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Whats the deal with /g/ just hating iPhones because they're the superior tech? there's nothing wrong with not being able to afford a good phone, aslong as you've got a roof over your head and food on your table there's nothing to be mad about.

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What is up with you and being so dedicated at spamming this everyday
Don't bump this

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if you`re talking about software i agree,
but superior tech all-in-one samsung wins

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What's frustrating is that you see how Apple deliberately leaves things out for the next generation devices

for example that freesync knockoff 120hz display from the iPad Pro, you don't get that shit on the iPhone X

3GBs of RAM, just because otherwise the thing wouldn't be obsolete fast enough

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/g/ needs more mods, seeing as OP still isn't banned.

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>freesync knockoff 120hz display
>freesync knockoff

freesync is part of the DP standard now

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yeah I know but I found it an easy way of expressing what I was talking about

instead off explaining about it having an adaptive refresh rate technology or whatever

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my guess is they are waiting for a more powerful GPU that fits the power envelope of the iPhone before they move over to 120 hz

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The 6s was the last "good" iPhone, 7 brought some minor improvements (no audio jack tho lul) but the 8 is a fucking joke.
The X feels like good ideas bad done or something, finally OLED but with that shit notch, faceID shit etc

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iOS is for white people
Android is for pajeets and latinos

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s a g e

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/g/ loves the SE last I checked

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/g/ needs to be nuked from orbit, or be renamed to /techmemes/

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More poorfag salt

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