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>We were also told that AMD is going to enable the feature

Oh look, clickbait.

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>We were also told that AMD is going to enable the feature

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Only reading the titles makes Wikipedia browsing a lot easier.

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Fuck rAIDS. It's false security. Always backup.

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>We were also told that AMD is going to enable the feature

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RAID is for speeding up read/writes not for protecting your data.

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you don't need more speed once you're already on nvme, that's linus-tier faggotry just for giggles

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Reminder to report shitposters.

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RAID-0 is not even a RAID because it is not redundant you clown.

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>>61796844 (OP)
>We were also told that AMD is going to enable the feature

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>We were also told that AMD is going to enable the feature

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Haha, you guys really showed him by bumping his dead shitpost back to the first page, haha.

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A-ha and get banned then. No thanks

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>false security

Look at the click-bait article, it's about not being able to boot off RAID-0. That's not exactly something you use for security since it doubles the chances of losing your data.

The only raid levels I use are RAID1 for my SSD (with a spinning drive as --write-mostly) and RAID6 for storage (two of six drives die and it's gone).

RAID-0 for boot seems a bit silly - but that's just my opinion. Actually, I don't see the point in risking using it for anything unless you absolutely need the speed.

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RAID0 is tits for huge HDD scratch disks

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Kill yourselves for bumping this thread.
Retarded sacks of shit. s4g3

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>We were also told that AMD is going to enable the feature


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>needing RAID on NVMe
maybe after 5-10 years

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>hardware RAID

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this is a bunch of nothing... confirmed.

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>In August 2005, nVidia (how it was spelled at the time) released the nForce 4 SLI X16 chipset for the Pentium 4 in Socket LGA775. The chipset supported a whopping 40 PCI Express lanes.
>Not long after, Intel realized that Nvidia was cutting into chipset sales and stopped licensing x86 to the company.
>In the years hence, we've been stuck with 16 PCIe lanes.
Fuck Intel

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The P67 board I'm using has an Nvidia NF200 and supports 16x/16x SLI (and 16x/16x/8x).

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