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Also all the motherboards besides the MSI gaming, (including the $600 ASUS one) are out of stock.

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Oh what. They actually have higher single core clocks than the 1800X. 4.1 with XFR vs 4.2.

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>laugh fucking my ass off

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>t-threadripper is shit ..
>v-vega is shit ..

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Behold the power of binning chips. Zeppelin probably gets even better. Kinda neat how AMD only makes one chip and then just bins them appropriately and glues them together. Kinda reminds me of the Phenom X3 days.

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Ayymd manages to disappoint again. What a mess. They misled as with their marketing and hype again. Fucking assholes

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R*ported. This board values insightful discussions and quality. Go back to r/amd Apoo

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Zeppelin is the name of the 8 core die, I believe you mean EPYC?

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Cringe. Damn you r/amd pajeet shills are in full damage control mode

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Have the Intel shills considered that maybe, just maybe, Threadripper is a fucking server chip and not for their "PCMR" RGB failed abortions?

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I never understood why anyone would pay 1000$ for a fucking CPU (unless you really need it).. even now that I earn 90k per year I still can't comprehend it. I mean it's fine by me and even though I'm a "poweruser" I never found a reason to get a CPU more expensive than ~350$. Why not buy a 350$ and buy a new one for 350$ the following year? Paying 1000$ for a CPU is fucking iPhone mentality

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what are workstations

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This is what happens when you literally glue dies together. Pay 1000$ and get outperformed by a CPU 3 times cheaper. Just how horrible is the IPC of Bulldozer 2.0?

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People need or want something new, they're not frugal like you, it's not fucking hard to understand luxury goods unless you're autistic.

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lmfao.. people on this board do nothing but watch anime. You don't need a threadripper for lanczossharp and RAVU on fucking MPV

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Nice obsolete trash.

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How much dedotated wam did Intel promise to buy you for posting that?

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amdfags fall for the moar coars meme since phenom

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>it's not fucking hard to understand luxury goods
I buy luxury goods myself but I don't but stupid luxury goods that aren't worth shit the following year.

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>PCMark 8
>Obvious single thread oriented workload

Just fuck off. This board is enough of a shithole already.

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You can get an i9 for the same price and get both.

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>yeah, let's put half a dozen of items in the market to make it seems like it's selling like water

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Another cherrypicked single threaded benchmark. All you do is shit up this board.

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Some do.

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Caring about actual data and benchmarks is not shilling. Pooripper under performs everywhere it is objectively a huge disappointment.

I know you teenagers want to be contrarian and stuff but stop for a second some people buy those CPUs for work to make a living stop memeing and see the reality

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>I'm happy that a product sold out
>I love sold out GPUs too!
The state of AMDrones in 2017.

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This board is fucking trash, cancerous shitposters just shit all over the place and the mods don't give a shit.

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>18 core cpu uses more power than a 10 core cpu

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Why don't you quote those AMD shitposters, bud? Being a little biased there?

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This shit is so stupid it's making my fucking head hurt.

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You can get an i9 which has a decent single thread performance and is all around a more balanced CPU for enthusiasts. Unless all you do all day is encode minecraft let's play videos buy an i9.

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>using obvious clock speed based benchmarks for comparison
dont you have some coffee lake cpus to buy and delid or something?

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Nek minnut
>Banned because the quality of posts is important
While the shit posters just keep on going.

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Sorry pajeet this isn't your personal safe space. Maybe go back to r/amd. I usually don't participate in those shitposting threads but you aymmd teenagers have been so toxic obnoxious and annoying lately you deserve the bullycide

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>10 core 7900X takes almost as much power as a 16 core
>he thinks this is a good thing
Kill yourself, dipshit.

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>this is not clasified as shitposting

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>a decent single thread performance
There's barely a 15% difference between i9 and TR in single threaded, you're full of shit.

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>I know you teenagers want to be contrarian and stuff but stop for a second some people buy those CPUs for work to make a living stop memeing and see the reality
Why is it I have seen this exact phrase in several threadripper threads?
Word for word the exact same? Almost like Intel sent it out for their marketing team to post on shitty boards

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>Go literally anywhere else on the internet: Threadripper is amazing
>Go to /g/, the most intelligent technology discussion board for enthusiasts: HURR DURR POORIPPER IS POO HERE SEE MY SINGLE THREADED BENCHMARKS IT'S POO I SAID POOOOOOOOO

Burn this shithole to the ground and salt the ashes.

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This board is not about technology.
It's about consumer tech-related shitposting.

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>almost as much power

The fucking state of pajeet education and nu/g/. It's actually 30% more.

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I'm a cinebench and WinZip certified specialist. I'm going to use tr all day it's fantastic for my job.

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>Threadripper is amazing

No it is not. It''s just ayymd braindead fanboys (usually 3rd worlders or people with anime avatars) autistically screeching and posting to death threats to everyone daring to point out the obvious

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You think he got terrified when Nvidia recommended a TR?
Must have felt like betrayal to him or something.

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Yeah that's why I keep coming here. Go back to r/eddit, faggot.

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Stop trying push your shitty meme, bro. It's not working.

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Mods do your fucking "job". Stop allowing teenagers to fuck up this board

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>the state of this board
You guys literaly do the same shit like/v/

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>if I post it enough times, maybe people catch onto it!

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Kill yourself.

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>just let me force this meme
You butthurt, bro?

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i remember my university wanted to create condoms with glue inside so they don't come off but they couldn't really work it out.

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>1958▶>>61841973 >>61841975 >>61842045

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>streetshitters still trying to force their Brazilian meme
>as if street shitters are not at least 1.5x as worse as hues

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Lol that tweet didn't age well at all. Look at the gaming benchmarks I posted ITT

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Yields through the fucking roof.

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So what if it sold out? Doesn't mean anything.

>> No.61842174

>tfw people are unironically buying these to play video games

lol. It's an exciting product, but people are getting meme'd hard.

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Leave Meme out of this shit, please.

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Kill yourself.

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People are idiots with more money than sense.

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why so mad street shitter?

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Not that bad for games really.


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>conviniently omitting the amd shitposters

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This, I imagine all these sales will lead AMD to go bankrupt real soon.

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we will witness the end of AMD! they cant even sell a product without it solding out!

>> No.61842233

Same thing can be said for the higher core count Intel chips... Your point?

>> No.61842236

Right, but people who literally are only buying it for their sick gaming rig because the LinusTechTips video got 2 million views and it's called "THREADRIPPER" are wasting $500+ and are fucking morons.

I guess if you're a big deal streamer it's a decent buy, but you can put together a dedicated capture PC for less than it costs to buy one of these.

>> No.61842237

They are probably running out of r7 1800 to glue together. Just wait™ a little longer

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>y-yes I love sold out products
>t-thank you AMD for providing so few products we love you
>I love paying for overpriced GPUs too!

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That font rendering gave me eye cancer

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whats wrong juan?

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Seeing as LTT video opened up with laughable gaming benchmarks like CS:GO I don't think the gaymur crowd's gonna go for it,

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I'm an outsider, I ain't buying shit.
But seeing people fight and get butthurt over AMD hardware, even used hardware is hilarious.

>> No.61842287

I swear AMD fags are so pathetic it hurts. I'm glad I can insult these faggots at least on this board.

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>Implying AMD isn't making 580s as fast as they can
>Implying AMD can control how much others choose to sell their products for

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apply yourself next time

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Yeah, they're running out of R7 1800 because there are none. It's 1800X. Also, it was known awhile ago that TR was selling like crazy on Amazon. Also, kill yourself.

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Can the Indian power grid support pooripper?

>> No.61842316

>being this fucking naive
Yeah I'm suuure they ''''cant'''' produce any more GPUs and CPUs.

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Don't worry, Intel's got plenty more. Can't wait for 18 cores with shitty TIM under the lid. Shit's on fire, yo.

>> No.61842333

>Intel 10-Core draws 431W
>AMD 16-Core draws 451W
ha ha... A-AMD BTFO!!!

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>Under full CPU/GPU load
Kill yourself.

>> No.61842349

i hope this meme never dies

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File: 138 KB, 354x504, jewshown.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 1.23 MB, 1280x720, total meltdown.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Meanwhile in real world scenario.

>> No.61842371

It's a shitty forced meme tho. It's just poo in loo but with Brazilians, quite literally a forced meme by AMD users. It would also imply that Indians are in any way or shape better than Brazilians, which they aren't.

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God I fucking HATE AMDfags fucking degenerate bigots all of them they literally SHIT everywhere they go fucking pieces of shit I cant even recommend a fast i5/i7 system to someone on buildapc without them fucking it up

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Nice meme now show the minimum fps

>> No.61842404

their economy didn't tank at least and they are not ruled by commies.

>> No.61842406

amd can't produce any more because it's not them who produce them. It's glofo

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is that a true story? fucking hell I am never stepping into India.

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File: 26 KB, 200x200, Holy+i+didn+t+have+that+one+_27f4ea5616d2dbe9b98e1e04f0cfb675.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Who cares about dropped frames you dont even see them anyways

>> No.61842444

>"s-top m-making fun of Brazil guys, only some Brazilians are monkey eaters"

>> No.61842449

They're literal subhuman street shitters, top kek. You literally can't get any worse than being an Indian. Even Niggers are a step above them.

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Nobody wants AMD shitcores at $1000, AMD is the budget porfag company, nobody wants to buy unreliable AMD for $1000 when they can buy Intel for $1000, AMD is iretarded and threadripper is fucking pointless most people need 2 cores anyway at most

>> No.61842477

I really dont see that much of a difference between n Brazil and India except that India actually has a working economy.

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The intel Fanboy butthurt especially over the Nvidia announcement that they will be offering high end platforms with Ryzen CPU's actually makes perfect sense when you understand the primary purpose of a gaming rig in the modern era which is game-streaming. Game streamers are capped at 60 fps for their videos so as long as the cores are strong enough for 60fps it doesn't matter.

What you need is a metric fuckton of cores and threads for CPU video encoding. You can stream with GPU bound utilities like Shadowplay and Relive but both options stutter and the visual quality is crap compared to a CPU solution like OBS. OBS and similar options are the best way to stream gameplay so long as you have enough cores and threads to do that heavy lifting.

Thats where thread-ripper comes in. 12/16 cores and 24/32 threads with single thread performance not at all that far behind intel. For capped 60fps gamestreaming at 1440p/4K resolution for maximum visual quality and enjoyment of the people watching your livestreams this CPU line offers the best performance at the best price and power draw.

The only people buying intel now are basement dwelling autismos who want an extra 10fps on their 144hz/240hz panels so they can win a CS:GO tournament. Normies who have lost their virginity want a CPU to do two things and only two things: render videos faster to upload to their youtube account and record/stream video gameplay for their lets plays. Both of those tasks require more cores and more threads not better single thread performance. single thread will only matter in streaming when the cap finally goes from 60fps to 120fps and by then you will aleady have a 3rd or 4th generation ryzen on the 7nm process with single thread parity to Intel.

AMD won the CPU market. Even though nvidia laughs at their vega bullshit they arent retarded enough to pretend that Intel CPU's are better for gamers when its obvious that they are not anymore at least in terms of price/performance.

>> No.61842500


>women: what you are doing here sir?
>man: i am gonna take a shit over there


>> No.61842504

You don't get it bro, it's the mere fact that Indians think they can insult someone with being Brazilian. Like eating monkey soup? Who gives a shit. Just imagine you would shit on the streets! Now that's what I call disgusting.

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>> No.61842520

I really doubt theres a single indian in this thread tho

>> No.61842526

There's plenty of jews , faggots and one hue though.

>> No.61842529

They claim the top 5% of the chips are for Threadripper. Top 2% for the 1950X.

That's how they get the extra XFR boost.

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You would be surprised, my man. Now I'm sure there is not a single Brazilian here.

>> No.61842552

>Threadripper is a fucking server chip

It's not.

>> No.61842565

>recommend a fast i5/i7


>> No.61842579

Prove to me how the same featureset and more lanes as Broadwell-EP is not good enough for servers.
And no I'm not talking about hyperscale shit.

>> No.61842594



What the fuck, why are you benchmarking against outdated software?

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>> No.61842611

GN tested it, the 7700k couldn't do streaming in any scenario, while a stock 1700 shrugged it off like nothing.

>> No.61842630


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((Toms hardware ))))

The most INTEL biased journalists

>> No.61842641

Even when AMD is on top, Passmark is still shit.

>> No.61842661 [DELETED] 


>> No.61842667

I can't stand AMD turds, I wish they all die

>> No.61842702


>> No.61842709


>> No.61842710

Just wait, AMD will definitely die this year.

t. hopeful Intelfag 2007-2017

>> No.61842711

Can't tell if trolling or just retarded.

>> No.61842718

>give high end products for a low price to the masses
literally communism
no wonder amd has the red colour scheme

>> No.61842719


>> No.61842733

Samsung have also been roped into producing Polaris GPUs and both producers combined still can't make enough

>> No.61842736

You don't get the joke.

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>> No.61842763

no one thinks your autism humor is funny

>> No.61842771

But it is.

>> No.61842775

makes sense. A 15-20% higher single thread performance means jack shit when you are going up against a chip with double the cores and threads in a scalable CPU bound scenario like streaming. You will see the same situation exacerbated when Threadripper gets measured against the core i9's

and whats Intel's response to the 8core/16thread ryzen? a 6-core/6-thread i5 chip.........thats their response.

As DX12/Vulkan advance and adoption trends in gaming continue mainly due to the advancement of the consoles which exclusively run AMD hardware you will see even the better raw gaming performance of a faster clocked intel chip lose out hard to a slower AMD chip with more cores.

>> No.61842776

I honestly can't tell if you're being serious or not.

>> No.61842796


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>> No.61842975

Do they use the melted foreskin they use for TIM as stock for the soup?

>> No.61843007

>Do they use the melted foreskin they use for TIM as stock for the soup?

Its called cock coup base.

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>> No.61843042

>counting the GPU load because it drives higher FPS than the 7900X

>> No.61843043

Petard is that you?

>> No.61843063

The 7700k can stream.
... at 900p, 30fps, "veryfast"(low quality) preset.

>> No.61843065

No. It is I, Ivan.

>> No.61843070

t. intool

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>> No.61843689

My nigga I never spend more than 200 on CPU and then no less then 400 on gpu.

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>Nvidia announcement that they will be offering high end platforms with Ryzen CPU's
>the delusions of an AYYMD fanboy.

>> No.61843752


>> No.61843785

Nobody actually buys those anyway.

>> No.61843817

How much rocket fuel do you use for that goalpost?

>> No.61843922


>Article talks about streaming and esports
>Mentions Destiny 2

Guess the recent news made them rethink that article.

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>autistic brazilian shiposting ALL fucking day
>BR: hurr durr Mooods do your fucking "job"


>> No.61844091

Kill yourself.

>> No.61844112

Learn English, and then kill yourself.

>> No.61844153

I think he's gay or something

>> No.61844188

can you AMD shills recommend they make larger window decals with this design on the box window. it's neat

>> No.61844387
File: 71 KB, 452x363, 1487106333189.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.61844498

new to 4chin eh friendo?

>> No.61844519

99% of amd shills are straight from r/amd. What did you expect?

>> No.61846341

It's user error
OP turn off full hinting holy shit

>> No.61846585
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>> No.61846663

>water sells in burgerland

>> No.61846795

kys Nu Zilunder :^)

>> No.61847490
File: 48 KB, 755x565, aHR0cDovL21lZGlhLmJlc3RvZm1pY3JvLmNvbS9RLzMvNzAwNzc5L29yaWdpbmFsL2ltYWdlMDAxLnBuZw==.jfif.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't forget the 1950X has 6 extra cores to power. Expect nuclear power station levels for Intel's 18 core monster.

>> No.61847643

Nice someone used my image

>> No.61847677

>expert installation
>online store


>> No.61848046

>buying bottled water

>> No.61848080

>Learn English, and then kill yourself

>> No.61849758

>AMD is doing so well it's sold out, lol!

>> No.61849812

>cpu for work
>gaymen benchmark

>> No.61849816


>> No.61850710

>Forced meme by AMD users
It's the opposite retard. It all started as shit posting about raja
The only way to save this board is to ban shitposters from any side

>> No.61850758

What is this? 2012?
Whoever made that bench is either a dirty pirate or a poor nigger who can't afford CC.

>> No.61850799

>Intel Gaymin CPU beats all high end HEDT cpus by almost half.
Really make you think.

>> No.61850808

Looks like one of bitwits charts. He's definitely low tier. Uses linus model and gets views with dick jokes

>> No.61850833

vore is disgusting.

>> No.61851008

Going to be building 20 Ryzen 1600 systems for a VR gaming center. Just need motherboards to get in stock.

Fuck Intel. The moment intel stagnated and kept increasing their prices by $20-30 each gen until we ended to with stupid $350 4c/4t CPUs that perform slightly better than the then-$200 sandybridge is the day they died to me.

>> No.61851615

kek AMD sure rip this thread

>> No.61852173

is this a joke

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