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Who here is geniune excited about intel new lauch?

What we know about leaks
>8700K 6 cores
>4.6 ghz turbo
>4.3 ghz auto turbo all cores
>95w tdp, probably able to 5ghz all clocks with less than 160W
>Confirmed 11% better single thread
>Confirmed 51% better multi thread
>Rumor its beating even 1700 poozens in multthread
>Spanks every ryzen in single thread
>Rumors its gonna be compatible with z170/z270
>probably not soldered

This is what happens when intel decide to work.

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>Confirmed 11% better single thread
>Confirmed 51% better multi thread

ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, no.

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>Compatible with z170 and z270
Don't spread lies anon.

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stay mad

Intel Coffee Lake gaming chips to be nearly 20% faster than Kaby Lake

At least when intel gives performance info, i know its closer to reality than vega fantasies. Intel doesnt even care to limit the leaks like AMD supersecret numbers that show dissapointments

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>Rumors its gonna be compatible with z170/z270
Yeah no one really thinks that

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Its a rumor, its not confirmed but have sources intel will. We will know it monday.

It still bugs me i have a z170 with a heatpipe and 2 vrm heatskink assrock while intel wrongly rushes skx with such selection of poor motherboards

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>50% more cores
>11% better single thread
>51% better multi thread

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>10nm inferior to 14nm++
Nah, this doesn't add up. Either the TDP is way off or they're cherry picking performance numbers.

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Why did you post a TR box OP? What does a 6c/6t processor have to do with a 16c/32t HEDT?

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Yeah, just like how Kaby Lake was a 15% improvement*

* = on sysmark, optimized for this latest generation only

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This is still 14nm, 10nm still has 1.7% yields.

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6 core 12 threads with superior single threaded performance compared to a 7700k sounds really good. i just hope it's not super expensive. if they price it the same as how much the 7700k is now i would actually buy that. it would be the GOAT gaming cpu and be good a productivity as well. it's like a 7700k merged with a r5 1600

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Probably same power consumption, kek.

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Even so, I seriously doubt they're going to get the same TDP with 50% more cores and get more performance per core with the same process node. Something's not right.

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> 11% faster single thread performance
yeah right, just like the 10% from skylake

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>compatible with Z170/Z270
Wanna know how I know you're a shill?

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Kill yourself, BR glueeater.
Because it's a shitty photoshop made by the same favela monkey that's been shitting up the forum for months now.


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Damn, at least when AMD spreads lies to create hype everyone admits they were lies after the product is released, not like this shit where Intel cherry picks the fuck out of shit to make unrealistic claims.

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The day intel can legit make a cpu that has 10% increase in ipc performance I'll buy the highest end desktop gaymer cpu regardless what amd has to offer.

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>Source: Software that uses ICC
>Performance may way on other compilers*

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Rumor put it around 400-500$.
For gayming crowd its probably going to be the next better chip: high perforance on single thread, more cores, probably able to overclock to moon.

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Its the final refinement of 14nm. Intel managed to pack more cores, and the already very good frequency / perf ratio

>But muh house fires

Yah that is what happens when you oc 4.6 ghz on a 10 core chip. Kaby lake is already very efficient, doing around 1.34v to reach 5 ghz on 4 cores. I bet it will be stock 4.3 ghz turbo all clocks with less than 1.1v. SKX stock already manages it.

Who cares? This chip is mainstream platform, and probably aimed at gayming and windows usage, which is mostly compiled for intel/windows

Prepare to open wallet

Kill your self amdrone. King pojeet send his regards

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The only place I'm seeing anyone say anything about a refinement or 14nm+++ is in reader comments. I don't think it's a refinement, or if it is it's not much of one.

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So how much does Intel pay you for this?

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whats the deal with this "Clock rate on all cores" thing?
I have a 6700k and my bios says that all cores clock speeds are synced.
Ive been under the impression that all of my cores are running at whatever I set them to (anywhere from 4.0 to 4.6).
Am I mislead? Is only one of my cores doing 4.2?

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I built an expensive as fuck skylake computer with the intentions of upgrading to "the skylake high performance line" when it gets released because I was lead to believe that it was going to be like those enthusiast 2011 chips where it actually fucking fits in the same socket.
>mfw I find out skylake-x is 4 times the size

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I'm excited for coffee lake and probably gonna buy one next year when the mobos with all the features launch but I don't get the amd hate. We would've most likely not gotten this 6 core cpu if it weren't for the ryzen lineup and it might even priced the same as 4 core kaby lake versions. We the consumers are winning, regardless of what side we choose.

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Since Skylake X there is 1 new level of turbo, for all, half and single (or dual in skylake x).
Single core turbo on coffee will be up to 4.6.
6700/7700 on turbo hit on a single or half if i remember, but if you have a K its probably set all core turbo synced since it runs at core turbo speeds without much thermal or voltage difference.

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Sure i love AMD for that, but intel had coffee lake in roadmap for a long time.
I was a little dissapointed by zen and TR, if single core performance and latency wasnt so poor i would had already purchased one.
Since most of the work i do is on servers, i just a faster gaming chip on home.

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6cores/12threads is the problem.
Intel CPUs were always very inefficient when going beyond 4cores.
For example 6900k eats 40% more power going from 4Ghz to 4.3Ghz

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The 7900X is "140W" and it uses much more power that other 140W CPUs from Intel, TDP is pretty much a meaningless number at this moment.

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I own a 1600X, don't give a fuck about this new bullshit as it runs cool while overclocked and with a basic hyper 212

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isn't AMD's stock cooler kinda nice?

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X has no cooler

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>11% IPC gain
Ya we'll see

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>S O P A
Stop Online Piracy Act. Is this being posted, because of net neutrality?

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you're not funny

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>you're not funny
Wasn't trying to be. Google search shows this, so I'm pretty lost. Didn't sopa happen in 2012?

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my wallet is already open let's see if your masters can actually dish out the cpu>>61977735

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>11% single thread performance gain

Sluprin' up the Intel PR cum from the bathroom floor, are we?

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oh the amdrone is newfag from /r/amd
color me surprised

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Fucking kill yourself you cannibalistic chimp.

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Is this your best shot, shiteating newfag amdrone?

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>coffee lake
>finally something new from intel
>more cores
but then I get reminded of
>glued IHS, requires delid
>additional tax for Z chipset mobos
>process ineficient beyond 4c
Is r5 1600 an only option for me? But with intel I feel like I would see an advantage of high single core for muh gaymes.

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am4 will support up to 7nm CPUs, most comfy option by far

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>cancerous newfag tries to use the archive to blame someone because this isn't reddit
>absolutely buttblased biased amdtard
>nobody else posts links of shitpost searches about nvidia or intel like him
Just go back to /r/amd and kill yourself. This isn't your safe space.

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>4chan is not a forum
And water is not wet?

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Holy fucking shit Intel is disastrously shit at literally everything. I don't want to burn my house to the ground thank you.

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I'd like to see the performance
but I wouldn't buy it

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>how to spot a newfag

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It's part of an old Monkey soup me, Sopa de macao translating to it, google it. /g/ revived it recently after a Brazilian Intel shill was exposed.

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Just get a Ryzen, Intel has been dicking us around forever.

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Did an "old" /int/ meme from 2017 really need a revival in 2017, and is it funny?

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will my delid kit work on coffee lake cpu?

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"Overclock" amd CPUs

>> No.61981328

I hope so I want to use my rock it cool kit

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People who call others new are usually new themselves and they're just trying to fit in.
So back to funnyjunk you go you retard.

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>Kaby lake is already very efficient
quad core having the same power consumption as a 8 core is NOT effeicent

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I have old x5470 is coffee lake finally CPU worth upgrading to?

or will 2018-2019 bring something special in terms of CPU?

>> No.61981608

>And makes 8 cores
>8 cores with serious unerperforming issues
That is why a real CPU do more wsttsge.

Now seriously do you really care f it runs at 95 or 150w? A oc 8700k will go around 180w, if performance is okay I don't care at all this is not a laptop

>> No.61982202

4 efficient and strong Zen cores are infinitely better than 4 stuttery cores.

>> No.61983357


I do care personally. Electricity ain't particularly cheap here, performance per watt is important.

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Wonder if you fags can put "Endlessly shilled for a multi-billion dollar corporation for free" on your resumes.

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So what about those i3s compatible with 200 chipsets? Did I dream it?

>> No.61984178

The i3's with HT and backwards compatibility were a dream.

>> No.61984336

>power consumption doesn't matter guys!!!

>> No.61984624

200w is fucking nothing.
Course having a 400w chip is troublesome as it's hard to dissipate all the heat.

Even so, my 7700k draw 120w oc to 5 GHz so I don't think it's much of trouble if it draws more 60-70w my cooling will be able to deal with it.

How much ? Here energy isn't specially cheap, around 0.75-1$ per kwh. My rig draw around 500w on full power with 2 1080s. Using this rig for 20h a week at full power draw around 40kwh per month per month.

A non oc 8700k or slightly oc with a 1080ti will draw less than 400w at full so what is that about?

>> No.61984629

>coffee lake
Who the fuck names these things?

>> No.61984652

Same who say emplicit paralel inplicit some shit epyc.

Personally I'm waiting for fire lake>>61984629

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What the fuck. Where do you live? That's several times higher than the average US rate. You absolutely should do solar if that's really what you pay. It comes out to like $0.30 /kWh amortized.

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>shill thread started by BR monkey
>taking intel's bullshit marketing slides at face value


>> No.61985101

>his deranged mind thinks water IS wet
LOL, water is NOT wet, it WETS things.

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>cofeve on roadmap
>this means it would be price competitive and release as soon as it did

>> No.61985568

>fire doesn't burn, it burns things

>> No.61985630

Ealse Fquivalency.

>> No.61985708

Mercury does not wet a sponge, but wets gold. Is mercury wet? Heck no. It just wets some things, in this case gold.

>> No.61985721

Can't wait for all those gaming benchmarks posters vs anti gaymen posters

>> No.61985767

>Can't wait for performance regressions in most games

>> No.61986350

BRBR Hueland
Main electricity base here is hydro, but due to last commie president impeached, Dilma Rousseff, we had a total breakdown on the eletrical distribution market.

She done the populist way, forced companies in charge of distribution to lower prices below margins and antecipated end of contracts, then when no one appeared for the new contracts, and no one was interested in investing on a non profit margin market, everything gone shit.

Since then, things are getting better, we had some droughts and every winter cycle there is a need for oil plants that cost much more to operate.

At top of all this, around 40% over end price to customer is made up of taxes.

>> No.61986367

>BRBR Hueland
Can you go over and smack our resident BR shillposter for us please

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>years old i7 beating new r7 despite having half the cores/threads, lower clocks and lower IPC

>> No.61986412

cant do solar, i live on apartment building so its not possible.
Even with incentives from government to use solar, the purchase cost if overly taxed, as everything in this fucked country.
Average tax for services is around 10% and cost for products, including food is around 40%. Every imported product beat a massive 60-150% tax.

>> No.61986551

Not me, I will never ever buy another Intel product after watching those Jews lie and shill and concern troll like crazy.

The spying's bad enough on its own but this kind of thread makes Intel completely intolerable.

Fuck you, I hope you die in one of the many under-reported hazmat incidents on the Intel campus.

>> No.61986576


That I3...

Either BS or really badly optimized engine.

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same goes for threadripper

>> No.61986720

There's a reason Intel shills use these half-assed gaymer benchmarks and not SPEC.

>hur durr look my game compiled with my intel compiler runs faster hurr

>> No.61986728

It'll be slightly faster than the R5 1600, but cost considerably more, especially when you consider the platform cost. The 6-core Ryzen will still be the superior choice.

Also I feel really bad for anyone buying this, Intel fucking jewed you again by making you buy ANOTHER BOARD even though the socket has the same number of pins, and you're gonna slurp it up for "muh gaymes."

>> No.61986771

are you a moron? it's going to destroy 1600x

>> No.61986780


Dude come on... Most of us don't need those benchmarks to know Ryzen has lower single core frequency than Intel offerings.

These games have utter crap optimization, only branded DX12 for marketing purposes.

What's the point of DX12 if a quad core doesn't even offer a 15% boost over a dual core...

>> No.61986795

Enjoy delidding your cumchip to get decent temps and those clock speeds you keep jerking off about.

>> No.61986808

thanks, I will

>> No.61986839


>making you buy another board

How often do you people switch CPU sly? Mine is a socket 1155 H77 Ivy Bridge, that's a six year old motherboard...

>> No.61987431

Oi. That's 16 cores versus 4 on a game that barely takes advantage of four cores.

>> No.61987513

I'm still on Sandy, I think we all agreed that intel option is so bad there are no real reason to upgrade until now they decided to increased their low end i3 cores.
Who the fuck would upgrade when their past option doesn't looks promising?
>same core
>Same speed can be achieved with OC.

>> No.61987535

>Its a rumor, its not confirmed but have sources intel will. We will know it monday.
It was already confirmed by vendors that it wouldn't be compatible.

>> No.61987582

>hurdur muh single core perf

>> No.61987593

only reason you haven't bought another board is because intel haven't made any significant gains over sandy bridge

>> No.61987958

Noone said it was 10% IPC improvement. ST performance can just as validly be boosted by clocking improvements.

>> No.61987994

>Who cares? This chip is mainstream platform, and probably aimed at gayming and windows usage, which is mostly compiled for intel/windows
So because gaymdevs use compromised ICC, I should make sure to buy Intel to get the best performance? If that's your actual argument I'd buy AMD just to get out of the protection racket.

>> No.61988011

It said 11% single-threaded improvement, not 11% IPC improvement.

>> No.61988028

Intel Damage Control™ Technology

>> No.61988066

I'm already on Ryzen. Disliking Intel is no excuse for being wrong.

>> No.61988272

That would require 5 GHz stock. Obviously, not happening.

>> No.61988292

You retards just keep reposting the same stupid trash in every thread no matter how many times you get laughed at. Fucking paid shills.

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File: 952 KB, 1920x2160, 10 cores uses more power and still loses lol.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Cherrypicking broken garbage games like oogabooga primal
i9 is about 10% ahead of TR in games and TR wins in everything else, Kaby Lake X is a joke that nobody will ever buy, fuck off dipshit.

>> No.61988373



>> No.61988418

It could be a question of sustained boost clocks.

>> No.61988477

>95 watt TDP with sustained 5 GHz boost
Not happening unless Intel is lying about TDP again (pulling an X299?)

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>Probably. . .
>Rumor. . .poozens


current status of brazilian education

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File: 387 KB, 1500x1164, india inside.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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>It was already confirmed by vendors that it wouldn't be compatible.
One non-deleted tweet or link as soon as you can find it thank you.

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File: 119 KB, 1000x1000, intel ceo JUST.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why do you think they deleted it?

>> No.61988827

>第八代 Coffee Lake 將不支援現在的LGA 1151主機板,並且新版本的LGA 1151腳位稱為V2。I7將具有6核心、12線程,I5將具有4核心,8線程。這代表了 Intel 堅持傳統四核心這一部分。這些更多核心處理器現在是與AMD的Ryzen在主流中競爭的必要條件。

>> No.61988848


>> No.61988857

I haven't seen that unconfirmed, sourceless v2 rumor in a while. Even wccftech stopped posting it.

>> No.61988880

>Even wccftech stopped posting it.
They not deleting it thou.

>> No.61988902

Only the most recent rumor collection is canon at wccftech.

>> No.61988915
File: 229 KB, 791x473, 6511709daaca4970ad2f8b00722a0d6c[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.61988952

Everything true about coffee was already leaked except price and compatibility. Price will probably match 7800, but socket is unconfirmed.
The thing about it is that several prior leaks show z270 CPU z could be shopped, but whatever. I don't see reason to Intel just send the message to delete unless they aren't set about this.
Mobo manufacturers obviously wish new mandatory chipset, Intel probably want too but it's probably calculating the risks of losing some base that could consider update and could else to to ryzen.

>> No.61988973

>compiled with my intel compiler
You do realize that Mankind Divided even has AMD product placement inside the game right?

>> No.61988979

>"losing some base that could consider update and could else to to ryzen."
Rearn Engrish

>> No.61988980

5 GHz all core will be around 30-40% of chips considering 7800 scale on silicon lottery. Could be worse due to smaller die, dunno. +50% kabys reach 5ghz under 1.34v.

Considering voltage of skx, it would probably be around 160-190w to full 5ghz 6 cores.

>> No.61988992
File: 72 KB, 720x540, 000C454.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lol. just like me, i have a dusty old pc from 2011 and yet i watch every tech video on youtube and then come here for the imbecilic projected race hate. who has the problem?

>> No.61988996

It was clear enough.

>> No.61989002

What is even the point shopping the chipset number?
If it actually z270 compatible then people who already own them can upgrade, even if its not people who don't own yet can wait in matter less than a couple weeks.
There is no point in shooping it.
Its not like these new line up will came out next year so people can get fud by it.

>> No.61989027

Single core is getting max turbo of 4.6 so Intel is probably indeed considering this value as a reason for the 11% gains over stock. Until launch we will not be able to measure. Unless it bring something from cannon arch it's probably just frequency gains.

>> No.61989050

>"200W is fucking nothing"
But only when it's Intel, right? Enjoy your soldered, stuttery, inefficient chip

>> No.61989143

That is the issue. We don't know, I bet the engineering samples are circulating some time with ajusted z270 boards for a while. Time to market and don't having to spend to engineering to develop a new chip scheme all point that if Intel drops z270 support it's probably a business decision and not a technical decision.
It's all about maximizing profits so they will weigh if they can shove another board; Intel seen to not care about public perception on these issues, and for the majority of users, it's almost irrelevant as people will change computers each 3-4 years, even more.

Even amd would send a new board at each new CPU if they could. Probably they don't want the cost associated with revision or anlre more zealous of their public perception.

>> No.61989176

>Sandy and Ivy can use similar board
>Haswell and H-refresh can use similar board
>Skylake and Kabylake can use similar board

>> No.61989250

Coffee Lake and Cannonlake will use similar boards

because you expected to get more than their established trend you are angry? dust off those H150 boards with SATA Express ports and no M.2 we need to put the 8th gen proc in there now.

>> No.61989276

I'm not the delusional one who keep saying that cvefefake will not need new mobo.

>> No.61989310

>Skylake and Kabylake (Skylake II) and Coffeelake (Skylake III) can use similar board

>> No.61989332

Seriously, all we fucking heard about during the X299 launch was how much harder they are making it for motherboard manufactures to have to add literally 1 page of paper to their manuals that says "for these 2 cheaper CPUs, use only these slots" The injustice! How cruel could Intel be? Now the same red team folks are rioting that Intel won't keep the old products sold to you by those motherboard manufactures going for 5 years. Please post more monkey eating memes if you agree, they're so funny.

>> No.61989357

They honestly can I bet, if you hack them. Just like the LGA771 to 775 mod. We'll have to wait and find out. I know you AMD boys like waiting... and racism.

>> No.61989432
File: 82 KB, 640x480, that's not a knife, it's a nigger.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fuck, i bet you're right. 1151V1 hack. but let's have the [H]ardOCP fucktard ruin his sample mobo first before we try trimming the keyed tabs from the plastic socket ourselves

>> No.61989471

>all they had to do was add 1 page to a booklet

Gosh why didn't anyone tell me circuit board design and testing was so easy.

>> No.61989654
File: 100 KB, 524x526, Stop buying AMD.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Would be nice if they actually managed to pull off an improvement, but I bet that this thing will end up being 5% better than the 5820k or the 6800k and a lot more expensive.
Zero faith in these kikes delivering a good product.

>> No.61989758

it doesn't work like that.
you'd be a great addition to intels R&D team though, retard. You seem as competent as they are.

>> No.61989780

uma delícia...

>> No.61989839

what happened with the kill-ryzen segfault shit that was kind of big two weeks ago? wasn't as important as shill were saying?

>> No.61989889

Apparently a bug in early Ryzen silicon only plus a bad set of compilation tests. Epyc and Threadripper are not affected.

>> No.61990440

So... fuck ASUS or don't fuck ASUS?

>> No.61990592
File: 83 KB, 1380x876, sopa1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.61990637

If Intel were to release a 6 core for the consumer platform?

Why would a media production house go for the more expensive workstation oriented platforms?

Seems like they are competing with themselves.

>> No.61990893

>buttblased amdtard
You're the new one here or just an analfustered amdtard. If you've been here long enough, you'd know nobodody spammed archive links of shitpost like that, retard. Only a buttblased plebbitard who can't take the heat would do it. Just kill yourself.

>> No.61991146
File: 64 KB, 800x491, rtc1306_td_vio_fig01_original_large.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

just leaving this here

>> No.61991150

>endlessly shit up literally every CPU/GPU discussion on the board
>use the exact same phrases that are easily searchable every time
>hurr durr you're just butthurt amd redditor

This forum needs a purge, badly.

>> No.61991160

Too bad nobody is going to break the laws of physics and start putting out 100 GHz CPUs any time soon.

>> No.61991162

Its not like they have a choice here

>> No.61991180

>Why would a media production house go for the more expensive workstation oriented platforms?
More PCIe lanes (which is why TR makes the most sense regardless of other factors)

>> No.61991190

As long as Intel has superior single thread performance, AMDs extra cores don't matter much for most workloads.

>> No.61991222

Makes sense, if you only ever do one thing at a time on your PC, which nobody does. Not even normies with their full Windows installs constantly running shit in the background.

It's more accurate to say single threaded performance is all Intel has left, so that's all you ever hear about.

>> No.61991224

There will be no PCIe race, and when PCIe4 releases it will be mostly a irrelevant discussion again.

Pretty much now only thing that consume much data on PCIe are graphic cards. There is no sensible difference with current average resolution in 8/8 to 16/16. Once PCI4 is released, it will double data. There is really no pressing issue in increasing pcie lanes, especially on consumer hardware.

>> No.61991267

If you see laptops, currently intel offer the average Ultra low power 2 cores /4 threads.
Usually on business laptops you wil be waiting much more for the shitty times on 5200 rpm drives than on CPU. From bottom barrel consumer, there is little loads that can really fill a 4 cores cpu, let alone a 8 cores.
The loads that mostly fill cpus on consumer are basically games and video. Majority dont even edit images or videos, just office and browse.

>> No.61991416

>6 cores? what do you need 4 cores for? 2 cores should be enough for anyone!

Don't worry about those sour grapes. In a few days, you'll be able to brag all over the place that Intel has the superior 6 core CPU, even though it costs twice as much as AMD's and runs at 75c under non-synthetic load with air cooling.

>> No.61991765

>running shit in the background
It is only quite seldom that those background processes actively use CPU time, however. The bad effect they have is vastly more due to eating I/O and memory.

>> No.61991796

krappy fake $hilltel gore i$emen at 8700K (Kelvin) maybelake i911 delidlake cancer core jewtel 2066 killowatt "cooler not included in a box" coffin lake "end of life" edition at 0.90 GHz (a.k.a. Inferno Bridge) inteLELite "another late edition" <------ i0 r8 dat meme 2400/3200 of dance dance revolution ram.

>> No.61992135
File: 19 KB, 530x298, manlet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Less than 36 hours now boys, my pee pee is getting hard now. Can't wait for /our manlet/ Brian to deliver the final smackdown on AYYMD with his 6-core soldered 7700K.

>> No.61992286

you have to go back

>> No.61992297

>my pee pee is getting hard now.
me too anon. we should give us selves a pee pee high five

>> No.61992304

>Confirmed 11% better single thread
how much higher fps than my 3570k in Arma 3?
don't know/can't confirm? then I don't give a fuck

>> No.61992362

Confirmed by Intel marketing slides, so basically it's a load of horseshit that only retarded BR monkies would believe.

>> No.61992402
File: 40 KB, 800x491, shitposts law.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why do you even post this when it has little to no relevancy with modern PCs or their lower core counts?

Also, you're trying to make it look like Intel is orders of magnitude slower than AMD with this crap. Just stop. Ryzen is at most 20% slower single core when compared against Intel's top of the line K-series CPUs.

>> No.61992426

1. No "forum" in that post.
2. Reddit isn't even a forum, you cocksucker.

>> No.61992838

i highly doubt anything will be soldered

>> No.61992889

Intelmonkeys on suicide watch already

>> No.61992942

What are you talking about? Amdahl's law is especially relevant at relatively low processor counts.

>> No.61993801

>1. No "forum" in that post. >>61991150
So you're both retarded and dyslexic.

>> No.61993992


>> No.61994252


>> No.61994909
File: 809 KB, 1552x2592, godess.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do we know how long it usually takes for these to actually be available? I've never actually followed an Intel CPU release closely because I've never had reason to care.

How long until 8700K is in the hands of reviewers and I can buy one?

>> No.61995008
File: 177 KB, 801x1500, 1457294956960.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Great, more intel overpriced stutterfire trash. Can't wait.

>> No.61995057

Not really. You're just retarded.

>> No.61996301

I'm quite certain you can expect reviews tomorrow.
Reviewers probably have them already they just need the embargo to lift.

>> No.61996959

d-do you promise?

>> No.61996992

>2-300mhz higher


>> No.61997023

I'm excited. Finally time to upgrade from Sandy Bridge..

>> No.61997024

>burnt pins

>> No.61997746
File: 21 KB, 357x158, MT7wyvr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's the latest. Possible prices (canadian) and release date. Roughly identical to Kaby.

>> No.61997981


>> No.61998015


That's 385USD...

>> No.61998453

And r5 1600 is $197

>> No.61998629
File: 59 KB, 770x512, intel virtual shekel simulator.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Intel whut are you doin
Intel stahp

>> No.61998654

That's certainly an option if you can live without the legendary single thread performance of Intel® processors.

>> No.61998675

it's as paper as a paper launch gets
nobody has them yet

>> No.61998806

How's it launching already when it's only been a few months since Kaby Lake?

>> No.61998816

Damage control.

>> No.61999491

>He upgrades every new gen
>he buys a new motherboard every gen
>He pays the delid tax every gen
Good Goy!!

>> No.61999983

>he thinks 6 bingbus cores will reach 5ghz
LOL, Ryzen is still king. For that money I'd get an 1700X + good cooler

>> No.62000518

So are you saying you can 100% confirm that it was compiled with clang or GCC, Pajeet?

>> No.62001858

>itt intel corporation jewish """employees" damage controlling, with memes, hopping it will build hype for their 3rd shit release this year
fucking pathetic

>> No.62001903
File: 353 KB, 586x589, edg_logo_original.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Intel's been shit for over a decade now, it's just that their unfair practices have kept the competition at bay in the desktop / server / laptop market.

Soon ARM laptops from a very big fruity company will destroy what's left of Intel's extra-server marketplace excepting gaymen.

If they spent more time working on making better computers instead of cucking to pic, we'd all be better off.

>> No.62002395

>Damn, at least when AMD spreads lies to create hype everyone admits they were lies after the product is released
the product isn't released yet shill
and do you seriously say that lies are better than cherrypicked shit?

>> No.62002790

>buhu intel builds their own compiler so it works best for intel buhu
next you are going to tell me that google should advertise other browsers on their websites
they offer the best product on a market with a bunch of alternatives or are you going to tell me they pay the game devs to use their compiler?

>> No.62003050

Intel has had this sitting on a shelf since Sandy Bridge, waiting for AMD to release that 1 competitive architecture every 10 years.

>> No.62003198

How is the 200 series chipset dead in the same year it was released? Kikery, that's how.

>> No.62003442

The 7700K was $339.

>> No.62003459


A socket change a year keeps the goyim in fear.

>> No.62003460

"Cherrypicked shit" is still lies, they're just based on a kernel of truth, which means Intel shills will still cling to those lies even when they're exposed as lies.

>> No.62003474

No matter whose "fault" it is, it's nevertheless bad to get locked into a single vendor.

>> No.62003587

how the hell would they be able to still cling to them
>95w tdp, probably able to 5ghz all clocks with less than 160W
tell me what is going to happen when it comes out and it reaches 4ghz on all clocks at 300W?
how are they going to cling to the cherry picked thing?
that's of course true and i would support any alternative that is not intel

>> No.62003801

They make claims like "11% increased single core performance" with the caveat that that only holds true in one specific benchmark and everywhere else it's more like 1% at best.

>> No.62003875

>Zen2 delayed to 2019
AMD btfo?

>> No.62003895

and? how is that not something amd shills would do too?
as long as they don't keep saying that it's an overall 11% there's nothing wrong there?
i'd equate that to amd shills saying "50% performance boost for their gpus in certain games" with the caveat that it only holds true in dx12

>> No.62003962

I feel for you Hue,
Canada (even western Canada now) has fallen under the socialists rule.
How I wish the CIA would have assassinated PM commie P.E.T. back in the 70's.

Were facing huge tax markups and the government fucking around with the power grid as well.

>> No.62004023

So we need 512 processor cores to be at maximum theoretical data throughput before any real gain evaporates?

>> No.62004245


>> No.62006682
File: 32 KB, 1444x497, 1501494420838.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>muh gaymen!
>mu fanboyism!
I'm waiting for the Talos II Secure Workstation to show up on my doorstep. It has two quad core POWER9 CPUs without the Botnet Inside (TM), 32GB of DDR4 RAM, and an AMD Radeon Pro WX7100 GPU. I already pre-ordered mine for $6500. Enjoy your NSA management engine "for enterprise use only" that spies on you, poorfag pleb. Only virgins still unironically use shitty botnet x86 processors.

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