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Yeah we know it's DOA.
You know how we know?
It has great hash rates. Cryptominers are buying up vega at inflated prices.

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thanks cryptocurreny!

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>From £822.62

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>RX Mina gonna get all teh coins

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Finally AMD made a smart move, hike the prices up so high nobody but miners will buy them!

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Those are the scalper prices.

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Might as well get the FE at those prices, at least it has pro drivers.

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What else is new?

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>800 europoos
Shes done.

Vegas dead

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AMD will be absolutely devastated that miners are going to buy up every single card they produce at RRP or above. This definetly was in no way their planned strategy once they realised that it was a turkey in terms of gaming performance.

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those are britbong prices, they had retarded prices before leaving EU now they are nearing aus levels of idiocy

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Except I can buy a 1080 Ti for less than 700 quid right now.
Vega is literally dead in EU.

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Except mining fad will sooner or later die out and AMD will be left with fucking 15% market share while every waitfag either reaches nirvana through meditation or ends up buying Nvidia.

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What's the difference between the regular and sapphire models? Is it like the difference between a 1080 and a 1080ti?

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Just an add-in board partner.

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FYI if the increase in ETH hashrate rumor is correct it means they fixed the memory bandwidth issues Vega was having, but that means it's also gotten much faster in gaming since Vega is memory bound in both workloads.

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Yes anon, it will magically increase its performance by 30% through magic dust. PS: memory bandwidth isn't an issue in gaming.

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Plz dump RX 480 and 580 cards miners ty

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Miner raped cards aren't long for this world.

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But it is on AMD cards. GCN needs all the bandwidth it can get.

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Oh yes, a 20% memory bandwidth regression vs Fiji, a 20-30% effective texture bandwidth regression vs Fiji, and a 25% texture fillrate regression vs. Fiji were TOTALLY designed into the card intentionally.

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Stop buying Poojet cards then so you won't be shocked at how badly they can fuck up a thing.

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Tell me again about how Vega isn't memory bound in gaming and ETH mining workloads, shitposter.

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Tell that to all the miners that are already running out to buy the damn thing.

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>Vega is, like, TOTALLY not memory bound in gaming even though it trades blows with a P6000 in geometry performance.

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They usually underclock and undervolt for more efficient power usage. Also no thermal cycling, so should be fine, maybe change the fan at most.

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People will buy Navi if it performs better than Volta. What their "market share" is up to that point is irrelevant. If the product's good enough, it will sell. AMD were out of the high end CPU market for five years, yet Ryzen has been a success. If anything, the longer people have no alternative, the more they want one.

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>Ryzen has been a success.
It has not.

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You doubt our idiocy?

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>If the product's good enough, it will sell
that was not the thing that happened before. idiots buy nvidia because it is written nvidia on it. fucking thermi outsell cypress.

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correction, the codename was evergreen. cypress was only 5800's chip.

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And I just provided you a more recent example where it did. The longer people feel they have no choice but to buy Nvidia, there more desire there will be for an alternative, just like what happened with Intel and the CPU market. If Navi outperforms Volta by a decent amount and doesn't consume 300W under load, it will sell.

Vega was never likely to, given its at best on-par performance and astronomical power draw, so buffing its mining performance as much as possible and making money that way is a smart move.

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Sapphinre models are made with pure sapphire crystal giving you a much sharper image and clearer colours. The benefit for cryptominers is that you can tune the card to the resonance frequency of the crystal and improve your hashrate somewhere between 4 and 6 times depending on the polarity of the electrons.

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cpu market is not gpu market. you assume they are the same. they are not.

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I cannot wait for Monday when the fireworks will fly

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Yes, everybody knows this, everybody, and yes we're all disappointed, thank you, thank you for the hourly reminder.

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That's true but only PowerColor models utilize special electron conversion technologies that takes the energy from your psu to reproduce the most accurate color reproduction . The Diamond cards were trying to compete with sapphire cards, but they were definitely losing money on those diamond encrusted printed circuit boards.

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AMD doesn't make a penny for any price above their MSRP, they just sell the chips to manufacturers.

I imagine this does give them some kind of preferential view with retailers though, after years of low stock and low volume they can actually justify filling shelves with AMD product.

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You don't want pro drivers unless you need them for something specific.

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That's why I said "at least"

RX is limited to gaming drivers, FE can use both.
If they cost the same better take FE.

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>That's why I said "at least"
Literally not worth the premium unless you need a stable driver for a specific software, and amd's pro drivers are a crapshoot when it comes to stability, and features.

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Just saying that if you have a choice between using amd's gaming, or pro drivers just pick the gaming since it's better supported/tested.

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>Navi outperforms Volta by a decent amount and doesn't consume 300W under load, it will sell.
Oh boy, it won't.
CPU market =/= GPU market, one it literally made of (man)children.

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They don't have time to dump gcn/Vega arch so best we will get is dual to quad core GPUs on Vega based around 2019 with Nvidia doing the same.

The days of single core GPUs are basically over which has been made obvious by both sides dumping xfire

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You mean MCM GPUs?

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Now measure bandwidth used by games

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You don't know anything about Navi.
Literally nothing.

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They have plenty of time. They explained during one of their conferences the gpu teams are leapfrogging each other, meaning they have two different teams at a minimum working on different things completely independent of another to hit different release schedules

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If you think the desktop CPU market isn't just as full of retarded fanboys, this must literally be your first hour on /g/.

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GPU market is ALL fanboys.

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No more than the CPU market.

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Much much more.

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Alright gtx 1070 it is I guess

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Nah, you're wrong.

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raja said it is possible to connect gpus with IF, he was obviously talking about navi.

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morons literally killed each other over nvidia vs amd.
gpu market is the worst.

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CPU shitposting is even worse than GPU shitposting on this board. CPU market is the worst.

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>CPU shitposting is even worse than GPU shitposting on this board
this shows that this board is shit. not cpu market.

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Placeholder price.

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Know what? If these cryptosporidiots keep AMD afloat and allow a shooting war between Intel and AMD to happen prior to their pyramids tumbling down from whatever factor finally kills cryptocurriencies... great. Let them put out more extreme high end cards. Let them offer payment plans. Let them inflate prices ludicrously. The cryptochads will buy them.

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It's the same everywhere. You are making an up is down tier argument here.

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show me some idiots that killed each other over cpus. they I will shut up.

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Nah NVidia fans are like rabid dogs. They will just flat out ignore evidence presented to them and continue shitposting. And then claim they aren't actually fanboys but are just doing it to piss people off. And of course mods do nothing about this.

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>some Russian chimped out so my case is proven

Nah, sorry, but you're an idiot.

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see, you can't show anything to counter it and try to downplay the incident.

kindly fuck off.

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