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psh, my router can do 5GHz. Hardly even impressive.

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Delidding is actually a superior practice since it leaves room for enthusiasts to use their own thermal compounds.

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Intel should start selling their own delid kits at this point.

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>delid your CPU for 4% gain
But wouldn't that break it?

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More intel smoke and bullshit

They'll ship cherrypicked samples for reviewers and then the actual customers struggle to reach 4.5ghz let alone 5ghz

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Is the 4790k worth delidding?

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I don't get it. We've had oscillators that can get well up into the microwave frequency range for decades now. Why don't we have clocks frequencies at 10, 20, 30, 50, 100+GHz by now? Tunnel diodes can do it, Gunn diodes can do it, heterojunction bipolar transistors can do it, high electron mobility transistors can do it, metal-semiconductor field effect transistors can do it. WHY THE FUCK AREN'T WE DOING IT?

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Shit gets hot man. Gonna need a river sized cooler.

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a microwave device does nothing but generate a frequency

in a CPU, a shitload of stuff happens between two egdes of the clock, which means that with e.g. a clock freq of 5GHz, millions of logic gates need to have their results ready in way less time than 1/5G seconds.

so it's far from the same thing

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-t. Brian

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It's true though, using liquid silver provides better performance than a soldered lid.

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It would be extremely expensive

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So make better logic gates then.

Deprecate CMOS and replace it with MESFET based technology. It's similar to a JFET except instead of using PN-junctions it used metal-semiconductor junctions like Schottky diodes.

I'm sure you could use HBT based logic as well which would be like supercharged TTL based logic.

Or you could even use tunnel diodes or gunn diodes themselves and bring back diode logic and diode-transistor logic (DTL).

tl;dr if CMOS is too slow then create a better logic family

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>Using liquid silver is better than Indium
Even if you were correct (you still aren't) that would be makin the procuts better for 0.000000000000000000000000000000001% of the userbase whislt screwing everyone else.

Go home Brian, you're drunk.

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How about using good thermal compound out of the box? Say for example indium solder.

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>Indium is more heat conductive than liquid silver

good meme

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I don't fancy replacing it every year.

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>he replaces thermal compound annually

p l a c e b o

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then you wouldn't be able to afford it

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>fucking up your cpu
>have to second guess if your fucked up cpu is the source of every single software glitch
>all this for a couple barely noticeable of autism hertz

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>spending money on a CPU that isn't soldered

Kekus maximus.

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>can't avoid spilling saliva all over your die because of autisticly obese

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You are wealthy guy.

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... for you.

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just fucking stop

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