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Are you ready to delid?

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No one is gonna buy that chip.
Not even Intel fans.

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Is this a satire page?

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>Not even Intel fans.
Delid Dis Editon™ CPUs fly of the shelves.

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true fucking delusion right here
shouldn't have to tear your fucking CPU in half to make it work without catching fire

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>time to say goodbye to my delidded 7700k
Jesus, talk about people with disposable income.

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I don't know why anyone expected the higher core count -X chips to be any different. They're not going to solder some HEDT chips and use TIM on others. Splitting the production line like that is probably more expensive than just using solder.

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Doesn't that chip use 1000W when OC'd?

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because Intel needs to fucking act NOW before they lose even more market share to Ryzen/Threadripper

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>amd releases a 16 core processor
>intel immediately announces an 18 core processor
its still funny how buttflustered intel is

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That's not even mentioning how the AMD 16 core has more PCI-e lanes and hardly uses more power than intel's 10 core

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1.2kW @4.6ghz

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Intel fans you say?

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And meanwhile AMD is soldering even their cheapest bargain bin Ryzen chips and Intel can't be assed to do it for their 2000 dollarydoo chips.

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how the fuck
I can run my entire COMPUTER thrice over for that much power

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I always wonder the point of this. What are these people actually doing with their hardware to justify it?

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It's for fun and to show off, like people who mod cars but don't really race.

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Why don't they just sell enthusiast grade processors without the heat spreader from the factory and save people the trouble of removing it?

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it's consumerism

they don't do anything with it

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Nah, if I want more performance I'll buy a Threadripper.

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We've been saying this for months

Why is this news?

Delid this thread pls

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He's a retard. The silicon die would destroy itself if it draws that much power.

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>shit-tier heat-spreader-TIM

why, WHY!?

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It was already completely fixed more than a week ago, you dumb fuck. Everything works super-well now.

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why are you lying?

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Now go and fuck yourself in the ass with a spiky metallic strap-on, you dumb fuck.

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Jees, someone's upset!

Mad AMD hasn't given you that promotion for all the hard work you've done shilling their CPUs on an anime image board?

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>I have no argument, so I'll just shitpost in "response"
Classy, kid. Simply classy.

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then why are RMA'd cpus coming with "passed"-stickers?
if the problem was fixed, why's there a need to test these chips again?

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Just "in case if...", naturally.
But everything's absolutely fine with the "week 30"-batches. I'm personally owning a "week 25" 1800X and two "week 30" 1800X - segfault is only on the week 25 stone and I'll be selling it off e-bay for twice lower the price soon.

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Thanks for the (You) IDIOT

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For your peace of mind. Because AMD cares for their customers, unlike JewFail or nGreedia.

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That is a very shitty photoshop skill you have there, kid.

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>dumb uneducated inexperienced kid got completely owned on anonymous board
>dumb uneducated inexperienced kid makes a shitty photoshop on other posters to somehow make himself look good, but it completely fires back on his dumb uneducated inexperienced ass

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>1000W on full load
>JewJizz™ Housefire-Edition
how can any sane person on this planet buy this piece of filth? srsly it's just sad at this point.

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Dumb uneducated inexperienced fucks such as this >>62279415+>>62279472+>>62279515+>>62279577 kiddie imbecile buy that POS from their parents' money.

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no hablo runa de la luna

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Anon asked why people are delidding, and I gave him/her/xir an example.
So what the FUCK is your problem now?

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Unironically gonna delid my 6700k as soon as warranty runs out. Recon I can hit 5ghz safely.

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So when Intel will resort to compiler tricks?
>inb4 even unoptimized Zen destroys Intel

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Are you dumb? You would burn a hole in your board if it was half that.

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Some people are rich, want the (acktually) best, and DGAF

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>1000W when OC'd
>1.2kW @4.6ghz
Jesus fucking Christ what a disaster

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Skylake-x is capable of destroying your entire house, not just your motherboard.

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my coworkers and I were talking about it yesterday and it had me wondering who in their right mind would buy those chips compared to TR/Epyc
>no ECC support at all
>no NVME raid 1/5/10 support without spending another 300$ or some shit, and even then, it only works with Intel NVME drives (trash)
>only 48 PCI-E lanes
honestly I'm probably going to just throw together a supermicro Epyc box since its covered by the company anyway (we get upgrades every year around Q4), even a single 20c+ one will do the job, while offering so much more.

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People like you are the example and the direct proof that hardware world is undergoing massive changes and that the market share situation is going to be changed drastically in the next ~5 years. Thank you for this post.

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I don't really think it's a massive change, some of us just prefer to use the right tool for the job and in my situation more compute power means I can get more done in less time. no ECC with 256 gigs of ram is a bad joke and an absolute deal-breaker.

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>in 2017
>so he can go from 117 to 140 fps in his gaymen
>literally no other reason

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wtf? 500 watts just for cpu alone? this cant be real

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>falling for the deliding meme
Absolutely AMD Pajeet tier post

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That's from forcing AVX units to run at 4.5Ghz. Normally the CPU massive throttles itself when runs AVX units for a reason.

There's no point in getting any of the customer-tier Socket 2066 chips. You have no overclocking ceiling on the higher-core SKU due to thermal and power issues unless you resort to high-end and exotic cooling. You better hope that MOSFETs and VRMs on the motherboard can tolerate 500W+ for long periods of time. Upcoming Coffee Lake almost makes lower-core count Socket 2066 SKUs pointless.

Xeon Ws completely BTFO any of the customer-tier Socket 2066 (All SKUs have 48 PCIe-lanes and ECC support). On paper, you can still overclock them via BLCK. I wouldn't be too surprised that will be "Gaming" tier C2xx chipset boards coming soon.

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>running 10-core CPUs @ 4.5Ghz @ 1.25V
>requiring copious amount of power to run
>acting surprised

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For fucks sake Intel what the fuck are you doing?
AMD, fucking AMD of all companies is running CIRCLES around you in marketing of all things.

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Good for you, recently i spent almost one hour try to talk some sense to some (((gaming expert))) pc builder that i5 isn't better than r5 1600. Even when he lost all argument he just said that he had 'personal' bad experience with AMD and intel just work.

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Intel is coming around already. Coffee Lake and upcoming Xeon Ws (Intel unfucked their Skylake-Xs: All SKUs have 48 PCIe lanes and ECC support) are short-term answers to Ryzen/Threadripper. The lower core-count Xeon Ws are going play on the architecture's IPC/clockspeed advantage and will BTFO Ryzen 7s and lower-end Threadrippers.

Intel's long-term plan is going multi-die as well, but they started once they realized that massive monolith die path was becoming economically untenable with Broadwell-E and Broadwell-EP yields. It just takes years for change gears and switch to new architecture. Skylake-X is the unfortunate victim of being caught in the middle of the transitional period.

Intel is just waking up and taking the kiddie gloves off. This is the first time they something since Sandy Bridge-E.

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It's 44 lanes. 48 is only for Xeon-W, goy.

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And their best answer to Zen is more overpriced housefires?
Can't wait till 2021 for Itanic: x86 edition.

>> No.62281250


Nope, Xeon Ws are priced aggressively to Ryzen/Threadripper line-up. They aren't housefires either at stock speeds (What most of market runs them at)

AMD just woke up the 800-pound gorilla from its slumber and it is mad.

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>$1113 for 8core
>priced aggresively
Oyy vey rabbi, now that's what I call aggressive pricing.
Also did Intel finally crush ARM in mobile?
They TOTALLY woke the gorilla I swear.

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They woke an angry gorilla only to see it slip on a banana peel.

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>Full system power consumption

>> No.62281432

AMD woke up the 800 Watt Gorilla (((TDP)))

>> No.62281499


It blows Threadripper in anything that doesn't effectively harness 12 or more threads. It isn't even a contest if you throw in AVX performance.

Intel is just playing to their architecture strengths. Threadripper is only good when you are dealing with a ton of threads but those kind of workloads fall under a server.

Skylake-X = great workstation chip, lousy server-chip, potent HPC chip if you work can harness AVX

Threadripper = good workstation chip, decent server chip for the cost

Epyc = awesome server chip, okay workstation chip (1S SKUs only)

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No, I already ordered my ryzen 5 1500

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Just wait for their 18-core 2000W global inferno.

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Can't you niggers be happy with a CPU for what it is without having to fuck with it afterwards and risk damaging it?

>> No.62281674

>It blows Threadripper in anything that doesn't effectively harness 12 or more threads.

yeah so does the 7350k

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>all this damage control

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When it costs $1000-$2000, you shouldn't have to fuck with it at all.

>> No.62282280

I"d use it for video encoding if I had the money. I looking for an EC2 instance instead.

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Can't tell if trolling or just retarded.

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Just shove links in his face until he goes away. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-2017-ryzen-5-1600-1600x-vs-core-i5-7500k-review

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32 lanes? What you need 24 lanes for?

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>1500 is not powerful enough and not cheap enough for what it is (needs to be at least 30$ cheaper)
>he didn't buy 1600/1600X, which are LITERALLY best bang for buck globally

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Don't worry, STARSHIP is already on it's way. Bundled with full version of Star Citizen.

>> No.62282435

Quite frankly, 1600X utterly DESTROYS not just 7500K, but also 7600K.

>> No.62282900

>buying a 1600x
And you call Intel the greedy ones?

>> No.62282926

Either you're stupid, or a buttmad JewFail shill.

>> No.62282964

It is a r5 1600, I just mistyped it.

>> No.62283109

i bought a 1600 and made it myself a 1600X, hA

>> No.62283843

>in anything that doesn't effectively harness 12 or more threads

I, too, buy 16 core CPUs because my work is all single threaded.

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The 1600 is the exact same thing minus the factory OC. Plus the 1600 comes with a not too bad looking stock cooler.

>> No.62284838

Not exactly same. The PPC is slightly higher even while not considering additional clock. In other words - 1600X's PPC is slightly higher even when 1600 and 1600X run on exactly same clocks.

>> No.62284864

It's the same fucking die. 1600X is very slightly better binned.

>> No.62285371

Exactly BECAUSE it's better binned, it has slightly higher PPC than 1600 on same clocks.

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ill just run it at stock and be faster than every other CPU

>> No.62285407

No you fucking retard.
It simply clocks higher at the same voltage.
Do you understand what binning means you retarded /v/edditor?

>> No.62285633

No, you retard. The PPC is higher on EXACTLY SAME clocks.

>> No.62285637

It's not you braindead monkey.

>> No.62285772

No you idiot, it can lower your running temps by 20C

>> No.62285793

It has lower clock speeds than the threadripper parts.

That isn't how clocks work, it's more efficient at the same clocks. less power/heat.

>> No.62285832

Or you could just not buy intel's hot garbage.

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>test chips to make sure everything works as expected
>somehow this is a bad thing

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>implying userbenchmark's "effective speed" is anything but a fucking joke
>especially when talking about high core count CPUs

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It's not userbenchmark, it's friggin' CPUboss.

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1. Your parents aren't buying you a $2000 CPU for christmas.
2. Even if someone were in the market for one, a 32 core Epyc costs $2100, and actually has ECC support. And more PCIe lanes.

>> No.62286754

>a 32 core Epyc costs 2100$
Wasn't that ~1999$?

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>He doesn't know that even 7900X loses to 1920 in 9 out of 10 cases, not even mentioning 7820X

>> No.62286822

>32 core Epyc costs $2100
Dude what? Sauce?

>> No.62287002

It's the 7551P. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Epyc

>> No.62287130

No, 7551p is $2100.

>> No.62287135

>a 32 core Epyc costs $2100
wut? where? i kinda want one, or a bit more.
or do you mean the 32 threads one thats $1k ?

>> No.62287153

>better change that socket and make more shekels

>> No.62287188

No, 7551p literally costs $2100. 7401p (24/48) costs only $1075.

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File: 61 KB, 604x499, 8fc47e57da13b3cdb9443d6714c79d3c2270640a6290c8938ead73c1cd99b8b3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>32 core (64 thread) for $2.1k

>> No.62287220

It's literally just to own it and tell people about owning it, running benchmarks and posting their results on forums. As abhorrent as that is, it's no more disgusting a hobby than gayming.

>> No.62287342

And 24/48 is only $1075.
Xeon-W is literally DOA.

>> No.62287411

>xeon platinum 28c/56t costs $13000

>> No.62287455

That's 1.5TB edition.
Standard 768GB costs *only* some $10k.

>> No.62287553

Help! Police! This man is trying to steal 12 pcie lanes

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using userbench to argue about HEDT platform
those brasilians are surely firing up my neurons

>> No.62287653

>Even cheapest Epyc supports 2+ TB

>> No.62287673

That's why AMD will be killing Intel in OEM sales.
No retarded segmentation.
What else does one need?
Heck they can also offer you GPUs if you need them.

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File: 1.13 MB, 232x181, Curry, but not Pajeet.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And then there's STARSHIP™...will be bundled with the fully completed version of STAR CITIZEN™

>> No.62287878

Scam Citizen will never come out tho.

>> No.62288160

every stage is so far on track since their roadmap got published

they have delivered on everything so far

>> No.62288200

Scam Citizen is the case of neverending featurecreep.
It will never be actually launched.

>> No.62288294

Ahckshually...IMMA LET U FINNISH, BUT...according to interviews with Chris made after 3.0 reveal, they're pretty much dead-set on finishing EVERYTHING (including Squadron 42) by the late 2018/early 2019 TOPS. Roughly 80% of all content is finished and they're just ironing out a shitton of bugs/glitches now so that they could release a preliminary Beta sometime in 8~10 months from now. 3.0 is essentially one of the last "Alpha" releases.

>> No.62288731

No, that's definitely an image of the userbenchmark site

>> No.62289112

My bad, they're very similar, but I forgot that these "Boss" sites (CPUboss, GPUboss, SSDboss) all have gone full-retard and didn't update their databases for god only knows in how long (1600/X is STILL listed as "Rumored" on CPUboss, lol).

>> No.62289451

18 Core house fire edition

>> No.62291089


It has a much lower clockspeed and boost speeds and more importantly it is a server CPU not a workstation CPU. Workstations don't need that many bloody threads. Hell, you are hard-pressed to find something that uses more than 8 to 12 threads

The IPC/clockspeed advantage is why Xeon Ws are going to outsell Threadripper in the prosumer/enterprise. Intel is playing the chip to its strengths.

Intel dropped the retarded artificial segmentation because of competition from Ryzen/Threadripper. It is the customer-tier Socket 2066 chips that got fucked over.

>> No.62291771

>The IPC/clockspeed advantage is why Xeon Ws are going to outsell Threadripper in the prosumer/enterprise



>> No.62291790

>xeon W
>clockspeed advantage over threadripper
yeah, no

>> No.62291823

>tfw i could run ~10 of my PC's on 1.2kw
what the fuck intel

>> No.62291969


Are you fucking retarded? That article is comparing server chips with workstation chips.

They have completely different needs. Skylake-X architecture has a clockspeed/IPC advantage over Ryzen. It does matter with workstation users who favor it over core count because their workloads don't scale well beyond eight threads. It is no contest with AVX workloads.

Threadripper is what Xeon-Ws are going after. They will fare quite well. The only real advantage that Threadripper has over them is having 66 PCIe lanes if you need that level of expandability/I/O throughput.

>> No.62292003


The lower-core count SKUs have a clockspeed/IPC advantage over Threadripper/Ryzen SKUs.

Not the retarded 16 and 18-core SKUs which are only there for bragging rights. They are really just server-tier chips trying selling themselves as "Workstation-tier" hardware.

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File: 139 KB, 1200x560, Intel_1S_Xeon-W_pricing.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why not try actually reading it, shitstain?

>There are a few things to note here. First take a look at AMD’s 1S Epyc pricing, specifically the 32C 7551P. It costs $2100 or a mere $101 more than the 18C Skylake-X for 14C more, 1.25TB more addressable memory, and no artificial fusings of bells and whistles. Any guesses which will be faster on workstation workloads? Now if you look at the price delta between Skylake-X and Xeon-W it is about $450 for the 10C models, the 14C and 18C prices are MIA. Any guesses why?

>With Epyc you get more cores, more performance per socket, more memory capacity, more PCIe lanes, and all for notably less money. Intel still wins, barely, on single threaded performance, something that has no place in the workstation market.

Fuck off, cuck.

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