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>JewFail i7 8700K is just measly 100 points higher than RyZen 1600 (non-X) in CineBench

>RyZen is 3.2GHz on stock
>Inturd i7 8700K is 3.7GHz with dry horse cum under the lid

>This TRASH will retail for 380$ minimum
>Meanwhile, non-X RyZen 1600 is roughly 215$

Y AREN'T U BUYING IT, /G/OY!? YYYYY~!!!!!111??

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>oops my ddr4 ram can't run at its rated speed
>oops segfault

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Not an argument.

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Are you one of those uneducated retards? Again?

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>My DDR4 RAM can't run at it's rated speeds
Was fixed already.
Was fixed already.

But nice try anyway. At least you've tried.

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So this >>62377598 is an """""(((argument)))""""" then, huh?

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Oy vey, goy.

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Say HIS name.
Say it LOUD and CLEAR.

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>AMD's segfault problems were already completely solved
>Meanwhile Intel has system-crashing segfaults with Skylake and Kaby Lake even today
Holy shit, how Intel's brainless shills will ever be able to recover from this (protip: they can't. They've been completely and absolutely BTFO'd)?

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Goyim, I...

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I'm not Goyim you clutz, now GET BACK TO WORK, or we'll replace you with Debora Shoquist already.

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"Work? What is that?"

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"RyZen has segfault"-kiddies are eternally BTFO

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Acktually Jensen is competent (well besides occasionally going full retard trying to make the biggest GPU possible).

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Nice try, but no cigar

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>Pretending he's not a /g/oymer

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t. Raja Koduri

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t. pajeet

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dat single core speed

why can't ryzen OC one single core like that?

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Try harder (unless you're saying it sarcastically, that is).

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>we fixed it (probably) but we won't tell you if you are affected
>the only way to find out is for you to actually trigger to bug with steps which aren't reliable
>you may lose data in the process, so better don't try it
>even if you can reproduce, we will not make it easy for you to initiate a RMA-procedure, instead we are going to ask for totally irrelevant data first
poo-in-loo-tier customer service

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>we fixed it but we won't tell you if you are affected
Are you a retard? They LITERALLY say how to spot a processor from the batch which had the issue, and how to differentiate between the "fixed" and "problematic" batches, WHILE they provide FREE RMA for the fixed ones. You are a goddamn dumbass. I seriously don't even know what the fuck I'm responding to such utter imbecile as you.

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no, they didn't.

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you first, lying scumbag

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>replying to Brian

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>*autistic screeching*

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amd-shills still lying, it's sad.

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>week 25 and anything before week 25 is affected
>week 30 and further are fully fixed
>week production number is on the CPU
>no they didn't
This is what we have to deal here with, folks. Literal inept imbecility, IQ less than/equal to 21 points.

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all this info is made up shit by amd-fans.
it is nowhere to be found in official AMD-documentation or RMA-pages.
get fucked.

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I paid $330 NZD for a shitty 4c/4t last year. I hope Intel kikes rot in hell.

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You were just BTFO, deal with it.

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With lies? I don't think so.

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>It's over Avi...it's...it's all over

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>AMD fans

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Where is the official press release?

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Ryan "The Everlasting Jew Defender" Shrout already got buttblasted so goddamn massively hard by 8700's mindbogglingly underwhelming performance that he started attacking literally EVERYONE and saying that those CineBench nubmers are "wrong" and "fake". You can't become more buttmad than that, folks. Especially because we all know how heavy of Intel-bribed-and-not-even-hiding-it shilling sheeps PcPer are (much worse than even Tom's and TPU combined altogether. The only other "source" that's even worse than PcPer in this regard, is the cocksucking lamer moron Jayz).

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>This one simple microcode patch makes Intel shills cry

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it's the same with ishit users

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you talk like a moron

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>he attacks anyone who's not a natively English language-speaking person

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I didn't say it because you were non-english
I said it because you talk like a moron

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>hobby OS has problems with hardware
stop the presses!

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>A moron tries to call someone else a moron
Oh the irony

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I hope Nvidia gets BTFO like this at one point.

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choke on a nigger's cock faggot

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Confirmed for being a moron.

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AMD won this generation. See you in 2020.

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Make that 2022 at the very least, because no one's going to cancel Zen APUs, Zen 2, and Zen 3. And don't forget the STARSHIP™ which will come bundled together with the fully completed version of STAR CITIZEN™. And what's even MORE funny is that STARSHIP™ is not even Zen's final form.

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>and saying that those CineBench nubmers are "wrong" and "fake"
Well to be fair you could just wait a bit for more credible benchmarks to pop up. It won't release for another month so it's completely irrelevant what some leak says right now, not that I believe it's wrong.

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Even though there's a DIRECT FUCKING VIDEO PROOF OF CINEBENCH RUNNING? Fuck OFF, Ryan. And don't you dare to give me any of that BULLSHIT on "steppings" and other shit. So it's absolutely fine when JewFail does it ON A MATURED PROCESS AND PLATFORM, but it's absolutely unacceptable then COMPLETELY NEW MADE-FROM-SCRATCH IP that is RyZen has some minor launch quirks and irons out all problems with time? FUCK OFF, YOU JEW CUM-DRIZZING SHITSTAIN. PcPer sucks ASS.

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That's a nice rant my friend but maybe you should've read my post properly.

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Hol up, how do I find out if my 1600 has the segfault? Do I have to take it out and take off the HSF or is there a way that doesn't involve reapplying thermal paste?

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>When Indians are so desperate that they spam same thread every 15 minutes pretending muh synthetic benchmarks matter.

All I care about, and all that most people care about, is gaming performance. 25% ahead of 7700k and 50% ahead of Ryzen sounds sweet.

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Install gentoo and run https://github.com/suaefar/ryzen-test

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>25% ahead of 7700k and 50% ahead of Ryzen sounds sweet.
Nice meme.

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>Cinebench doesn't matter.

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Jesus Christ calm your tiddies

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Not for my purposes.
The 7700K gets trashed in Cinebench, and yet it dominates gaming. Would you like me to show benches where the R7 gets shat on by Intel chips years old?
You know all of this already. It's just shameless shilling on your part.

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>Youtube Benches
>No source
>Actual websites with actual testing methodology and the credibility to lose show the 7700K doing better in a plurality of games
It's interesting AMD fans are still clinging to individual screenshots when the rest of the Internet disagrees. Even as more recent tests are done as the Ryzen arch has been better optimized for, it still is generally behind, and it's not that close.
I can't imagine the mental world one would have to inhabit to actually have these cherrypicked images available, ready to deploy in the event of AMD heresy.

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>how do I find out if my 1600 has the segfault?
Do you have the box? Usually the serial number is printed on there too.

>> No.62380986

Just count the weeks which have passed since official release. If it's from 5-th to 25-th - you have a problematic one. If it's 30-th week or later - you're fine. Either way, even if you do have a segfaulty older batch one, you can easily RMA it and get a fixed one for free by contacting AMD.

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>I can't Google "Ryzen 3600mhz ram" or "Ryzen 3200mhz ram" spoonfeed me!

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>The 7700K
>dominates gaming
Sh-sh-shhh, do-d-d-don't...d-d-dd-do-don't tell-l the go-go-goyims a-a-aa-aa-a-a-about th-the st-st-stt-st-t-stutt-stutters a-a-and 100% l-l-load a-all t-th-the t-t-time.

>> No.62381074

And yet, it's still behind. Even with recent tests on 3200 RAM.
It's telling that even in the specifically cherrypicked, best case scenario you posted an image of, the 7700K still bests the R7 in a majority of tests.
That there's still a corner of the internet where fanboys still haven't accepted this as a truism is... well I guess not surprising.

I've not seen stutter replicated in any review. If you could show it in testing, much obliged.
The 7700K tends to have higher minimums, from what I've seen recently.

>> No.62381123

Here's one such review.
The Ryzen chip is running at 3200 RAM.
Both average framerate and 0.1% lows are lower than the 7700K.

>> No.62381132

>25% ahead of 7700k and 50% ahead of Ryzen sounds sweet
And then you woke up, shill.

>> No.62381148

>I've not seen stutter replicated in any review. If you could show it in testing
Get fucked, 7700cuck.

If you're too spastic to watch entire video, here's highlights: Intel stutters like fuck in 8 games out of 10, while being loaded on all cores & threads 100% of time with no breathing window at all, while RyZen goes SUPER-smooth and usually has a 5~8% breathing window left (usually loaded to 92~95% on all cores & threads).

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This was probably running at it's base clock of 3.7 GHz. For some reason, it didn't try to all-core turbo at all, even though it did turbo on one core. Possibly power saving mode was enabled, or something was changed in the BIOS. I'd expect 1355 cinebench points at 4 GHz.

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>He sincerely and absolutely unironically believes/thinks that higher FPS counter is what really matters and not much smoother lagless/stutterless playing experience

>> No.62381224

A known bug in a single game. This was reproduced by GN and is game-specific.
It has nothing to do with CPU horsepower, and is a limitation in the engine. If you put a higher frequency chip in, it can actually perform worse than a lower-clocked chip.

Do you know what 0.1% low means?

>> No.62381229

>it didn't try to all-core turbo at all, even though it did turbo on one core
Because "new generation" of dry horse cum-sandwiched Inturd processors can't Turbo on all cores any, or it'd create a housefire in seconds. They're now Turbo'ing only to one, maximum two cores tops, just so that they could wave e-peen in synthetic benches while heavily losing to Zen in everything else AND everyday usage. Meanwhile, Zen turbos on all cores & threads absolutely effortlessly.

>> No.62381248

>If you put a higher frequency chip in, it can actually perform worse than a lower-clocked chip
Which means that 7700K gets BLOWN THE FUCK OUT, thus proving that the 7700cuck is even more of a retard than he makes it seem look like by his inept shitposts.

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8700 is clearly a higher number than 1600 , thus its better

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>Which means that 7700K gets BLOWN THE FUCK OUT

>Game engine can't sustain more than 160 FPS without immediately dropping the frames and causing stutter, because the engine is broken.
>Other games, which aren't using broken engines, don't suffer this issue.
>7700K (and i5), being powerful enough to go over this limit, appears to stutter. Due to GTA V, not the chip.
>"The chip is bad!"

Any stuttering is unrelated to actual 7700K performance. It's a limitation in the engine of a single broken game. You are now grasping at straws.

>> No.62381287

go sleep loli

>> No.62381305

Except that heavy stuttering was also experienced in several other games besides just GTA V, in particular the Witcher 3 and Just Cause 3.

>> No.62381311

Fuck off, you, fucking pedo!
I'm not your fucking """loli"""!

>> No.62381337

Never heard of that. Feel free to post a link to a review of the issue.

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>Product model numbers
380$ is clearly a much higher cost, so it must be better than 1600

>> No.62381421

>Was fixed already.
Sadly not for me. Because i'm living in fucking Russia, there is no rma and for shop where i bought it it's not covered by warranty because it works. Now i'm still running my old i5 rig as working pc and new ryzen machine is fuckhuge console in my bedroom with steam in big picture. I was really lookig forward to reducing compiling times.

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Fuckoff. I was shilling on ryzen behalf on harkach before you even heard about ryzen. And i'm still going to replace my i5 with ryzen2.

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>Got 1700
>Undervolted to 1.1v and overclocked to 3.55ghz, stable as fuck
>35-40c idle 50c under load, 62c maxed out with the stock cooler in the Israeli heat (34c currently outside).

Yeah, fuck Intel.

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>israeli heat
Lol pussy aussie summer goes from 40-50c + cunt

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who else 1600x master race?

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>I'm living in Russia, there is no RMA
Я тoжe, и чё? Teбe пpocтo нe пoвeзлo, ибo early adopters впpямoм cмыcлe cлoвa beta-testers. Tы caм винoвaт в тoм чтo нe cтaл ждaть и хaпнyл cpaзy. Boт y мeня из пapтии 30-th week и вcё пyчкoм, гoняю cвoи 1600X и 1800X в хвocт и в гpивy нa Arch'e, нa SUSE, и нa Puppy - ни oднoгo segfault'a.

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It should be able to hit 4 GHz on 6 cores and still stay within 95 watts.


>> No.62381540

Зaтo y мeня 3.9 нa 1.3 72 гpaдyca в пpaймe нa cтoкoвoм кyлepe, бгг.

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How does 35c with 70-80% humidity sounds to you cunt?

Though our hottest place isn't that humid

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>Should be

>> No.62381557

facken ell cunt last summer here was facken 100% and 45-55c

literally have to buy noctura coolers just to keep stock clocks

>> No.62381561

in that case shit's fucked, sorry

>> No.62381575

>72 гpaдyca в пpaймe нa cтoкoвoм кyлepe
Фиии, cyдapь-c. 4GHz, 1.385v, 58c c NH-D14 пpи NT-H1, нa 100% нaгpyзкe вceх ядep и пoтoкoв в AIDA64 FPU (caмый жecтoкий тecт в плaнe тeплoвыдeлeния). Этo нa 1800X, ecли чтo.

>> No.62381595

>AIDA64 FPU (caмый жecтoкий тecт в плaнe тeплoвыдeлeния)
Oй, дayн. Aидa пapaшa.

>> No.62381611

Cлив зacчитaн, oбтeкaй.

>> No.62381620

You have to go back, bydlo.

>> No.62381626

У мeня в aидe 68, в пpaймe 72. И нe кpaшитcя нa мeньшeм нaпpяжeнии. Хoтя бы чac в пpaймe пoгoняй, a нe в гoвнoaидe, пoтoм o штaбильнocти кyкapeкaй.

>> No.62381627

Cry more, kike.

>> No.62381636

Well I'd like a better explanation than "Intel sucks". No-one expected it to not even hit it's all core turbo.

>> No.62381644

>У мeня в aидe 68, в пpaймe 72
Tы жoпoй нayчиcь читaть, шкoльник.
Cкaзaнo - нe AIDA, a AIDA FPU. Этo вooбщe двa paзных звepя. AIDA нe гpyзит cильнo, a AIDA FPU oдин из caмых жёcтких пpoцeccopных cтpeccтecтoв в миpe.

>> No.62381651


>> No.62381665

>No-one expected it to not even hit it's all core turbo
Except for literally every living human being on this planet who has IQ on higher levels than 21 points.

>> No.62381679

Eбaнaя гaлoчкa cтpecc фпy в бeнчмapкe?

>> No.62381727

I repeat:
You have to go back, bydlo.
Go. Away. Immediately.

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File: 3.86 MB, 488x1035, AIDA.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Haйди 10 oтличий, кaк гoвopитcя:

>> No.62381889

>russian bydlo
>on 4chan
I think not mate

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>>> /pol/

>> No.62382321

When TechPowerUp posts a review favouring Intel
>lol TPU
>lol poo in loo
>lol pajeet

When TechPowerUp posts a review favouring AMD

>> No.62382547

TPU is a globally ill-known Intel shiller, topped only by Tom's and PcPer, so when they post something in favor of AMD it's usually a mistake OR such hard facts that they can't BS about it or hide/ignore it.

>> No.62382599

Segfault is software conflict, go fix it.

>> No.62383329

You're a lamer, but I've checked 'em anyway.

>> No.62384311

>this kills the intel shill

>> No.62384380

...and radio silence

>> No.62384709


Latest argument from Shilltells - it was installing drivers in the background, therefore results are invalid, even though Windows hardly uses any CPU at all to do this.

>> No.62384869

Are you retarded or what?
>i-it was just one game ..
>muh averages

>> No.62386362

>One game

--> >>62381305

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>> No.62386552

He never substantiated his claim.
No professional review of the issue, no argument.

>> No.62387042

Keep dreaming kid
Not gonna happen

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>> No.62387291


All jokes aside this nigger is one bad motherfucker. how can he be so good

>> No.62387298

Incredibly well though out argument
Your mother would be proud

Grow up

>> No.62387656

Try harder.

>> No.62387772

The CPU-Z score is more in line with what's expected, 40% higher than the i7-7700K.

>> No.62388823

t. thinks the 1080 is a high end card

>> No.62388910

t. pajeet
Come back when you can compete with GODvidia.

>> No.62389113

stupid slavshit subhumans

>> No.62389286

anything with a gx04 is midrange and no amount of fanboy faggotry can change that, i really hope amd goes bankrupt so you can get jewed even harder

>> No.62389324

>going bankrupt with money-printing machine that is EBYN

>> No.62389430

>Brain damaged Inturdcucks actually sincerely believe this

>> No.62389526

>Anally devastated AMDrones doubting Intel dominance

>> No.62389665

>Intel dominance
in what consuming more watts?

>> No.62389854

In everything, pajeet.

>> No.62390126

>consuming more watts
>more brazillian shills
>costs more
>more judaism
>more housefires
seems about right, thank you for the info huenigger

>> No.62390506
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>> No.62391567


>> No.62392787
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>> No.62392860

thanks based Jim "Intel dead in the cellar" Keller

>> No.62393129

That logic only works with Apple products.

>> No.62393163

They don't have BIOS updates in Russia?

>> No.62393235
File: 1.65 MB, 500x500, 1482489913782.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Implying that's a logic
>Implying it's feasible

>> No.62393278

It's a problem on CPU's side, not on software. Otherwise AMD would've just released a digital update and wouldn't had to resort to RMA all problematic CPUs from old batches on demand and for free.

>> No.62393344
File: 2.20 MB, 1920x1200, IAH.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.62393490

I was under the impression the whole RMA deal may have been jumping the gun by assuming early batches were faulty. I swear I had read that alot of people with early processors weren't having any issues at all. I could be wrong, the release of Ryzen was such a shitshow, I can't remember what was true and what was conjecture.

>> No.62393652
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>> No.62393860
File: 804 KB, 1846x1923, Intel exposed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.62393918
File: 510 KB, 2560x1440, delet this.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>8350 over 3570k

>> No.62393939
File: 398 KB, 1000x1000, 148153687219291943.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I was under the impression the whole RMA deal may have been jumping the gun by assuming early batches were faulty.
No assumptions, they simply ARE. Everything from 25-th week and earlier (tech reviewing outlets got them earlier than everyone else and those are marked by 5-th week, the only other ones that are even earlier than that are engineering samples). 30-th week and everything after that - absolutely fine. The batch's release weeks are engraved on CPUs themselves and, if my memory is right, should also be a part of the serial number listed on the box.

>I had read that a lot of people with early processors weren't having any issues at all
Not all RyZen CPUs are affected. If I remember it correctly, this is only a problem of 1800X, 1700/X, and 1600/X. Everything else came later, after the problem was already acknowledged, so they should be clean off of any problems. It basically was a literal case of "early adopters = beta-testers", only those greedy bastards suffered some problems who couldn't for the love of god wait just a couple months for everything to start settling down. The only two things that should always really be taken into consideration is that Zen is an absolute IP created from scratch and it was extremely stupid to think everything will be 100% ideal at the launch, and that AMD fully acknowledged the existence of the problem and fixed it relatively fast. Unlike Inturd, which STILL didn't fix it's segfault errors even nowadays, even though it's not just the Kaby Lake that's affected, but also Skylake. AMD is THE good guy here, while InFail shits the bed constantly. The last time JewFail was any good, was LITERALLY during i7 2600K and NO further than that.


>> No.62393998

>TFW got a 1700X in mid July and it segfaults
>It overclocks pretty well and I'm one of the few souls who can run benchmarks at 3600mhz
>Friend got a 1700X recently and it can't hit 3.9GHz even at 1.4v
Too spooked about a potential trash bin to send it in :^(

>> No.62394002
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>4.5 GHz
Come on, man. Even for you this is pretty low tier bait.

>> No.62394040

>8350s can hit 4.7 with adequate cooling no problem
>You have to delid a 3570k to make it usable past 4.4 generally
Blame LTT anyways, I just took a screenshot at way too high a resolution.

>> No.62394225
File: 1.31 MB, 250x141, 1479429538541.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What should always be taken in consideration is that AMD RyZen's segfault bug and Intel's Skylake/Kaby Lake segfault bug are actually different in nature and are caused by different things. And AMD's one was of much LESS severance than Intel's STILL PRESENT one is, that's why AMD was able to fix everything so relatively fast. And you should always remember that even on "technically problematic" (with a VERY big stretch of that phrase) 25-th week & earlier batched RyZen CPUs this bug is VERY rare and is replicable only in VERY specific conditions. LITERALLY in 99.82% of ALL everyday usage scenarios, be that serious work or some shit like /g/oyimg, watching onemoo, PhotoSHOOPEENg, video editing, benchmarking, and etc - even "25-th week & earlier" processors will work absolutely perfectly fine with no problems whatsoever at all. It's just the very specific and VERY minor bunch of Linux fags who stirred up this shitpot to begin with, but even so - AMD listened to their "pleas" and fixed the thing completely. So there's abso-effing-lutely no point in discussing this any further. There is no segfailt on AMD's Zen anymore. And if you have older batch - either RMA it for free and get a newer batched release OR stop doing "that one very obscure shit literally NO ONE cares about" on your Linux system.

>> No.62394366

>8350s can hit 4.7
Dude, this is FUCKING FX we're talking about here. These ain't no GHz. This is LITERAL cornfield all way through. Artificially inflated pseudo-speeds. Remember the equation: 1 Sandy core = 3 FX cores by sheer IPC and PPC. And no amount of pseudo-"BIGGU GIGGANIGGAHERZZU" could save FX's sorry ass back than. Neither can it nowadays especially. FX is a garbage platform. Phenom II had real GHz, so does Zen. FX is a fucking placebo all way through, a shit full of fairy tale pixie dust, a gingerbread house.

>> No.62394379

You'd better get some gaymer tard to review your shit intel botnet using software compiled with the Intel compiler quickly!

We all know it cripples binaries if they run on non-Intel CPUs.

>> No.62394689

Well he is competent.
He found out a way to increase Maximum profits by selling midrange cards as full flagships
Nvidia fanboys in the other hand keep his schema alive

>> No.62394852
File: 116 KB, 332x312, Ahnold Negger.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

SHOAH incoming

>> No.62394876


>> No.62395078

That's a lot of jewing in one post, Intel shill.

>> No.62395509

>bulldozer apologist

>> No.62396151

I'll agree that Bulldozer was a turd but frequency is just frequency and no amount of autistic squawking will change that. Just because they have different effective instructions per clock does not change the actual clock rate.

>> No.62396385

as an israeli jew who used to work for intel (and hated every minute of it), these threads are pure joy for me

>> No.62396523

Do you have any stories you'd be willing to tell? Always love hearing about the sausage making in companies that try to hide shit.

>> No.62396539

>7700K dominates gaming

GPU is ALWAYS the bottleneck anyway, the only time it isn't is if you are playing games at 1080P or lower resolutions. Who the fuck spends the money on a 8700K or 7700K and only plays games at 1080P.

So fucking dumb.

>> No.62396709

aren't any secrets that i know of (trust me goyim!), the company is just slow as fuck to move, spends a lot of money on stupid shit (my department was in-house software development, we were about 10 devs in my team working on an internal product that had like 1-2 users. many such cases), hires a lot of women and arabs for "diversity", crappy development experience, shitty code everywhere, trying to push cool company "culture" (basically failing at copying google), constant emails/videos with dumb pajeets, and it's generally a depressing place to work (depressing cubicles and shit, just like in "office space" if you've seen it). i'm really glad i gtfo out of there

>> No.62396844


JIM "kike killer" KELLER

>> No.62396895

Thank You Zyklon Jim!

>> No.62396905

What's with the pajeet videos? Do you mean you have to deal with Indian contract workers or something? Also I'm positive that "diversity" hiring will tank Intel in the long-run

>> No.62397070

>Do you mean you have to deal with Indian contract workers or something?
some of them were external contracts, some were intel employees overseas. every time i had to speak to them i genuinely couldn't understand most of what they were saying. and they would never deliver on their promises to implement stuff.

>Also I'm positive that "diversity" hiring will tank Intel in the long-run
agreed. most of the people where i worked were pure diversity hires (women+arabs). they have a quota they need to fill (ironically this was pushed onto us by the american management). the code was horrible. i think the standards are different for the chip designers though

>> No.62397101

oh and also i should add that you could get away with actually working there just 20% of the time, no one would notice and if you know what you're doing you will acually get praised for your performance

>> No.62397123

Thanks for sharing. And for what it's worth, you can probably do that at any large company if you're clever. I used to work at IBM and I could probably replace several people on any given team with a shell script.

>> No.62397349
File: 81 KB, 379x364, 1450721937115.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>amd isn't botnet also

>> No.62398000

Why can't you make a cpu that can run vms you fucking hack.

>> No.62398051

Thanks based Jim "Copy Paste" Keller. Thanks for bringing a little bit of Intel's Broadwell, and IBM's OpenPower cpu to amd. Thanks for the segfaults.

>> No.62399009
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JayZ isba rapper though
What he has to do with technology?

>> No.62399034

I found out my 1600 is week 14, can I RMA it right away or do I actually need to encounter the bug?

>> No.62399651
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>> No.62401239

What bug?

>> No.62401266

I just sit with my 4770k comfortably waiting for the 5 nm generation.

>> No.62401281

>What bug?
>Which bug?

>> No.62401282

The segfault shit

>> No.62401299
File: 69 KB, 1000x667, 61iK5zcFdyL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>dominates gaming
Fuckin' BOOYA! In your FACE, you bastards at AMD! YEAH! WHEW! HOORAY INTEL!

So fucking MINT that Intel DOMINATES GAMING! YES!!!!!

>> No.62401317

That thing that was already fixed?

>> No.62401491

It was fixed in units produced after week 28 or so. Earlier units are susceptible to it

>> No.62401533
File: 762 KB, 1000x1000, d3386880d37f8587c30b6364c2d1fc6b1d895ce9a789365c9e6504b1e8654cb5-leftypol.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.62401603
File: 52 KB, 512x318, h_01933237-512x318.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.62402906
File: 125 KB, 960x878, 1487297768743.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.62403241

You are a retard.

>> No.62403256

>frequency is just frequency
No. Not all GHz are equally same.

>> No.62403267

They don't put RF ID chips under their lids while covering them up with a spoonful of dry horse cum, so no - AMD is a good guy here.

>> No.62403276

>ignoring the second half of that post
>being stupid anyway

Look I know you're retarded so just reread things a few times to actually understand them.

>> No.62403279

Even though I've checked, I must point out that your post is an utter BS. There's no problems with running virtual machines on Zen. You're spreading FUD.

>> No.62403322
File: 971 KB, 484x682, Inturd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're not trying hard enough, Brian.

>> No.62403338

First thing you should do is try the store you bought it in, usually even that works instead of contacting AMD directly. If not, then you can send AMD a letter, I guess. See the Phoronix article, it should help.

>> No.62403348

You can only choose one, /g/oy.

>> No.62403358

Sheesh alright alright, I admit your defeat, whatever.

>> No.62403531


>> No.62403558

Nice non-argument. Keep pretending you've won internet points, I'm sure that will work one day.

>> No.62404209

Cry more.

>> No.62404311

>gets meme'd on
doesn't realize it and answers it honest and serious, hello newfriendo

>> No.62404352
File: 365 KB, 2000x1153, 1504107819295.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I was only pretending to be retarded!

>> No.62404681

This is where i work, kek

>> No.62405875
File: 944 KB, 1228x1502, 5kl46879udy67ojykdjhgdflyujo96uo7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.62406900
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>> No.62406965

>he doesn't know what that picture is from

>> No.62407790
File: 120 KB, 1920x1080, tluafedserxam.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.62408078


>> No.62408380 [DELETED] 
File: 42 KB, 1920x1080, BILD05_Blender_278_opencl-2a47a00a9b4d3f2c.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

meanwhile in programs that get optimized for Ryzen/Threadripper...

>> No.62408407

Goyim are inferior. Hitler is a proof.

>> No.62408888

>"ironically this was pushed onto us by the american management"
>When you jew'd America so hard you forgot to protect yourself from them jewing you.

>> No.62408951

But you're a /g/oy too.

>> No.62408964

Oy vey those numbers and thoughts are very antisemitic
- posted from my computer powered by Israelintel

>> No.62409643
File: 47 KB, 1000x1000, topkek.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.62409707
File: 648 KB, 1150x629, intel cuck.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.62410063

Oy vey, the goyim know! Shut it down, SHUT IT DOWN! Mods, delete this anti-semitic thread! It's a danger to free speech!

>> No.62410090

The fuck am I looking at?

>> No.62411876
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>> No.62412729

'dem Intel shill tears ITT are so delishus...delidshus, even.

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