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/Speccy/ thread

>waiting to buy my new monitor

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In soviet Russia, we have a nuclear reactor powered mobos.

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a8 b8 c8 d8 m8

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nice temps

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Real temp is about 35C.
C602J southbridge is cool as sub-zero's ass.

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what is going on with that gpu

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why? because it's old or because it's really hot? well it's hot because it's old. I can't afford a new GPU and the 6870 is plenty for desktop use

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im wanting to upgrade

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Still going strong.

Got a $30 check for the faulty 970 memory.

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old and hot
just get a 480 for 400 dollars

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That's the debt I take every month just to afford basic housing and food.

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Slowly upgrading. I'd like to replace the GPU and monitor next. Hopefully sometime within the next few years.

Also R5 1600 friends. What are you running at? I managed to hit 3.8 stable on stock cooling with barely above stock voltage. Gets a little warm under max load so I'm afraid to push higher. Would like to upgrade to an aftermarket cooler first.

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Ryzen bros

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have yet to fuck with ram profiles

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Nice, a cock r8 thread. Mine is 25 cm.

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t420 and usually does not run this toasty then again it probably needs new thermal paste

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How are those 1080s running? Do you get more FPS than a single 1080 Ti?

Your sensors seem defective, I have this on my H61MX board too. It reads correctly in the BIOS but Speccy always reports 60+°. I already run the newest BIOS (2013).
Nice Haswell-E. I don't regret getting one, it still performs very well compared to AMD and the new Intel CPUs are shit.
Why? This is a monster system. You even have enough space on your secondary SSD. You should match that resolution almost perfectly.
My friend bought a ryzen too and wanted to return it first as it didn't boot with his 2666 RAM. He bought a single 4 GB 2133 and flashed the BIOS, then it worked. I hope they'll fix these problems until Zen2, I might upgrade to a 10 or 12 core if it becomes handy.
Don't mind the temps anyway, it was converting a 4K movie, it never reaches 70° and runs around 45° under moderate load.

the temps are actually better than my previous 3770K.

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How did i do for being a poorfag ?
also can someone explain me this please
>1066MHz (14-14-14-35)
im too lazy to browse through all the blogs where 90% of the text is personal bullshit
>then i ate grandmas cakes and tought about this and that
also /g/
what if i want to buy another 2x4gigs
but mines description says
2135 and the ones in the shop are 2133 ?

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Running a bit toasty lately, haven't given it a clean in a while and I live in a dusty as hell place. Going to upgrade my GPU at some point too, was thinking of the 1050ti as I don't play very many games and those that I do are only at 1080p/60hz. Maybe some extra RAM too as shit like PS tears through memory.

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6400 can't handle OC RAM as far as I know, but I wonder why you chose a Z170 board.

Yes, you can take 3000 MHz RAM as well, they simply downclock. Just get the basic Crucial ones, they are cheap and just werk.

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I forgot, one fault, your system doesn't have a SSD. Even a poorfag should be able to afford 30 € for a used 120 GB at least for your boot drive.
>Had a system with OS HDD this year but I couldn't handle it
>Its 2017

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Honestly I just completely forgot about SSD when I was building it, just decided fuck it when the parts came and put it all together. I've been considering one but I don't want to deal with the hassle of moving everything over, I don't turn my computer off anyway and in general use I rarely feel constrained by HDD speed.

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i don't want to overclock them just want to add
2 of the same so i can have 16 gigs

why the z170 ? i had no real clue just bought it

3000Mhz ? so the lesser this number the faster or better the ram ?
my problem is this
my installed ram sticks are
2x hyperx fury 4 gigs - 2135
now when i visit some online shops for the similar ones
i find the same ones but not 2135 but 2133
so my question which im asking since 2 days in /g/
are these the same or are they different ?

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It's one of those things that you don't really think you'll notice until you get it and you realise just how much better it is. I'd definitely get one, there's probably tools that will make migrating your OS over easier. Windows likely has something like that by default

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Everything opens slow as fuck, the browser sometimes hangs. If you game on this, I would not go without a SSD.

The Z170 was a waste of money unless you got it on discount. You might be able to overclock it a bit, but its worthless.

I think your RAMs are the same, it doesn't make a difference. If you bought 3000 MHz they would run at 2133 MHz as well, they can always go lower, OC RAM just has XMP profiles.

Actual RAM performance is determined by clockspeed and timings, but this is advanced science and doesn't make a difference. Just get the HyperX.

I'm not sure, but they could be the same Crucial ICs with a HyperX heatspreader. I don't know about the current manufacturers, but if the original manufacturer matches they should work well together.

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He could clone. But I would just reinstall it, it goes much quicker. The Windows installation is around two minutes, the updates will install in 10 minutes, comparing to 4 hours on a HDD (but with a shitty Phenom processor as well). It took forever and I sometimes thought about turning it off because the progress bar didn't seem toreact.

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My main problem is I have everything autistically set up just the way I like it and I often forget how I've configured things so I'm very resistant to the idea of reinstalling my OS. The installing of Windows itself isn't a big deal, it's the installation of all my programs, adjusting settings etc. I just hate doing all that stuff and it's the thing I dread the most when I replace a computer.

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Who else here has dual sockets?

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Going to by upgrade monitors next month. I am between getting

Asus ROG Swift PG279Q or Dell Gaming S2716DG

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Picture didn't upload

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Does the dell rack server I have coming in the mail count? Dual X5650s.

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Just built this a couple weeks ago and it's doing pretty well
>inb4 Ryzen meme
Beats buying a 7700K and setting my house on fire when trying to overclock it.

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Me have two servers, however, they re 771 ones.
On this one, HP jews are forbid 54xx CPUs installation, going to disassembly bios and remove restriction. For now, the server is starts with E5450, but BIOS have builtin CPU check, that cancels further startup.

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Using my little brother's laptop since I'm visiting my family on vacation.

Aside from 100W being dissipated by a single fan and the lack of an SSD it's a decent laptop, enough to run CS:GO at 200-300FPS on 720p.

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>using csgo as benchmark
Not sure if trolling or being serious.

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Do I need a new socket for Coffee-Lake?

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Jew lake is incompatible with 1x0/2x0 mobos.
So, no new socket, but new mobo on 3x0 chipset (170, 370 etc).

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mein negers

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Ryzen 5 1600 is a good upgrade from a FX-8350?

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sup /g/

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>playing non-competitive games

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comfy 11,6" ultraportable notebook

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w-wait... pro education? SINCE WHEN?


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waiting for new cpu to arrive

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>thinking about getting a Ryzen 1600 and an RX 580

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what 21:9 LG monitor is that anon?

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can I install speccy on linux with wine?

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wow, that's some bs.

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what'cha getting?

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q9400 =)

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>do it without even looking back, I have zero regrets
cpu @ 3.9ghz with voltage 1.35

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I have no idea how to overclock so I haven't done it yet, I plan on doing it though

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>Crosshair vi hero
>2133mhz memory
What are you even doing nigga

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>babby lake i5
Big mistake, mate.

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I didn't pay a dime for everything I got, and it works, so


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Nvme ssd soon

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Forgot pic

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should be nice. didn't want to do the lga 771 to 775 mod?

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I'm the >>61874674

I am mining with these 1080. Actually I have three, but one is not installed since I am waiting for the arrival of the cable riser.

About the temperature of the chipset, this is a bug in Speccy. The AIDA64 reports the correct temperature.

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watch out console peasants, g4560 master race coming through

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you should do a 771 to 775 mod my dude

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144Hz 1440p monitor in the mail.

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cant do it
hp motherboard =\

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i have a cryorig h7 cpu fan and i am running these temps, are these high? wow and chrome have been running with about 20 tabs open, room is hot and my computer is kinda boxed in against my wall.

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>Waiting for miners to clam the fuck down
>SSD is in my laptop temporary

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just look on craigslist I got a 1080 for a $100 kek

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Not really sure if I should upgrade to an i7 or not, this i5 still goes strong

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I'm selling some old stuff to buy a decent 16gb kit for muh ryzen peecee
Ryzen 5 1400 cpu, GTX 750 ti gpu, Asus Strix B350F mobo, and 2 miss matched monitors

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Holy shit are you me ? also the Dell screen is p.good

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Bought the 250gb Samsung 960 Evo M.2 ssd.

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I see speccy is still a piece of shit.

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Which model?

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I got it barely used for $120 on Craigslist. I'm thinking of putting a Linux distro on it, and it will be my first time installing Linux if I do so. What distro, /g/?

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Is still pro, except without a few ads just like education

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dont judge to harshly

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The 3570k is such a piece of shit.

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the biggest ''eh'' computer i've ever built

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You need more RAM.

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I want an HDR monitor but ugh...I bought this a little over a year ago.

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poorfag reporting
this thing costed me 235£ to put together

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Can anyone tell me the advantages of the Samsung Pro over the Evo? Is there any difference really?

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Sanic speds

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OC'd to 4.4GHz

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what cooler?

>> No.61902412

hyper 212 evo

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Sightly faster speeds, which model are you thinking of getting? I have a sata 500gb 850 evo and a 250gb m.2 960 evo and that shit is fast. Pic related is the 960 evo.

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I was thinking about getting a 1440p freesync monitor and a Vega 64, but since I don't want to burn my house down, I'll just wait for the next gen of GPU's.

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I'm glad I fell for the Ryzen meme.

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Why a 460?

>> No.61904649

hes poor

>> No.61904747

Too poor to upgrade everything at once. I bought the 460 for my old build with an i3 4150. Right now I have to upgrade my housefire PSU and then either get a better GPU or a second 460.

>> No.61904804

Just looking for the 256gb model.

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Upgrade the CPU, add more RAM and you'll have the ultimate shitposting machine (tm).

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my humble computer

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upgrading an ancient laptop doesnt seem worth 2bh

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Did someone say shitposting machine?

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under those conditions those are pretty good temps

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How are the 980Tis holding out with support and performance for recent games? I've got one right now and wouldn't mind getting another to hold me off for now, but I'm not sure how much support for multi cards there are anymore. Haven't had an SLI setup in 2+ years so I'm not really up to date on the situation, especially since supposedly there's been less support recently, and with DX12, etc.

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All that porn.

>> No.61907494

why are screenfetch threads banned again

>> No.61907526

Dell S2716DG

>> No.61908583

thank you for the response senpai i am rather new to pc gaymen

>> No.61909137

they arent scrub

>> No.61909144

Typically only marginally behind a 1070 in newer games. Think 1-8%.

Sli is a waste of money though.

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