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Who here /Windows 7 forever/?

>compatible with everything
>mostly not a botnet
>just a clean OS with no bullshit ads
>no constant fucking updates
>actually control your own OS rather than it control you
>biggest library of compatible games
>still looks and feels modern

What's your excuse for using Botnet 10 or GNU/Linux?

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>Not knowing that the same exact windows 10 telemetry code has been backported to 7 and 8 years ago

Free software or bust, faggot

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>he actually believes this

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>not installing Windows 7 and leaving it at that

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>Who here /Windows XP forever/?

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I use Win10 for muh gaymes and use CentOS for work. Don't really see the purpose in using Win7 since any new applications that come out have a chance of not being Win7 compatible.

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> believing all that bullshit

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>mostly not a botnet
>actually control your own OS rather than it control you

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This, the 7fags on this board are the same shitters who were non-stop shitposting about how they're going to use XP forever a few years ago. Of course they all disappeared and gave in and used the "shitty" Windows 7 (which they now claim to be the best Windows ever) because it turns out it's not feasible to use a decade old OS for very long. They have to be dragged kicking and screaming but when push comes to shove they aren't abandoning Windows and will begrudgingly upgrade to the new version. After a while of getting their autism used to the change they'll start proclaiming the new version as the best OS and that they'll never upgrade, and so the cycle repeats.

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>Looks modern
Aero Design was doa

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>What's your excuse for using GNU/Linux?
>not a botnet

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It's proven to be true. Microsoft was caught multiple times on hiding telemetry updates and other spyware as """security patches""".

>compatible with everything
Compatible with everything, except for my hardware. That's actually the only reason why I'm on botnet 10. I didn't feel like fucking around with some hacks just to have basic functionality of OS. Shame microshit is such a shit company, blows my mind how they can even get away with shit like this.

>actually control your own OS rather than it control you
You must be joking, you have no control over any microsoft made OS

>still looks and feels modern
Looks like literal shit. Botnet 10 has more modern and better looking design in general, however it's very unpolished and still keeps many elements of older designs.

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>except for my hardware
Wat hardware?

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>the backdoors are fully operational, Bill
>did you tell them that windows 7 isn't botnet?
>yes Bill, they all took the bait
>good, good..

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Any modern hardware. In case you live under rock (seems to be the case), microsoft forcefully blocked system updates on all systems older than botnet 10 if you have new CPU.

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>/muh comfortzone forevar/
>/configuring muh system and turning off unnecessary features is hard forevar/

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>he thinks he needs the system updates

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> modified Windows 7 OS back in 2010
> pre-installed all the updates and my basic software
> removed everything I didn't want including Windows Update, WGA, etc
> blocked all communication with Microsoft
> never paid for Windows in my life

> 7 years later
> same processor and parts
> dual Radeon HD 6970
> 64 GB memory
> 256 GB main drive SSD + 20 GB caching SSD + multiple hard disk
> never any problems, no lag, no maintenance, runs everything fast, even today's game
> full of spiderwebs
> literally have 2000 pics of ass saved to desktop


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Well, when does the dump commence

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>What's your excuse for using (...) GNU/Linux?

the fuck

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Oh, you are a retarded, tech-illiterate brainlet, most likely either underage or college children.
That explains a lot about this whole thread.
Take your frogs and go back to r e ddit where you belong.

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they know deep down they will have to upgrade eventually and that it's really not as big a deal as they think it is, that's why noone ever tries to refute this point when it's brought up

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Windows has always been a botnet. The fact that they're not even bothering to hide it any more doesn't mean that old versions are suddenly "safe". If anything, the LEAs that Microsoft work with will likely keep a closer eye on Windows 7 users going forwards, since they'll be the ones most likely to have something to hide.

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>literally no argument as to why you need the updates
>calls me a dumb frogposter

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Actually, MS botnet was detected as early as windows xp.
Windows 7 isn't safe from botnet, don't fool yourself.

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Right here, but i'm not naive to think i will get to enjoy it forever, eventually more and more things i need to work will become unsupported

Best thing you can do is enjoy that sweet special place where we at right now and cherish it dearly

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mossad, gr8 taste in wymyn lad.

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Good luck living in malware hell without system updates

You don't even know how unsecure you are...

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>NT 5.1
Wrong, botnet was detected as early as NT 4.0 (SP5). Look up _NSAKEY

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Do you know why security updates are called security updates? Because they patch insecurities, you retarded fuck. Here, that's your argument why you should update.
Maybe getting your shit encrypted doesn't matter for children like you who have nothing but gaymes on your """rig""", but for me losing my PC and files is a problem.
We had perfect example of how retards like you end up just while back with wannacry, but tech-illiterates like you just never learn.
Seriously, get the fuck out, you don't belong here. Wherever you came from, stay there.

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Maybe some of us know how to not get viruses like a retard.

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I didn't get a virus in longer than you live, you underaged retard. But that doesn't mean I don't update my systems.
Anyway I'm done with you, discussing technology with /v/eddit is pointless. Keep believing in whatever you want. One day you will (maybe) get education and real life IT experience and you will understand why patching systems is important. For now have fun playing league 12 hours a day while snacking on mummy tendies.

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In the case of wannacry there was nothing you could do if you had a certain service running. Not all viruses involve the user opening porn.jpg.exe

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>been using pirated windows 7 since forfuckingever
>never installed updates ever
>never had my harddrive encrypted by russian malware even once
>don't even run a antivirus software
Feels good to not be a retard.

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No amount of Le Common Sense stops some skiddie pwning you with some ancient sploit he pulled from milw0rm. That's the point of security patches, to fix vulnerabilities in your software. It's not to stop you running the malware in the first place, you can do that on an up-to-date system just fine. It fixes the exploits that the malware uses, which can range from privilege escalation to installing and running itself remotely. If you aren't underageb& you probably remember that this was a huge problem back in the day when everyone was running unpatched XP/2k installations while connected to a network. Sasser, for example, exploited a vulnerability that had been patched two weeks before it was released to install and run itself remotely, requiring absolutely zero user input, and yet it infected millions of computers and caused billions of dollars in damage. Almost none of those computers were infected by someone physically downloading and running the worm, just idiots such as yourself running unpatched software.

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>What's your excuse for using Botnet 10 or GNU/Linux?
I don't need one, I don't use either.

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>I never fell riding motorcycle
>So you clearly don't need helmet and protectors
Tell that to someone who ended up as a vegetable after tripping in accident that would leave him with few bruises and scratches in full body protector and helmet.

You are so fucking retarded I'm actually getting upset here. The fact that I share this board with inbreeds like you disgusts me. College children and underages like you should be banned from the internet.

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>Windows 10 looks better than Windows 7
Your opinion is objectively wrong and based on sour grapes.

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i would use it if i didnt switch to linux.

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I "upgraded" to Windows 10, used it for six months, and went back to 7. You literally cannot dispute that I gave it a fair shake. Call me when 10 isn't fucking garbage.

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aero fanboys are the worst

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Why the fuck do I even care if I get my shit encrypted by some Russian malware? You're a retard if you store anything important on your PC anyway. Just wipe that shit and reinstall Windows again, problem solved.

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You don't have to be an aero fanboy to think that it looks better than something far more hideous.

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Aero is the most hideous Windows design to date and I will never forgive MS for ruining computer software and web design philosophy for the next 10 years with that stupid ugly glass shit.

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Then you clearly haven't seen Windows 10.

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It's just flat colors. It's... plain. It is neither exceptionally bad nor exceptionally good.

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It's a hideous clusterfuck.

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t. sub-90 IQ who doesn't know the first thing about graphic design

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No, I'm merely a person with functional eyes, which is just one of the many reasons I don't use Windows 10.

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Show me an example of something that looks better?

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It's literally just flat colors, how can you find something so simple so visually repulsive? Do you associate it with some traumatic event from your childhood? It is literally designed to be as inoffensive as possible to everyone.

>> No.61905779

Pretty much anything would be a step up.

All UIs are just colors. Some are far more repulsive than others.

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>win7 machine for newer vidya
>winXP/2k machine for really fucking old vidya
>linux mint for the rest

Max comfy.

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But most UIs contain retarded effects on top of the colors that ruin the simplicity of the UI and cause it to age like milk. For example, XP and Vista/7. The fisher price garbage on XP is incredibly distracting and really did not age well at all, and the flashy epic glass effects with aero are the same.

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They looked good in their time though, they just aged poorly, Windows 10 was ass on release.

>> No.61905905

Material design is simple and ageless, that is the entire point of it. It is not distracting or otherwise visually obtrusive and flat colors do not age. It is a neutral design that stays out of your way and lets you focus on real work. The fact that you find such a concept so absolutely repulsive with your entire being is bizarre to me.

Also Luna never looked good. I disabled that shit the moment I installed XP. Aero was a fun little gimmick for a little while but I disabled that too eventually because it's just an ugly design.

>> No.61905928

>flat colors don't age
Flat colors are a trend, trends age.
>The fact that you find such a concept so absolutely repulsive
It's not the concept I find repulsive, it's the implementation.

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How does a flat color age? Does my image look any more "dated" than it would have a hundred years ago?

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The individual colors don't age, the design they're used to make does.

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How does this "age" apart from the icon?

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It ages as new designs replace it.

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but that is the entire design of windows 8 and 10, everything is just a simple flat coloured shape, there are no annoying gradients or other special effects. it is quite timeless, older programs that made use of this design philosophy still look great today too

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>Flat colors are by choice and a wonderful pinnacle of masterful design
>Implying they didn't went with that so they could design UI in powerpoint so they could release shit sooner

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New fads may come along like the gradients everywhere and gloss everywhere of time past, but software that uses material design will never look dated in the same way that something like XP or 7 does. Material design doesn't age because it's not a "design". It is the most basic form of design and has been around forever, it has survived while all your meme designs like aero died.

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Whatever you say, I'm not going to waste my afternoon discussing how colours age on the Internet.

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flat colors > gimmicky effects
every time

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LTSB 2016 is pretty good, very little bloat at all and you can just disable the botnet stuff with spybot antibeacon which you should be running even if you use 7 or 8.x and you install updates, because almost all that "botnet" has been added to those OSes also. If that's not tin foil hat enough for you, also monitor and block all the botnet IPs on your router. If that's not tinfoil hat enough for you then fuck off to some hardened airgapped librebooted chinkpad and enjoy your cartoon toddler porn

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>LTSB 2016
I don't know much about Wangblows 10 because I dual-boot it and use it as rarely as possible, but is it possible to put the store on LTSB at all? I sometimes play Forza and you can only get it on the Wangblows store.

>> No.61907367

Manchild detected
Most of us here actually use our computers for productive work that we want to keep

>> No.61907454

Haven't tried it myself yet, but yeah it's easy to add the store to LTSB according to a couple forum threads I came across.

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>>actually control your own OS rather than it control you

Maybe there's a more expensive version that doesn't update whenever it wants and force shutdowns, but you don't have control over this.

Linux host with windows vm works for me. Windows on the metal of a machine is hell.

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then keep your work backed up like a sensible person???????? really hard much wow

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Separate partitions or machines?
Switching OS is annoying, entire machines even more so.

Minimal comfiness.

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>Who here /Windows 7 forever/?
just until Linux takes over. Russia has banned MS products, so i hope enough russian techy people will switch to Linux and give contributions. Probably most will keep their copies regardless.
>compatible with everything
nope, not DX12 ;^)
>mostly not a botnet
speculation and probably untrue. However compared to Win10, ofc.
You still shouldn't make such claims without source code being available.
>just a clean OS with no bullshit ads
It's literally a clusterfuck of past NT based OS'
>no constant fucking updates
thats.. usually not good. Why bring up a weakness and make it look like a strength?
>actually control your own OS rather than it control you
aka let it hold hands with you
again, true in comparison to Win10, but untrue elsewhere.
>biggest library of compatible games
>still looks and feels modern
yes. kinda.
>What's your excuse for using Botnet 10 or GNU/Linux?
Linux actually let's you modify the source code thus giving you CONTROL.
Linux doesn't hog 1gb+ RAM in idle, more like 200mb+/- depending on WM/DE.
Speaking off: freedom of choice.

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I can't play my gaymes.
Literally the only reason I Haven't made the leap into freedom.

>> No.61909712

half the stuff is available on steam Linux version, wine got WoW covered so i'm actually pretty good.

However for convinience i dual boot with 7.
Until the time comes and i can ditch it.

>> No.61910023

What linux should I install if its time to ditch Windows 7?

>> No.61910076

newbuntu or mint
you may start distrohopping after some time after getting used to the new world that has opened to you called customization and feel limited by a distro representing the welcome to this world.

>> No.61910245

These threads were being made a few years ago too except it was "Who here /Windows XP/ forever" and the bullet points were exactly the same. protip: you will give in and upgrade to 10 unless you can grow the balls to leave Windows forever (you won't)

>> No.61910269

Ubuntu 17.04? What about the upcoming Gnome switch?

>> No.61910317

idk, idc.
i use void.

>> No.61910478

>compatible with everything
No it's not. Modern hardware is already dropping support for it and you can't run UWP applications. Won't be long before software developers start dropping support for 7 in general.

>mostly not a botnet
If you use any Windows NT OS you are in the botnet. 7 is hardly any less botnet than 10 anyway, especially with all those ""security updates""

>just a clean OS
Absolutely not. In fact, Windows 10's codebase is supposedly much cleaner than 7's. Not that that's saying much, every Windows OS is a disgusting Frankenstein-esque mess of backwards compatibility hacks and redundant features.

>with no bullshit ads
I've never seen an ad in Windows 10 so I'm not sure what this point is supposed to be

>actually control your own OS rather than it control you
Again, this is Windows, no you don't. You have very little control over anything that happens in the OS.

>biggest library of compatible games
Any game that runs on 7 should also run on 10. I haven't encountered any instances where this isn't true, although I don't play games much.

>still looks and feels modern
Entirely subjective, and I disagree. I think Aero aged pretty poorly. The whole glass thing fell out of fashion years ago.

You are going to have to either drop 7 or drop Windows completely. You have a couple of years left to make your decision, but it's a decision you will have to make.

>> No.61910504

>compatible with everything
Like DX12?
>mostly not a botnet
When "mostly not a botnet" is something to be proud of you've got some problems...
>just a clean OS with no bullshit ads
Clean OS? I thought it was partly "not a botnet"?
That certainly isn't "clean"
>actually control your own OS rather than it control you
Control it like it not sending keystrokes to Microsoft, Oh wait you don't have that

My excusing using GNU/Linux is I actually have control over it, compatibility with Windows software is getting better by the day, I don't have to pay for a license, and I do a lot more than "play games" with my PC, maybe when you grow up and have to do real work you'll understand

>> No.61910530

>Modern hardware is already dropping support for it
The current GPU offerings from both Intel and AMD are still supported across the board, or at-least their gayming cards are I don't know about the workstation stuff. Baby Lake Intel processors still work 100% fine with Windows 7, as does Ryzen, not sure about BreadDipper though. There's really no reason you can't use Windows 7 on a 7700K + 1080Ti build.

>> No.61910535

please stop lying in the internet

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Is there any way to set windows 7 headless resolution? I'm stuck at 640x480

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No they aren't. AMD and Intel dropped support for Windows 7 with their latest CPUs. They can still work because at the end of the day they're just x86 CPUs but they aren't supported and you will run into issues trying to install 7 on Ryzen in particular (I don't know about Intel's shit).

>> No.61910765

If you aren't using a PS2 keyboard you deserve to have to use Wangblows 10 anyway desu.

>> No.61910770

People have had all sorts of problems trying to use new hardware with Win7. Just because the GPUs have drivers for it doesn't mean it just werks.

>> No.61910817

1080Ti and Wangblows 7 works great on my machine.

>> No.61910827

great for you, doesn't work on a lot of people's machines though

>> No.61910831

>no drivers
>have to rely on indians and chinese for technical support


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>What's your excuse for using Botnet 10

It installed itself over my Windows 7 ;_;

And I was too lazy to revert it.

>> No.61911085

Works great on my machine dude.

>> No.61911122

you are a hotbed of sleeper computer AIDS.

>> No.61911292

Look up the desktop enviroments mentioned in some of those flavors and pick whatever one appeals to you best

>> No.61911370

Microsoft said it. It's not a secret

>> No.61912298

xpfags said this too in relation to 7 fyi

>> No.61912346

Different people have different opinions. What's the issue with sticking with the OS you like? You have to deal with that shit way too often for it to not be the one you like the most.

>> No.61912440

The point is that XP users would constantly fill the board up with threads similar to this going on about how they were never upgrading because 7 is shit and XP is the only good OS (and they'd swear they had tried 7 and just couldn't use it for how bad it was), and then they all disappeared off the face of the Earth almost overnight. Fast forward a few years and now they are making the exact same threads but with XP substituted for 7. It's an endless cycle with Windows users, especially those that consider themselves ""tech-savvy". They will cling to their old version until it is physically impossible to use it any longer, then they move on to the new version because, come on, are they really going to stop using Windows? Give it a while and the new version is the best thing since sliced bread and when that new version is itself replaced with a newer version, the whole thing starts again. 98 users did the same with XP "NT is bloated garbage" "i need my real mode DOS" "why do i need NT im not using a workstation", and so on.

tl;dr they don't actually care about 10 they just don't want to change, give it 5 years and they'll all be saying 10 is the best version

>> No.61912448

>Not a botnet
I'm part of the 7 forever team too but come on.

>> No.61912453

How the fuck is it lying? It literally fucking says in the KB articles on their own fucking website telemetry

Stop huffing paint

>> No.61912459

You were doa

>> No.61912479

It's Stockholm syndrome
>love the version they're on
>continue to love it when it becomes obsolete
>get forced into using a new version
>after years of using it, they grow to love it

>> No.61912507

>biggest library of compatible games

actually W10 has a bigger library because of DX12. go ahead and try to name one game W7 can play that W10 can't.

>> No.61912548

>compatible with everything
For now.
>mostly not a botnet
Wrong. M$ pushed updates that make W7 every bit the botnet that W10 is.
>just a clean OS with no bullshit ads
The OS is almost 10 years old now... It won't last. Just wait for M$ to drop support and let the malware hordes annihilate anyone foolish enough to run that antique OS.
>actually control your own OS rather than let it control you
Windows? Control your own OS?! LOL!
If you truly valued this then you'd be running Linux or BSD.
>biggest library of compatible games
True. For now. We'll see how this pans out as games all move to APIs that won't be back-ported to W7 (DX12 and Vulkan).
>still looks and feels modern
What? It looks fuddy-duddy and lame. It's all pretty subjective, I suppose, but W7 is hardly what I would point to for "modern". And no, I don't equate "modern" to mean "material" or "flat".

My excuse for using Linux?
It's superior in every way except for gaymes and even there I have more games than I have time to play thanks to Valve.

>> No.61912561

Faggot. If you're going to shill at least fucking be subtle about it.


>> No.61912571


>> No.61912594

> blows my mind how they can even get away with shit like this.
They get away with it because retarded faggots like you keep rewarding their behavior by giving them money.

But don't let me or anyone else change your mind-- you go right on ahead sucking their dicks and complaining about it.

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File: 65 KB, 604x604, 1385852134820.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Windows 7 had doubled XP's marketshare two years after release. Windows 10 still hasn't reached Windows 7's marketshare, and even loses ground to 7 in some months. If you think XP holdouts are remotely comparable to the almost 50% of users still running 7 you're completely delusional.

>> No.61912609
File: 1.47 MB, 1366x768, 1491883567458.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>biggest library of compatible games
Uhm no sweetie :)

>> No.61912614

>> literally have 2000 pics of ass saved to desktop
>not having a dedicated porn directory
>only 2k pics

>> No.61912624

>that hideous blinding white

>> No.61912644

>for now
And will be for a long time to come because despite the FUDD shills push, it has more users.

You're right, I'd be using Linux if I wanted to do any subversive shit.

>APIs that won't be backported to 7, like Vulkan
Oops, Nvidia dun went and backported Vulkan! Gee whizz!

>I have objectively bad taste
can't really argue with someone wrong about how something looks

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File: 139 KB, 279x1456, steam_games--thanks_valve.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

See anything you like here?
I run Warthunder natively too.
World of Warships does via Play on Linux.
There's more available through WINE as well.

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File: 120 KB, 1727x651, 1484632099997.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What the fuck are you talking about retard? Windows 7 didn't achieve 2x XP's market share until March 2014, and didn't surpass it until September 2012. It remained pretty close until end of support was announced.

Most of those XP machines and the 7 machines today are office workstations that only get upgraded once every 1-2 decades anyway, if you look at consumer statistics through places like Steam's hardware&software survey the overwhelming majority of people are currently using 10. Even on /g/, Windows 10 regularly easily beats out 7 in various polls and if you look at a speccy thread 99% of people are using 10.

The consumers still using 7 are holdouts, just like the XPfags circa 2014.

>> No.61912686

>I've never seen an ad in Windows 10 so I'm not sure what this point is supposed to be
You never use the start menu?

>> No.61912691

i gave up and installed 10 ltsb.

>> No.61912696

I've never seen an ad anywhere. I am convinced people that do so just blindly click yes to everything when installing.

>> No.61912712


>> No.61912723

surprise surprise, people are retarded and install updates

>> No.61912783

I have honestly never understood why people make false claims on the internet where they can be easily verified by literally anybody. Do you hope that people will just take Anonymous' word for it and not look it up?

>> No.61912787

>what are security updates??

>> No.61912791

If you don't update you leave backdoors open for chink and russian hackers to use, but if you update you create backdoors for NSA and MS
All depends on who you prefer to get fucked by I suppose.

>> No.61912829

people refused to move on from XP because the next upgrade was VISTA WHICH EVERYONE KNEW WAS SHIT. when 7 fixed all of Vistas flaws, most people did upgrade. the only people who legitimately stayed on XP were just poor huehues and old fags who hate learning how to computer.

>> No.61912846


>15x Windows 10
>1x Server 2016
>1x XP
>1x 7
literally XP levels of popularity

>> No.61912859

Vista was great, the people who thought it was shit were the ones using shitboxes expecting it to work flawlessly.

>> No.61912870

Right, there were a few (very vocal) holdouts. And now it's happening again with 7. Most people have upgraded to 10 already.

>inb4 m-muh market share

>> No.61912883

While I agree that Vista itself was a fine OS if ran on proper hardware, the problem is that a lot of software didn't work and a lot of hardware either just straight up didn't have drivers for a while or had buggy broken ones that would bluescreen you every 5 minutes. Nowadays though there's very little difference between running Vista and 7.

>> No.61912907

That is if you're using hardware that has drivers, I probably should have said there's very little difference between running Vista and 7 while Vista was still in support.

>> No.61912923
File: 50 KB, 445x368, Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 1.28.37 AM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A single /v/ thread means nothing.

>> No.61912930

>>actually control your own OS rather than it control you
Biggest mistake right here.
You control nothing but the free software which you install atop the nonfree OS.

Install linux.

>> No.61912947
File: 21 KB, 311x327, 1491841259332.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the city of you

>> No.61912962

Is that Steam? Yet another fringe statistic compared to browser user agents.

>> No.61912982

>fringe statistic
Do you think it's 2006? The steam hardware and software survey is a very good source of consumer adoption in different areas.

Certainly no less of a "fringe statistic" than your meme statistics that involve people who just happen to click on a site that's running their script, which would also include large numbers of school/office computers.

>> No.61913013

Yes it was, but you have the choice to not install it or even remove it.

>> No.61913020
File: 299 KB, 982x606, 1475705713405.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For reference, you can look at their other statistics and you'll find that they're about what you'd expect so there's no reason to believe their OS statistics are so wildly inaccurate.

>> No.61913034

>The steam hardware and software survey is a very good source of consumer adoption in different areas
Not even remotely, there are only 125m Steam users, and any statistics from the source are restricted to gaymurs. Again, doesn't hold a candle to useragent statistics.

>> No.61913058
File: 936 KB, 644x644, Screenshot_142.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The problem is Microsoft is working with chipset devs to prevent old operating systems from working on new chipsets.

Also support is dropping in 2020 for Windows 7, I would not put it past Microsoft with all their stupid shit in 10 that they wouldn't timebomb 7 in a way.

>> No.61913079

Steam is a gaming platform and Windows is the de facto gaming OS. The steam survey isn't useful outside of that context as it's heavily skewed. That's like asking people at a coffee shop what their favourite beverage is and then declaring coffee the most popular beverage on earth; you might be right, but you haven't got any real evidence.

>> No.61913092

Do you think your statistics are every user-agent on the internet or something? You have to first go to a site that happens to have their tracking script enabled, have to not be using an extension that blocks it (I believe ublock origin blocks stuff like that by default), and such a method will undoubtedly catch vast amounts of non-consumers in the net.

We're talking about adoption rates of different versions of Windows, I'm aware systems like Linux and MacOS will be underrepresented here

>> No.61913116

You are aware then that Microsoft pushed 10 as a gaming OS and locked DX12 to it. Just for reference, both my father and I switched to Linux after using Windows 10 for a few months. Windows 7 was almost universally accepted as better than Vista, but for many people, Windows 10 actually introduced problems more than anything else.

>> No.61913125

>Do you think your statistics are every user-agent on the internet or something?
Of course not. I can guarantee they're more accurate than yours though.

>> No.61913133

>there are only 125m Steam users
you don't have to nor should you attempt to survey everybody to create statistics

>and any statistics from the source are restricted to gaymurs
ie most winblows users
if you want consumer numbers, steam is one of the best sources

>> No.61913152

>most Windows users have Steam installed
>there are only ~125m Steam users

>> No.61913199

I don't care why they're using 10, all that matters for the purpose of this conversation is that they are using 10.

It seems unlikely that user-agents would generate more accurate statistics pertaining exclusively to consumers than something like Steam. As I've mentioned and it should be obvious to you, such a method will undoubtedly catch millions of office workstations and school computers, both of which are irrelevant as this discussion is about consumer adoption. If we want to use your statistics (statcounter) then 7 didn't beat XP until 2012, 3 years after release. 10 is only lagging 8% behind 7 in your current statistics for 2 years after release, it is very probable based on the rate of adoption combined with the falling support for 7 by MS itself, software developers, and hardware manufacturers that 10 will easily surpass that by this time next year. If I had to guess I'd say that 10 will surpass 7 in your statistics by February next year.

>> No.61913226

7 shitters are more insufferable than the XP faggots ever were

>> No.61913250

You dont even know how insecure you are

>> No.61913266

>using ddg
>using canonicals software
>not posting lmgtfy or better lmsptfy link
still smarter person than win7fags

>> No.61913276

>It seems unlikely that user-agents would generate more accurate statistics pertaining exclusively to consumers than something like Steam
Steam limits the stats to gaymurs, which means users who are pushed to install the latest OS for the best support, retards, etc. However everyone with a computer browses the web.

>> No.61913284

>However everyone with a computer browses the web.
including hundreds of millions of office workstations and school computers which mess with the stats and basically make them unusable if you want to talk about consumers exclusively

>> No.61913294

The initial claim was about market share, not consumer use.

>> No.61913298

I'd still trust it over muh gaymes usage stats any day.

>> No.61913303
File: 56 KB, 500x281, 1475901267407.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>windows 7
>mostly not a botnet

>> No.61913323
File: 81 KB, 444x444, 1502666153369.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

R5 1600 on Win7 x64 Ultimate reportan

Best of both worlds bby

>> No.61913346


>> No.61913356

>to 10

>> No.61913359

ITT: Retards who don't know how to configure their OS

Enjoy your abandonware lads.

>> No.61913366

>I don't care why they're using 10
>But if an enterprise is using 7 it doesn't count
Nice arbitrary distinction

>> No.61913380

>attempting to make an unbearable OS bearable when you can use a bearable OS
Yeah, nah

>> No.61913388

>wahhhh why aren't you good sheep following microshaft's orders wahhh
If it was good, they wouldn't have had to do shady forced """upgrades""" that literally got them sued.

>> No.61913397

>compatible with everything
Not quite.
>mostly not a botnet
>just a clean OS with no bullshit ads
"clean OS", yeah right.
>no constant fucking updates
Updates are good. I'm worried more about an OS, especially a Windows OS, that doesn't have frequent updates.
>actually control your own OS rather than it control you
You are not as in control of Windows as you think you are, no matter what version of it you're using.
>biggest library of compatible games
Dunno about that, but I doubt I care about any games that will run under Windows 7 but won't under Windows 10.
>still looks and feels modern
Looks, maybe. Feels, no.
>What's your excuse for using Botnet 10 or GNU/Linux?
Windows 10: literally all I do with it is play the games I can't under Linux. A) I might as well at least have up-to-date Windows for that, and B) MS can't get much out of me beyond "this guy likes this handful of games".
Linux: this is what *actually* being in control of my computer is. Compatible with enough, completely not a botnet, clean OS with no bullshit, frequent updates that I can easily dictate what does and doesn't get installed and when, decent enough library of compatible games, better overall system design and can look and feel like just about anything I want it to.

>> No.61913424

I've heard a lot about ads in Windows 10, I'm not supporting them here but I've literally never seen one.. Well besides candy crush or some shit like that being pinned in my start thing but I removed it and it's never come back.

Where are these ads and why am I not seeing them?

I'm not in support of Windows and plan to move to Linux.. One day, I want it so bad but it's just such a hassle. I'm just generally curious about why I'm not seeing these ads?

>> No.61913437
File: 92 KB, 600x450, smugfuckerpenutlimatesmu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have an old laptop that I bought semi-new in 2009 which has windows 7. I want to do something to it since it's getting a bit slow, but I don't know if I should just erase all my files and keep w7 or if I should try a light Linux distro (it would be my first time using linux). I'm thinking on installing either Point Linux or Linux lite (maybe there's better options) but I'm not sure if it'll work for me since it's the only pc I have and I use it for school and hobbies like music production and emulating games.
What would you recommend me, /g/?
For school I use Windows office and ArcMap. For music I would like to have Cool edit pro/Cubase and FL Studio, or something similar.

>> No.61913478


>> No.61913482


>> No.61913564

I'm still using XP desu

>> No.61913658

Get back in your containment thread /prog/. Your board was deleted because it was worthless, and so are you.

>> No.61913664

I can't even program, though.

>> No.61913717

I would recommend installing Void GNU/Linux with i3wm. Pretty light on resources but still usable.

For office you've got LibreOffice if you need it, personally I don't see much use for office suites. As far as music editing, that's a pretty personal thing. I guess I'd just try out various tools and find what feels right to you.

>> No.61913783

7 is slow af

>> No.61913954

you would fit right in

>> No.61914379
File: 9 KB, 271x288, 1451176795111.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Security is for the weak.

>> No.61914420

>t. KGB nigger

>> No.61914750

>It's proven to be true. Microsoft was caught multiple times on hiding telemetry updates and other spyware as """security patches""".
so wouldn't businesses that still use windows 7 be a bit angry about that?

>> No.61914820

>all those retards believe win7 is botnet free

>> No.61914864

Businesses barely give a shit about anything IT-related as long as things more-or-less work.

>> No.61914895

>ayy guise i use winblows sevun and not botnet ten cuz i am good computer guy and a pro gamer XDXDXD
We have such threads everyday, stop it.

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