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He destroyed the Radeon with the fucking HBMeme.

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he literally said that he has a shit load of personal issues to work with and he is taking a long vacation
he even gave the dates

random /g/ anon

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>he literally said that he has a shit load of personal issues to work with
>finally learning how to poo in the loo

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Oh look, another pass for Raja from AMD marketers when Navi inevitably disappoints us all.

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That's literally what everyone says when being put on a forced sabbatical.

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Funny, I thought it was his miserable failure of an architecture that was the destruction of Radeon.

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This too.
>bbut Raja wasn't there most of 2017 so Navi isn't really his arch, it's the one after that, you have to just

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It's a codeword

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Ride on moth𝖊rfvck𝖊r

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yes he's going to be initiated by the illuminati

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They made him say that. Telling the world that they fired him would be like admitting Vega was a failure and they have nothing for Navi

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You don't know shit. It is the vega architure that failed utterly, the HBM is actually good yet pricey.

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Navi will be first GPU designed under his lead in a long time.
He had impact on GCN drivers though.

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They can't get away with it after they explicitly said navi is the first Raja's architecture unlike vega.

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TIL: Raja does, too, take vacations.

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OMG the guy's name is actually Raja I thought all this time you idiots were being recist

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>This perhaps could signal a change in management with Raja focusing more on the hardware side of the business while sharing the burden of the day to day operations with someone else. Our only hope is that Raja’s time off will only

If anything he will make hardware even shittier

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Good time for him to take time off, since actually implementing all the remaining disabled Vega uarch features is all driver monkey software work at this point.

Oh and by the way, the lack of enough driver devs to get the software working by the time RX Vega launched isn't his fault either. That would be a corporate strategic decision to bet the farm on Zen. RX Vega launched with the drivers 3-6 months from being feature complete, which is totally ludicrous, but the decision was made to appease shareholders.

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Vega is a failure in the sense that it was launched with the drivers literally half finished and not even uarch feature complete. At least wait until they actually get primitive shaders implemented in the drivers to judge how much of a failure Vega10 is or is not, as without that feature Vega10 is totally front end bottlenecked by remaining limited to 4 triangles per clock.

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Sorry, faggot he designed an architecture that required all new drivers, implementing hardware that he knew his development team wouldn't be able to deliver.

If I built a car that required special formulated gas with expensive customized tires to handle the inertia and rotational velocity to propel this space ship of a car I don't get to be mad at the oil magnates for not developing my fuel. Or the tire industry for not bothering to develop tires for my special snowflake car.

He was given free reign over RTG. He did it his way and we have Vega to show for his efforts.

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He is brilliant. He just needs to be reigned in to reality.

If/When he returns it will be with someone who knows what the fuck they are doing in control.

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Gee, when RTG has to work with limited resources because AMD bet the farm on Zen, do you think it's cheaper to develop a completely new hardware architecture, or to revise the existing one and implement software solutions to the previous bottlenecks and drawbacks in that architecture?

The design choices in Vega are perfectly logical. The real question is whether primitive shaders will actually achieve anything like the benefits claimed in the whitepaper, and how long until they actually hit the public drivers. Until they do, all of the other potential improvements in Vega vs. Fiji are essentially totally obscured behind that front end bottleneck.

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That makes you racist.

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POOinLOO Pajeet.

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if vega were able to fight the 1080ti on launch then the wait for vega meme wouldn't be a meme and we'd have a contender, but raja koduri had to focus on some retarded shit instead
the pajeet meme is some reddit shit but good fucking riddance, koduri deserves what he gets

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Poo in the GPU.

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Vega is a mess Raja

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Mama Su gonna make Radeon great again

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It is speculated that primitive shaders might come at a cost as they offload geometry processing to the NCUs. On shader heavy games, performance might get worse.

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>Release a year after Nvidia
>Costs much more to make than Nvidia because of HBM so you barely make a profit
>Twice the power consumption
It's a failure.

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The CUs already do everything except input assembly, surface shading, tessellation, and geometry assembly. Primitive shaders replaces existing steps that already take place on the CUs with other customized steps taking place on the CUs. I see no reason to assume the burden on the CUs would increase significantly compare to the conventional geometry pipeline.

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Does posting this still fill you with joy after all these months?

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But HBM2

>> No.62409756

It's half finished. You can't even evaluate perf watt while it's still so front end bottlenecked that Vega 56 is 100% as fast as Vega 64 at the same clocks.

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I always memed about AMD failing but now that it's actually happening it's a bit sad.

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>Release product a year late and it's still "half finished"
That's a failure in and of itself.

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You guys are idiots

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>mommy in charge of RTG
Shieet, she will chop heads off

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AMD bet the farm on Zen. Leaves not enough money to hire enough driver monkeys to get the pro and gaming drivers done in a timely fashion.

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Yeah man, all vega cards being sold out is definitely a sign of imminent bankruptcy.

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Yeah man, all vega cards being sold out is definitely a sign of imminent bankruptcy.

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One retard from hardOCP that forgot that most of the geometry pipeline is already not using FF unit being retard is not speculation.

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Whoa there, a company that makes hardware for all the relevant consoles is making really complicated software-defined hardware!

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That's limited resources.
No one complained about nVidia canning GT300 and remaking GF100 for graphics.

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>cherrypicks a game

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The day Vega has good drivers Volta will already be out and AMD far behind again.

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That's an outliner.
Wow bigger dies!
It's not like AMD can't launch bigger dies or slash the prices if they want to.

>> No.62410505

What Volta will do is not the point. GPUs have to improve every year and with AMD you always get last year's performance. How is that in any way justified?
Nvidia will have grounds to push prices as far as they want until AMD does a good launch, be it micro-architecture, drivers or both.

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>start job at a real tech company
>the entire IT branch is indian
>5 minutes into my first day
>"Hey Ranjit, can you come over here and set up anons computer"
I had to try so hard to not laugh when he actually smelled like curry

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>one game from one source

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Fuck off

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>it's half-finished
that's why it's a failure

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oh wow

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fuck yeah dude
lisa su best ceo

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AMD not giving a fuck about consumer side of things does not make Vega a failure.
>Nvidia will have grounds to push prices as far as they want until AMD does a good launch, be it micro-architecture, drivers or both.
Faggots should have bought Radeon when it kicked ass.
You can do only so much with limited money & manpower.

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>AMD not giving a fuck about consumer side of things does not make Vega a failure.
yes it does.

>> No.62410692

No it doesn't.
They would prioritize consumer stuff first if people actually bought Radeon when it kicked ass.
That was not the case, hence why they are venturing in less volatile markets.

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>it's shit on purpose

>> No.62410724

We have mods?

>> No.62410736

It's shit because the resources were dedicated to Radeon Pro and not consumer stuff.
You can buy WX9100 or SSG soon and evaluate their performance relative to competition.

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It's not shit, it's half finished. When they actually finally implement all the core uarch features it should be pretty damn good.

>> No.62410773

half finished = shit
finished = not shit

>> No.62410796

You can buy WX9100/SSG soon and evalutate their performance relative to the competition.
This will be "finished" and "non shit" according to (You).

>> No.62410808

sure it probably will be. but vega 64 is still shit until it's finished

>> No.62410820

Okay, then it's temporarily shit, rather than intrinsically shit.

>> No.62410828

exactly. it's shit.

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>day 1 graphs

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Reminder that an undervolted and overclocked Vega 56 competes with a 1080 FE and totally dumpsters the 1070.

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butt blasted

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Vega was a flop, that poo poo needs to go

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>implying vega is not 1.5 years late
Yeah, wait (tm)

>implying you can't oc 1070
>implying you can't oc 1080

>> No.62411699

10 series don't really OC well, unlike 9 series

>> No.62411725

On purpose probably. Nvidia didn't like people getting 30% free performance out of their cards.

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>An overclocked 1070 can catch a 1080 FE

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Now post the 699 Vega 64.

>> No.62411822

With this power draw, the size of the chip (big like the GP102 Titan X) but with the 1080 performance, Vega is DOA

>> No.62411844

A OC 1070 match with Vega 56, a Vega 64 is not even close than 1080

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But I never say that Raja...

>> No.62411879

>Believing wccftech is a reliable source

>> No.62411898

This shit is official

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So my race failed again...shame.

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>muh uv
Now show me a overclocked 1080

>> No.62412062

>1080 perf level
>not fail


>> No.62412069

>look at my overclocked/undervolted benchmarks of the cards with the best silicon that AMD sent to reviewers.
>comparing it to stock clock founders edition 1080.
>on the game that amd cards do the best.

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I'll build an 8700k 1070Ti rig I think.

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No one is claiming that Vega 56 is faster and than OC'd 1080, only that it matches a 1080 FE and dumpsters the 1070 in totality

>> No.62412326

How come the benchmarks are better with AA on?

>> No.62412327

>AMD cards do the best

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pls don't fire me

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>amdrones are so retarded that they still defend pajeet after even the amd ceo had enough of him
absolutely hilarious

>> No.62412962

Aaaand there goes any selling point for the 56

>> No.62413083

Only if RTG fails to prepare drivers for impending Pascal Refresh.

>> No.62413122

Which is guaranteed they won't with the small driver team they have

>> No.62413126 [DELETED] 

3x GTX 970 performance at the same price point. I have no reason to upgrade yet.

>> No.62413154

It's already working in their internal branches.
The rest is a question of rigorous testing.

>> No.62413168

Is it just me, or is the AMD "no drivers" meme not really a meme at all?

>> No.62413196

you honestly think they have magical drivers sitting around that will make it competitive with pascal refresh?

>> No.62413226

No, it's the changes that Vega brings are too massive for RTG driver team to handle for both driver stacks at once.
They've chosen to finish Pro ones first.
Given that nVidia did that ages ago, yes, why not?
It's about enabling the basic uarch feature of Vega and not some kind of black magick optimizations.

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Yes. 17.320 is an internal testing branch of the drivers that has primitive shaders enabled which massively improves Vega's geometry performance and alleviates it's front end bottleneck. It's all explained in the white paper anon. You HAVE read the white papers haven't you?

>> No.62413257

>reading the whitepaper
It's the same board that shitposted relentlessly about 3.5 when it got public yet Maxwell's memory architecture was known since launch.

>> No.62413290

I'll believe it when its released.

>> No.62413297

>changes that Vega brings
Vega brings almost nothing, did you actually read the doc?

There's barely anything different and they had months (vega fe) to make good drivers for launch.

>> No.62413320

>Vega brings almost nothing
>generalization of non-compute shader is nothing
What the fuck are you smoking?

>> No.62413332

>10 series don't really OC well
Yes they do its built into the drivers.

>> No.62413337

Yes, it's nothing.

The only major change in vega is the 16 bit lower precision stuff.

>> No.62413361

>Yes, it's nothing.

>> No.62413395

vega has been released for months and the AMDrones are STILL in fucking denial.

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What's the source by the way?

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>> No.62413449

forced sabbatical, momma Lisa is gonna fire some of his buddies while he's gone.

>> No.62413460

AMD themselves.

>> No.62413474

white papers aren't fact they are theoretical and probably won't pan out.

>> No.62413491

The whitepaper contains data retrieved from testing on internal driver branches.
There's nothing "theoretical" about that.

>> No.62413544

the drivers theoretically work well and theoretically will be released in a timely manner

>> No.62413552

Pro ones?

>> No.62413555

No need to, Vega did it for him.

>> No.62413681

oh POO!

another SHITTY development in Radeon

>> No.62413714


>> No.62413835


>> No.62413876

>poor volta
lmaoing at ur life, shill
t. ryzen owner

>> No.62413888


>> No.62413894

>wait until
here we go again

>> No.62413922

You can buy WX9100/SSG really soon and enjoy your CAD performance.

>> No.62413936

Anyone who actually thinks Raja is getting fired is dumber than dirt.

>> No.62413940

>It's not like AMD can't launch bigger dies
they can't afford it

>> No.62413952

They can if the market demand is there.

>> No.62413964

there's already little profit to be had for AIB partners and AMD are making fuck all on consumer Vega why would they go for even less yields than they already have

>> No.62413997

>They can if the market demand is there.
It all depends on the AMD fixing Vega.
As is Vega is shit.

>> No.62414004



Yeap. This is all corprate code word for Raja AT LEAST being demoted from managing all of RTG to just being the Architecture guy. Lisa is going to come in and clean house while he's gone. They might even fire him after all is said and done if they find the right person to manage RTG.
AMD has some cash flowing now so hopefully they can hire some good, new people to replace the Pajeets Raja invariably hired. Maybe like getting more people on the god dam driver team.

>> No.62414005

Vega will remain shit

>> No.62414022

According to?
>firing one of the OG ArtX dudes left in the industry

>> No.62414044

You can find the archive for my post in 5 years time and correct me if Vega ever becomes non-shit but your shitty speculation isn't convincing anyone at the moment. As it is Vega is garbage and you pulling marketing slides out of your ass to back up your pointless speculation is just more embarrassing for you.

>> No.62414058

>pulling marketing slides
>official whitepaper on Vega10
>marketing slides

>> No.62414068

>j-just wait!

>> No.62414072


Even if it's there AMD is in no position too financially. They're still in debt and need to pay upfront for RnD, inventory, and marketing. Right now a lot of cash was/is going to the CPU division in preperation for Raven Ridge, servers, and most importantly Zen 2.

>> No.62414090

>*shitposts loudly*
They're actively throwing money at Instinct and Pro though.

>> No.62414096

>in preperation for Raven Ridge, servers, and most importantly Zen 2.
ie good products that will actually make them profits

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File: 36 KB, 600x662, Bioshock.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Vega has quite some potential with the right drivers when they are optimized for the game.

>> No.62414290

>tfw have no fanboy allegiance like everyone thinks
>just talk shit about Vega because the launch was a joke but secretly hope deep down that it's good by Christmas and I can get a Sapphire card for $400 because mining died because POS

>> No.62414307

I though PoS for ETH was moved forward.

>> No.62414308

yeah but tech youtubers bought AMD stock so they're definitely back on the up

>> No.62414337

I assume everyone does this.

>> No.62414374

>r9 fury
>2 year old gpu
>vega 64 only 16% better

Vega confirmed for pure trash.

>> No.62414401

Fury better than 1080. Get out Nvidia shill.

>> No.62414405

>r9 fury
>2 year old gpu
>1080ti only 11% better
Pascal is confirmed for pure trash.

>> No.62414413
File: 242 KB, 750x1000, MV5BMTAxODQ2NDEwOTZeQTJeQWpwZ15BbWU4MDk5MDM3NjIy._V1_SY1000_SX750_AL_[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.62414428


>> No.62414453

>AMD only wins when you compare them on linux where nvidia drivers suck.
AMD shills need to gtfo.

>> No.62414461

I though nVidia was the king of drivers period?

>> No.62414474

>literally cannot keep retailers stocked fast enough before they sell out
but muh miners!

Nobody wants Vega for mining though

>> No.62414480

B-but Nveeda drivers are k-king on any platform.

>> No.62414516




>> No.62414617

AMD RX Vega 56 owner here. Even I am not that gullible.

Average is 244 FPS on 4K Ultra for that game.


>> No.62414635

Sorry I missed the SLI part of the vid so take about two thirds from that average for a single 1080Ti.

>> No.62414651


>> No.62414682


>> No.62414756

I'll do the math for you. It works out to be around 160 fps average for a single 1080 Ti.

>> No.62414775

and that's on ultra not medium settings. Linux fags can fuck right off.

>> No.62417228

Based Codemasters always release properly optimized games.

>> No.62417482

>Raja had nothing to do with Polaris wait for Vega
>Raja had nothing to do with Vega wait for Navi
>Raja had nothing to do with Navi wait for X

>> No.62417608
File: 530 KB, 2344x1416, crossfire-blacked.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>has a shit load of personal issues to work with
I suppose late toilet training is better than no toilet training at all.

>> No.62417609

Pajeet my son you have to choose: AMD or Nvidia.

>> No.62417668

where do the people saying these things even come from?

I bought into raja being the big guy for vega, and now that vega's a flop suddenly an assload of people are saying he had nothing to do with it

just wtf

>> No.62417685

>pajeets still posting dirt 4 and that arabian site golden sample
amdrones are reaching nintendrone levels of delusion and cuckoldry

>> No.62417701

amdfags love to revision history and outright lie

>> No.62419087
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>check comments
>all the buttblasted amdtards

>> No.62419115

see >>62409819

>> No.62419402

>dirt 4

>> No.62419570

see >>62419115

Look this thread is probably dead anyways. Let's just keep larping and see who gets the most (You)s.

>> No.62420123

Wasn't running RTG the only way AMD could keep Raja? And he just whines and cries about how no engineers want to work for AMD.

>> No.62420402

They gave him full reign and he fucked up despite what amdrones on the internet tell you.

>> No.62420785

>W A I T ©
>™ ®

>> No.62420894

Okay, buy any Vega FE and run some CAD benches like THG did.
No waiting!

>> No.62421019

Which company?

>> No.62421081

naw he was sandbagging bro


>> No.62421097
File: 811 KB, 857x521, DesignatedEmpire.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's all so tiresome...

>> No.62421171
File: 84 KB, 1057x700, PicsArt_09-13-11.13.46.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.62421176
File: 971 KB, 484x682, Inturd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.62421187

>d-don't talk about pajeet
>l-look at intel
like clockwork

>> No.62421204

But Intel is the H1B company.

>> No.62422280
File: 28 KB, 924x193, POO.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.62422287

underrated lol

>> No.62422304

>implying you can't oc fury 56

>> No.62422321

Wow. My dad used to tell me stories about how they tried to replace Americans at his company with Indians. He'd talk about the terrible food they ate that looked like literal shit and have to pretend to like it.

>> No.62422647

I choose whichever offers value for money. Right now I have Freesync so Vega was my better option. I got it at the lowest price so it is not an issue for me. If Nvidia did a better deal and wasn't so fucking tied to G-Sync I would have gone with them even with their shitty botnet and Gimpworks..

>> No.62422655


>> No.62422659

that sounds like PR shit

>> No.62423088

of course they won't say he's fired because the stock will take a nose dive

>> No.62423131

the 56 on newegg for 550 is tempting because I sort of want those games anyways.

>> No.62423206

its not that amd doesn't have a driver team, they have a fairly good one, the issue is how massive a fucking rewrite they need to do with the only way to get anything done is to already have final designs.

farcry 5 will be the first game I know of releasing that will take advantage of vega's massive half precision, this will be the game that either shows that they went the right direction or the game that shows the poo needs to get flushed, by then if the driver team is STILL trying to un fuck shit, then we will know whats what.

>> No.62423269

you really dont understand anything eh..
vega is on renderfarms that they will start shipping to hollywood companies
vega is on ssg which we all know how good is
vega is on the new firepros which again we got a pretty good idea how vega fe shits on p6000 on workstation
vega is also on epyc farms
vega is not complete on games only

if you think that they are throwing raja out because vega is a failure i have bad news for you

>> No.62423294

with amd you got today's performance, remember up till the 900 from nvidia, amd was the performance king. but all those years of no one buying amd hardware kind of shifts your priorities.

>> No.62423322

and what he gave with a completely fucked card was a 1080, and when its un fucked you have a VERY wide window for where its performance will fall.

>> No.62423329

I choose amd till I can no longer wait for something good.

Came through with my on a cpu, and with gpu i have till volta launches and nvidia fucks me.

>> No.62423460

t. amd marketing
nice try

>> No.62423493

Less poo, more lisa su

>> No.62423505
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STOP THIS AMD! the fucking 2080 is going to be $900 fucking dollars at this rate!!!!!!!

>> No.62423514

At least Quadros might get cheaper.

>> No.62423518

> might get cheaper

>> No.62423523

do you actually play this game? i'd assume no.

nvidia just werks with the popular games. it's miles ahead of amd in games like gta 5 or pubg, which can't be called out as cherrypicking as they're actually the games millions and millions of people play every day compared to dirt 4 which has sold like 10 copies ever

>> No.62423538

>NVIDIA is better at UE4 shit
No fucking way.
Depends on how well WX9100 does in the market.

>> No.62423551

what is @UV? ultra voltage?

>> No.62423559


>> No.62423560

>gta 5


>> No.62423574

It's an nVidia game either way.

>> No.62423606

no it isn't. it was vendor neutral. the only nvidia related option which could possibly have an impact on amd gpu is the nvidia pcss, but there is also amd's own chs shadows there which makes it a moot point. there is no hairworks or any of that. its optimized so well that even last gen gtx 950s could run it at 1080p 60 fps with normal settings. amd's drivers for gta 5 has just been shit and they haven't fixed many of the crashing issues on amd gpu.

>> No.62423848

Okay then it's fake

>> No.62423879
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>> No.62423899

Marketing trash for investors

>> No.62423905
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>> No.62423930

Yeah fuck off stupid bateposter

>> No.62423937
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>> No.62424252


>> No.62424347
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Pretty much this.

>> No.62424463

Time to flush all the poo, Dr. Lisa Su.

>> No.62424723

>nothing for Navi
They just need to remake polaris on the 7nm node which solves the clock speed and efficiency issues, slap hbm on it and it would perform on par with Vega without the issues. Put two of them on a card with IF for the mid range and 4 for the high range. Bam.

>> No.62424925


No it is not you idiots. Vega works well as prosumer/professional-tier product and it is a stepping stone for Navi. AMD is going after iGPU market in the long game.

The high-end GPU gaming market always meant jack shit. It is the normies and nu-gaymers in the mid-range and low-end market that make up the bulk of the discrete card sales.

Nvidia is making its killer revenue through 1070 and 1060s selling like hotcakes with massive profit margins (because they are cheap as fuck to make: small die, massive yields and slower but cheap GDDR5 chips). 1080 and 1080Ti barely make anything by comparison. Nvidia gets more revenue from its prosumer/professional customers products then high-end gaming.

The real issue why /v/tards are so butthurt is because "Vega" didn't crush "Pascal" and forced Nvidia to do price cuts on their high-end line-up. The inflation from crypto-currency craze just infuriates them even further. They cannot afford "high-end" gayming shit from either camp. They cannot to play their upscaled versions of shitty console ports on their "PC Master Race" (MAH 4K GAYMING!).

Nvidia doesn't give a shit about high-end PC gayming either. They have been trying move away from it since Fermi. They know discrete GPU gayming market days are numbered because iGPU are becoming "good enough" for the normies and "nu-gaymers". AMD RTG's long-term goal is are making their iGPUs/APUs good enough for normies. The reason to get a discrete card vanishes for the masses so does that massive revenue they yield.

>> No.62425133

Nvidia have +90% of dedicated gpu on laptops. Everybody use Quadro and Tesla because CUDA.

>> No.62425214

Nobody uses cuda in the big industries because the 12gb memory is enough for jack shit. Which is why render farms welcome SSG.

>> No.62425774

The SSG is a fucking SSD. It is a new shit so how "Nobody uses cuda in the big industries because the 12gb memory is enough for jack shit"?

>> No.62426982

Because shills gonna shill.

CUDA is the reason for Nvidia dominance in the pro-space, anyone who says otherwise, never had to use OpenCL.

>> No.62427122

That's why ROCm exists ya doofus.
CUDAs dominance exists because AMD did jack shit about ecosystem.
Well they are doing it now.

>> No.62428453





ROCm competing with CUDA... good god. No one is even using it. It's had abysmal adoption rates for as long as it's been out. If people really were disatisfied with CUDA they would have switched immediately.

>> No.62428584

Nvidia owners are fucking OBSESSED with AMD eh? Thanks for letting Raj live rent free in your heads year round little ones :^)

>> No.62428595

opencl>cuda crap
look into your heart you know it to be true

>> No.62429327

Nigger, I just showed you one of two links that shows AMD getting it's shit kicked in with OpenCL.

>> No.62429354

>inb4 gamersnexus

>> No.62429371

can't you people stay on /v/?

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