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Remember: a socket change a year keeps the goyim in fear

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Are those the boxes or just fanboy render? Because they look unappealing as fuck.

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heh there's a nag screen about adblockers how cute

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Who the fuck designed these? Are they hiring teenagers to do their boxart now?

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They are trying to appeal to linustechtips viewers

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>intel UHD graphics

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It's hilarious that so many retards thought that they'd just be dropping one of these into their Z270 (or even Z170) board.

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I expected them to need a new socket. I have a choice between Intel and AMD. Everything will be decided by TDP

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>retards unironically forgot desktop Broadwell
Eh, I guess goyim never learn.

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You should be a 1600 or 1700 today then, because these things sure as fuck aren't coming in at under 65W. Even the current locked quad cores don't manage that.

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1600 65w 6 core
1700 65w 8 core

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Daily reminder not to buy zenver1 (but wait for zenver2), but buy used 2500k+P8P67 Deluxe instead.
And never ever to buy CPU with TIM'd heatspreader, unless you're willing to insert heatsink directly on the die.

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Good, good boy
that's what I wanted to hear

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No /g/entoomen with half a brain cell actually expected Coffee Lake to drop into Z270 did they? Even if it did, it wouldn't have been a big deal. Tick Tock may be officially dead, but we still only got one Tock on Z270, and I don't see that part of the pattern changing. If Coffelake was destined for Z270 it would have been another insignificant tick like Kabylake.

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>did they?

like 70-80% did kek

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whatever. i got a 6700k and its worth nothing now anyway. i wont be upgrading for years

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yea I'm buying Intel to spite obnoxious amd shills

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Skylake to Kaby Lake was barely anything. Like 5% in real world workloads. Only improvements came from higher clocks (and temps lol). And Z270 is so close to Z370 that it's like half a year inbetween.

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Your parents aren't buying you a new laptop this year, little timmie.

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Yes you will, because of 1) detoriating heat transfer from die to heatspreader and because of 2) rapid transistor decay post-32nm.

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fuck you i wont do what you tell me

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good, don't forget to DELID Brian

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obnoxious street shitters. you're not funny just smelly and septic

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good job deleting my post AMD paid janny. really keeping it impartial you retard fuck.

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Yup. Earned the name Babbylake for good reason. And aside from the availability of 6 core parts (allegedly) I doubt Coffelake will be any different even with the new chipset.
To be fair to Intel, having 6 cores on the mainstream alone will be a big deal. The only questions left for top end mainstream buyers..
200 dollars for 1600, or 300 for a 6 core coffelake with higher speed but higher heat and power draw? Or an R7 1700 instead with 2 more cores?

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>intelfags think they can drop this into a z270
>Requires Intel 300 Series chipset-based motherboard
Do those shills think Intel will let them be shills without paying a tribute?

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I TELL you to downgrade to Sandy Bridge at little cost and have CPU with only slightly worse single threaded performance, but with soldered heatspreader, and that will work for the next century.

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Just in time for my new job. Upgrade from a Skylake i5 to a Coffee Lake i7. Seems like a good leap up.

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i hope that 2% ipc incrase is worth rebuilding your system, anon

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im just going to mine bitcoins anyway

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Disregarding the addition of 2 cores and hyperthreading in that proposed upgrade. Are you pretending to be retarded?

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if you care about those why not go for a cheaper processor that packs 2 cores and 4 threads more
coffe lake is literally skylakelakelake

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>IPC increase
Apex kek, brother. If there's any performance increase, it's from MOAR COARS and MOAR CLOCKS. Intel is at an IPC dead end for the next 4 years.

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ipc? is apple making computers now?

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It's even more hilarious when you realize that both cannon lake and ice lake will be on a new, different platform as well. Free 370 is literally only for one generation and it's dead before it even came out.

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>300 for a 6 core coffelake
Not even the non-K will be that cheap. >>62000715

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>He is going to pay for a new mobo and an AIO just for 2 additional cores with no ipc gain.

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>inb4 /g/ starts to impy they don't play games and >>>/v/

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im already a year in so ill hold out. two more yesrs and maybe i can switch back to amd (lol)

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intel might forget the whole tick-tock-model on their cpus every once in a while but they never forget it when it comes to sockets and chipsets

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Just get a "muh clocks" i5 and shut up already.

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or even an unlocked i3, if that game is literally all you want to do on the pc

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Woah, wait what the fuck?
Didn't you guys see that like not even 2 hours ago it was the picture of the actual boxes, but now it's just a sticker?

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lol you saved it for almost 3 months just to laugh at him at the right moment

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whats with the 80's style box art?

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Someone needs to shoop keller's face onto this.

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>red - danger
>green - toxic
>black - death

Well, at least they're warning customers ahead of time.

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My desktop runs with an Ivy Bridge i5, 3570K.

It will probably keep going for years, but my graphics card could use an upgrade.
>XFX 9600GT "XT"
>680MHz, 512MB VRAM

Why do I even follow these "developments" in computers?

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Seems a little disappointing, but i just delidded my 7700k and I'm running at 5ghz with 65c average at full load all cores. So I'm content for a few years till Intel straightens out and amd doesn't have a cpu the size of uranus.

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Don't hate on the BBC (big beautiful cores)

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Threadripper boxes looks unorthodox too. However doesn't mean it is a bad product.

Do not judge a cover by it's book.

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my first card

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unappealing != unorthodox

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Who wanna bet those will work in TR4 sockets, with limited functionality? What will intel shills say when amd's hedt platform ends with 32 cores?

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Wait till Intels T series releases. i7 at 35W.

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At 2ghz, sure thing.

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Nice FUD. But really Skylake went 2.9GHz unto 3.8GHz


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Not on 35wt, dumbass.

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>Requires Intel(tm) 300 series chipset-based motherboard.



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*sighs* yes at 35W TDP.

At 2.0GHz it is 25W TDP.

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support israel stupid goyim

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Why do companies literally ruin their boxes with memes like "vr ready" and "for a great vr experience"
Shit get plastered on mother boards, when was the last time a motherboard was the limiting factor in something?
cpus, a cpu is hardly the bottleneck. I can run vr perfectly fine inside of a windows virtual machine, emulating a copule cores, but only using 1 single thread on my cpu.
Each emulated core takes time away from the real single thread that the entire vm is limited too.

The ONLY thing that should ever advertise "vr ready" is _maybe_ graphics cards.

also fuck them, amd 5 lyfe nao

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Were you around during Y2K? You'd see a "Y2K compatible" sticker slapped on everything, from software to modems, even if there was no actual possible issue with that product and the Y2K problem.

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They prefer amd

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That would piss me off too.
I was young at the time but I remember seeing "I survived y2k" shit everywhere.

Back then they didnt really fearmonger kids like they do now

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>be me, upgrade from Q6600 to skylake
>see this shit

Well at least when I get a new motherboard it'll have RGB headers so I can sync it all up

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If it's going to eventually be the chipset for 10nm and so on I don't really see the problem, if not thats super gay, but you're an idiot for ever buying a brand new CPU anyways regardless of AMD or Intel

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Daily reminder that these threads are the /g/ equivalent of audiophiles.

pic unrelated

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Trivia time

A _ _ _ _ _ T _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ T _ _ G _ _ _ _ _ _ F _ _ _

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i aspire to be this petty

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>"I'm a proud weeb i enjoy moe and reddit xDD"
Fuck off, your grand collection of noseless deviantart tier unfunny non-cute blobs are the cancer that is killing 4chan, anime, and hopefully you as well. Die in a fire.

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you got it all wrong m8
arma is the one who needs to optimize
>only uses 5 of my 8 cores and of those cores it only uses a average of 15-18% of my cpu
but meh gets average of 35-50 fps in koth

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>good job deleting my post AMD paid janny.
Interesting, so it happens to other anons too. Do you get weird 30sec bans also?

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It's so optimized that a pentium, and an i3 can run it.

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Why play arma when ashes of the singularity, and doom exist?

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I saved that image yesterday though.

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arma is horridly optimized

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You mean 'The latest update to Operation Flashpoint has poor optimization'?

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How new can you be?

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Year of the socket

>> No.62022241

Haswell wasn't a single gen socket too? I don't remember but ivy bridge used the same as haswell?

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Runs ok on intel.

>> No.62022455

As someone who's motherboard socket is completely irrelevant and needs an upgrade, why would this /v/irgin buy a Ryzen mobo if intel makes a Ryzen 1600 equivalent with IPC that isn't stuck at Haswell tier?

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Lets be honest the boxes are probably the most appealing part of them

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>Post YFW i5 2500k overclocked is still strong

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But anon, you need to play in ULTRA on 4K! You need all the lens flares!

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this. mfw I have no face

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Oh wow. So it's basically an entry level X#99 6 core but with poorer memory and PCI-E offering but with an IGPU (whoop-dee-doo). Can't really see the sense in that.

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It doesn't have the mesh and cache changes Skylake-X does.

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because you'll not need to buy another motherboard if you want to replace your cpu for a new one until DDR5 arrives

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