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Is this the worst piece of software ever created?

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Only if you prefer playing PS2 games with their shitty native resolution and erratic frame rate

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It's always worked great for me. Don't know what your deal is OP.

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Yes. You would think it would be Atleast usable

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probablyu muh ace combat

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Out of every possible software, you chose this as the worst? How fucking dense are you OP?

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Why? It's the only fucking way I can play shadow of the colossus in 4k with 4xMSAA at native framerate.

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Is this the worst shitpost ever created?

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is this the worst thread ever created?

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Is OP the worst retard ever created?

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Do you even have to ask?


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Did you have your brain surgically replaced with a pile of dog shit or do you just have severe down syndrome?

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I'll never understand the hate this emulator gets, sure the devs could be a little more active and sure their methods are a little messy but no one else has made a better alternative and it works fine.

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>I lack the mental capacity to use this software so it must be the worst ever


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OP's one of those "accuracy" turds who gets mad that emulators let him play his games again and have to face them as an adult and undo the decade of shitty wrong nostalgia. Reason why he hates it is because it makes the game look better since the textures aren't being downsized and you can have a modern resolution instead of fucking 480i.

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underage B& leave

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Yeah, I bet your dynarec emulator of a weird and tricky platform is way better, amirite?

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That's not zsnes though

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I've had better results with that than dolphin.

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>You're now aware that the PS2 was released 17 years ago (slim version, 13)

You just made me redownload this. Gonna play transformers with all the cheatcodes for the nostalgia.

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Shadow never worked for me how do you configure the game to the point of 4k

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This is

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>weak b8

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Not that guy, but I've heard the nightlies/latest non-stable builds work wonders for that game.

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they need to multicore that shit

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pcsx2 and the developers are the biggest pieces of shit going around

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Bleemcast was actual good technology before Sony sued them into oblivion

Dreamcast ran PS2 games with better quality than actual PS2 consoles could

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>Compiled it from source. https://git.launchpad.net/pcsx2-github-mirror?h=master
>Have a good CPU
>Have fast RAM
>Have decent mid-range GPU
Currently best options are i7 7700k @ 5.2 + 4.2ghz GSKILL Trident Z + $300 used 1070 from ebay.

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>ps2 games

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It's not a Linux, so no it isn't.

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>Sony sued them into oblivion
sony actually lost that case, it was the legal costs that killed bleem

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All the ingredients for a four alarm fire

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you're the only retard here m8. What I said is 100% facts

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bleem!/bleemcast is a ps1 emulator, not a ps2 emulator

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Not really, sitting at about 27 C on full load with watercooling. For better performance, and better overclocking temps, try disabling HT, as it is useless for emulation.

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I thought the losers have to pay legal fees.

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that's allegedly what happened, it is a fact that sony lost the case though

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>small company
>get sued by a huge company
>either give up without a fight or enter court and get bankrupted by legal fees

It's what makes capitalism so great.

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A ps2 in 2017 is literally 15$, add an extra 10$ for a freemcboot memorycard and bam you can play the entire ps2 library flawlessly on the real thing

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No, Windows 10 is

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>t. freetard

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>you're retarded for wanting freedom

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The Linux side could use some polishing.
I mean, my Ryzen 1700 and RX 580 barely run better than my older Phenom II 965BE and HD4890

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persona 4 works perfectly on my 5 years old laptop at 1080, op is a fag

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You're in for a surprise anon.

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If you knew how hard it is to emulate undocumented hardware...
You're the retard, anon.

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That at least does something.

Now this. This neither does or tells you shit.

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>RPCS3 is fully multi-threaded, the more cores the better, in active development for a couple of years with major progress in little over half a year
>PCSX2 is in development for over a decade and can't do shit
To answer the question: no, it's not the worst software in general, but it's one of the worst open-source emulators, yes.

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I have finished several games on it without any problems.

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Linux still exists

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Haha fuck seatools. Also PCSX2 is an amateur passion project.
You want quality you gotta spend some money :)

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>17 years ago
You're still underage.

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like for cemu?
cemu is a piece of shit

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You are retarded

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OP's a gayming retard, so of course he has no idea what he's talking about.

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which by the way now works

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it runs almost every DDR game just fine so idgaf because i also have a ps2

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>pcsx2 and the developers are the biggest pieces of shit going around

PCSX2 as it is is okay. Very useful. It still has the debug memory dump, right? They removed that at one point, hope it was added back...

The devs are indeed assholes, no two ways about it.

However, they still pale in comparison to the monumental mountain of turd that is MAMEDEV.

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>PCSX2 is in development for over a decade and can't do shit

It played Disgaea 1-2, both Katamaris, Gradius V, Ar Tonelico 1-2, and God Hand all without hitches ten years ago. The worst bug was that Katamari skipped over the FMVs.

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>can't tune an emulator
Sorry it won't hold your hand like your mommy

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>Is this the worst piece of software ever created?
Go write your own emulator you worthless, incapable fucking piece of shit

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once you win you have the ability to sue for legal costs, its not something guaranteed.

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>Go write your own emulator you worthless, incapable fucking piece of shit
>you don't like a thing? make better!
that kind of thinking is retarded

that being said OP is also retarded, PCSX2 is good

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>that kind of thinking is retarded
no it isn't, only worthless lazy mouth breathers have the time to complain about things in such a way and they deserve to be called out on their bullshit

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I don't really keep up with emu drama. Why are the devs such assholes aside from being a bit slow compared to other emu projects?

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r1888 runs star ocean 3 at 60 fps WITH vsync enabled on a core2duo lol, fuck off.

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The devs are apparently a little fed up with freshmen trying to give them optimization advice

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ITT: /v/ migrants cant understand why single core consoles aren't heavily multi-threaded when emulated.

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It runs Breath of Fire V fine along with most PS2 games, so maybe you're just a faggot that belongs on >>>/v/

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V6? B8

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This software is actually godlike.

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For you

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>Play PS2 as >1 yr old

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I wonder, it works like trash in my machine, even using the native resolution and no filter whatsoever, I get constant frame drops in most games, and the worst part is it that if the FPS barely drop under 60, you'll have audio desynchronization that will make your ears bleed.

What the fuck do you need to even run this? I gave up on it a long time ago, CEMU works far better in my machine actually, how can this happen.

The emulation will always be innacurate and all those filters and upscalings are a fucking placebo for niggers. The games are meant to be played in 480p in a rather small screen, they are not HD.

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Plenty of opportunities to multithread, Sony already does it quite extensively on PS3.


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PS2 was already a highly parallel console. Cell SPEs are the cousins of the PS2's VUs.

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considering most games work pretty well, i'd say no. there is much shittier software out there, and this is far from shit.

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