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Literally dead on arrival.

Is this the final nail in AMD's coffin?

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Intel shill. sage and hide

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>diffused in USA

whats that mean?

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Google it nigger.

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Today I will show them.

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XD epin forced meme. going to laugh when mods go banhammer mode on you tards

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>get responded with shitpost
>initiate [autistic screeching]

So THIS is the power of Sopa De Macaco

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You can't use search? Why to create 10+ threads every day about Intel vs AMD?

Gaymers BTFO

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>jumps to number 2 best seller on amazon after only a few days on sale
>stellar reviews
>die hard Intel fanboy review sites praising it as the second coming of Christ while bashing SKL-X

Definetly DOA.

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What seems to be the problem?

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>1500 euro bucks total
>still cheaper than the Intel CPU only


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This shithole of a board is 100% pure distilled cancer.

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it's just one brasilian monkey

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Jewtel cucks getting jelly AF about Zen's dankness.
Shill suicide watch?

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I think "should I just stick to /tech/, and never come on /g/ again?", and then I see threads like this. Where else can I find shills THIS clueless? Hell, I think genuine Intel marketing materials don't go as far as making claims this ridiculous. They only said "lol glued together dies".

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So Intel chips keeps you home warm during the winter well I know what I'm purchasing next!

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>In almost every way

yeah that pos is DoA

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What's /tech/?

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Just RMA it you doofus

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Here's a hint: the mods are so salty that answering that question results in your post automatically being detected as spam.

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Oh shit, they're gone.

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what I don't get it. I'm guessing it's on a different imageboard or something?

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Yeah that 7700K is a great gaming CPU goy. Especially delidded. Just don't expect smooth streaming and multi-tasking in general.

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ah ok

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Wrong. Again, posting about it gets your post marked as spam. He's obviously an idiot.

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>dead on arrival
>biggest bang for the buck cpu ever created
>1/3 the price of intel's for greater performance

is OP the biggest retard on the planet?

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genuinely feel bad for those that got goy'd with 7k series i5/i7s

the 6k line had much better deals some months back and now the market is g4560 or ryzen for regular users.

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whats with the sopa de macaco in this thread?

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That is actually one thing that genuinely pisses me off. The whole "glued together dies" thing is at least partially accurate, and maybe worthy of criticism in SOME situations (that are irrelevant to the average consumer), but THIS shit.
That's like Monsanto bragging about their monopoly on seed distribution. It's downright scummy, and anyone with more than a 5 second memory knows how Intel got that "ecosystem". I remember some video talking about how Intel was more than doubling HP's revenue in bribes for a few quarters. Literally like 110% or some shit. It's hilarious.

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one day the jews will be prosecuted for their market collusion

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God I can't wait till EPYC drops.

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>stick to the generals for a month
>come back and see this

somebody PLEASE explain this "sopa uma delicia" meme to me????? are amd supporters brazilians or something?????

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It's a new epical mae-mae. Embrace it.

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there's an intel shill believed to be brazilian, he's really good at samefagging. So all intel shillies get the macaco spam.

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no spoonfeeding here
you should go back to lurking
else you are newfag

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I'll give you a hint but you have to find it. It has a popular /fur/ board. Go search for that on e621

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forced meme form some /r/amd newfag

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lol ok whatever you say

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I'm surprised this hasn't been del yet

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>you have to rewire your home electricity to OC threadripper

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Especially since you can overclocked locked 6000 series chips. I've been running an i3 6100 at 4.6GHz.

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>© 2016 AMD
have they really been sitting on those for over 8 months?

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Huh, saying half-x or whole-x autofilters, but 8ch is allowed. Neat. Yeah, that's what I was talking about.

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More likely that's when they registered the copyright

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I can imagine so, with how they do the binning. They sell like 200 Ryzens, and from that yield, get one Threadripper (made up of 2 perfect Ryzen dies). Assemble it, lid it, put it to the side. Make another 200 Ryzens, repeat. You probably won't see a 2017 Threadripper until late in the year, after they push out Q1 Ryzens.

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double-X is also filtered last time I checked, there's probably some more

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>how to sport an intel fag

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man the amount of shilling today surpass even the worst we have seen on gpus.... half of the threads are being made from the same shitposter

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Die was made in USA

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Hardest Kek I've had in a while

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>some south-asian reddit monkey actually took time to edit a wojak

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Newfag leddit amd brigade decided that they wanted to force a meme to cover up that one fuck up where an anon was outed to be a legitimate paid amd plebitor shill from indonesia.

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Intelfags have recently become dependent on alternate reality, it's quite concerning

>> No.61856572

It was an nvidiafag who outed him over the nvidia game day post.

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This was the day I decided that /g/ is best with filters on. The near cancer free 4 chan experience is something special.

>> No.61856629

Being a Nvidiafag doesn't automatically make you a Intelfag, that's just a Intelfag's wet dream that used validate their shit purchases and buyers remorse.

>> No.61856641

It took me 3 minutes in GIMP tbqh

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Birth of a legend. https://rbt.asia/g/thread/61550845/#61572265

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Shit that didn't happen, the post.

>> No.61856691

Reminder that these staple filters are worth enabling for /g/:
and everything else can be hidden with a right click one by one.

>> No.61856757

So, in other words, filter the entire board except for the shitty generals?

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One amd plebbitor from indonesia desecrating our godly christian image board.

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>mfw this thread

>> No.61856829

I can't find the other posts/threads were an anon was commanding his plebbiton legon to spread the sopa macaco cancer iirc it was deleted by a mod.

>> No.61856853

In other words it removes most the paid shill cancer, and leaves you with.more interesting topics including the generals.

>> No.61856889

>and leaves you with.more interesting topics including the generals.

>poojeets ciclejerking for a tracker invite
>faggot audiophiles shitposting about placebo audio technology
>little kids measuring their epeen by means of mecanical keyboards

Yeah, quality kawntent right there.

>> No.61856898

>interesting topics including the generals
literally drink bleach

>> No.61856933

How will AYYMD ever recover?

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What is with these crying wojack orcs?

>> No.61857020

your friends at r/outoftheloop xDDD can help you
o <- loop
i <- you xDD clever ebin upvote me pls

>> No.61857046

poor attempt of a buttmad amdfag to force a meme

>> No.61857063

You'd think the orks would be happy with the red ones being faster

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>all these buttmad favelados

>> No.61857156

but how does monkey actually taste

>> No.61857173

Like bananas

>> No.61857184

The guy who posted that on /g/ wasn't the OP on leddit.

>> No.61857242

but i wonder though
tough? chewy? soft? rubbery? gamey? nongamey?

>> No.61857252

What's up with them? Shouldn't they shill for AMD since it's cheaper?

>> No.61857268

According to our Brazilian friend on /g/, fried monkey paw is the #1 gamer food in Brazil, some even claimed it's better than Mountain Dew and Cheetos

>> No.61857313

sure it wasn't.
t. akuberkala
MADrone this angry that most of /g/ doesn't give a fuck about amd paidposting
about to use these.
It happened. They've been outed, and now will be filtered. Go back to your safspace, and collect the upvotes faggot.
Not the first time some corporate normalfags tried to force shit maymeys on here.

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This is next level tinfoil.

>> No.61857323

Probably not as salty as camel piss

>> No.61857324

You have no idea how funny "SOPA DE MACACO, UMA DELICIA" sounds to an Italian ear.
I don't browse /int/ and I discovered this meme here. Laugh my ass off every time. They actually outclassed indians and their designated shitting streets.

>> No.61857328

sup AkuBerhala

>> No.61857347

It's tinfoil guys... I promise. Meanwhile the shilling isn't even stealthy. Mistakes where made faggot.

>> No.61857352

i don't think i want to try camel piss

>> No.61857362

[incoherent rambling intensifies]

>> No.61857364

sup JoaoHernandes

>> No.61857371

>i don't think i want to try camel piss
How dare you oppose islam.

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What does that even mean? What's with those prices? That a fucking r3?

The Favela customs evade me.

>> No.61857402

You can always do a hindu diet, and guzzle a gallon of cow piss instead while forking a program with java, but muslims will think that you're gross.

>> No.61857414

Yeah, it's the R3 1200. It's priced at 180 dollars.

>> No.61857423

[shitting in street without wiping ass and downing some piss]
This is your life.

>> No.61857435

LAterz faggots this thread is getting filtered in 3,2,1.

>> No.61857456

Just wait.
Day 21 coffee lake wins bigly from glued cpus.

>> No.61857480

i'm gay so muslims already think i'm gross

and no thanks. maybe i'll survive off vegetarian samosas at best

>> No.61857490

>i'm gay

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It's not my fault amd need unicorn memory to barely run lower to Intel

>> No.61857566

work on your english, ranjeesh

>> No.61857570

Kill yourself BR glueeater.

>> No.61857583

>people still falling for the ayyymd meme

>> No.61857601

hahaha you're cute
i bet you joined in 2013

>> No.61857602

this cant be real

>> No.61857611

I keep reading the cheap AMD Ryzen CPUS are helping lots of poorfags in shitty country's get good quad/six/octo-core for the first time.
They just couldn't afford it under Intel's reign of terror.

>> No.61857613

>the brazillian keeps shitposting after being publicly outed.

>> No.61857640

t. AkuBerhala

>> No.61857659

t. JoaoHernandes

>> No.61857663

the fuck you on about?

>> No.61857688

Of course it's real. It's nVidia GraphWorks(tm)

>> No.61857713

indonesian amdrone from plebbit was outed as amd shill and now is trying to cover his shit by forching the meme that a sole brazillian is behind anti-amd posts

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fuck off this is not fair amd fx series was so bad they shouldn't be able to ever be competition this is intel world domination

>> No.61857786

t. AkuBerhala

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actual internal monologue of street shitter amd shills


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File: 83 KB, 1000x1000, BANKRUPT.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

daily reminder

>> No.61858051

Jesus Christ somebody needs to let Trump know we need a beautiful anti-shitskin wall for the internet too.

>> No.61858236

from 200 ryzens they get 10 thread ripper quality dies.

>> No.61858289

null characters can be used remember, its how /b/ use to fuck with people when site wide filters were in use for shits and giggles.

>> No.61858319

adored did a compilation video of all the shit intel did.

>> No.61858324

>you can overclocked locked 6000 series chip

>> No.61858392

You really think yields are that low? If hey were, the chips would cost more than Intel.

>> No.61858394

So, what is wrong with generals? They seem to server the purpose of confining a topic to one thread, opposed to what use to happen with 20~ different threads for the same topics.

>> No.61858462

He means cherrypicked dies that can both reach 4.2 at stock AND run lower voltages than a 1800 when all cores are 100%

>> No.61858478

They just get binned, they're not discarded.

>> No.61858506

Ryzen's yields are above the 80% mark, though.

>> No.61858544

the only word we have from amd is only the top 5% go to thread ripper. granted what we see with amd currently is that every zen is pretty much able to hit 3.8, and they all handle lower ghz fantastically, so its possible that only the highest end go to thread ripper because these are the highest end cpus that are expected to clock like a high end cpu, a few threads rippers are running 4.2 without suicide voltages.

This is a swing at the hedt market, a remarkably low use market as it stands, as most people use xeons over a dedicated hedt cpu, which amd will support down to 8 cores but also lower clocks.

the dies that can be used are above 80% and of those the ones that qualify for TR are 5%

>> No.61858688

AMD IS SHIT. /thread

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>He posted his unique CPU id online

Thanks mate

>> No.61858738

and AMD shills are to blame?

>> No.61859771

Wasn't EPYC supposed to have dropped in June? Why can't I see anything about it anywhere?

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File: 647 KB, 605x603, lisa-monkey.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

(UMA) Delicia mode

>> No.61859825

Only because processors haven't improved in years and years since we hit a wall quite some time ago.

Every "new" processor these days are about the fucking same, and every benchmark that says differently are engineered specifically to exaggerate tiny differences and show a quirk of a certain processor running a specifically created benchmark or a very generic non-real world benchmark that doesn't mean fucking shit.

Real world, you're going to get very similar performance from today's processors compared to ones years ago. Anyone believing otherwise isn't taking into account other technology (specifically graphics cards, which DO still significantly improve in quality) or just believe in the bullshit.

>> No.61859990

Why not?

>> No.61860034

Kill yourself BR glueeater.

>> No.61860049

Neo-luddites need to be purged from this board. Intel didn't make any progress for years, that doesn't mean progress is impossible or that it isn't happening now that AMD has brought back some competition.

>> No.61860263

Just to OEMs and partners, channel sales start next month.

>> No.61860292

You have to put it on a motherboard you silly boy.

>> No.61860499

True, the fact that Intel is so quickly releasing Coffee Lake with 6c/12t for the mainstream platform is proof positive that they have intentionally held back for years. Not to mention the sudden jump to 16+2 cores on their top end HEDT platform just to show they have more cores than TR.

>> No.61860512

Can you guys explain to me why do you shill for companies? For free at that? This thread is like marketing general where both sides try to goalpost. The fuck is wrong with you.

>> No.61860621

This is a shitty bait thread that should've been removed hours ago.

>> No.61860733

I don't shill for Intel. AMD just lies about their moar cores meme. Intel used to as well but they stopped when there was overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

>> No.61860882

What the fuck does this even mean you functional idiot.

>> No.61860928

Intel's "glued together" comment is the result of repeated head trauma. Intel is actually adopting a similar concept in the new chips because - SURPRISE - ringbus is too slow on larger core counts to be scalable.

>> No.61860987

>AMD just lies about their moar cores meme
That was Bulldozer.

>> No.61861036

You need a specific mobo and flash the bios, with 87% failure rate.

me oh the right

>> No.61861052


>> No.61861494

>moar cores meme
Threadripper is 16 core, 32 thread you moron.

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File: 48 KB, 480x289, cqjL53sxmHc7Rig9ZuZ2vb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


It's not.

>> No.61861730

More nVidia charts

>> No.61861902

They had a similar retarded graph that showed AMD winning by like 300% even though it was a 2fps difference, I think they fixed them since .

>> No.61861974

br here, just converted this value to dolar here and this is priced at 150 dollars in today's quotation. So you're spreading lies.

Also, i dont really know which american store has the best prices, but the R3 is priced at 109 dolarittos.

sauce: https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819113446

>> No.61862004
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>my face when BR and Ryzen fanboy

>> No.61862243

They actually changed it recently since people gave them so much shit for it.

>[Editor's Note: the original version of this review included charts that inaccurately represented the benchmark data. This has been now corrected, but the data remains unchanged.]

>> No.61862268
File: 66 KB, 568x612, amd3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.61862282

>having mains power less than 220 volts

>> No.61862289

She is a tomato

>> No.61862852

>itt: people not knowing how chart scaling works

>> No.61863046

americans FEAR electricity
50A will burn them carton houses

actually hilarious, they don't have lightning rods in suburban areas, most lightning strike hardware incidents come from USA meanwhile rest of the world makes you by law to have such thing in any place with buildings

>> No.61863076

Shouldn't intel just increase their cpu size like amd and blow them out again?

>> No.61863091

intel can't into large chips without having laughably small yields.

>> No.61863116

Everyone knows how it works, that's how we know it's dishonest to portray the difference as being colossal when it's actually tiny. Stop being a retard.

>> No.61863324
File: 80 KB, 623x477, 13459342810320.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 367 KB, 736x414, Shanked.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It was a meme in /int/ and /bant/ over a month ago, and a week ago here.

>> No.61863444

why ? they removed cp from their site didnt they?

>> No.61863551

kys monkey

>> No.61863660

>is decently priced

If they're smart they'll price it the same as the 7700k

But since it has 2 more cores I'm doubtful

Kek at the seething AMDrone in the end

>> No.61863663
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I learned four new memes browsing /g/ this week.

t. = regards
larping = fantasy role playing nerds
Wojak = sad bald man
Sopa de Macaco / Uma Delicia = delicious monkey soup

/g/ truly is a fountain of knowledge.

t. disheartened Wojak pissed off with larpers shitposting sopa macaco all day every day.

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File: 125 KB, 960x878, 1487297768743.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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