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Alright /g/ how'd I do?

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You did good.

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you wasted money on something that will lose its value within the next half year. you will feel pressured by the market to adjust your system and continue to fall for the consumer bait

you did shit

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Shit photo, you did a shit job

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learn to make proper pics ffs

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Almost, you almost did good.

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nice wall tho'

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the sad part here is that you willingly bought the objectively shittier just out of spite, knowing that the vast majority prefers nvidia.
the reality however is that no one cares what you bought, you got yourself a 600$ gpu just to "troll" some anons the internet...

dude, like think about what you did, srsly.

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protip: set the iso to 800 when taking pics with a phone. Better to have a noisy photo than a blurry one.

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not op but asrock is better then bio(no)star(t) in terms of ITX

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Actually the cheapest Nvidia 1070 which was a crap zotec mini costed the same amount as the Vega 56

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Ryzen is fine, Vega is trash.

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bullet doged m8

You should try UV'ing, turns put most of these fuckers are 200 mV too high. Let us know how it goes.

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0/10 bait

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56 or 64? You did good if you bought 56

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56 xfx

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Depends on how much you paid that vega56, anything above 450$ is not good.

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Depends on how much you payed for the v56, but all in all you did good.

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Can i have your quake champions promo code?

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What Ryzen did you get?

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You did a horrible job at taking that pic

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mein neger

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> 1700
> Vega 56
perfect build tbqh.

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Literally only game where VEGA has substantial advantage for what ever reason.

Not even shilling.

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If you paid <$450 for that v56, then pretty good

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fallout 4 used to run worse than nvidia on AMD. they must have focused on that game which works out well for me :)

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If you don't care about power consumption, noise and heat output, or higher fps

Bretty gud

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That's the liquid cooled variant running at 1,600 Mhz with no undervolting that competes with the 1080ti.

Actual air cooled vega 64 uses less than 295W on average

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Should have gotten nvidia card. Better drivers.

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You're so stupid. This is what brandwhoring looks like.

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>that competes with the 1080ti

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It does but again it must strain itself at 1.6 GHz and use like 400W.

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The air cooled vega 64 operates at 1200 MHz which is a whopping 25% slower.

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are you rich? in my country its like 5 average montly salaries

if you want to insult someone go to reddit fag

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Stop already, except for a few cherrypicked benchmarks, it's clearly much slower

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not bad anon. I hope you have ram sticks for those.

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Nope, Vega 64 locked at 1.6 GHz competes with the 1080ti. But in the end it consumes too much power and generates lots of heat/noise that even AIOs can barely handle. If I could afford a water cooled vega 64 I would downclock it to 1.2 GHz for silent operation, I don't mind 25% less FPS desu. It's not like I need 120 vs 90 FPS on my 60 Hz 1440p monitor anyway.

For this reason alone we will see the vega 64 compete with the 1080 in most games.

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You fell for the consumerism meme

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>Mildewy cardboard is better than rancid feces
Well you're not wrong, but I'd probably rather something else entirely.

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This is the one situation where ASRock is the best call.

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Not really

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When AMD fixes the drivers it should compete with the 1080ti. At the moment it doesn't.

Your choice of ITX Boards for Ryzen is pretty limited.

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Oh for ITX... yeah you're right then

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Should've waited for ANUS ITX mobos, these are coming in October afaik.

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Next month (or perhaps the month after knowing AMD) should be pretty interesting once the full fat drivers get released. Primitive Shaders could make a Vega shine. But I won't bet the farm on it just yet. If not then the turd will not be polished so to speak.

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The most interesting GPU uarch since G80.
It's several times worth of geometry throughout for everything including tesselation.
Honestly the change is long overdue for GCN.

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I wonder if they are delaying drivers trying to implement deferred vertex attribute computation or they are simply incompetent.

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More like they are waiting to see what leather jacket man announces.


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>another ML keynote
But why?
They talked CUDA9 and V100 on HotChips.
This is getting "last three IDFs" levels of silly.

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1070Ti perhaps? I highly doubt it is Volta.

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>basically a 1080
Totally a nice idea to do that before AMD launches their own detonator drivers along with fucking AiB models for Vega (you do understand that AiB models are delayed for a reason, don't you?).
Still would be nice to have a better 1070 for a slighly better price.

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Good CPU, Bad GPU, Bad MOtherboard

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Even in its current state it's good as long as you can get it as MSRP.

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They should name Vega11 SKUs Vega36 and Vega32.

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