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who here on 6700k / 7700k is upgrading to Kaby Lake?

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Only throwaway consumer culture people. Computer components depreciate so fast the resale value isn't worth it over any real performance improvement.

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"Unnecessary upgrade"
15% more performance, so why not?

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>7700k is upgrading to Kaby Lake

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I upgraded from an i3 6100 to an R5 1600. Then I synced my phone with a few hundred songs of new music.

I was fucking blown away. I keep all my music FLAC on my hard drive (because why not) and convert to .ogg for my phone to save space. Usually a few hundred songs would take quite a while to transcode on my i3. Needless to say, twelve threads churning away got it done pretty fucking quick.

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You mean 'Intel 15%', which like the 15% boost from sandy to ivy, ivy to the next one, etc etc.
If you believed intel that's like 4 cumulative 15% boosts.

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good goy, remember to buy your new z370 board.

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I have a i7-4770 and I still see no reason for me to upgrade.

4/8 is enough for me right now. I am eyeing up TR if they ever make mITX boards for it though (wishful thinking maybe but they could probably have most of the power stuff on a daughter board above the CPU like I have seen a few mITX boards do).

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>tfw i7 860 and still NO reason to upgrade.

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i dont understand who buys these 1k CPUs, the price is insane. The motherboards cost another 400 bucks. wtf.

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Threadripper is a SoC and a lot of the power stuff is onboard. It would theoretically fit on mITX. The biggest issue is the sheer socket size.

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People who actually focus on productivity.

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RAM might be another issue. TR supports quad channel and the boards currently have four per side while mITX generally only has two DIMM slots.
So whether they just have dual channel two DIMMs or try fit two more DIMM slots on could be interesting.
It depends on how much they could save by what is on the SoC. Bonus is that they might not need a southbridge at all (or a smaller one) due to everything being able to come off the PCIe lanes.

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Possible, but still the question remains of how many.
With just two SO-DIMMs they could save space over two regular DIMMs. With four they could go quad channel, but would probably take up more overall space than two regular DIMMs.

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That's why my 15 watt dual core laptop CPU matches a stock i5 2500

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Got a 6600k and wanna upgrade to Ryzen because muh cores but I'll probably wait until Ryzen 2.

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Where do you feel you "need" more cores?
The only situation where something has been unusable has been some demanding real-time game+stream nonsense where muh fallout gets choppy

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>That's why my 15 watt dual core laptop CPU matches a stock i5 2500
I'm sure it does buddy.

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Sorry it spikes up to 18w when boosted to the full 3.5GHz

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Welcome to the future lad

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Who is this dumb mexican

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