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I have bought a AMD MSI RX VEGA 56 from Alternate last week on release. Delivery between 7-8 September. I call alternate today and ask why it is not shipped yet? They tell me I, that they do not have the any cards. I tell them I have an E.mail with a delivery date. They do not give a fuck. I ask what to do. They tell me, that I can wait months or cancel my order. I ask for a 1070. They tell me no. I live in Germany, what should I do?

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>cancel your order
>buy a 1070
there you go OP. solved your problem in 2 steps.

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Tell them the SS Waffen are coming and demand to see hanz.

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Involve the authorities.
What they're doing is illegal.
If you bought with something like a credit card it should be easy to get it back if you have your receipt.

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My limit is 399€ .1070 costs more and has not the same performance.

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Thats not a scam you dumb coleslaw. They've done you a favor anyway. Just buy a 1070

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>ṇot owning AMEX

Nigga these guys literally go ballistic if you're not satisfied after using their CC to buy online

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Post on r/AMD, bad publicity travels fast

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fuck off you retard

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>$150 more expensive
>9% faster on average
Wow anon you sure showed him.

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Nice blog, where can I subscribe?

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>this shitty place i bought from doesnt deliver when they say they do
>somehow blame it on the card
what? just buy from a difference website you retard.

also read the fucking shit again, if it says PRELIMINARY or UNCONFIRMED it's not guaranteed to ship.

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also fuck you for making a fucking thread about this retarded shit

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Lol, okay, it plays a few shitty games slightly faster while running hotter than hell itself.

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you can undervolt it. fuck off nvidiot shill

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The voltage would've been lower out of the box if you could do it reliably with every single unit, so that doesn't really sweeten the deal.

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maybe not, but not getting nerfed by drivers cus of jews does.
and not having to pay $100+ for xSync also does.
and not supporting a shit company also does.

also we still dont know how big a portion of the can undervolt, so there is still good chance many will.

also you can OC most pretty good.

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>cancel order
>buy from amazon instead
>dont listen to guy suggesting you buy a 1070 even thoigh i own one and love it the bench marks say its not as good buy next to yours

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>but not getting nerfed by drivers cus of jews does.
That's nothing but a meme. It has been thoroughly tested and debunked.


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>I live in germany
dont be outside when the delivery truck arrives.

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AMD is infamous for overvolting their chips just so they pass binning faster at larger volumes. I got my R9 280 to run at stock 900 MHz with 1.05V (stock was 1.25v). Temps went like 10C° down.

Most report ~0.2v stable undervolts on R9 chips. Vega might be similar.

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>linus shill tips

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Solid argument, bro.

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Those stats aren't very relevant when one card is actually available for purchase and the other isn't, familia.

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>t. linus

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You do realize that it's not yet 7-8 September?

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actually, pretty much every company except Gigabyte and Sapphire is famous for overvolting everything just to get a slight edge on everyone else make make it look like their shit is better that their competitors.

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>muh gayming gpu won't arrive on time!!111
You have to be 18 to post here

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They didn't cripple drivers, just stopped working on them. I have a GTX 680 and it's complete garbage in 2017. Sub-1050 ti performance. Kill yourself, shill.

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>what is gimpworks
>nvidia barely any perf improvements while even years old amd cards keep getting big buffs over time

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fuck you cunt if he is linus then i am corey motherfucking taylor

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A card that's not in your PC scores exactly 0 (zero). The GTX 1070 win here. No contest (literally).

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by that logic both cards score zero cus he apparently cant get either

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Only way to educate those idiots.

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no it's not and you're a fucking moron cus he doesnt have either card so both would get zero

also just because you cant get one card right now doesnt mean it does not perform as such

kys novidiot shill kid

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At least in the Netherlands the GTX 1070 is easily available.

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still not an argument

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she would be so cute if she would bleach her hair and eyebrows and wear purple contracts

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I get that the AMD performs better than a 1070 but I can't buy it. By the time I can it's deprecated so it's not a viable option and therefore irrelevant how it performs.

You also cannot really recommend the new Ferrari super car when all 499 units are already sold.

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your face is deprecated

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>By the time I can it's deprecated
imply harder, faggot

>comparing cars to gpus
fuck off, retard

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Availability of a card is no argument?
You'd happily purchase a card that will not actually be shipped? In that case I can sell you an even BETTER card for $10999.


Vega 56:

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in terms of performance, it's a moot point.

and it WILL be shipped sooner or later, dipshit.

>paying more
uhu, nice fallacy bro

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I just try to make money over idiots buying unavailable cards. Seems to be a big thing atm.

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Grow out of video games.

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get an 1080ti

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but they're making more and it will ship sooner or later like i already told you, you dense retard.

it's not an argument.

also retard OP doesnt even know what date it is. 1 week is not a long period to wait if i can get a vega 56 for $400 like i can in my country

get fucked, novidya shill

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Two 1080 Ti are better
Even this kid has two of them.
What's your excuse, /g/?

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his parents bought those for him

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that's the meme you autistic fuck

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Really? I thought he just washed 4000 cars.

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Gee Bill! How come your mom lets you have TWO gtx 1080tis?

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show me the 259€ 1070 , vega 56 is 409€ here

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cant even get a 6GB 1060 for €260 here

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your parents bought these posts for you

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that man is obviously italian

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nice projection but i havent lived in my mom's basement for at least 8 years

and this is obviously a rat

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Here in the first world a vega 56 8GB costs 599 euros.
A GTX 1070 is only 459 euros.

I'm not paying a third more for a few extra fps in some games.

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>first world
get cucked by cucknation, faggot. it's €100 cheaper here.

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your parents obviously bought that rat for you

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That picture keeps getting updated with new cards every time I see it

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Holy fuck the AMD shills in this thread.

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Will they ship to other EU countries without charging too much?

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doubt it

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is that SEK?
what the hell, it's 29k rubles
why is it that cheap?

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>one AMDead sponsored game out of hundreds
Literally a fluke and this pathetic shill image is being spammed in every pooga thread. Pathetic.

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because it's a well regulated market and not "free" capitalism that lets companies jew customers

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>still 3 days left
>didn't cancel

>what should I do?
cancel or stfu.
definitely stfu. maybe cancel too.

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Do you have a mental deficiency?

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WHY, just WHY. I was happy. ALTERNATE is the worst.

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v56 is 600 euro on computeruniverse.de
and v56 it's 516 euro on computeruniverse.ru

western world gets fucked. I wonder what are chinese prices

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>unable to be happy without some GPU

im sorry your life is so bad bro

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I hate my life right now. Without my GPU, I do regular training every day and go out with friends. FUCK THIS SHIT . I want to stay in my room.

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I will wait for 400€ 1070 or until the 56 is stocked again. Thanks for everyone's sympathy.

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tell them the fuhrer is coming.

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