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Found a Vega 56 in stock for 425 euros, im buying that shit

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Good luck.

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and... It's gone.

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it has 51 pieces in stock

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why does this require a whole thread?

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i bought it

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>tfw got a GTX 1080 after Vega was DOA
feels good desu
maybe eventually they'll fix that shit with drivers but I'm not holding my breath

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Meanwhile in the USA all that is available is the 64 for $700, fuck that. May as well get a 1080ti

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Enjoy your housefire.

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Vega 56 is a lot cheaper if you can find one. With a BIOS flash and some undervolting it competes with a 1080 despite the shitty drivers. What it will do with actual drivers is anyone's guess.

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Spent 800$ on a ebay vega 56 that I could not afford to upgrade the rest of the build.

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Where did you get it from?

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Good choice anon. Vega 56 flashed to 64 coming through.

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It gets to 75c tops. Fan runs at 2800 rpm and is hardly noisy to my ears. yes it consumes more power than a GTX 1080 (about 100 watts more to be precise). But it's pretty much nothing really. Plus I paid only £380 for mine.

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Damn, I was hoping for bundles with Ryzen to be available for more than 5 minutes. I think I'll be using a 2500K and 390 for another two years.

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I just bought a vega56 for AUD$599 (roughly 401 euros).

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What's this Vega nonsense? AMD is garbage, Nvidia is literally the only company capable of making a good GPU.

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AMD is garage but yes nvidia is better

t. rx 580 owner

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literally samefag

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Tell me where.

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Same here nice quiet cooler and clocks to 2ghz out of the box on boost

Cheaper due to it being shit for mining and perfect for 1080p ultra with aa

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running 5 of them for mining atm, only consume around 740watts/per sec and temp are at 51-55c/47% fan speed, pretty solid cards so far

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How does it feel being the most hated person in technology right now?

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yeah,but nvidia do not like competition because they did the nvidia physics and they will not share it,amd is going the right way with vega so iam excited iam getting a vega also.

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Where are the fucking AiB cards?
I need Nitro+ 56.

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is there any custom cooling like accelero xtreme out yet for vega?

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i bought a rx560.
undervolt to 0.990V and set power target to 175%.
knocked 25W at the wall and always gets to max 1.3GHz without drops.

i suggest you undervolt your vega.

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Is it necessary to flash 56 to 64? I thought that only change the clocks?

Can you not just undervolt over lock? Good numbers to aim for?

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they use the same VRM ( power system ) but the Bios of the Vega 56 is cap lower for total Power Consumption ( V * A so it's current limited )
And it also runs the HBM2 memory at a different Voltage which is known to be able to run at high frequency because of so.

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So when I flash it what volts and frequencies should I aim for?

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Doesn't the 56 have 56 compute units, the 64 64?

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Supposedly HBM2 overclocks higher with the 64 BIOS.
800 Mhz is 56 stock
945 Mhz is 64 stock
1100 Mhz is what my 56 does with a 64 BIOS.

gpuz says it's Samsung memory. Don't know if Hynix memory behaves differently.

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It's mostly about memory.
56 is [email protected], 64 is [email protected]

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Not really, remember Vega is 1 chips,
56 is a Cut off version of 64 that didn't meet standards aka semi failed, The flashing of the Bios to from the 56 to 64 is known to reactivate a few other possible good Compute units. Therefore some people out there have Vega 57, 58 etc.

Read up on How things are made you'll have a better understanding that most GPU and CPU are 1 product with different Tier of "Quality"...
If you only sold the chips that came out at 100% you would waste sometime has much has 60% of a Production . Therefore what can be sold has a lower units is done. if not Gpu price and CPu prices would be insane!

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flashing bios does not activate more units

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That was a bug in gpuZ. You can't unlock compute units by using a 64 BIOS.

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I thought that too about the threadripper / epyc chips but someone pointed out they test the dies before they put them on the pcb and I assume they would do the same with vega.

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Aww I wasn't aware of that, last i heard was from Buildzoid. doing overclocks like the crazy guy he is.

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amd loses $100 per Vega card. they are mining to get the costs back, just wait a couple weeks

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>AMD loses $100 per Vega card
Post BoM please.

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somewhere on currytech, search for yourself goddamn don't be so lazy

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Whoa, what an incredibly valid source!
Should I search my ass for one?

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>tfw i don't play a single game on that list
why no one is benchmarking mgs v, xcom 2 and ace combat 7?

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It's not even out yet you retarded belkan scum.

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