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Why don't you have 400GB microSDXC, /g/?

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Because only gook phones has stupid microSD slot

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You're not funny.

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Who cares about the size if the speed sucks dick?

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people have different requirements. for me: no dual sim plus sd slot = trash.

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whoah check you out you fucking player

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what's the deal with all those "1"?

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there aren't any retailers close to me

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>living in a bank
dreams come true

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This is an A1 rated chip. Not only does it have a 100MB/s sequential read speed but it can do 1.5K read IOPS. You can now run apps from a micro SD card and not have lag when doing so.

If only oneplus made a 3T with a mSD slot it would be the perfect phone.

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Speaking of IOPS, y'all wanna know why bluestacks runs like ass on PCs with hard drives? Or why 7200 RPM HDD are overall faster than 5400 RPM ones?

pic related is why

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so about 5 terabytes, because there's only 880 mountain gorillas left in the wild.

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Reminder the larger the size the lesser you can write on it without the chip breaking.

Never go above 4GB, if you must use a USB SD raid tray.

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Not supported by my phone

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>paying $250 for 400GB of slow storage

jew detected

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How is 100MB/s sequential 30X the IOPS of a HDD "slow"?

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>Why don't you have 400GB microSDXC, /g/?- 16 posts and 4 image replies shown.

Because UFS is faster, can be used as fast **internal** storage as of Android 7.1

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>USB SD raid tray
Sounds retarded.

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UFS is no longer needed. We have UHS-II mSD cards now (backwards compatible with UHS-II and UHS-I slots).


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Did you know node size has drastically decreased since 2001

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What do people even do with 400GB of storage on their Android device?

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The Sandisk SD card I bought a few months ago is 90Mbps read
That "10" class means it can write at a minimum of 10mbps and "A1" much like "V30" promises a minimum of 30mbps write speed (enough for real-time transcoding of 4K video)
The speed is literally nothing new

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Torrents. 4K res phones are going to become the norm soon and even with HEVC, 4K movies are fucking huge.

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The A1 rating specifies IOPS performance which is very important for apps loading 100KB - 10MB little chunks of data.

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>30x the random throughput of an HDD
It's fucking nand you dipshit
My phone has 30x iops doesn't mean it's worth bragging that you have a non-HDD

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UHS 2 slots have reduced performance when using UHS 1 card
Unless we can move the entire ad card market over at once, it's gonna stay a fringe product for high end video cameras (that aren't high end enough to have onboard SSDs)

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You can multi-task more on a phone than on a pc with a HDD. Ever try to torrent, play vidya, compress files, and listen to music at the same time on a computer with a 5400 RPM HDD?

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SD cards have had the speed for a long time (like I tried to just show you by the fact that the highest write speed classification on sd cards is 10MB/s (or 30mbps), yet practically all as cards not sold in China have 70-90MB/s transfer, and over course, nand-style random performance
Nothing new, the classes haven't changed and for the most part they're still completely irrelevant
It's a good sd card, just saying the classifications aren't a "proof" of jack shit, show me the tests not the "10MB/s+" ambiguous garbage

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No I actually haven't used a machine with an HDD in like 4 years

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Oh ok, well that's different. Good for you lad.

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Get a USB flash drive then
Are you actually arguing for people to choose normal SD card speeds over an HDD
Nobody is buying this for any other reason than the fact it's an SD card (a normie friendly mobile one at that)
If you can't stick this in your mobile device it literally has no use, you don't buy an SD card for high speeds senpai

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I bought the fastest sandisk 128 gb card they made last month, hasn't really paid off but phone isn't really able to take advantage of it, but my next one will.

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>Get a USB flash drive then
I actually did that once for shits and giggles. Windows 7 booted faster and programs loaded faster lmao. It was short lived though, as I lost the fucking 64GB USB 3.0 drive ;_;

That's how bad HDDs are. So bad even fucking USB flash drives outperform them.

>Are you actually arguing for people to choose normal SD card speeds over an HDD
ye, higher IOPS are more important than higher read speeds. What use is 1GB sequential read speed when programs need to load hundreds of small 100KB - 10 MB chunks of data into RAM all at once?

Anyway I'm glad A1 and A2 rated SD cards are going to exist. Maybe we can raise UMPCs from the grave.

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Source: my ass

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Fuck off Goldberg.

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say that to my bb priv bitch

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How much will Android phone manufacturers need to pay Macroshit to support one of these cards?

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