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ahahahahahahahaha AMD fans BTFO

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This is beyond pathetic.

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uh oh poor budget build johnny is upset he has a crap amd card in his pc =(((((((((((

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>MSRP is 499$
>Miners and early adopters finish the small stock in half a second
>Prices skyrocket just like every other card

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Hmm who do people trust a PROFESSIONAL REVIEWER like jayz2cents or some random greentexting 4chan /g/ autist?

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I think it's more about the MSRP being raised by $100 a bit after release

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>evga paid shill says shit

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This faggot is a Nvidia paid shill

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Except its not raised. People are fucking retarded. They expect to buy Vega for 500$ when even RX580 is sold for the same price.

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>more drama
>more clicks
>more $

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>hobbyists on a dedicated forum
I know who I should trust

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Well they sure don't seem to mind their new customers.

It's funny though, lots of gamers bought Ryzen just because they thought they were supporting the "good" company.
AMD doesn't give a shit about them, as long as they make money.

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>paid faggot vs fat gentooman

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Fuck off jake.

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Jay is one of the first few guys to call bullshit on Rypoo and now he's doing the same on Vega.

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FYI: AMD fans are also shitting on the RTG team

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>voice popular opinion
>get views and money
>voice unpopular opinion
>get views and money
>repeat forever

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Those are not AMD fans but mostly shitposters and idiots guided by them. I bet 90% of them dont run anything AMD or never planned to buy Vega.

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That's not his issue.

Apparently the $499 MSRP for the Vega was actually bullshit. It included a rebate which is already running out, which means the effective MSRP is $599.

Reviewers weren't told about the rebate when they were given the cards to review, just that it had a $499 MSRP, so when they reviewed the cards they gave impressions based on it being sold at $499 not knowing that shortly after release the cards would be $100 more expensive as the rebate window closed.

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The 580 is inflated due to mining. What I'm talking about is the actual theoretical price changing, not stores selling it for higher from supply and demand.

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Here's what mr. Totally not an NVidia shill had to say about 3.5 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v6k55epUBCE

Wow it's almost like he's an apologetic shill over shit that's 10 times worse than high demand shit being sold over the MSRP

This is also the retard that couldn't even build a functioning watercooling build for his Ryzen 1800X.

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Kill yourself, BR glueeater. The idiot didn't "call bullshit" on Ryzen, he just completely failed to make a build that actually works. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6UAjQmg9Ho

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>someone mentions Intel's bullshit because jay2shills is talking about dropping Ryzen
>Intel's not much better

Yea, they just engaged in anti-competitive behavior to try and destroy their competitor and ruin the industry for everyone but its basically nothing compared to RTG's dishonest pricing on one product that may actually be the fault of partners. Yea, trying to monopolize the industry isn't so bad in comparison, oh but I'm getting heat from fans so I'll just say it's not MUCH better.

This guy is a fucking scumbag

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>you must eat unconditially eat any shit amd releases or you're not "true" fan
kys drone

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The MSRP was always $599. They gave out a 1 week deal for -$100 off to make it look like it was $499. Yes the inflation was the fault of miners but AMD purposely made a shitty move to appear cheaper for the hype and early period when its hard as fuck to even find one of these cards that was not part of a fucked up bundle with shit you dont need.

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The rebates were to encourage retailers not to jack up the price beyond MSRP, which they immediately did as soon as they ended. They can't stop anyone from setting MSRPs into the fucking sky to get more sales off a high demand GPU.

The entire "moral outrage" over this is one of the most pathetic examples of nerd flailing I've ever seen.

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AMD had two options.
1. No packs, no rebates and miners buy out everything
2. Packs and rebates, and miners only buy most of everything

This is the reality of the post-miner GPU market, where everyone wants to get their hands on this shit. Demand is up and supply isn't changing.

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>hype the living shit out of what turns out to be a mediocre product
>basically lie about the real MSRP behind a secret launch rebate and stupid fucking bundles
>ship incredibly few cards

This is quite the fuckup and it's hilarious. I still want a 580 for muh Linux gaymen, though. Never thought I'd say that

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Literally who?

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At $499 miner would buy everything

At $599 miner still buy everything

supply and demand 101

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>ITT fa/g/gots forget that AMD and the Radeon Technology Group are still seperate entities
>ITT people forget that Ryzen and Polaris based GPUs are still competitively priced in some countries with the meme nvidia 1050s and 1060s, which is the mid-range market they're aimed for
>ITT people forget miners are still retards for thinking they'll break even

When will /v/idiots and cryptoniggers stop blaming eachother and realise they're both pissing money down the drain.

R3 1200 / 1300X, RX 470/570. Those are your basic bitch tools that'll outperform or stick with a 1060 in REAL WORLD performance for less. I'm not talking those shitty benchmarks you pissants like to parade around, who the fuck notices 2 extra frames over your vsync limit?

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I'm glad I bought a 1070 last year.

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who ever buys reference cards anyway??

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you should have bought XFX 4something

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More like if you dont like the product you dont buy it instead of

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AMD needs to sue the shit out of the fucking liar Gibbo using the UK's strong libel laws, and totally cut off his store from AMD products. That known liar is trying to take advantage of the swirling rumors to try and strong arm AMD into continuing to bribe e-tailers into selling at MSRP.

AMD then needs to cut off this rumor mongering YouTube moron from getting sampled ever again until he issue a public retraction and apology.

AMD needs to stop tolerating this kind of treatment because it just encourages others in the industry to take liberties.

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Yeah yeah. Prove it. So far no one could. Only speculation and rumors.

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and you should just drink bleach

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very mature comment applause

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mature comment for mature amdrone

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imagine missing the point as badly as this fag

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Go find another e-tailer who is willing to confirm Gibbo's lies on the record. I'll wait.

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>Nvidia tells reviewers GTX 1070 MSRP is $379
>No cards available at launch
>3 months before you can one for less than $400
>Nobody blames Nvidia

>AMD says MSRP is $499
>Actually has some available on launch day
>Cards sold out

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>strong arm AMD into continuing to bribe e-tailers into selling at MSRP
So you're saying that amd must pay retalers to sell at MSRP otherwise they'd suffer losses. Thanks for confirming what gibbo said, retard.
>devending the reputaion of a corporation on mogolian smoke signal board
looks like a shill

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>>Nvidia tells reviewers GTX 1070 MSRP is $379
Kek. Nevar forget.

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>So you're saying that amd must pay retalers to sell at MSRP otherwise they'd suffer losses. Thanks for confirming what gibbo said, retard.
Yes, because having to bribe retailers not to profiteer by raising prices over MSRP like they do on all other highly in demand graphics cards means they would be taking a loss if they sold at MSRP.

Absolutely impeccable logic. Now go find another etailer to confirm Gibbo's lies on the record. I'm still waiting.

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First reviews are using FE cards which are more expensive but can be bought directly from nvidia.
You can't buy directly from amd.
Nice try amdrone.

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>effective msrp
Lol. What is the actual msrp?

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You fail economics.

Every card sold at MSRP is a loss when you could be selling the card for above MSRP.
AMD compensated retailers for that loss so some cards would actually be available at MSRP on launch day.

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AMD+NVIDIA master race

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Whst was Rajas biggest success since his return to AMD?

>> No.62016966

reminder that nvidia wants on the mining bandwagon as well.

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Why not increase the supply?

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Reviewers reviewd $450 FE cards but judged them by the $370 MSRP that wasn't going to be available for months.

Meanwhile AMD Vega actually had cards selling for MSRP on launch day.

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try sorting by price and scroll to the beginning ?
they start at 500€ in austria so they should be even cheaper in germany

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He didn't design Vega. his first amd gpu will be Navi.

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>Every card sold at MSRP is a loss when you could be selling the card for above MSRP.
Retailers recieve cards from manufacturer below MSRP, retard. AMD decided to be a jew and set the MSRP to what comes from the manufacturer and give away limited rebates so the retailer get some profit while decieveing the press.

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Because you can't just magic new production lines into existence. They take huge investment and take time before becoming operational.

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Lol... and he had nothing to do with Fiji too, right?

Now try answering the question.

What was Rajas biggest success since his return to AMD?

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Polaris is arguably a huge success, since it is selling faster than supply can come in.

>> No.62017013

no they didn't. AMD has absolutely no way of influencing retail pricing. Even if they gave Vega cards away for free to retailers, they would be selling for the same price they are now.

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You mean HBM is a meme with supply constraints?

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>RX570 - MSRP 180$ - sold for 450$
>Vega RX 56 - MSRP 399$
>Vega RX 64 - MSRP 500$
Gee i wonder why retailers ask more for Vega!

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Those are prices like 3 months after launch. Way before crypto mining boom started.

>> No.62017035

Vega. The whole architecture is designed to solve all GCN's historical weaknesses. The pro drivers prove that Raja largely succeeded, its just unfortunately that the gaming drivers are literally half fucking finished and have core uarch features that aren't implemented yet.

>> No.62017037

Fantastic, no wonder no one is adopting OpenGPU and ROCm. They are all going in to mining rigs.

That is a success to you?

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This is what happens when you pull a bait and switch and don't control the distribution of a flagship product. This is the major reason why Nvidia produced huge stocks of the GTX 10 series and made them available at MSRP at launch. It was the wrangle in and put a noose around the necks of any retailer who dared charge above MSRP... you were competing directly against Nvidia on their website @MSRP.

Radeon group is not AMD imo. They fucked the launch and a huge aspect of the consumer base. They took it a step further and, instead of using resources to fix the incomplete drivers, used them to write custom ROMs for miners. The only two major uses of GPUs is for general purpose compute and gaming. Even though a sick demented fuck has found a way to siphon compute resource valuation/inflation into a fake ponzi scheme currency, Miners aren't a major use. When coin systems collapse, it is going to be a 2008 event for the companies who were dumb enough to align and support them.

People bought GTX 10 series cards without a blink of an eye.
Better drivers. Mature product. Better general purpose compute dev tools. Better performance. Less power. Less Heat.


The most appauling thing is that there still hasn't been a proper response from the Radeon group. R.I.P in my opinion. You gotta be real desperate, myopic, and stupid to stake the future of your business unit on a ponzi scheme while simultaneous marginalizing a loyal segment of your consumer base and while ignoring the general purpose compute community (the future of computing)

Kudos to reviewers calling Radeon out on their shit.
In reality, these guys aren't getting rich from product samples. They get rich by their views. It was only a matter of time before they wised up to this and stopped shilling.

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How is Vega a success by any measure? It is a power hog of an archirecture, that has one or two use cases that justify it's power.

Navi won't solve any of these issues either.

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>GTX 10 series
>available at MSRP at launch
GTX 1080 MSRP is $599
Nvidia sold it at launch for $699
GTX 1070 MSRP is $379
Nvidia sold it at launch for $449

Retarded frogposter

>> No.62017095

>This is the major reason why Nvidia produced huge stocks of the GTX 10 series and made them available at MSRP at launch
Confirmed for not following GTX 1070/1080 release. It was literally a paper launch. Even after months you couldnt buy them near close to MSRP because they were always out of stock. Look at >>62016903 for example.

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? He said it in an interview that Vega was already in development and it's not his design.

>> No.62017103

its a power hog becase its a lot easier to just increase the power and deal with the heat than it is to make a good gpu architecture.

are you confusing the founders edition with the others ?

>> No.62017105

>they are making money

sounds like success to me.

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Fucking beautiful.

>> No.62017121

Founders Edition was literally a scam to sell reference coolers above MSRP.
But it's OK when Nvidia does it.

>> No.62017126

Go read the whitepaper you absolute know nothing. There are core new uarch features that aren't even implemented in the gaming drivers yet, but they ARE implemented in the pro drivers, where Vega10 trades blows with full GP102.

Until RTG manages to get primitive shaders working in the gaming drivers, Vega will remain totally front end bottlenecked by only having a front end throughput of 4 triangles per clock prior to fixed function culling (i.e. primitive discard carried over from Polaris). In the pro drivers, where this already works, Vega is a beast at geometry bound workloads.

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Which interview? He is already a confirmed liar as well.

>> No.62017129

Power usage is not a concern for professional usage. Which is where Vega is good.

>> No.62017139

Let's make sure all our eggs are in one basket...

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>People bought GTX 10 series cards without a blink of an eye.
>Better drivers. Mature product.

>> No.62017151

Why would they release a piece of shit architecture with piece of shit drivers? Oh wait, it's Raja... what else is he going to do?

>> No.62017153

>Trying to judge perf/watt while Vega is still completely front end bottlenecked on half-finished gaming drivers.
In pro workloads it delivers full GP102 performance at its current TDP rating.

>> No.62017157

>He is already a confirmed liar
Confirmed by you?

>> No.62017163

> Professional Reviewer
>He thinks he has a Profession
Top Kek

>> No.62017167

The architecture is fucking brilliant, actually, but RTG didn't have enough resources to hire enough driver monkeys to rewrite both their workstation and gaming driver stacks from the ground up fast enough. They prioritized the pro drivers, which are at least feature complete, but the gaming drivers are still pretty rough.

>> No.62017172

AMD Shills=Obliterated

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Incorrect idiot :
The GTX 1080 Founders Edition card, for its part, fits in to this picture at $699, a $100 premium. The story then is much the same for the GTX 1070. Its family MSRP is $379, which its Founders Edition counterpart is being sold for $449.

Also, Nvidia offered them on their website @detailed pricing to ensure retailers didn't pull the shit they just did. As such, prices stayed consistent for some time after launch. I have the receipts from 2016. I know exactly what happened. I held out for vega, they fucked up the launch, and I bought more GTX 10 series cards.

>> No.62017199

It's AMD's flagship feature called FineWine™

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>> No.62017225

This is not a FineWine situation. We are not talking about mere driver optimizations. Core uarch features discussed in whitepaper aren't implemented yet in the gaming drivers. We already know these features are implemented in the pro drivers and are in beta testing gaming drivers, so we know they actually exist and are coming.

>> No.62017234

Regardless of that the real feature of Vega is the HBCC and the terabyte memory which nvidia won't have in ten years.

>> No.62017237

>have 10x less money than your competition
>release new architecture with rushed drivers because you have to
Yeah. Fuk em WTF! :D

>> No.62017242

i guess once vega gets out of stock and nvidia cards starts climbing up again because miners will buy them he will no longer support nvidia also right?

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I have the receipts from 2016 and just bought more. Have no clue what you're yapping about.

Miners want headless cards so you snip the video out ports, cut the price in-line with that, and force them into such cards by locking down the video cards w/ secure boot and sign checking preventing mining ROms from being loaded. You then release Mining support for the cut cards. Nvidiia started down this path. Radeon allowed it to fuck their flagship and integrated it all into one.

> mfw you see nothing but blower FE cards in serious general purpose compute setups..
> mfw gaymer claims

The ship has sailed. They had their timeline and release dates and fuckin blew it. AMD is fine on the CPU side and will likely make good use of vega on the APU side and through sales to Apple/etc.

Major things are on the horizon and it will be a marriage of Nvida GPU/AMD CPU.
Even shintel has its role

>> No.62017254

I got a founders edition for $379 on Newegg in July 2016.

People must be dumb.

>> No.62017256

HBCC is pretty amazing, but prim shaders solving GCN's geometry performance issues almost at a single stroke is pretty impressive too.

>> No.62017262

Fuck off.

>> No.62017278

I don't know why you are bothering to.continue knowingly and deliberately lie when photographic proof has already been provided in this thread >>62016903

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>I got a founders edition for $379 on Newegg in July 2016.
>he bought it for 379$ when MSRP for FE was 450$
>totally not lying

>> No.62017336

Nah, it's okay when nvidia does it because they are oh the side of gaymers. Which made them bribe the benchmark companies to fake the gpu results when geforces were the underdogs.

>> No.62017370


I pay my evga oc 1070 $379. Like we give a shit of amdrones with their overpriced HBMemes cards

>> No.62017397

I got a Vega 64 Liquid hand delivered by Raja on launch day for $12 dollars. I TOTALLY have the receipts to prove it, too :^)

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I got my 980Ti used for 180$ when 1070 released. Feels good man!

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MSRP was x, FE was y. AIB cards sold from x to y to z.
What is hard to understand this brainlet? . The highest end AIB went for $450 at launch :

Radeon said MSRP is x and said they'd sell the cards at that price.
This is much different than saying MSRP is x but were selling the cards at y in your media launch :

$449 FE
$449 AIB
See the price history

See the flat 3 month price history and then the drop to $379?

This as opposed to stating MSRP and no other real world pricing then letting the card go for $100-200/$300 above that on launch day. I'm sorry, but you're an absolute idiot if you compare the two.

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I hope that's true. I would want to get one before they fix it and everyone realises but the prices are bananas these days. Remember when "mid range" was considered like a couple hundred dollars? And anyway even if its stuck at parity with 1080 that's still pretty beastly. The real let down is the game industry who make nothing worthy of the performance and at this rate probably never really will on the whole. In fact they barely make anything. Even normalfags are starting to realise the game industry is in the middle of a soft crash.

>> No.62017557

>Tweet sponsored by (((EVGA)))

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the AYYYMDDDD damage control is real

>> No.62017647

>lying this openly

>> No.62017725

>no rebuttal
nice shitpost amdrone

>> No.62017730





The real price is $600. AMD are scammer

>> No.62017803

And the Nvidia cards didn't price increase either now did they?

>> No.62017837

>Just re-citing Gibbo's lies in various ways.
>Radeon RX Vega 64 demand continues to exceed expectations. AMD is working closely with its partners to address this demand. Our initial launch quantities included standalone Radeon RX Vega 64 at SEP of $499, Radeon RX Vega 64 Black Packs at SEP of $599, and Radeon RX Vega 64 Aqua Packs at SEP of $699. We are working with our partners to restock all SKUs of Radeon RX Vega 64 including the standalone cards and Gamer Packs over the next few weeks, and you should expect quantities of Vega to start arriving in the coming days.

The bundles still have an MSRP of $599, so how can AMD raise the MSRP of the stand alone cards to $599 while still keeping an MSRP of $599 for the bundles? Oh right, Gibbo is a known liar.

>> No.62017874

They aren't out yet, retard. And they're being made for both AMD and Intel. https://www.extremetech.com/computing/251725-gpu-manufacturers-building-new-cryptocurrency-specific-mining-cards

>> No.62017888

>Ignoring every post ITT
>Every link based on regurgitated lies and rumors
>"AMD are scammer"
Fucking retarded dipshit that can't even speak English. Kill yourself.

>> No.62017949

A year and a half late, uses 70% more power, turns out to be the same damn price as the 1080 at launch, and manages to be worse.

Welp. Time to pack it up

>> No.62018040

Should have been

>> No.62018141

My rx Vega 64 will be arriving tomorrow.
What am I in for?

>> No.62018142

>amdrone mad that his shill salary is taking a dip

>> No.62018155
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>Ignoring every post ITT

The same people who overhype Fury X, Polaris and now Vega? kys

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> all stock sells out in under a minute
> AMD raises the price

Guys, AMD has production issues as they have to rely TSMC/etc while Intel still owns their foundries.

>> No.62018187

I hope you didn't wait™ for it considering you could have had a 1080 for the last 18 months and would still have the better card for the same money

>> No.62018205

580 is a $200 card tho

>> No.62018224

What the fuck did Intel have to do with gpus?

>> No.62018263


Yeah, they don't mind releasing broken products to consumers. Their software eco-system has always been dog shit, things may improve, they may not, you never know with AMD.

>> No.62018276

I don't really need it, but i felt like burning my paycheck for some reason. Currently using a rx 480, maybe I can sell this to some cryptofaggot.

>> No.62018338

He isn't wrong. Any one that pays 6-700 for a vega 64 is retarded when there are 1080tis to be had for 700.

>> No.62018391

>RX580 is sold for the same price.
Wrong. I can go into my local micro center and pock one up for under $350, and they had at least 6 in the display case yesterday.

And I may just do that if vega doesn't price drop soon.

>> No.62018431

you can get ryzen and rx 580 combo for pretty cheap

>> No.62018440

>Let's make sure all our eggs are in one basket...

Good thing then that they also use their GPUs in APUs and consoles.

>> No.62018465

Lucrative market there.


Or not...

>> No.62018466

>I can go into my local micro center and pock one up for under $350,

For a card that was advertised with an MSRP of $200, that's pretty bad.

>> No.62018467

>It's funny though, lots of gamers bought Ryzen just because they thought they were supporting the "good" company.
It's even funner since these are some of amd's most devoted fans. They will be disipoined by the performance they get out f such an expensive card and mat even "switch teams" and buy nvidia in the future.

AMD'S marketing on this card may of done more damage than good in the long run. If they had not exadurated and had been honest about price and performance they may of sold fewer initial units, but their reputation would of been safe.

>> No.62018487

That's software, not hardware.

>> No.62018499 [DELETED] 

In one of his vids he joked about how blacks supposedly have bigger dicks with his nigger friend on screen. Randomly makes cucked remarks too. Slimy motherfucker, probably a Jew.

>> No.62018508

I think the big key here is that amD talks about SEP, not MSRP. The Suggested Etail Price (an acronym they Esentially made up) included the Etail rebate. That is how they weasel speak out of it.

And by keeping the number of $499 sku cards to a minimum they keep their average profit margin across all vega skus high.

>> No.62018529

It's everything.

>> No.62018557

Thing is I would be fine with packs if it was buy any amd ryzen cpu/mobo/freesync monit or + vega 64 get $ off. Instead they limit to high profit margin mobos, cpu x models, and a monitor that had a $200 price increase at immediately before the bundles released.

>> No.62018679

They've consistency downplayed the performance for several months because they probably realized the gaming drivers were going to be nowhere near ready.

Hey, nice made up assertion without evidence.

>> No.62018771
File: 489 KB, 1188x909, bVobYT.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.62018967

what a cancerous thread

>> No.62018993


>> No.62019012

Shit product launches are the best time to come to /g/

>> No.62019135

If something requires some sort of skill and gets you decent money enough to live off that you're a professional and what you do is a profession.

Making YT videos, if you're serious about the quality of your content it's like working a 12-16/hr shift 6 days a week but doing what you like to do. It's still stressful and sometimes frustrating like any other creative job.

>> No.62019164

>manchild filming himself in his bedroom and uploading to the internet with no editorial checks or accountability


>> No.62019208

Learning to poo in staff loo.

>> No.62019393

Brazilian meme is for intel you dumbfuck newfag

>> No.62019749

>They don't send
>I whine
>No longer recommend
Look at dis cuck

>> No.62019890

They did send him one Friday before the Monday morning launch. Gave him multiple driver versions over the weekend and and told him it was going to be $100 less than it actually is. Same with Linus.

Millions of people go to YouTube for product reviews. AMD (RTG (pajeet)) is retarded

>> No.62020031

>Gave him multiple driver versions over the weekend and and told him it was going to be $100 less than it actually is

Bullshit. Gibbo is a known liar who claimed Vega 64 had a hashrate of 70-100MH/s and no one else will go on the record and confirm that AMD has or is planning to increase the MSRP of the stand alone card SKUs.

How could AMD raise the MSRP of the Vega 64 stand alone SKU to $599 when they still have an MSRP of $599 for the bundle? That doesn't make any sense whatsoever.

>> No.62020118

>Sell GPU to retailers for $499 with $100 rebate(effectively $599)
>Expect retailers to sell for $499 and make no profit.

The overclocks guy already said he can't sell for less or he will lose money.

>> No.62020206

>How could AMD raise the MSRP of the Vega 64 stand alone SKU to $599 when they still have an MSRP of $599 for the bundle?
They already admitted those prices are a launch only "introductory offer"

>> No.62020252

Inb4 Volta comes out along with new Radeon cards that gonna destroy it.

>> No.62020262

Go to bed Jay

>> No.62020264

>>Sell GPU to retailers for $499 with $100 rebate(effectively $599)
>taking numbers out of your ass
Dont do that! :D

>> No.62020278

>Dont do that! :D

>> No.62020289

Bad bait

>> No.62020302

you dumb niggers should take an economics class someday. Prices are set by supply and demand. AMD making deals with retailers to actually sell some cards at MSRP is a gesture to consumers.

Stop acting like GPUs normally sell for MSRP at launch. They rarely ever do.

>> No.62020310

Show dem proofs boys.

>> No.62020388

That is literally not the point and you haven't addressed the issue of AMDs "intoductory pricing" horseshit. Really though, it doesn't even matter. It's still worse than an 18 month old card (1080) that was the same $600 MSRP at its launch.

>> No.62020410

Does everyone forget that MSRP is just the suggested price? Retailers can charge whatever the fuck they want. Deal with it.

>> No.62020430

AMD fanboys REALLY care because they're supposed to be the price/performance king

>> No.62020439

Those retards imply that AMD sells those cards to retailers at MSRP. Top kekerion.

>> No.62020467

The overclocked guy also said Vega 64 has a 70-100MH/a hashrate. He is a known liar.

>> No.62020484

>$600 MSRP at its launch.
Nvidia sold it for $700. It took months before you could buy one for $600.

Now AMD sold some cars for MSRP at launch and people go mad when prices rise after launch as everyone expected they would.

>> No.62020487

You have no evidence that the MSRP of the bundle has increased at all, so how could the MSRP of the stand alone card be raised to the bundle MSRP? That doesn't make any sense!

>> No.62020760
File: 325 KB, 638x959, 2 - Copy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>nvidiots claiming they bought 1070 at MSRP of 379$ near the launch

Pic related. 1 year ago. 1 month after release of GTX 1070. No cryptomining fags in sight at that time.

>> No.62020954
File: 156 KB, 362x259, 1491489979389.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Vega 56 will cost more than that and it's a worse card A YEAR LATER

>> No.62020997
File: 274 KB, 1280x1440, Vega56_OC_vs_1070_OC.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>It's a worse card
A reference Vega 56 undervolted, memory overclocked and with a +50% power target beats AIB overclocked 1070s on alpha tier drivers. That gap is only going to widen.

>> No.62021021

>the same amd shill is here 24/7

>> No.62021037

>Providing evidence is shilling, but evidence free shitposting isn't shilling

>> No.62021051

>the same response
literally amd bot

>> No.62021057
File: 36 KB, 643x680, delicious56 witcher3 - Copy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>it's a worse card
Not only its already faster but also has Freesync and other cool features.

>> No.62021070

Why should I bother coming up with new responses to your evidence free shitposting?

>> No.62021105

Why are you here with prepared slides and responses and 24/7 defending amd while ignoring their faults? Are you paid or just neet butthurt fanboy?

>> No.62021109

Not a single reviewer did the same when Nvidia gimped the 3.5gb edition 970
But when amd see a chanse to make some more profits over miners who buys way more GPU than any gaymer is a crime....

Really makes you think

>> No.62021134

probably still holding stocks in amd

>> No.62021162

Then he's a newfag because extreme shilling gets the opposite effect here.

>> No.62021218
File: 213 KB, 360x360, 1492038423359.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I told you guys 1070 level performance

>> No.62021230

you were wrong

>> No.62021255

No because I had the caveat of dx11 performance.

>> No.62021330

You realize that the Fury X really didn't improve all that much with drivers right? "It will get better" isn't a guarentee given how much spite AMD has shown their fanbase. There's no reason to trust RTG after a launch this poor.

>> No.62021343


Jay has released a new video where he backpedals on his twitter comments:


>> No.62021418

because they threatened to take his threadripper processors away. he's a top tier kike.

nevertheless, i still think that amd fucked up hard by increasing the msrp

>> No.62021566
File: 29 KB, 600x668, download (1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I defend what the evidence and logic shows, that's why I have evidence of the things I say, while you make evidence free shitposts.

>> No.62021634
File: 338 KB, 650x1005, 1502745836483.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this thing is a major flop

>some asshurt nigger will reply back to this with some single game or some retarded "j-just underv-volt" meme

yeah right, everyone really wants to do that. fuck off

>> No.62021639

>You realize that the Fury X really didn't improve all that much with drivers right?
The Fury X didn't ship on drivers that still had core uarch features still disabled in drivers. Fiji was well known to be bottlnecked by its front end which could only process four triangles per clock prior to fixed function culling in the rendering pipeline. Vega presently still has the same bottleneck because the uarch feature designed to overcome that bottleneck--primitive shaders--is still not enabled in the gaming drivers.

If you read the whitepaper you will see that RTG claims that primitive shaders can increase Vega's effective triangle throughput to 17 per clock before any fixed function culling kicks in. This, plus the addition of Polaris' much improved fixed function culling (primitive discard accelerator) and the introduction of a form of tile based rasterization means that Vega should finally be free of GCN's historical weaknesses in geometry throughput. Of course, you can't even see the full benefits of the other improvements while the card is still totally front end bottnelecked.

That's also why Vega 56 is 100% as fast as Vega 64 at the same clocks right now.

>> No.62021771
File: 74 KB, 644x424, Screenshot 2017-08-21 at 5.47.00 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reference Vega 56 is faster than AIB 1070s in the majority of tests, and the gap widens with overclocking.

>> No.62021864
File: 845 KB, 1917x1079, vega56_vs_gtx1070.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


margin of error difference


$100 more expensive


nah fuck off. stop shilling for this trash product. everyone who has reviewed it has said it was trash aside from this one aussy cunt who somehow managed to get his vega 56 to beat a 1080 in every game at stock somehow

>> No.62021907

I watched Paul's hardware review. And in many games the 1080 was better by a 1-3 frames and he was saying ''as we can see, the 1080 edges out the vega 64''. But when an AMD card is better by 1-3 frames, it's pfff brah margin of error.

>> No.62021916

What happened to the ol' AMD price:performance, bud?

>> No.62021926

he said those were rumors, not that he had confirmed those numbers himself.

>> No.62021936

pls buy vega I have amd stock

>> No.62021957
File: 95 KB, 796x975, faf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>abloo abloo PLEASEEE BUY VEGA 64

yeah nah

>> No.62021961

Dont forget that hardware unboxed uses gameworks features (like super realistic hair) in their tests.

>> No.62021976

Is this the famous bait thread

>> No.62022002

It's fun

>> No.62022009

>margin of error difference
Hardware Unboxed compared an AIB factory overclocked 1070 to a reference stock Vega 56, his results are consistent with the results obtained by ComputerBase, which I posted above, and which show that even a reference Vega 56 clearly beats AIB factory OC'd 1070s when it's power limit is raised.

Everyone knows blower style reference cards excessively throttle compared to AIB cards, so ComputerBase did the honest thing by turning up Vega 56's power target to approximate factory AIB card performance.

>$100 more expensive
Bullshit. Gibbo is a known liar who claimed Vega 64 had a hashrate of 70-100MH/s and no one else will go on the record and confirm that AMD has or is planning to increase the MSRP of the stand alone card SKUs.

> stop shilling for this trash product
Posting the evidence is not shilling, and I'm not the one resorting to knowingly and deliberately lying my ass off, unlike you.

>> No.62022036

>Posting the evidence is not shilling
Oh boy the shill doesn't even change his writing style.
seriously kill yourself

>> No.62022046

Are there any other GPUs out there that beat a 1070 for an MSRP of $399? No? Okay then. Nevermind that Vega 56 is still on half finished alpha drivers with core uarch features not enabled yet.

>> No.62022067
File: 27 KB, 600x668, download.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you have any actual evidence to counter anything I said, feel free to provide it.

>> No.62022079

It will never be sold for $399 and
>half finished alpha drivers with core uarch features not enabled yet
This is a joke, dude. No one should defend that.

>> No.62022103

>Let's compare the two divisions of AMD like they're run by the same people.
>Next we'll compare Honda's lawnmowers to their SUVs.

>> No.62022113

>blatant samefag shill posting the same crap in very thread

>> No.62022145

>It will never be sold for $399 and
Source: My ass

>This is a joke, dude. No one should defend that.
No one is defending it, I'm merely pointing out that even with the garbage tier launch drivers Vega 56 was benchmarked on, it was still faster than a 1070. With drivers that actually have all the uarch features enabled, reference Vega 56 will utterly dumpster the 1070.

>> No.62022146
File: 35 KB, 654x673, delicious56 titanfall2 - Copy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Stay mad.

>> No.62022159

>Actually posting evidence relevant to the topic being discussed is posting crap, but evidence free shitposting is not posting crap
Really sends the brain down the lane.

>> No.62022164

how about vendor neutral games?

>> No.62022187

>see Linus get a whole bunch of views for making a criticizing video of clear Jewtel tactics everyone was silent about for months

>try to copy it immediately
>try now again
>fails even harder and now get exposed for whoring viewcount

>> No.62022200

>>62020997 and >>62021771 which show multiple game averages and--in particular--include results for the Vega 56 where it's power target is increased so it doesn't constantly throttle as it is being compared to AIB factory overclocked 1070s.

>> No.62022204
File: 72 KB, 676x952, untitled-11.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nvm i found the only vendor neutral game that matters. the 1070 stomps the 56

>> No.62022205


>> No.62022212

"Reviewers" LOL wtf gtfo nigger get a job

>> No.62022228

would rather believe these desu

never heard of those other sites and one isn't even in english. pcgamer and hub are pretty well respected. i think i'll go for the 1070 this time. that is unless the 1170 is coming out this year

>> No.62022380

>Take away something that they gave him.
You do realize the shitstorm this would cause? Of course you don't. You still think AMD raised the MSRP.

>> No.62022381

>Vega hardly competes with Pascal
>Nvidia can now take it's sweet, sweet time with Volta
The real losers are anyone that wants to upgrade from Maxwell

>> No.62022437
File: 154 KB, 1013x838, hmm - Copy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.62022452

the threadripper cpu weren't given based on nothing. he even tweeted out something relating to a deal he had with amd and said he still liked his threadripper but he didn't want to lose it or something. it's not even on his feed anymore the kike deleted it.

>> No.62022462
File: 121 KB, 354x347, smug horror.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>64 will be sold at 499
meanwhile in the real world

>> No.62022486

video card prices are a god damn joke thanks to these autistic fucks

>> No.62022492



>> No.62022534

there's actually one £100 less than that but that cheaper vega 64 is still £100 more than the cheapest 1080. amd really fucked up this pricing. i dread to see how much the water cooled ones are going to be

>> No.62022727

>new product sells out immediately at premium price
>cannot satisfy demand even after price increase

Fuck off /v/

>> No.62022768

>all 10 cards in the world sold out

>> No.62023373

>one isn't even in english
The fucking Germans are the only ones left who have the slightest fucking clue of how to actually test GPUs properly. ComputerBase and PC Games Hardware do by FAR the most thorough GPU testing. Hell, PC Games Hardware actually uses the Beyond 3D Suite to test GPUs! Holy shit, can you even imagine in this day and age of fucking box readers?

>> No.62023599

>pls buy vega

>> No.62023637

>Commending German sites that actually properly test GPUs, including actually doing B3D Suite testing, is shilling for one particular product.
The absolute state of /g/.

>> No.62023689
File: 95 KB, 751x780, 1463979497962.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


poor reviewers BOO HOOOOOOO

>> No.62023706

>pls buy our overpriced late to the market furnace
the absolute state of amd shills

>> No.62024799

>Implying AMD should sacrifice margins for gaymers

AMD are in financial trouble and need to improve their margins, faggots. Don't buy Vega if you think it's shit (it kinda is).

>> No.62024843

Has the MSRP changed?

>> No.62025322

literally who

>> No.62026085

No. AMD just hasn't flat-out said they're NOT increasing the price, so everyone is taking that one Brit-bong e-taler's rumor and burning AMD with it.

The prices will go up regardless of what AMD does. HBM2 is expensive and their cards sold out within minutes. Faggots just need to stop crying about price hikes when supply can't keep up.

>> No.62026165

I think you're forgetting that not a single non-FE card was being sold at MSRP because retailers and custom cards saw that they could sell their card for $80 to $100 more and people would still eat that shit up. The prices stayed consistent because there was more supply and the prices had already been jacked up the moment they hit stores.

>> No.62026226

They were talking about launch prices, retard.

>> No.62028253

oh yeah just like TT was shitting on ssg saying it was stuttering "right before his eyes" then the red ceo came publicly and shit on his face cause you know he actually has one LOL

>> No.62029299

What were AMD even thinking here? What even happened here?

Did nobody think that suddenly raising the price wouldn't start a shitstorm? Was this planned? Was it the result of incompetence?

They would have been better off launching at the current prices. Perhaps it would put people off, but not like this. Every youtuber faggot I've heard of is getting pretty rustled over it and their audiences seem to agree.

>> No.62029316

>AMD just hasn't flat-out said they're NOT increasing the price

Why not do that though? Why not come out and say "look we're sorry but we haven't changed the msrp"?

>> No.62030662

Anyone have a link to the original accusation by taht UK retailer?

>> No.62030729

fuck off jay, no one looks seriously at your "profession"

>> No.62030766

Im an AMD fangoy and an Nvidiot at the same time.. Best of both worlds. Miners can have the radeons for all i care

>> No.62030932

>Demand is up and supply isn't changing.
If demand increases and supply stays the same, the price decreases. This is basic shit. AMD have no excuse.

>> No.62030957

>If demand increases and supply stays the same, the price decreases.
Wow. You actually managed to fail basic economics.
If demand increases, price increases assuming same supply. (When more people want something they are willing to pay higher price to get it)

>> No.62031407

he's shilling for intel?

>> No.62031445

Intel doesn't even compete with Radeon

>> No.62031479

That makes no sense
Low demand - high supply > lower price
High demand - low supply > higher price

If people really want something they're usually willing to pay more.

>> No.62032375

>AMD's stock is bought up in 2E-70 seconds
>price for vega increase because of that

it's like they can't even into basic economics

>> No.62032437

>Caring about the opinion of some guy who's entire job consists of pointing a camera at gaymen products for 15mins a day.

>> No.62033269

How is it being poor?

>> No.62033338

>Enthusiasts fleeing AMD in droves will have no impact on futuee sales

Learn economy brah! It's all gravy and salad days from here on out!

>> No.62033402

People owning anything from 290 to 580 don't give a shit about any of this.
They're just hoping crypto doesn't have as much of an impact when they decide to upgrade.

>> No.62033428
File: 42 KB, 506x543, 68936c73006800a4eb714cb8cdea2ecd0116aa2a917b6da3f3cf137474231dfd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.62034091

So they haven't been named?
So it's just tech reviewers memeing each other?

>> No.62034153

See >>62034098. Gibbo fucking lied his ass off to try and strong arm AMD into continuing to bribe etailers with rebates to actually sell at MSRP. AMD just confirmed on the record that Vega 56 and 64's launch SEPs of $399 and $499 for stand alone cards remains in effect and has not been changed.


>> No.62034569

Gibbo is the overclockers.uk guy?

>> No.62034596
File: 16 KB, 261x269, 315.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.62034613

Yes, known liar Gibbo is the ocuk guy.

>> No.62036304

tl;dr: (from Linus's video)
- Radeon gave them the cards at 6am on Friday. And the launch was on Monday. So they had to work their ass off to push reviews by the deadline. That means you had to finish up at Sunday by noon to get your render started.

- Radeon said the price is X. At that price, it was a solid choice. So reviewers made vids and reviews recommending the card for it's price and performance ratio. That was really the only thing the card had.
Then the review is out and AMD decides to fuck everyone over with a "lol thats not even the real price" move.

This is why they are/were angry. Like it or not, these people have a lot of influence on buyers. And AMD really fucked up big fucking time with this move. At least graphics wise that is.

>> No.62036389

Sigh. >>62034153

>> No.62036474

No, and yes, you vapid cunt.

>> No.62036929

Lel, running 2 Ryzen + GTX PCs here. Just getting muh bang for buck

>> No.62036950

Who would be an ayyymd fanboy. Looks like a world of only suffering.

>> No.62037191
File: 26 KB, 599x513, 1480950518810.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Amd fags are the same as Nintendo fags, when they get btfo they stay quiet and get ridiculously salty

You idiots are the ones who love to brag about every fucking thing and love spouting shill. You are the ones always false flagging and creating flame wars with bait threads. You are the cancer that needs to be removed from the site.

>> No.62037227

>Amd fags are the same as Nintendo fags
Pretty much.

>> No.62037842

When are these threads going to be banned

>> No.62037930

as much as i love Zen making Intel's CPUs look like they were made by indian street shit, AMD's graphics department has handled Vega in a Bulldozer tier of launch.

>> No.62038131

AMD literally run by apooinloo yet amdfags are always the first to try to call someone else designated.

>> No.62039311

Because they literally can't say they're not increasing the price. It's ultimately up to retailers to price gouge for whatever they can get. AMD has no control over that side. They could say MSRP isn't changing, but then people will cry about the early rebate expiring when the rebate, if it exists, probably was only created to incentivise retailer to sell the card at MSRP on launch day.

Everyone is fucking retarded if they think this is actually a bait n switch. It's just retailers being greedy that they can't make 30% on AMD cards when selling at MSRP.

>> No.62039337
File: 215 KB, 1920x1080, IMG_0556.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Literally no one care about YouTube reviewers. No one.

>> No.62039343


>Radeon MSRP is a litte bit higher thanks to cryptocunts

>Intel pulls another illegal anti-competitive bullshit where they get fined multi billion dollar and they don't pay said fine
>has no problem with it

this guy is a sczhizophrenic hypocrite that would even turn Terry into a normal person by comparison

>> No.62039974

>the rebate, if it exists, probably was only created to incentivise retailer to sell the card at MSRP on launch day.
No shit. What fucking retailer would settle for selling at MSRP if they knew they could still move all their inventory with a huge markup?

>> No.62040390

Did you miss the part where he drilled through the traces on a motherboard?

I am glad that I wasn't planning on getting a Vega, tho

>> No.62040586

broken... 56 when undervolt overclocked pulls 20 watts more then a 1070 and beats out a 1080... how is this a failure?

>> No.62040594

Think about this thread for a second. Think how autistic and stupid one man has to be to throw a tantrum because somebody on the internet besmirches his favourite company. Think how fucking mentally challenged you have to be to suddenly go 20 years backwards and post insults that a 7 year old would be ashamed of. Take your pills and stop showing off your asberger to anyone who disagrees with you.

>> No.62040630


>> No.62041057

I bought the gigabyte 1070 for $380 (there were 3 models at $380 at that time)
About a month later it changed to $400
MSRP remained $380, the shitty half size 1070 remained $380, you can buy a brand new 1070 for $380

>> No.62041081

I bought a 1070 within a week of aftermarket release, for $379, dual fans

>> No.62041105

The asus blower 1070 has pretty much stayed $380 since day one

>> No.62041153

FE has been $650 since day one
Aftermarket has been $600
I know because I tried to buy one on day one

>> No.62041174

I bought gigabyte 1070 windforce OC 8GB a week after aftermarket cards came out from newegg for $380
There were only 3 cards that released at $380 and they happened to remain at $380

>> No.62041194

Wow palit needs to get their shit together, my 1070 averages 90fps with these same settings

>> No.62041220

The gigabyte windforce, gigabyte half size, and asus blower has been $380 since the start

>> No.62041241

Oh, your 1070 is faster than the overclocked 1080 in that comparison then? Sure thing!

>> No.62041489


Yet more BTFOing

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