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Fucking kikes, fuck you fucking self mutilating jew scum.


So much for promoting American manufacturing.

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Charlottesville was a mistake. Mixing politics into this was even bigger mistake.

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Ryzen is manufactured in USA

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How Intel fishes for sales.

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what did you expect?

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Intel's got nothing to worry about with devoted fans like this.

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neo-communist agenda always comes first to these people

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God, when will these fucks be exterminated already?

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no wonder why they are losing some market right now

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Tiki nazis, go back to /pol/

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Sure thing Schlomo.

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What does a Charlottesville have to do with Trump? They're just looking for excuses to move production out of America

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>complains about things being politicized
>leaves because of political reasons
What the fuck.

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tell me your definition of "politics"

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Good for him. Somebody has to stand up to that monster.

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the parasite is starting to leave this corpse and move on to the next victim i see

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Intel has always been pro America while AMD is pro terrorism this just proves it, Intel fights American terrorists while AMD says nothing, silently supporting Turmp terrorism

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Are your media outlets really throwing a shitfit because trump didn't say "nazis are bad" fast enough?

What the fuck?

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These faggots will be the first on the hook when the zombie apocalypse hits.

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Civil war 2 when?

And remember it was the Leftists that won the last one.

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I'm not surprised all this nonsense is coming out of a country that's only 60% white, subhumans are always the most vocal

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Nah, the war wasn't fought because of slaves, that was an afterthought, since when there are hundreds of thousands of dead americans you need to wrap it up in something meaningful other than some stupid power play.

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>trump loves walls
i can sympathize with those feels when touching a wall that held out spics in the past.

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Shoo shoo filthy Jew

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Fuck off roadkill

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Because Trump made another milquetoast statement that appeased his nazi-right base about Charlottesville.

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What really bothers me is that niggers have been killing and raping tens of thousands of people each year for decades, but nobody bans black power/anti-white rhetoric, on the contrary, the MSM is encouraging it, Muslims are decapitating and burning people alive in the ME and raping and killing in Europe, but nobody bans Islam, on the contrary, it's illegal to criticize it and the MSM defends it, leftists hold antifa marches where they brutalize people and destroy property but nobody bans left-wing discourse, on the contrary, the MSM is protecting it and encouraging it, Jews are killing and have been killing Arab families to make room for Greater Israel and not only is pro Israel speech not banned, they want to make criticizing Israel ILLEGAL, BUT IF ONE GUY, runs over some leftists and all of the sudden the entire political, MSM and part of the corporate scene immediately bans anything rightwing.
You could swear, it's almost as if the Jews, via their masonic lodges, have control over critical sections of our society or something.

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Kill yourself, bourgeois neoliberal.

Shut the fuck up SoreOS.


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ALL of you neoliberals calling Soros' henchmen "leftists" need to be killed. There is no excuse for you COLLABORATORS to continue sucking public air.

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Does Intel even make anything at all in America?

Or was it all pure marketing bullshit to begin with?

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What blacks do is irrelevant. That's like blaming a dog for wanting a bone. They're not people like you and me. We know better.

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I thought it was the democrats who owned slaves.

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>buying hardware based on a multibillion dollar company's ability to suck to faggots

Lefties try finding validation in the funniest of places.

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They didn't even "suck to faggots".

They joined Trump's club and then left.
AMD never joined in the first place.

It's all marketing bullshit.

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They left because of all the bullshit going on in the USA for the last few days, literally trying to score some brownie points.
Without it they would have stayed

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No, the Democrats owned mills and wanted cheap wage labor. No real difference in the power relationship, just a level of plausible disassociation.
Both parties need to be killed. Proofs me wrong.

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Yes, but AMD never wanted to be associated with Trump in the first place.
So how is Intel more gay friendly than AMD?

It's like saying an ex porn star is less of a slut than a virgin.

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AMD has more things to worry about than Trump, if you haven't noticed the company has been busy with new product launches every month.

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And coming up with awesome names like "Threadripper".

It's like a 12 year old is running their marketing department - and I like it.

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CPU names weren't named by marketing, but by the engineers, they actually admitted it.

If the marketing dept did the names it would probably be something even dumber, at least EPYC is a direct jab at Intel

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You fucks really should go back to the Daily Stormer.
Oh wait. You can't.

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People like you make me wish the holocaust actually happened.

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It happened, but it wasn't as blown out of proportion as the kikes made it out to be, not even close.

t. Dad was in Mauthausen-Gusen

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You're not funny.

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I love the irony in the fact that the superiority complex carried by white Americans is a major contributing factor to the country's pending implosion.

Unfortunately for me, as a Canadian, it also means I'm probably fucked too. Any Scandinavians feel like letting me bunk up?

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>cuck seeks protection from fellow cucks

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>sucking corporate cock and submitting to the market is empowerment

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>What really bothers me is that niggers have been killing and raping tens of thousands of people each year for decades
Regular crime vs a terrorist attack.

>Muslims are decapitating and burning people alive in the ME and raping and killing in Europe, but nobody bans Islam
It's not Islam as a whole doing that. It's groups like ISIS and other radicals that are already looked down on. All we're seeing happen right now is what happens when a radical group that most people didn't worry too much about crosses the line and people actually start caring about the shit they're doing. The same thing would have happened to BLM if their leaders voiced support for the killing of those cops in Texas and what would have happened to Obama if he tried to get around the issue if that happened rather than addressing it immediately.

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ISIS is a Western proxy force, you cuck. Can't you into false flags when you see one?

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Good for you Intel. Show this terrible country the error of its ways. I'd encourage as many companies as possible to abandon America to the greatest extent possible and begin to develop economies in other parts of the world. It's time for this power to collapse already and since toppling it militarily is unlikely then we need to topple it economically.

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>duur its only Isis
>80% of Muslims support death for leaving the religion

Just because they don't want to pull the trigger themselves doesn't mean they don't want you dead.

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>watch as I pull "statistics" out of my ass

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Can't we make it law that it is treason to provide economic advantage to an enemy of America? By moving manufacturing out of America you are aiding and abetting enemy states like communist China therefore we have grounds to imprison the CEO, other chairmen of the board, and shareholders of Intel and potentially execute them. We will also immediately ban shipments of all products containing parts manufactured or designed partially or in full by Intel and retroactively seize and destroy all Intel products sold in the past.

Also this law should be retroactively applied to all companies that have abandoned America in the past and if the CEOs no longer live here then we should attempt to extradite them for trial.

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Your tears are surprisingly bitter.

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>implying this woman has bought or even knows what a processor is

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The fact that rich assholes, not you, decide who the enemy is should be enough to laugh your idea right off the table.
How does it feel being a financially dominated cuck, amerifat?

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An enemy state is a state that the nation is at war with. But yea, there needs to be strongest protectionist policies. Libertarians can get fucked because they're a bunch of retards, especially the poor and middle-class ones who don't understand VP of operations Goldstein wants to replace you with a million pajeets who'll take your job for 1/4 the pay.

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I hope this is a bait...

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kek, no, just wiping your face in the CTR shillery you shit out.
t.crashing this game with no survivors

Probably just underageb&.

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And the West is letting ISIS fail?

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I thought Intel was going under slowly?

I know Under Armor is down 40%+ from last year.

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Every political campaign has spin doctors. When Hillary does it it's a illuminati conspiracy.
You have no idea how absurd your little alt-reality is.

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"Le black mean guy is fucking my mom" response
>le leftist boogeyman
Go back to r/the_donald and then kill yourself

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Nobody gave you permission to shit from your mouth, nigger.

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Whats wrong anon?
Did you get fucked up by a nigger or something, you come online and shit post every time you see a chance about your insecurities?

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>nazi-right base
57% of voters are Nazis?

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Please go back to /pol/

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You're an idiot. Journalist Colin Flaherty has been documenting this for a long time now. None of his stories are covered by the (((leftist))) media. And yes whites do it too. But blacks commit crime WAY out of proportion to their population size


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I never said they didn't retard.
But coming on a technology board and spouting your rhetoric bullshit is fucking absurd.

It's like you think all of 4chan is fucking stormfront.
Now go please go back to your reddit circlejerk
You seriously fucking sperged back there.
If you want to change the way things are why don't you do something about it in real life? Start a fucking campaign and stop those kikes.

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Yes, the West is leaving them out to dry because the US and KSA have little chance of success and other interests at the moment.

All you neoliberals need to be killed. All of you, and painfully. The guillotine is too good for you.
That's really all there is to say to youj partisan hacks. Politics needs to be genocided.

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Intel has never been pro consumer.

Remember how only certain Intel chips can run Netflix videos at 4K resolution?

Such restrictions were all on Intel's side.

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>Start a fucking campaign and stop those kikes.
>t. FBI

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Good. Maybe don't elect a fucking Nazi-sympathizer scumbag.

Dumb /g/ringos

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don't let the door hit you on your way out
i'm sure AMD will love taking your place

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Oy vey delete this !

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>Remember how only certain Intel chips can run Netflix videos at 4K resolution?
>Such restrictions were all on Intel's side.
This was a DRM thing. The 4K netflix video was encoded with a specific DRM algorithm, and it was the intel chips that had hardware decoding for it.

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It did, and it was awful, but it wasn't any worse than what Ghenghis Khan did to the chinese, or what Britain did to india, or what Portugal and the spanish did to south america.

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counter semitic image

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I want /pol/ to go back to their containment board

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/pol/ is on every board, son

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There has to be at least one engineer spurdo posting in AMD.

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I hope Jews will kill you like a frantic animal.

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/pol/ values Jews, /pol/ hates and admires Jews for their smart skills, /pol/ disdain pajeets and SJWs

only shitskins here care about /pol/'s narrative

OP is just a consumerist gaymer whore who want a cheaper core i7

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Happy birthday SoreOS

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>using computers and phones which consist of 99% chinkproduction
>crying because le american manufacturing meme

Americuck culture is truly pajeet tier

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he's not wrong though
certainly not all of them but enough to see a pattern

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EBIN confirmed for next gen

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nice LARPing.

I can't wait for the school year to begin.

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No, it's Made in China.
It even says so.

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Regardless, it appears Intel managed to carve themselves a new niche.

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You completely ignored what is going on. The first time he made a statement he tried to say the counter-protestors were partly responsible. It's not illegal to protest. The people there to protest literal nazis were not at fault for the nazis attacking them.

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You can tell him to go to /pol/ all you want;
but you don't have the influence or authority to make him,
and you won't change the fact that nobody on this planet kills blacks as efficiently and quantitatively as blacks do each other, especially in USA.

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>brazilian education

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>mfw Slav
>mfw superior programmer more employable than 100 western white cucks combined
>mfw i sell AK's to blacks so they can kill each other more
>mfw even blacks can't threaten me because i'll threaten back with pulling my AK shipments and having other blacks kill them off for it; or even pulling AK's that would go to them, onto them
>mfw impervious to privilege meme
>mfw i can be politically incorrect all i want with no consequences because it's "part of my culture"
>mfw Westerners, both left and right, make me entertained each day with their retardation

I live in glorious times. Late enough to avoid the worst of Communism, early enough to see the West buckle under the initial stages of the same.

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Trump is basically responsible for it. During his campaign he frequently mocked protestors who came to his rallies and even implied he would pay the legal fees of people who used force to remove them. His supporters feel like he has their back as president so they think they can get away with anything.


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Can't do shit then, larper. Kill yourself.

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LOL, yes all those niggers love the latest hot Intel gadgets.

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>Company starts pouring more money into diversity and inclusion than they do on their products
>company service and product quality go down
>company itself starts going down
Every fucking time



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