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AMD R7 owners:

How much were you able to OC and at what core voltage?

How bad is the heat?

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AMD is trash for poor people

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i let my 1700x at stock settings because it was fast enough for me

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aaaayyyyymd housefires!

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stock voltage

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stock voltage
between 40-70

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Reminder to report shitposters.

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1600x 4016ghz 1.38v
33c - 75c on 212 evo

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Go to bed, Brian.

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Reminder that camel piss is delicious, but a little bit salty.

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>consumes same amount of power as 4c/8t
Top fucking kek

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Not an R7 owner but I have an R5 1600 clocked at 3.85GHz @ 1.36v

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>Reminder that camel piss is delicious, but a little bit salty.
I've seen this video.

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OC is for manchildren

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What about the other way around?

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Did you undervolt yours?

Also having an unlocked multiplier on a CPU is still nice. Gives you a lottery ticket to 10-20% better performance. I'll take that over intel chips with locked multipliers desu.

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manchildren are for OCs?

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I mean underclocking and undervolting, going the way of the cold.

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3.7 GHz
Stock voltage and stock cooler.

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Very similar to that chart on my 1700, but I only went to 3.7Ghz because of the boxed cooler
About 75C under full load, like 60C during gaymen
Now running at undervolted stock clocks, 59C during full load, 50C during gaymen

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Nice undervolted

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>About 75C under full load
That's pretty amazing considering most stock intel coolers can barely cool processors at base frequencies under load.

>Now running at undervolted stock clocks, 59C during full load, 50C during gaymen
At the same 3.7GHz frequency?

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As I said, stock clocks

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1800X, 4GHz at 1.4V. Hovers in the low 70s under stress test load. Much lower in gaming. Cooling it using a Noctua NH-U14S.

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Oh sorry, I haven't been getting much sleep lately. I'm starting to see shadows moving in my room.

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I want to call you a liar.

But, I also want to believe.

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I didn't overclock yet - R7 1700 stock

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Ryzen 5 1600 / Asrock AB350M Pro4

1.25v for 3700mhz (my daily, fast and cool)
1.35v for 4000mhz (for benches and bragging rights)
1.42v for 4200mhz (not worth it)

stock cooler , stock curve , prime95
3700mhz = 68c
4000mhz = 73c
4200mhz = 83c

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R7 1700, 3.7 GHz @ 1.21V.
WIth a room temperature of 32°C and the stock wraith cooler: 72°C with prime95, 60°C while gayming, 40°C idle.

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fucking hell man, congrats on winning the lottery

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It's not unusual to get stable OCs with low voltages up to 3.7 GHz. The problem is when you go past that: the increases in voltages, power consumption and temps are exponential after 3.7.

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Nikolai delet dis

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Threadripper 1950x. [email protected]

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Say it with me

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thought the tdp was 65 for ryzen??? дд

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3.7 ghz @ 1.152 V
I think it's good but idk, waiting for the AM4 mounting kit from Noctua.

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TDP ≠ power consumption

Though AMD's TDP is ~80% of the real power consumption on stock settings. Intel's TDP is more like ~65% of the real power consumption probably in a desperate attempt to hide how much heat their chips generate. Motherboard manufacturers won't be happy about this.

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based ek

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R7 1700 ASUS B350 Prime Plus.
3.9 GHz at 1.3875v. Can't go any higher, even at 1.45v.
With a Hyper 212 Evo, temps go from 75c to 80c, this is in a case with only one exhaust fan and piss poor cable management, though.
I like to run it at 3.7 GHz at 1.23v whenever I'm not doing any work in the Adobe Suite or Blender, though. Temps under full load there are around 60c - 65c.
Idles around 30c - 35c.
If you want to push the CPU to its absolute limit, the Spire cooler will have to go out. At 3.7 GHz though, it'll do just fine.

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3.9Ghz @ 1.35v on 1700x

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