an i7 8700k would be pretty significant

>> No.62768468

Well obviously, but what about a 4690k to 8600k. Apples to apples and all.

>> No.62768632

the 1800x is the best binned 8 core cpu tho, if she had a budget of ~400-450 for a cpu i see no reason to not get the 1800x

>> No.62769609
File: 500 KB, 600x580, 1496418874812.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nice joke

>> No.62769825
File: 564 KB, 800x430, australia.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.62769936

> for sure... assuming Intel doesn't gimp its performance to make room for four years of the same manufacturing process

>> No.62770009
File: 39 KB, 650x350, 91810.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what is this the third failed response to ryzen, just sad?

>> No.62770890

he already has an intel chip, why would he downgrade?

>> No.62771301

i7 8700K or Ryzen 7 1700?

>> No.62771322

yeah but not in that order dumbo

>> No.62771378

8700k stomps 1800x

>> No.62771454


>> No.62771467

That is not your CPU holding you back, esp. if your 2600K is OCed. You are certainly still GPU bottlenecked with that resolution and refresh rate. 1070 isn't that powerful.

>> No.62771621

what this guy said >>62771467
but to add to that you are a little screwed since if you go up in gpu you will start to be limited by your cpu, and if you only go up in cpu it won't matter much since your gpu isn't going to push more fps. so save up and do both or none at all *\_(0_0)_/*

>> No.62771731

rise of the tomb raider benchmark is all sorts of fucked up. keep shitposting though

>> No.62772234
File: 57 KB, 530x312, lake of fire2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yall pleeb shillians need to stop swimming in Fire Lake; Ryzen is superior in every which way come at me

>> No.62772244


>> No.62772339

I'm finally building a PC I guess. Well soon anyway. I'm going to wait for Volta first.

>> No.62772364
File: 15 KB, 580x341, 1481332795062.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lol again?

>> No.62773572

hurr durr
Fuck off.
If AMD had an iGPU, I would buy a Zen. But it has FUCK NOTHING. So fuck off. As soon as AMD catches up (took them 10 years, so I guess they will need another 10 years again?), you can start shitposting again. Thank you.

> inb4 just use a dedicated GPU
Fuck off.

>> No.62773576

Poojeet rekt

>> No.62773587
File: 228 KB, 608x504, mourningcoffee.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.62773607


>> No.62773614

What the fuck is wrong with thier pricing? 1800X doesnt cost $500

>> No.62773616

framerates in civ 6 are a bad indicator of performance
gamersnexus measured time/turn

>> No.62773625

NO ONE ever even mentioned IPC increase. It was all about having +2 cores.
Thank you AMD viral marketing team for chiming in though.

>> No.62773628


>> No.62773642
File: 43 KB, 397x525, 1465894330561.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> it's shit already
> no iGPU
> future ready

Fucking lol.

>> No.62773651

oh I guess zero ipc improvements are okay then

>> No.62773655

Oh boy, ban evading?

>> No.62773666

It's a refresh of the lineup. No one said you should throw out your 7th gen. But if you are building a new one, it's a nice bump having 6-8 cores.

> inb4 no one ever does this
Oh, you... What is the RX580

> people who question the AMD marketing team now get banned

>> No.62773673
File: 174 KB, 798x1125, intel.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.62773730
File: 83 KB, 1276x671, 9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It sure is

>> No.62773732

lel implying the RX 580 changed literally nothing besides node and clocks
Intel are a fucking joke

>> No.62773735

What? But the RX580 is literally nothing but an overclock. Read about it, I wish I was kidding...

>> No.62773741

>costs 100% more
>AMDtards in charge of math

>> No.62773753

fucking jewnigger intel shill lies

dont believe this bullshit

>> No.62773818

>NO ONE ever even mentioned IPC increase
intel official slide does

>> No.62773829

does it though?

>> No.62773847

you forgot your pills m8?

marketing is marketing son.
AMD said the new RX580 is a HUGE improvement and more efficient. IRL it's just an overclock.
AMD said the Ryzen will literally blow everything out of the water once it arrives. IPC will be like superb. IRL it beats the current offering ONLY in parallel loads.
AMD said the Ryzen has no "silicon lottery" and it just contains dummy chips. IRL people received 1800X equivalent 1600Xs and whatnot.
Intel, AMD, Samsung, all of them are the same. But that's why we check them once they come out - what they are really good at.

> inb4 I have something against the rx580
Well I bought a turd gigabyte 1060 6GB. The GPU itself is fucking awesome, but the cooling is already shitting itself - thanks to Turdbyte. (Never buy Turdbyte.)
So I could replace the card with a more expensive one. There is the 1070 but it's way more expensive. And oh boy, there is the RX580. Maybe I will get +30% performance? Could not wait to see the benchmarks. Aaaand no. There is no increase. It just eats more, costs more, performs less. Like what the fuck? Who is in charge of coming up with such a bullshit price tag? What the fuck?

>> No.62773892


I hope you don't actually believe that bs yourself

>> No.62773927
File: 366 KB, 798x1125, 2017.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Updated for 2017.

>> No.62774124
File: 10 KB, 224x250, dirty_pajeet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>AMD 32 threads: 90 fps
>Intel 12 threads: 153 fps

you can't make this shit up!

>> No.62774307

Intel destroys AYYMD HOUSEFIRES garbage in performance

>> No.62774345


>> No.62774386

Dude... do you even KNOW what a thread is....

>> No.62774514
File: 312 KB, 996x1129, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.62775382

he probably dont even know what numa is let alone threads

>> No.62775431

Those are delidded CPUs who were confirmed to run at certain speeds.

>> No.62775452


>> No.62775678
File: 30 KB, 475x343, tidus.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>dat memeripper
It's bulldozer again.

>> No.62775695

so basically if you have already 100+ fps, you will probably have +10 more.
but if your game runs like dogshit (watch dogs), the Intel CPU will give you at least 60 FPS.
well, the choice is obvious.

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