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>20 cents of silicon
>60 cents for some metal
>$999 RRP

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>1 billion in research

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delet this

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Thats why i solder my own computer unit

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Well you make it then :)

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Cool clock, Ahmed.

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I'd like to see you make your own transistors so small you'd need an electron microscope to see them.

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>$0 of metal
>$0 of rubber
>$0 of lithium

>$70000 RRP

This stuff is just laying around in nature for free

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>pay 10 man team 200k each
>billion spent in research

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what you didn't see:
>costs for machinery and actual production
>production yield rate is probably below 20% for threadripper chips
so they can sell only a fraction of the produced processors. Learn yourself some computer engineering.

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>production yield rate is probably below 20% for threadripper chips
>I'm talking out of my ass: the post

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>he actually took this thread seriously

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All Zen based cpu's actually have really high yields since the architecture isn't monolithic for multi zeppelin cpu's and the zeppelins have very high yields themselves.

Why it does cost a lot of money is the research done and that the still need to develop more stuff.

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Silicon is actually a lot more expensive because they have grow extremely pure crystals in a specialized furnace.

Material costs are closer to $40-50 per chip.

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>some hydrogen
>some oxygen
>some nitrogen
>some carbon
>$300k a year starting
What the fuck

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>designing an entirely new CPU architecture
>10 person team
this is why /g/ is shit

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>Material costs are closer to $40-50 per chip.

so amd is making a 10 dollar loss on every sempron sold?

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you're right its more like 5 or 6

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That's not a math major

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>blasting intels ass for half the price

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>per chip.
you mean per wafer?

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>it takes more than 10 people to come up with "hurr, let's put 32 cores inside then disable half of them so we have 16 working cores derp"

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sempron is slightly less die size than 4x zepellin

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>what is infinity fabric

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$$$ billions for research
$$$ billions for tools and machines to fabricate the dies

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Don't forget the billions on fab set up

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>Civil engineering

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And what is it?

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>Paying for a rock that does math.

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It's pretty cool to think that the silicon used is one of the purest things ever made by humans.

It is 99.9999999% Si, that is nine nines, hence e name 9n silicon

Cool as shit

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Infinity fabric is the "magical" miracle AMD needed to pull themselves together.

Zeppelin dies are, by themselves, just two quad cores on one die, this means that their yields are probably the highest ever in x64 history, as:
-Best dies become server CPUs (epyc)
-Very good dies become HEDT CPUs (using the same package as epyc cuts costs, which is why AMD can get rid of two non-working Zeppelin dies, and two very good dies)
-Good dies become R7 and R5
-Worse dies become R3 and raven ridge

This is speculation, but if raven ridge gets a separate on-package GPU, AMD effectively creates more than 200 units that will become:
- 10% epyc
- 20% (Includes failed chips) Threadripper
- 40% r7/r5
- 30% r3 and raven ridge

Higher yields thanks to simpler chips makes AMD more money and flexibility

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You're taking a super old image macro way too seriously. That pic was whipped up in the wake of bulldozer failing hard, iirc.
The hilarious part is how that strategy is finally about to pay dividends for AMD.

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>not understanding how research, marketing, engineering works

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Most of the cost of the actual manufacturing is probably literally power.
All those robots, machines that spin the wafers, diamond saws etc.. those must suck out a lot of power, specially if you consider that each wafer need like 200+ passes.

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If you can personally make 80 cents worth of material into something worth $1000 what are you doing here complaining about it?

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Actually, they don't need to put two non functional chips on the Threadrippers.
They can use the cheapest metal spacers they can think of and just place two dies.

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Dummy, die!

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Its entirely possible that amd doesn't put the highest end in the server cpus as those are never going to be overclocked and never be overvolted with amds stupidly good ramp down, how much better would the best dies be there?

Its possible amd is literally putting the best cpu dies they make into thread ripper as these are expected to be oc'ed and pushed to 4ghz+

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then make one yourself linus

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CPUs are literally just rocks we tricked into thinking by shooting lightning though it.

Why the fuck are we paying for this shit. We should all just plug rocks into our outlets and make our own CPUs

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fucking scammers...
fucking JEWS!!1

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RR is separate die.

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There's about $20 of indium in the solder just putting the heatspreader on, anon.

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Yeah, but that's not what the first one cost to produce. It's like a perscription: the second pill cost a penny and a half to produce, but the first pill cost billions.

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fucking kek

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lol hardly
>still x86
>moar coars

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There is no such thing as x86 CPUs since 1995.
It's all a bunch of custom RISC cores with a small translator layer.

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still running x86 code so it's still an x86 processor. Have you seen other instruction sets running on a Ryzen?

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> Have you seen other instruction sets running on a Ryzen?

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x64, SSE, MMX(people still use that?)

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Don't forget the extra $500M for buying all the fab equipment. Vacuum deposition systems ain't cheap.

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Vectorization is driving the latest wave of performance optimization. compilers are just barely beginning to take advantage of it.

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All still x86

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SOI wafers are pretty expensive since you have to bond the SiO2 in the middle in between the silicon layers.

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Yes, i know, but any advantage at vectorized 8bit integer when most of the graphical workload is done by the GPU?

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wtf I hate capitalism now

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>20 cents of silicon
>40 cents for some metal
>2 cents for some used cum TIM
>$1,716.63 RRP

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That's soldered.

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>20 cents of silicon
>60 cents for some metal
>~$624,000,000/y for employees
>at least $500,000,000 in research
not to mention whatever the costs are for their manufacturing, transportation costs, advertising, server upkeep, building upkeep, taxes and many other things I can't think of.
The only reason they see profits are because of economies of scale, and it's a huge economy of scale.

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>$100 to pay fags on /g/ to shill it

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It should be easy for a tech board to realize that marginal costs can be close to irrelevant.

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14nm FF doesn't use SOI. Also creating SOI wafers isn't that expensive, and you don't have to "bond" shit. You just bombard them with oxygen.

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>A gram of 6061 Chinese aluminium
>60 cents

More like one cent.

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No it isn't.

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>Chinese aluminium
>one cent

More like Tencent, amirite?

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soviet russia is that way, commie

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>purest things ever made by humans
That would be pic related.

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Why not just buy the raw materials and build it yourself? Let us know how you get on.

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Broadwell-E is soldered.

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Oh, that's Broadwell-E. My mistake.
That guy's post still applies to Skylake-E and Kaby Lake-E, though.

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>Kaby Lake-E
why the fuck do they call those Kaby-E when these are just normal Kaby Lake dies on LGA2066...
fucking intel.

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Semprons only use one die and are much smaller chips. They are closer to $10-20 to make.

Threadripper costs much more because it a big ass chip. It isn't just the silicon. It is the all of the other fancy compounds and metals (gold and silver for the pins/tracings) used to make the actual chip

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"Lol why are ferraris so expensive its just some metal and cylindors? :)"

- OP the retard, mid-August 2017

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TR is 5% top binned zeppelin dies. Epyc is higher still. Amd starts from the server market and they will eventually make products that will compete core for core with intel on other niche markets like gaming. Zen 2 will be exactly that. A 64 core server chip and a 5ghrz chip for gaymers with a 5% ipc increase. Zen 3 will be 7nm. If not for coffee lake at late 2017 or 2018 intel would get blown off the market even on gayming.

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Zen2 is 7nm LP, anon.

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You forgot $500 of glue

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The ipc increase will be higher than 5%.
Just with wider fpu with proper avx2 handling they would gain a lot in encoding. Add to that IF optimizations and other improvements that didn't make the first gen Zen in time...
BTW, globalfoundries 14nm were targeted for 3ghz (sweet spot), while 7nm LP will be 5ghz.
If they manage to do this, Zen2 will be the real thing boiz...

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If it's so cheap why don't you make your own

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There is no such thing as x86. There is only IA-32 and AMD64.

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Someone shud make a version of that dragonball pic with ryzen/threadripper on top and intelgoys at the bottom heh

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The material costs for anything but the wafer are negligible. Research and production is what makes up the vast majority of the cost, not material prices.

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>just wait

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If you don't want to wait AMD would be happy to supply you with zen based hardware, from 4 core entry level desktop chips to 2P 64 core servers right now.

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When will people understand that it won't actually run at 5GHZ?

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i once got sand from the Sahara desert and baked it in my oven for 50 minutes at 220 C and now I have what is the equivalent of a 24 core xeon that consumes only 0.5 watts of power

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I bet you're waiting and hoping for covfefe lake, lmao

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I think strictly they're called Kaby Lake X
Intel can go back to the regular naming policy when they release actual Kaby Lake E
But yeah it's lame

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its just the reddit commies
its one of their muh dumb capitalism memes

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underrated comment

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I like how this pic implies that Intel actually did anything better.

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Silicon lottery.

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kys samefag

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You're wrong, and a dog fucking faggot.

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Your life is overrated btw

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At least I'm not indonesian.

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don't forger about 6 gorrillion in research

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Go Back to

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I like how this pic implies that 5% performance improvement will raise sales by 20%.

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It's only $1k for an amazing machine.

No, its cost is >95% not related to raw material prices. Isn't that fucking obvious?

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STFU poorfag

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>buy 14nm Stepper
>pay $30,000,000

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That's ok.

Just imagine Zen with 4GHz base clock and 4.5GHz turbo.

Another shoah!

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