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Post em'

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there's a guy who's giving away a computer for a bottle of fresh morning piss.

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Seems like a good deal off craigslist for once.

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no gpu, but for 400 bucks, shiet, its not bad

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>corsair 650M

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whats wrong with it

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enjoy your housefire friendo

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Corsair powersupply A SHIT

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>>61774757 meant for >>61774748
quoted myself lmao

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>these screenshots

And here in umadelicialand I pay an arm and a liver to have a semi-decent computer.

Fucking socialists.

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Yeah, nothing fishy about that...

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I got an i7 4790k for $130 back in 2015, and an 4 GB RX 480 for $120 earlier this year.

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why? Ive been using a corsair for over a year now and havnt had any issues with it.

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Bought a new one and right as I plugged in my shit it fried everything

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I feel your pain, macacobro

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Nice toilet, not sure why you posted this on /g/ though

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You can get those for free

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Why so cheap?

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Look at this sick GAMING computer, it has a Q6850 and nvidia 8800, only $200

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I feel really bad for kid whos parents buys this for them thinking 'oh, a gaming computer for only 200 dollars, the one my son wants is 800, im saving 600 dollars and he gets exactly what he wants' then the poor kid tries to play any recent game and his dreams are shattered.

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what the fuck

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Quick someone loan me $80

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>Murrica with there no-social-security...
Go to any west-europe country, any chronical disease or deadly desease are supported by the Government.
And Colleges.

>600 gorillons to military.
>6 gorillons to education.

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I gave a jar of piss for a chinkpad a couple of years ago
Guy was a druggie and im 100% guaranteed he needed it so he can get his welfare check

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wow, big thanks to the government for supporting those deadly diseases instead of their treatment

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>2 modular of 4GB total of 8 12 GB

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430M going strong since forever

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this photo is edited fucking so dumb, why not just crop it

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do i participate in a satanic ritual with it?

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Maybe it's a fake, some chinks now replace the CPU inside with an ancient celeron

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