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Are you fa/g/s ready for Coffee Lake

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>another skylake release

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I sure as hell am ready for their 3rd fucking platform this year, now back to work JUSTnich.

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Im staying with 6700k/Windows 8.1

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More like Coffin Lake lmao.

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>frog edit
checks out

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>8th Gen Intel Processor will only be compatible with the following operating systems: Windows 10, Windows Server 2016, MacOS High Sierra.
>attempts to run deprecated or non-free operating systems will render your processor inoperable and your warranty void.

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You forgot your HEDT gaming benchmark graphs uma delicia.

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>a quad core i3
>a quad core i3
>a quad core i3
and did I mention,

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who else hyped for 8?

intel is

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This nigga gets it

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What exactly are Intel's plans here? Coffee Lake for desktop in the coming weeks, 10nm Cannon Lake relegated to laptops only later this year, then Ice Lake for desktop again in 1H 2018?

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cannon lake probably only laptops because they want to make sure the processor won't blow up on a desktop tdp

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The best case scenario on the medium/long run would be if intel would almost catch up to ryzen on multi-processing, but not quite.

AMD needs to continue the good work, and can't lose the thin market share it has

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Intel wont let it lose for the sake of anti trust laws.

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LMFAO... wtf is this shit desu?!?!?!
Are marketing departments literally skimming 4chan for meme material to make their brand stronger.

This is the most cringeworthy use of numerics I've ever seen. To add on to cringe, it seems they borrowed a meme from /pol and are launching on 8/21.

8th generation announced on 8/8/2017...
And then this video..

And then they're doing this to launch corelet processors...
> tune in world for the game changing 8th generation of computing
> corelets (4/4.. 4/8) shit you had 2-4 years ago.

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Will intel still use semetic jizz or an actual solder?

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I'd wager all my shekels that they won't solder it like they should. In their view overclockers aren't really a segment worth bothering about too much. If making them unhappy saves a buck, they don't really care, they'll come out ahead on the gorillion CPUs sold to non-overclockers even if they lose enthusiast sales.

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have you seen their slides?

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>r3 1200

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I see where the diversity hires have gone to

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Apple normies tho, with new mac thiner than cocks dick they are maxing out their ability not to applefire and shlomo spunk doesn't help it either.

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Those don't use desktop chips with heatspreaders. Those are a.) custom-ordered (you get to do that when you buy a million chips a year), and b.) bare-die, like Socket A Athlons and flip-chip Pentium 3s used to be, once upon a time. Apple adds its own shitty-ass thermal compound.

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>Another goddamned socket change
No I'm waiting for 7nm Ryzen

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Having another rushed, overpriced housefire would be funny, but I'd start to get worried to be honest. I'd rather they bring out something good.

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Yes, will be upgrading my i7-3770k, depending on how good the 8700k will be.. otherwise I'll wait for the next best thing.

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I am pretty hype for mainstream 6-core with intel-tier ipc

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I'm glade 6 core is going mainstream we have had 4 core for too long.

I know this is irony coming from a 6700k owner

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>promised >30% performance over last generation
>add 2 cores from the last generation and use the same architecture
Seems legit

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the memes for this cpu are the best ever. Covfefe and coffin lake, kek

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A chip release each year keeps the goyim in fear.

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Three Intel blazing funerals in the same year. This truly is the best timeline.

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will they actually void warranty if I install Windows 7 with coffee lake?

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unless the allow bx50 motherboards to oc it won't matter if it's unlocked. also who buys intel cpu to overclock?

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Intel doesn't give a shit, it's Microsoft that's butthurt about people using 7.

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good enough desu

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4 + 2 cores + higher base clocks (-thermal throttling) = 30% better performance

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I also have a 6700k. It was time to upgrade last year because I was using 16GB all the time on my 2600k for work and work offered to buy me a new desktop... I wish I could of had a 1950x and 64GB instead of what I have now, a 6700k and 64GB. The temps aren't even great with the custom loop I have with a huge ass thick 280mm radiator and 4x cougar fans.

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why should I upgrade from a 4790k

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You shouldn't.

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Should i from a 2600k?

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i7 6700k @ 4.6ghz

overclocks like a champ, some are hitting 4.8ghz. no temp issues. handles all my workloads with no issue

kaby lake was better, but they should have capped the overclock at 4.8 because of the temperature issues. it's like shooting a not of nitrous through a performance car and then being surprised with it blows up

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The memes are making themselves up...

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Go for a cheap Ryzen then upgrade to zen2

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That looks like some low budget history channel show's transition slide

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will completely BTFO ryzen

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Is the 8th Gen Intel series powering the DPRK's nuclear program?

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>what is ryzen?

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This is actually a big release as it'll have 6 or perhaps even 8 cores for the mainstream, and probably cheap 4 cores for low end. They might compete against AMD in multithreaded performance again while already having them beat singlethreaded.

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let the idiots spend their money

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Yeah I love house fires.

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They won't beat them in single threaded though, or not by much. The only reason they could before was because wow, you can clock a 4 core a lot higher than an 8 core. They won't be able to maintain those clock speeds with more cores.

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This is cringeworthy. Like they hired some 60 year old whose still trapped in the 80s. I think we get it 8 cores

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Single core performance is shit compared to Intel.

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No, because Intel actually need to be pressured into innovation instead of farting out rebranded and artifically created products.

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If by shit you mean '95% as good' then sure.
Oh, and '95% as good' compared to the 7700k and other high-clock intel processors. It beats intel on IPC, IE, if they're both at 4GHz, Ryzen wins hands down.
It also uses less power.

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if all you do is gaymen then no

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Of course. All computers in the DPRK is run on intel computers. You think intel would pass on from a buck.

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yeah plus you won't get free mayonese with AMD

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Is its price same or lower compared with Ryzen 5's price?

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>if they're both at 4GHz, Ryzen wins hands down
But they're not both at 4GHz. You won't even reach 7700K baseclock of 4.2GHz with an OC'd Ryzen.

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The what?

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>Not having a delid kit
It's like you don't want free performance.
If these things were soldered you could get 5 GHz out of box.
I run 7700k delided 5 GHz max temps 65c. It's bad we need to delid but these fuckers can oc to moon

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Geh weg, Bauer.

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I'm a 165hz gaymer so ryzen is no need to me. I recommend the 1600 to people but myself but I'm in the tier just above that.

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8700k is 3.7Ghz base and is not going to clock higher than 4.5Ghz in everyday usable overclocking. That's not a big advantage over 4Ghz.

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The reason Intel sells so well even when AMD is better, is their image of being "the best", which they have partly from enthusiasts. If they piss of the enthusiasts, those people are going to tell everyone they know to buy AMD, and they in turn will tell everyone they know "the tech guy in the family says you shouldn't buy Intel anymore" and so on. If they keep doing this they'll eventually lose majority marketshare.

Or Intel are right and the majority of consumers are fucking retarded and buy whatever they last saw in an ad featuring Sheldon from Big Bang Theory.

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7800x already oc near to 5ghz so it's definitely possible with a delid.

>> No.61947982

Only if you are retarded or believe amd marketing.
Clocked both same Intel still wins. Amd IPC is almost like haswell, it's around sandy bridge.

>> No.61947985

so an i5k?

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It's not out. The specs are not out.
Besides, 4.5 over 4.0 is a pretty sizeable advantage and the 8c 7820X already showed it can reach that easily. High power draw, sure, but it still means even their 6/8 core models will be able to beat AMD just fine in singlethreaded, just like Kaby Lake.

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you get free poo instead

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>it's around sandy bridge.

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I'm waiting for the 15th generation which should be out in about a month at this rate
>MOAR SKU's .jpg

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So.... you mean the Ryzen 1600?

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Skylake now with MOAR CORES. What is that cuck spamming 4 core is the sweet spot before the Ryzen release is doing now?

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In your dreams Abraham

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>tfw bought 6700k and 8xxx bullshit is already on the way
should I even care tho?

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~12% faster for ~50% higher price is not a big advantage.

7800x review samples topped out at ~4.7 Ghz and nobody was actually able to keep it below 95°C at those speeds.
Coffe Lake will be just as hot but with even smaller surface area to dissipate the heat.

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Its Intel, what do you think?

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>Intel Inside
Made me chuckle

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>implying gaymin is actually a high tier usage of PCs
Take your shitty toya back to where you belong underage retard >>>/v/

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In all seriousness, wait for this to release or just buy R5 1600 right now?

>> No.61948150

>triggered pajeet

>> No.61948163

Get the 1600 right now, upgrade to 7nm Zen2/3 in a few years on same motherboard

>> No.61948168

AMD is going to respond with price drops and/or new SKUs that clock slightly higher. I would wait.

>> No.61948181

I wouldn't expect Coffee Lake to be amazing, but waiting doesn't hurt. It's less than a week.

>> No.61948182

>implying dicking around in Linux and complaining on 4chan that your CS degree makes it impossible to get a job is high tier usage of PC's

And for the record no one gives a shit about ram usage unless you are too retarded to have bought 16GB which is the standard amount these days.

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>if the current trend continues, we will see core i13 10770k CPUs this time next year

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If Intel doesn't make coffee lake 200 series compatible I will never buy Intel again. Fucking kikes.

>> No.61948273

Made me laugh, ill give you that.

>> No.61948322

Ice lake? will take quite a while to intel release those chips.
Luckly, they won't be stupid enough to release some sort of stop gap solution.

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Desktop Ice Lake will be out in mid to late 2018.
>buying coffeememe
>not waiting for superior 10nm Ice Lake

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>waiting for shit that won't even be faster

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People are going to fuck themselves over just like they did when they bought the 7700k meme only for superior coffeelake to come out 9 months later. If you already have a 4 core 8 thread Intel, there's LITERALLY no reason not to wait for Icelake which will be out this time next year.

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I'll be geniunely surprized if 8th gen manages to keep up with Ryzen/Threadripper at respectable temperatures

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>7800x review samples topped out at ~4.7 Ghz

Most sites got 4.8GHz on the 7800X and had no problems cooling it under non-AVX workloads (so literally everything the average user will be doing). The 8700K also isn't going to have the architectural changes which sent power draw and heat through the roof with Skylake-X, so comparing them directly is pointless. The 8700K is literally just a 7700K with two extra cores.

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I fucking spelled lake wrong

>> No.61948586

>tfw bought babbylake 7700k earlier this year
>find out about 6 core coffeelake
If high-end z270 motherboards are not compatible with coffeelake, I'll just wait for Icelake. I'm not going to get memed into buying two 200+ euro motherboards in one year.

>> No.61948602

>Wait for Navi+magical 7nm zen2

Zen2 is just a marketing promise like Vega. I really bet they will not deliver, at least not on 2018, or will push some shit revision on 14nm. Believing anything else is delusional.

>> No.61948644

Cannonlake 10nm yields were so low they can only put it in mobile, also people would get mad at Cannonlake desktop since it's slower than Kaby Lake. That's why they're just doing another refresh, they ditch Tick Tock for Process/Arch/Optimization and then break their new model already.

>> No.61948645

Zen2 won't be 7mm anyway. Just your good old refresh.

>> No.61948667

nevermind I'm dumb

>> No.61948742


>warranty void
>k cpus not for oc
>tim instead of solder
they give enough reasons not to oc and still charge a premium for oc chips. the only funny thing is idiots still buy their shit up.

>> No.61948752

Nah, I'm fine with my Ryzen 1400, thanks for letting me know Intel is trying to adapt to the situation their competition put them in.
Good old fashion bants, amitite lads?

>> No.61948784

Take it up with Global Foundries, they're the ones with the tech. https://www.extremetech.com/computing/250936-globalfoundries-announces-early-7nm-availability-40-improved-performance-14nm-finfet

>> No.61948847

Yes goy keep swallowing marketing slides

>> No.61948867

It's exactly the same fucking architecture.

I can't even keep track of how many identical "x-lake" iterations have been released.

>> No.61948900

i want a GAYming chip and i dont feel like waiting 2-3 years for zen2 .... and sure as hell not buying a quadcore today for something i wont replace for awhile

>> No.61948920

They aren't compatible

>> No.61948922

Just buy a CPU now and sell it in 2 years you autist. Man up and learn how to use Craigslist/Ebay, you don't always have to buy stuff that will last you 5 years.

>> No.61948947

>Comparing Intel who has been known to lie with GF

kys feg.

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>> No.61948966

Why doesn't Intel go back to soldering the heat spreaders?

It would give lower temps and higher overclocking headroom which would make people more likely to buy their chips, and wouldn't be an expensive change.

>> No.61949019

>CPU broke do to heat
>Consumer mad at your product
>Competition only got shit product
>They buy your product again.

I swear, /g/ is the most retarded board when it come to marketing.

>> No.61949056

Planned obsolescence, it limits overclocking and increases heat forcing customers to buy a new CPU sooner. Intel claims solder can crack but people are still running 2500K's pushed to the limit.

>> No.61949078

i know how to ebay i sold my 290x for what i paid for it 5 years ago

ryzen is meh id go with kaby today and if i buy coffee id have to replace the mobo again too, and i some how doubt even if i did go 1700 that x370 would work with a zen2 chip

>> No.61949155

Icelake or Zen2 it is then. Also going to upgrade to Volta.

>> No.61949166

not caring about things using a lot of RAM just because you have plenty of RAM to spare is stupid and is the reason why so much software is shit these days

>> No.61949280

Just margins. You can do marginal oc with that but you can't hit silicon limit with Tim. Specially kaby lake oc like hell.
To tell the truth, oc from 4.6 to 5 GHz on a kaby lake will net less than 5% extra performance. Until 4.7 you can do without delid without much thermal issues, on some chips up to 4.8, depending on required voltage and Tim application.

Even with k series, majority of users will just do auto turbo all cores (ie auto 4.5 on all cores). Top overclock +5.0gjz is done by a very small number of people, and Intel doesn't have reason to cut margins to do a soldering, even more considering it's probably a single assembly line for all CPUs from series including i5 and i3 non k.

>> No.61949367

Why waste time reducing ram usage from 1.8% to 1% of the average person resources when 50% is free at most times. It's autism.

>> No.61949387

7700k > 8700k in gaymes. DOA for gayman.

>> No.61949438

>socket change
Nah, same socket, but you'll still need a new mobo

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>Same socket, but you'll still need a new mobo

>> No.61949496

Nope. I used my 2600k up until early this year, then got the 7700k. Perfectly content. i7 line lasts for a looooooooong time without the need for upgrade. And before the shilling begins, I got my 7700k before ryzen was released, and I do not care to switch, its not worth my time.

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>buying a Segfault5 1600

>> No.61949592


thank you :)

>> No.61949612

>As a result of feedback, currently working on some updated results. As some have pointed out, the conftest segmentation faults aren't specific to Ryzen, so updating the tests to avoid confusion.

>> No.61949726

>i3s don't have multi-threading anymore
Who will buy this crap over Ryzen 3?

>> No.61949747

>go from 2/4 to 4/4
>who would buy this over R3 which are 4/4 as well??
you're a moron
though it will depend on their price and performance

>> No.61949976

Companies have to offer more than the competetion if they create a new product if they want it to sell.

>> No.61950044


Even if they turned this i5 into an i3 and dropped the price, it'd still lose because it's locked. Intel artificially segments their own products too hard to compete with AMD.

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>intel pushes 6 cores mainstream CPUs for GAYmers

nah thx i'll stick with what i have

>> No.61950094

Stop spreading lies

>> No.61950098

>go from 2/4 to 4/4
>who would buy this over R3 which are 4/4 as well??
So you saying the new i3 will be the current i5?
With the same price?
Same locked CPU?
Also you still need new Motherboard?
Why even bother?

>> No.61950125

That is the competition for ryzen: haswell. Perhaps zeb3 can catch up with skylake

>> No.61950150

>How It's Made Season 8 intro

>> No.61950155

Reminder to report shitposters.

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File: 952 KB, 1920x2160, 10 cores uses more power and still loses lol.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Let's pretend Threadripper and Skylake-X don't exist, the post

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>All same socket
>Still need new Motherboard
Why don't they just lower the price of i5 into i3 instead of making new one that also need new mobo?
What kind of retard would buy into this scam?
Its literally the same CPU


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>> No.61950224

>mainstream consumer AMD CPU beats "HEDT" Intel CPU
>hurr durr Intel still wins

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File: 1.41 MB, 720x404, drop it like it's hot.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Krabby Lake-X
>The most pointless CPU in existence

>> No.61950238

Nice, shame no one buying HEDT or Server CPU for gaming.

>> No.61950401


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 1080p gamin'
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> implying you need more than 144p because of 'muh GPU bottleneck'
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> he understands people buy $1k CPU for MEGATASKING WHILE 1080P GAYMING and not stupid shit as rendering/programming/(maybe)streaming that's why 1080p benches are relevant

>> No.61950477

I always find it hilarious how autisically angry you retards here get at gaming when gamers are one of the few demographics that still buy high end consumer/prosumer hardware. I'm sure you need 16 cores for compiling on Gentoo and ricing i3 with anime wallpapers right?

>> No.61950530

I always find it hilarious how you shills post gaymen benches for HEDT chips instead of productivity based benches. I'm sure you need 16kW power draw to heat your whole house in the winter, that's why you go with Furnace inside.

>> No.61950569

When is it slated for release?

>> No.61950575

Someone hurt you pretty bad, huh? Wanna talk about it?

>> No.61950611

Yeah, I'm pretty hurt that I had to buy AMD after 5 years of Intel because the only thing I'd have gotten in my price bracket for CPU+MoBo would have been a 0.5GHz increase.

>> No.61950621
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>p-pls buy i9, pls

>> No.61950638

I'm going to stay on my 2500k since I don't gaym anymore.

>> No.61950658

Most of the common consumer productivity tasks are tangentially related to gaming, like streaming, video editing, setting up a server, etc. It's not unreasonable to assume that people buying these CPU's would also like to polay games on them, otherwise they would probably go with a Xeon or Epyc. The fact is without gaming the idea of a consumer personal desktop would be dead as a concept, pretty much everything lightweight can be performed on a laptop.

>> No.61950692

And a shittly optimizied game that runs solo on a clean PC is a benchmark for that how?

>> No.61950698

This is a scenario where Intel put all the high core count CPUs behind insane price tags, so nothing ever really developed on consumer desktops to take advantage of them.

>> No.61950715

>diversity meme
>while defending a company leaded by a female chink and a pajeet

>> No.61950723


Intel fanbabbies should to play in traffic. Taking that much Heeb dick up your ass and cheering about it is just too fucking much.

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File: 492 KB, 1600x917, dims.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lmao kys cuck.


>> No.61950736

I completely agree Intel has held back PC gaming by locking their 6 cores on HEDT for so long. There was no reason to optimize games for more than 4 cores since no one could afford them. I was more taking issue with the fact that people here seem to constantly whine about doing gaming benchmarks with HEDT CPU's. Why wouldn't you? Most of the people reviewing Threadripper and i9 on Youtube are gaming channels or channels run by people who also game. There are very few people interested in expensive CPU's that NEVER play games, and those that do would probably buy a Xeon instead.

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>4c/8t i3
Ready to realise how much we jewed you over the last 5 years ?

>> No.61950802

no u

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Its about time I replace my i5 3570k @4.5, I've had it since December 2012.

>> No.61950911

I take issue with people posting gaming benches as proof of a CPU's superiority over another. That's sorta ok for mainstream SKUs but when you move to HEDT that takes a backseat and posting 1080p benches is even worse imho...

>> No.61950970
File: 41 KB, 480x270, 1488065997241.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We can't wait for the new Intel CPU's. New levels of fire we've never seen before.

>> No.61950971

At best they will upgrade the i3 range to 4C/4T and the i5's get the 6C/6T treatment.

>> No.61951036

i3's are now i5's and i5's are now i7's wow. They changed the numbers.

>> No.61951037


How risky is delidding?

I have a 7700k also

>> No.61951067
File: 86 KB, 600x450, 1482186515219.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Voids any warranty you have and it has plenty of risk hence the delidding tools. Necessary though if you want to get control of your house fire chip though.

>> No.61951080

>amdpajeet BTFO

>> No.61951089

You can crack your core ala older AMD Athlons without the IHS/heatspreader. It used to happen all the time that some scrub would crack the core.

>> No.61951093

>ryzen 3
>quad core unlocked
What are you getting at?

>> No.61951109

No thanks I don't want my games to stutter.

>> No.61951113

Amazing that all it took was a for a competitor to sell unlocked CPU's to see one sku or version of an unlocked i3. Simply amazing.

>> No.61951428

It's perfectly safe with right tool.
Check rockit cool I used this one.
Reason ppl don't use vise anymore is because substrate is thin.
And no it will no crack die it don't have solder.

>> No.61951545

is Intel really that bad for gaymen?

>> No.61951575

Difference between an i9-7900X and TR 1950X in gayman is about 10% FPS. Considering the i9-7900X is worse in every other metric, not seeing the point.

>> No.61951586
File: 117 KB, 763x930, Intel.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Intel is a garbage company that spends more money on bribes than making new CPUs.

>> No.61951590
File: 387 KB, 1500x1164, india inside.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.61951603

It's not that Intel is bad at gaming. It's the only thing it's still good at (for the 7700K/7900X, anyway). In every other metric, it falls short.

>> No.61951614

Neither are really bad for gaming.

>> No.61951622

It's going to power a nuclear reactor is what's big.

>> No.61951630

Where is that Intel '8' commercial from?

>> No.61951739 [DELETED] 

AMDead literally has a poojeet CEO

>> No.61951768 [DELETED] 

I'm pretty sure she's chinky

>> No.61951769


>> No.61951816

I think it is from 8 gen presentation

>> No.61951829 [DELETED] 
File: 123 KB, 240x286, lisa su smug.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.61951848

Chinks are second only to indians in streetshitting, so he's somehow right.

>> No.61951875

Quick move the goalposts.
> I'm not retarded you're retarded

>> No.61951883 [DELETED] 


>> No.61951888

>not compatible with z270 boards

>> No.61951922 [DELETED] 

t. chink

>> No.61951937

Fuck off goy, you got the possibility to upgrade once this year!

>> No.61951941

How many cores is this going to have?

>> No.61951968

Meanwhile AMD


>> No.61952199

I think the 8700K is the CPU that will finally replace my 2600K.

>> No.61952436
File: 151 KB, 1500x844, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.61952439

Now I want to play on that 24 string guitar. It looks incredibly impractical.

>> No.61952732 [DELETED] 

It's a little bit of both actually. And the truth behind RYZEN will be clouded for a while all the useless advertising post spamming here and on youtube to get people spending there money now is desperate attempts to get AMD popular again and while dogging on Intel's codename.

I'm happy for AMD little success but they took too long for me to care anymore. I'll be getting Coffee Lake or wait for Ice Lake

>> No.61952818

I'm ready for the i5 8500 if it beats the Ryzen 5 1600

>> No.61952885
File: 58 KB, 540x960, DHPctBTXUAA2PVr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.61952927
File: 25 KB, 418x475, 1502238068376.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



Oh, look another newfag.

>> No.61953690

>not waiting another year for based 10nm Icelake

>> No.61953823

>"Hey, our processors heavily overheat, what should we do to fix it?"
>"Uhh, name them after something cold."

>> No.61954572

Ryzen is okay currently for gaming especially if you get 3GHz or higher RAM (it's not that expensive) and if you're not looking to play at 144Hz. Hopefully game devs will also take steps to thread games properly given that both Intel and AMD will be/are producing mainstream CPUs with above 4 cores.

And with Ryzen, you can upgrade to a Zen2 or 3 CPU down the line if you need extra performance, but the same can't be said for a Z270 board right now.

>> No.61954614

Except the competition is actually good and solders their heatspreaders. Prior to Ryzen, they could get away with using jizz TIM and nobody could do anything about it because nobody wanted an FX CPUm

>> No.61954724

No, it's called being a good programmer.

>> No.61954777

Can't wait. Another jewtel generation to skip.

>> No.61955173

is this supposed to be funny?

>> No.61955203

i guess

thank you for shattering the small bit of hope i still had in myself

>> No.61955238

just an honest question, English is not my 1st language

>> No.61955245

is it worth upgrading from a 7700

>> No.61955268

oh okay

>> No.61955793
File: 71 KB, 1280x1000, 1280px-AmdahlsLaw.svg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Let's be real - if I have to decide between an 8 Core Ryzen and a 6 Core Coffe Lake, but the Coffee Lake has a higher single thread performance, I'm going to take the Coffee Lake.

Not all workloads can be palatalized, but all workloads profit from higher single core performance.

>> No.61956324

>8 core mainstream
as i5 2500k fag im displeased.

>> No.61956363

hopefully, intel will come back to the best in the market so AMD will lower their prices just like the FX series :3

>> No.61956373

I agree, but let's hope they can keep the clocks up without it becoming a housefire and the prices aren't too jewy

>> No.61956403

You can expect only two out of the three things on your list.

>> No.61956418
File: 66 KB, 620x379, ryzen5-nonX.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.61956566

They've released mobile oem before consumer desktop CPUs for a while now

>> No.61956621

Just bringing attention to this post in case you think people would just forget how retarded your comment was

>> No.61956913

10nm Cannon Lake is a new process, they will reach higher yield with smaller mobile parts first.
When the process is working fine, it will be employed for the larger Icelake desktop parts.

>> No.61958415

But just a little....

>> No.61958481
File: 23 KB, 366x585, R5-1600.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


i dont even know what the fuck im doing and everything just works

>> No.61958810

people who want more than a 100 mhz OC

>> No.61961426

>Intel doesn't give a shit
they listen to MS
kaby lake initially had gpu drivers for win7 in their beta driver packages but they later mysteriously disappeared from their archive (while even earlier beta releases still remain).
luckily for kaby owners some mobo manufacturers still distribute the files

>> No.61961453

This is my setup too, I didn't think anyone else here used 8.1

>> No.61961780

>windows 10 but with less performance

you two are worse than winXP fags

>> No.61962389
File: 265 KB, 545x533, frogfags btfo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Intel is pretty based of late.

>> No.61962504
File: 108 KB, 1198x1200, ZxF5ofd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This isn't even a Ryzen problem lmao.

>> No.61962523
File: 9 KB, 360x361, 5747407+_8dfeed721da409c151260555994f7e13.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.61962645

Intel's compilers still won't enable optimal code paths for non-Intel cpus. This has been a problem forever and they should be fucking crucified for it.

>> No.61962674


>> No.61962794
File: 228 KB, 489x394, 1493275299053.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

my sides

>> No.61962813
File: 153 KB, 942x569, 1475894141573.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It didn't really hit home. Something like this perhaps?

>> No.61962868

If you want single core performance, i would wait for the next crop.
Both ice lake and ryzen 2 have quite a big chance of bumping up this, either by housefire clock bump, or actual IPC improvement.
There's a fuckton of "green" tech on the ryzen architecture that could yield more IPC, like that neural network bullshit they use for the branch predictor.

>> No.61962879
File: 204 KB, 245x361, wish_you_were_here.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So ... so you think you can tell.

>> No.61962981

hey, fuck you buddy, winxp is great

>> No.61963497
File: 51 KB, 646x432, 1484061517550.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ready for it to consume my neighborhood too.

>> No.61963568

Pretty sure asrock confirmed covfefe is not 200 compatible. You've been kiked son.

>> No.61964082

It's called Coffee Lake because it idles at the same temperature as fresh coffee.

>> No.61964140

yea covfefe lake isn't sympatico. the jews win again

>> No.61964734


i made a joke guys please laugh
my mental state is deteriorating

>> No.61964786

retards at /r/amd might find it funny
anyway just kill yourself

>> No.61964809

Buttblasted Intel fangoy detected.

>> No.61964854

okay thank

>> No.61964861
File: 107 KB, 2250x2324, 1477032055102.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You shouldn't deliddle him anon.

>> No.61965124


Please tell me this is a joke? Intel couldnt possibly be this retarded

>> No.61965387

No anon. This is cruel reality

>> No.61965442

This is your brain on feminism.

>> No.61965475

>intel inside

fucking kek, saved

>> No.61965569

How's it going amdrone reddit accuser? Spammed any more threads full of shit lately?

>> No.61967000

it is ok/10

>> No.61967010


>> No.61967308

Thanks to Ryzen

>> No.61967341

Nah you got it wrong.
4 + 2 core + lower base clocks because it will burn like hell = 30% performance

>> No.61968748
File: 173 KB, 1194x636, slide.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can someone explain this slide? Does this mean the full featured coffee lake mobos won't be around till next year?

>> No.61968828
File: 39 KB, 800x533, 8888888888.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>8th gen CPU
>only has 6 cores

>> No.61969002

>inconsistent supplier
are they talking about Global Foundries? thats null because they exited their contract with them and GFs holding company sold 40mil shares

>> No.61969126

>good intel goy
>massive salt influx
checks out

>> No.61969140
File: 31 KB, 702x536, 1495505127315.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

hearty keks

>> No.61969172

None of what intel claimed in those slides was true.

In another slide, they downclocked one of their massive chips from 2.5Ghz to 2Ghz, and an 1800X to 4Ghz to 2Ghz and went 'look our processor is better than the 1800X!"

>> No.61971628

>recently got a 7900x
>coffee lake coming out and will probably make my 7900x obsolete

At least I can... wait for Volta or s-something...

>> No.61971638

Still on Nehalem here

>> No.61971643

This is a dumb name

>> No.61971663

I already see fucking Linus drinking coffee and making puns

>> No.61972046

No because I cant use it on my z270 M7

>> No.61972202


daily reminder userbenchmark already has TR 1950 and i7-8620x speeds and the TR is slower and double the price, plus the cheapest mobo option is 100 more

also the Vega 64 is slower than the 1080, barely faster than 1080 mobile and no where close to the 1080ti

amd fucking blown out

>> No.61972248

What the fuck are you going on about?

>> No.61972282

So, does Ryzen have problems building shit in Linux or is it fixed? I want to upgrade to a 1700.

>> No.61972296



>> No.61972313
File: 490 KB, 1303x688, Capture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.61972403

When will there be a cpu that legitimately makes sense to upgrade from my 4790k @ 4.7?

Right now I only have like 2 programs that even make proper use of 8 threads, and the ipc of current chips is barely an improvement.

>> No.61972499

Yes, you piece of shit. Having more cores is substantially better since you still have headroom to do other things.

>> No.61972825

Did you miss the fact that TR has 2% slower single core, but 56% faster multicore? Also if you're factoring in price Skylake-X CPU's have to be either delidded or you need a $300 custom watercooling loop because Intel refused to use solder.

>> No.61972872


>still going on about multi-core testing and not quad core testing

fuck off >>61972856

>> No.61972894


>need a 300 dollar watercooling loop

okay so its still cheaper

CPU+Mobo+CLC = 1100

TR 1900X + mobo = 1300

>> No.61972934

I can already see the damage control and bandwagon hopping

>AdoredTV will spout the price/performance meme
>that Aussie shill from HardwareUnboxed will do benchmarks with the 1800 and 1700 just to skew test results while still pushing the 1600 even if it will be rendered obsolete

>> No.61972944

$200 more for another 8C/16T and 20 more PCI-e lanes is actually pretty good if you can take advantage of them.

>> No.61972984

The 4770k overclocked is more powerful than the 1700

True story

You won't even notice any difference

Multi-core is a meme forced by AMD shills who thinks that everyone runs Cinebench and Handbrake

When you're an average joe and /g/aymer a faster quad is nothing to scoff at

>> No.61973018

>while still pushing the 1600 even if it will be rendered obsolete
You can literally buy a 1600 for $215 on Newegg, while Intel's 8700K will likely be $350. Sure it will be a fast 6 core but is that really worth it unless you're an esports player?

>> No.61973021


>> No.61973063

Holy fuck this shill is dumber than shit.
>Comparing CPU with massive price/core count disparity
>Trying to make it sound like Intel's 8 core comes anywhere near AMD's 16 core when even the 10 core loses badly

Top kek. i7-7820X isn't that bad from a price/performance standpoint but trying to act like it can hold a candle to Threadripper is just silly.

>> No.61973074

>while Intel's 8700K will likely be $400

>> No.61973084

No, your 4770K does not have any significant single core advantage even when you account for overclocking. Maybe 5% in real world applications.

>> No.61973098

We don't know anything about pricing, performance, temps, OCing, delidding, etc. and you're already gloating victory. Suggest you look back at the X299 launch and don't count on instant victory.

>> No.61973149

What's weird is that according to Hardware Unboxed Intel's 8 core is their only CPU with decent price/performance, their 6 core and 10 core are both ludicrously overpriced. It's odd, you'd think Intel would lower the 6 core price a little bit more, but as it stands Intel made the 6 core is less appealing than the 8 core for no apparent reason.

>> No.61973216

meanwhile in reality
>no compatibility for Z170/270 boards that were released less than a year ago
>VRM needs active cooling to push an i7 past 4 GHz
>i5 hobbled by no hyperthreading
>Only K series SKUs are competitive because stock clocks are Ryzen tier
>K tax is $100 again

>> No.61973373


>now its okay to spend more for better performance

wow how far AMD fanboys have come within just a few weeks

>> No.61973403


daily reminder the 7700k is still faster at gaming than memeripper or any of the ryzen CPUs

but im sure you're decoding and encoding and transcoding 24/7 with 50 VMs and running a server to make the tertiary bullshit that ryzen and TR will sell you on, worth while

GTX 1080 is faster than every AMD GPU including Vega 64, the 1080ti is even more

Intel still has multiple CPUs faster than every ryzen option in gaming across the board

including a $200 i5 which destroys the 200 dollar ryzens

and we already know the 300 dollar 7700k blows the 1800x the fuck out and all below it

>> No.61973405
File: 253 KB, 1925x1085, PricevPerf2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The price/performance on TR is still good even at that point, dumbass.

You can pretty much draw a line between the dots to see the best price/performance HEDT CPUs out right now.

>> No.61973420

Yes yes, we know you shills endlessly harp about how Intel is still better at gaming in CPU bottlenecked scenarios. Because that's the only thing it's still good at .. lol

>Multi-core doesn't matter!
>Price/performance doesn't matter!
>Performance per watt doesn't matter!
>Power usage doesn't matter!
>Temperatures don't matter!
>Soldered dies don't matter!
>Upgradeability doesn't matter!
>Anti-competitive business practices don't matter!
>*NEW* Locked platform features don't matter!
>*NEW* Synthetic loads don't matter!

>> No.61973421


>this 1 benchmark which has zero relation to every day programs or gaming

>defending a thousand dollar CPU
>which then requires a 330 dollar mobo
>is slower than a 7700k in gaming

>> No.61973434


>AMD bringing up temps
>thinking a new socket wont be out before you need to upgrade a fucking thousand dollar CPU

stopped reading there when your analogies just turned int fallacies

>> No.61973437
File: 460 KB, 1530x881, amd hexagon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh no not my 15% extra FPS at 100+ FPS at 1080p 144hz with a 1080ti. Anything but that.

>> No.61973444
File: 53 KB, 707x602, i9-7900X stock temps.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>AMD bringing up temps
Haha you stupid faggot, Intel has retaken the housefire crown in spades.

>> No.61973460

AMD has already said their current sockets AM4/TR4 will be around until DDR5.

>> No.61973474

We're talking about HEDT here, not MUH GAYMES. But if you want to get down to it, there's only about a 5-10% FPS difference between an i9 and 16 core TR when CPU bottlenecked.

>> No.61973483


oh no, my 24/7 video encoding and "content creation" (what ever the fuck that is supposed to mean)

guess when im at work at Pixar and have to buy my own hardware ill take that into account

>game streaming

literally nobody fucking uses hardware based streaming, they have an elgato which does everything itself

also twitch just doubled the bitrate allowed which makes it pointless to bother with CPU settings

>> No.61973499


>there's only
>amd's way of saying "slower"

>> No.61973507
File: 183 KB, 386x406, 1485855131387.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Inconsistent Performance

What did they mean by this?

>> No.61973521


thats great

you can buy 3 7700k's for the price of 1 memeripper

1 for gaming, and another dedicated "streaming PC" and a 3rd being your server encripted VPN or whatever other bullshit tertiary bullshit that nobody on /g/ ever does yet now is suddenly trying to use to defend it

>> No.61973532

>same pasta
>same retarded slides
AMD shills are real.

>> No.61973538
File: 726 KB, 426x240, 7900X OC.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.61973546

>including a $200 i5 which destroys the 200 dollar ryzens
Actually Digital Foundry just made a video declaring Ryzen 5 the winner over i5 for gaming. The locked i5's have low clockspeeds like Ryzen, the only i5 that can beat Ryzen is a heavily overclocked 6600K/7600K and R5 still basically matches it in most games. Unlocked i5's used to be the go to choice for gaming, now it's the R5 1600.

>> No.61973566


>> No.61973579

7800X is still Xeon LCC silicon, though. That's not the case for the mainstream dice.

>> No.61973590

Optimized fabbing does still matter, though. Considering Intel's greatest foe seems to be temperatures, if improved manufacturing can bring power down just a bit, that means higher clocks.

>> No.61973608

>including a $200 i5 which destroys the 200 dollar ryzens


>AMD hits the sweetspot - Ryzen is the better buy.

>> No.61973609

Just ordered a 1600x and a noctua cooler, fuck jews

>> No.61973656

>they have an elgato which does everything itself
That costs $250 on it's own.
When we're talking HEDT, yes generally multicore performance is considered more important than a teeny amount of FPS in muh vidya.
>you can buy 3 7700k's for the price of 1 memeripper
3 whole systems? lol, no. Who would even argue this is a good idea? I mean, besides someone as stupid as you.

>> No.61973672
File: 21 KB, 711x533, THG-1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Even if Skylake-X was worth the retail price you still shouldn't get one due to Intel intentionally sabotaging the CPU. Without delidding you need a $300 custom loop or a $1000 refrigerator to keep it cool. The combination of thermal paste and an out of spec IHS makes it impossible to cool, it throttles even at stock. Why should you spend $500-1000 on a defective CPU?

>> No.61973678

>redittard poojet has no arguments

>> No.61973708

Is this actually real coffin lake marketing?

>> No.61973723


>> No.61973733

>same processors over and over
>worse housefires each time
Intel shills need to STFU

>> No.61973743


>> No.61973760

>Considering Intel's greatest foe seems to be temperatures
And yet they still don't solder anything. This time, they'll also have power draw to worry about. I have a feeling "95 watts" is a loose suggestion, like X299's "140 watts".

>> No.61973802

as a person thats been using intel since the 2006, im seriously considering trying something different. i mean lets be honest, intel hasn't been doing shit since sandybridge.

the 2500k was a badass cpu and still is. but thats the problem now isn't it? 5 generations later and tiny improvements? Thats some grade a bullshit. Intel needs to delivery a 8 core cpu in the $250 with a min of a 25% - 30% improvement over the the current lineup (and also not require WC at idle to get decent temps) or they can just fuck right off.

There really isn't a reason to upgrade unless we get that level of improvement. Im happy AMD has stepped up to the plate with their CPUs, its just a shame that their GPUs are still total fucking POS and only worth it for mining.

Both companies need to get their fucking head out of their asses and really fucking start delivering. Tech is getting fucking stagnant.

>> No.61973971

>And yet they still don't solder anything
Well yes, that is completely indefensible. Spend billions to optimize manufacturing, but don't spend a buck per unit to solder the die. I don't know who thinks that seems like a good idea.

>I have a feeling "95 watts" is a loose suggestion
It should mean that the cooler has to be able to dissipate 95 W of heat in order to keep up with the base frequency. I haven't actually seen anyone test that rigorously, however.

>> No.61974068


>> No.61974077
File: 741 KB, 786x931, Screenshot_20170721_124028.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>that one fucking retard that keeps recommending a 7800x series

>> No.61974385
File: 43 KB, 433x378, 1394336815284.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.61974404


>> No.61974541


>> No.61974554

>Intel claims solder can crack
Intel are lying Jews

>> No.61974588
File: 352 KB, 256x256, 3dthink.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Coffin Lake launch mobos will literally be Babby Lake hardware with artificially incompatible LGA1151v2 sockets
>actual Coffin Lake mobos won't appear for 3 or more months

>> No.61974669

Is 120 fps not enough?
Especially coming out of a server CPU

>> No.61974676


Yes, but the only changes to the PCH are rumoured to be built-in USB 3.1 and Wifi.

Nothing performance related.

>> No.61974895

It will be the exact same LGA1151 socket you smug faggot. And the good ol' mobo makers who rock asses will drop a beta (just like you) bios for the previous boards that will let you run coffee lake on them.

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