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i7-8700K = $484.44 CDN
Current Exchange Rate = 1.28

Looks like $380 USD. So much for keeping the same MSRP as Kaby Lake (or lowering it)

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Go to hell, stupid consumerist.

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Amdrones BTFO

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You do not know what that word means. Go scurry back to your pirate thread, kid. The adults are talking.

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>new motherboard required even though it's been the same architecture for 4 fucking years

total cost is gonna be 500 USD because you need to buy a Z370 mainboard.

Z270 isn't compatible, you can't even bios update it to support 8th gen KEK

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Is Intel the only company that can get away with this?

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No, most nodes start with shit performance.
It's just that Intel's 10nm is so woefully late that the rest of the fabs caught up to them.
Intel relied on node advantage so much and now they've lost it.
Wonderful times ahead.

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>the absolut state of intlel

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I'm confident Coffee Lake will be a major success.

I7-8700K versus an i7-7700K should get a 10+% single core increase.

The biggest deal is that it has 6 cores and 12 threads, which should gain at least 40+% increase in multithread performance.

It will destroy Ryzen in real world performance.

Will cost under $400 USD.

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>10+% single core increase.

*200mhz higher base clock.

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Actually it's just higher single core turbo compared to 7700k.
The only thing that can destroy Ryzen is Ryzen2.

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>I'm confident Coffee Lake will be a major success.
>I7-8700K versus an i7-7700K should get a 10+% single core increase.

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there is

no need

to space your sentences

like this

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>mfw Intel makes you buy a new board every two seconds

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Socket longevity is a myth, goyim.

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per the same clock, and it will clock even better.

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looks like i5 will bring best performance for money

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>mfw 7700K isn't even fucking 6 months old yet

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It competes with 1600.
It's DOA.

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(delid required)

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dont forget the best platform Intel' has ever created

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What a bunch of fucking idiots....
Thank the gods AMD is giving them real competition again

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I have just one question:

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I'm Polish and that's wrong.

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Yes, that's Serbian/Croatian acktually.

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Really depends on what actual street prices are and how AMD responds. AMD doesn't have as high margins as Intel, but they can still lower prices a bit.

Intel might get away with high pricing if they bribe enough tech journalists to benchmark at 4.8GHz overclocks @ 100°C and pretend that's an everyday usable overclock.

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>Intel might get away with high pricing if they bribe enough tech journalists to benchmark
Ahoy, even Tom's Kikeware Guide jumped on AMD's train.
There's no one left to bribe.
No, really.
Everyone's tired of Intel's kikery.

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>not as high margins
>85% yields on the high end zen

AMD will win any price war

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>might actually upgrade my 4.7GHz X5650 to an 8700K
>remember Mayo Inside(TM)


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Just wait™ for Zen2.
Moar IPC, moar clocks, what else would one want?

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Every online reviewer I saw talking about Ryzen could barely contain their glee that Intel finally had a fight on their hands again
They'll actually have to put out a good product this time

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>218 Cinebench ST score @ 4.7ghz 8700k
>200 Cinebench ST score @ 4.5ghz 7700k

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wow, a whopping 3% IPC increase over baby lake

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>I7-8700K versus an i7-7700K should get a 10+% single core increase.
>The biggest deal is that it has 6 cores and 12 threads, which should gain at least 40+% increase in multithread performance.

6/8 cores will be more relevant a couple of years from now

Unless someone is on Sandy Bridge they're better off waiting to upgrade

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It's zero.
It's a fucking refresh.

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still more then Ryzen

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I'll love to see intel shills killing themselves when the zen2 TR runs at 4.8GHz stock on 16 cores without setting everything on fire and drawing less power than a overclocked 7900X

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I don't know what they teach there but 3 is not considered equal to 0 here.
>sure I'll pay $3($0) for the coffee goy, I am radda thoistey

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Hopefully future Zen models can smash the 4GHz ceiling...I can barely get my 1600X to 4050

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Was that 4.7 GHz ever even confirmed? I don't see it on their "leaked" slide showing performance improvement percentaces.

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Yeah, just like Vega. It'll be just a year late though.

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>not waiting for Icelake next year

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>They'll actually have to put out a good product this time
It will just depend on pricing really, solder would be pro too but even with the mayo I don't think the housefires will be more than just a meme as long as you don't try to push 6 cores to >4.5GHz.
Their 6C/12T will probably be on par with a 1700 multithreaded and handily beat the 1600X in both single- and multithreaded. Problem is the 1600/1700 are simply great value for the price.

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No. Actually it's more likely it was 4.5ghz..

We'll see tomorrow I guess.

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10nm+ won't even be any faster than 14nm++. Only thing it'll have is lower power. But probably not much faster clockspeeds than 14nm++.

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intel can't win even if zen2 only comes in 2019, their 10nm sucks ass

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>Only thing it'll have is lower power.
Literally all that matters right now for Intel.
>But probably not much faster clockspeeds than 14nm++.
Even just 200MHz is a lot over 6 or maybe even 8 cores.

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PC building newfag here, what does the ++ mean

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literally marketing words for Intel being on the exact same manufacturing process as their last processor

the more "+", the longer they have been using the same process

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Minor improvement on an already existing node.

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>tfw bought the i7 7700k 5 months ago and it's gonna be obsolete the same year.

Theoretically how long will this cpu last me

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Like two years.
Even Intel went for moar coarz.

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It'll last until Zen2 comes out.

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It's not obsolete if the new model is an incremental improvement

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Wait I thought Coffee Lake was supposed to stay same socket?

I'm on an i3 6100(1151) and was just waiting for Coffee Lake.

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Broadwell was also on 1150.
Looks like people here forgot about "desktop Broadwell" meme.

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same socket but you still need a new motherboard because >new chipset

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It's the same socket but it may or may not require a new chipset. Don't listen to the fags claiming you definitely need a new chipset, we'll only know tomorrow.

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So if 7 series is last one on current 1151, I should grab a 7700k before they all disappear right?

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Coffee Lake?

More like Decaffeinato Lake

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no, here is the Absolute Current State of Intel

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But chrzanić does indeed mean to talk nonsense or to fuck something up.

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If Intel is raising prices at the same time they increase core/thread count, it's really pointless as AMD will still be the better option at any given price point. This is not "BTFO" at all.

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The best part is that everyone gives merit to AMD for pushing intel away from 4 cores

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plus you have to buy a new motherboard even if it is 100% the same socket layout

just imagine how many Z270 boards the manufacturers are sitting on kek

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7980XE is Skylake-X

>> No.62000552

Coffin lake

>> No.62000649


I don't believe you, why would Intel use the 6th generation Core i series as their HEDT platform when the 7th gen is already here and soon the 8th gen will be released in a few days?

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>buying a new mobo to upgrade the CPU
No thanks.

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holy shit you're stupid

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Full list of prices converted from CDN to USD

i7-8700K 6c12t $380
i7-8700 6c12t $320
i5-8600K 6c6t $265
i5-8400 6c6t $185
i3-8350K 4c4t $180
i3-8100 4c4t $120

It looks like the locked i3's will be competing with the Ryzen 3's and the locked i5's will be competing with Ryzen 5 1600. Not sure where everything else lands as we need to know more about performance and OCing with or w/o delid.

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Locked i7 will be competing against Ryzen 7 I guess, 1700/1700X?

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*overclocks your path*

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It's moar coarz on the same node.
You know what will happen.

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>tfw intel is actually releasing Skylake again with another slight clock speed increase

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120W tdp that is actually 160?

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And you know it's gonna cost more. Leaks are bs. Intel has to pay their bribes so they have more overhead than AMD. Unless they go full Walmart and take a loss just to shut out AMD, but Ryzen is too popular for that to work. 6 core Boiledlake won't sell for less than $400.

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>$300+ before multithreading kicks in
Intel wasn't ready for this fight, and it shows

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isn't this illegal to do?

>> No.62001145

In most Western countries, yes. However, getting fined is just the cost of doing business for multinational corporations.

>> No.62001158

Intel won't decrease their margins, their shareholders won't allow it.

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>still selling locked processors

>> No.62001201

this, they can't go below 60% (which shows how their silicon process and CPU manufacturing is a fucking joke, zen is getting absurd margins on everything that aren't the r3s, and if AMD sold them at 60% profit they'd be practically giving stuff away)

>> No.62001212

They're for actual cucks who enjoy locked cpus.

>> No.62001227

So Ryzen chips are still the superior choice... if you're going low-end, then AMD's platform will be undoubtedly cheaper.

Fucking $400 for an unlocked i7 6-core, holy shit. Why do it when an R7 1700 is only $300?

And you know that high-end i7 will be housefire tier and won't even come with a cooler. So like $480 after you buy an aftermarket AIO, when the 1700 hits 3.8 easy peasy on the stock cooler it comes with.

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>Fucking $400 for an unlocked i7 6-core, holy shit. Why do it when an R7 1700 is only $300?
>And you know that high-end i7 will be housefire tier and won't even come with a cooler. So like $480 after you buy an aftermarket AIO, when the 1700 hits 3.8 easy peasy on the stock cooler it comes with.

A lot of people only build m-ITX. AMD lacks motherboard options.

In reality all these new Intel & AMD CPUs are excellent. It's not like someone fucks up by buying Ryzen or buying an i7.

>> No.62001345

Zen2 is supposed to hit 5Ghz

>> No.62001371

>A lot of people only build m-ITX.
ITX is niche beyond niche.
>AMD lacks motherboard options.
There's asscock and niggabyte mobos.

>> No.62001416

Don't most budget builders use micro-atx to save cost, since they are still able to utilize standard parts for the most part? AMD currently has zero X370 m-atx options though, so that kinda sucks.

>> No.62001425

Not that I'm not looking forward to it, but I'll believe it when I see it

>> No.62001448

>AMD lacks motherboard options
And Intel lacks actually good CPUs.

>> No.62001501

>Land Grid Array

>> No.62001524


>> No.62001531

Kek never.
7700k was launched for 680$
Coffin lake will be more + new mobo

>> No.62001548

>7700k was launched for 680$

>> No.62001587

how much is coffee lake future proof?

>> No.62001602

7700K MSRP was $350

8700K MSRP will be $350 too.

>> No.62001626


>> No.62001640

zero. Jewtel kills a platform once it's launched, so that you have to get a whole new mobo when you want to upgrade CPUs.

>> No.62001678

Nothing is future proof with Intel
They'll make a quarter-step improvement on your current CPU in 6 months, which you'll probably need to get a new motherboard for

>> No.62001682

Not according to the OP.

>> No.62001784

More future proof than last? Since you can have more cores?

Though next generation is gonna be the big shift, since they've been just kicking the can for a bit.

>> No.62001801

>Though next generation is gonna be the big shift
>skylaeg on their shitty 10nm node
Truly breathtaking.

>> No.62001860

That's not what future proof means.
A 2500K from 2011 would've lasted you until now. Buying 4c/4t right now would be stupid, unless it's budget.
Regardless of what shitty refreshes Intel will bring out, buying 6c/12t will last you a while now.

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Yep they're finally putting 10nm+ on the desktop, and .. pfffffffffft. It's fucking nothing. >>62000059

>> No.62001878

2600K is still relevant, can't say the same for 2500K. If I owned a 2500K, i'd want to replace it beginning of the year.

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Uh, guys?

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Intel is literally finished forever.

>> No.62001961

>A lot of people only build m-ITX. AMD lacks motherboard options.
What? ASRock Fatal1ty Gaming X370 Gaming-ITX/ac has 5-stars on newegg

>> No.62001971

For reference GloFo's process for Zen (1) was "3GHz+", and their new 7nm will be "5GHz".

>> No.62001973

>7700k was launched for 680$
stop lying poojet

>> No.62001991


why does it have such a bizarre name?

>> No.62002011

A i7 2600k was about 240$ at release.
I think Intel lost the plot on the pricing of their top of the line desktop CPUs over the last stagnant years.

>> No.62002014

>Z270 isn't compatible
They really are shooting themselves in the foot with this move, if it's true. People who bought a Z270 motherboard and 7700K just this year will be pissed.

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>> No.62002045

According to Anandtech it was $317. That is $344.97 in today's USD accounting for inflation.


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File: 944 KB, 1228x1502, 1501956628452.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Intel has better CPUs just waiting to Btfo AMD just you wait for the Secret Sauce.

>> No.62002242

They wouldn't do something that stupid would they? r-right guys?

>> No.62002428

>buying intel
They deserve it.

>> No.62002429

>bought 1600
Goddamn intel get your shit together this is just embarrassing

>> No.62002434

> lntel shills laugh at AyyMD
> Intel pulling shitty toothpaste TIM on CPUs, outrageous prices and not supporting previous mobo with its new cpu and socket


>> No.62002508

>muh cs go benchmark at 480p

>> No.62002518

Imagine how hard Intel would #BTFO AyyMD if they soldered or used good TIM instead.

>> No.62002526

>Multi-core doesn't matter!
>Price/performance doesn't matter!
>Power usage doesn't matter!
>Temperatures don't matter!
>Soldered dies don't matter!
>Stutters don't matter!
>Streaming doesn't matter!
>Data centers don't matter!
>OEMs don't matter!
>Hyperscalers don't matter!
>Upgradeability doesn't matter!
>*NEW* Locked platform features don't matter!
>*NEW* Synthetic loads don't matter!
>*NEW* Burnt pins don't matter!

>> No.62002563

Their multi core tech scales worth shit
Better thermals wont help them

>> No.62002800

the question is, who will buy 7800x now? or maybe they pushed coffee because nobody did anyway, hmm
also it all looks like a paper launch, they've been pushing PR ahead of hardware recently too much

>> No.62002811

And yet they chose to cut corners and save a couple bucks a processor
Fucking serves them right

>> No.62002839

Anyone remember i9?

>> No.62002866

>not using arm

>> No.62002870

No goy this is not bingmesh, this is good old bingbus!!

>> No.62002881

>not using nVidia

>> No.62002892

>also it all looks like a paper launch, they've been pushing PR ahead of hardware recently too much
It makes sense for them to do this as they probably won't have anything ready until later in the year, and they can probably convince some to hold off on buying Ryzen if they think a better Intel alternative is coming.

>> No.62002919

AMD should sue them.

>> No.62002978

actually they are not using nvidia anymore, they had to sign with AMD for patents haha

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File: 741 KB, 786x931, Screenshot_20170721_124028.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nobody did and nobody should.

>> No.62003214

delid dis, goy

>> No.62003368

oh boy I might finally upgrade my 3570k

>> No.62003490

I'm waiting for Ryzen 2 until I upgrade mine.

>> No.62003648

any chance of bclk overclocking the non k coffee chips??

>> No.62003879

Not any meaningful amount, probably.

>> No.62003929


You forgot the cost of the mobile, goy.

>> No.62003967

I think it's a bit early to go 6 core

I'm waiting until 2019/20 when the new consoles come out

>> No.62004183

at the rate the price of PC parts is inflating the consoles will be a pretty good deal by 2020

>> No.62004533

I fucked up by building a 7700k system in July

I just felt like spending some money and I didn't do any research, I had no clue Intel were upping the core count

>> No.62004567

No. They'll praise Intel for it since they're all rabid fanboys willing to take whatever Intel shoves up their ass.

>> No.62004674

You didn't fuck up for not waiting for Coffee Lake, you fucked up by not going Ryzen.

>> No.62004698

No. I did that and I'd be fucking pissed. I already regret buying that platform as it is.

>> No.62004729

Anybody dumb enough to buy a 7700K and a Z270 board is dumb enough to replace them six months later. Intel would be stupid NOT to milk them.

>> No.62004767
File: 189 KB, 1194x616, Intel-Coffee-Lake-3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does Coffee Lake support HDMI 2.0 or not?

Here it says NO, but the picture says Coffee Lake S...

I really want Coffee Lake mobos with standard hdmi 2.0 outputs.

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File: 74 KB, 600x800, IMG_2830.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Anybody dumb enough to buy a 7700K and a Z270 board is dumb enough to replace them six months later. Intel would be stupid NOT to milk them.

I'm not doing it. Delidding my 7700k and toughing it out.

2020 I'm going to be retarded and upgrade to whatever is best out of Intel or AMD.

This is an internal battle with autism. Not having the latest thing, when in reality any enthusiast CPU of the last 4 years is good enough for 60fps.

If my willpower breaks then I'll go AMD, not giving Intel any more money this soon.

>> No.62005161


"chrzanić" is "to talk nonsense"
"schrzanić" is "to fuck something up"
"schrzaniać" is "to quickly get the fuck out of somewhere"

So it's not entirely accurate, but close.


>> No.62005247

>implying anyone will get any use out of that many cores

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File: 519 KB, 952x644, intel inside.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.62005606

Lol at all the people saying Intel is finished because AMD got a headstart on consumer 6c processors

They'll lose market share and they'll have to wait until the release of Ice Lake before being considered a serious competitor with AMD, but they aren't finished. The processor market isn't a zero-sum game with a defined winner or loser

But this is 4chan, so I guess I should've expected feels over reals

>> No.62006043


Tick tock died years back, pal. Seriously, look it up.

>> No.62006202

>They'll lose market share

No matter how much AMD shills here keep shoving Ryzen the entire release barely moved the needle

>> No.62006273
File: 63 KB, 758x626, intel amd marketshare.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And this is before Ryzen Mobile even launches. Fuck off, shill.

>> No.62006286

Intel cucks need to finance their SJW agenda


>> No.62006299

It already is now. Things are fucked.

>> No.62006678

Never trust croatian scum.
They are the crypto-kikes of europe.

>> No.62006944

Three sockets a year keeps the goy in fear.

>> No.62007038

There's one matx and it's from Biostar. Also only one itx which is from Asrock.

>> No.62007364

I got a 6850k for $150 that is coming in the mail tomorrow from the Retail Edge program. Any reason to go for a 8700k instead?

>> No.62007366

>... w/ DP 1.4
>(6) DP 1.4 requires external graphic card
(((intel))) corporation everyone

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Hey guys about to buy a new CPU, should i wait for Ice Lake or 7nm? I've been waiting for 5 years now and i think i'm about ready to commit to a deadline for my wait.
Am i making a wise decision? Getting the right CPU is important for me, and i don't want people get the wrong idea. Only the best for me.

>> No.62007525

Get a ryzen 1700x, or 1700 if you want to overclock and don't want to buy a cooler. Cheap and great 8 cores.

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>All those Intel-shills that think lower frequency Coffee Lake will have more IPC than Kaby

>> No.62007587

yea fuck them. My z170 mobo costs as much as their fucking chip, Im not buying a new one.

I would have bought coffee lake for my desktop but now Im keeping my current chip and when its time to upgrade Ill be going with amd.

>> No.62007624

t. autist that was in special ed english and was never taught to separate different ideas into paragraphs and is 12 years old so he missed the part of internet culture where we don't write paragraphs for shit when a single sentence is more than adequate

>> No.62007725

Not a single person currently in this board has any need for anything more powerful than a 2500k

prove me wrong

>> No.62007814

I have a 2500k and my CPU was at 100% when I was doing some multiple imputations on a moderately sized data set with 1000+ variables (just 5 imputations). Some time series analyses that I do also utilize all my cores and run at 100%.

>> No.62008134

It's not about needing it, it's about buying the newest expensive-est shit and then showing everyone online

>> No.62008209

If he's only gaming, then Kaby Lake was a solid choice.

>> No.62008266

There is literally nothing I want more than a quad core 15W ULV. I'll take a 28W quad core as well if it comes with Iris.

>> No.62008307

I want Intel or AMD to implement chipset into the CPU in next two years, this is getting fucking ridiculous.

>> No.62008319

When I got myself 2600k I used to render 3d images daily, basically I would need something more powerful than 2600k even 7 years ago.

>> No.62008420

So coffee lake is worth it to hold out until 7nm if I'm coming from stock 2500k? I guess I'll wait until benchmarks come out but I also plan on upgrading GPU and RAM next year when nvidia releases consumer versions of their next graphics card to get a 4k gaming set-up. Currently running 2500k stock, 970 GTX, 8GB DDR3 ram.

>> No.62008932

So a 2600k already pulls away from a 2500k by about 20%
-gamers nexas 2600k/2500k revisit

A ryzen 1700 pulls away from ur i5 in most every game.
With the added benefit of being good at multitasking.
I'd still wait for this coffee lake, as it's like a week away.

>> No.62008936

That depends: what are you going to use it for? If you're going to use it for gaming or casual use and have no interest in upgrading then a 7600k-7700k is good. If you do more processor-intensive work, then a Zen processor- specifically R5 or R7- will work wonders.

If you're in the latter group and you need a workstation processor, then I would wait for the full details on Coffee Lake to be announced (around tomorrow) to make your decision on what company you should buy from.

>> No.62008973

This all day long. Fuck Intel, I will buy AMD, and if the glue melts ILL BUY ANOTHER ONE

>> No.62009015

>I7-8700K versus an i7-7700K should get a 10+% single core increase.


>> No.62009025

Kaby or coffee is ideal if you want 144hz. If you plan to stsy around 60hz even a sandy bridge is okay.
Expect +2-3 years for more games going multocore now that I intel is pushing the bar.

>> No.62009324
File: 23 KB, 718x512, 1501742982517.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>projecting this hard

>> No.62009397

Still waiting for Ice lake refresh.

>> No.62009954

>7800x vs 8700k
>140W vs 95W TDP
>3.5GHz boost to 4G Hz vs 3.8Ghz Boost to 4.7Ghz
>8.5Mcache vs 12M cache
>No GPU vs GPU
Intel must be filled with wizards I guess.

>> No.62010002

1. Skylake X has mesh, larger L2 and more uncore to deal with.
2. Those 8700K clockspeeds are still just "leaked" rumors.

>> No.62010359


>> No.62010416

It's not even a tock. they are just re-releasing the same processor - unchanged architecture, same 14nm node - again

>> No.62010555

intel is fucking ded

>> No.62010577
File: 50 KB, 555x555, 1438035389179.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.62010612

CPU and GPU have different R&D divisions

>> No.62010855

It shows
Ryzen is fucking amazing, while Vega is a shitpile

>> No.62011052

>all these people with a memory of a goldfish
I remember when exact same thing were said about ryzen first few months, not even weeks

>> No.62011069
File: 160 KB, 1024x1024, 1494740940095.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw my $200 7700k and $140 Apex mobo will be here tomorrow
>but I can't pick it up because I have to work as it needs a signature
Fucking kill me.

>> No.62011963

How long until reviews?

>> No.62012052

Isnt that shit dropping in 2019?

>> No.62012063

Maybe late 2018.

>> No.62012084

Yes, just like Zyklon B into the gas Chambers

>> No.62012107

Hmmmm. I was going to build a rig summer of 2018 but maybe waiting for zen 2 would be smart

>> No.62012132

208/200 is 4.3%

>> No.62012155

Get your shit dropped off at a dropoff point rather than at your house, then you can pick it up whenever instead of having the lovely "you weren't in" note flutter through the door.

>> No.62012337

>he buys ticks
Just wait for the Zen refresh then get Zen3 later. You'll get a better product with all the flaws ironed out.

>> No.62012345

Zen2 is both tick and tock you moron.

>> No.62012352

>you need to buy a Z370 mainboard.
You need to buy z390 again in a half of a year if you want new fearures.

>> No.62012358

>a die shrink
>both tick and tock

>> No.62012367

AMD is not Intel.
Zen2 is both tick and tock.

>> No.62012400

Your entire post is wrong.

>> No.62012412

>reeeeeeeee you can't deliver both uarch improvement and node shrink in one generation
This is (You).

>> No.62012500

Managed to snag an unlockable 6700 i7 for only $130 but I still wish I had an AMD 1600.

>> No.62012518

december, 8th gen is a bust, they only announced mobile chips

>> No.62012522

>they only announced mobile chips

>> No.62012545

yes, I agree with your elaborate assessment.

>> No.62012596

>when in reality any enthusiast CPU of the last 4 years is good enough for 60fps.
more like in the past 6-7 years.

just ignore all these amd/intel shills pushing you to upgrade. unless you want to save a minute rendering a video any i5/i7 sandy bridge or up is fine.

>> No.62012660

>If you plan to stsy around 60hz even a sandy bridge

maybe a 2600k is okay but a 2500k isn't. It tanks in games these days even @ 4.5. I was waiting for coffee but might just take the ryzen pill. These constant chipset changes reallly put me off.

fuck I need to upgrade.

>> No.62012697

165 180 240

>> No.62012735

trying to render on a 2500k makes me want to pull a hemingway

>> No.62014446
File: 136 KB, 682x787, 1502493068214.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.62014475


>> No.62015277


>> No.62015437


>> No.62015738
File: 47 KB, 615x409, The-blockbusting-Star-Wars-series-of-films-were-voted-the-third-most-popular-film-the-public-would-like-to-watch-again.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.62015898

>buy z170
>they promise it would support canon lake
>nope, fuck you it won't even support a fake quarter gen leap of coffee lake before canonlake

>> No.62015984

So Intel went from socket change a year to socket change every 1/2 year.
Following the trend, we will soon see socket change every 1/4 year, then 1/8, 1/16 etc. until one day they will change sockets every day and even less than that.
Is this technological singularity memes we were promised?

>> No.62016031

Did the announcement already happen? Was it literally just mobile CPUs?
Please fucking tell me there's more to come. I want to see how their performance and prices stack up against Ryzen already.

>> No.62016062

>their performance
same as now, maybe a bit better. So if you need ryzen to work it will most likely be better.
>and prices

>> No.62016082

There's some video in 40 minutes https://newsroom.intel.com/news/8th-generation-intel-core-processor-family-debuts-live-video/

>> No.62016085
File: 78 KB, 600x525, ios_large_1469911209_image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>14nm chips on three different platforms
>14 and 10nm chips on the same platform
>10nm chips on yet another platform
>*Yackety Sax plays in Intel's offices*

>> No.62016108

shut up you moron, I like AMD but that doesn't mean it won't be interesting to see what coffee lake brings

thank god

>> No.62016128

>36min to extreme shitposting.
Better grab some popcorn

>> No.62016208

It could just be more mobile shit.

>> No.62016953

>it really was more mobile shit

>> No.62017300

Kinda disappointing desu.

>> No.62018034

Every single Intel CPU will only work on its own socket.

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