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Anyone else excited? :D


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>Anyone else excited?

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> Are you ready for another housefire?!

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this guy is

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>another rushed Housefire™-Lake
>excited over the Cumload beneath heat spreader
nah thanks
3. Fucking Generation this year

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Nope, ryzen will undoubtedly crush it.

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But I like my house when it isn't in a state of perpetual combustion.

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This thing is going to absolutely smoke Ryzen in games (and likely any other workload requiring up to 12 threads). The single thread performance of a 7700K combined with 50% more cores... it's going to be amazing.

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>everyone in this thread uses the overheating meme because they are unoriginal


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definitely going to smoke something.

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>ten years of Incels using the housefire meme
>a month into the reverse and they can't handle the bantz

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>Anyone else excited? :D

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You won't be getting any more gayming FPS out of this than a 7700k
You'd actually get more FPS out of a 6 core without HT at the same clocks.

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>i'am an unoriginal reddit user, the post


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How to spot shills: Intel Edition.

BTW, if you look through the Intel Insider program preview, they aren't even gonna give ya'll a discount on the i9's :(

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Let me guess, Windows being retarded again?

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>how to spot mad amd shills, ayy lmao edition

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kill yourself amdrone

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>reddit living in his head rent free

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Doesn't take a PhD to figure out.

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No the new meme is SOPA DE MACACO

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red pill me on that meme

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this is not a meme, it's a unprovoked attack on the civilian population

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>''You have to be 18 or higher in order to use this website''

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Ain't gonna lie every time I bought AMD in the last decade I got burned badly but Ryzen looks spicy to the point where if I could return my 6700k I'd definitely go for something like 1700x. Especially since 7700k and 8th gen look to be a step backwards.

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You're leaving so soon? :(

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give me a quick rundown on this meme

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Yes ofc that s why the 7800k gets destroyed by the 7700k

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literally an asian monkey from reddit is calling a brazillian a monkey

tl;dr forced plebbit cancer

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just google


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i was drawing this masterpice for you guys :)

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but how does that relate to Intel?

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>post yfw 7th gen 7700K was released in fucking february THIS YEAR and Intel is launching 8th Gen in a few fucking weeks

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Are you really this tech-illiterate? The 7800X performs poorly in games due to the changes Intel made to the uncore and cache. The 8700K doesn't have any of those changes. It's literally just a 7700K with two more cores, rather than something completely different like Skylake-X.

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they just glued 3 cpus together? damn intel REALLY must be desperate.

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Ayymd is finished.

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dunno it's funny

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an incel shitposter inadvertently revealed he was brazilian in some thread and now the meme is that intel shitposters are brazilians

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Ok amddrone no one really go from 6700k for a poozen. That is what downgrade means.

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>complaining that intel is finally getting its shit together and dropping 4 cores as the standard for i7 after almost 10 years

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okay sounds about right. i for one don't condone cannibalism at least.

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there was a Brazilian shitting out some early benchmarks and links to Intel beating ryzen, also saying bullshit like "ryzen only does 2666MHz ram", pics from release and so on.
/g/ started replying with Uma delicia memes and he fucked off.

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Lmao didn't' Z170 boards come out like 20 months ago, and Z270 like 7 months ago, and there's already a new incompatible chipset?

I'm excited for 4.5GHz+ Ryzen 6 core to upgrade while keeping my same B350 board, that's it.

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Incels will accept it, so why not milk them? A chipset a year may keep the goyim in fear, but a chipset every six months buys Brian a new yacht. :^)

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It's not my fault amd need unicorn memory type to merely come closer to Intel.
You save money buying second grade zen CPUs but need very costly unicorn memory to make this abomination run at acceptable levels

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I'm honest faggot, your precious company is fading into obscurity.

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Who said zen accept 2666? On average if you want 32+ gb it will run much much lower on such glued shitty chip

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Kill yourself BR glueeater.

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First they launched 1151 socket z170 and z270
Then they launched x299
And now this new 1151 that cant be used on old motherboards.

Sure as Shit smells of desperation.

Oh and their cpus are hotter and More expensive than amd. It's like failing is Intels gameplan

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>Suspiciously not turned right-side up
What did they mean by this?

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BR pls.

Ryzen has been compatible with many 3200 ddr4 RAM modules for a while now.


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When coffee lake release I will mock all poojets how a proper 6 core can spank a 8 toy cores

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>:D without spoilers and fairies
Kill yourself. Nuke this shitty board already for a month or two.

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I've been using pic related with my R7 1700 for a while now.

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>giving money to the housefire jew

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Enjoying your 3.7 oc?

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Back to the favela.

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>needing to buy a new motherboard even though it's the exact same chip on 14nm+++++++++++

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What has gone wrong with your life that you spend most of your time defending a multibillion dollar corporation that doesn't know you exist and doesn't care if you got run over by a fucking bus two seconds from now?

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Got mine to 4ghz but at 1.4V, won't go any higher though.

I'm overall pretty satisfied with the multi-tasking performance and being able to stream and play vydia at the same time

>tfw I was almost gonna buy an i7-7700K

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>actually summoned the favela shill with my post
s-sorry guys, I really thought he would've fucked off by now...

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would nvidia reclaim their Housfire™ crown?

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why are you playing with low settings if you have a 1070?

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>thinking the move to 6 cores wasnt going to be without its catches
dumb wishful thinker

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he has monkeys to feed

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Wont beat 7700k for 144hz, won't beat ryzen for everything else. No point for the 8700k.
The i3 8350k on the other hand is going to be awesome for budget 144hz, and the i3 8100 will probably sell rather well as it places it's self right between bentium and r5.
60hz is so trivial for modern CPUs that it just doesn't really matter very much. I bet you something like a i3 8100 or ryzen 3 1200 with a 1080ti would be a great 4k 60hz machine.
I want IPC improvements out of intel at this point. Give me a 6 core chip that can out perform a 5ghz 7700k at 144hz.

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Who cares I'm having fun triggering some amd tards

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>that cpuz benchmark
Holy shit, I really hope they don't use thermal paste this time.

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>i-i was just pretending to be retarded

Last stance of the desperate retard. I bet the mods won't even do jack shit even after you admit you've just been polluting the board with trolling.

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Yes like someone watch your shitty streams playing cuck craft

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The legion zones and cities are extremely demanding if you're trying to play over 60hz. Only way to get that high in a populated city is a high OC on an intel quad core with the fastest ram you can find.
The legion zones on ultra are more demanding than the fucking witcher because of the draw call bottle-necking or whatever is going on with the game.
I'm not that guy but I went down the rabbit hole of trying to get Legion to run at 120 or 144hz as often as possible and I ended up with a 4.8ghz delid 6600k, 980ti on an AIO @ 1500mhz, and ddr4 3733 cl17 and I still drop the 90s at times at 1080p.

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Intel probably bribing them by now at this point. It's the only feasible solution for intel at this point.

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>The i3 8350k on the other hand is going to be awesome for budget 144hz, and the i3 8100 will probably sell rather well as it places it's self right between bentium and r5.
If it exists, the "leak" so far doesn't even show any clockspeeds.

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I play BF4 and BF1.

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Intel could have just let AMD have their run and come back strong next year, but no, they had to shit out two garbage optimizations and XTREME processors that only succeeded and creating XTREME temperatures.

I'm not into the whole anti-Semitic meming of Intel, but holy shit these cashgrabs are not working and literally jeopardizing their future processes.

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Reminder to report shitposters who flat out admit they are just trolling and trying to stir shit up.

>Who cares I'm having fun triggering some amd tards

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Lol how is it to play bf1 at 60fps? Mist be very bad

Time for a new ip

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I take back what I said about the i3 8350k being good for budget 144hz. I use a 6600k for 144hz but it's because I know none of the games I play benefit from HT. It might be good for budget 144hz depending on what you play but is going to be a hard sell compared to the r5 1600.

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don't count on IPC improvements. They'd have to make a new architecture from ground up instead of running with the same shit since 1st gen Core. Looks like slapping "moar coars" for cheaper (hopeful cheaper) might be Intels rushed answer to AMDs offerings, at least for the time being.

It's about time for some goddamn innovation, and only AMD and nVidia are making the right steps in that way.

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AM4 can do it fine. Maybe if Intel thought ahead at all you shills wouldn't have to get a new motherboard twice per year to compete.

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Rangeban the BR IMO.

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I got 16gb 3000mhz GSkill Ripjawz V for my Ryzen system and have no issues. The RAM model isn't even on my motherboards QVL.

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I'm not defending it at all, I think there's even some unconfirmed rumours floating around that its actually just a rebrand of the previous chipset. If that's true, I don't understand it from anyone but the board manufacturers perspective. To my knowledge Intel isn't making any money on the boards, and forcing a 'new' chipset just means people who were on 7700K now have to buy a whole new motherboard and CPU just like they would if they wanted to move to Ryzen.

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you can disable HT or SMT in bios anyway, making it a true 4core (8350k) or 6core if AMD.
I was using my i7 like that in 2013 when disabling HT had some positive impact on temps and performance in older games.

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Intel makes money on chipsets, though.

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The non-OC memory speeds for Intel are lower. Stop posting that misleading shit.

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I don't get this memory meme. I bought 3000mhz sticks they work at that speed on my ryzen system. I did no research and they were the cheapest ones at the store.

>> No.61806310

I was not aware of this much.

Still, it seems kind of retarded to kill the loyalty and potential upgrade path of your Kaby Lake user base just to make a few pennies on motherboard sales. Regardless, I'm sure Intel has many people 100x smarter than me to run the numbers and decided doing so works out much better financially for them.

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we just found the new guy

>> No.61806371

>Lol how is it to play bf1 at 60fps? Mist be very bad
I have an Rx 480 and actually I used to on ultra 1080p settings. It would hover from 55-70 FPS.

Though with all the driver and BIOS updates it's now 70-90 FPS.

Good news is the lowest FPS I get are 70 FPS most of the time. The bad news is vsync caps my FPS to 70. Oh well, at least I'm not getting screen tearing while on vsync when I had the 750ti + i5-2500k.

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It's being spammed by one retarded BR that has been shitposting all over the board for a month now.

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Intel consists of a bunch of beancounters being pressured by shareholders. These are not rational decisions for a company that wants to stay relevant.

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>ECC support
something's not right

>> No.61806732

kill yourself retard
you're literally cancer incarnate

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Why you need ecc on a consumer board?
Ecc is almost a meme itself even more than ryzen unicorn memory

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>he doesn't use ECC and zfs for data integrity

>> No.61807293

>defending intel jewery
>being a favela monkey

Which is worse?

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Can't wait to give hundreds of $ to intel for a 5% (at best) increase in performance. Especially when a percentage goes via taxes to the great country of Israel.

>> No.61807374

Well since I'm on a 3rd Gen i5...I'd see a better increase in performance.

>> No.61807408

>for another rerelease of skylake
Yeah, nope.

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Sure it is pajeet

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>Jewtel shitposters screeching about muh single thread

Unless this shit is cheaper than the Ryzen 6 cores, it's DOA.

>> No.61807862

But I got 1600 for cheaper, why the fuck would I be exited for Intel bingbus?

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You have no idea what this means, go educate yourself CIS scum

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