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Admit it. You'd buy one if you could afford it.

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I have a 22 year old girlfriend and pay $1100 a month for a car.

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Goddamn i love the 2nd one.

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>$1100 a month for a car.

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Too old looking, might as well just fuck a woman

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Not until they can cook, cuddle, hold a conversation and act as a secretary. Then women will be obsolete desu.

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>make sex dolls
>they're uglier than real woman


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I have a .9% loan on a 60k car for 5 years. I could have written a check but in 5 years, I’ll probably make 40k on the 60 that I didn’t dump into a car vs like 3 crane in interest.

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umm sweetie

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These actually look quite good.

>tfw no mommy gf doll

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Call me in 10 years, and I might consider it.
Otherwise, I'm just humping cold plastic.

On the other hand, what's lost in realism is gained in lack of realism.
At least you don't have to worry about her doing something stupid in a fit of neediness/pettiness.

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niqqa if i could afford one of those, i could afford an actual gf.

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Too bad they can only make dolls that look like whores. That's probably how they get around the uncanny valley effect, enough botox and makeup and an actual woman may plausibly look like that.

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Ugly, this where made by american i assume ?

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>buying a new luxury car while paying out the ass per month with interest.

can't tell if a retard or a cuck. perhaps both.

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lmao, fucking larpers, i swear

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>out the ass

Nigga what? Do you know how loans work?

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>.9% loan on a 60k car
>$1100 for 5 years is 66k
.9% compounded weekly, maybe

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I’ll take up front ad velorem tax for $400, Alex.

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why are they all obese

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silicone toys suck
i paid $300 for a silicone ass, it felt so bad i couldn't even cum once, and had to trash it.

if you buy one of these overpriced shits make sure you're a virgin, if you know what touching a real woman feels like it's not going to get you off.

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i have no qualms with fucking a doll and people finding out. i have enough bitcoin to not give a fuck about anything anymore

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Which car anon?

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>cook cuddle hold conversation
aha aha ahahaha, well played bro

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me on the left

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android or osx?

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Challenger Hellcat

I welcome hate from /o/ transplants

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>buying a sex doll that looks like a middle age, overweight housewife.

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>pay $1100 a month for a car.

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On the bright side, she won't get any worse.

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you are a complete idiot and that means you have no money so you put almost nothing down on the car and now you have a massive car payment thats hanging over your head for years

youre a complete retard, dont talk to me about being rich

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Manual or Auto? Driven a few at work, love starting them. Visibility is fucked though, at least you didn't get a camaro.

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why do people want 3D sex dolls just make them anime characters instead

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>loaning for a car
It's like they never taught you NOT to buy things you can't afford to pay. You only borrow money if it's for business or for emergencies.

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Anyone who pays cash for a depreciating asset when dirt cheap financing is available is an idiot. Like I said, any amount of money can conservatively earn you 10% a year. Why would I sacrifice 9% return in my money per year?


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Bad goy! Bad goy! How are banks supposed to make money if people don't loan for cars? If car manufacturers loan money for cars it makes it more expensive for them and they might raise their prices which only is a good business decision if people borrow to buy the cars. That way the prices can be raised and raised and raised like in the housing market. There is no upper limit to what the prices can be as long as people borrow.

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Ayyyyyy! It was like super rare to see a Manual. Don't remember if i got to drive one that wasn't auto. But don't even argue with these guys man. If you can afford it and it doesn't really break the bank. Fuck it. That's what money if for ya feel?

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Should of got white though.....

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Yeah. The manual is like 3 tenths slower than the auto so all the dick measuring bench racers bought an auto. I got the manual because I like a manual and could honestly give a shit that it’s slower.

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Is there porn about this?
Only interested in Japanese dolls, though.

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Nah, I have a GF.

That being said, I just got GearVR for my s8 phone, and from someone who thought VR was fucking shit (because I've used google cardboard and other cheap chinese "insert your phone" headsets in the past) I loaded up some good high-res 3d 60fps porn on the GearVR and it was like you were actually there. It blew my mind, especially when the girls got up close to the camera with their tits and stuff.

Recommend trying it out for anyone who hasn't. Personally, I feel like the resolution problem is the thing holding the technology back. I think 8k will be the go-to standard for VR.

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>Good goi!! lease for life!!!

I'd rather buy a house in my 20s than wait until I'm 50+.

I'm already paying 2000$ a month on rent, if I bought a house/apartment then I could pay LESS for BIGGER, only difference is that I would be paying down a loan instead of rent and live in a house that I own.

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man fuck all that tenths slower bullshit. manual is about the experience and control one has. guarantee those clowns don't even "race"... but for real though be safe out there on the streets.

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I'd buy one if they could fix the creepy uncanny valley faces.
Then I'd order 3 or 4 of them so I could fuck all the oneitises I've had.

>$1100 a month for a car
You're retarded.

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Incidentally I'm doing research work on recording 8k 360 video with 16k background content.
It's really fucking hard to test because 8k panels are hideously expensive and strapping enough 4k TV's together to achieve 16k gives a really hideous bezel overlap problem

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The amount of financial stupidity in this bread is staggering. Let’s take two scenarios.

Person A buys a car with $50,000 cash. That car loses conservatively 15% of its value in the first year, and about ten percent per year after that depending on miles driven. After five years, the car is with less than half what was paid for it. So person a has a net loss on that $50k of about $27,500.

Person B buys the same car at the same price but decides to put 5k down and get a 1% loan and put the rest in mutual funds. Now, he pays around 1200$ in interest over the life of the loan, but the 45k that he didn’t pour into the car up front made 10% YoY and netted about $30,000 in profit over the five year loan term.

As such person B is somewhere around $28,800 better off than person A.

Now fuck off.

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It would be quite expensive because i would need to cover it with a quite expensive K-Line fursuit as well.

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>That car loses conservatively 15% of its value in the first year, and about ten percent per year after that depending on miles driven
I can get a 3 year old, fully decked BMW for about a third of its retail price.
Your rates are way fucking off.

>but the 45k that he didn’t pour into the car up front made 10% YoY
>10% year over year
Who the fuck is the person in this scenario, warren buffet?

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These are all awful and look like pocket roasties OP, post the good ones or go home.

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I used extremely low depreciation numbers, but yes, you are correct that it’s more like losing 70% of its value if it’s a daily driven car. As for 10% year over year, that’s a little lower than the average return of a decent mutual fund. The S&P has averaged about 12% over its entire history.

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For people with GFs AR>VR, because you would be able to do some fun 2D superimposition.

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Actually, just buy a full priced Toyota Landcruiser with all the bells and whistles.

It's resell value is extremely stable, even several years later.

There's a reason Landcruisers are favored by the military and UN as well.

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Would be great to put a virtual bag on my girlfriends face.

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And she get to do the same to you.

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>Person B buys the same car at the same price but decides to put 5k down and get a 1% loan and put the rest in mutual funds. Now, he pays around 1200$ in interest over the life of the loan, but the 45k that he didn’t pour into the car up front made 10% YoY and netted about $30,000 in profit over the five year loan term.
>implying people do this
>implying people don't just outright borrow and fuck off investment

You're an idiot. Hypotheticals don't make up for reality. If it was, America wouldn't be in a debt crisis.

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Yeah you'll stay at the same place for 30+ years faggot. Just wait when your gf will dump you.

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I'd get one if it looked like an anime girl.

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Gross you can see her roots.
First or fourth are best imo.

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>cook, cuddle, hold a conversation and act as a secretary
Women don't do that now though...

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>>they're uglier than real woman
And yet somehow they still manage to be better than women.

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>Implying the first thing I would do with it isn't putting striped panties on it

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Takes a loan for a fukken toy. . .

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Have you had sex with her while wearing it?
Just thought I'd ask.

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japanese version

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She'd need more than just a paper bag.

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>a house that I own.
haha, no.

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Could've bought a used car for 1100 and then fixed it yourself for a fraction of the price, retard.

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Yeah enjoy losing all your investment as soon as Tyrone and friends move in. Unless you bought a extremely expensive urban house.

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>anyone who pays more than the original price is smarter than someone who buys it cheaper.

yeh nah youre backwards nigga

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sounds like a serious case of coping

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>I’ll probably make 40k on the 60 that I didn’t dump into a car vs like 3 crane in interest.
and just think, if you didnt buy the car you'd be up ~60k

youre an ijjit

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most animu doll look like shit though

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>no redhead
no thanks

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Person C buys a used Civic for $5000 because he isn't retarded.

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>Anyone who pays cash for a depreciating asset when dirt cheap financing is available is an idiot. Like I said, any amount of money can conservatively earn you 10% a year. Why would I sacrifice 9% return in my money per year?

this tbqh, /g/ can't into finance. Plus the fact you can invest the rest of the money into somewhere else

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>buying a used sex doll

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>comparing personal debt which makes up less than half your income to the debt of a country that is almost five times the GDP

And it isn't a hypothetical, dipshit. It's fucking reality. Don't pay cash for depreciating assets. If you want to pay cash for a house, good on you, but a car, unless it's a collector car, is going to lose value at a ridiculous pace.

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They're very expensive, delicate even with skellington frames and require maintenance (pussy, skin and hair) after use.

They also cannot hold certain positions for shit and if you force the issue you will break or tear something.

Stowing them away or hiding them is also a bitch.

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you forgot to say how much your gf costs

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>Real Doll
>doesn't even look real

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Not loli, wouldn't even touch with 10m pole

>> No.62652386

>doesnt look like a real doll
how can mirrors be real

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Where the fuck did you get 1% interest, a mortgage usually starts at 3.5%.
Better to buy a car you can afford and invest the rest in something that doesn't depreciate.

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>Fucking dolls
Why not just hire an escort, dumbass? Seriously, how pathetic are you?

>> No.62652835

Imagine you want to get rid of it. You can't just throw it into the public trash, you would have to saw it in parts first and spread the parts over various bins.
Also movie recommendation
>love object

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I remember this one!

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>It'll get nicked or the planned obsolescence will kick in the day it's finally paid off.
>Family car cost us £400

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how much do they cost

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Maybe when they're capable of acting slightly human

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how does cleanup work? Do I just drag her out front and stick the garden hose up her cooter and wave at the neighbor's kids?

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>makes a perfect and elegant robot
>wants it to act like a disgusting fleshbag

>> No.62653218

whats next?
they demand attention?
its a slippery slope my nigga.
she should lie around somewhere until I call her and fuck.
self cleaning holes should be its only additional function.

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That's a piece of broken shit it doesn't even have eyelids

>> No.62653296

That's the main selling point.

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how the fuck does 3d 360 degree video work? Seeing as the stereo viewpoints just change position all the time, I don't see how just 2 video spheres could cut it.

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that car looks like shit

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Car loans don't have that much interest because most profit comes from people who don't manage to make the payments.

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Some dolls have removable sleeves, no different from cleaning a Fleshlight/onahole.

The non-removable ones requires douching or putting the doll in a half-filled bathtub as you scrape the insides with your finger. Using a spray/hose is also an option but strong water pressure would instantly fuck up most sleeves.

The high-end Jap ones have internal lube tanks, sometimes cum gets in there too. There are reusable heat pads across the crotch/butt area, they are reusable for like 20-30 times before they lose their effectiveness. Don't know if American ones have them so I cannot comment on that.

Soap and water
Dry with a towel
Lather with le trademark special proprietary cleaning agent that the company sells for at least a month

Shampoo and water
Comb and hair dryer
Most dolls have removable heads or removable wigs

tl;dr you have to bathe and clean your doll everytime you use it

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fuck no those things land smack center in the uncanny valley

>> No.62653367

I mean, it's a nice car but it's literally just a toy. It serves no more purpose than a $4500 used car apart from attracting gold digger thots or to feel cool and turn heads. It's just not a practical or wise investment. Not everything needs to be practical I guess. Everyone who sees you drive by thinks you're a dickhead. Some are jealous, some aren't.

>> No.62653397

>hold a conversation
>smartphone age females

Oh you retarded virgin

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I like the idea of getting one, but I'm pretty sure after I fuck it I'll probably kill myself. Just the thought of getting to the point of cummming inside and then cuddling with an inanimate object makes me feel depressed.

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>modern society

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First "you'd buy one if you could afford it" thread that's true.

I'd fuck the fucking fuck out of one of those, even though I have live-in 3dpd pussy I could fuck anytime I want.

>> No.62653472

this is kind of sad

>> No.62653493

It's our future

>> No.62653499

>Thinks you're a dickhead

No thinking involved in pure fact.

>> No.62653513

i don't like my woman be soules objects and you guys don't want it to.
Only if they can cook and clean my home i buy one, the rest is just trash

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>i paid $300 for a silicone ass


>> No.62653537

Still sounds like a better deal than the iphone X

>> No.62653591


This experiment was interesting.

The wire frame gave the baby monkey milk/food, but whenever something scary happened, the monkey would to straight to the softer one for protection.

>> No.62653600


He may be a moron for spending 60k on a car, but by no means is that ugly anon.

That's a classic design and at 707hp, that thing is a monster that must be fun to drive.

>> No.62653750

Someone is salty that someone else has nice things.

>> No.62653792

Why, so they can cheat on you?

>> No.62653809

my mouth is more then enough

>> No.62653814

God already gave us perfect self cleaning sex bots that can also cook and clean.

But we decided to give them rights and make them our equals, and now are trying to create inferior versions of them.

What I'm trying to say is, men being the dumb fucks we are, these new sex bots will probably have more rights than us in 50 years.

>> No.62653818

I didn't buy it as an investment, and tbqh I could give a fuck whether or not people think I'm cool. But you're right, it is a toy. I daily drive a 2005 Buick LeSabre because I think it's foolish to spend a shitload of money on a daily drive they you're just going to rag out and is just going to cost a ton to fix. I bought the car because I enjoy driving it, not because I give a fuck what someone who passes me on the street thinks.

>> No.62653832

I'm researching AI and robotics to design my own waifubot. capable of sex and loving you like women used to be capable of.

women suck at all of those things nowadays. there is literally no reason not to be fucking a robot aside from them moving around during sex but women are mostly just thots so it's not hard to act like a retarded jackass from New Jersey in a club to get some pussy for the night.

>> No.62653886

Who here still a virgin? 26 year old virgin here.

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dealbreaker. fleshlights are a pita by themselves

>> No.62653977

ugly dolls

>> No.62653978

They need to make one where you just pour in some dish detergent and press a button and she makes dishwasher noises until she's clean

>> No.62653985

sexbot uprising when?

>> No.62654031

its a glorified fleshlight with shitty voice system, why would you ever buy one?

>> No.62654033

I bet you're yuropoor driving 1.0L hatchback.

>> No.62654039

>Not wanting real life 2B

>> No.62654058

should OF

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maybe when they dont look like they work a strip club on a monday afternoon

>> No.62654069

>assuming the technology will never improve

>> No.62654083

A2 is where it at

>> No.62654091

ITT idiots who don't know what future value is arguing about finances.

>> No.62654122

If I wanted to fuck something that looks like a hooker I'd fuck a hooker

>> No.62654147

May look like that, but if you pay attention, its just the bourgeoisie oppressing the proletariat as always been.
Except now the bourgeoisie call themselves communists and invent 1001 excuses to pose as "the oppressed".

>> No.62654166

>Paying your gf's way

Holy shit you fucking cuck, she should be paying for her own car and paying you rent. If she won't agree to pay the upkeep on her own life, you know exactly how much integrity your relationship has.

>> No.62654185

>assuming they will just upgrade your model and not make you spend more
>not waiting for better models before dumping your money to waste

>> No.62654273

Only if Bad Dragon made them.

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>> No.62654547

Hi t00l

>> No.62654557

Nigga, did you bother to read the thread? Or did you just skip on over here from /pol/?

>> No.62654561

Ur such a fucking loser

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>168cm (5'6) with heels
>148.8 kg (328lbs)

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File: 2.75 MB, 1920x1080, robofu.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They're the future

>> No.62654955

It's really fucking sad, and it seems to fit the theme of this thread so well. Where did we go so fucking wrong? We'd rather build artificial women than be with real ones.

>> No.62655051

>huge flesh-light you have to clean and store somewhere
>friend you can invite over, who cleans herself and doesn't take extra space when you're done

And that's even before we go to the price and other skills.Actual sexbots would be interesting and offer you the chance to try something new, this shit isn't.

>> No.62655081

>Where did we go so fucking wrong?
back in the day you only had to be the best looking young guy in your village, now you're competing against millions of chads.

>> No.62655115

That's what you get once people aren't forced to self-improve anymore but instead could box themselves away from any challenging situations.

>now you're competing against millions of chads.
The amount of females and males is about equal.

>> No.62655221

Are they able to call 911 when you try killing yourself for realizing just how emotionally hollow having one of these is?

>> No.62655237

I came in here for Robot love and all i got was car finance posts.

>> No.62655254

I think you got those two mixed up.

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when their are cute feminine versions ill probably buy one
not wanted to buy a whore looking dollfu

>> No.62655276

The acceptance of hook up culture ruined everything. Trust is the most valuable currency and its availability is at an all time low. They are unwilling to commit to long term monogamous relationship and opt to jumping ship instead fixing problems. Considering these you shouldn't be baffled that an idea of robowaifu is appealing when they can be everything you want.

>> No.62655284

This. I want to fuck an actual robot, not a woman wanabee. Or a velociraptor animatronic.

>> No.62655330
File: 312 KB, 500x750, large.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Too ugly desu.

Yeah but we seriously need doll-ish faces on them like pic related. Uncanny valley is a bitch.

>> No.62655410

For the cost it takes to get one that Sten had better be fucking real.

>> No.62655441


>> No.62655504

Now pls.

>> No.62655542


It's not only the hook-up culture, it's the rise of depressed, socially-maladjusted shut-ins who have little to no self-worth or self-confidence and want a semblance of a relationship where they can't disappoint their partner nor will the partner leave them. But truthfully they are comfortable in their bubble and are too afraid to break out.

You just need to get a dog for something that you can't disappoint and won't leave you. Plus it will give you something to care about and make small talk easier with women

>> No.62655650

>hook up culture is at fault that I don't get laid
That's like blaming calorie rich food for you not being able to get fat.
>Trust is related to the willingness to waste your time on a long term monogamous relationshit
This is almost even more paradoxical than the last.
>opt to jumping ship instead fixing problems
Isn't that the logical option given the market? Transfer the thinking to some more /g/ related shit, would you bother to fix an old, broken ass laptop if you'd could buy a new one for the price it took the fix the old one?

>> No.62655680

What part of obsolete is a hard word for you two, he's implying robowaifus will do MORE than fleshwomen, therefore making them obsolete

>> No.62655694

flat is justice

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Maybe if I was really rich
But my hand does the job just fine and its for free, so I don't really see a point in spending a crapload on one of these unless you're a millionaire
And cleaning them would also be a pain in the ass

>> No.62655781

why didn't they make the left one as good as the right one?

>> No.62655785

>financing vehicles

>> No.62655795

Given the ridiculous inflation, it's the only way poorfags can do lube up against the system.

>> No.62656151

>Isn't that the logical option given the market?
When people accept this mindset, the society will quickly follow. We'll just switch our society to a new one when the old one becomes bad. We could have a yearly revolution. Instead of electing new rulers, we behead the old ones.
>That's like blaming calorie rich food for you not being able to get fat.
I don't think people have problems getting laid. People have problems getting a relationship. If we live in an age where getting laid is all there is to life, when a woman is good only for fucking, isn't it then logical to just switch her to a sex doll? The doll will be easier to maintain, always accessible, and you can shove it under the bed when you don't want it around.

>> No.62656348

In the UK they send loli onaholes to you without the packaging!

>> No.62656358

>Instead of electing new rulers, we behead the old ones.
What for? Change already happened, adding beheadings to it, would be like some faggot ex who sends around the nudes of the chick. Hell, actually your example with elections is pretty good to show the spirit of the times. We don't accept some demented monarch ruling over us anymore, if a leader failed to fulfil his/her promises, we try with a new one. Sounds healthy and reasonable, whether for politics or relationships.

>I don't think people have problems getting laid. People have problems getting a relationship.
Meh, there is tons of bitching from the r9k crowd about the former and from the female crowd about the latter.

>isn't it then logical to just switch her to a sex doll
Assuming a sex doll could really replace that shit, which it can't. Hell, a sex doll seems worse than the hand with all the extra shit involved. Now robo waifus, these will do fine for the sex part. The companionship part is where it breaks down though.

Assuming you don't fuck someone new every day for years, you tend to establish companionship with these people, which is unlikely to be replaced before we got good enough AI.

>> No.62656435

adding beheadings seem like a good deterrent. they can not create damage, and then get away scot free.

>robo waifus

>> No.62656709
File: 142 KB, 360x360, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Only 2500$, from the slant eyes merchant.

>> No.62656770


>> No.62656798
File: 1.24 MB, 2304x3072, file(1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The one time this statement is true.

>> No.62657105

I want to be a loser like him then. I don't even like the car, but I'd kill to be able to afford it.

>> No.62657227
File: 1.03 MB, 3008x2000, flat girls.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.62657243

>The amount of females and males is about equal.

muh ladder theory + hookup culture

Most attractive (5/10 minimum) women end up "hoarded" by 7+/10 men because they are just hookups and women rarely have to dip down to get laid. There are obviously exceptions to this rule, but dick is as cheap as it has ever been.

>> No.62657258

There is stuff sicker than that by big margin on the clearnet.

>> No.62657286

Where? Merchant I need to know?.

>> No.62657368

I have no doubt that sex robots will be outlawed. Normies think it's vile and only mentally unstable people would have sex with one.

>> No.62657456

When sex with robots is against the law only outlaws will have sex with robots. Bonus.

>> No.62657464

This is the only sex robot I want.


>> No.62657473


>ywn open a prolific fuckeasy in your basement during the sexbot prohibition

why even live

>> No.62657554

I like anime, and I have a 3D printer just need some good servos, so you know what eventually gonna happen.

>> No.62657572

dude can we join efforts?

>> No.62657590


>> No.62657619 [DELETED] 
File: 141 KB, 600x900, RD2_C1_Sai_12.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Plz no ban
Yes i would buy this shit if i had 5k euros laying around

>> No.62657639

They should be happy that they even less competition than before if robowaifus become a thing.

>> No.62657763

no bro, better buy an orient doll or 4woods dolls

>> No.62657803


>> No.62657812

but do they come in anthro ?

>> No.62657822
File: 47 KB, 533x800, robowaifu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fuck you

also we need this on real life size.

>> No.62657899

>tfw actual pedo real dolls are a thing

>> No.62657946

well, I will never get laid, so its k

>> No.62657959

>living in a condo

Fucking poorfags man

>> No.62657996

Maybe in a decade.

>> No.62658036

>And it isn't a hypothetical, dipshit. It's fucking reality
You're an idiot. You think the average Joe gives a rat's ass about mutual funds and 401k funds? Most don't even invest in the stock market. You overestimate the average American's capacity for finance and investments. If everyone did as you say, then we would all be as rich as Jews. You're an idiot who bases his worldviews on hypotheticals instead of reality.

>> No.62658094

>then we would all be as rich as Jews

no dude, and even if muricans starts doing like the jews, these gonna find it and make some movements to make them fail, nobody can beat the jews.

>> No.62658127

How would I keep it away from prying eyes, though? Just store it in my crawlspace and try to get it out in the middle of the night hoping no one notices?

>> No.62658129
File: 7 KB, 225x224, 1498521748036.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>nobody can beat the jews

>> No.62658144

too bad he's gone

>> No.62658184

He can't afford it. He took out loan to buy it. Anyone can buy shit on loan. You can literally flip burgers and drive sports cars given you are willing to be bank slave for the next decade. This guy is.

>> No.62658192
File: 20 KB, 361x500, milena1111.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'll only buy one when it has breasts bigger than Milena Velba's. Futa cock add-on is optional.

>> No.62658204

as I say, nobody can beat and bait them.

>> No.62658227

>wanting to contract a venereal disease
Even when using a condom, there's still a chance

>> No.62658263

>Come on, Gary act! You have the power
>baak derk derk alla derka derka

>> No.62658420

Wasn't it in the context of relationships? Since polyamory is pretty rare for now, quality men usually can't be in multiple relationshits at the same time.

>> No.62658448

>$1100 a month
jesus christ dude, which type of car is it anyway?

>> No.62658564


The point is average women don't want to "settle" when they want to be in a long term relationship and thanks to hookup culture they've been given the impression that as a 5/10 woman they shouldn't have to get with a man below 7.

>> No.62658699

In the end most people do tend to settle, since it's considered weird being single from a certain age on. If we ignore the insanity of rating humans with numbers, 5s won't find enough 7s+ to settle and be forced to stick to their own kind either way.

The whole gig is much more noticeable when it comes to just hooking ups, but then again, if a dude considered a 7s is desperate enough to lower his standards, to shag a 5, he's not a fucking 7.

>> No.62658741


this is one reason why I won't bother with relationships or pursuing any, I'm not an attractive guy and I don't want to be settled on, it's not something I can handle. Yeah I have her but I would only have her because I was all she could get. I'll be a miserable wizard until I die.

>> No.62658752

>$1100 a month for a car.
this is why poor people stay poor

>> No.62658797 [DELETED] 

Feminism and cucked beta males will cause the downfall of western civilzation LOOOOOONG before sex robots.

Feminists do not give birth to children until later in life and usually onlt 1 or 2 children at most.

For a race to remain prevalent requires a birth rate of 2.3%

Most of Europe is at 1.3%

Muslims have a much higher birth rate due to having children much earlier in life and lots of them.

Immigrant Muslims are outbreeding white Christians by a factor of 4 or more.

In only a few daces most of Europe and even America will be Muslim.

Feminists caused this.

>> No.62658808

>Challenger Hellcat

>t. LS-Swapped 1st-gen Regal owner
Malaise never felt so good.

>> No.62658829

>Eventually settle

And that's a problem. No self respecting person wants someone who has been around the neighborhood dozen times.

>> No.62658847 [DELETED] 
File: 240 KB, 1280x878, 1502075069801.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pursuing females is useless unless you have a >9" penis.

>> No.62658848

economically I can afford it.
ethically, I can not. my dignity and humility will not allow this.

>> No.62658854

>$1100 on a car
I feel like if you're at a threshold where if you can afford that you shouldn't have a loan/lease to begin with.

>> No.62658864 [DELETED] 

onlt = only
daces = decades

>> No.62658872

In the end most relationships are like that either way, even if you were a very, very attractive guy, there is someone who's even more attractive in every way but the effort of looking for him isn't worth it. Just like your partner can be a super attractive chick, there would be still someone out there who's above her.

People got brainwashed by the MUH TRU LUV/WE SOULMATES shit expecting way too much from relationships. It's companionship and intimacy in one, not some magical connection.

Depends on the interest rates. You might end up paying less AND have more money to spend in the meanwhile.

>> No.62658877

7" is fine with decent girth. I'm a puny 5" though, and my dick while nearly 6" girth at the thickest, tapers towards the bottom. No chick wants something this sad.

I'm not self respecting and I still don't want to be settled on.l, especially after they burned out their best years slutting around.

>> No.62658878

Same here.

>> No.62658914

nah, I'm not even attractive, so "even if you are really hot" doesn't fit into my scenario. It isn't about being the most attractive, it is about being attractive at all.

humans are incapable of unconditional love, so the true love shit is bullshit anyway.

>> No.62658922

>7" is fine
You MUST penetrate her cervix and be able to push up on the uppermost part of her uterus to the point of distention.

>> No.62658931

>>buying a used sex doll
Movie recommendation

>> No.62658959

even as a virgin, I know how stupid your post sounds.

>> No.62658996

What the fuck are you on about? I'm talking about my specific situation. I could have paid cash for the car, but I didn't because the interest rate was far lower than what my money earns me in the stock market. I'm not talking about America in general. In general, you are correct, most Americans are far more concerned with keeping up appearances than being fiscally responsible. As for the $1100, on tenth of my bring home pay is asswipe money.

>> No.62659001
File: 380 KB, 1024x1024, 1506550197881.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Let the fucking text wrap you fucking retards.

>> No.62659023

Watch it, dick breath. I'm a GM guy from way back, but the Camaro is just too fucking small inside. I still have two GM trucks, a Grand National and my daily driver LeSabre. I have an LS2 sitting in my shop waiting for a project.

>> No.62659034

Not by any metric.

>> No.62659058

You might be visually not attractive (which itself is unlikely since people have pretty diverse interests) but there is still personality which decides about shit either way from mid 20s on. Besides, what's the difference when there is always someone above you, whether you look like Quasimodos twin or better than the flavour of the month movie star.

>> No.62659062
File: 691 KB, 1209x666, 1505748503794.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>buying USDM bailout trash
Why though?

>> No.62659063

Feminism and cucked beta males will cause the downfall of western civilzation LOOOOOONG before sex robots.

Feminists do not give birth to children until later in life and usually only 1 or 2 children at most.

For a race to remain prevalent requires a birth rate of 2.3%

Most of Europe is at 1.3%

Muslims have a much higher birth rate due to having children much earlier in life and lots of them.

Immigrant Muslims are outbreeding white Christians by a factor of 4 or more.

In only a few decades most of Europe and even America will be Muslim.

Feminists caused this.

>> No.62659084
File: 822 KB, 600x366, Jenna Marbles Bot.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.62659100

Don't be one of those kids from /o/ who pretends that he'd rather drive a beat up Miata than a Hellcat.

>> No.62659111
File: 1.29 MB, 413x192, 1506233151350.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]









>> No.62659117
File: 116 KB, 277x400, 1434717840184.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kek. Well memed.

>> No.62659181
File: 2.99 MB, 397x223, 1363844962257_zps4ef72fd5.gif~original.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Christians have good birth rate. It is atheist or no-care-in-the-world faggots (not even meaning homos) and neets that ruin the population.

Christianity is very underrated and the batshit crazy evangelicals outside of the USA ruining its reputation in Europe don't help either.

>> No.62659205

>tfw not attractive and shitty personality
Kek I love myself

>> No.62659226

any cute little girls in this thread?

>> No.62659237

I don't like either. Miatas are kinda ugly, Hellcats are really ugly FF and FR are both kinda shitty, too. I'm snowed in 5+ months out of the year so I need 4wd or AWD which leaves me with a handful of euro cars or a Subaru, the latter isn't hyper-priced so I prefer a Subaru over anything else. And no, and STI can't hold a candle to a Hellcat, but dragging is fucking gay anyways.

>> No.62659292
File: 54 KB, 500x250, 1428139462203.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no, only cute moths!

>> No.62659302

>In only a few decades most of Europe and even America will be Muslim.

In only a few decades YOU WILL BE DEAD. Why do you even care?

>> No.62659319

How do you even hide a sex doll? Stuff it in your closet?

Sex toy manufacturers need to focus on getting men's handheld toys right instead of spending time on whole dolls.
Preferably something that I don't need to soak in warm water before using.

The biggest issue with Fleshlight, for example, is that there's prep work involved.
I don't think about masturbating an hour an advance so it's a complete deal-breaker.

>> No.62659352

If you're the type to use one, it's unlikely you'd have to hide it from anyone.

>The biggest issue with Fleshlight, for example, is that there's prep work involved.
I find the clean up much worse. Sounds like way too fucking much extra work without any benefits.

>> No.62659354

My old mortgage has currently 0.4% interest. I'm signing a new one next week for over $400k, that'll have 0.6% interest.

>> No.62659369

>Not caring about how the world looks after you're gone

Your kind is the exact problem the world has.

>> No.62659372

>Hiding a sex doll
Why do you need to hide it? These things cost a 1000$ you think someone that can throw that amount of cash has his own place. Also if it does not look like a porn star you can display it as a regular doll.

>> No.62659400

Even if I can afford it monetarily, there's also the issue of society stigma and whatnot

I live in a small town where everyone knows everyone. I'm in a phase where all of my mom's friend wanted to introduce their daughter/stepdaughter/niece to me and my dad basically leave his business in my care. There's no way I can have that thing in my house without anyone noticing

>> No.62659406

>$1100 a month on a car
Apex kek

>> No.62659442


You make 10%/year CONSISTENTLY on WHAT investments?

>> No.62659443
File: 134 KB, 1150x1266, 1506535967980.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Not caring about how the world looks after you're gone

Why would I? I'll be dead. I'd rather worry about my personal happiness and quality of life here and now. Everything else is a waste of time. Go, be a superhero, save the world/race/etc, I'd rather focus on being happy.

>> No.62659445

Nietzche predicted that this would happen to society many years ago when describing humanity's loss of will to power.

>> No.62659515


Nietzche was writing about current events. HIstory just repeats itself because people are stupid.

>> No.62659539

do they always look like they need to take a shit ?

>> No.62659551


>> No.62659821

Growth stock mutual funds will make about that AVERAGE, depending on how aggressive you want them to be. Bette rreturns = more risk, but over the last ten years I’ve averaged about 10%. I also have single stocks and options that have given a much better return, but a lot of the latter is just luck.

>> No.62660049

It is sad that you actually think this way.

>> No.62660073
File: 483 KB, 992x620, 1476143945843.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>and pay $1100 a month for a car.
take out more car loans goy.

>> No.62660108

They all look like they're standing there ripping ass.

>> No.62660128
File: 53 KB, 620x929, child-doll1[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.62660131

lol no

>> No.62660142


> 10 years

Says the guy who has been investing for 4 years.

>> No.62660146
File: 173 KB, 694x708, mothbro.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.62660162


>> No.62661119

>Not caring about your children or grand children.
Selfish cunt detected

This video is 9 years old


>> No.62661264

In 20 years most of Europe will be Muslim and the age of consent will be reduced or removed. Yoou won't need loli dolls anymore.

>> No.62661325

It depends how much you drive it desu. 3k civic meme will break fairly quickly if you have crazy commutes and since you're on /g/ and not /o/, you would have been at the mercy of the highest rated local yelp mechanic.

>> No.62661529

Shit. That’s why I bought a Buick for 3200 with 80k on it. Good maintenance, done by me, and it’s now got over 240k on it and I’ve only replaced the water pump. Civics are mediocre at best.

>> No.62661544

Why would I buy overpriced plastic that looks like a 3dpd?

>> No.62662071

>buying dolls

>> No.62662200
File: 773 KB, 2640x3340, NES-ROB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

would you?

>> No.62662241
File: 468 KB, 2500x1875, 1506635378500 (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>You'd buy one if you could afford it.

>> No.62662282

if it can hold an onahole, i can have sex with it.

>> No.62662287

he can grab my dick all night long

>> No.62662394

Holy shit! I would buy one and just troll people on the street. See how long it takes for me to wreck it in street fights and parkour nonsense.

>> No.62662416

a piece of shit dodge for Christ's sake, guy really needs to step up his larping game, if you're going to lie at least make it big

>> No.62662431

Too old.

>> No.62662471


>> No.62662500

Humans without their face would look objectively worse yet you don't think about that when you jerk off to them?

>> No.62662521

>fucking a rubber corpse
If you're ugly and/or socially stunted enough to need this, I understand. I really do.

The bullshit that goes hand-in-hand with fucking a real female is considerable. But I can't imagine pumping away while looking into those lifeless, dead eyes. Also, I can't imagine dying unexpectedly and having relatives find one of those things among my possessions. There has to be a better way than this.

>> No.62662588

Except that's not true. It's fundie Christians and heretics (mormons) that have high birth rates. Most Christians are ~2 per couple but goes down to like 1.5~ depending on their political views and education. In the long run minorities will still outbreed them, just not now. At least in the US.

>> No.62662604

He actually kinda has a point. Their skulls are fucked up and their faces protrude too much. Also, underbites. I briefly considered the Asa Akira one but from from any off angle photo she looks more like a caveman than some chinky slut

>> No.62662633

That's why they're working to replace them with robots.

If they were perfect and did all that we wouldn't even be having the conversation now would we?

>> No.62662636
File: 323 KB, 1600x1067, realdolldespairclub.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Admit it. You'd rather die than join the ranks of men like these.

>> No.62662650

This niberian knows what he's talking about

>> No.62662651

Hey man this is the dawn of the tech. Give it time.

>> No.62662663

Every time someone gives me shit for trying to learn pickup and get better at talking to actual girls, I think of ending up like this and it gives me motivation.

>> No.62662678

>the market avg for growth stock over the last 10 years is actually 2%

>> No.62662681

Wow you can tell they both look like they have no souls

>> No.62662690
File: 47 KB, 466x630, venus.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.62662697
File: 32 KB, 540x540, 1505942202018.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>complains about the botnet
>"join my discord"

>> No.62662703


ok, you fuckheads realize that being a retard here highly depends on how much income he is making right?

>> No.62662765

Cheat code is don't look like shit and give them shit constantly. Figure out the balance between playful and cruel and use it.

You have to make them believe that they're falling short of acceptability at least every hour or so. They're approval seekers. When you get nice and approve of everything they do, you're no longer a challenge.

>> No.62662824

Thank you.

>> No.62662855

Because people just buy he stock market. Investment advisors and mutual fun managers don’t move money around to hedge against soft markets. Yes, if you bought an index fund and sat on it, your return would be garbage, but almost no one who knows how the markets work does that.

>> No.62662904

You assholes bandy about these words like you know what they mean. Do you realize that a .9% rate is literally less than inflation? The bank is effectively paying him because the 60 grand they get five years later is going to be worth less than when he borrowed it.

>> No.62662972

Depends on the girl really, but you're not wrong.

>> No.62663331

They're settling less and less these days and going without more and more.

>> No.62663678
File: 1.36 MB, 1440x810, 1482579719191.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because Everyone has the option to invest their money and get a good return on their investment. kek.

You only make money on investments, investing an absurd amount of cash.
It's not worth the risk if you don't have enough money. It's all a game.

buy a used older car, if you want a loan go for with low interest rate. Put money in things with value that don't depreciate. Don't play the investment(gambling) game unless your willing to start putting in 10s of thousands of dollars and hope you get lucky. 1-2% ROI is peanuts unless you start investing 100K +

Ya'll bunch of larpers with no money

t. work at a CPA and Finance firm.

>> No.62663742
File: 678 KB, 3192x2124, 1477103213194.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So you spend 1100 a month on something you occasionally use. "a fool and his money.."

>> No.62663993

If you need to close your eyes might as well masturbate instead of spending money on a ugly doll

>> No.62664071

a car is not a house

>> No.62664233

what do you do that nets you $11000 a month?

>> No.62664773

professional video game player

>> No.62664945

>future value
Unless it's some enthusiast special snowflake collectors car yet-to-be-known as such it's only going to be worth less.

>> No.62664985

No, dumbass. At certain rates and at certain levels of income, it makes more sense financially to pay for a luxury car (depending on how much you enjoy it) through a loan over time than paying it all at once.

If I said I'd give someone 1k in cash right now or 1.3k a year from now, most would take the money right now. Why? Because of the time-value of money. It's the central idea to most of finance.

>> No.62665026

Now, I'm starting to think you're dumb. Standard indexes were killing it last year.

>> No.62665072

the realdoll company must be managed by women: there's no way a straight male checked those abortions and tought they looked fine

Japan is pretty much our only hope now.

>> No.62665082

A married couple in my family nets ~165k a year after tax income. They have a net worth of ~450k in physical assets and several million in investments.
Less than 8k of that net worth is held in the depreciating asset called "cars."

You're doing it wrong.

>This $1,100 a month on a loan is better spent on a depreciating object than put in with my baseline investment plan
>Because reasons I read on meme websites telling me that people with money should buy stuff with it

Top Fucking Kek

>> No.62665131

>a married couple in my family
Okay, so not you. Tell your big brother I said hi.

Did you read what the loan rate was? 0.9%. If you want to be an autist, no, you shouldn't spend your money on depreciating assets like cars. You shouldn't eat out, pay for any form of entertainment, buy clothes that aren't off the rack, or take a vacation. They don't have any real ROI.

But if you want to buy a car, it makes a lot more sense with an interest rate that low to take a loan than fork over 60k in cash. He can put away the rest into literally any basic bitch index fund and get a return better than 0.9%.

>> No.62665133

yes, just give it a try, like everyone deserve

>> No.62665189

Hey, whatever, it's Anon's money. I'm not the dozenth person to tell Anon how dumb it is to spend unnecessarily.
>if you want to be an autist
This shitty meme really is coming full circle.

>> No.62665219

As someone else mentioned, inflation eats that interest rate already. I suggest you take any introductory finance course or even just google the basic present value formula to avoid wasting your family's money in the future. If you want to say buying any car for any reason other than utility is dumb, go ahead. But if you want to buy a 60k car, anyone with any sense will tell you that loan is a way better deal than forking over the cash today.

>> No.62665328
File: 264 KB, 431x587, fail4ever.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sex dolls are literally a trophy for sinking to the deepest depths of desperation imaginable.

>> No.62665366

>lol not you but your brother
Aunt and Uncle, great people, could have retired in their mid-50s but are amassing wealth to hold as trust funds and inherited properties for the sake of sustaining our family going forward. Things smart people do that actually continues a culture instead of wastes the future to hold on to today
I was never talking about the best way to handle a $60,000 car purchase.
I'm saying that a fool spends $60k on a car.

About three years ago I crunched numbers to figure out how much money someone needs to sustainably live off of investment worth after retiring. That figure came out to be about 4.5 million USD. I factored a great deal of things, including continuing collapse of the US dollar value, fluctuating markets. Cost of proper health care as someone ages. College debt and then credit debt are huge risks. The unfunded liabilities of welfare benefits and retirement pensions are fiscally insolvent. Key resources are going to get uncomfortably expensive in the next few decades unless we can begin to take alternate nuclear power and asteroid harvesting seriously. Among other things.

You can look at the hard numbers and say "Well just a couple million in the stock market nets a comfortable yearly take" but you're ignoring reality and the situations developed nations are going to face.

>> No.62665393

Yeah, this generation. Can't even make me a sammich. Gotta wait til they can do work.

>> No.62665788


>> No.62666224

>The bank is effectively paying him because the 60 grand they get five years later is going to be worth less than when he borrowed it.
But why?

>> No.62666299
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>They're very expensive, delicate even with skellington frames and require maintenance (pussy, skin and hair) after use.
>They also cannot hold certain positions for shit and if you force the issue you will break or tear something.
>Stowing them away or hiding them is also a bitch.

just like real women.

>> No.62666310
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>Maybe when they're capable of acting slightly human

> lies on the bed facing away
> won't reply when you talk
> won't respond when you try to hug
> cold and unfeeling

exactly like my ex gf.

>> No.62666325

just like atomic-powered jetpacks, hotels on the moon, food pills and flying cars were the future.

> looks up

nope. the future is rarely what you want.

>> No.62666341
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