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The ultimate processing conglomerate

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i thought this was considered "the unholy combo"

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If you can afford a 1080ti you sure as fuck aren't going to buy an AMD processor.

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Not really, the juden is their common enemy, it's just that you haven't had much of a choice when it comes to CPUs other than running Intel in the last 5 years

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Over 3000 cinebench
OC to 5GHz
And I'm not talking about intel

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>1440p doesn't exist
>4k doesn't exist
Kill yourself, tripfag.

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People are buying Threadripper for gaming?

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You sound exactly like a retarded mactoddler

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why would I want to buy a housefire

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I'd buy it but I'm no enthusiast gamer. Useful for game streaming

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The 1700 isn't sufficient for ya?

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>If you can afford a 1080ti you sure as fuck aren't going to buy an AMD processor.
I'm running a 1080Ti and a R7 1700X

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t. eternally BTFO Intel shill

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I use 1700X myself but as I said before, threadripper is actually a reliable CPU for game streaming

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It's more beneficial for high end gaming

Emulators reaching the maxing FPS with minor dips
High End settings on openworld games that require CPU power like Ark survival or 4x space games with a billion units on screen.

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Daily reminder to sage & hide the tripfaggot

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It's fine if you want to play on 4k.

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A CPU like this lets you encode better quality vids while recording and playing a demanding title at the same time.

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>when you see Vega is a flop due to massive gains every gen so you decide to just make fun of Intel without feeling scared

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Just use Shadowplay or AMD Live? Or even a capture card would still be cheaper...

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>he doesn't want to stream games using kvm windows while compiling programs on the linux end

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what program would you even use for this? OBS?

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Doesn't look like Nvidia agrees with you anymore, InTel

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w-what the fuck guys
I.... I love teem green now....

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>OC to 5GHz
You sure ain't talking AMD either.

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I really don't understand this "need" that some people seem to have to stream in 2890423890473K or something retarded like that. I mean, where are they even streaming to? Twitch? The place that runs like fucking garbage due to shit bandwidth and whose main audience is a bunch of literal kids watching on some shitty laptop or even a smartphone? Or is it youtube, the place that compresses the fuck out of everything?

I use shadowplay to record stuff and also for the occasional streaming and I really don't get it. The streaming quality is perfectly fine and I'm sure that similar AMD thing must be just as perfect.

What is this fucking meme?

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Yeah, my friend has an 1800X, GTX 1080ti for Gaming / Streaming, his internet can barely keep up with 480p... I don't know why he even bothers... He's slowly regretting the 1800X too as his GPU is bottlenecked at 1080p.

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>I really don't understand this "need" that some people seem to have to stream in 2890423890473K or something retarded like that.
The point is the opposite, to be able to encode higher quality with lower bitrates, which requires more CPU time.

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tbqh this

the fact I can afford intel and that still triggers some idiotic AMD fanboy despite the fact their CPU outperforms mine in some dumb fucking thing I will never use

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But I precisely mentioned things like Shadowplay or Relive that work absolutely fine and I mean, you're streaming to fucking Twitch, it has shit bandwidth, it's a bunch of kids with 1366x768 pannels watching you, maybe even through their smartphone or at the very best it's a guy putting your screen on the second monitor. Hell, it probably won't even be fullscreen 90% of the time, since there's the chat that people seem to love more than the games themselves at times. I have never encountered a single situation where I wished I had some retarded expensive CPU when streaming through Shadowplay nor was there ever a time I looked at one of my videos and thought "yeah, it's kinda shitty". I really don't see the cost justification.

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>Shadowplay or Relive that work absolutely fine
Shadowplay is well known for producing worse quality encoding than CPU-based codecs.

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>I need to stream myself playing video games

>I wanna do nothing buy stream on twitch or make shitty youtube!

I weep for this generation

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I'm just amazed that people watch these retards on Twitch.. I can understand pro players I guess... But others? Oh and the whole donation thing... Pissing away thousands of dollars..

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Yup.. Steam friend of mine been streaming PUBG for 4-6 hours a day for 3 months... Literally doesn't get more than 5 viewers... Forked out all this money for hardware too...

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>kids watching with 720p laptops
>kids watching on phone screens

Yup, need that high quality encode.

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Oh I agree perfectly, I was just pointing out the reason why those idiots think they want a better CPU. That reason makes sense technically even if their use for it doesn't.

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Well, arguably that's just more reason for a high-quality encode, so that the little details that's left doesn't go to waste.

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I am not disputing that dude, what I'm saying is you'll basically be doing the equivalent of buying a marantz stereo receiver so you can listen to some music through your walmart speakers.

It's Twitch, it's a place filled mostly with autistic kids and where 90% of the time people are going to be watching you like this.

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No love lost between NVIDIA and Intel. AMD's resurgence in cpu market and uncompetitiveness in high end gpus has made it a very compelling partner to nvidia. The partnership has been brewing for a while. Amd has been demoing nvidia gpus with its cpus for a while now.

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No doubt. All I said was that the point wasn't to transmit at higher bitrates, but rather at lower. If I (God forbid) were a streamer, I'd care about outputting the best quality signal I could even if I know that 90% of my retarded audience did know about it.

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>forgetting nForce chipsets
>forgetting Intel CPUs use AMD code and circuits for integrated graphics
everyone works with each other when it's convienient

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People watch and give money to other people they consider entertaining, that's it.

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Literally killing Intel and AMD's Vega in one blow.
Devilish Sun tzu chink tactics.

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Why not?

There isn't this "You ONLY use your PC for gaming" vs "You ONLY use your PC for work" boundary line with no crossover.

Not to mention the fact that hobbyists and freelancers are far, FAR better off with a high end GTX card for work than a Quadro, the price to benefit ratio is absolutely not worth it for an individual unless you're loaded like that Youtube VRay guy who can drop $6000 on a GPU for person use alone.

So assuming someone is entirely gaming because they have a 1080Ti is pretty stupid.

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im fine with this

Vega is a steaming pile of shit

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Someone post the hi-5

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At least he tried

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No that was always Intel/AMD. AMD CPU/NVidia GPU is just saving some cash.

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I am a macfag and consider you retarded, think about it for a minute.

BTW, filtered.

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>AMD CPU/NVidia GPU is just saving some cash.
>1800X/1080ti pre-buttcoin mining craze

b 0 i

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no i just remortgaged my house to pay for my wifes sons mothers' husbands bull to inseminate my wife.

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fuk u nvidia how am i supposed to pay for my wifes insemination now

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the most epic glue
i wonder if amd will sell apu's with nvidia chips also

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pick one

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Do you enjoy being destroyed time and time again, faggot? Are you a masochist?

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the fun part is im sure he is running a ryzen system on his cave

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Enjoy your 2x MSRP prices for the next year, gamer niggers

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>both jacketman and pajeet embrace crypto
Gaymers on suicide watch.

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That's Jen throwing shade at Radeon/ATI division.

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For streaming? Yes OBS.

Gamers Nexus did a streaming test with their Threadripper and were able to maintain >60 FPS performance while encoding TWO streams, one 10mbps to Youtube and one 4mbps to Twitch, which some people like to do because some people prefer Youtube viewing (It allows up to 50mbps, all resolution options to everyone, ability to pause and rewind during live streams and instant archive. Twitch caps streams at 4mbps, quality options for viewers require you being partnered and no live pause/rewind and archive is time limited and youtube upload requires manually telling it to)

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>But I precisely mentioned things like Shadowplay or Relive that work absolutely fine and I mean

No, NVENC and AMDs equivilent are horrifically inefficent codecs that produce garbage recording quality anywhere under 20mbps.

When you're streaming to a very bitrate limited place like Twitch, around 3-4mbps, those codecs are going to produce unwatchable trash, you can cruise twitch right now and easily spot the people who are using it.

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Why are you surprised? He is with Dignitas, one of the bigger LoL (and general game) teams. People on teams like that for LoL, CSGO or Overwatch tend to get a fucking ton of viewers since higher end gameplay is quite few and few between on Twitch.

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I feel the exact same confusion to people who watch amateur sports and spend good money to see it in a crowded stadium.

>> No.61864052


>3 months

That's nothing, it takes forever for a channel to catch on. Some DaS streamers like Lobosjr, streamed for a good year before breaking 20 consistent viewers. Now he lives comfortably off of it.

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Turn off your tripcode, subhuman

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I hope they just go and make some special mining oriented cards with no video outputs or some shit built entirely around compute but not priced like a Tesla.

I also hope AMD does it too, get miners to fuck off.

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Intel CPU raises your maximum frame rate.
AMD CPU raises your minimum frame rate.
Using both for your benchmark at the same time makes you a slimy bastard.

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Yeah that was my reaction.
It better not be their number one use.

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>glue and wood screws

I'm not building a fucking birdhouse.

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Threadripper acta like a faster 1800X if you set it to only use 8 cores for gaming, heck even 6 is enough.
Rest can be used on whatever.

>> No.61864207

>AMD CPU/NVidia GPU is just saving some cash
You know this combo used to be the go-to in the early 2000s right

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>being poor

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Why the fuck would you need 12 cores for gaming though

>> No.61864271

I know right? Who needs 10 cores for gaming. It's not like you even need an 8 core processor for a system. 6 cores is overkill anyway. Do you seriously think you're going to use all 4 cores for that game? You're kidding if you think you need 2 cores for gmaing.

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Those look like shit in comparison.

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Why do you care about quality so much? Who cares, everything is better than gimping yourself with AMD

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He must be taling about VIA

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>being a weeb

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Stay salty favela monkey.

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If you're so rich, get an EPYC server rack.
As you don't have infinite money, you're ALWAYS getting twice the performance with the AMD platform.

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>being dumb
Sorry [email protected] but I don't want a server rack. I want a small PC that doesn't generate any sound.

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Not really, but buying a card now hoping it will outperform its current competitor in 2 years is dumb as fuck.

>> No.61864424

Implying a 32 core EPYC at $2100 is expensive.
Harder part is actually finding one that's not reserved or sold out.

>> No.61864427

Then you probably should wait for Raven Ridge, specially if it have HBM2 memory integrated.
You pretty much can't go any smaller or quieter.

>> No.61864432

I don't want to wait.
I'm not going to wait.

>> No.61864433

fuck off retard

>> No.61864436

Yes, it is not.
But you know people will spend $5000 on a apple shit instead of a EPYC system.

>> No.61864445

Unless the next trashcan will have an EPYC...

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Why would anyone buy a fucking 1080 ti to game at 1080p.

>> No.61864508

1080ti means it's best playing at 1080p obviously

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it didnt happen with the 390 or 480/580

AMD just shat the bed with vega, they are lucky their primary market is fucking miners and corporations

>> No.61864592

Hawaii is glorious, what are you talking about? Polaris gained 10-15% perf since it launched, even the refresh 1060 with faster memory is slightly slower still.

>> No.61864594

>intel needs this kind of cooling for stock speeds

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>not being a weeb

>> No.61864702

you are implying that nvidia is remotely good at anything paraller? LOL

>> No.61864728

Can't he just use DSR to get rid of the bottleneck? Or does it not work like that?

>> No.61864752

lucky? 2 years now they are pushing ROCm gpuopen opencl their own cad api bla bla

you think amd intended vega for games? no obviously not and the "workstation" benchmarks just proves that 90% of the cases vega fe is ahead of p6000 vega just happens to be good at games but thats it..
if they fucking succeed with navi (remember it will be mcm ) they are literally going to sweep everything providing dies for days at low tdp (remembers both zen 2 and navi is due on 7nm)

>> No.61864795

ha yeah it will be funny tho

i also read that raven ridge will be a test bed for amd to see if they can pass the whole range of AVX and SGX via the vega dies since they will literally on the same die...
if they fucking do this intel will just be DOA cause not only amd will be able to use the gpu to do literally what the gpu is meant for but also its going to do at 10 magnitudes order on speed than any intel cpu running avx

>> No.61864807

SGX is Intel's proprietary hash instructions.
What the fuck are you talking about, you illiterate moron?

>> No.61864820

i cant say much but pay attention right about the middle of september on tech news

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hastily made meme

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I never said it happened with those cards, but Vega seems to be banking pretty hard on applications making use of FP16 and fast cache swapping in the future.

>> No.61864890

>tfw rocking an fx8350 and a 1080ti
Don't need baseboards in this house baby

>> No.61864898

Intel is ded

>> No.61864914

Imagine how betrayed some kikes were?

>> No.61864934


You know what to post.. post it now

>> No.61864953

What does SOPA means?

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It feels good to use Nvidia + AMD again.

>> No.61865358

>t. pissphone

>> No.61865373

doesn't ryzen+nvidia perform like shit in directx 12?

>> No.61865388

>directx 12
noice maymay

>> No.61865392

uma delicia

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Sounds familiar, I record 4K gameplays, but it takes days to upload them and I personally can't watch Youtube over 480p.

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>trying to seriously stream and buy pricey hardware for that
>can't spend more for professional internet


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>tfw currently 6700k + 290x
>tfw might go 1700x + 1080ti

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I5 7400 or Ryzen 5 1600? genuine question, buying a pc soon.

>> No.61866837

R1600 because it's faster, has more threads, and isn't running on a dead platform

>> No.61866852

The R5. The i5 will be obsolete in 2 months, even 8th gen i3s will be faster.

>> No.61866875

290x is a boss card. And they are still worth a mint on eBay because they can mine like a motherfucker.

>> No.61866883

>dead platform
This is easily the biggest meme in all of computing. 99% of people upgrade their mobo and CPU at the same time, if they're not buying or building a new PC from scratch. Platform only matters when buying use since you have to account for if the BIOS needs updated or not.

>> No.61866909

Bullshit, they only do that because of Intel forcing them.
Currently on a R5 1600, I plan to upgrade to an 8 core Zen2 if it will have proper avx2.

>> No.61866918

Unironically THIS

>> No.61866924

And before that I had a haswell i5 upgraded to a used i7 haswell refresh

>> No.61867011

got it, will go Ryzen

>> No.61867049

Stop.. Think this through, are you really satisfied with a unreliable vendor like AMD

>> No.61867050

>99% of people upgrade their mobo and CPU at the same time
And why do you think they do? If Intel didn't deprecate platform every time Krzanich farts, whyever would switch motherboarda just because you wanted to upgrade your CPU?

>> No.61867061

Was expecting the collage of that tripfag but this one is better kek

>> No.61867067

tripfag btfo yet again by /g/, kek

>> No.61867087

Will you really trust a company that literally sells glued-together cpus? Just go with the safe choice and buy that i5!

>> No.61867101

But anon, what about Israel!!

>> No.61867111

Oy vey we do have free starbucks!

>> No.61867112

THIS! we need the Haifa plant open and operating. Buy that i5 please!

>> No.61867121

What's wrong anon, mad that you didn't listen to /g/ and waited like everyone else?

>> No.61867223

Are you underage or just shills? AMD does the same thing. FM2 had a lifespan of two years, and then they released FM2+ CPU's which weren't backwards compatible, although FM2+ sockets could use FM2 CPU's. The only reason AM3+ lasted so long was because AMD didn't offer any Steamroller FX CPU's. AM3+ could use Phenom II's however AM3 mobos were not compatible with FX CPU's. AM3 also lasted about two years. AM3 worked on AM2+ but not vice versa, and AM2+ CPU's worked on AM2. These are really the only two examples of AMD not forcing owners to upgrade mobos. 939 wasn't compatible with 939, and 939 wasn't compatible with 734, which AMD killed after a YEAR. Yep, the Athlon 64 had three fucking sockets.

>> No.61867262

Who the fuck cares, we're talking about AM4 now

>> No.61867273

Old enough to remember that Socket A was supported for like four years.

>> No.61867302

It's just bizarre how people keep thinking socket changes are an Intel thing (A scoket change a year keeps the goyim in fear!) when AMD was exactly the same until Ryzen. You can bet you ass if Bulldozer was sucessful Steamroller and Excavator would have been a new desktop socket, AM4, just like FM2+.

>> No.61867350

>intel's Xeon can't outperform Threadripper despite costing 2.7 times as much
>intel's SERVER-GRADE processor for $2,700 can't outperform a $1000 desktop processor

>> No.61867360

Most of AMD's socket changes were actually motivated, though. AM2 was replaced with AM3 to support DDR3 memory, and they even provided AM2+ in between with both forward and backward compatibility.

>> No.61867375

but everyone at amd is jew too. only nvidia doesn't have more than 30% of it's holdings in isreal.

>> No.61868024

>1080 Ti for a 1080p monitor
Slit your throat.

>> No.61868153

He's got two of 'em, Anon.

>> No.61868764

Christmas only comes once a year after all, mommy isn't made of money

>> No.61868838

HAHAHA! You fucking faggot dont think we forgot when you posted nudes on /g/!

>> No.61869105

fuck, I thought it was just a dream. NVIDIA and AMD still exist

>> No.61869644

Yes because I keep up with shitty game clans. Thanks

>> No.61869880

That would be pottery

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>What were AM2 and AM3
>What were the + versions with partial forward compatibility

You have a point with the FM sockets, but these were only for their lower-end platform with minor improvements anyway. Bulldozer v1 and v2 ran on many AM3 boards, given sufficient VRM designs. You're grasping for straws, AM4 is a successor of the aforementioned. It's expected to last 4 years according to Papermaster, or at least until DDR5 hits the market.

Meanwhile, Coffee Lake needs a new chipset and thus a new board, making it practically no different from a new socket. Except that you can use other Skylake CPUs, I guess.

You are retarded.

>> No.61871526

>1k CPU literally BTFOs every single intel SKU higher priced then it


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>1080 ti

is pic related your friend?

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6700k + 380x

>> No.61871975

It's amusing how every kid who bought a computer from ibuypower thinks that the sole purpose of any computer is to run 16k resolution. Not everyone buys into memetech.

>> No.61871987

>hey amd we know you can't make a GPU to compete with ours, so we're just gonna make it look like we've got your back

>pssst 7700k let's game at 144hz because AMD can't

>> No.61872010

Emulators run like shit on AMD.

>> No.61872013

This retard gets his asshole reamed every time he posts anything. Why do you keep coming here, are you a masochist who gets off from being told you're a dumb cunt?

>> No.61872019

Oh boy tripfaggot is back.

Posting as an anon just doesnt cut it my macaco soup lover?

>> No.61872084

There's not a single emu that requires insane single core performance anymore to run well.

>> No.61872095

>1080p 144hz is the only monitor in existence
>20% less FPS means it "can't"

>> No.61872184

Reminder that this faggot dropped his gay chink phone in his piss filled toilet and fished it out without any hesitation.

>> No.61872197


some people want to play at 4k 60hz or 1440p 144hz

not everyone is settling for 1080p

and speaking for myself, i went intel because
>ram problems
>os problems
>lack of motherboard availability (at the time)
>who knows what else

i know these got patched, will get patched, might get patched, whatever. but my skylake chip just works

>> No.61872207

And RPCS3 is focusing on multi-core performance.

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>> No.61872223

Reminder that AMD did the same to Intel that it's doing to nvidia right now, i.e. making generations of failed hardware until the rival company starts stagnating then drop the kikeripper.

>> No.61872230

u r getting cucked hard

>> No.61872276

do you retards actually believe any modern cpu can make a 50fps difference in a game


>> No.61872292

FPS over Resolution faggot boy

>> No.61872341

I'm really happy with my R5 1600, you wont regret it anon.

>> No.61872430

Hi there!
You seem to have made a bit of a mistake with your post. Luckily, the users of 4chan are always willing to help you clear this problem right up! You appear to have used a trip-code when posting, but your identity has nothing at all to do with the conversation! Whoops! You should always remember to stop using your trip-code when the thread it was used for is gone, unless another one is started! Posting with a trip-code when it isn't necessary is poor form. You should always try to post anonymously, unless your identity is absolutely vital to the post that you're making!
Now, there's no need to thank me - I'm just doing my bit to help you get used to the anonymous image-board culture!

>> No.61872431


Hands can be washed y'know.

>> No.61872435

Even if it can, the settings/graphic hardware is not ideal if it does.

>> No.61872942


>> No.61873017

The amount of responses to this post just shows that 1.) It's a very hard truth for /g/ to swallow and 2.) /g/ is still sponsored by AMD.

>> No.61873032

Yeah, just like 144 Hz isn't nemetech

>> No.61873072

Or just they laugh at him

>> No.61873103

Put your trip back on, beawesome.

>> No.61873107

Yeah, kind of like how a beggar on the street laughs at all the 'sheep' who are employed and have homes.

>> No.61873129


>> No.61873131

i7-7700K is about the same price as a 1700, 1700X is even more expensive. "Muh poorfag CPU" doesn't really make sense anymore. You're just a bitter little fanboy.

>> No.61873183

Yeah, AMD used to be the 'you get what you pay for' budget option, now it's the 'pay as much as the competition, receive less'. I guess they must figure all the advertising they've been doing on /g/ will get fanboys to buy regardless - this thread is a testament to that.

>> No.61873216

>pay as much as the competition, receive less
I guess those 4 extra cores on 1700 don't count for anything. Or you could just be an autistic fanboy who thinks if something doesn't have value to you, it's useless.

>> No.61873294


You didn't get the memo did you? From march 2017 the following apply-

>cinebench doesn't count
>core count doesn't count
>TDP doesn't count
>power draw doesn't count
>PCIE lanes doesn't count
>1080p vidya doesn't count
>1440p doesn't count
>4k vidya doesn't count
>IPC doesn't count
>price doesn't count

Only AVX2 and clockspeed matter right now, so sayeth Brian.

>> No.61873316

Well, if I'm buying a 1080ti I'm certainly not going to gimp myself by buying AMD. Ryzen is obviously fine if you're being productive, but you and I both know that most of /g/ doesn't do any of that, let alone work in general.

>> No.61873346

>pay as much as the competition, receive less

But that is what happens when you buy nearly any Intel cpu. The only good option intel offers is the 7700k only if you care about gaming.

>> No.61873418

The 7700k is a gaming console. You can't use it for anything else but gayming. If you want a pc you buy AMD.

>> No.61873587

So you agree with the original poster that a 1080ti is best paired with a 7700k, not really sure why you threw a fit about it in the first place.

>> No.61873596

have another (You), and add me to the screencap

>> No.61873641

That depends on the case. You want to stream your epyc gaymen? The 7700k is too weak for that.

>> No.61873698

Nope you need an overall good cpu for you pc, and a 8core ryzen fits this well. 4cores are obsolete for the high end mainstream market.

>> No.61873732

You would use NVFBC/NVENC in that case. Besides, using injection adds a ton of input lag which is a huge no-no.

>> No.61873760
File: 37 KB, 1024x576, fc4bd6a4bd6fdc89bc59c5117a37eb65e072281e_hq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No,I would use a ryzen.

>> No.61873783

That would be an objectively terrible waste.

>> No.61874621


>> No.61874656

>I really don't understand this "need" that some people seem to have to stream in 2890423890473K
> main audience is a bunch of literal kids
yeah nice arguments you dumb faggot

>why do people have the need to buy 18core cpus
jesus christ kill yourself

>> No.61874694

What about temps? do they still count?

>> No.61874824
File: 291 KB, 1465x889, IBT high.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


No but only due to a technicality - Zen based "X" chips haveww a 27c offset to give thermal headroom for XFR thus appear to be hotter than they really are. HWinfo is basically the only software that can read true temps but given most motherboards keep the offset regardless of sku (such as the crosshair) AMD appears to run hotter than they really do.

Pic semi-related. With the skew disabled this is what my 1700 reports when paired when a cooler rated for 250w TDP.

>> No.61875466
File: 918 KB, 1228x1502, 1502523215306.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.61875479
File: 32 KB, 640x427, beart.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.61875499
File: 125 KB, 640x960, 1492589367481.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Buys a 1080 Ti for 1080p gaming

>> No.61875754

fuck off tripfaggot weeb

>> No.61877337

and GTX 2160 is definitely suited for 2160p (4K)

>> No.61877432

t. Deep state shill

>> No.61878239

NVENC looks like crap and CPU encoding does not add input lag if you have enough available processing power.

>> No.61878253
File: 725 KB, 2975x1273, 1483344754752.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

One RAID5 DLC Key has been sent to your address, goy.

>> No.61879202

This is the more accurate list

>Multi-core doesn't matter!
>Price/performance doesn't matter!
>Power usage doesn't matter!
>Temperatures don't matter!
>Soldered dies don't matter!
>Stutters don't matter!
>Streaming doesn't matter!
>Data centers don't matter!
>OEMs don't matter!
>Hyperscalers don't matter!
>Upgradeability doesn't matter!
>*NEW* Locked platform features don't matter!
>*NEW* Synthetic loads don't matter!
>*NEW* Burnt pins don't matter!

>> No.61879215

Holy shit when will you understand that quad cores are obsolete?
Most new graphics engines are moving to support an arbitrary amount of cores.
In 2 years at max this will be clear in all benchmarks.
If you pajeets want Intel at least wait for Coffee Lake.

>> No.61879239

>that amdtard with the pasta

>> No.61879267

Anon, think this through! Just stay safe and stick with intel.

>> No.61879271

7700k + 1080ti for gaming

1920x + Titan xp for "production"

>> No.61879278

It's true though, no matter how butthurt that pasta makes you

>> No.61879314

Some people don't like stutters.

>> No.61880212

7700k should be paired with a 1070 at max.
It's utter shit at high resolutions, look at the Anandtech benchmarks in the threadripper review.

>> No.61880838
File: 245 KB, 800x612, 1489160516428.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.61881155

People do things beyond gaming sometimes. And sometimes, believe it or not, people want to do other things WHILE gaming. Things that don't require user input.

I was packing some data whiles the other day, took several hours to pack a whole ton of them. Didn't need any input from me, just ran in a cmd prompt. I could easily do whatever I wanted to do while this was going on, because I have a fuckload of cores. Though my CPU is a Xeon not a threadripper. So mine is weak as shit.

>> No.61881687

maybe the people who take computer more seriously and drop their hard earned money on nice monitors would like to make use of their 4k monitors. if they see streamers who are producing at the highest quality, they might dig into their pockets to shell them some money.

>> No.61882686

>i have to use gpu encoding because my cpu is too weak
>but my cpu is teh best there is!

>> No.61882698

This is GREAT. Variety is, after all the spice of life. Israel will see when it opens it's borders here in the coming months.

>> No.61882758

I don't get the point of this post, are you trying to argue buying a $1000 CPU and not using your $500 GPU to help is better than buying a $300 CPU and $500 GPU? The fact is Threadripper (and i9) are pointless for streaming unless you need to do something crazy like 3D CAD while you're gaming for some reason. Even building a cheap capture PC is still a better option for the vast majority of people.

>> No.61882767

For >>61882686

>> No.61882796

No, I'm simply saying that "since I can use GPU encoding to work around my CPU's inability to encode simultaneously" is a pretty poor argument for the 7700K being better.

>> No.61882799

nVidia is in a quite peculiar position right now, it wants AMD to succeed in CPU market, it wants it to dominate but it wants it's GPU to be considered the budget models.

I suspect bug push from nVidia towards AMD CPU lineups from now on

>> No.61882919

Idiots who think 7700K is good for gaming and streaming at the same time. Even GaymansNextAss agrees the 7700K is shit for streaming games.


>> No.61883041

how can intel even recover?

>> No.61883064
File: 6 KB, 241x250, 1481874201471s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.61883160

I don't quite understand what nVidia has to gain from AMD gaining CPU marketshare, though.

>> No.61883171

What are you babbling about? CPUs have only become cheaper since Ryzen.

>> No.61883200

Passmark is still massively Intel biased, even when AMD wins. http://www.cpubenchmark.net/compare.php?cmp[]=2966&cmp[]=2794

>> No.61883217

>be on intel 4690k
>transcode flac to mp3
>can't do anything else during transcode
Fuck intel corelets

>> No.61883227

Not really though, it just depends on what you're doing.
You could get a weaker cpu and a better gpu for higher resolutions if you're gaming, or the other way around for fps.
As for workstations, prices have gone way down thanks to amd, not to mention vega 56, which could be better than a 1070 for the price, which would be great for video/photo editing.

Basically, price for performance has gone down, vut requirements have gone up, which makes the price for high end seem greater than it actually is.

>> No.61883344

>OC to 5GHz
Yeah, with liquid helium cooling

>> No.61883489

>but requirements have gone up
Set graphics to very high instead of ultra (aka placebo bullshit for benchmarkers). Problem solved.

>> No.61883533

They just want to see Intel burn for refusing to license x86 to them.

>> No.61883551

>can't do anything else during transcode
Why are you lying on the Internet? I'm still on an i5 2400, and I have no trouble whatsoever doing other things even while running multiprocess compile jobs in the background.

>> No.61883564

I have to say I don't quite understand why they need to have x86 "licensed" to them at all. How can it not be possible to clean-room an x86 implementation? The ISA is just an interface specification.

>> No.61883928

This faggot actually thinks that intel's latest processor is actually good for something.

My, the times really have changed.

>> No.61884137

>44 PCIE lanes
>not running Hex-SLI
Look at this poorfag.

>> No.61884545


>> No.61885942

nvidia could have easily reverse engineered x86 if they wanted to...

like AMD did, and Zilog, and VIA and Transmeta and....

x86 is not Intel's property, although they like to think so...

>> No.61886013

Compiling is different from transcoding then.
Can't speak for flac-mp3, but on a haswell i5 on w10 the computer becomes unusable when converting to HEVC with handbrake. Slightly better on Linux but not by much.

>> No.61886026

Set a lowest priority for that task, do whatever you want.

>> No.61886037

Also, anything higher than 90fps is placebo for the 95% of people.

>> No.61886563

post that collage want to see

>> No.61886732

dignitas is a team owned by the philly 76ers. more than just a gaming clan my man.

>> No.61886997

so RX 480 is for 480p then

>> No.61887097

That's ridiculous. I've done transcoding as well (though mostly shorter vidyas to webm), and my system is completely unaffected, using ffmpeg on Linux. Generally, the system does not become unusable from CPU usage alone, because preemption. The only thing that makes my systems unusable is if they start thrashing due to excessive memory usage, or possibly if I have like a hundred threads running chewing CPU, but that never happens.

>> No.61887136


>> No.61887236
File: 674 KB, 918x474, 61e223389b1b0c65faa7c33719ff095c.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>400$ CPU BTFOs 1k cpu

>> No.61887267


>> No.61887470

> gtx 1080
> 1080p
You're cancer and you know it

>> No.61887473
File: 1.41 MB, 720x404, drop it like it's hot.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.61887597
File: 4 KB, 201x158, uygxjyh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.61887625

Are you BeAwesomeOne on yt?

>> No.61888093

everything ran like shit on FX chips my man

>> No.61888249

delid dis

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