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>A mobile CPU is better than 600 dollar ryzen

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>this is what intel shilling is reduced to


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>post datasheet
>>hurf durf this is better
Thank you for your input.

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Do you even know how TDP limits work?

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wow op
this is a really bad thread
like, really genuinely awful
you should go somewhere else

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Oy vey. Intel processors are battle tested.

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>i7 cpu
>really just a shitty downclocked dual core
This needs to stop

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how dare you all treat a member of god's chosen race with such disrespect. can't you schmoes just admit that 4 of intel's fantastic threads are better than anybody elses 16?

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>people can't accept a 15W CPU for 400 dollars beats $600,99+tax ryzen

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You know a spec sheet isn't a benchmark, right?

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sure are

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how can I install windows 7 on this?

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Yeah, there's a reason it beats the $600 Ryzen CPU. There is no Ryzen CPU at that price point, so I guess it wins by default.

But just for shits and giggles, let's compare it to a $300 Ryzen CPU that's currently in a laptop made by ASUS.



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