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What does /g/ think about Microsoft's "Fluent" design?

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Need more curves

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Numale "design", everyone

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I don't care about the design at all. To me, that photo shows that wasted space is the new normal. But I guess we've reached an aged where tech isn't really moving forward, so why no just attempt art? Its boring.

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Finally something KDE-alike.

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Looks cool, but will probably be shit in actual release
Doesn't seem to waste more space than vista's webby ui

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this but it also looks like fucking shit
fucking gradients
i hope melinda gates dies horribly

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Dark file explorer fucking when guys?

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"Lets take material design, already the ugliest thing yet seen in computer interfaces, and see if we can make it even worse!"

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What is this? Win11?

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Holy fucking shit! How can I get those?

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Windows 10 is rolling release my dude.

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Is this just renamed Material?

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Looks fucking great imo, almost as good as macOS and iOS.

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They're concept designs, so they were photoshopped lad.

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That box-shadow is fucking hideous. Needs a flat design.

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stales memes? reddit has plenty

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This. I unironically thought OP was a riced KDE or XFCE for a second.

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i am 100% convinced that this "flat design" nonsense is literally just an excuse to not have to do as much design in the first place. no borders or edges means never having to worry about things not being the right size or in the right position

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>duarte fanboy mad even pajeets at microsoft can do better than the fags @ goog

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i like it

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This windows explorer is from windows 10 mobile

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oh no microsoft supports legacy systems and doesn't kill devs who don't update how dare they

not that anon but it can also be used with a registry hack on laptops/desktops, but definitely not the file explorer revamp everyone wants
still people are going to continue reposting the meme

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>live tile
Goddamn, I'm so glad I got rid of windows.

I had a windows phone before I got a laptop with windows 8 preinstalled. It felt like I got a bigger phone, I was so fucking pissed.

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All it is is unnecessary transparency effects. Hey, at least it looks "pretty" amirite
Microshit should've spent more resources on things that are actually useful like file explorer tabs and fixing the shitton of W10 bugs
>i hope melinda gates dies horribly
Blame it all on pic related

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I don't care for uwp applications and that explorer seems less functional than the current one

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That drop shadow needs dialing back massively, drop shadow should be subtle otherwise it oppresses the rest of the UI

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When will the flat touchscreen design meme die?

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Anyone thinks revamp windows explorer will be hard as fuck because legacy code (explorer.exe)?

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why is it even neccessary?

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I'd guess in about 3-5 years, but that doesn't mean the next trend will be better.

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M$ is going to build a new one from scratch. Too many people are reliant on the Win32 file explorer and they shouldn't be forced to use a UWP version.

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They will probably swap win32 for uwp on all system components soon or later

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download and install dolphin file explorer

(linux only)

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Well, thats one of the reasons they wanna UWP file explorer.
Explorer.exe is a cancerous clusterfuck that has tentacles into the UI, taskbar, IE, etc.
They got rid of the last, partially converted startmenu and taskbat, and are going for fileexplorer now.

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flat design works best for multiple devices and screen resolution due to vector elements

so yeah, shit is here to stay

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So will we be able to change how file explorer looks without using third party software?

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Where is my X button?

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material design v2 made by it's only micro when it's soft
it's literally nothing special

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>2017 Microsoft

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"works best" in the sense that "it's the lowest common denominator". It's incredibly shitty, but its the best you can do if having the same UI on every device is a requirement.

In other words, phones are shitting up everything else. Again.

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Just stay there.

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In other words flat design is a case of function over form

and you people are bitching about it

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It "functions" like shit on a desktop/laptop/anything else that doesn't have a touch screen

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it's not very functional, but its the best you can do on a phone. A desktop has many more functional, information-dense interfaces it can use that a phone can't (because it has more screen area and better input devices) but we get held back to the flat-design bullshit because the tech world has such a hard-on for phones. (MS's universal platform, Apple's iOS-ifying of everything, Canonical and "convergence"...)

Phones were a mistake.

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It's quite functional, you just want something to mindlessly bitch about

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flat design != minimalism

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It's only functional if you have a small screen and a finger as your only input device.

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Not an argument

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Can't wait for it to be implemented universally in Windows, they just need to make sure keyboard shortcuts are customizable

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>Apple releases awful "flat design" iOS 7
>Google follows up with bland "material" design
>Microsoft not to be outdone releases boring "fluent" design

Ahh!!! Bring back Luna!

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pure sex
childish garbage
wave 2 in 2018
actual finalized publically available fluent coming 2020

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Give me the classic design back. I don't give a fuck about futuristic design.

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steve's last request
>that ugly clash of modern gloss and flat beige
you really couldn't find an image of 95 or earlier?

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eh, no skin off my back. I'm firmly rooted in the classic Win32/Win64 ecosystem.

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i think i better bw able to opt out of this garbage that will be more demanding on my gpu

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>metric ton of wasted space
>lacking visual separation of contexts (separating unrelated stuff using different bg colors and such)
>one-off useless garbage custom-made font #9001
>faded text colors on non-disabled UI elements
at this point I think the linux ecosystem is actually even better

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that garbage is far from what material demands

just because every shithead gui designer calls their stuff Material doesn't mean it's proper Material

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>Everything I don't like is numale or reddit

I don't like MS shit either but can we stop with the Tumblrina buzzwords for everything?

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I don't give a fuck about mockups. remind me when they actually implement it

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Looks like something I'd see on Gnome.

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Is, there's actually NOTHING over the internet to make Explorer look anything close to that? Nothing at all?

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Oh man do I fantasize about standing face to face with the jackass who made this call...delivering a clean one right in the jaw...nothing makes me more angry than shit UI

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Made me laugh. Who makes these memes? I love them.

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I can't wait until some one will port it to GTK3.

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amd obviously

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aero was complete garbage you're right
>hey lets add all this gloss
>oh and by the way, it fucks with performance
>oh and also you can't turn it off unless you use basic/high contrast mode in which case everything looks different

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>>oh and by the way, it fucks with performance
It doesnt. Nice myth though.

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Not even internally consistent

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Not as good as this.

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Strange times we live in, that a 20 year old UI looks way better than this flat minimalist meme we have today.

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MS is good at wasting screen space

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>no windows 2000


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>tfw you get screen tearing when you don't use Aero

I just wanna use classic...

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It's OK to waste screen space. You don't need to fill every corner every second of the day. Unless you're some poorfag who got fucked and bought a shitty laptop with that 768 panel kek

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>768 panel
lmao there's no excuses when you can get a T420 with a 1600x900 screen for <200 bucks

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t. newfag
this board shouldn't have to cater to you.

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>"oh and by the way, it fucks with performance"
Even if it did fuck up the performance the change is minuscule compared to fluent design and UWP apps
>aero=gloss on title bars
>fluent=transparency in the entire window

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Looks like a lot of space is wasted.

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The change was actually pretty dramatic from XP.
Also it's not on the entire window. And fluent changes based on hardware without a dramatic shift in visual styles, you just won't get transparency for example.

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Microsoft did Metro before Google did Material though.

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"Material" is inherently garbage by virtue of it's banality. Also, the whole "acceptable color pallets" and "no putting faces on things"

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wait a second here

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that drop shadow makes no fucking sense

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it's just concepts

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blaming one fucking stooge fall guy isn't gonna do shit. I want abject tragedy.

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Let's be real. This is the best file manager.

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Is it Dolphin? How did you get the menubar compact like that?

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That's nautilus

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Windows 10, fluent design, etc. all started when Bill left the company and the pajeet was put in charge.

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