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>PC became phones

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Any idea how efficient ghe x86 emulation is? Meaning, will this have superior battery life runnin x86 apps vs an x86 laptop.

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The main thing is probably cost, intel charges hundreds of dollars for mobile dual core chips. ARM chips with similar performance are less than $100. The price on some intel low power chips is just insane they are 400 or more, intels position is pretty much "we're intel what the fuck are you going to do about it? Put AMD bulldozer in a notebook?"

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>influx of arm laptops to run GNU/linux on
ty microsoft

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>use GNU/Linux, *BSD, non-GNU Linux OS', free software
>install it on non-x86 platform
>no probs, re-compile free programs written in a portable language to the new platform and run them native
>if you encounter porting problems you file a bug report so someone can fix it or you can provide the fix yourself

>use windows
>microsoft ports it to a non-x86 platform
>proprietary sw devs cannot be assed by providing native binaries
>microsoft need to invest dollar hundred-thousands or millions in implementing a compatibility layer along with a new file format CHPE
>programs will run but will never at the speed they would run if they had native executables
>developers will most likely refuse to support this platform
>"x86 emulation is a patent minefield" - t. Intel.

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You know they're going to have locked bootloaders

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all of them?

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*blocks your path*

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>locked bootloaders
No they won't. That's only for Win 10 S which is locked like chromebook. The demo they showed was runing on the regular win 10 pro.

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It's Qualcomm, of course every fucking thing they build will have locked bootloaders.

-t. former Huawei Y560-L01 user w/ Qualcomm CPU.

>I replaced that phone with a Galaxy S3, Exynos and Mediatek aren't so much of insecure faggots unlike Qualcomm

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Really MAKE you think huh

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Isn't the android fault rather than Qualcoom's?

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You can't call from a pc.

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If that is the case, hopefully the EU will yet again smack someone with a few hundred million in fines.

Android isn't fighting FOR open bootloaders while it certainly could be part of the spec somehow, but there is nothing really requiring everything to be locked down.

It's just various companies trying to go for exclusives in software and to force upgrades and reduce user support and what not.

You should just not buy their hardware if you ask me. TWRP and friends are way too useful to omit.

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>Wow! Abstraction Layer!
10/10 design

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>what is SIP

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Windows on Windows (WOW) subsystem Abstraction Layer

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Intel has no case here and they know it.

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I'll play devil's advocate here and say that free software may be recompiled for Windows too, and any non-architecture-specific proprietary software would have the same problem on GNU/Linux and friends.

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Not adapted for sim card.

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If Intel doesn't manage to stop this it's going to be the biggest deal and will allow for slightly higher power arm chips to develop and eventually become the ideal laptop CPU.
As it stands the 835 will already be plenty for most people and I intend to buy one to use as my portable machine in place of my i3 6100u laptop.
This will give Intel actual competition in the laptop space while AMD does its best to also compete in portables with Raven Ridge. It doesn't need to be said that they're doing a wonderful job providing competition in desktop, HEDT, and enterprise.

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I wonder if they add x64 emulation as well when AMD64 patents expire someday in 2023.

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>Isn't the android fault rather than Qualcoom's?
Qualcomm are psychotic, they keep trying to push snapdragon for embeded systems and they won't even provide linux support. They were desperate for windows phone to take off because they hate open software but shareholders would kill them if they gave up on android support.

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Raven Ridge pls save us

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I loled

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Arm probably won't be able to catch up at the higher mobile performance end. ARM and Raven Ridge will be eating mobile Intel from both ends. AMD might even license AMD64 to the emulator developers if it won't cause extra legal conundrums.

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Doesn't matter it's going to excel at being an ultra portable web browsing/office/music/other non-demanding tasks(which all the majority of people do on their laptops) with incredible battery life and low heat.
If you've never owned a fanless laptop you probably wont be able to appreciate how awesome this is until you get one. You can finally put it down on your bed and use it with out the vents getting blocked, no noise AT ALL, etc.
I'm a huge enthusiast, my whole life is computers. All I do is read about hardware and software and I spend just about every waking moment on a computer yet an arm laptop is still all I need in a laptop.
This is going to be fucking awesome.

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Quit wasting your life anon.

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ARM laptops and Raven Ridge laptops are gonna be awesome.

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Considering stuff like photoshop is single threaded and arm is reliant on having 2x more cores to compete with x86 (and that's only in the ultra low power segment) its gonna suck for anything demanding. Nice for some niche applications though.

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Gas all abstractionfags.

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Wait a sec, that font...

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