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>mfw Threadripper supports ECC memory but Intel X299 Core i9 X Extreme does not

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It supports it but its disabled on the motherboards. ECC ram runs in non-ecc mode with ryzen.

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>7980XE costs almost as much as a 32c/64t EPYC with 128 lanes and 2TB RAM support

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Ryzen can detect and correct single-bit errors with unregistered ECC RAM on some boards.

However, OP didn't say Ryzen, OP said Threadripper. Threadripper has full, official ECC support and more PCIe lanes to support faster GPU compute interconnects. Threadripper's actual competitor therefore is the even more expensive Xeon W series, not Intel's i9.

Which is better for price/performance would depend on what you're doing (AMD own the midrange, Intel are still great on the bottom end and right at the top for workloads that demand single-threaded performance or if you're just flat out throwing money at it), but from what I've seen about i9-7980XE already - the review samples are handpicked golden samples that exceed their TDP and run hotter than they're supposed to (well over 200W if using AVX-512 on all cores), yet they've still got shitty thermal paste on a CPU that costs twice the most expensive Threadripper?

And, there seems to be a serious errata to do with caching because for some reason the review samples of the i9-7980XE have games running incredibly poorly for no obvious reason. Looks like Intel may have been trying to cheat the benchmarks.

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Ah, my bad.

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Too bad AMD doesn't do lockstep memory. I want to build a machine with lockstep memory, 10-mirrored SSD and MINIX 3 (NetBSD with MINIX microkernel) just to have as resilient a piece of hardware and software solution that it's possible to build without buying a mainframe.

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well, at least Intel support diversity. Soon all the misogynistic white trash will be banned from working in IT

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Omg, so much this!

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