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Google just unlisted Rogan's podcast on James Damore, and scrubbed their search results. This is just mere hours after the livestream finished.

They fired the guy, and are now censoring what he has to say. What do they have to hide? This is not politics, it's clearly technology related given how big of an influence Google has on the web and the average consumer.

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"Don't be evil-ish".
"It's like a spectrum of evil."

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>sexists have a right to use Google services

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>This is not politics
You're right, it's business. Go to >>>/biz/. Corporate influence is not a technology.

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based Google shutting down this autist's desperate attempts at prolonging his 15 minutes of fame

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Very disturbing. Google is pure evil at this point and needs to be destroyed.

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Except he clearly has something to say given they acted so fast.

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Okay yeah yeah culture war whatever
but holy fuck that's the largest jewish nose I have ever witnessed

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It's not hard to add his name to an unlisted filter internally and automatically unlist any videos with him in the title and/or description and/or tags.
Which is still pretty bad, but them 'acting fast' isn't really a good indication of anything.

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I'd censor the shit out of that nose if that thing appeared in my website too. Jesus christ that nose..

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Except it pertains to more than just corporate influence: many posters on /g/ are clearly consumers who're tied to google services and products, like gmail (which reads email contents, mind you) and play store. This directly affects them, and they need to be told so they can be weaned off the massive centralized service that is the google ecosystem.

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He's not Jewish. Ashkenazim get their nose from Italians. His family is Italian.

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I've had fun with memes before, but holy fuck that nose is huge

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what? they didn't delete the video, you can still share it with like-minded racist drumpf supporters

meanwhile the rest of us don't have to deal with your garbage, it's a win-win

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post link plz

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>posts thread without link to video
C'mon faggot. Where's the link?

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It makes them look bad, which can potentially harm their profits. That's all there is to it.

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>and automatically unlist any videos with him in the title and/or description and/or tags
Except you can search his name and find results. This video specifically has been censored, probably given Joe Rogan's media presence.

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delete this
OP, you are a tard. They do this every time. It's a common thing with livestreams, they upload another video later.

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Okay yeah yeah culture war whatever
but holy fuck that's the largest KIKE-ITALIAN nose I have ever witnessed

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>like-minded racist drumpf supporters
What do you get from shitposting? Or just a shill?

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This, OP has no idea what he's talking about and is an over reactor who fabricated things.

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Google evil confirmed

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google's the most dangeous company today. help us fight it by installing AdNauseam.

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let's start a gofundme to get this guy a nose job

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>fabricated things
Google reading user emails to serve targeted ads is a fabrication? Google censoring search engine results is a fabrication?

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>scrubbed the video
>still available fucking everywhere including the google owned youtube

do you think before you speak?

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/pol/ is aware he's jewish right?

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id fund it entirely jesus fucking christ it actually looks painful
like you know how women with big breasts complain it hurts their back? do you think he feels the same way but with his nose?

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Is he? I don't think we have had a confirmation.

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>senior engineer at prestigious tech company
>$100,000+ annual salary
>fucks up his entire career
Honestly if I were him I would've just kept quiet, ignored the diversity bs happening at the company and retire at age 40.

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He's a jew who was fired, he's going to blow that shit up as big as he can. After all they're the biggest fans of the oppression olympics.

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You can see his nose, right?

The fucking ISS can see it

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even i can see his fuckhueg jewish nose

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I want to put his nose in my mouth and chew it

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He isn't a Jew and nobody but /pol/ cares that he was fired for being a sexist.

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He will just get hired by another company in like 1 month?

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The Jew is immunized against all dangers: one may call him a scoundrel, parasite, swindler, profiteer, it all runs off him like water off a raincoat. But call him a Jew and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: “I’ve been found out.”

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That nose...

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Neo-/pol/ will still parade around him as /theirguy/

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>user uploads video deemed not acceptable by ToS
>Google, a private company, takes it down
please fuck off

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Holy fuck, is that nose real?

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Yeah, sometimes memes become real

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literally gets worse >>62290151

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fake news
Who watches these 4 hour shows anyway?

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>>user uploads video deemed not acceptable by ToS
[citation needed]

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Wouldn't that give you breathing difficulties? The nasal cavity is so large that air pressure would drop dramatically and would affect air intake.

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No they didn't you bullshit liar.

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see >>62290151
OP confirmed full retard.

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YouTube search works fine.

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>wtf are the community guidelines

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Most countries have laws against hate speech.

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IT'S literally the first thing you see when you search his name on YouTube

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They are just doing things they are allowed to under the law to cover their bottom line. They didn't like what the guy has to say so they fired him. They didn't like what someone has to say about google+ so they tried to hide it.

And under the hilariously self righteous definition of "free speech" they are perfectly allowed to do this. Nothing illegal or against the spirit of the constitution so why the fuck not?

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>just watch a clip of this hours ago
>its a thread on /g/

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I would have more sympathy for this guy if he wasn't an ugly fascist.

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That's a mouthbreathing nose
Tell your kids to close theirs mouths or they'll end up looking the same

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if you dont use the nose how will it get big
you should see the nostrils on african athletes

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The livestream isn't the upload you fucking dumbass. Jamie makes necessary cuts and then they upload the actual podcast a few hours later.

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Honestly why do ugly virgin guys obsess over "muh women in the workplace" so much?

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>Ashkenazim get their nose from Italians.

Nice try Schlomo.

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I love how /pol/ suddenly cares about the google botnet now. Can't wait until the big ISP starts prioritizing non-racist website traffic so that they will start caring about net neutrality.

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>that (((nose)))

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didn't realize how big it was until now

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Love his autistic reaction to the monitor headphones. lml

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> americans still incapable of understanding where free speech applies and where it doesn't
Holy fucking shit what will it take to show these cucks?

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Everything James Damore said was backed by the science. So if you claim that makes him a sexist, you are arguing that sexism is logical

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If you don't like the fact that your employer can fire you for writing autistic manifestos then start a union.

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First thing is you should identify what he said was wrong

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That's funny because all the muh free speech fags are against unions and believe in the (((free))) market

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No it wasn't. It was backed by some science. Not all of it or even just "the science." Also he should have known better. Autists have no rights.

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How will net neutrality put an end to this?

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>its not REAL censorship because google would never want to silence opinions

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It's not that big, his maxilla and jaw are just deformed
With closed mouth your tongue is sitting at the top constantly pushing the maxilla forwards and upwards with a small force
This also widens your maxilla subsequently widening your lower jaw
When you're mouth breathing this force is missing therefore instead of growing forwards, and hiding your nose, your maxilla grows downwards making your face long and your chin weak

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Who are you quoting?
They're a corporation. They can do whatever they want as long as it doesn't break the law.
You believe in the free market, right? or do you want the govt to intervene to protect your snowflake fee fees?

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That's their fucking choice whether or not to opt into using Google services. No one forced them at gunpoint to create an account.

If by now you're not aware that Google is a massive web search and advertising monopoly with an insane degree of influence over what is seen and published online (like Facebook in social media), then you need to get the fuck out of /g/.

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This is the FREE MARKET in action.

Companies can do whatever they fuck they want. Enjoy your v& sometime soon I hope too. I can't wait until the government makes free speech illegal and arrests everyone just to spite the world.

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how is it free market if we don't get to opt out of the company

>> No.62291460

There are tons of other search engines out there anon. Amazon is more of a monopoly than google.

>> No.62291461

Don't visit google.com?

>> No.62291462

>No one forced them at gunpoint to create an account
Except you either buy an Apple device or a Google device. Android is pure Google now, and you can't even download from the play store without a google account. There is no choice for the average consumer, because the average consumer is ignorant.
>If by now you're not aware that Google is a massive web search and advertising monopoly with an insane degree of influence over what is seen and published online
That's easy to say when you yourself probably use a smartphone, which has a baseband. Enjoy the botnet

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Google doesn't own the internet.
You can simply choose to not browse websites that use Google in any capacity.

>> No.62291472

No one is forcing you to buy a smartphone.

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>There is no choice for the average consumer, because the average consumer is ignorant.
Seems like their problem
How is google in the wrong?

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>what is Google ads
>what is Google analytics
>what is Google CDN

>> No.62291500

>what is adblocker
>what is adblocker
>what is no one is forcing you to use that website

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Its still censorship

They have a public platform and they ban those they don't agree with

>> No.62291502

/pol/ should make their own search engine/advertising platform if they hate google so much. Oh wait they are all 14 and non-white so they could never afford it. Never mind.

>> No.62291504

Google is not a public place

>> No.62291506

Only the weebs can actually fix problems they don't like. See: NyaaPantsu

>> No.62291515

it absolutely is. Youtube and google services dominates the world. You can't even own a cellphone today without it having some sort of google product or software installed on it.

>> No.62291516

>Except you either buy an Apple device or a Google device
>There is no choice

Sounds like you have a choice, if you want to avoid Google. You're welcome to buy the new iPhone™ and use the Yahoo™ search engine.
Seriously, nothing's stopping you from using non-Google services.

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No one is forcing Google to utilize such anti-user, anti-privacy practices, but they do anyway.
It's both their problem. Google is in the wrong for profiteering off consumer ignorant, and for being botnet. You can't trust their services, and that makes them in the wrong.
The consumer is in the wrong for being ignorant, which is why they need to be educated as much as possible.

>> No.62291524

But that's the free market baby.

>> No.62291526

>it absolutely is
No it isn't
Neither is mc donalds or walmart
Your perceived market dominance of google is not an argument

>> No.62291529

He's still not Jewish.

>> No.62291533

>googles monopoly isn't real

>> No.62291538

Another prestigious tech company? Doubt they'd want someone like him since they're all pushing the same diversity meme.

>> No.62291544

>you either buy an Apple device or a Google device
>There is no choice for the average consumer

Something's not adding up here.

>> No.62291546

what is Google captcha

>> No.62291547

Learn what a monopoly is. The only tech company that could realistically be called a "monopoly" would be Amazon which is why their CEO is so politically active.

>> No.62291550

Go buy an Apple product? Remember their whole global thermonuclear war on Android? They're pretty anti-Google.

Or go buy a chinkphone. Idk man. You've got plenty of options but refuse to look around and claim Google is the problem.

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It isn't

>> No.62291563

apple has google embedded software such as google maps

>> No.62291566

So bitch at Hiroshimoot? No one forced moot to use reCaptcha. You can use any one of the other anti-botting services, or even roll your own.

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No. Its not just the nose, its the elongated skull and round head. There's a reason Hitler called them rats.

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>Microsoft ships IE along with other programs with Windows
>this was ruled to be a monopoly
>Google does the same thing with its Android OS but no one cares

>> No.62291584

>google maps
Not even included with iOS anymore.

Changing the search engine is pretty much the only thing you have to do to deGoogle iPhones.

>> No.62291589

Ignorance is stopping the consumer, what don't you understand about this? What is your argument, that's it's ok for Google to do what it does because technically everyone has a choice to boycott them?

>> No.62291590

>just build your owns site lmao
>cloudflare kicks you off
>registrar kicks you off

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You realize Google Maps hasn't been preinstalled on iOS in years now right?

>> No.62291605

Don't use cloudflare

>> No.62291614

he said google probably spy on their employer and his phone did some strange fuckups since he went viral. he should his smartphone to russia, would be funny if they found some spyware

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iOS is still proprietary cancer and equvilent to the Android Google ecosystem. The only thing you can do is not own a phone, because even having a phone with a custom open source OS and no Google ecosystem still doesn't protect you from the proprietary baseband:

>A baseband processor typically uses its own RAM and firmware
>Since the software which runs on baseband processors is usually proprietary, it is impossible to perform an independent code audit. By reverse engineering some of the baseband chips, researchers have found security vulnerabilities that could be used to access and modify data on the phone remotely
>Today's phones come with two separate processors: one is a general-purpose applications processor that runs the main operating system, e.g. Android; the other, known as the modem, baseband, or radio, is in charge of communications with the mobile telephony network. This processor always runs a proprietary operating system, and these systems are known to have backdoors that make it possible to remotely convert the modem into a remote spying device. The spying can involve activating the device's microphone, but it could also use the precise GPS location of the device and access the camera, as well as the user data stored on the phone. Moreover, modems are connected most of the time to the operator's network, making the backdoors nearly always accessible
>we discovered that the proprietary program running on the applications processor in charge of handling the communication protocol with the modem actually implements a backdoor that lets the modem perform remote file I/O operations on the file system

>> No.62291620

I like how he didn't care about Google's practices until they started hiring women. Like seriously how much a literal faggot is this guy?

>> No.62291623

That is quite the schnoz

>> No.62291627

Can you even be hired if you say "I don't use your products and services"?

>> No.62291629

>host server at home
>pass around IP via word-of-mouth

It worked for Libgen and TPB. Why are you entitled to a domain name?

>> No.62291630

>what is baseband proccessor isolation

>> No.62291631

> It was backed by some science. Not all of it or even just "the science."
Now you're just jumping into semantic trickery

>Autists have no rights.
Yeah they do. They have the same rights any non-violent criminal has (granted that they haven't committed a violent crime, in otherwise no funs for them)

>> No.62291632

>That's easy to say when you yourself probably use a smartphone, which has a baseband. Enjoy the botnet

The baseband itself has little bearing over what I see online; it's my carrier that ultimately decides that. Carriers / ISPs have the greatest amount of control and greatest potential for abuse of anyone in the media industry, more than Google and Facebook.

The U.S. has four major carriers and several independent MVNOs to choose from. The two largest players, AT&T and Verizon, have made abundantly clear their ambitions for the media and advertising space, but they're far from the only game in town.

>> No.62291633

>moving the goalposts

This thread is about Google, not basebands.

>> No.62291637

>ISP kicks you off
>dude why are you entitled to internet access lmao? build your own

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>> No.62291659

They take public funds and tax breaks so they ought to be subject to the laws of the United States considering that and the fact that they are a platform for sharing ideas

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>mfw /pol/ is finally realizes that no one IRL wants to hear them rattle on and on about bullshit that only virgins care about and that people are more than happy to let private companies discriminate against their retardation

>> No.62291667

Until Internet access is declared a right in the US, they're well within their powers to do so. I don't see anyone in this current administration or administrations past that are pushing for that.

>> No.62291686

>tfw pedos have more rights than racists

>> No.62291692

It's a court case away from whether it is or not. A court may decide that it is a public forum and what it hosts adhere to laws where it is seen (might be blocked in certain areas and not in others).

>> No.62291697

Don't see how that would work given guns are an explicit constitutional right and people still can be restricted from using them.

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Nah, his ass just got forgotten about. Now he's trying to drum up the hype again.

Like most angry idiots he probably thought he was going to be the start of some sort of revolution and just turned out to be another out-of-work dumbass.

>> No.62291700

Most pedo sites are FBI honey pots. Until Trump is out of office the nu-"far right" will be largely ignored by the feds. So yeah I'd say this is progress.

>> No.62291755

t. stingy jew

>> No.62291761

Hello, Stingy Jew!

>> No.62291772

God he is just so fucking ugly.

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Windows was on 90% of desktop computers by the late 90s, and they were using their browser to turn the Web into another proprietary extension of Windows.

Google has a monopoly on search and ads but not in laptops.

>> No.62291810

Am I missing something?

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>> No.62291834

t. Kevin

>> No.62291853

>implying muh far-right isn't a honeypot

>> No.62291884

i'm having no problems at all finding that video on google, even from the source

>> No.62291948

I think the problem here, the real problem is how this shows that google of all companies have no fucking clue on how to deal with the internet.
It's like they wanted to legitimatize the guy on purpose.

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File: 1001 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170906-192649.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He has the phenotype ASHKENAZI women CRAVE

>> No.62292107

He just oozes virginity.

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File: 3.06 MB, 280x358, cia.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>still hosting his 2 hour long 1080p video

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File: 48 KB, 900x810, smuganimegirl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>we shouldn't impose strict regulation on corporations, let the free market decide!
>at will employment is only okay when people we don't like get fired
>companies refusing service for non-protected classes is only okay when people we don't like are refused service

>let's make a freeze peach alternative to Popular Thing
>huh, we sure are attracting a lot of white nationalists and altrighters with really toxic views
>wait what do you mean you don't want to put ads here
>wait what do you mean you don't want to host us or give us your ddos mitigation services
>b-but the free market we love so much shouldn't be allowed to bite us in the ass and refuse us service!
>t-this is some kind of sjw conspiracy by the womz!
>this definitely has nothing to do with our views being so fringe and minority that the vast majority of people don't want to be in any way associated with us

>> No.62292217

fuck jews and fuck google

>> No.62292224


>> No.62292351

It rakes in taxes while paying hardly any. You either absorb these fuckers or let them take hold of your government.

>> No.62292355

>it's not censorship when a company with a virtual monopoly on a service does it

>> No.62292360

>It rakes in taxes while paying hardly any.

Google does not tax people.

>> No.62292412

Ok, but I didnt say that. They take in tax money.

>> No.62292424

No they don't. They are a private company. That's not how private enterprise works anon.

>> No.62292517

>>at will employment is only okay when people we don't like get fired
>>companies refusing service for non-protected classes is only okay when people we don't like are refused service
I agree with all of this. I wouldnt have a problem with it if Google stood by their word that they are a partisan company and will try to impose their views on it's employees and users or else (which we already know what it amounts to), and also didnt go through loops to pay about 1% in taxes while receiving tax money.

But they chose to take the path of hypocrites, where they live by their motto "Do as I say, not as I do". They say they are for tolerance, and boast on their "moral superiority" for preaching things. It is a mask they wear, because they know the moment they take it off their users will see their bullshit for what it is.

>> No.62292531

Here's the problem- Google (and a lot of other companies) get money and grants and shit from the Govt. to continue doing what they're doing, or to have gotten to where they are. So they've played with our money at some point.

Secondly, while I agree with you on a base level, there's nothing wrong with actually discussing this, and the concept of "If you don't like it go start your own service" isn't really actually having a discussion about this...

If you don't like Nazis in WW2, just leave Germany! Oh wait that wouldn't have worked...

>> No.62292570

chrome also only has about 55-60% of the web browser market where IE had upwards of 85-90% at one point I believe

>> No.62292581

>Here's the problem- Google (and a lot of other companies) get money and grants and shit from the Govt. to continue doing what they're doing, or to have gotten to where they are. So they've played with our money at some point.

All Silicon Valley companies are like that. It's called a "contract." You could modify those contracts to force the companies to not offend you I suppose but the government would never actually go after them. No one likes culture warriors. That's why the SJWs are so widely ridiculed and why everyone is laughing at /pol/.

>> No.62292627

>why everyone is laughing at /pol/.
Yeah, weeaboo avatarfags sure sounds like "every one"...

>> No.62292640

Google and most other major Silicon Valley companies have made it abundantly clear that they stand for equality (which is not the same as tolerance), and will not allow one of their own to peddle sexist bullshit, no matter how polite and dispassionate it may appear.

>> No.62292663

we should have listened to jim, he warned us all

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File: 1.13 MB, 1280x720, new game nene pop.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So this guy was just mad that google was starting to hire more token females? What is he is a virgin or something? Who cares? Most SV companies could do with more women honestly. It's a fucking sausage fest down there.

>> No.62292687

>they stand for equality (which is not the same as tolerance)
Well that's a new one.

>> No.62292696

Are there laws against facts?

>> No.62292698

ITT: Google employees desperately trying to SHUT IT DOWN

>> No.62292712

I'm sorry that you have trouble grasping grade-school semantics.

>> No.62292720

Most google employees are too busy raking in cash to care about /pol/-tier shit like muh feminism. Only an isolated autist like Damore would throw his career away from something stupid like this.

>> No.62292732

they promote equal outcome not equal opportunity.
> and will not allow one of their own to peddle sexist bullshit
fucking kys retard. the entire document is very short, go read it for yourself

>> No.62292747

I understand though, and by the same token I maintain that I am for racial segregation (which isnt the same as racism). Even though the two are correlated like equality and tolerance.

>> No.62292749

>they promote equal outcome not equal opportunity.

No they don't. They just don't want a fucking sausage fest. Only a virgin loser would find this offensive.

>> No.62292750

Unions are fine, but only where right to work laws exist.

>> No.62292756

>So this guy was just mad that google was starting to hire more token females
If you actually read the "manifesto," it's a breakdown of differences between men and women and, get this, ideas to restructure google to make it more accommodating to women. the media made it out like this kid wanted to genocide every woman in tech when it was literally a document containing pragmatic approaches to create more positions in google that would suit women based on their biological and social tendencies. the fact that the media spent days blatantly lying about a document anyone could read should disturb you

>> No.62292762

Good, Joe Rogan is a fucking middle age stoner.

Google is shit though, use Vimeo.

>> No.62292763

only a fucking retard thinks any good tech company should be 50% just because of your feelings

>> No.62292772

>They just don't want a fucking sausage fest.
Yeah, that's more of an Apple thing.

>> No.62292780

>they promote equal outcome not equal opportunity

Only in your mind sweetie.

>the entire document is very short, go read it for yourself

I've read it. It's a conclusion in search of an argument. It's clear the guy is a bitter virgin with an agenda.

>> No.62292793

project more faggot

>> No.62292808

Jokes on you I listen to very few people BUT Jim

>> No.62292829

The guy wanted to say "women are too dumb to be engineers" but didn't have the balls, so he drew that statement out over several thousand words to make it more to idiots.

>> No.62292837


millions, they are great

>> No.62292839

*more palatable

>> No.62292902

>white guys increasingly btfo by their own women
I used to think living in India was a curse, but in a few years that might not be the case.
>inb4 poo jokes
At least our street shitters aren't getting us fired for saying true statements. :^)

>> No.62292922

If you keep firing your talented workers, you might find out that they just went somewhere else and now you're fucked.

>> No.62292930

Let me know when India isn't a gigantic rape den Rahul.

>> No.62292938

keep attacking the messenger and none of the actual content you moron

>> No.62292942

>write 10 page paper on why women are too stupid to be engineers
>be surprised when you get fired from company that currently employs women as engineers and supports females in engineering

I thought this guy was supposed to be smart?

>> No.62292950

so you didn't read it
>>be surprised when you get fired from company that currently employs women as engineers and supports females in engineering
only 20% though you fucking sexist

>> No.62292956


>> No.62292960

There are more than a billion of us and many are quite talented. It does not hurt us to have some small percentage emigrate. In fact it is very beneficial to have our people successful in other countries too as it brings us opportunities for trade and diplomacy.

>> No.62292962

his take on siding with ISP's to essentially scortched earth the botnet is faulty reasoning because the isp's would gladly join up with the google and the like in order to further fuck over the people, but jim is right shits going to get worse and alternative platforms being created really seem to be the only solution that could be done and has the least risk of getting screwed over

>> No.62292973

How did /g/ end up being infested with the worst kind of shitlibs?

>> No.62292978

You have blacks and mestizos, we have dravidians. At least we punish our rapists and do not attempt to rationalized their crimes.

>> No.62292980

he's already been offered a job from assange

>> No.62292984

Aaaand dismissed.

Back to Facebook, normalfag.

>> No.62292986
File: 1009 KB, 500x281, 1487174098042.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>/pol/tards white knighting for some faggot with an ultimate goyim master size schnoz
I never thought I'd see this happen. This thread is fucking gold.

>> No.62292987

This is true, the ISPs have the exact same kind of leadership as Google does, so beyond wanting to destroy Google, they have more or less the same goals as Google.

>> No.62292991


>> No.62292992

I actually agree with him but know that he is a closet fascist (one of his first appearances was on Molymeme) and so I want him to get raped and murdered in the street in addition to being permanently unemployed.

>> No.62292993

>Google (and a lot of other companies) get money from ther govt
Are you retarded?

>> No.62292996

>stop criticizing him :'(

stop crying pol and deal with it

>> No.62293002

We got on the Google hitlist. As we speak, thousands of Google employees are being paid overtime to do damage control in every anti-Google thread.

>> No.62293006

get the neo900. the only catch is the phone is old as shit by current tech standards and it costs almost 1000 but it would be the only completely open phone in existance. if it ever is completed

>> No.62293007
File: 413 KB, 676x1000, awoo4390239042.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

/pol/ has been zionist ever since Trump showed us how based the jews really are. Soros is an outlier.

>> No.62293009

I don't give a fuck about this kike, but that doesn't make him wrong. explain to me why only 20% of google's workforce is women... I'll wait

>> No.62293014

I searched joe rogan on youtube and it came right up you lying faggot thanks for wasting my time

>> No.62293035

exactly. thats why im against Netn because the fcc is and has always been fucked and rotten with influence from those whom were supposed to be kept from screwing over the citizens. if we gave the fcc "more power" to regulate netn then they will just side with the isps/alphabet,etc and then it will be impossible to fight them back once, or almost nearly impossible.

>> No.62293040
File: 80 KB, 921x270, net neutrality1234.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.62293050
File: 69 KB, 699x485, 1499663610596.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


what did he mean by this?

>> No.62293064
File: 540 KB, 1440x900, Screenshot (2).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

not for me?

>> No.62293065

Probably because moronic Google employees like Damore publish screeds that say "women are stupid."

>> No.62293066

>Implying /biz/ isn't just about crypto

>> No.62293072

He used big words that makes it ok though.

>> No.62293093

Well, you're not gonna see anything contrary from me. I also argued against it from the get-go.

>> No.62293100

not an answer. use your brain

>> No.62293103

He IQ is probably twice as high as yours. Just saying.

>> No.62293121


Wew lad. You must make the ladies moist with your explanations.

>> No.62293151

Yeah, the popular notion that the modern-day computer field is a hostile sausage fest that's friendly to sexist fuckwits is totally not a deterrent to more women joining it.

>> No.62293161


>> No.62293163

so sexism is your answer?

>> No.62293174

good look. im betting that the easiest/most likely AND most effective thing we can do, albeit still extremely difficult to get done, would be to remove the laws that bar the creation of new isp's. if small towns and municipalities and cities just told the isp's to fuck off the built their own fiber or infrastructure of their choice then people would instantly realize that the bureaucracy created by the demand of the isp's/botnet collaborators doesnt actually help us in anyway. and everyone would realize that the "tax to maintain infrastructure/regional sports fee/broadcast fee/state recoup taxes" that isp's pull on us is a huge lie.
but if we just give the fed gov power it doesnt have they will just gladly become an even bigger bureaucracy and partner with botnet/isps
right on, sucks that its all still up in the air. also I wonder when we will see the effects of letting ICANN be taken over by "an international body"

>> No.62293215

This what the fuck.

Microsoft aint the evil ones here

they never where

>> No.62293218

This wasn't done by ICANN, but I think that what happened to stormfront is indicative of what should be expected.

>> No.62293228

Yet he couldn't help himself from getting fired because it was just too important that the world know he's scared of women in his office.

>> No.62293234

Microshit is still "evil"
wtf are you talking about

>> No.62293247

>still attacking the jew author and not the message

>> No.62293249

ya i agree its separate thing altogether. maybe youre right, the new international body that runs it might of pressured cloudfare, perhaps.. fuck.

>> No.62293257

>This is what Microturds actually believe

>> No.62293259
File: 40 KB, 392x200, 1448762971317.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

less evil than fucking google

/g/ memes about how shit windows is but as soon as Google penetrates the desktop/server market we're absolutely fucked

>cloud based os
>piss off google monolith
>banned from your own pc

>> No.62293272

James Damore is NOT a sexist. If you think that, you either haven't read the document he wrote or don't understand what sexism is.

>> No.62293278
File: 79 KB, 436x399, 1401239310879.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he think *nix is actually "free" and "open"
>backdoors everywhere
>has its own unique set of issues like extreme fragmentation and lack of documentation between distros leading to searching old forum posts to fix a tiny issue instead of everything just working

>> No.62293279


God you /pol/tards are so short sighted. They will always do that to you because your fringe ass views scare normal, non-schizophrenic people away. The problem is the botnet and the companies that use them.

>> No.62293285

It's hard to understand sexism from a position of male privilege. Have you tried listening to... actual women on this issue?

>> No.62293288

>Plant spyware into C/C++ compiler
>"Accidentally" leak secure boot golden keys
>Actively spying and sending data directly to the NSA and any other foreign agencies
"less evil than fucking google"

>> No.62293294

Google and Microsoft are both shit

>> No.62293297


fuck off tumblr

>> No.62293323

Not truth

>> No.62293339

Your statement is hilariously ironic, and exposes an unsophisticated mind.

>> No.62293340

It's purely speculative and ventures into tin foil hat territory, but ICANN is an organization dealing with accreditation of domain name registrars. I don't know the exact procedure of accreditation nor do I know if they can rescind it - but I suspect they can if the need arises. Needless to say, any registrar who is faced with their accreditation being rescinded is in a bit of a pickle so ICANN potentially has a scary degree of power over the Internet.

But it's purely speculation.

>> No.62293343

If Microsoft hadn't grown so complacent and inept in the 00s, it could have crushed Google when it was still a small company, potentially becoming as much of an evil web monopoly as a desktop one.

>> No.62293350

I just found it on google though and it's all there. Doesn't look like it's been censored to me.

>> No.62293358

>Google just unlisted Rogan's podcast on James Damore
Fake news.

>> No.62293374

much of a muchness

whoever is the dominant entity in the tech market will be the most evil

>> No.62293380

It could be regional, because Google does regional censorship as well as result weighting.

Not saying it is or isn't, though. I don't know.

>> No.62293399

High concentrations of power naturally lead to abuse of that power in order to maintain it.

>> No.62293404

Only in government though.

>> No.62293412

Oh that's just precious.

>> No.62293425

my precocious

>> No.62293429

Underrated post.

>> No.62293440
File: 618 KB, 1067x904, net neutrality truth4534.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This. The federal government is always bad, though Trump is trying to reform that. Just look at what he is doing for automated cars.

>> No.62293660

Google is still hosting his videos, hardly censorship considering they are entirely within their rights to simply remove it.

/pol/ LOVES jews now. Clearly having jewish bankers running the government was actually the right choice all along!

>> No.62293707

>could have crushed In Q tel
if it wasnt them it was going to be someone else lets be real
i wouldnt say always but in this situation there is no reason to defer power to the fcc considering that it allowed isps to be considered common carriers and then after almost 2 decades decide that "nah we cant actually force them to do that" yet all of those sweet sweet taxes that the isps collected was never brought up again and now they just put an asterisk next to it "this particlar fee is not state nor federally required*" also meh idk about the driverless car thing or really give a fuck what potus has to say about it. but driving/shipping is where lots of the below 90 IQ's go and when they get replaced im concerned general sociatal welfare will be damaged if they start taking opiates or commit crimes, but they need to do something otherwise thats like 15% of the population who wont be able to do something else and thats not a good sign

>> No.62293728

Thanks for the heads up

>> No.62294060


Given that this guy has a lawsuit against google, this doesnt seem like the smartest thing for them to do.

Also, has google just fired all their older engineers who would know what the Streisand effect is?

>> No.62294361

Hearing about what happened to the guy has made me consider switching to an alternative.

>> No.62294648
File: 179 KB, 1130x438, ss (2017-09-07 at 07.31.06).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.62294655

Free market is only efficient when suppliers and buyers both have the same information. Anything else leads to arbitrage or inefficiencies that alter the target price, screwing over whichever side has an information deficit. Note I'm not saying access to the same information, but literally both possessing the same information.

It's why the most basic theories of economics assume both parties know everything.

>> No.62294662

It's just /pol/ shilling.

>> No.62294667

17 matches for "Jew" in this thread
What's wrong, /g/entiles?

>> No.62294685

>Only in government though.


>> No.62294688

This is good. JRE is a normie podcast, this will wake the normies to the levells that good will go to and most people are against censorship, this will backfire on Google.

>> No.62294735

> What's wrong, /g/entiles?

>> No.62294744

The same could be said of you.

>except with men's penises.

>> No.62295004

It's a podcast, grandpa

>> No.62295016

Cause they're jealous of Chad

>> No.62295148

After a live stream ends, the full JRE podcast episode is uploaded unlisted while the different stream resolutions encode, from what I understand.

Literally every JRE podcast this year has been unlisted for a short period after being uploaded initially.

Google isn't trying to censor Joe Rogan. They aren't that stupid. The guy has a huge following and the negative publicity would hurt them.

>> No.62295156


>> No.62295319

>tfw there's no law against media monopolies
really makes you think

>> No.62295377

>no comments
>no ratings
>no sharing
>no related videos
>no view counter
>no link to the channel
and this is bad how? this is a capitalistic opportunity to write a scraper that indexes edgy deep youtube videos
not that you shouldnt already kill yourself for using youtube

>> No.62295388

well, the comments often dont load on JRE for me..

I'm sure its just ((( coincidence )))

>> No.62295398

>Who watches these 4 hour shows anyway?
me, I'll do it right now whilst programming

>> No.62295408

>this is a capitalistic opportunity to write a scraper that indexes edgy deep youtube videos
>not that you shouldnt already kill yourself for using youtube
does google api provide a filter option to filter out those?

also, it would be glorious to put adsense next to those and monetize them lol

>> No.62295411
File: 80 KB, 820x821, Really-Marx-Me-Think.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

neo/g/ is now full of firecucks who are pro censorship pro tracking and who's sole goal is to get more transwomen of color in tech.

>> No.62295436
File: 169 KB, 2536x1166, Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 09.04.25.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Seriously, did young faggot Jamie start disabling comments or wtf is going on here?

>> No.62295439

I honestly didn't believe this was not edited until I went to the actual video and saw. Holy hell...he really lost the genetic lottery on looks. Good thing he's super smart

>> No.62295443

nose can be reconstructed with plastic surgery though...

>> No.62295456


honestly im just sick of faggots getting triggered and spamming their social issues here

4chan used to trigger people now its in a race to the bottom with the left to see who can be the biggest victim and people like you are trying to turn every board into a soapbox.

>> No.62295494

Of course, but I think if you're "smart enough to work for Google" level of intelligent then you've transcended the need to look good to succeed. I see guys who look worse pull girls they have no business being with except for the fact that they're charismatic and financially successful. Once a guy is above a 6-7 there's no additional gains. Everything else is social status and money. He's tall and thin so he's still easily a 6-7 even with a comically large nose.

>> No.62295502
File: 1.09 MB, 793x752, 1504606623441.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You just have it in the background while you play gamens

>> No.62295525
File: 75 KB, 1280x720, Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! - 01 06.12.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This. Anime is power, but polacks can only sit and whine.

>> No.62295590

Google needs to be fucking destroyed

>> No.62295655

JRE unlists their live streams after they're done.

>> No.62295848

Why does it always seem like there's someone pointing a gun at him off camera when he's being interviewed?

>> No.62295865

At least /g/ should be able to afford math captcha.

>> No.62295902

This would reduce the number of American posters too

>> No.62296925

>/pol/ having no idea what they're talking about

Imagine that

>> No.62296940

But that site literally lost to nyaa.si

>> No.62297081
File: 172 KB, 599x858, 1470990658405.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

he has to be smart or else he can't afford to beta bux some chad's post wall leftover who wants to "settle"

>> No.62297934

Nosejob wouldn't do much for him. He would need double jaw surgery at the very least

>> No.62297955

(((Damore))) you draw attention to it (((damore))) difficult it is for me to look away

>> No.62297963

> feminists have a right to live

>> No.62297974

They didn't unlisted. After it finishes live it gets unlisted as it is being uploaded.

>> No.62298030

Always have them running when I'm cleaning the house or working in my yard.

>> No.62298065

holy shit you fucking drama queen it went away while the VOD processed, it's up right the fuck now and is the first youtube result if you search joe rogan. Fuck off with your sensationalist bullshit

>> No.62298289


>> No.62298306

they gave everyone work android phones and every keystroke from their workcomputer is being monitored. can't refuse that
he's nervous and a submissive talksperson, nobody probably asked it before

>> No.62298404

Tanaka > Hamada
You have shit Gaki taste.

>> No.62298459

I'm italian and what the fuck are you saying, that guy is not clearly an italian.

>> No.62298515

That nigger is greek if anything.

>> No.62298522

The best thing is that subhumans like you are too fucking stupid to even read his memo because if you did you would know that James is a pathetic women praising cuck that complains about lack of females at his workplace but because he disagrees with the way Google tried to solve this issue he got fired and SJW niggers like you automatically assume that he is "sexists".

>> No.62298745


it shows up on both youtube and google search. what are you talking about?

>> No.62298764

/pol/ just likes making mountains out of molehills. The channel owner hides their videos for a few hours to let YouTube process the full res video and then makes it public. But don't tell that to /pol/, it's the joos censoring their ideas.

>> No.62298791
File: 33 KB, 480x360, img.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy shit, that's a terrible angle.

>> No.62298970

Did you think that was funny? When you took the time out to pick the perfect pepe image to add onto your meme reply did you chuckle? Do you think we laughed? Are you a comedian?

>> No.62299706
File: 1 KB, 64x64, png.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

really makes you think

>> No.62299736

I don't know who this Cyrano de Bergerac looking motherfucker is

>> No.62299771
File: 133 KB, 904x325, ww.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

3rd world doesn't have this problem

>> No.62300367

t. someone who has never written a line of html, css or javascript in their life

>> No.62300840

What the fuck are you talking about? I just watched the entire thing on youtube.

>> No.62301211

>literally doesn't understand how any of this works
Do you think before you speak?

>> No.62301938

Liberals will always argue against freedom of speech for some reason. Despite the fact that even websites not run by Google use Google's code, or that Google has such a super majority of traffic routed through their servers -- and, again, from websites not even controlled by Google meaning that intentionally not visiting Google ISN'T enough -- people will willingly argue against some textbook definition of some word somewhere rather than looking at what is in front of them: Google is a public resource just like Bell was before it was split.
When Bell was split other companies were even allowed to use Bell's existing infrastructure because it was deemed a public entity.

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