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Do you guys realize that Intel makes better CPUs because their per-core performance is miles better than Threadripper?

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i9-7960X: $2,000 for 16 cores at 4.4 GHz turbo
TR-1950X: $1,000 for 16 cores at 4 GHz turbo

Gee, paying twice as much for 10% better performance?! Sign me up now senpai.

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>Thinks price means anything for HEDT buyers

Stay poor, gay boy

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i'd rather pay more for the better processor

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AVX512 is important as well.

I have a 7820x and a x299 mobo and it's a beast. I'll drop in a 16 core down the line :^)

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>Clock-speed == performance
Please anon.

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It's another episode of: stupid consumerist is a stupid consumerist

On next weeks episode: watch a common city folk wrangle between a $3K moderately used jeep he can pay with cash now or a brand new $30K jeep of the same model he can pay on lease for $1,000 a month for 36 months.

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I'm gonna buy 1300 and upgrade to Zen2 once it come out, what's upgrade path I would have with Intel replace thermal paste with semen?

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In this case it's true. AMD planned to increase IPC of Excavator by 40% but ended with like 50% better IPC instead. Now kabylake and zen IPC are pretty much the same.

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>per-core performance
they only have an advantage in AVX loads and because the code is optimised for intel ( but since they changed the L3 cache in the SKL-X processors, also intel suffers from this). Otherwise the differences are minimal.

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>X-Series vs Threadripper
>Compares X-Series to mainstream Ryzen
You sure showed me, autistic faggot

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jesus christ

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All the CPUs on your picture are raped by the much cheaper 7700k in "per-core performance", and it is the only one that actually presents a threat to the ryzens in that respect.
There's no reason for this line of CPUs to exist at all.

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better at running hot and throttling to 2.1ghz in any prolonged load , gee how useful

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So what
Also that statusbar is hideous, keep it clean you neckbeard, pic related

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Do you also realize that Intel wouldn't have released those processors if I wasn't for AMD lifting a fucking finger?

Stop sucking the BBC of companies, they are not your friends nor they care about you...

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>AVX512 is important
For what use case?
>inb4 muh scientific simulations, financial analytics, artificial intelligence (AI)/deep learning, 3D modeling and analysis, image and audio/video processing, cryptography, and data compression
The I'd rather get a xeon for this case. Also you get full AVX-512, not the watered down version and ECC support.

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AM4 B350 motherboards are under $100.

i7-7820X + LGA 2066 MB: ~$1,000
R7 1700 + AM4 MB: ~$400

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>tfw intel will never get these kinds of scores without liquid nitrogen while amdfags can just use a standard watercooled setup

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yes, but Intel's segmentation of the market has caused me to lean towards AMD for new builds.

I suspect there is plenty of low hanging fruit for AMD to pick with Zen 2 that they can be within ~90-95% of Intel on a per-core basis, also Zen 2 will be made on 7nm which will have nodes geared towards high performance unlike 14nm AMD is using now so we should se 4.5GHz on Zen 2. Lastly we have AMD's socket support and PCIe topology which is far better than Intel, I suspect that AM4 mobo owners will be able to upgrade to Zen 3 in 2020 and beyond unlike z270 & z170 owners whose upgrade paths are terminated with Kabylake.

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Threadripper is shitting on intels offering.

Intel CEO's on suicide watch this weekend.

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>Do you also realize that Intel wouldn't have released those processors if I wasn't for AMD lifting a fucking finger?

No dummy, x99 was dated, and x299 was on Intel's roadmap as well. Just like coffee lake.

I would say however, AMD may have shifted Intel prices, especially the $599 MSRP for the 8c/16t 7820x which is a fair price imo. I have this processor and it's a beast even at single core performances.

ASUS needs to update my BIOS tho, it fucked up my memory speeds via XMP profile.

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Gookbench is pretty meaningless desu. A 10-bit x265 encoding benchmark would be better but I'm sure intel is bribing hard to prevent those benchmarks.

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>For what use case?
I saw a huge jump in H264 encode times on my 7820x. So take it for what you will.

I don't care about ECC support, desu. ECC RAM is pricey anyway. I'd rather have OC'd Trident Z RAM.

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this basically shills me on ryzen even more, staaaaap, i want to believe intel is better and is not scamming me out of my shekels.

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>AM4 B350 motherboards are under $100.
Yeah because Ryzen is for budget minded gaymen.

>i7-7820X + LGA 2066 MB: ~$1,000

ASRock Taichi mobo is about $289.

7820x is $599 and that comes out to $888. That's a pretty damn good price for CPU+Mobo combo for a 8c/16t.

Stop comparing the Gaymen Ryzen CPUs with the HEDT Intel CPUs, they are totally on different levels.

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What if I don't want that shit and I'm happy with my 7820x which I paid about $888 in total for mobo+CPU combo?

I ain't plopping down $999+$450 = 1499 for Threadchipper.

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>Stop comparing the Gaymen Ryzen CPUs with the HEDT Intel CPUs, they are totally on different levels.
You first you massive retard.

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Stop recommending fucking Gayzen. It's not gonna work, honey.

If you want a fair comparison, compare Skylake-X to Threadripper.

Skylake-X still kills Threadripper in Cinebench tests.

Also I guarantee you 99% of the HEDT rich fags who buy this shit will never use Cinema 4D or any 3d rendering. The most they need is 6-8 cores max.

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You do realize the $999 SKU has 16 cores at 4.0 GHz, right?

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>Stop recommending fucking Gayzen. It's not gonna work, honey.
I'm not especially in HEDT but you're the stupid fuck who compared a HEDT intel platform to a consumer AMD platform.

>If you want a fair comparison, compare Skylake-X to Threadripper.

>Skylake-X still kills Threadripper in Cinebench tests.
by 10% and twice the price. yeah, totally crushes it m8

>Also I guarantee you 99% of the HEDT rich fags who buy this shit will never use Cinema 4D or any 3d rendering. The most they need is 6-8 cores max.

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Sure, corelet. Price isn't everything, moron.

For example, I need Intel CPUs because I dual boot with Wangblows and macOS. For the latter, Intel is the only option.

Also AVX512 has helped encode times with certain software, which is written for Intel and probably will never see performance updates for AMD Threadripper.

Stop looking at everything with your rose colored glasses.

The 7820x for $599 is probably the best value/bang for your buck in the Skylake-X line compared to Threadripper.

If you're thinking about higher cores, then maybe look at Theadripper.

I prefer Intel as a platform for above reasons.

Most people don't need to pay $1000 for a fucking CPU. Calm your titties down.

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>homOS X
Oh I see, sorry I ever took you seriously. For a minute there I thought I was talking to a non-gay.

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It's for work moron, for my home workstation.

At my workplace all the workstations are Macs and I don't have the choice to open my projects under Wangblows because 70% of my work is on FCPX (I can't change this).

So fucking kys you virgin living with your mum.

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what makes your 7820k less gaymen than a ryzen 7 1700 ? both are 8c/16t w/ (near) identical perfomance in gaymen and workstation tasks

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Core/Thread count ≠ Performance

Intel has certain features that are called by certain software that will never make it on AMD because they're propietary.

Go look at 7820x vs Gayzen equivalent benches, the 7820x whoops any Gayzen CPU.

Also they are not comparable because Gayzen is consumer and 7820x is HEDT.

That's like saying don't get a Xeon workstation but get Gayzen too cuz of a few points in a fucking shitty benchmarking software.

God you fucking /g/ idiots are so retarded it's not even funny. I hope you hang yourself for your degeneracy. You should've been aborted.

If you want to compare consumer crap, go compare the i7700 with your gay gayzen cpu.

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>Core i9
da fuq?

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>The 7820x for $599
Amd TR 1900x is 549 :^)
8c/16t , 64pcie lanes , quad mem
soldered and lower tdp
performs just as well

your choice anon

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I take that back, sorry you're forced to use a gay OS.

Anyway if not for that requirement are you sure you wouldn't be able to make due with an R7 1700?

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poor tasty monkey

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they are so much better

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I know right? One of 4chans aborted fetuses escaped suicide and made it up the corporate intel ladder.

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>all this butthurt bullshit
What the fuck is wrong with you Joao?

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are you triggered good sir?
seems like you cant get rid of the heat as someone cheaped out and only toothpaste as tim material , you will run hot constantly , better clock yourself down a bit

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for 2k grand you can actually buy an EPYC 7551P
with 32 corres 180 dp and 128 pcie lanes...
there is literally no reason what so ever to even think buying intel on hedt

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oh yeah its so mainstream that literally no one uses it

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Fuck off virgin.

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Is this the designated intelfag shitposting thread?

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>Using diamond nose

>Ryzen Threadripper 1900X is a 64-bit octa-core high-performance x86 desktop microprocessor set to be introduced by AMD in mid-2017. The 1900X, which is based on their Zen microarchitecture, is fabricated on a 14 nm process. The 1900X operates at a base frequency of 3.8 GHz with a TDP of 125 W and a Boost frequency of 4 GHz. This MPU supports up to 1 TiB of quad-channel DDR4-2666 ECC memory.

The 7820x will whoop this CPU for only $50 more. There's a reason why AyyyMD held off leaking the 1900x specs.

I don't give a fuck about TDP in a workstation or soldered/jizz thermal paste.

And also certain software needs Intel for best performance, it's not just about cores or gigahertz, idiot.

macOS is miles better than Wangblows, nice try kid.

When the Mac Pro comes out next year, I'll probably invest in that anyway and use this Skylake-X machine for other shit.

I make plenty of money I'm not worried about value and shit.

>Anyway if not for that requirement are you sure you wouldn't be able to make due with an R7 1700?

No, I never liked AMD, except for their Athlon line. They just cut too many corners.

I've been intel forever now and that won't change and most of my software that I use is mostly Intel heavy.

Stop trying to sell your shitty gayming CPU to someone who makes tons of money with their computer.

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post macacos

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>Tim meme
>TDP meme
>Le Housefire xDDDD

Who gives a shit when you have a 1000 watt Platinum PSU??

So far my 7820x has been whisper quiet even at full loads and floats around 68c on full load even on air.

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>Who gives a shit when you have a 1000 watt Platinum PSU??
Why didn't you just buy a 1950x instead of wasting all that money on a psu and mobo for a housefire?

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>Posting anime

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Do you even know who the CEO of apple is?

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Exaggerated garbage.

I've run full benches and the 7820x never hits above 70c even on Prime 95.

Why don't you build a better machine with better airflow instead of being worried about TDP like a queer?

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>ignores that intel is much better at low budget gaymen for the same price as ryzen

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The only queer her is you mactoddler.

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>Why don't you build a better machine with better airflow instead of being worried about TDP like a queer?
Why wouldn't you just spend that money on a good processor instead of useless bullshit instead?
>but muh single-threaded performance
Fuck off, gamer.

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What type of handicapped retard buys an HEDT system for single core performance?


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Are all Intel fanboys this butthurt, infantile and insecure?

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>Why wouldn't you just spend that money on a good processor instead of useless bullshit instead?
Because he's a retarded consumer.
>muh jiggawatts
>muh platinum

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Yeah keep posting those gay memes, faggot.

I'll stick with macOS and make 150k/yr + instead of living with my mum like a virgin (most of /g/)

>Why wouldn't you just spend that money on a good processor instead of useless bullshit instead?

Ryzen ≠ Good processor

>Fuck off, gamer.
Single thread performance is much more important in editing applications and encoding/decoding you fucking idiot.

The reason AMD keeps putting out Cinebench scores is because the Cinema4D engine (which Cinebench is based on) is literally a core hungry application. It wants more cores rather than single threaded performance.

Cinebench ≠ Best performance for every application.

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Yep. Buyer's remorse leads to self-enforced desperate shilling and bad times on /g/.

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so let me get this straight

after 7900 proved to be a literall housefire in both tdp and temp
now we found another cpu to shill because amd is going to release the lowest hedt cpu of them
and not only that intell shills thinks this is a win

>> No.61829248

>not hideous
material design is cancer no matter what

>> No.61829259

I don't care about the 7900x nigger.

I care about the 7820x which I have, because it's good value/performance for my case. And I can build a Hackintosh around it and dual boot with Wangblows for VR development.

Also I don't give 1 shit about my electric bill or tdp's and jizz paste memes.

The 7820x is the best value/performance that whoops anything in the same price range in the Threadripper line.

I guarantee you no one is going to buy the 1950x for $999.

>> No.61829262

im replacing a CPU cooler for the first time lads

if you were to remove the old thermal paste on your CPU without a product like rubbing alcohol, what would you use to clean it with?

>> No.61829269

not bad for blowing men in public bathrooms

>> No.61829271

>STILL arguing over CPUs when performance hit a huge fucking wall years ago and now it's all about engineering "new" CPUs that aren't any faster or better and keep having "benchmarks" put out that are specifically engineered to seem like they perform better so they can fool idiots to waste more money
Why are people dumb?

>> No.61829276

you have a 7820x as much as i have a project 47 in my room running crysis

>> No.61829277

man, intel is fucking shit.

>> No.61829278

Just use regular paper towels and you're good.

Dont drip rubbing alcohol on your mobo and I recommend you clean the thermal paste when your CPU is on the mobo.

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Oy-vey. No one is buying 1950x!

>> No.61829284

Hey buddy, I think you got the wrong room. /sqt/ or /pcbg/ are two blocks down.

>> No.61829292

Wow gay jokes xDDD

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See pic related for my order from July 27. I received the CPU last week.

Faggot kys

>Doesn't understand cookies and Amazon customer facing algorithm

>> No.61829318

>spends 600 bucks on intel
>calls others faggots

>> No.61829324

> Your card was not charged for this order.

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One thing we can all take from this is AMD has wounded intel pretty badly if they're giving an 8-core HEDT chip for a meager $600 instead of $1,000+.

They're even going a step further and desperately trying to defeat AMD with a rushed 18-core housefire that will likely consume 500W+ at 4 GHz.

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>Your card was not charged for this order. Pending authorizations (if any) will be removed
You sad, unevolved favela ape. Try harder next thread.

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4.5 Ghz vs 4.0Ghz

tell me more

>> No.61829348

Screencap me itt. This macaco just won't give up shitposting on 4chan will he?

>> No.61829357

i guess paint is a very complicated program to use on brasil

>> No.61829375

$1000 extra for CPU
$100 extra for special RAID dongle
$200 for special SSD
$+ for extra power usage
$+ for special cooling
Less PCI-E lanes
Jew cum TIM

Sure seems like a bargain to me

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the good stuff is threadripped has confirmed for a 4.2 on all cores
intel is literally dead

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Based slavs of robust engineering.

>> No.61829388

Would you rather I spend $1000 on GayAMD?

Sorry, I'd like to keep my $400 and invest that in a GPU and extra RAM. Faggot.

Because it was on backorder idiot. It got charged when it shipped. Jealous much?

See above.

This Brazil meme needs to die, it's actually sad desu.

>> No.61829405

>Jealous much?
Nope. I'm happy with my non-housefire 1800X that ties your (((Intel))) trash for less money and has ECC support.

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>>This Brazil meme needs to die, it's actually sad desu.
You can't escape the jungle shitstink of your blood and birthright, Andre da Silva.

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>buys a 600 bucks intel
>needs a 800 bucks mobo
>cares about 400 bucks

oh yeah sure seems legit

so the backorders dont charge when you made the order
you must be living in a utopia i guess

>> No.61829437

>ECC support

Keep trying harder, chink.

I live in California you retard. And I have Polish descent.

My mobo is the Taichi from ASRock, it was $289 tax free.

Try again

>> No.61829463

>claims to do serious work on desktop
>doesn't use ECC
It's time to go to bed, Joao.

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>Multi-core doesn't matter!
>Price/performance doesn't matter!
>Power usage doesn't matter!
>Temperatures don't matter!
>Soldered dies don't matter!
>Stutters don't matter!
>Streaming doesn't matter!
>Data centers don't matter!
>OEMs don't matter!
>Hyperscalers don't matter!
>Upgradeability doesn't matter!
>*NEW* Locked platform features don't matter!
>*NEW* Synthetic loads don't matter!
>*NEW* Burnt pins don't matter!

Intelcucks 2017

>> No.61829544

Haven't used ECC RAM for 15 years and I still make a ton of money.

>> No.61829556

selling macacos isnt a profitable job anon

>> No.61829569

Dam dude just stop. Each post just outs you more and more as a fraud from brazil. Just turn off your pc and enjoy that nice sopa de macaco.

>> No.61829665

Budget gayming although Ryzen is infinitely better at streaming and recording for people that would do this for a living. I think you're just mad Ryzen is superior and cheaper. Stay mad

>> No.61829689

>Butthurt AMD fanbois

>Streaming and recording

You need to leave your mums basement, anon. Get a real job Tyrone.

>> No.61829691


Intel can run at higher clocks and do more work, faster.

Maybe one day AMD can create chips to compete

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File: 2.47 MB, 640x640, Mario 64 bowser fight.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pretty much this. AMD is a joke desu.

>> No.61829716


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File: 63 KB, 640x898, 32200cd9e9a5214c1bc7e56a9078fc48551749a11b772b9f3fe0b2b5410a04d8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You need to stop being a cannibal. Pretty sure it's against the law even in your 3rd world country.

>> No.61829738

Prove it.

>> No.61829752

Yeah prove it.

>> No.61829760

Goodnight macaco, I'll see you on the daily AMD bashing threads tomorrow. You should change up your trolling a little though, it's getting kinda stale.

>> No.61829768

>Would you rather I spend $400 more on an enormously better processor
>or $200 more on an enormously better processor
>or $300 less on a roughly equal processor

>> No.61829770

they're the same idiots

stop being fooled by these moneygrubbing shits for overpriced garbage that hasn't really improved in years

>> No.61829783

Don't tell me what to do with my money you smelly gook.

>> No.61829784

Intel will dissolve and a non-jewish company will take over.

>> No.61829800

>t. bettynho

>> No.61829827

Brazillian chicks are hot tho they have fat asses

>> No.61829869

Probably from all that uma delicia macaco.

>> No.61829872

Is this meme really that funny? Really?

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>> No.61829892

Can this meme die?

>> No.61829907

nice space heater poorfag

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I'm a white American with an Intel HEDT system, actually. You're free to buy whatever you want, but you're still an idiot. Skylake-X is a fucking joke that performs worse than Broadwell-E while producing more heat. A Broadwell-E price drop would be more compelling competition to Ryzen than the shit Intel is pushing out now.

>> No.61829910

I don't know, ask your mother in law.

the macaco certainly did

>> No.61829921

>white American
Sure, Jose.

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>people actually build intel hedt systems in 2010+7

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truth bombs

>> No.61829946

as always.

>> No.61829965

You probably have a small penis.

>> No.61829981

They've been banging macacos all their lives. Probably used to it by now.

>> No.61829995

"id rather pay more for better processor " Please killyourself you autistic mongoloid

>> No.61830014

The funny thing is taht the 7980xe will actually perform worse than 1950x in anything that matters because it's stuck with sub-3GHz clockspeed.

>> No.61830023

I thought that TDP rating looked suspicious...

>> No.61830121

How long until threadripper's review embargo lifts?

>> No.61830187
File: 26 KB, 572x496, 1496974483057.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I hope Intel is paying you to shill on /g/, otherwise you're doing it >for free. Intel's semen must be delicious

>paying Intel extra money for slightly better performance
>you even have to pay for RAID support


>> No.61830201

Miles better? Sure, imperial units are all random bullshit anyway. i9s DOA, worse than VEGA even. i9 can't sustain clocks on all cores for shit.

400 dollar 6 core Has/Broadwell-E chips and budget X99 boards say otherwise. I happen to be one of those. Intel is going for a niche within a niche. I can't imagine how many $1k EE chips only sold due to employee discounts. Having a friend who benefited from that, he told me he wouldn't have jumped on a half-price 6950X. This dude could easily afford it too. If they could struggle to sell a ten cores at $800, what chance do they have do they have at selling 18 cores at $2k retail?

>> No.61830359

>>you even have to pay for RAID support
At least Intel has hardware RAID support.
FYI RAID0 is included.

AMD doesn't. At all.

>> No.61830405

what are raid cards?

if you have that much money way would it matter anyway. BTW most HEDT users use a NAS.

Raid is not a back up at anyrate.

>> No.61830435
File: 158 KB, 769x960, 8ymi54ww3lez.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>what are raid cards?

Yeah good luck with RAID cards on M.2 SSDs.

Also good luck with software RAID on your gAyMD

>> No.61830758
File: 243 KB, 801x1500, 1495396529211.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Intel can't OC well on all cores like AMD. Sad.

>> No.61830785

SSG is a thing you poor fuck.
you don't use software raid when you have hardware raid dingus.

>> No.61830872

ITT: Fags shitposting about which unreleased CPU is better

>> No.61830910

It's not just a CPU fight, but a paradigm fight.
It's about the end of moore's law: you can(not) shrink to 3 nm
Intel want to make chips bigger, AMD want to make multiple chips.

>> No.61830921

Go home grandpa.

>> No.61830962

Actually, AVX gets used extensively in checksums all over performance critical things in the kernel such as software RAID in ZFS and the likes. This is because it keeps the pipeline fuller and works faster overall. That being said, having many, average power NUMA nodes is better for use cases where you have many users on one machine (cloud providers and the likes). Pick the right CPU for the job, I'm just glad that AMD is filling the spot Intel kind of left behind

>> No.61830988

>le bad value for performance meme

Does anyone really care about that? If you pay 2k for a CPU that you will have for at least 5 years.

>> No.61831099

When you can spend the money elsewhere and make a machine that is overall better? yes

>> No.61831195
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quads of truth
Brian confirmed dead

>> No.61831219

Is this your first day on /g/? You haven't seen all the actual Mac users vs the Linux using furry gay pedos?

>> No.61831319
File: 278 KB, 1920x1080, You_badge.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lol faggot.

>> No.61831568



Por favor, senior:
>Multi-core doesn't matter!
>Price/performance doesn't matter!
>Power usage doesn't matter!
>Temperatures don't matter!
>Soldered dies don't matter!
>Stutters don't matter!
>Streaming doesn't matter!
>Data centers don't matter!
>OEMs don't matter!
>Hyperscalers don't matter!
>Upgradeability doesn't matter!
>*NEW* Locked platform features don't matter!
>*NEW* Synthetic loads don't matter!
>*NEW* Burnt pins don't matter!

>> No.61831609
File: 781 KB, 1919x1079, 1471158864472.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there even a point to Intel's lineup now? Hell they even limit how many PCiE lanes you can have per CPU. What sort of kikery is this? Oh I might also need a two thousand watt psu now too? Sign me the fuck up senpai.

>> No.61831640

If things hit a wall why do programs keep taking more and more power?

>> No.61831661

I would by one for these colourful neon boxes (but OEM)

>> No.61831708

anime website

>> No.61831741

Not really, unless you want to pay way too much and then justify it by shitposting on mongolian fishing expedition blogs about how much better your purchasing decision was.

Apparently the serial faggot in this thread also needed Hackintosh, which is running on Ryzen but is a work-in-progress (only kindof works).

>> No.61832931
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>>>Putting IR lasers on a raven.

>> No.61832954
File: 57 KB, 455x400, 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Raven (at all)

>> No.61832969

Intel must be dying to see that threadripper is tearing compute workloads apart.

God forbid they lower prices.

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