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let's settle this once and for all

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What is the best for the application.
For display i usually prefer base 10

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>base 10 is winning

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It's 50-50 as of now.

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> do you prefer
The question is incorrect; what matters is how various tools display it.

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a thread died for this

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>tfw saw a thread where someone said this several days ago
>tfw someone replied to said post and said that this should be a new meme
>tfw you were probably that guy

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how did that link pop up there and how did I not see it?

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KB = 8192 bits thx, and gtfo with that "i" meme

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>a thread died for this
>new meme

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fuck uuu ahbababa

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That's a bobby dazzler!

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>tfw amerifats don't understand what "kilo" means

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I really don't care as long as it's consistent.

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>Mes bibites
"My di- dicks". What a ridiculous name

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