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Killing vega and the Kikes in one tweet.

Not bad

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TR is meme botched together defective dies for retards who buy ayyylienware.

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quality banter

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this kills the fangoy

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>roast meister JHH

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Based jensen

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>noVideo turning on its old master
The absolute state of jewtel

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>2x RX480
oh if only that was the case

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Shilling Crossfire 480's was pretty scummy of AMD though, Crossfire and SLI are garbage.

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WTF the i9 series is better for gaming, why all the hate towards intel ?

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Are you new or something? NVIDIA & AMD were best friends forever before AMD bought ATi.

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I hope this is fake

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This. If only AMD just let Jensen become the new CEO of Advanced Nvidia Devices. Intel would be long dead by now and we'd have actual working HSA and a computing revolution

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My RX480 8GB's (Asus Strix) were $225 each, so yeah, that's close.

Or was anyway...

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No, AMD would be bankrupt mid-2010.
Jensen is as autistic as every /g/entooman.
He has unhealthy fixation on making the biggest dies possible.

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These sorts of attacks against Israel will not be tolerated.

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>turned his company into the Intel of the gpu industry but intel back when they were kicking ass with core2 and Nehalem
Yea okay. The reality is he's basically a better version of Lisa and would have turned AND into a power house in every market

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Friendship ended with Intel. Now AMD is my new bestfriend.

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No, JHH is one fucking gigantic autistic fuck.
No, really. Remember 2009-2010?

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>shill for CF to spin your product as somehow competetive
>drop CF
Just your average pajeet.

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>idiots who dream of a monopoly

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Nvidia loathes Intel, basically Nvidia used to make chipsets for Intel and AMD but they were too good, so Intel cut them loose. Nvidia was putting tons of chipset PCI-e lanes to encourage people to SLI, and Intel realized this would probably cannibalize their higher end CPU's and Xeons. It's why Nvidia is making ARM now and uses IBM servers, they want to destroy Intel.

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nForce past nForce2 was shit.
Of course they'll drop CF before Navi. And modern APIs have explicit multiadapter anyway.

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Someone photoshop this plz.

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nvidia made chipsets with 40 pcie lines and creative tier audio 12 years ago

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On it

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there's a website that does it automatically, you just need to provide the pics.

>unhealthy fixation on making the biggest dies possible
and what's exactly wrong with that? If it can handle the power and it's thermals aren't bad then I'd say it works alright.

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>1.7% yields are okay trust me dude
t. leather jacket man

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Kek, the shirts are even red and green.

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fermis were a mistake I agree here, but I'm enjoying my bios-unlocked 980Ti, despite it having an enormous die.

as long as novidya doesn't start crippling it with drivers, that is.

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GM200 and Fiji were BIGGUR DIES on very mature nodes. And these were still ~600mm^2.
V100 is beyond sanity.

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>there's a website that does it automatically, you just need to provide the pics.
Great. Can you give a link to it?

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Oh no, Jensen still dreams about the day AMD ditches ATi.

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>yfw vega gets nrt'd by pascal

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>815 mm2
okay what the fuck is this
that's not normal by any means
also didn't know there's anything available on volta so thanks

literally the first link that appears after googling "friendship ended generator", you lazy fuck

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>okay what the fuck is this
This is Jensen in a nutshell.
The dude LOVES big GPUs.

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>Intel being passive aggresive to /our/ aunty Lisa.


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It is shit senpai, still waiting for the based anon who is working on a proper photoshop.

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ye they didn't provide the original background

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My power surged and I gave up

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Nvidia only has botnet telemetry drivers and proprietary bullshit.

Now who is Nvidia's and AMD's common enemy? Intel, since Intel tried to delet Nvidia from existance back in the day aswell by using shady anti-competitive illegal shit.

>tfw AMD and Nvidia will never merge and fight Intel together

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>not using a UPS

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>Of course they'll drop CF before Navi
I don't see how those 2 are related, really. CF and SLI allow the consumer to increase rendering performance by adding another graphics card to his PC. MCM GPUs don't do that at all, any MCM GPU is still going to be dropped on a single graphics card and the user won't be able to increase his performance unless he replaces it with something faster, it's no different than it is with current monolithic GPUs.

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>fight Intel together
>with a dedicated graphics card monopoly
The only thing they'd fight is your bank account as it cries for mercy with a bleeding asshole.

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>tfw Ryzen and 1080Ti

Really feels good to have the best stuff around and get Intel the fuck out of my PC.

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wtf I love nvidia now

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oy vey!

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You klnow what this means, it means AMD is retreating from the GPU market and moving to the Crypto Currency Processing Unit market.

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>still can't compile without segfaulting

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Do AMD CPU's also have a botnet attached like the IME?

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It real

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holy shit

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>TR and epyc are not effected.

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>amd made the Vega shit so they don't hurt Nvidia's business and can collaborate against Intel
It all makes sense now.

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>kikeshredder for gaymes

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AMD is fucking finished for good

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fucking miners REEEEEEEE

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>getting back at jewtel for its x86 license shenanigans
keep it up, jensen!

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Jensen wanted to absorb AMD and remain as CEO when AMD first approached them.

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intel was eventually going to fuck nvidia if amd wasn't there to keep the interface

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promoting AMD and yourself
no Intel in sight
good job nvidia

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I have ascended your mental cognitive ability intel.

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>Nvidia with the bantz

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Threadripper sold out at amazon.

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so smug

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>nvidia wants ms. Penisripper

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How is it hate? I don't understand.

Its just marketing for anyone who's considering a threadripper system.

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I don't think it's working as intended

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too autistic

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Someone remake this with Threadripper and i9

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A little less, but I still hate you Nvidia.

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TR and Epyc's shitloads of PCIe lanes are perfect for NVidia, throwing craploads of expensive Quadros into 64/128 PCIe lanes probably has JHH ready to cream himself.

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Oy vey shut it down

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>fight Intel together

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>4d chess against intel

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You buy an i9, goy? Is that why you're so upset?

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Yes, it's like an accrual movie and we're here for the drama! Don't tell me you actually buy IT stuff, lol.

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How is buying AMD hurting Jews?

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Intel is an American company although most of their research is done in Israel. It's kind of a meme really as AMD has sites in Israel as well. Intel's CEO is Polish while AMD's and Nvidia's CEO's are both Taiwanese.

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feel free to use in future shitposting. it looks like shit because i suck at photoshop

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some of Intel's key people were of jewish descent
some of those jews also pushed very hard to make Intel set up research and production in Israel
Intel is tied pretty close to Israel so you can see why buying from its competitors means the zionist cause potentionally lose access to even more money

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Intel forced Nvidia to stop producing NForce chipsets.

"We have said that we will continue to innovate integrated solutions for Intel's FSB architecture," Sherbin said in an email. "We firmly believe that this market has a long healthy life ahead. But because of Intel's improper claims to customers and the market that we aren't licensed to the new DMI bus and its unfair business tactics, it is effectively impossible for us to market chipsets for future CPUs. So, until we resolve this matter in court next year, we'll postpone further chipset investments."

Intel claims that its four-year-old chipset license with Nvidia does not cover the "Nehalem," or Core series of microprocessors. Nvidia disagrees, and the matter will be hashed out in court in 2010. Nvidia still sells chipsets specifically designed for AMD's line of processors, but has halted further development as well.


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so i guess nvidia lost and intel won in court?

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>Intel's CEO is Polish

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>Losing in court

Obviously they won.

And it's basically down to the fact that Nvidia was churning out chipsets with huge PCIE lane counts to promote SLI and Intel was ass fractured because that cuts into part of their Xeon jewing.

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t. butthurt Isaac

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TAIWAN NUMBA 1!!!!!!!!

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yo does intel have that back door engine shit for CIA niggers? not sure if its a conspiracy meme or not but im fucking done with intel forever

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nforce actually sucked, it was just a pcie switch connected with a shitty 4x link to the northbridge.
You can get the same now with a PLX switch.

>> No.61844196

But Intel lost against AMD and had to pay a literal billion dollars.

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Now it all makes sense.
That explains the huge intel panic. They discovered AMD and Nvidia were co-coordinating something.

Looks like the Greens were the real Jews all along.

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so, uhm, how much do you think 8700k will cost? how are they going to justify 7800x at all?
but then again they somehow agreed to release i5 for x299
I don't know what is what anymore.

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I thought it was shit in the gaming department?

>> No.61845983

Nvidia isn't retarded like intel. They're keeping their product development just as high as it was before AMD was uncompetitive

>> No.61845996

yeah, by 7% compared to 5Ghz OC i7 and better at EVERYTHING else
you wouldn't buy it for gaming though, r5 1600(x) is the gaming king

oh I remember the days, not far off before this march, when buying i7 was considered stupid
now though i7 or console for some reason

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yeah, volta is even sadder than vega though
sure they will deliver performance bump, not as big as pascal my guess, but technology wise volta is boring
Both companies deep into MCM R&D, so expect vega and volta to be lackluster. Gen after that though something will happen.

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This picture couldn't be more wrong

Anyone shilling CF is a massive cunt

>> No.61846051

yeah it would be if nvidia fix their damn drivers once and for all tho

>> No.61846061

>i need to virtualize OSX and need thunderbolt for my work station
>i9 seems like the only option

>havent gone AMD in years and genuinely curious

>> No.61846096


Based Nvidia

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How do you think she and her husband get along?

>> No.61846420

Volta is bigger dies.
Vega 11/20/refresh are also bigger dies.
Both companies are hitting reticle limits GPU-wise.

>> No.61846450

>AMD is red

>> No.61846637

I haven't used AMD in years, and I've been toying with making a tower again at some point and this interests me.

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AMD is king in CPU land but their GPUs are meh.

>> No.61846690

Yeah I wouldn't fuck with their GPUs but a good decent priced CPU seems cool and I've heard great things about the ryzen

>> No.61846766

You mean you didn't know?

>> No.61846969

They are in the red, yes. Bankrupt soon.

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I wonder how many of you are actually paid to shill here, or just straight up bots.
These threads are on another level of stupidity entirely from the rest of the site, it's the skub vs anti-skub of /g/.
Also, i'm using a 2500k and 770 2GB both bought used, they run ARMA 3 and Star Citizen, and everything else i want to play. It runs cool and quiet too. I just wanted you to know.

pic unrelated

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we need an intel logo on the wall like since yesterday

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for life

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>pic unrelated
It is very, very related...
Oh anon.

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Vega is complete garbage, AMD can't make good chips for their life, fuck this company!

>> No.61850679

intel, AMD, all the same shit unless you're planning to use a 1080ti to run 1080p graphics without any sort of fancy super sampling.

>> No.61850704

"Nothing personel.. kid"
But Intel is reaching IBM tiers of scare shilling now.

They're two steps away from "nobody ever got fired for buying intel"

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Amd is now my best friend

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That's pretty much exactly what they put on those shitpost marketing slides. Some stuff about how AMD was incredibly unreliable.

>> No.61851761

dat nigguh wuz gun be minin white ass cracka

>> No.61851836

Yeah but if a cpu with no developed ecosystem breaks, who's going to fix it?

>> No.61851991

anon, I...

>> No.61852007

A compelling pair for what exactly?

>> No.61852117

Ponder about it, I know you can understand it someday, anon.

>> No.61854152

>botched was enough to trample Intel
Puts it into perspective doesnt it

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No, my underage friend, that was much later. Prior to that, Nvidia made full chipsets for both AMD and Intel CPUs.


>> No.61854277

Until they murder both in a year

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Poo gloo in the joo

>> No.61854864

shit, I need the pic where intel is portrayed by a fat feels man crying and there's a framed image of "wife + her boyfriend".

>> No.61854915

I used to have a nforce4 chipset with my AMD 3500+ back in 2006.

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>He didn't get an intel CPU with fluxless solder
Jokes on you, im still running a Sandy Bridge i7.

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Nvidia a slut.

>> No.61855854

NVidia wants to insert all those GPUs into 64 massive PCIe lanes.

>> No.61855900

The Israel facility is small compared to the USA one, though. Intel has research and production facilities in 63 countries.

>Outside the United States, the company has facilities in China, Costa Rica, Malaysia, Israel, Ireland, India, Russia, Argentina and Vietnam, in 63 countries and regions internationally. In the U.S. Intel employs significant numbers of people in California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Arizona, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas, Washington and Utah. In Oregon, Intel is the state's largest private employer. The company is the largest industrial employer in New Mexico while in Arizona the company has over 10,000 employees.

I'm saying that because I don't really understand this meme.

>> No.61855932

>Haifa R&D center is small
The dudes made Pentium M, Conroe, SB, SKL.

>> No.61855978

Small compared to their presence in the US of A.

And Haifa is basically an industrial park, even IBM and Microsoft have a center there.

>> No.61856378

>TR review
>Game section
>Use a 1080Ti at 1080p "to avoid a GPU bottleneck"
Extremely relevant indeed if you plan to use your 1080Ti to run 144Hz+ at 1080p in poorly optimized AAA games.

>> No.61856563

Intel has only 2 CPU design team which is base on hillsboro and haifa

hillsboro:nehalem, haswell and broadwell

haifa:banias dothan, merom, Sandy bridge, ivy bridge, skylake, Kaby lake...

>> No.61856633

Is TR cores laid out in a criss cross like that?
How does infinity fabric work on die corners?

Or is it 2 cores side by side and 2 dummies to add support on the other side?

>> No.61856709

>still running a Sandy Bridge i7.
I feel sorry for you. Upgrade to 8 cores already. 12 cores isn't enough, don't you want 16 cores?

>> No.61856941

link imgur pic collection

>> No.61857694


>> No.61857748

AMD didn't have CPU design team in haifa you kikes

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Make this better, please.

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holy fuck this gif!

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Not gaming. Workstation you NEET troglodyte.

>> No.61860607

Would make more sense if they advertised Titan Xp's or Quadros.

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