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Where were you when AMD EPYC took over China?

Tencent, JD.com and Baidu.
This comes a few days after Intel's CEO left the American Manufacturing Council.

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Oops, forgot link.


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I doubt JUSTnich leaving Trump's council has anything to do with that.

Regardless AMD taking over China could be pretty cool.

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>AMD EPYC™ Momentum Grows with Datacenter Commitments from Tencent and JD.com, New Product Details from Sugon and Lenovo

AMD will be rolling cash next year.

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>In August 2017, Tencent's market value rose to USD$409.50 billion. It also became the second Asian company after Alibaba Group to surpass USD$400 billion market cap.[22]

>JD.com is the world's leading company in high tech and AI delivery through drones and robots, and possesses the largest drone delivery system, infrastructure and capability in the world. It has also recently started testing robot delivery services and building drone delivery airports.[8][9][10][11][12][13][14]
>260B CNY revenue


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Good news? incoming tanking of stock

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I wonder if this ban is still in effect.
>The US government has blocked Intel from shipping high-end Xeon processors to China's supercomputer builders – and other American chip giants are banned, too.

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AMD doesn't give a fuck, probably why the US Gov. isn't paying attention to it.

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Pajeets GTFO, now based chinks are our best friends!

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>Fabs are in deutchland
>Chips go to china
>Only a few top earning jew executives are in america

US aint got shit on AMD

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Meanwhile in murrica.

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Baidu was no surprise, they were a foundation partner for EPYC, but JD is out of nowhere. As is Tencent.

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Expect Amazon to follow soon.

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Oy vey. We need to shut this down immediately.

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Amazon is the one that's up in contention, they have more reason than anyone to seek density on their servers, and EPYC offers that, the question is, just how dependant upon Intel are their system, for a company like that a change to a very different arch like EPYC could be problematic.
1&1 is another foundation partner, they're one of Europe's largest broadband companies and data hosts.
Dropbox is already on board, another massive customer.
Microsoft are going EPYC for project Olympus.

EPYC isn't even on the shelves yet and it already controls 90% of the industry.

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>change to a very different arch like EPYC could be problematic.
explain please. it's just another x86, is it not?

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>totally different
It's still x86-64.
Yes, just with more NUMAness.

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>“China Internet and e-commerce companies need more compute cores and higher memory bandwidth. We saw AMD EPYC processors have up to 32 cores, providing competitive advantage over current 2P server systems, and the eight memory channels enable greater memory bandwidth, which are believed to better match domestic customers’ requirements,” said Andrew Wang, technology leader of hardware system department at JD.com. “AMD EPYC will help JD.com improve the total cost of ownership (TCO) of our server systems. JD.com will collaborate with AMD on Big Data, AI and Cloud Services based on AMD EPYC in the future.”

>JD.com will collaborate with AMD on Big Data, AI and Cloud Services based on AMD EPYC in the future.”
>JD.com will collaborate with AMD on Big Data, AI

Shieeeet, so, 4-5 years for AMD to turn out a card that pisses over nVidia in AI? I mean, with a customer like that to receive input from, they could do it

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Yes, AMD already patented their own edition of meme cores.
And yes, anything Vega-based can operate large datasets, something nvidia can't do.

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This thread is the proof that amdfags are the biggest shitposters and subhuman trash on this board. Always playing the victim and whining about shitposting when thier company is attacked while shitting up every thread.

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>AMD housefires etc etc
>shitting up the threads


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>that swastika

Jim Keller really wanted to make the message known.

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What the fuck.
Its only zenver1 and it's already busy murdering Intel in the datacenter.
What will happen once zenver2 lands?

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Holocaust 2.0

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But Holocaust 2.0 is already happening.

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Project Starship, 48C/96T 7nm with PCI-E 4.0

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AMD is a multinational. US can't do shit to them.

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Things looking up for ayymd vega is even catching up with Pascal.

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>catching up
NVidia needs to figure out their own HBCC first.

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Not really. HBM and stacked memory wasn't even needed.
Before HBM, AMD's cards had excess memory bandwidth anyway. They weren't limited in that regard when it came to GPU performance.

So obviously, what they do is increase memory bandwidth. And not things like ROP processors.

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HBM's uses may use lie elsewhere, onboard memory for APUs for example.

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AMD isn't shipping high end processors to china

They're shipping lots of weaker computing units and putting them together in china, thus, bypassing the US ban entirely

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HBCC, not the memory itself.
HBCC is the logic that operates Vega's all new page-based memory subsystem.
As of now Vega10 is the only GPU in the world to be able to handle really large, CPU farms territory, datasets.

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Possibly 7nm 5GHz 8-core drawing 60-80 watts.
6-core 4.somethingGHz <45w laptop CPUs.

Intel will be absolutely obliterated.

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I want dat 7nm laptop.

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12 core 95W and 24C 180W;

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This is the end game.

Mcm Vega *cough* I mean Navi on 7nm 4 cores + 16 core apu ryzen gen 2 at 5ghz apu and 3ghz GPU and 32gb of hbm2+ in 2020 here we cum

Discreet motherboards CPUs and gpus will be a thing of the past.

AMD literally have the tech to do it now but they are gonna milk it based infinity fabric

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Doing it now requires engineering of physical layer wide enough to support MCM GPU.
That and writing firmware/drivers is going to be ASS.

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We all do.

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>AMD literally have the tech to do it now but they are gonna milk it based infinity fabric
AMD is already testing the new custom apu for CERN. 16C/32T CPU+GPU 2000 core HBM.

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Shareholders meeting
16 ryzen x86 Core, 6-wide
288-bit CPU Memory Controller (4×72-bit, 64-bit + 8-bit ECC)
102.4 GB/s via DDR4-3200 (ECC Off)
85.3 GB/s via DDR4-2666 (ECC On)
102.4 GB/s between CPU and GPU via GMI
~2000-core Polaris GPU
2048-bit GPU Memory Controller
4 GB HBM SGRAM Memory (2 chips at 2GB)
512 GB/s GPU Bandwidth

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Polaris and not Vega?
That's kinda silly.

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Wait seronx is that you?
Gotta take the pills man.

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But it doesn't apply to datacenters, right?

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Intel more or less lost chinks anyway.

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Vegas was not ready last year.

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this is something we knew since epyc launched

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Oh I get it. the Infinity Fabric arrows are shaped lke a Swastika, because it is burning Intel to the ground

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It's just a glued together cpu.
Nothing high tech

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That was Baidu.
Now two more XBAWKS HUEG chink companies are adopting EPYC.

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we already knew amd took over china since the ban in intel
why do you think mcm took over so quickly on amd? lol

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yes, it clearly has to only do with a trade embargo on by no means has anything to do with the fact that EPYC demolishes Intel in every measurable aspect at every price point.

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yeah that was the problem that epyc demolishes intel
not the fact that china as a whole threw lots of money on amd

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Yeah, Intel said, so we can ship those 32 core EPYCs to China no problem they won't gain advantage over American Intel.

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Like most companies Amazon server rollouts are in waves, replace a few hundred kilowatts with new servers and see how it goes.
Scale out latter if it's worth it

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Google already took a piss on them.


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Skylake-X is the Intel Solution Portable Oven.

For personal use.

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I knew AMD was commies and terrorist, Intel supports American engineering

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Intel supports feminist frequency.

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A proud American movement?

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But I thought Vega was DOA and was worse than Fermi. Raja Poo (xD) was supposed to be fired. wtf, did /g/ lie to me?

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>firing the lead architect of every good Radeon starting with R300
Are kids out of their fucking minds?

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>surprised 5 years later that AMD sells trashbin silicon to gamers

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AMD can't sell their crap to real companies so it has to cry to the Chinks

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Even Intel considers these companies part of the the "Big 7" you fucking retarded shit.
What hardware company would ignore a $400 billion cap client? Are you fucking mental?

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>taking the b8 so hard
Thank God it's September soon.

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>AMD Studios, much to the producers’ surprise, offered to put AMD software engineers to work writing a custom player for the production.

oh fuck you AMD, stop playing with last century toys, give me better games!

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>abiding by this

I guarantee intel has been selling just at a higher smuggler price.

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They've already partnered with Bethesda and Ubishit to (hopefully) unJUST their engines.

>> No.62051361

>unJUSTing their engine

>> No.62051373

huh, do you think they will finally make the unfuck of gamebryo that todd uses since morrowind happen? that would be the day.

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Nobody buys intel.

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to be fair, ubisoft been pretty good recently with PC ports, WD2 ran like a dream on my 390, too bad their games don't get better

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Does anyone really have any faith in AMD to do drivers for an MCM chip? Really?

>> No.62051423

More money = more code monkeys.
The more code monkeys you have the easier it's to make a good driver.

>> No.62051430

they maybe late but they deliver pretty good drivers for the last 3 years

>> No.62051452

And the board will be flooded with skylake x owner.

>> No.62051463

>implying somebody will be insane enough to buy the thing

>> No.62051468

>Firing the guy who hasn't done shit since he left Apple, and only cost AMD market share.

Yeah, nothing to be gained from getting rid of that dead weight.

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> mfw mcm

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>brand new gamebryo
>same old gamebryo but now with hair that doesn't look like dogshit

I guess that's fine too. It made waifu mods better

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Jensen please.
You goons have to clone HBCC in one R&D cycle.
Time's up.

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I think it's mainly about AMD moneyhatting Bethesda studios to implement Vulkan in more games

>> No.62051516

No. Crimson made them better. It wasn't until the tail end of the hawaii life span did AMD get it's shit together on the driver front.

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Implementing Vulkan implies bretty heavy engine rearchitecturing.
That's where AMD and their tools come in, including their bretty awesome GPU profiler.

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>polaris - gained 10% amrketshare back
>vega - created niche in itself SSG, project 47, RED and EPIC CEO on stage, buttbudy with bethesda and ubisoft

but whatever you say.

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Raja couldn't even clone tiled rendering in three architectures.

But don't get hot under the collar.

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go back to wccf

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omega was pretty good.

>> No.62051549

So awesome, no one else uses it.

>> No.62051550

Raja made it ages ago, in Imageon.
Hilarious, ain't it, Huang-san?

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you don't know what you're talking about

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HBCC is nothing more than a DMA controller.
Nvidia already has one and its called pinned memory.

I have several AMD systems but they really can get out of control w/ the marketing :

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You know, it makes me wonder, there are some business guys who say "winning in business by letting someone else suffer doesnt usually work well for your own business in the long term, if possible a feasible compromise or a fair win is much more desirable"

and I am getting why this is so in the long run. Intel may have gotten so much bad flack from their business practices that it may have actually affected some of the buying decisions right now.

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It was just the transition from Catalyst to Crimson. Nothing special.

>> No.62051572

>AMD moneyhatting Bethesda studios
haha, i'm pretty sure if they try they can buy whole AMD, not just RTG
you have no idea what kind of margins game development brings if it hits, no to mention zenimax at their back

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Fell for the marketing meme.

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>Elder Scrolls 6
>Massive engine restructuring and implementation of Vulkan allows for a massive increase in performance and allows for hundreds of mods to be loaded without slowing the game down to a crawl.

>> No.62051596

Oh, I see. Agreements were made out of the kindness of Bethesda's heart. My bad.

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Weak damage control, guys.

>> No.62051612

anon, they simply ported gpu profiler that used on consoles to pc, so EVERYONE uses it. It's slightly cut down version, but still better than nothing.

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Reminder to report shitposters.

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Must be why he can't implement it in Fiji, Polaris, and Vega... he's such an esteemed expert.

What a devastating retort. "I know you are but what am I" is up next in your arsenal of bullshit?

>> No.62051641

>AMD make a better product than intel.
>Bethesda learn something new.
This is a parallel universe isn't?

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> mfw nvidya performs better in vulkan
> mfw nvidya already has a more open and widely supported GPU profiler that's better.

>> No.62051657

>nvidya performs better in vulkan
Excuse me what

>> No.62051667

you seem pretty devastated desu

>> No.62051670

> China sets up a shell company in Romania
> buys processors for "ISP local infrastructure""
> ships processors to China from there

Silly America, this is how you got Titanium out of the USSR for the SR-71 and stuff.

>> No.62051678

doom has 200 fps limit, so we don't know which is faster

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Given equivalent hardware, though ..

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literally stating that amd already had china on its pocket with or without epyc being good is damage control

reverse shillng on its action

>> No.62051694

does it not?

>> No.62051712

but these are midrange cards

>> No.62051721

Kohai, you have much to learn.

>> No.62051725

polaris dont have primitive culling? AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
what an idiot stop posting anon you are embrarrasing your sorry ass

>> No.62051735

I am devastated.

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here is broken vega

>> No.62051740

It doesnt. The renderer can be almost completely independent of any of the framework that actually runs the logic. What's important is the result

>> No.62051741

Pinned memory requires explicit implementation.
HBCC is transparent.
tl;dr hardware > software.

>> No.62051742

I think you need to sit down and read it again.

>> No.62051760

If I were spewing blatant lies that are easily refuted, I would be too.

>> No.62051774

What lies?

>> No.62051800

Now we feign ignorance. What will the AMD shill do next?

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File: 262 KB, 550x502, AMD-EHP-32coreAPUgreenland.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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I hope you understand that Nvidia is also backing and contributes to the Khronos group :

Yes, Nvidia performs better. It's called better drivers + open consortium software stack.
Watch some videos from the Khronos group. One of the top contributors is Nvidia staff.

> mfw fanbois are unaware how shit actually gets done in industry.
> mfw you hardly see AMD reps involved in Khronos talks

>> No.62051824

i don't know, skylake x + overclocked air cooled vega 64 liquid edition sound like a comfy combo for winter break.

>> No.62051832

You seem to be confused. Did you not claim the gpu profiler wasn't used by anyone else? It's not something someone who knows what he's talking about would state.

>> No.62051839

Why didn't they just make one die?

>> No.62051847

find a word that doesn't fit.

>> No.62051849

AMD has it to for professional cards. Hbcc is unique because it takes advantage of hbm's reduced latency for

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Pinned memory requires drivers and software just like HBCC. Hardware doesn't run on magic pixie dust. It runs on drivers and software.

DMA stands for Direct Memory Access brainlet.
That's what the hardware is. That's what HBCC is. Nvidia has DMA HARDWARE that can access main memory directly which is exactly what HBCC is.

HBCC is not transparent. A user must define how much main memory they want (pinned) for DMA to the GPU the same way you do it with PINNED MEMORY on an Nvidia card.

When is summer going to end? Tired of fanbois/shills/brainlets commenting on shit confidently that they have no understanding of.

>> No.62051855

thats why they are keep trying to create abstraction layers on vulkan? its because they are perfoming better?
or because fp16 is about to come back on gaming as a relevant feature and they have fucked up pascal big time on it?

>> No.62051863

Steak through the heart of these idiots in denial.


>> No.62051884

Where does that burden of proof lie again? Who else is using it?

>IB4 consoles

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> mfw brainlets think Vulkan is just about games
> mfw brainlets have no clue who even develops Vulkan
> mfw brainlets aren't capable of googling vulkan performance in windews and seeing Nvidia beating AMD there
> mfw a brainlet thinks AMD leads vulkan development or support
> mfw summer fags

>> No.62051895

>b-but this doesn't count because I say so
my work here is done
thanks senpai

>> No.62051900

a user doesnt need to define anything on hbcc hence why its agnostic

>> No.62051902

didn't AMD pretty much gave them mantle?
what else would you want them to contribute?

>> No.62051912

Oh boy... You sure showed me... Thanks again for proving that no one but Zenimax are using it.

>> No.62051948

Vulkan is straight up mantle, even the Nvidia guy on the council admitted it. Isbjust a buttblasted nvidiot who's in la la land

>> No.62051968

Well fuck you all and your meme GPUs, the thread is about EPYC.

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Repeat after me : DMA (Direct Memory Access)

Vulkan is a very low level language. Yes, to spur development for it, you have to recognize your development community and put in effort to abstract low level functionality to a level that developers are comfortable with. And yes, it performs better. Take 15min from shitposting on this thread and google it.

FP16 isn't a new phenomenon. It is implemented and exists in several cards. While RADEON marketed FP16 (HARD) w/ vega, since they're busy writing custom ROMs for miners, they have yet to enable it.

Pascal beats vega. I'm not a fanboy. I have AMD/Intel/Nvidia hardware, run windows/linux/macosx. Call a spade a spade and stop being a simpleton shill.


Radeon makes compelling hardware (on paper). When it comes to drivers/software/developer tools (where the rubber meets the road) they fall off a fucking cliff which is why OpenGL functions better than vulkan on their own dam cards.

>> No.62052012
File: 198 KB, 725x355, hbcc.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Where the fuck are you shills coming from?

Do you even understand how DMA works?

>> No.62052024

we both know what abstraction layer for nvidia means
having a low level console like api was something every dev wanted hense why mantle got loved and spawned both dx12 and vulkan
its not like they dont know how to develop for it its that they dont want to spend money on optimising shit

>> No.62052028

>DMA (Direct Memory Access)
why is everyone up AMD butt for having large datasets if nvidia can do it?

>> No.62052075

>let's put a high level abstraction layer on top of the low-level API
That kinda defies the whole point.
But we'll that's NVIDIA.
NVIDIA can do it buuuuuuut you need to modify your software to do exactly that.

>> No.62052126

I hope they just ditch their in-house dogshit engine and use lumberyard or so.

>> No.62052135

So, basically chiplets like on consoles?

>> No.62052139

Fuck off GPU brainlets.
This is CPU thread.

>> No.62052149

Quite smart of them, I wonder what percentage of sales are chinese sales now.

>> No.62052158

Well, to be fair, RTG also didn't have to throw RX Vega out the front door on half-finished alpha drivers, either.

>> No.62052219

Because Radeon group has clever marketing and ways of behaving like they're doing something new and exciting. Meanwhile, they're rewording/re-marketing/repackaging things that already exists...

Just about every feature you see Radeon boosting about exists on Nvidia cards already. The question is which one. Professional or consumer vidya. To that, someone asks : Well, does Radeon offer more to the consumer than nvidia? The reply is : No and not unless they have to.
Nvidia has had pinned memory and DMA for years. DMA is not transparent nor can it ever be because you're dealing with a shared memory resource. There are tons of drivers/software and it requires user specification (how much do you want allocated). This feature is even more pronounced on professional series cards just as it is w/ AMD. AMD pulls the same shit as Nvidia : They gimp the fuck out of consumer cards and put all of the interesting features in their pro-line cards. DMA (HBCC) is gimped on Vega cards. The real significant uses of HBCC (the ones that got demoed and the ones that drove 8K video production) are restricted to their workstation/pro cards... Just like nvidia.
RDMA (remote dma) is disabled on consumer cards by both Nvidia/AMD. All of those exciting Radeon demos were on professional/workstation cards... Yet brainlets think it will be accessible on Vega RX.

Young summer fags and their shilling. Both companies pull this shit w.r.t to pro/workstation vs consumer. I have no clue why people love shilling for Radeon when they pull the same crap as Nvidia. My hunch is that most people have no clue wtf they're talking about.

Do yourself a favor and ask AMD if they're going to expose FP16 to compute flows....
For gaming flows, you're going to be disappointed by how small a bump in performance it produces... FP16 might be x2 faster than FP32 on paper, but there is a shit town of hardware/firmware in the pipeline that matters w.r.t real-world performance.

>> No.62052241

give it up, i don't even know whether they are shilling or smart ass.

>> No.62052264

I don't really know why GPUs cause so much shitflinging.
These are specific tools at best and toys at worst.
Nothing more, nothing less.
Boring as shit.

>> No.62052269

A dma controller is implemented in hardware. Pinned memory, firepro GMA, and hbcc are memory management schemes that take advantage of dma. And like the other anon said it's transparent and acts in the same way as paging in an OS.

>> No.62052309

Yes they did give them the seed code for Vulkan and yet there obviously has been years and years of development beyond that point to mature it.

Maturation is what gets wide spread adoption... If mantle was mature enough for developers, it wouldn't take years and years of extended development.

Why I highlighted Nvidia's involved at Khronos was to define whose contributing to polishing/maturing it. The Radeon group has issues w/ polished drivers/software/dev tools. It's the major thing they struggle with.

>> No.62052328


Are you retarded?

>> No.62052392

>Because Radeon group has clever marketing

>> No.62052402

>years and years of development beyond that point to mature it.
Except there wasn't. The Nvidia chairman called mantle the basis for vulkan. And yes, it was years in development by EA DICE until AMD partnered up with Johan anderrson. Johan had stated everyone but AMD rejected the idea of a low level API and it wasn't until after they brought it to market that others tool an interest
Hell, the xbox1 used a neutered version of dx11 until just before mantle was released to the public. You're literally making up pure fantasy history

>> No.62052406

>tfw too intelligent to buy nvidia

>> No.62052424

Anon obviously had no understanding of what hardware enabled HBCC which is why he went on shilling as though it was something ground breaking.

> Pinned memory, firepro GMA, and hbcc are memory management schemes
> that take advantage of dma.
> And like the other anon said it's transparent and acts in the same way as paging in an OS

Thus nullifying any extended praising of one implementation vs the other. All are gimped on consumer cards from Nvidia to Radeon group. Pro line cards : the shit they demoed have these features fully enabled in all of their glory. So, there is no reason to be giving extended lip service to HBCC while ignoring that it's existed for years as pinned memory on Nvidia (Consumer cards).. Btw, do yourself a favor and look up the respective latency of the various memory management schemes. Yet again, you see Radeon's software/firmware/drivers rear its ugly head and shit on performance. So, as far as I'm concerned, HBCC is yet to be detailed and proven on consumer cards. It's just another bullet item marketing uses to wow brainlets that is a gimped handmedown from pro cards

>> No.62052444
File: 452 KB, 1500x1001, 1488507741816.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is cosplay thread now.

>> No.62052457
File: 2.51 MB, 500x500, 1492298680486.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No, you are as evidenced by your idiotic remarks about Pinned memory being non-transparent. It's the same thing shit for brains. So, stop using stupid words that have no meaning. You allocated pinned memory and you allocate HBCC memory. It's the same dam thing dummy.

>> No.62052511

>FE Fates

>> No.62052543


>> No.62052569

Because they are specific fools at best and goys at worst.
Nothing more, nothing less.

>> No.62052626
File: 27 KB, 560x315, 1179.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm literally not making up a single thing. Vulkan has been through how many years of development from how many industry partners? You comment about frameworks for customized hardware (embedded closed systems) as if you can copy/pasta it to general purpose computing... You can't which is why the Khronos group was given the task to make this a reality with tons of industry partners and contributors over multiple years. Name dropping of talking heads and all-stars doesn't change the fact of what happens in the trenches to get these platforms to a level of maturation to be an open standard. Xbox1 isn't open nor was mantle :
> The Mantle API is only available as part of AMD Catalyst, only for Microsoft Windows, but not for other operating systems such as Linux.

So, cut the bullshit. People who do real software development know exactly how consortium work as well as seed code. If mantle was open, polished, and ready for primetime, it would have went to market that way years ago.

Radeon can't even write functioning drivers for their flagship vidya cards and you want me to believe they could have made a broad industry standard language that work across all vidya/operating systems/platforms? Nigga please

>> No.62052801

AMD literally donated Mantle to Khronos. It resulted in glnext intiative and eventually Vulkan.
Please stop making shit up.

>> No.62052864
File: 184 KB, 800x980, 1491066625155.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> mfw I finally get a brainlet to admit its not hardware
Now we can have get into drivers/software where Radeon group tends to be shit.

So, how does HBCC software perform :

> HURRR DDURR you can use JVM's Memory management for Real-time latency sensitive operations
> muh fuckn memory scaling for vidya games
> Muh pcie communication latency
> Muh Main system memory latency
> Muh pass through coming/going through DMA controller
> Muh round trip latency

> Muh custom memory management software (HBCC) that performs like shit because I have poo in the loo software developers who don't know how to fully exploit hardware.
> Muh jabs at malloc that performs better
> Muh marketing spin on a shit tier malloc wrapper that performs like ass

Get BTFO'd Object oriented transparency brainlet that forgets that those things cost in performance.

>> No.62052926
File: 42 KB, 600x600, 1495484669610.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mantle literally was not open and only worked on specific architectures and thus had no ability to become an open standard which is why AMD (hoping to steer) an open standard pushed it to Khronos hoping it would give them an advantage in steering the industry just like all consortium groups that have a dominant and founding member(s).

Please stop acting like a wet behind the ears star eyed brainlet who doesn't know how the industry functions or how down companies try to make their way back in via seeding consortiums w/ unpolished code they're familiar with that gives them a leg up over their competitors if it becomes a standard.

You can literally feel the pain the Khronos group has gone through to try to make Mantle into something other than an intern level optimization framework.

>> No.62053004

>Mantle literally was not open
AMD offered Nvidia to use it. Nvidia refused. then AMD tested it with Battlefield 4 and gave it to Khronos.

>> No.62054028

How buttblasted do you have to be to write such a wall of text? lmao

>> No.62054247

Wrong AMD shill. They never offered Nvidia to use mantle. It was strictly in house development. They said AFTER it was complete they would let Intel and Nvidia use it. But they gave it to Khronos instead who modified it for Vulkan.

>> No.62054409

High GWAM + clear train of thought
Takes less time typing that wall of text than shitposting

>> No.62054495
File: 87 KB, 409x409, 1495500738136.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Even if this occurred, which it didn't they'd only do so in hopes that Nvidia's superior software team polished it just like Khronos has been doing for years. Google pulls the same shit w/ tensorflow and any company led (open framework). If you have half a brain, you'll see that they do so to gain advantage over and sway the market towards something they control.

This open bullshit is a meme. No one opens anything that is highly valuable. AMD locks down their consumer cards just like Nvidia. They do demos with pro-line cards, use marketing speak to get you hyped about the feature being on consumer cards and then they take a shit on the drivers/software stake if not outright disable it.

Vulkan is nowhere near primetime and that's after 4 years of cross industry contribution. This just goes to show you what the state of mantle was.

What Radeon can do right now is be clear on what features will be on the Radeon RX vega cards and when they'll actually write the fuckn drivers to be able to use it.

Once they manage to write proper software/drivers for their cards, then talk to me about Vulkan support. They're chasing too many things too far out w/ too little a budget.

>> No.62054499

>in house development
>literally Johan Andersson at DICE made it
>in house development

>> No.62054540

>This open bullshit is a meme. No one opens anything that is highly valuable
now this is some new level of retardness.

>> No.62054602

That's the nVidia™ way.

>> No.62054608
File: 2.30 MB, 1822x1224, 1499234569267.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Consortiums and open platforms are a meme in order to get highly talented people to contribute to a platform for free or to lure people into an ecosystem that has tiered pricing.

The only retards are the brainlets who contribute to a billion dollar company's platform for free.

> Muh free platform
You are the product as is your data

>> No.62054648

Dumb frogposter.

>> No.62054660

exactly, AMD can not afford to do that with 20% market share. it has to be "the good boy".
>Consortiums and open platforms are a meme in order to get highly talented people to contribute to a platform for free or to lure people into an ecosystem
and this is bad? right.
>You are the product as is your data
like I care as long as they deliver something good and cross platform you dumb frogposter.

>> No.62054706

>it has to be "the good boy".
Almost everyone is a "good boy".
It's just nVidia.
Hell nVidia are such insufferable faggots that Sony of all people do not want to work with them after ebin PS3 expirience.

>> No.62054934

Are you really linking some muh gaymes benchmark as an example of HBCC being shit? Really?

>> No.62054995

>hurr durr nvidia is responisble for the shitty PS3
Sony wanted PS3 to use 2 cell chips and it was too late when they saw it's fucking retarded. They literally went at the last minute to nvidia to salvage the console. It's one of the reasons PS3 was delayed almost a year. If anyone fucked sony, it's IBM as they gave microsoft much better cpu despite IBM&Sony working togehter on the cell.

>> No.62055042

didn't sony refused ibm's chip somewhat similar xbox 360's chip design? then microsoft jumped on it?

>> No.62055057

>Thread about Server CPU
>B-but Radeon.
This board is beyond autistic.

>> No.62055085

No, Sony used CELL for CPU plus some off-the-shelf 7 series GPU from NVIDIA.
MS used PPC-based tri-core CPU (Xenon) combined with custom ATi GPU (Xenos, the first GPU with unified shaders).

>> No.62055088


>> No.62055103

Well you gotta shitpost about something.
You can't shitpost about EPYC, it's good, and market adoption rate is silly high given its completely new platform.

>> No.62055108

I know what sony used. I vaguely remember that sony refused the Xenon design, and went for Cell.

>> No.62055114

>Well you gotta shitpost about something.
Like I said, beyond retarded.

>> No.62055118

That definitely wasn't the case, hell, Sony was the driving force of CELL development.

>> No.62055129

That's /g/.
It's a shithole.
Basically /v/ with CPU/GPU/any other form of consumer tech.

>> No.62055158

I was remembering wrong, microsoft benefitted from the development of cell, without paying for R&D.

>> No.62055171
File: 769 KB, 948x747, epos.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy shit they can't get away with this

>> No.62055196

They can.
People in datacenter really really hate Intel for price hiking, segmentation and some other itty bitty thingies.

>> No.62055225

That leaves only Google, Tencent and Amazon from the 7+1, right?

>> No.62055274
File: 417 KB, 653x635, 1497938426909.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are you implying they have this shit available to compute workflows on consumer grade cards? Are you that dumb? If so, do you really think this is anything different than pinned memory?

So yeah, I am pointing out (on consumer cards) for which developers have written in support that its shit. It's shit because the hardware pipeline, firmware, drivers, and software have been over promised w.r.t real world performance.

As the typical idiot posting here knows fuck all about comp. arch, PCI-E latency is significant as is memory access time. Now multiply this by two and account for the interrupt/latency of getting the data into the portion of the pipe it belongs in on the return side of the transaction.

Meanwhile, you're stalled out on the video card waiting for memory. Memory starved. There's a reason why you simply add more onboard memory to the GPU if you have memory issues.

For compute flows, the same principal applies. PCIE latency and DMA access are brutal compared to GPU local memory access. Meanwhile brainlets think HBCC is the second coming...

>> No.62055293
File: 145 KB, 1500x1054, ourgoys.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I guess we know whose who now

>> No.62055295

Dear retarded frogposter,
Fuck off from this fucking thread.
It's about CPUs, not GPUs.

>> No.62055410

>RX 580
>base boost 1340
>"very good" overclock is 1500Mhz

>GTX 1060
>base boost 1708
>worst stable overclocks start around 2.1Ghz

I guess it's fair. I'm just happy Nvidia stepped up and put atleast a 192bit bus back on the x60 series. The 960 was such a piece of trash that was only possible because the competitor card was a literally 3 years old rebranded card.

>> No.62055555

>RX 580
>base boost 1340
>"very good" overclock is 1500Mhz

>GTX 1060
>base boost 1708
>worst stable overclocks start around 2.1Ghz

>muh amd cant overclock myth
go fuck yourself you dumb favela nigger, completely false

>> No.62055604
File: 108 KB, 480x480, 1496542148113.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What about CPUs? This is /g, do you have enough of a technical understanding to have an intelligent conversation beyond posting headlines? AMD made a good CPU and is winning marketshare. This isn't reddit where you spend 300 posts jacking a company's dick. Sometimes the convo forks. Were discussing comp arch. and code. It's all on the same motherboard and interacts. Get w/ the conversation of fall off brainlet

>> No.62055656

Who cares? Servers will run on ARM chips soon enough. This is a lost cause.

>> No.62055688


>> No.62055828

>real computing power
pick one

>> No.62055862

AMD doesn't own have fabrication facilities. And Global Foundries' 14nm Fab 8 is in Malta, New York.

>> No.62055870

I'm not saying it can't, it just can't as well as Nvidia. Face it, AMD silicon isn't as efficient at competetive clocks, the 580 is literally just a 480 binned for high clocks and it heats up and draws more power out of the box than the 1060 ever did, while delivering similiar performance.

>> No.62056025

>Face it, AMD silicon isn't as efficient at competitive clocks,

Sitting on a 290x that can get a near 30% boost, stop lying on the internet, especially to people that can fact check your bullshit

>> No.62056038


>> No.62056161
File: 299 KB, 2625x2619, 🤔.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>500W to get 780 performance
AMD truly has the deepest lore

>> No.62056561

AMD invented vulkan and nvidia doesn't even give a fuck about opencl

>> No.62056762
File: 41 KB, 500x1130, 480.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>780 performance
lol i would have upgraded already if it was that shit, does it feel bad that a 7970 is now better than a 780?

>> No.62057036

What are you talking about?
Raja took 3 architecture to finally implement it. Not even well according to the terrible driver support and literal hardware level issues
What the fuck has Raja been doing this whole time? Jen at least has billions at his disposal to do whatever he wants. Money is the ultimate nitrous injection in the semiconductor industry

>> No.62057085

If I'm driving at 5 mph who cares about about a 30% boost cause I still can't hit fucking 60 on the freeway

>> No.62057351
File: 73 KB, 700x565, 1502831978496.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.62058212

>Money is the ultimate nitrous injection in the semiconductor industry
You're literally in a thread where the biggest guy in semicon is getting his ass kicked by a company not even 1/10th the size and completely broke and in debt to boot.

>> No.62059469

>Jen at least has billions at his disposal to do whatever he wants. Money is the ultimate nitrous injection in the semiconductor industry
And yet money did not help SGI.
And nVidia is rapidly heading that way.

>> No.62059482

In any case, Intel is practically dead and it's a corpse.

>> No.62059489
File: 108 KB, 631x630, 20150624_AMD_kokoro_chan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

holy shit the incels are butthurt in here lmao

>> No.62059496

Where have you ever been?
Lenovo registred A275 and A475 ThinkPads (5 index are explicitly AMD models).

>> No.62059546

Holocaust the ashes of Intel and devour their kike souls.

>> No.62059615


>> No.62059654

RR will deliver a swift kill on Intel's mobile markets.
Superior, more efficient cores and graphics that's like 10 years ahead of Intel's.

>> No.62059679

I'm not a macfag, but I hope that Apple also goes Red this or next year.
At least they will demostrate that they aren't that lost.
Hopefully Microsoft also will switch.

>> No.62059711

They will go red once AMD can finally implement TB3.
Which is next year.
Expect non-trashcan Mac Pro's with hopefully actual CPUs (EBYN/Jewripper).

>> No.62059745

>the mac pro is gonna be epyc again
Hopefully mememagic will make Tim Cook say this.

>> No.62059763
File: 105 KB, 255x345, jew killer.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Post Nazi husbandos.

>> No.62059772

It would be a nice return to form.
Current trashcan killed whatever was left of Mac Pro.

>> No.62059795
File: 36 KB, 665x385, timcookappleceogay-665x385.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>see pic
yeah, he's gonna stay with intel

>> No.62060823
File: 1.25 MB, 1002x1480, t.JUSTnich_0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.62062147
File: 96 KB, 638x710, 1500260377912.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.62063302

You're gay.

>> No.62063506

see >>62056762
its like you deny facts, still playing 1440p 60 fps in the latest gaymes, stay mad favelanigger

>> No.62063561

It's the american way to cuck a chink.
Also IBM probably knew G80 would make Cell useless anyway.

>> No.62063580

>This comes a few days after Intel's CEO left the American Manufacturing Council.

what are the ramifications to this?

>> No.62063596
File: 365 KB, 500x275, 1500318173973.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>tfw you will never be a contract Keller

>> No.62063624
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