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How did AMD manage to make such a huge piece of shit?

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because of the Chinese

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>implying AMD has made anything good in recent years
Their last decent chip was the Athlon 64x2. And even that got its ass handed to it when Core 2 Duo arrived.

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Fuck off, unless you were a 12 year old faggot gamer Bulldozer absolutely raped Sandy Bridge. People who actually used their computer to do things other than play homosexual games used AMD FX.

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AMD is good at making shit products, take a look at Vega and Ryzen for example.

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I have the 8350
Once I strapped a water cooler on its perfect
To be honest I dont see the problem, it does my games and multitasking perfectly, can't complain when I dont have myself convinced that I do anything that fully utilizes it, high horse complex
(My buddy gave me the CPU, mobo and 8gb of ram for 10 euros, so I can't complain about it either)

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I knew this was instantly going to turn into a "hurr durr everything AMD makes is shit" thread as soon as I saw it.

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I think first phenom generation was worse than FX. Altho FX6300 could compete in games, unline first phenoms.

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>AMD shill being this mad that everything AMD makes is shit
Fucking kill you are self.

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Even the low-power version of the lowest-end Sandy Bridge i5 ran circles around the FX-8350. It still does.

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Ask yourself how Intel made presshot, itanium, iAPX 432 , larabee, etc

Everyone makes a piece of shit once in a while.

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These cost about the same at launch. It was pretty bad even at multicore. http://cpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Intel-Core-i5-2500K-vs-AMD-FX-8350/619vs1489

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At least they recovered from their mistakes in due time. AMD on the other hand hasn't been even remotely competitive since 2006.

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Mentally damaged retard with a pathological need to shit on AMD detected.

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>AMD on the other hand hasn't been even remotely competitive since 2006.

Fuck off.

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Ryzen isn't competitive, and it's about to become completely irrelevant once Coffee Lake launches in two weeks.

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Phenom IIs were somewhat good ([email protected] masterrace) and FX6350s were a good choice for poorfags once.

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Back in the cuckshed, Brian.

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>10 euros
thats quite a great deal for a 8350 + mobo + ram, nice

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There there Brian don't cry, it only hurts at the start

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Funny story about that
I asked him for the CPU cooler that was on it and I said id give him 10 euros for it
He said he couldn't have been bothered to take the cooler off and that he would give me the whole lot for the 10

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They betted on the wrong horse
IPC won

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Same way Intel did this one.

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Asian engineers.

Ryzen was made by white engineers.

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Bulldozer was almost fully computer simulated, barely any hand drawn circuits.

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>computers designing computers

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Mike Clark was the lead engineer of both.

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Cmon there's more than one anti-AMD guy in 4chan. Stop being so dense.

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this burned alot of people
good ryzen is patching things up

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Must suck for people that don't appreciate a good chip. Quality of life must be total shit when you are too cheap/poor to afford Intel and too unappreciative to go with a 8350.

I got a FX-8350 about three years ago and have loved it ever since. Still love it. Not sure why I'd even pay for a 1800x when my 8350 is constantly at 10% usage.

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It was not bad if you compile the source yourself with -march=native.

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Company gets cocky, gets cocked.
It's like that since the 70's.
I bet intel still feel the pain of the 6502.
When a 25 dollar chip can outperform your 180 dollars chip with ease, shit's dire.

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inspired by the success of pentium 4 in fooling ignorant masses by promoting higher clockspeed,

MOAR gigahurtz, MOAR cores, well it works well for intel but amd doesnt have a shill army as coordinated as intel during p4/k8 era

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I still want to get a used FX-8350 at some point but it's really hard to find them used, because hardly anyone bought them. Maybe I'll stick with APUs.

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No it didn't. It was roughly equal to or sometimes slightly lower than the i7 2600k in multithreaded workloads. The abysmal single thread performance meant that even of programs could take advantage of its module design it would still run slow.

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I got a fx8350 and I don't have any trouble playing any games. Tell me a game I can't play with it...

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People think getting 3000fps in csgo makes them good players.

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It would probably be better to go with FM2 or FM2+ if you just want to play around, a lot of mobos are surprisingly full featured consider they're cheaper and designed for low end CPUs.

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I've had a fx8320 since 2013 and I've been happy with it.

Only times it really shat the bad was with fallout 4 (fucked up cpu bound shadow distance) and in emulation.

I'm probably getting a coffee lake i7 when it comes out

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>good chip
pick one

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How did Intel manage to make such a huge piece of shit?

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Bipeline fetish.

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At least BIBELINES actually worked.
Nothing is worse than iAPX432.

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They got fucked hard by Intel jewing them out of their fabs and put their few remaining eggs in the wrong basket.

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i agree, its been a great cpu for me. no botnet too

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>intel has launched 3 fucking platforms this year because of ryzen.
>3. and ALL of them require new motherboards
>all of them run hot as well.
>all of them are more expensive than AMD
>all of them are either on par or slower than amds offering.
>all of them have fewer pcie lanes.

There is litteraly nothing intel can do to stop the Zen train at this moment. not a damn thing.

So go have fun with your coffee lake that will probably suck and suck as much power as the previous gen, all while delivering 0 IPC increase.

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have this case sitting in my closet

the good days

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They're also trying to speed up Cannonlake (and continuing to fail miserably to launch it).
If it launches, there's going to be 4 platforms this year.

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Sandy was the reason why FX was so shit, FX was pretty good versus Nehalem.

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are you implying that Ryzen is any different?
If anything Ryzen is more extreme with CAE used.

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>FX was pretty good versus Nehalem
Nope. It had worse IPC than phenom 2.

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Piledriver was fine
But boy howdy did they fuck up with Bulldozer

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FX-8350 is the last non-botnet processor and I still use mine even though I have 1700 desu

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By Excavator it almost wasn't shit. A12-9800 is pretty good value for $100.

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Rofl before and with the atlon 64 , amd was trashing with intel , while intel was glueing ( literally) pentiums . After this they started to bribe everyone so they don t put AMD chips .

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>the insanity of an amdrone: moar coars edition

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nigga u wot

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Here is some gaymen benchmark, showing my point.

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I'm still playing AAAs after 4 years with a $100 CPU. Not seeing a problem here.

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And Kikeripper will deliver the finishing blow.

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Ditching P6 is always a mistake it seems bcuz muh backwards compatibility. All software is optimized for that architecture on desktop systems. It's not the holy grail, it's just that it dominates.

See also: itanium, netburst.


Yes, first phenom was waaay worse. Phenom 2 shomehow managed to catch up with 45nm Penryn. What did AMD do to K10?

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I have like 5 of these computers. idk what to do with them besides internet machines. but they're mint so why toss 'em?

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No, Ryzen was tested in simulations, but the design was made and optimized by hand.

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>hurr what is a cpu benchmark

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Intel loses in both real world performance benchmarks due to lack of cores and in high resolution gaming benchmarks due to lack of IPC. Why does a 720p benchmark matter other than to test Intel's best corner case?

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FX line has many problem and since i owned a FX6100

1. no modern x86 instructions
2. No 3Dnow instruction (shadow issues) (this was usefull as it didn't even have the 3 instructions sandy had and it would of given it a edge in gaming, sadly amd was stupid and removed it before replacing it with somthing better.

3. weak cores
4.Low max on ram clock speed.
5.not enough L2 or L1 cache
3.Latency too many missed cycles /lost packets lead to slow IPC

how ever the multitaking on FX bulldozer was beyond awesome.

that said Ryzen fixed many issues from thelast gen FX.

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there is a reason why amd fired nearly half of its senior management and ceo when bulldozer launched.
it was all because bulldozer was horrendously miss managed. after its release a lot of current and former employees spilled the beans. amd's management where hiding information, poor communication, over inflating estimates, and flat out lying about bulldozers performance during design. no one wanted to admit they were making mistakes and where on the wrong path.
evidently when it became to apparent to hide is when amd started to layoff personnel and since they had nothing, released bulldozer full well knowing it was an absolute failure.
so much of a failure than bulldozer at release was 20% slower than amd's own previous generation, phenom ii, clock for clock. piledriver released a year later in 2012 was still slower than phenom ii clock for clock, but not as bad as bulldozer. around 7-10%. all piledriver had going for itself and made it "better" was its much higher clocks. into the 4ghz+ range.
the amd today is vastly different than the amd of the late 2000's.

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FX 8150 and 8120 are the actual last non botnet x86. Piledriver has the AMD ME clone.

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Meanwhile, over at current day Intel ..

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I think the problem is that there aren't many people like myself who are on a budget, and use software like Vegas that takes advantage of it. an FX chip uses too much power to have dual chips In a server, and the single thread sucks ass on games.

But on the bright side

>Enthusiast 990FX chipset board for $100-$150
>Brand new FX8350 for $120
>OC to 4.5GHz on stock volts if it does it or a tiny bit more vcore

It's good for those who can use it

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It's finally cheap enough. In 2017. lol

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>tfw poor as fuck and had a Q6660 so it's new to me

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Would an FX-6300 make a good encoding machine?

>> No.61820451

Only reason to buy it would be because it's really, really cheap. If you want a "good" encoding machine, get a Ryzen 7. Or Ryzen 5 6 core.

>> No.61820464

Get the 8350/8320 and OC it, way better for rendering, mine crashes at 4.6GHz because I'm too pussy to overvolt anything, that's how good the chip is if you're on a budget, if you have cash, get something newer.

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i7 performance for less in multithreaded stuff
Gaymen performance sucked back then, now its between 2500k and 2600k

>> No.61820518

its about to happen again w/ intel and there 1% improvements whilst sticking to 4 cores

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Coffee Lake is 6 cores, although it remains to be seen if there's any actual improvements or if it's just a sidegrade.

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Fuck off, unless you were a 12 year old faggot gamer Zen absolutely raped Kaby Lake. People who actually used their computer to do things other than play homosexual games used AMD Ryzen.

Does this mean that Ryzen is going to follow in Bulldozer's footsteps where everyone who mocked low settings benchmarks suddenly realized just months later that core performance was terrible and their chips couldn't cut it anymore?

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can i have one ? i really like old dells , i have a near mint white 5150 here and its a beautiful machine

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The Phenom II x4 965 BE was pretty competitive with the i5 750.

An overclocked Westmere 6 core i7 kills even an FX-9590 in multithreaded workloads, despite the clock and core deficit.

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Get a FX8300 and overclock it

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I'm all about that Conroe life, but I did use old dimensions in middle school.

Nahalem was a beast, the only thing making the FX better is the 990FX with native SATA3, usb 3

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Literally anudda shoah
Why is Crysis 3 so antisemitic?

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its lower clocked afaik , and high clock/ipc is one of intels biggest advantage as Ryzen almost matches the Lake ipc clock for clock

>> No.61820651

You can't get 500fps in CS:GO at 640x480 lowest settings
Literally unplayable

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The gap between single core on i7-7700K and Ryzen is ~25%.
The gap between single core on i7-2600K and Bulldozer is ~40%.

Also, Zen 2 will be a substantial improvement as opposed to Bulldozer which took years before Excavator improved to "not complete shit" status. So no, not really.

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Second reply meant for >>61817201

Still using my x58 system. The worst thing about it is definitely the lack of SATA 3. I don't even have one of the later motherboards that had non-native SATA 3 and USB 3 added. My SSDs are so bottlenecked.

>> No.61820688

I had a shitty fx 8150 clocked at 4.5GHz for 3 years before I upgraded. Came with a AIO cooler too.

>> No.61820710

>Just Wait

Wait for what? Another disappointing chip that gets outclassed by intel in a few months? No thanks

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Plenty of people bought it and still use it day to day
Most of them were waiting for Ryzen and are probably now waiting for Zen 2 and those 5 GHz clocks
Bulldozer was supposed to be high clocks to compensate for the reduced IPC after the first Zambesi's were redesigned
BD wasn't suppressed to have serial regressions, but CMT didn't brought any improvements that way, so they cucked a lot of stuff and bet on high clocks and GloFo not fucking up
Of course GloFo fucked up

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>> No.61820864

The Bulldozer vs Sandy gap came from IPC. Even clocked to the fucking moon like the FX-9590, bulldozer couldn't compete with the single core performance of reasonably clocked i5s.
The Zen vs Kaby gap comes mostly from clocks. The IPC gap between Kaby and Zen is <10%.
The latter problem is much easier to solve.

>> No.61820923

Bulldozer had slightly worse IPC than Thuban, but Piledriver had slightly better IPC than Thuban. Though a Thuban with its six real cores trashes a three module Piledriver chip clock for clock in multithreaded loads.

>> No.61820959

>The gap between single core on i7-7700K and Ryzen is ~25%.

to be fair the gap between the hedt chips and ryzen is much lower and the price difference does not do intel favours, so while the 7700k is "better" it's a subjective choice of whether you're happy with a 4c/8t gaming pc or something that's far better for everything else, either way you can't be mad at amd given that they're forcing intel into putting hyperthreading on i5s and are making 6c/12t and higher far more mainsteram


all new chips are going to have intel proprietary toothpaste TIM and will have the clocks pushed to the limit of stability meaning they'll be where amd is now: no overclocking headroom and running stupidly hot

>> No.61820969

Pretty crazy how the terrible ipc of the FX kept even Core 2 relevant for longer than it should, I didn't want to ditch my Q6600 until GTA V came out and I really started seeing bottlenecking.

>> No.61821065

Black Desert Online

>> No.61821154

>all new chips are going to have intel proprietary toothpaste TIM and will have the clocks pushed to the limit of stability meaning they'll be where amd is now: no overclocking headroom and running stupidly hot
Also see: Skylake-X, (probably) Coffee Lake-S

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The shareholders aren't happy, Brian.

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clock for clock kaby lake single core is like 2-5% faster lol

>> No.61821370

There is a 10% IPC advantage as well as a clockspeed advantage.

>> No.61821387

>Kaby is 5% faster than Broadwell
>Zen core is anywhere from 3% faster than Broadwell to 2% slower
>10% IPC advantage

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because they didn't realize processors would shit themselves at 5GHz so they designed it to clock up to like 20.
Then when they melted at fucking 4GHz realized they had made a huge mistake but already put all this R&D into it so decided to stick it out until AMD pushed their shit in a bit more.

>> No.61822116


25%? Nah man. It's more like 2-3% on average.

>> No.61822265

What? i5 4200U 2x2.4Ghz here, runs at 1 or 0% idle windows 10 + several programs

>> No.61822557

For gamers at least Athlon 64 was the start of a rather long dominance. Core 2 duo didn't come along for a while. Sadly the moment it showed up was just when AMD had started to gain mainstream acceptance.

Considering it's in the OP...

>> No.61822746

sopa de macaco, uma delicia...

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you're that fag that can't install a heat sink properly. FX is great, stock heat sink runs a little hot I used a cooler master solves the issue completely. pic related
also its a nice fast processor, a bunch of cores, and was pretty cheap imo

>> No.61822773

Posting crying wojaks should be a bannable offense.

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as someone who used a 8320/8350 and has a 1700x now :

for games they were fairly shit. they ran very hot. motherboards were all shit except the sabertooth and maybe a couple others. pcie2.0.

they served me well, but i have plenty of complaints . the fact that amd pulled ryzen out of their ass is amazing.

>> No.61822996


Those were just Ryzen prototypes.

>> No.61823057

They're really pushing this 4.5ghz turbo clock 3 thing to try and keep the single core performance up. If it's anything like firelake-x then the L chips won't give a fuck for heat or power and just all core turbo their way into an early motherboard death.

>> No.61823075

The "K" chips, not L

>> No.61823129

I have the 8350, it's been pretty good for the past 4 years.But it's definitely starting to show it's age in newer games like BF1 and PUBG.

>> No.61823130

lmao, blow that hot air into ur psu boi

>> No.61823238

saves me from needing case fans anyways

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>"Hurr durr i herd amd was bad a couple yaers ago. amd is bad."

>> No.61823810


>> No.61824913

psus hate being at 50c , they will fault way faster at that temp

>> No.61824959

This. Ryzen is glued ccx abortion.

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>> No.61825074

It's a 8 thread CPU with the same multi core performance as a quadcore. Just a pile of shit.

>> No.61825168

I like my 8350.
>B-but... my has better benchmarky numbers..
Okay... well i dont do benchmarks so im k, right? :^)

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really makes you think

>> No.61825225

A delight

>> No.61825253

>this kills the amdrone

>> No.61825265

Hungry Hungry Hippos.

>> No.61825421

Anything emulation and some games like GTA V on ultra with a stable fps. Not a big deal if you don't play these games or only play on medium.

>> No.61825527

>Sandy Bridge-E doesn't exist
Hell even Westmere raped FX.

>> No.61825835

only the most diehard fan will tell you that FX was great , i had a FX6100 (clocked at 4.6ghz) and it was a good budget chip (payd 40€ for it) but it ran hot an was slow , got a i7 2600 a few months later from a friend and it was just so much better , while being cooler and taking much less power

now im on a ryzen 5 1600 and its a superb chip , best performance/$ by far , and a powerhouse when you need cores , (outperfoming my friends 4.6ghz 5820k ) its almost like intel and AMD have swapped places in perf/watt terms

>> No.61825892

Look at the TDP, though. The Intel offerings are so much more efficient.

>> No.61825936

I remember being hyped for THE NEXT PHENOM, even if the phenom series wasn't that great

>> No.61825946


>> No.61827005

But that new Ryzen tho

>> No.61828838

A new one would costs the same as the i3 6100 which is at least 20% faster and better thermals. The FX6300 is outdated for current pricing, i even sold mine and got a pentium g4560 as a side upgrade to roll down the power usage and heat. Electricity is expensive here.

>> No.61828852

Oh also i'm talking about productivity, not about gaymer fps shit.

>> No.61828860

>electricity is expensive
>got an intel

>> No.61828897


How about FPS/USD chart tard.

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Now everybody is well acquainted with the Brescott meme. But do people remember what a piece of shit the earliest iteration of Pentium 4 was, the Willamette?

Even though the Pentium 4 Willamette was so ridiculously expensive, the Pentium 3 Tualatin kicked its arse SO hard Intel actually had to gimp the Tualatin to prevent it from embarrassing their Shiny New Revolutionary Netburst CPU™.

Here's what they did to Tualatin to artificially hold it back
1) Halved the L2 cache just before launch
2) Limited FSB to 133mhz (P4 had 400mhz) - even though the Tualatin could theoretically support a much faster FSB
3) Limited RAM to 133mhz SDRAM (P4 supported 200mhz DDR) even though the Tualatin could support 200mhz DDR.

Fuck Intel.

>> No.61830109

it's not a bad cpu per se, it's just that you could have bought much better ones for the same price.

>> No.61830215


I had a tualatin that had 512kb L2. It was 1MB in the beginning?

>> No.61830252

No, it was 512 KB originally. You had a "Server Edition" Tualatin which retained the original quantity of L2 cache. But the consumer editions were gimped to 256 KB.

>> No.61830272

FX6300 master race here

>> No.61830399

Ah, so the server edition had the original amount. I knew it was server, I bought that hardware in 2008 when it was dirt cheap. It was awesome, it could run Warcraft 3, WoW well ( with an MX 440 in a PCI slot and 375 MB sdram ) and even browsing was fine on it ( flash was slow but I didn't play farmerama or whatever back then ). Shit was fine on it but Ubuntu needed more ram, so I had a mandriva on it later. Somehow that hardware was competent even at that time. Either genius design or slow tech advancement since then.

>> No.61830412

>performance per dollar
>84w vs 220w
Are you even trying

>> No.61830438

I had an 8350 and it shit on my friends i7-920 in VMs.

Its not a gaming CPU at all, but it is really good for the price at certain tasks. I would legitimately trade my i5-6600 for another 8350.

>> No.61830464

It's because the Tualatin was better technology than the Pentium 4, even though Intel forced the latter on everybody.

>> No.61830481

Ryzen is good you dumb idiot
Some people don't just play games all day long like a fucking loser

>> No.61830499


Wasn't that because virtually all software is optimized for P6-like architectures? It seems that ANY other stuff is shit on the desktop lineup.

>> No.61830506

No, NetBurst was hilariously inefficient low-IPC design. High clocks were supposed to offset everything but high clocks never happened.

>> No.61830512

Have you seen the videos of the muslims, and hindus drinking real urine? it's fun to watch those people try to be human.

>> No.61830568
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>Thread about [CPU/GPU manufacturer]
>Immediately turning into a shit-flinging fanboy bait fest

I fucking hate this board.

Kill yourselves

>> No.61830630

The only real advantage that Netburst had over P3 is that the Netburst designs emphasized SSE (SIMD) performance and so were faster in that particular area than the Tualatin. Of course...once GPUs supported T&L then the importance of SSE went down. Netburst was basically filled with out of date ideas (that might have sounded good at the planning stage) from the moment of release.

Pentium M is basically living proof that Tualatin could annihilate even the fastest P4s if Intel hadn't gimped its FSB and RAM support. Unfortunantly because Intel did gimp the latter two, the P3 Tualatin can lose to the P4 Willamette in memory intensive scenarios.

>> No.61830638


>> No.61832022

too far ahead of its time

>> No.61832939

What was the problem with it? I used a FX-6300 chip for years, overclocked easily to 5GHz and never had a single problem with it.

I did get it for like 150 bucks with a motherboard back in 2013. Can't complain.

>> No.61832994

I actually upgraded from a Q6600 to a FX 6300
still runs GTA V perfectly on high/ultra settings with a RX 480

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