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this kills the macacos

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>we have never touched anything with a Xeon in it because we're /g/aymers

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Go be a faggot somewhere else.

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don't take this as anti-amd but it's not saying much when literally no review site ever reviews xeons and rarely bother with hedt

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>most powerful consumer processor
There, you happy now?

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they are homosexuals who enjoy sucking cocks and getting fucked in their asses, just ignore them.

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>taped together

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Can't tell if trolling or just retarded.

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Is this the beginning of intel's death?

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Other way around, it'll save them.

They'll have to compete and lower prices.

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best case scenario for consumers, is Intel being in deep shit and have to share their patents with third party.

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In all seriousness wasn't the Core 2 Duo the direct result of the Pentium 4 getting raped by the Athlon XP and Athlon 64?

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Intel engineers must have been working their balls off to make up for the P4.

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>AMD Ryzen 7 @2.2Ghz
>against a fucking xeon, which is around 3x more expensive and can't go past 2.2Ghz


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just posting official intel slides

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Intel's slides are the most hilarious attempt at FUD and damage control the x86 market has seen in the last 2 decades.

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Engadget approved.

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holy shit I just noticed now that it says the 1800X is clocked at 2.2ghz. The funny part is that the 1800X is still so close to their Xeon, even when gimped.

That's not an official slide is it? That's one that someone on /g/ made to be funny?

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its real

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until kaby lake x

they'll still be worlds apart price/perf and perf/watt wise though

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>moving goalposts

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there are xeons that are less expensive than hedt that also run on the same chipsets/motherboards that hedt does that are never reviewed purely because reviewers are too busy sucking intels cock to dare show that the 'better than hedt' chips are even worse than the hedt chips due to the significantly lower clocks, reviewer sites not reviewing xeons is only going to be harmful to amd because there's still the perception that xeons aren't consumer therefore have to be better

the fact I had to preface my post with 'don't take this as anti-amd' and I still get called out as being anti amd is brilliant, your pcmr gaming trash window licking ilk have really ran this board into the fucking ground, I hope you're proud of yourselves

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to be fair, Intel has been making huge gains recently with their consumer processors

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Intel BTFO'd again

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plebbo here.

Should I get this threadripper or core i7?

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Wait for more testing

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Threadripper is massively powerful in multithreaded tasks. It's also complete and total overkill for anything else.

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Does it matter if GPU and CPU are competing brands?
I'm still somewhat loyal to the GTX series

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wait is TYRONE really a thing ?

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>That graph

Holy hell why fucking bother. What has Intel been doing all this time with all their Billions of R&D? They can't even surpass their old processors let alone AMD and their "shoddy glued together dies"

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Gaymers BTFO

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>What has Intel been doing all this time with all their Billions of R&D?
Trying to find how they can jew people out more.
Their last breakthrough was thermal toothpaste.

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Baby Lake-X is already out and it's trash.

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>lower prices
Oh you sweet, stupid summer child.....

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intel is fucking ded

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The 6700k was the last decent i7

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>The 6700k was the last decent i7
>The 4790k was the last decent i7.

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Look at the 7900x
It's a full 70% cheaper than the last 10core.
The 7820x is $600 vs the $1,000 6900k
Intel did lower prices, Because they had to

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>server processor at 2.2 GHz
>desktop processor downclocked to 2.2 GHz
what did Intel mean by this?

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Looks more like a samurai mask

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Enjoy it while it lasts, it won't be long until Intel releases something much better

also segmentation fault

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>j-just w-wait for covfefe lake!

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.. That nobody will buy because it will cost twice as much and turn into a nuclear flagration under load.

Also you really seem to want to keep getting BTFO with this segfault shit. http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Ryzen-Segv-Response

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>also segmentation fault
which only happens on Ryzen apparently

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Loyal? Why?

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>segmentation fault


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Just let's break a little because we need to praise who gave us a little treat

Fuck you poojets. We meet next day 10, when the real brenchmarks and the fiery furnace that is this glued CPU surfaces.
All the butthurt of idiots on preorder

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would breadripper be good for lots of microthreads (i.e. programs written in go?)

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>16c/32 HEDT chip

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It's right in the name, bro.

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Can't tell if imitating BR monkey or actually BR monkey.

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Does it matter that your GTX GPU doesn't run with a GTX CPU ?

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Amd is like a terminal disease patient.
It will give a final breath much like it's going better, just to start shitting it own pants and entering coma again.
Ryzen is the new vishera for the next 7 years

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no one cares. I stopped after the first 8 words.

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Back in the cuckshed, Brian.

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I don't need to worry because Intel never disappointed, unlike amd the major disappointing company.

You do realize that sever insiders already leaked that Zen was made with cut corners and costs and it's going to break very soon right?

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>You do realize that sever insiders already leaked that Zen was made with cut corners and costs and it's going to break very soon right?


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They're not even on the same category of use cases

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Enjoy your bricked zen shit.
Not that you have probably you are so poor you are still on vishera

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>someone was actually stupid enough to believe that copypasta some random guy made

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Well done faggot you evaded my filter
Why she no gloo babby?

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Ke p usng your Indian glued tech

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Enjoy your $1 deposit from Intel

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The intel squadron arrived

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intel employs 10 times the indians AMD does , also they use glue as TIM , on a 2000$ 165w 18c HEDT
reminder : X99 HEDT was soldered

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Fuck off leddit. I tried to filter all you disgusting indonesian faggots shit stains.

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To be fair, we don't know if the 12+ cores will still be using jizz TIM.

BWAHAHAHA who the fuck am I kidding, of course they will.

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you're mom is using tim's jizz.
HAHAHA I'm fucking clever funny

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Daily reminder that Intel hires huehue's to shill on /g/

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If only we could filter posts by country.

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Daily reminder that amd compensates ledditfags to shit up /g/.

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/g/ has been shit since /g/uro was removed, far before you've been here glueeating cannibal

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can you step up the variety of your shitposts, My capture folder is getting vary AMD biased

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If only if I could punch you in the face

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Oy vey. Delet

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That Xeon normally runs at 3.2GHz with 3.7GHz turbo. However, they forget to mention the price of that specific Xeon, more than $2200.


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i've been her since there were only 2 boards tho

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Oooh, the huepoojew is angry!

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what's your user name, so I can give you all the thumbs up for comment?

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it's battle tested too right :^)

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Stay mad. You know deep on on your heart amd is the poor man option

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fuck off you disgusting genitic nightmare of a water chink

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Rilly makez yoo thinck

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Redteam distribute this pls.
-Lisa 'sideways pussy" Su

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All those 1 star intel reviewsmade by unverified owners on amazon really makes me think.

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There is nothing of this outside of /g/, it's aimed squarely at you, since you're a monkeyeater.

In summary, it's personal, and seems to hit quite some sore spots.
Enjoy the soup, Pedro

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You know being financially conservative and smart with your money doesn't make you poor. In fact it's usually the upper middle to middle class that tends to be more smart with their money, because they work hard for it, so they'll invest it more wisely.

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>tyrone now steals servers instead of iphones

>> No.61786900

Unironically thinks spreading this cancer is funny?
You're a waste of community space aku

>> No.61786909

>financially conservative
>hoard it all and waste it on gold because muh gubmint don't step on le snake

>> No.61786910

Why are you letting a destitute .br monkey goad you into responding like that? He's on /g/ the entire day, probably on a 3 soup/week salary.

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Core 2 Duo is the synthesis of P6 and Netburst. It took the best parts of both architectures and Intel has been running with it ever since with evolutionary changes (on-die memory controller, SMT, PCIe controller, ring-bus, intergrated graphic etc)

>> No.61786929

>rarely bother with hedt

That isn't true at all. Intel's HEDT chips are reviewed practically everywhere, from the lowest models to the highest.

>> No.61786931

>cut corners
Like Intel who won't even spend a few cents to solder a $1000 CPU which runs hotter than the sun?

>> No.61786932


P4 and Athlon64 was literally Core2 and Bulldozer, but Intel was on the receiving side of the dick for P4

Tried new architecture, didn't work.

The BIG difference is Intel was lazy enough to go back to their P3 design as a base for Core 2, whereas AMD had the balls to staple to the wall and went with a full new architecture

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Updated version

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Mulsims drink camel piss
hindus drink cow piss
Chinese eat aborted babies
Muslims drink boiled cat shit
Hindu sects eat human shit
All these have comedy potential, but is ignored for the fact that these are the people who get paid to shitpost on /g/

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Intel is hardly dead. This is a rude wake-up call from being complacent since Nehalem.

>> No.61786972


did you get .02 reals for that post or does it have to mention how bad amd is for you to get paid

>> No.61786973

You mean like this >>61783883 guy did?

>> No.61786976

>post image
>get 100+ replies

Fucking hell /g/. Kill yourselves.

>> No.61786977

None of these are /g/ related, glueater.

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It was a reminder that your culture is inferior to my american one.

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We're talking about the monkey eating America, right?

>> No.61787029

Exactly. AMD was dumb to challenge the champion. Now intel will blast AMD like a bottle of clorox over pajeets shit on street

>> No.61787034

It's related. Shitskins ruin /g/, and these people get paid to post idiotic garbage here. No fuck off, and drink your bowl off piss, and eat your plate of shit poojeet.

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Better than whatever culture that drinks piss, and eats shit wouldn't you say?

>> No.61787063

But America literally absorbs these "cultures"

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>”AMD cuts corners”
>Intel using mayonnaise on HEDT CPUS
Top kek

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The literal piss drinking, and shit eating is checked at customs.

>> No.61787088

Customs is doing a pretty awful job it seems.

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Offtopic about niggers isn't /g/ related in any shape or form, not like it matters since mods don't exist.

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also, lets not forget pic related

>> No.61787164

>Customs is doing a pretty awful job it seems.
Did they let your piss drinking family through? That's a shame.
>Offtopic about niggers isn't /g/ related in any shape or form, not like it matters since mods don't exist
Shut up nigger. It's on topic, because you poogobbing shitskins made it a topic.

>> No.61787193

Paco, you okay?

>> No.61787195

>We didn't test the i9 cause we're autists from /v/ and we love le AMD XD

>> No.61787199

daily reminder that the tech field outsources to literal shit eaters.

>> No.61787222

a fraction of a dinar has been deposited to your turd dinner fund.

>> No.61787223

Which ones? The ones from the Americas? From India, Taiwan?

>> No.61787242

Muslim nations, and india.

>> No.61787261

Don't muslims hate meat? How can they eat shit?

>> No.61787280

It's okay Paco, we'll feed that big ol' familia no problem if you work hard enough.

>> No.61787306


>> No.61787333

Isn't America 60ish% white?

>> No.61787337

AMD Naples is faithful to it's name

>> No.61787344

>muslims eat meat, but they also drink camel piss for health, and enjoy drinking a type of coffee that is passed through by a specific animal. It's popular in indonesia by the muslim communities. They do actually hold some tech jobs.
Anons need to be careful because a lot of janitors now are either muslim, or hindu, so speak ill of them at your own discretion.

>> No.61787348

It should say Coffee Lake now, it get re-released again

>> No.61787355

Why do people have brand loyalty to these companies? Can't people just buy the best chip for their needs and stop being a cunts.

>> No.61787357

Do you have the list of the actual AMD partners?

>> No.61787364

Thread derailment is okay unless you mention islam, or mulsim, or etc. you have been warned /g/.

>> No.61787375


>> No.61787378

I don't know. How can they don't want to eat a steamy log of shit?

>> No.61787381

This. Brand loyalty is a horrible concept.

>> No.61787386

What are they gonna do? Ban you?
4chan has never given the time of day to janitors and mods besides a tiny minority like kinomod and /jp/meido

>> No.61787395

>implying /g/ has janitors

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from what i know Komayian cow urine already is sucessfully using AMD ryzen products

>> No.61787417

Nope, my big one on this was the vendor cloud on Intel's side, they put some of them in there twice to make it look bigger. There may be others.

>> No.61787435

The gap was far wider back then.
An AMD 8 core is pretty much the same as an Intel 8 core.
Intel is 2x as expensive though

>> No.61787461

Clock to clock performance instead of watt to watt.

Gotta pick something they can win on.

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>> No.61787515

>What are they gonna do? Ban you?
The definately [email protected] at least some people. I know this because every once in a while I can't post from some cocksucker who got a [email protected] using the same ip before me.

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File: 235 KB, 723x890, 1480999145088.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.61787587
File: 638 KB, 1263x7751, FireShot Screen Capture #003 - 'GPU-91_ Add-in-board, Original Equipment and System Builder Partner Information' - support_amd_com_en-us_kb-articles_P.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.61787613 [DELETED] 

I thought our little buddy here had disappeared for awhile but holy shit he came back in spades. There has to be some seriously low IQ involved here.

>> No.61787635

>autists from /v/

They hate AMD over there because it doesn't do as well as i7-7700K in muh vidyas.

Also Techradar did report on the i9. http://www.techradar.com/news/intel-squares-up-to-amds-threadripper-with-18-core-i9-extreme-edition-processor

>> No.61787698
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Also pic related. There were a lot of companies in EPYC's release.

>> No.61787730

Are you a mod?

>> No.61787745

if you're a mod can you clean thread to bring back topic

>> No.61787758


>> No.61787794


Okay only a kangaroo is worse than sopa

>> No.61787821

can you clean up thread pls.

>> No.61787844

pls clean thread.

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File: 647 KB, 605x603, lisa-monkey.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 1.49 MB, 300x300, 1398018617375.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


oh good. where is the gaming benchmark?

>> No.61788136

i got warned for reporting a post that had a picture of lion king themed furry incest scat porn where even a fetus ate shit , since then i stopped reporting posts as its pretty fucking useless

>> No.61788174

name me a game that uses that much cores
it will perform exactly like any other zen as clockspeed and core is the same

>> No.61788263

So it will perform like crap?

>> No.61788406

no it will perform 10% worse in games behind a 77k and beat it in EVERYTHING ELSE just like the R7 and R5's did

>> No.61788484

Have you seen how Skylake-X performs in games? It isn't so pretty, either.

>> No.61789077

>can't even be overclocked beyond 4ghz

>> No.61789116

Tell that to Apple fans

>> No.61789136

>intel HEDT chips literally pulling 400w and burning pins at 4.6ghz
ill take 4ghz, 65c load temp and low wattage numbers in my workstation thank you very much
oh and its still faster in cinebench , just sayn

>> No.61789233
File: 59 KB, 755x579, a fucking fridge.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And you can't overclock Skylake-X beyond 4 GHz without melting a hole in your socket and requiring a fucking fridge to cool it with.

>> No.61789296

someone's butthurt

>> No.61789299

They actually based newer designs off the PIII

>> No.61789397
File: 109 KB, 2250x2324, 1501692501909.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wait for coffee lake

>> No.61789401

>abloobloo my cpu runs cool because it'll die when it reaches room temperature

>> No.61789432

Room temperature in this case being 90c+ with power draw in excess of 300 watts.



>> No.61789452 [DELETED] 

>abloobloo excuses why your cpu has shit single core performance

>> No.61789476

Threadripper XFR's to 4.2 GHz on 4 cores. Intel 16 core boosts up to 4.4 GHz on 2 cores.

Threadripper actually has the superior single core here.

>> No.61789504

>single core performance
>but muh threadripper boosts 4 cores

>> No.61789511 [DELETED] 

Reminder to report shitposters.

>> No.61789544

Reminder to report shitposters.

>> No.61789562

better than the original

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>> No.61789768

>tfw stuck here dying with an i5 3570K, especially with things that require tons of logic like grand strategy games

>> No.61790072

>mfw my friend just bought a 10 core i9

>> No.61790220

I suspect leather jacket man hates intel even more.

>> No.61790225
File: 160 KB, 1376x668, 1499615706143.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Did he buy a fire extinguisher to go with it?

>> No.61791059

Close, one of those corsair AIOs. The i100 or something.

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>ITT: People who can't read

Clock speed is of no effect on this test. To be fair, intel shouldn't have changed the clocks, but that should have no meaningful impact on the benchmark.

Just incase yOuR tWo RetArdEd 2 unDErStaND after reading the chart again:
How much faster the processor completes the task with SMT on vs off is what's being compared here. 'Who implemented SMT better:Intel or AMD' is what the chart is demonstrating.

>> No.61791382

>Intel never disappointed
how many years has it been since 2500k?

>> No.61791433

it's just pentium 3 and stolen athlon 64 design.

>> No.61791456

if they downclocked the amd, it must be running at 45W at most.
intel btfo themselves.

>> No.61791491

enjoy getting beheaded.

>> No.61791508

just amdrones

>> No.61791528

You're wasting your breath, nobody here could even tell you what SMT is.

>> No.61791581

actually a 1800x at 1.0v and 3.0ghz consumes 30~35w
a R3 1200 takes/1300x about the same under full load at stock volts

>> No.61791612

In my opinion that chart isn't very clear in what it is displaying, but now that I see it, yeah, it shouldn't make a difference.

I don't consider that really a big deal though, each section is pretty broad in what is being tested.

>> No.61792510

>In my opinion that chart isn't very clear in what it is displaying
Spee D. Reader takes info out of context. Again.


>> No.61792586


>> No.61792604
File: 2.15 MB, 3840x2160, 7enpnqb3nw4y.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like this one better
>Probably because I own a 1600

>> No.61792872

Short hop to cannibalism.

>> No.61792949

/pol/ reporting in.
We fuck with Huemonkeys about this shit all the time. This meme is not limited to /g/, you are.

>> No.61793004

Thanks /pol/, you're very proficient at displaying your lack reading comprehension, again.

>> No.61793091
File: 31 KB, 274x401, Ze_do_Caixao3-2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No, I was pointing out that "Redteam" is late to the game. I know how to reed and rite.

>> No.61793128

>format information poorly
>blame the reader

>apply thermal compound poorly
>blame the consumer

>get fined for anticompetitive practices
>blame the regulators

a day in the life of intel

>> No.61793305

Good job, you still don't understand.

>> No.61793421

In My Opinion Calling Someone Paco, Or Pedro Is No Where Near As Hilarious As Being Outed For Being A Part Of A Culture That Consumes Human, or Animal Waste.
That Is My Two Cents. Anyways Let's All Just Have Fun Friend.

>> No.61793454

But child, my country is 99% white.

>> No.61793558

>is 99% white
Muslims Do Think This. Which Makes It Even More Funny.

>> No.61793610
File: 2 KB, 141x33, Screenshot_20170808_100908.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.61793676
File: 76 KB, 417x413, CPUZ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Let put this way: improving the IPC in just 2x over 10 fucking years is intel very, very dead.
Now that they need to get their shit together, intel might now deliver actually good IPC improvement as they need to compete.

>> No.61793686

Intel is locked to Core until 2020/2021
And who knows if the new arch is significantly different at all.

>> No.61793726

I hope they have better emergency plans.
Also i just noticed the massive clock rate difference and well, a 7700k running at 2.33Ghz is just 30% faster than a Core 2 quad in single core performance?

>> No.61793750

CPU-z is pretty shit, but there's about a 50% IPC difference between Conroe and Skylake

>> No.61793768

That's quite sad.
At least the MT performance seem to have a nice bump.

>> No.61793789 [DELETED] 



>> No.61793823

That was exactly intel's stance from 2006 until last week.

>> No.61793868
File: 29 KB, 489x600, 8a7f37e5e4fc1266977d614aa8208dd1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Baron von Intel demands that the peeeeaaaasaaaant AMD be made to fight with one haaand tiiiiieeed... BEHIND THEIR BACK.


>> No.61793893

That's not even a real total performance measure. It is the performance difference between SMT turned off or on.

>> No.61793915
File: 33 KB, 650x525, 67413maxjops.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Great Intel you look kinda cool.

>> No.61793955


>> No.61794040

>-Lisa 'sideways pussy" Su
Is that an asian post-op transexual that has not been dilating properly?

>> No.61794071

Ask on her twitter.

>> No.61794088

I don't go there. I use antisocial media.

>> No.61794109

Ask someone else to ask her on twitter.

>> No.61794111

You gotta give to intel here, their interconnect IS faster than the bandthing of AMD.
It's a shame most server loads don't actually need SMT at all as it's a thread per client, and this slight advantage will not exactly make up for being able to buy literally twice the number of AMD processors for the price.

>> No.61794147

It's all irrelevant. I work for a company that's secretly developing a new technology and CPU architecture that outperforms everything currently on the market by over 100,000%.

>> No.61794190

uma delicia

>> No.61794234

reminder that sopa de macaco is american cuisine

>> No.61794241

maybe north america, without mexico

>> No.61794262

I meant USA, Canada and Alaska shouldn't be that bad.

>> No.61794444

>reminder that sopa de macaco is american cuisine
LeL what? Americans don't eat this you fucking retard.

>> No.61794655

As a brazilian, it should be my duty to protect the country from this slander, saying that it's not a common thing.
But the city i live on used to have monkeys.
Used to.

>> No.61794702

Brazil isn't American you goof.

>> No.61794764

> Brazil isn't American
> South American isn't American

>> No.61794861

Are you really this stupid? "American" is a national identity that refers to the citizens of the United States only, and is not used for both North, and Southern continents. Mexico, and Canada are a part of North Amercia, but they are not Americans.
To make it easy on you

>> No.61795009

>Brasil is not in America
US education at its finest.

>> No.61795030

>"American" is a national identity
Sure, buddy,

>> No.61795051

confirmed for mental retardation
Brazil nationals are Brazilians, and Brazil is located in "South America". Notice the usage of an identifier before the word America when refferring to the continental location of the country of Brazil.

>> No.61795065

It really is unless you use an identifier prior to the word "America".

>> No.61795097

you dont understand anything

currently intel has 6900k as a flagship that costs 1100 bucks..
amd literally launched something that is 2 orders of magnitude better for 100 bucks less

got it?

>> No.61795126

>France and germany are part of europe, but they are not european

>> No.61795181

2 orders of magnitude means '100 times'. Threadripper is not a hundred times faster than the 6900k

>> No.61795184

Burger is the national identity.
American is a man who was born and raised on one of the American continents.

>> No.61795191

It's hard for me to give you as much attention as you need right now, because I'm watching muslims drink camel piss on liveleak. (Seen a hindu eat a corpse before that.
>germany- germans
europe is a continent, and it's internationally accepted to refer to all inhabitants of the continent as europeans.
It is not internationally accepted to refer to anyone as "americans" unless they are U.S. citizens without placing an identifier prior to the word, and South America is not even in the same continent, so at least use the proper identifer ie; "South" you fucking dildo.

>> No.61795204

>Threadripper is not a hundred times faster than the 6900k
It will be, if a nigger steals it.

>> No.61795207

Lol, that's the only processor they've tested

>> No.61795226

>It is not internationally accepted to refer to anyone as "americans"
No, it is not accepted by the US. However, the US does not dictate international rules.
American == Citizen of Northern/Southern America

>> No.61795234

Do you not realise that America is a continent?
Does the very fact that there's a 'south America' not really enter your brain as meaning that it's the SOUTH PART OF AMERICA

>> No.61795252

Are you trying to educate a Burger?
Good luck.

>> No.61795261

>No, it is not accepted by the US.
The End
>the US does not dictate international rules.
American == Citizen of Northern/Southern America
Being this naive is kinda cute. Well to be honest it's not like americans dictated this for ourselves, as Canadians, and Mexicans do not want to be reffered to as "americans" leaving us Americans with free reign over the term.

>> No.61795279

2 continents actually (North, and South), but the term "American" without an added idientifer only refers to citizens of the united states.

>> No.61795284

you think the real flagship xeons are affordable?

try couple thousand $

>> No.61795290

>Canadians, and Mexicans do not want to be reffered to as "americans"
Canadians are called Americans outside of the US ;^)
Mexicans are not because "Mexico" is a much older name than "America" (meaning Aztec land).

>> No.61795300

>the term "American" only refers to citizens of the united states
Maybe in Burgerland.

>> No.61795323

>Canadians are called Americans outside of the US ;^)
By retards, and there's a lot of dumb fucks like you who somehow are allowed to breath air, but the correct term for them are either North Americans, or Canadians.
On another note Anon was right. Indonesia does drink cat shit, and it's halal (ironic, because muslims can't eat pork).

>> No.61795335

threadripper is not a secret cpu though. If you want that they should also test an epyc in which case amd wins again.

>> No.61795349

Well I'm going to go since watching muslims injesting piss, and shit is actually more fun.

>> No.61795362


>> No.61795373


>> No.61795446
File: 983 KB, 1680x1050, delicious-but-a-little-salty.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm not surprised considering the fact that it has that many cores. right now the threadripper would be a decent choice for a personal server/workstation build.

>> No.61795515


Kaby-Lake-X is the "Celeron" of the HEDT family.

It is nothing more than a Kaby-Lake shoehorned into a Socket 2066 packaging but it cannot even use its integrated GPU (Socket 2066 doesn't have the pins allocated for it). The 16x PCIe controller ensures that you cannot even fully utilize that fancy Socket 2066 board. It has the same overclocking ceiling as well. The only difference is that Intel decided to bump turbo by a mere 100Mhz over its regular counterparts (bloody easy overclock) to make the illusion that Kaby-Lake-X are faster.

Upcoming Coffee Lake is about to BTFO Kaby-Lake-X. The only reason to get one is if you plan on doing a future drop-in upgrade with cheap, "used" Skylake-X chip.

>> No.61795556


>> No.61795643

>Maybe in Burgerland.
Face it the United States is more imporatant than your country, so if "Americans" consider it correct then so should you.

>> No.61795821

Brand loyalty is but yet another reason I cannot wait for the ayys to just fucking blow up this piece of shit of a planet

>> No.61795876

I just searched kikeripper just because and found this fucking 4chan board cloner

literally why?

>> No.61795969
File: 1.56 MB, 1111x1444, 1490257149945.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ads, datamining, etc.

must be lucrative, they've been running it for a while now

>> No.61795998

This is wonderful. I can't wait for more Yidripper benchmarks to come in.

>> No.61796016

Literally Pajeets shilling poo products

>> No.61796472

>the only xeon that beats it is $8,000


>> No.61797135
File: 125 KB, 960x878, 1487297768743.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.61797884

t. poo in the joo

>> No.61797895

Intel has been making a lot of moves lately that could be best described as "Rattled" and more accurately as "Pants-pissing terrified".

>> No.61798675
File: 112 KB, 691x771, 1502203888015.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

delet pls

>> No.61798739

and if you want 2 cool it well move to one of the poles

>> No.61798760

Made me chuckle

>> No.61798925

No, they'll just have to stop being complacent jackasses

>> No.61798959

Intel 6chan memory is misleading If you use more than 2 chans the speed is reduced greatly so you have to choose. Do you want lots of ram with more than 1 DIMM Per Channel or less ram that's much faster.
You can only have up to eight (8) ranks installed per channel
You can only install two quad-rank DIMMs per channel
See the limitations yet?

>> No.61799062

Will the 7980XE be better than the top-of-the-line Threadripper?

>> No.61799094

Define better. Because even if it wins on performance by like 10% at stock, it's still twice the price and has less PCIe lanes, and will be near impossible to cool properly, so you can forget about OCing it. While TR can be OCed w/o cooking itself.

>> No.61799274

You'll probably pay $1000 more for 5% more performance.

>> No.61799400

Probably, but you'll pay dearly for the privilege, as is standard with Intel

>> No.61799474


Interesting. I was thinking in terms of a money no object build for core components. Its also interesting to see who'll have the most powerful HEDT CPU, even if its by a fraction. It'll make a difference, people looking for the best will pay a lot more for not much more performance, just to know and say that they have the best possible. When you're going for an extreme build you just want the best performance possible.

I hope an OC'd 1950X can top the 7980XE though, I wouldn't like to have Intel winning these days at anything.

>> No.61799589

The 7980XE could win when OCed .. if you could OC it. Intel has switched to toothpaste under the lid even for their HEDT CPUs and the results are catastrophic for temperatures.



>> No.61799733

Exactly how much money could they possibly have saved per processor by switching from solder

>> No.61799742

Like .. 20 cents. Maybe.

>> No.61799790

Couple bucks a chip. Keep in mind a thin layer of gold is needed on both the IHS and the backside of the die itself for the indium to bond to. Materials alone is probably $1-2 per chip for a skylake sized die, SkylakeX die would probably be closer to $4-5.

When you're selling thousands if not millions of chips, it ends up far cheaper to squeeze a $0.03 dollop of cheap TIM onto the die under the spreader.

>> No.61800022

>Exactly. AMD was dumb to challenge the champion. Now intel will blast AMD like a bottle of clorox over pajeets shit on street
...in four years at the earliest. Until then, Intel is stuck with the architecture they have now and they've run out of optimizations to make.

>> No.61800067

funny how AMD solderes even there lowest end R3 chip wich costs 100$ or so

>> No.61800079

I hope they enjoy the years of hell in between
You don't just crank out a new socket/architecture on no notice, not if you want it to be worth a damn

>> No.61800162

There's a good chance that it won't be, because Intel's HCC chips traditionally don't clock very high, and they're certainly not putting the best binned dies into cheap(relatively speaking) desktop CPUs when the server market is more lucrative.

>> No.61801727

i'm sorry for you, but you had to learn the truth one day

>> No.61801762

"Citizen of the United States of America", not American. Get it right, CotUSA.

>> No.61801959


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