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cool, I didn't know mining cards could play games too

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Amazing, but only happen in that one game

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Wow it's like a game made for AMD benchmarks performed nicely in AMD benchmarks.

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>gaming benchmarks
Brainlet chart to feed brainlet minds

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>Dirt 4

Get back to me when AMD get a game people actually play

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man I'm so fucking sick of amd shills, you and your stupid cherrypicked benchmarks

you contribute nothing to this fucking board, all you do is post cherrypicked shit, which in turn makes nvidia shills post their cherrypicked benchmarks

seriously, fuck you OP, fucking sick of the likes of you and your delusional thinking that vega will somehow "btfo" a 1080 ti

t. ryzen & fury x owner

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>Fury X slower than the 580

Why are AMD focused games always a mess?

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This. It's not like AMD is curbstomping nvidia in other gaymes

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Exactly. By the time FineWine™ sets in Volta will be out. RTG is so bad. If you don't intend to change the card in the next 5 years or fell for the FreeSync meme there's no point in buying an AMD card.

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Those logic only work on proprietary goywork

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Aren't pubg and gta v the games with shittiest optimization?

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>vs 1070
Not moving the goalposts at all, considering 1070 retailed for $270 before the mining retards jumped in.

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You just noticed? Rockstar really let themselves go since chinawars.

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pubg look ugly aswell

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>volta will be out by october/november

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gp104 volta could be out in that time

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citation required

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It takes almost a year for FineWine® to take effect and even longer on Vega, my fellow RedTeam+ member.

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1070 retailed for $270? Rolf msrp was always $400

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Pubg is basically unreal engine4. Unreal engine/nvidia are partner companies so AMD GPU will suck hard, always. Ark is same engine, garbage on AMD.

GTA utilizes nvidia gameworks on it. So its an middleware disadvantage.

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970 did at the end of it's lifetime, on sales if you are quick
but then nvidia decided that new midrange is $500
and everyone gobbled it up like nothing happened.

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GTAV works well in super old GTX cards.

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GeForce GTX 1070[34] June 10, 2016 GP104-200-A1 7.2 314 [35] 1920:120:64 15 [36] 1683 8000 96.4[37] 180.7 8 256 256 5783 (6463) 181 (202) 90 (101) 150 2-way SLI HB[38] or traditional 2/3/4-way SLI[39] $379 $449

RX Vega 56[12][13][14] August 28, 2017 GCN 5th gen
(14 nm) 12.5×109
486 mm2 3584:224:64 1156
1471 258.9
329.5 74.0
94.1 16572
21088 8286
10544 518
659 HBM2
2048 8 1600 410 210 PCIe 3.0 ×16 $399

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My bad, I found the invoice and it was at $330 on amazon. Still way better a deal than $500 to compete with a 1070.

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Nice, AMD can finally beat Nvidia after only 1 year and two months.
Maybe I should buy one. Oh yeah that's right, they're all sold out and at least $150 than msrp

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>Owners: 65,961
>Recent score: 50% mixed

literally 5/10 AMD bug infested trash
kill yourself shill

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Literally every game that works better on nvidia is dead or fotm meme shit like pubg

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not him, but pubg has been "flavor of the month" for half a year now, and while I don't like pubg due to how shit it runs & bad it looks, it's time to stop calling it "fotm"

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did anyone actually buy this game or will it be another game shills will start throwing around like aots

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Vega 10 should compete nicely against GV104

There'd be waayyyy more leaks and such if a launch was that soon. Complete units would already have to be in production.

>tfw you legitimately enjoyed AotS

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>Vega 10 should compete nicely against GV104
Will it though?

Even with ideal FineWine growth GV104 could still end up stomping Vega.

GV104 could easily end up with more theoretical performance (FLOPS) and raw bandwidth than Vega, so even in the best case scenario for Vega, when it can really stretch it's legs, it could still come up short.

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Who wants to bet that the OP is the same shill brought to tears every time someone posted day one Ryzen benchmarks?

I hope you die from eye cancer you faggot.

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HA, watch out for Far Cry 5 when 16fp and primitive shaders gonna kick in. vega56 vs 1080ti

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Dirt games are sponsored by amd and therfore the games are better optimised for amd cpus

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It is FOTM though.

The previous one is ARK. Literally the same game engine(and same shit optimization) and battle royale style game play too.

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True. It actually runs amazingly well on my c2d fermi rig

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>not playing rally games

go away casual

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DiRTs global illumination is shader heavy. So is CMAA. It's an outliner.
Vega is still now working properly anyway.
It's not a node shrink. 16FF+ to 12FFN is 3% density improvements.
What you will have is 20% bigger dies with 20% more performance.
That and maybe less retarded power limits.

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>Just Wait™

It's not coming until Navi.

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What is not coming until Navi?
Half-precision floats?

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Do you have a single fact to back that up?

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DiRT 4? More like SHiT 4

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Why are people so surprised? This is the actual power of the Radeon cards if they are not crippled by incompetent devs or goyworks. At this point it's a miracle that AMD can keep up at all and just shows how much raw power the cards have.

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Dirt 4 being shader heavy has little to do with it.

The Dirt devs are just good at culling geometry

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You don't become magically good at culling geometry when your card has 4 frontends and nothing more.
DiRT4 IS shader heavy.
There's no "actual magickal power" of Radeon.

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Oh are we posting DiRT 4 benchmarks again lol?

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>tfw my 1060 was supposed to last a couple more years

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>You don't become magically good at culling geometry when your card has 4 frontends and nothing more.
>DiRT4 IS shader heavy.
It's a little shader heavy, but that's a relative term. Crysis 2 and 3 were also shader heavy. And what the DIrt devs are doing has nothing to do with hardware you idiot. It's culled in software before drawcalls are even made. Culling geometry used to be a job for the game devs and this recent spat of gpu-side geometry culling is because devs are getting lazier and lazier, probably because of Nvidia letting them do whatever they want

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There's more to geometry than very simple backface culling.
Also Crysis games were not just shader heavy, they were also hilariously geometry-heavy.

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DiRT 4 is a terrible benchmark man don't use it to judge the longevity of your build
Look the Fury is shit on by the 580

Here buddy this'll cheer you up

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Civ4 has DX12 support?

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I know people like to shit on Crysis 2 for the whole "MUH BACKHAND AMD TACTICS" with the tessellation but to me it just genuinely looks like incompetent developers fucking up. I mean the game was a mess everywhere in every field. It's not surprising to me that they overtesselated random shit like wood bars on doors, barriers, and underwater geometry. Hell, if you go into the editor you'll find roadblocks and random objects outside of the map that will still be rendered. The devs literally said "I don't want that there" and moved it out of the map to be deleted later yet never got deleted. I mean the game shit on every GPU, the devs were just fucking retarded. The game renders tons of shit you will never ever see.

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That's supposed to be Civ VI

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I find it hard to trust a bench graph when they can't even Roman numeral.

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But it's being modded by gooks so it's even worse

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They did it correctly it was just a typo in the game average graph

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> $270
In what universe

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anons do we have a release date for the ASUS Vega 56/64 ?

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Dirt 4 is very strange on Vega

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GTA V isn't poorly optimized at all, it just runs like shit on non-1080Ti tier hardware if you put all of the settings on max with MSAA.

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its just not hitting the same bottleneck area.
If there is a driver that will enable more then 4 on vega, we may see this happen in most games where what to get flips completely, but till then, dirt4 is an outlier among outliers.

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It was something to due with AA settings in dirt 4

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>Ark is same engine
Did they move away from Cryengine ? Game might be worth playing then.

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>Bro car game

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This what we really need is a patrician video game like pugb

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Almost all geometry culling approaches were pioneered on software first. Not sure what this post is even trying to say.

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I'm gonna laugh when 64 can still barely edge out the 1080 in that game.

I honestly love you AMDrones, no-one is as stupid in the tech world as you retards.

The poo in loo could literally poo in your mouths (oh wait, he did with Vega!) and you'd take it as the second coming of Christ.

Hawaii was the last amazing arch AMD made, which was also the last arch Raja had no input in.

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AA hammers the bottleneck area of amd at the moment, so no aa alleviates it disproportionately to nvidia.

However dirt 4 has global illumination which amd handles FAR better then nvidia, as I beleive its the float that defines how well it will handle it, and in that regard, it can be handled with half precision, something nvidia shits the bed in.

when amd gets drivers and farcry 5 comes out, likely the first game utilizing half precision, we will likely see something interesting.

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Are you implying I'm from /pol/? Because I'm not. I'm actually from /k/.

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>i'm actually from gay


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>since chinawars

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He was almost certainly around to lay groundwork for the first GCN and possibly Hawaii (or what would become Hawaii later) since they have different teams for successive launches.

GCN was first released in 2011. Raja left in 2009. It's basically a guarantee that he did extensive groundwork for GCN1, leaving them with about 2 years for validation, fixes, testing actual samples, more fixes, and production. Bonaire was in mid 2013 and Hawaii was later that year (both GCN2) and it's possible Raja had an input on it or some guidance before he left for good. But Hawaii already showed signs of falling behind whereas the 7970 was basically golden. You can't ignore the fact that he was CTO in the timeframe that GCN1's initial design was being done, more so because GCN was an extensive venture with a new ISA. Raja probably had a hand in laying out the GCN ISA specification.

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>replying to bait

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I love my £380 upgrade ~desu

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Just in case you are wondering. It's a Vega 56 flashed to 64.

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I'm confused. Are you trying to act retarded or did you actually think that was a good insult?

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> gta v
> shittiest optimization
if gta has shittiest optimization, then i don't even know what would you call all other games

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it's weirdly optimized though
it works great on old hardware and has scaling problems on new hardware
it was optimized specifically for that generation

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>there's no point in buying an AMD card.
Open source drivers? Gallium Nine? GPU passthrough?

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This. It honestly ran better on my 7970 than it does on a pair of 290x

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nothing to do with primitive shaders moron..
cmaa is just msaa that runs through the compute path instead of chocking down everything on the graphics path thus letting the card to stretch its legs

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do you even know that nvidia has the worst fp16 perfomance by a long shot?

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>"look guys I can cherrypick!"

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AMD still sucks with tesselation I see. That's the main reason why GTA5 on AMD cards was always succ, to the point where it's worth it to benchmark GTA5 with tesselation on and off separately on AMD cards to see the difference.

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only problem is dirt is fun, arma is a autism simulator

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Kill yourself autistic fuck

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Dirt is shit, so is 1080p

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t. arma playing autistic airsoft agent

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You mean it is SHiT

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