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>Large German eTailer reports AMD processors out-selling Intel products

>The news comes from and ever since March 2017, when AMD launched Ryzen series, AMD processor sales have seen a from 28% (vs. 72% of Intel) towards now a proper 56% by the end of August 2017 of that sales pie. This of course is targeted at the DiY component market.


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rip intel
The next dieshrink will cement AMDs dominance

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Germans are RETARDED what else is new, they don't value stable technology like Intel but experimental crap AMD shits out

Thankfully Americans and Japanese are way smarter.

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There are still OEMs.
Then again, AMD won servers over, so it might not matter.

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Hello Sir, i am an unbiased, free merchant from this area. This graphs are a totally totally wrong presentation of CPU sells. My Shop is selling way more Intel™ CPU's than AMD ever will. Please delet this fake graph or you will hear from my lawyer!

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Coffee lake will probably BTFO ryzen 1 and 2

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totally, Bettynho.

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Ryzen Pro already has several design wins.
That's what matters when it comes down to OEM sales.

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This graph shows revenue, not number o CPUs sold. It's fucking meaningless.

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So the year of AMD is coming? Nice. What nao linuxfags?
Ryzen 1? Perhaps. 7nm? It aims for 5GHz server operation. Intel won't beat this, not until they have new arch.
...In 2021, when zen 3 is coming out.

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Ryzen 1600-1700 and 350 370 chipset are absolutely wonderful.

Only Finnicky part is choosing the right memory and finding what works

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Here's the numbers lad.

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you mean Genuine Intel®

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Now we are talking. Finally some competition!

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I have a 1700x. In all my years I never thought a chip this powerful would be available to consumers.

I've been working IT at a power plant for 10 years and I've only ever seen chips this powerful that were xeons in the thousands of dollars and yet the ryzen 1700x is 350 dollars.

The 1700x and 1800x are perhaps the best chips to come out in 10 years.

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pic related

Coffee lake is going to have 6 cores. What's going to be the point of buying ryzen after that? The r5s are AMD's best sellers too.

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No they are basically mentioned xeons but on fresh platform. Best chips of decade will be zen2.

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>What's going to be the point of buying ryzen after that?
most likely half the price for the CPU and cheaper OC-able mobo's, have fun spending at least 50€ more for your Z-board only to OC cuckboi.
enjoy licking the jewish cum of your delidd Housefire™ K - CPU.

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I love it how Murifats get triggered by the mere mention of Germany.

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>6 cores

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Here you go friend!

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>dem huge threadripper sales

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That's only a small percentage of the market. The majority of PC CPU sales are with OEMs and most of that is in laptops.
What AMD needs to get right is Raven Ridge.

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AMD laptops already do alright in germany

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I've never seen one that want absolute bottom of the barrel HP consumer trash

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The fact that covfef lake is going to be losing in IPC? And it's only strength will once again be single core performance because of higher clock speeds aka overclocked and hot. While it gets manhandled by anything multithreaded capable from Ryzen 2?

Then throw in that anyone with a Ryzen board already has an upgrade path, while Intel will be on Z300 boards. You would have to be a sucker to fall down the money oit that is Intel for a hot, power hungry, chip for 5% difference in single core applications.

Not to mention IBM and Glofo have completely obliterated Intels fab advantage, while Ryzen chips are cheap to make.

And then Ryzen 3 will be when Intel has no more performance to squeeze out of it's core architecture when Ryzen chips are now pulling in 5+Ghz.

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>You would have to be a sucker to fall down the money oit that is Intel for a hot, power hungry, chip for 5% difference in single core applications.

think you underestimate how many people are suckers

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What about i3s and shit? Intel's sales can't possibly be that much focused around the i7 7700k.

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>not 7551p
Do your even value.

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>need to buy 2 CPUs to match competition performance
>they're Chinese so they break
>have to buy replacements
>AMD quadruple dips my wallet
Big surprise.

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I know right, why would anyone buy 2 Intel Server Xeons just to match the performance of one AMD epyc processor, it just makes no sense

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You can't just flip my joke like that, come up with something original.

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>You can't just flip my joke like that,
I just did.
fite me IRL fgt

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That explains that arab shill posting slides in arabic.

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>ryzen can't into hackintosh properly
The only reason I don't jump into ryzen train yet desu.

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>ryzen can't into hackintosh properly

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The chart shows 7700k accounting for nearly half of Intel sales

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Yes it can.

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HEDT never sells much, it's mostly a halo product for dick measurement contests.

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>one i3
>no Pentiums

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>no Pentiums
No pentium because they doesn't exist anymore.

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thats right,Intel butchered themselves again.
even if there were Bentiums,would it matter? those shits were dirt cheap, i dont believe the revenue on these will matter. nontheless if anyone could find a graph with the Bentium please post them

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Tons of people build their PC for gayming and want those additional 5 fps and the bragging rights for having bought a 7700k

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>using cuckOS

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What're you on about? Current Pentiums are better than old i5s.

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not anymore, 2933 memory works 100%
3200 you sometimes have to increase voltage

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Meanwhile in the real word, AMD just keeps shrinking and shrinking.

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>the bragging rights for having bought a 7700k
what's to brag about? i7 brand? I think kids buying something for bragging rights is minority

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still not seeing my survey, upgraded to ryzen in May

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yes indeed it already did in terms of power draw and temperature

it literally wins by light years

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Unfortunately there are quite a few adults that actually do that under the impression that if something costs more or is advertised more it's automatically better so they have to brag about getting it

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the fact that amd can drop the price by a lot considering that they have insane yield numbers says a lot about the room amd can leverage the market

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>the real world

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Oh yes it is.
Does anyone have the pics of the "sellers marketing hint cards" that anon posted months back.
About how he was supposed to up sell any Intel buyer on the i7 series even if a G4350 was completely ok for their build, and once they were on the i7 hook, to push them to buy the -7700k.
Gave him a gift card to do it too.

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>steam survey literally no one does
>real world

>hardware sales
>not real world

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>I'll take a huge loan but will buy this iphone anyway
yeah, didn't think about it from that side

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Chart doesn't go far enough to properly show the AMD Tr sales yet.

Either way, it's definitely outselling the "Intel ""equivalent""" too.

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You realize the 6 core 12 thread i7-8700K is likely to cost $400, right? In terms of price, it's competing with the 1700X.

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Cheap shit sells more than expensive shit, who would have thought

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>real word
Back to shill school, dipshit.

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ryzen can literally hackintosh since 4 months now

but you know intel shills arent as up to day as their cpu bios

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As an Intel user I can only say, good.

Finaly some competition.

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the true terrorists are those that bought the housefires 7900x

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Could you imagine if Ryzen was a flop, the entire Intel lineup would still be the G/i3/i5/i7 lineup with the same architecture & core count until 2021 at least.

AMD lighting a fire under their ass is great.

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The shareholders, Brian.

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Exactly, we can already see the changes in coffee lake. What good a bit of competition does

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I hope Intel comes with a new arch, AMD also tried to jew consumers when they were ahead, if anyone remembers the Quad FX platform.

>> No.62249516

what changes? its shit we know since months already and the fact that the leaks so far has been only baidu level of leaks seems to be very likely that they are going to flop hard

or certain sites wont measure the tdp just like tom's did when they reviewed 1600 cause it would have raped intel ass hard

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No shit, with every released review basically saying "if you don't delid, you're going to have a bad time" they shouldn't have made any sales.
Intel still using JewJizz™ is a travesty.

>> No.62249540

>seems to be very likely that they are going to flop hard
Right, not going to waste my breath here

>> No.62249662

>changes in coffee lake
It's more of the same shit, with more cores and a higher pricetag. No IPC increase, probably still 4.5 GHz single core turbo. Still using jizz TIM, and of course, a new chipset required. Pay up, goy.

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Doesn't mean they don't sell well

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>The DIY PC market is 120k units a year
I see now why AMD hobbled together bulldozer iterations on a shoestring budget for 4 years while working on Zen - Cat cores had their place in HPC, failed to deliver competitive forward progress, and a new paradigm was necessary.

I expect late 2018 thru 2020 to see a massive spike in AMD based x86 HPC, server cluster, and render farm deployments.
The only real question in the consumer space is if they can make Zen (over)competitive with Intel in the mobile and prebuilt market.

>> No.62250558

Correction - that one company sells 120k units a year.

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What are the chance intel turn full jewish and repeat what they did during athlon days?

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I wish I could flip my 7700k and mobo and buy a threadripper, but no one wants it.

>> No.62250825

imagine actually caring about which botnet sells more

>> No.62250843

100%. Get ready for an 8 core housefire on a new socket with a 2% performance increase.

>> No.62250872

>and repeat what they did during athlon days?
By that do you mean bribing everyone just to deny AMD ability to sell chips?

>> No.62250880

100% chance
they only had to play like 1 bil in fines
thats chump change compared to the money they made

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This is bordering on hipster and their vinyl levels.

>> No.62250938

yes, and if i look at skylake x sales, i'm afraid they already did.

>> No.62250960

I'm still into brands
but not enough to literally post on an imageboard "YAYYYYYY THIS BRAND SOLD MORE!!!!"

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That's because you're content with Core 2 Duo performance. Most of us are not.

>> No.62251022

I don't use a core 2 duo. Are you feeling well anon? Have you taken your vitamins before cheering on a corporation online?

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>not until they have new arch...In 2021
Icelake is 2018/2019

>> No.62251436


>for realz this time guize, I promise it won't be delayed again!

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Cheering for competition after ten years of monopoly is bad?

>> No.62251504

>r5 1600 selling like hotcakes
>intel literally down to 1 sku.

>> No.62251559

The FTC is watching them now. They can't pull that stunt again.

>> No.62251580

Icelake is not a new architecture, it's 10nm+ which is not even going to be faster than 14nm++. It is also very likely 2019. https://www.fool.com/investing/2017/07/07/heres-when-intel-corporation-could-launch-the-ice.aspx

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I'm waiting for good production benchmarks for locked 8700.
If it smashes 1700, I'm buying Intel again.

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Really who gives a shit, who's selling more or what's selling more. They both are making $$ by the ton. (Way more than we poor fucks will ever see in our whole lifetimes). I'm happy as a clam with my Phenom IIx4 955/Geforce 740GT/32gb Ram box. Screw the constant "we need moar fps/we need moar cores" upgrade bullshit. Blowing money for shit that at the end of it will only last you till some other fucking game comes along (maybe this year,omg, other pile of $$ out of pocket) that'll make it all obsolete. But what, say, if you don't game that much (like me). Your still blowing money for shit that you don't need. When your game is already blowing the 100fps wall down, a new card is a waste.

>> No.62251808


>oh noes we've been caught!
>cya in 10 years as we appeal every judegment

>> No.62251829

Do you even need to upgrade yet? 10 & 7nm fabrication is apparently just a year away, with 7nm EUV shortly after.
Zen2 will be built on a high performance process targeting 5Ghz clocks.
Zen is built on a power efficient process targeting 3Ghz and can reach 4.2

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>Buying a locked CPU
>In 2017

The only Coffee Lake CPU that's going to come close to the 1700 in terms of multicore performance is the i7-8700K, and it's going to cost $400.

>> No.62251995

They've already got all of the OEMs on board so it would be pretty hard to imagine Intel bribing every one of them well after they've started shipping AMD Ryzen prebuilts and laptops.

>> No.62252017

Locked Intel CPUs will always lose to AMD Ryzen because all you have to do is apply a basic overclock and Intel's done like dinner.

>> No.62252031

Depends on what you're buying it for. I have no use for overclocking.

I'm on on ancient lga2011 cpu. So yeah.

Nice mythology.

>> No.62252053


Just go ask Dell about the sort of rebates Intel can provide.

>> No.62252143

>Nice mythology.
1700 with basic OC will cream a locked i7.
1600 with basic OC will cream a locked i5.
1200 with basic OC will cream a locked i3.

It's no myth.

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Where were you when AMD topped passmark?

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Maybe in your head-canon.
All 8700 has to do is come close to 6850K and r7 is dead in the pro sector.

Synthetic benches are well and good but are very rarely related to real world performance.

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Remembert children, running a server is a synthetic workload.

>> No.62252322

I'm not running a server.
Neither are you. Stop cherry picking.

All I care about is buying the best part within reasonable price point for my applications. Ryzen probably won't be it.

>> No.62252350


>what is heat
>what is power consumption

>> No.62252619


Things that magically stopped mattering after march 2nd 2017. For the life of me can I think what happened on that day to warrant such a change in attitude.....

>> No.62254219

But this is just bullshit fluff. No one is going to spend all their time compiling Linux kernels again and again.

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I agree, CS:GO is a far more important metric for a cpu.

>> No.62254741

>implying intel would ever bump the cores to six, if amd wasnt so successful.

>> No.62254874

I'd take it except I'd have to get new ram and maybe a new os. 4790k works well enough I have no need for the "all the cores" approach of amd

>> No.62254884

>think you underestimate how many people are suckers

Just look at those suckers buying 7800X/7820X chips. You would have to be a category 5 retard to fall for that.

>> No.62254964


You mean roughly 62% of all /g/ posters?

>> No.62255032

Pls no bully

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>highest margin of graphic card enthusiasts
>biggest survey

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Stfu we put you on the moon

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I bought a Ryzen and thought the memory issues were fixed because you guys told me so. Well I can't even OC my 3ghz corsair vengeance lpx past 2400hz, I tried 2666 and it just crashes during gameplay.

I don't even see much of a difference with my former 3570k...

Fuck you /g/, should have bought a 7600k.

>> No.62255267

maybe you need a higher power supply :^)

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>This desperation

>> No.62255307


I've got a Corsair TX650M 80 PLUS Gold.

This thing is overkill already.

>> No.62255312

What board? I was stuck on 2667 MHz for a long time. I was able to use beta BIOS for my board back in June to get to my XMP 3200 MHz profile just fine. The even newer betas have much more successful first/second POST as well. Also make sure that you correctly flash your BIOS in the recommended fashion.

>> No.62255319

>I don't even see much of a difference with my former 3570k...
>Fuck you /g/, should have bought a 7600k.
Unless you upgraded for the new features, either one would have been a waste of money. You might as well have bought haslel for all the good it would have done.

>> No.62255332

Now if only they got rid of the botnet coprocesors, AMD could be /ourcpu/

>> No.62255350


I did because my old mother board fried.

An Asrock AB350 Pro, first thing I did was flash the bios.

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forgot to quote damn it...


>> No.62255401

Went from a [email protected] to [email protected] myself a few months ago and see a huge difference across the board. You're definitely doing something wrong.

>> No.62255519


I'm exaggerating. It's probably running fine, it's just I've only been playing vidya like Arma3, RS2, Payday2 and CSGO. None of which are multithreaded anyway so the performance boost wasn't that impressive.

I've spent hours trying to tweak the ram though, many crashes occured until I got fed up and now it's just 2400hz at cl14 at least.

So either they release yet another bios, or I just leave it that way which would be a shame. That's some good expensive ram.

>> No.62255553

I have an MSI board (x370 SLI PLUS) they recommend to load defaults, reset, flash, reset, load defaults again, reset, and then tune the settings. Something like this may make your bios flash more stable, where in your case you would just reload your current version. Released BIOS, at least for MSI, are a few weeks if not a month behind the betas. Yours is from mid July and that was 6 weeks ago, though it does look to be the most recent released one. Your RAM timings are also pretty tight, try loosening them to 16/18/18/32 and upping your DRAM voltage to 1.4 and your north bridge voltage to like 1.1 or max 1.2.

I'd also try and look for if there are any beta bios for your board floating around. MSI forums have a beta bios section where I can try sometimes multiple beta bios for my board; try looking around for yours if it's available.

>> No.62255564

Tell that to the US government, not to Keller.

>> No.62255620

Also in addition to fucking around with your BIOS your clock speeds are weak AF. Crank that shit up. I'm 4 GHz on my custom loop at 1.4V LLC2, but you should be able to to get 3.8 GHz on air at least.

>> No.62255638

$400? Maybe second hand.

>> No.62255778


Yeah, I'll give it another try I guess. Thanks for the tip. Although even 2666hz, at 1.35v with default latencies wasn't stable in game.


Haven't even looked at that yet, I have a NH-U12P SE2 I salvaged from my old comp so at least it's running relatively cool for the time being. Anyway it should be able to crank itself up to 4.1ghz during gameplay.

>> No.62256083

>Although even 2666hz, at 1.35v
That's the intended voltage. DDR4 ram can go to 1.5V at least short term. It may even be safe at 1.45V indefinitely, and most people agree 1.4V is safe long term. Training your north bridge is a thing, too and if you can use a higher voltage for the short term to get it to post and boot into windows you could try lowering it to a more long term voltage and see if it's stable after that. These AMD chipset boards sometimes need a little bit of help. For instance even my board rarely completes a POST on the first go, usually 2nd one works or sometimes 3 auto-resets now does the trick - and that's an improvement from sometimes rarely going 4 and then 5 times (and after the 5th resetting to defaults) on the last beta BIOS. Keep in mind failed POSTs does not equate to an unstable setting. I've had a setting that worked for 2 weeks flawlessly after POST only to start crashing within 2 minutes of gameplay or 5 seconds of Prime95. I had to use memtest which diagnosed my old setting would generate errors while my new BIOS version does not generate errors with the same settings (and some, but less numerous, failed POSTs still).

If you're talking about 4.1 on XFR, remember that's only 1 or 2 cores. Depending on your games/workload it's probably more beneficial to just run all cores as high as you can. Easy way to OC your cpu is to set to 1.4v vcore and see what freq runs stable and if your cooling solution can keep up. A 7700k with similar IPC on air cooling gets to about 4.8 GHz and a 90C max temp. You have an extra two cores if you can get to 4 GHz.

>> No.62256301

There's not a single locked Intel CPU on that entire graph, you fucking unbelievably stupid pile of human waste.

>> No.62256364

>Unreal engine
How many dicks did you have to suck before you thought posting this was a good idea?

>> No.62256672


>> No.62256703

we have to make a fucking fundraising campaign so a fucking IC-fag makes a new companie with spyware free CPUs , fucking intel defenders are tolerating having a fucking trojan in the cpu, lets make a change campaign so stupid intel removes its shitty intel ME.

>> No.62256743


I'll experiment with the ram definitely. Thanks, let's just hope I don't fry something.

As far as my CPU is concerned I pretty much only play older games on my comp, so 4.1ghz on two cores sounds good. I don't think the Unreal Engine 3, Source, Real Virtuality can operate with more than two cores simultaneous anyway. Hell only game I'm looking forward is Bannerlord, maybe it'll be well multi threaded.

But for the future, that's good to know I still have the option to OC.

>> No.62256765


Yeah and then you run Squad, PUBG, Ark or Conan exile and realize just how bad the performances are.

>> No.62257731

Turn on xmp and manually set the voltage to 1.35v, worked for me

>> No.62257863

>>using cuckOS
> giving a shit about someone else's OS choice

>> No.62257868

>works on my machine :^)

>> No.62258484 [DELETED] 

>run gaymes
>half of the gaymes on my list are dead already
don't quit you day job

>> No.62258878

Coffee Lake will be quality but expensive. Ryzen will remain a quality price/performance competitor until the refresh.

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>only gamers have steam installed

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>only gamers have gaming store installed
uh, yes?

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crying and contemplating suicide

>> No.62260762


that 7700k is running to a nm within its life and will probably burn down the apartment.

>> No.62260882

When are Ryzen APU's in laptops going to be common place?

>> No.62260915

More competition is good.

Next step: force Intel and AMD and ARM to drop their hardware back doors (trusted computing modules and other NSA tools).

>> No.62261297

>needing to hackintosh in the first place
It's not 2009 anymore. Most programs are cross platform these days.

>> No.62261510

they are though
ryzen slaughters all their low-end chips

>> No.62262355
File: 8 KB, 220x180, 1485288190791.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Germany only
>This of course is targeted at the DiY component market.
Don't mind me, just saging another retarded fanboy circlejerk

>> No.62262478
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No need to be so salty Intel shill

>> No.62263178

So everyone who's buying TR 1950x is just giving money away to AMD?

>> No.62263203

Koreans are pig disgusting

>> No.62263328

Will people buy AMD laptops after a decade of stagnation?

>> No.62263357

>Will people buy a competitive more energy efficient product after a decade of being forced to overpay by a company that has exploited the market leaders

>> No.62263363

> Will people buy AMD laptops after a decade of stagnation?
I'll look at the iGPU performance first.

>> No.62263385

Doesn't this make sense though? Why would anyone buy a 6 month old processor when there is a better one on the market?

Looking past the memes, isn't it possible for Intel to put out something competitive and reverse the numbers almost immediately?

>> No.62263403

30% higher single core performance but only 5% IPC difference

>> No.62263542

>isn't it possible for Intel to put out something competitive and reverse the numbers almost immediately?
It is possible for Intel to reverse those numbers, yes, not legally, nor without immediate repercussions, but they can do it.

Is it possible for Intel to put out a competitive product?
Not really.
Coffee Lake on 10nm is losing clocks and IPC, 10nm+ from Intel still won't be near where their current 14nm++(++++++++++++++) node is at. So it will take nearly 3 years for Intel to get their fabs back up to scratch, by their own marketting slides.
By the time that Intel get anything relatively competitive with Ryzen out in terms of efficiency and multithreaded performance, then AMD will be on Zen2, which is on IBM's black magic 5Ghz+ 7nm node, then for Zen3, AMD are moving to Samsung's 7nm EUV.
Intel have lost their fab advantage, and now it's occurring to them that they simply cannot keep refreshing that ageing arch of theirs.

Oh, and not to mention that AMD secured basically 90% of the server industry as launch partners for EPYC, all of whom are sick of Intel's shit.

>> No.62263561

>run gaymes
>half of the gaymes on my list are dead already
don't quit you day job, shill

>remove this one too, why won't you shillmod

>> No.62263590

Bought Ryzen 1600, saved money and got better performance and more cores.
Suck it intel

>> No.62263605

No, AMD is not going to use Samsung's 7nm LPP.
7nm LP+ is EUV.

>> No.62263656

A lot of people bought their shit from mindfactory since they have possibly the cheapest prices in Europe. Only problem is now that they had been doing some tax evasion and had to stop shipping outside Germany starting around last month.

>> No.62263668

server segment
cherry picking

added to the list

>> No.62263686

KEK so true

the only thing that matters now is DIVERSITY! literally the only castle intel has and literally the only castle no one even cares to compete

>> No.62263727

>literally the only castle intel has and literally the only castle no one even cares to compete
The laughable thing is that AMD had that level of diversity at all levels years before Intel.

Indian heads their GPU devision.
Asian CEO
American CTO

Meanwhile Intel have to invest millions into hiring college flunkies and niggers

>> No.62263746

proven feministic system perfomance and innovation
architected for women that wants true multitasking
robust software insults and hardware manipulation
incosistent perfomance from 4 glued together feminist
poor track record incosistend mansplaining

>> No.62263848

>lack of diversity
>chinkmama CEO and pajeet head of GPU division
This turkey won't float.

>> No.62263902

>7700K more than 50% of their revenue
Holy shit
>No G4560

>> No.62263915

because having 4 feminist glued together will

>> No.62264095

Most people do not actually care about the processor, just about price and features. Or the brand logo on the outside

>> No.62264115

Reminder that A275/A475 (chinkpads) are Q4 2018.

>> No.62265109

Fake news! Oy vey!

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