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>$100 cheaper
>10% faster

AYYMD trend of being relevant for about 1 month for each release continues

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dont forget though you gotta delid

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>calculated with 30% single-core, 60% quad-core and 10% multi-core scores

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why is AMD processors always hot and underpowered compared to intel?

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>$90 cheaper
>on a $200 more expensive platform
>for a 9% perf increase

Nice one, Intlel.

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Ryzen at their best is equal to Intel's most lazy releases

When Intel shat out the i7 920 and 2500k they were really trying

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i just went down the line

7800x vs 1800x - intel 10% faster same cost

7740x vs 1700x - intel 15% faster same cost

those are the top of the line for AMD and as you see in the OP File the i5 is also faster thank the 1700x and even cheaper, no reason to keep going

OP file already shows

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Workstation 58%
Go back to /v/

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Ryzen is best buy at the moment. If you go to any tech channel you will see that everyone is praising AMD and shitting on Intel and this is very amusing.
So yeah, enjoy your cherry picking and try not to kill yourself, ok ?

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all Intel did was take out their IGP, which is the only reason Ryzen was able to "outperform" the prior intel CPUs which always come with an IGP capable of daily tasks of streaming HD video up to 4K usually without issue and other tasks

once they removed that for these X releases now they have a cheaper, less power using CPU thats also faster

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Intel should just dissolve.

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>if you go to sponsored blogs or youtube videos you'll see....

literally nobody is actually making gaming PCs with ryzen

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I know your post is bait, but the intel one has half the number of cores. The Ryzen chip, according to the same source you posted, can process things more than twice as fast when all of its cores are being utilized.

Intel's i5 7640x is a perfect gaming CPU - much cheaper than the 7700k, but superior single core performance to most of the competition and still plenty of cores to spare. I would recommend it over Ryzen for any gaming machine.

Ryzen's 1700x, on the other hand, is great for professionals. When you're running multiple docker builds all the time or regularly have to compile large C/C++ codebases, or if you work with media, you'd really appreciate the extra threads the 1700x would provide.

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even you know that's proper DOA m8

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>literally nobody is actually making gaming PCs with ryzen
You're fucking retarded if you actually believe that. What do you even mean by gayming ? A bunch of kiddies buying a 1050ti and pairing it with a G4560 ?

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is this 2011

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>muh single core performance i need muh extra 10 fps in csgo
please leave this board and never come back thank you

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no, a 7700 which is 30% better at gaming across the board and a 1080ti

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>great for professionals

oh, did they patch in quad channel memory support?

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do you understand the term "effective"

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You're baiting, right ? I know Intel drones are stupid, but there's no way you actually believe every major tech channel is paid by AMD to praise their products.
Whatever dude, enjoy your housefire and toothpaste.

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>7700 non-k
Is this a joke?

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Looks like you didn't notice that atrocious workstation score. Unless your workstation score is at least 75%, your computer is literally unusable for anything other than retro gaming.

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All this intel desperate emergency shitposting is so entertaining.

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do you understand the term "fug off back to >>>/v/?"

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Is this the famous NVIDIA GraphWorks(tm)?

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>the X intels runs within 10 watts

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As we can see in this graph, a 300% increase across the board.
Nice one Intel, you've done it again.

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posting userbench that for them matters only the fps count on a game as a relevant bench

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>not witcher 3

you think we're stupid?

witcher 3 is still the CPU bound performance benchmark game

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are you dense?

it lists 3 different "PC userbases" that it ranks the CPU as being good at

Ryzen at $100 more is slower in 2 of the 3 categories

and it doesn't even have quad channel memory support for its "professional environment use"

so its a meme CPU and once again


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whoever made that graph should be hanged

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>buying X299
Stop posting

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even though i said you gotta delid i still use intell i have a i5 6600k

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A gaming orientated measure of CPU speed that favours single over multi core performance. Intel i7-7700K ~= 100%.
Measuring CPU performance was once straightforward, clock frequency used to scale reasonably well with real world performance. At 3 GHz clock frequency increases slowed and manufacturers starting putting more emphasis on total calculation throughput rather than raw single core performance

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The cheapest X299 mobo in my country is $250
The cheapest B350 mobo is $60
Will you stop being retarded now ?

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im sorry, this isnt a mobo discussion

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>make ''better'' CPU
>make it inaccessible beacuse of the new retarded chipset it uses
>nobody buys it because it's shit

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what are you going to stick your cpu into?

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Ryzen isnt faster at doing any task than Intel, this is a fact

also for everyone whos trying to act like they dont game then 1 simple answer

the cheapest GPU that performs on par with intel's GPU that comes intergrated is over $100 brand new

you know...since Ryzen has no graphics

for those bitching about the price of a fucking mobo

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how are you going to display your non-gaming information since you're buying it to run multiple tasks and not actually game, it all uses memory

also all of those GPUs are only 1-2 gigs

the intel GPU can use 60+ gigs of memory

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x299 motherboards are more expensive.
>Workstation : Gunboat

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>buy AM4 motherboard
>buy $100 GPU
>still $100 cheaper than the Intel option
Wew lad

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>it's all memory guys, no mobo needed!!!

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>Ryzen isnt faster at doing any task than Intel, this is a fact
>reddit spacing all this while
it's very late to be baiting this hard

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i guess you wont buy a mobo for that superb intel cpu
so whats the point then?

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the fastest intel CPU vs the fastest Ryzen CPU

both with 16 gigs of RAM and the cheapest mobo for OC and GPU of equal graphics



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are we fooling our self now?
we know 1600 is on par with 7700k

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>cheapest mobo for OC
Let me guess, you're just pretending to be retarded.

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>Ryzen isnt faster at doing any task than Intel, this is a fact

Ryzen is flat out faster than Intel counterparts at anything, hardware wise speaking.

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>GPU of equal graphics

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nice bait
using z170 and not z270
not having any sort of cooler
250 r5...
not using b350 chipset since we know it has the same oc capabilities as of 370

you cant be serious at all

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Dance, dance! Hue chimpeater

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the cooler would be the same dumbass, thats why its not included

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do you really need a proper answer to that stupid comment you just made?

>> No.61761252


its a comment, whey would i need an answer?

the cooler wasnt included just like the fucking PSU/CASE wasnt included, those would be the same

the costs listed are what is needed for equal performance and capabilities (Even tho the Ryzen is still slower)

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I thought we were arguing about 7640x (x299) vs 1700X (AM4)

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you're right, the B-series with equal RAM size to the 7700k's mobo (since you're buying the ryzen for a workbench pc...right)

really puts a dent in that 600+ dollar price just to equal performance


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This is 2017, where that is true more often than not now that most things have moved to being heavily threaded workloads.

Except games, of course.

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>what the fuck are chipsets?

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you've already been silenced >>61761304

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you have literal autism, you changed the subject from ryzen vs skylake x to ryzen vs kaby lake because you know skylake x is a shit value.

>> No.61761404


made it even easier, since both RAM is equal, now its only the parts specific to the CPU



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No just put equivalent GPU on 7700k and you are good to go.

>> No.61761430


i changed the subject to fastest of each

the OP was merely the newest CPUs

since everyone wanted to start talking about mobo prices, i switched to the fact GPUs arent embedded

intel has a better CPU with graphics and cheaper

every strawman attempted ITT was destroyed

>> No.61761446


the 7700k has 630 graphics, that GPU is only on par with the 530 per logicalinstruments.com

so its not even up to par plus only 2 gigs video memory vs 64

>> No.61761447

So is this the power of Sopa de Macaco

>> No.61761465

using the same exact website as you used for CPUs we can see that indeed 250 is miles ahead of Kaby Lakes GPU

>> No.61761477

only if you're a /v/ermin

>> No.61761489

but no. you changed the subject from x299 vs ryzen to kaby lake vs ryzen when motherboards were mentioned because the fact that motherboards exist fucked your argument.

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>actually defending x299
>shifting goalposts
>comparing integrated graphics to a dedicated GPU
>reddit spacing
b8 of the night

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What's with this dead monkey meme?

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>all these amd shills bringing up x299
Who the fuck buys a x299 for a fucking i5

>> No.61761580


that GPU was chosen based on logicalincriments.com GPU hierarchy

>> No.61761609

intel shills :^)

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leave and never come back

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no i brought up the fact ryzen has no graphics and the cheapest up to par with intel that you can actually purcahse in retailrs (not Ebayshit) is 100+ dollars

meanwile 7700k comes with graphics and is cheaper

the OP was merely THAT cpu being faster than ryzen

everyone else wanted to bring in tertiary bullshit and they got blown the fuck out

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its your website

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Some subhumans from America eat them.

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Well, if you ignore that 1800x is about, 200% faster than 7700k, then sure.
Then buy 1600 it is on par with 1800x in that workload

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>200% faster
Spoken like a true amd shill

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Well, yea 160% is more like it.

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>this 1 niche benchmark test for encoding

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Let's be honest with our selves your going to waste the savings difference anyways.

Back in 03' when I was in grade school still a kid from San Fran moved to my small town and told me that a pair of jeans in the city cost a 100 bucks. I can only imagine what they go for now.

>> No.61761907


i just bought some jeans with elastic waist for like 50 dollars

>> No.61761943

>brings up price
>won't accept actual prices

>> No.61761954

Check any workload that isn't gaming and you will see that 1800x is 6900 with nice 50% discount, you will realise how much of a moron you are.

>> No.61761991


you mean workloads that benefit from quad channel memory?

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>> No.61762007

Even that, 1800x is not that far away from 6900 to pay 50% more for that 20% performance

>> No.61762021


You mean Brazil.

>> No.61762038

I don't know what they teach you in school but Brazil is still in America.

>> No.61762054

>this confuses and enrages the unitedstatesian

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Fucking retard.

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Did I just walk into /pcbg/ complete retard shill edition?

>> No.61762116

got any more of these? I'm making a collection, could use some more

>> No.61762121

so you are talking about the fastest one..

is 7700k faster on anything other thing BUT games?
can it beat anything ryzen on anything that requiers every the slightest amount of multitasking?
so you basicly dont compare the fastest you basicly compare the faster gaming cpu vs the best multitasking cpu
IF you were trully serious you would have put the 1600 vs 7700k since we know its on par with it on games
but you just moved the goalpost because you cant justify the +150 bucks more on 7700k
or the biggest thermals
or the biggest tdp
of the biggest freq that still gets beaten

but hey at least you tried

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lmao i love this

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The 1700x seems better overall desu.

>> No.61762158


>it does shit nobody else actually does in a desktop enviroment because if they did they would have a proper PC with quad channel memory support

>> No.61762173


>2 of the 3 categories that equate 99% of someones usage it fails by 10% and costs $100 more

>> No.61762194

so you are saying that quad channel support is something so worthy that you need to buy intel


meanwhile in the real world once more you get btfo there is absolutely ZERO increase on perfomance

how are those 24 pcie lanes treating you?

>> No.61762201

>8% down in Gaming
>7% down in Desktop
>38% up in Workstation
/v/ please leave

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haswell-e (and I assume x99, so broadwell-e) has an unusually brilliant memory controller to the point that 2133mhz ram is competitive with upwards of 3200mhz ram (pic is from before >3200mhz ddr4 was widely available) in all but the most niche memory stressing applications, in those cases of course you'll pay the premium for the absolutely best enthusiast/workstation rig (more accurately: work is paying for a $5k workstation rig what do) so long as you need that extra performance, which in this case means intel hedt and 4333mhz ram, but for most normal people who are going to settle on ~3200mhz ram anyway it's going to be a hard sell; this situation has parallels where 6800k owners would NEED >3200mhz ram for better performance but 6900k owners could buy the cheapest 2400mhz and not really lose anything

t. 5820k owner glad that ryzen is at least making 6c12t/8c16t more mainstream and forcing intel into bringing hyperthreading to i5s


welcome to cpu threads since ryzen was announced

>> No.61762212


if you're using so much fucking apps and programs you would need quad channel support more than just more threads

>> No.61762230

i just literally proved to you that quad channel is a meme for games or any other things that doesnt include video editing and heavy workloads..

and you still keep saying shit

>> No.61762235


you seem to have mistaken my post for not agreeing intel's quad channel support is superior to ryzen's memes

>> No.61762330

>hurr intel platform is more expensive
>*proceed to buy a $600 ram kit so his ryzen doesn't perform worse than a core2*

>> No.61762352


now I have absolutely no idea where you're coming from, I just wanted to interject for a minute to mention that x99's memory controller was unusually good even compared to other lineups from intel

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>> No.61762389

So? Are you rendering 24/7 to need that multi core?

>> No.61762412

didnt knew that brasil still hasnt moved on from core uarch

no wonder why they are still third world favela

>> No.61762444

>$600 RAM kit
>muh hyperbole

>> No.61762459

700 costs a 64 gb ecc dimm
intel shills exploded a 8 gb dimm 3600 to 600

i imagine that the ddr4 dimms on intel sockets must cost 50 bucks

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File: 1.98 MB, 413x293, 9c08d3N1tlb56zo1_500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>pajeets think they are any better than brazilians
Y'all niggers from third world shitholes, just kill yourselves already.

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This site cracks me up. According to these fucknuts, a 2 core 4 thread CPU is equivalent in desktop use to a 6 core 12 thread CPU. Apparently nobody uses desktop PCs for anything more than checking their eMail anymore .. everyone else moved to "workstation" (VMs? Numbercrunching? lol)

>> No.61762545

you are saying that the site that intel shills praise as serious is a total BS and cares only about gaymers?

>> No.61762567

Not only that but all their other metrics of use are fucked up, too.

>> No.61762590

> Apparently nobody uses desktop PCs for anything more than checking their eMail anymore .. everyone else moved to "workstation" (VMs? Numbercrunching? lol)

That seems to be the case. The average of the gaming and workstation scores is probably the closest to reality using that benchmark.

>> No.61762617

Video/audio encoding, compression/decompression, encryption, steaming etc.

All stuff that desktops are getting better at. Mostly thanks to Ryzen. They just need to spread things out a bit. This site should be about enthusiast usage and not normie tier "let me check my Facebook huhuh".

>> No.61763089

That's the potential of the CPU, having a higher workstation scores means it would perform good in workstation scenarios (heavy multicore usage), not that it is a workstation CPU. For the desktop score, I'm pretty sure they are taking single thread performance in account, and you don't really need a ton of cores just to browse facebook, watch videos and work with some office shit.

>> No.61763432


its including OC data, not stock bullshit

thats why it shows you the full range of benchmarks for it

that CPU itself if you had fucking brains would see that the highest OC is what was closest

but theres also more towards the 60% range

>> No.61763451

>Desktop: 84%
>Desktop: 84%

What the fuck are you even going on about?

>> No.61763541


look at the fucking break down of the tests dumbass underneath

theres a shit ton of tests

>> No.61763590

Yes, I know about that, but it's their conclusions that are pants on head retarded.

If you wanted pure compute results without the bullshit, Cinebench is generally more accurate anyway. Their numbers are basically what you'd get out of an average Cinebench run.

>> No.61763665


teh conclusion is called an average/median of what is possible with the CPU

not stock and not ridiculous liquid nitrogen cooled OC

>> No.61763947

Guys, i don't want to trigger anyone, but i like Ryzen

>> No.61764050

Whats the source on this graph?

>> No.61764054


>> No.61764194

Why the hell is gaming still so focused on single core performance, anyway? Aren't today's consoles using some netbook CPU with the only saving grace being a shitload of cores?

>> No.61764216

They're using AMD Jaguar 8 core CPUs. It's just easier to stick everything on a single thread and not bother with multicore at all.

>> No.61764231

more threads -> less chance of some background task slowing down the stuff you're doing.

>> No.61764264

kill yourself retard. logicalincrements has always been better than whatever shit site you lego builder general autists like.

>> No.61764272

Intel cpus are glorified gaming consoles now.

>> No.61764307


no they have cores shut off for the OS

also the main thing consoles have is memory connected directly to the CPU/GPU which is why Forza 3 ran like shit on PC

>> No.61764334


what background task is using that much CPU usage that is slowing down your non-encoding lifestyle?


>AMD is literally only surviving because they make gaming consoles for the last 10 years

was this supposed to be an oxymoronic comment?

>> No.61764556


>> No.61764577


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>> No.61765194


how often are you editing and converting large files

and does that equate to a monetary value to merit the price of building a ryzen PC

>> No.61765226
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the 9% difference is between 97fps and 89fps (or something similar) both of which are irrelevant because those benchmarks are run at 4k max or some other ridiculous setting. most people, including most of you regardless of how many times you deny it, are still using 1080p 60Hz TN panels. moar coar is literally becoming reality as time goes on because gaymes are starting to be parallelized effectively. until PooInteLoo starts putting out 8/16 chips on a standard socket that aren't housefires there is no reason to buy from them.
>but i have a 165Hz 1440p vnsV screen! muh frames
kill urself retard

>> No.61765262

I often use virtual machines and I don't want my shit to slow down due to the processor time shortage.
I see only four cores and a lack of HT on a left side.

>> No.61765267

AMD is shit, I don't know why anybody bothers with that crap other than fanboyism.

>> No.61765315

Reminder that Ryzen segfaults if your workload is too heavy. Reminder that there will be a firmware update to fix this which will reduce performance even further, just like the 20% performance loss on Phenom when they disabled the TLB.

>> No.61765319
File: 278 KB, 1920x1080, You_badge.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

@61765267 (You)

>> No.61765332

Eight cores, sixteen threads for a reasonable price.
I would've bought it right now, but my current PC is still sufficient.

>> No.61765343

Reminder that you're full of shit, it only happens under very specific conditions and FreeBSD already came up with a fix. https://svnweb.freebsd.org/base?view=revision&revision=321899

>> No.61765449

>Bringing up ancient history with a completely different architecture
>implying 20% performance loss from a microcode update

Keep chugging that shill kool-aid. Intel is the one disabling hardware features they can't fix, amongst other things.




>> No.61765488

And 12 threads less

>> No.61765566

babys first computer build.com

>> No.61765647


show me Ryzen running Witcher 3 at fully max including all the different sliders at full and reaching those frames at 4K

i dont give a fuck about cooridoor shooter doom numbers

outside sandbox games with tons of physics being run is what benchmarks a CPU

>> No.61765686

>reaching those frames at 4K
stopped reading here.

>> No.61765693
File: 150 KB, 630x372, 14958035970qy2jlakgl_12_1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Uh, ok? https://www.hardocp.com/article/2017/05/26/definitive_amd_ryzen_7_realworld_gaming_guide/12

>> No.61765779

>so you basicly dont compare the fastest you basicly compare the faster gaming cpu vs the best multitasking cpu

Sure pal. Ryzen is the best miltithread machine, even more than hedt and servers

>> No.61765824


>old ass 2600k is on par with autyzm

thanks for proving my point

>> No.61765868

>8 FPS lower minimum and 3 FPS lower maximum
>At 4k where every FPS matters
>On par

>> No.61765872

Quad channel means at least double bandwidth. Unless a application benefits from lower latency it will not make a difference to increase frequency.
On dual channel you need higher frequencies to increase bandwidth.

>> No.61765986

>7700k needs 5Ghz and LN2 cooling to be 2 frames better than "old ass 2600k" on a standard air OC

thanks for proving my point

>> No.61766023

Idiots love to run antivirus.
Some even have 2-3 different antivirus on same computer

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Damn amd must be good this time
They are almost winning a 2500k
Keep up good work pajeets

>But muh minimums 7700k stutter
Well it seen minimums on ryzen are dogshit as usual

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File: 106 KB, 1278x723, wewuzgaymenkangznshiet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.61766150

That is a 2600K at 4.5 GHz you illiterate mongoloid. And see >>61765868

Then fucking kill yourself, shitstain.

>> No.61766183

because making doom level of optimisation when you are EA and UBISORT or TAKE TWO or or or
is out of question simply because when they choose gameworks nvidia is actually the one that implents the various shaders on the game not the devs...
and vulkan needs a priori from a dev to actually do all the work and to be properly threaded...

>> No.61766203
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>Intel's i5 7640x is a perfect gaming CPU

>good for gaming

>> No.61766223

NVIDIA helps with a lot of things. Performance isn't one though.
Also FarCry5 will use RPM lmao.

>> No.61766245

you mean the x99 on which ryzen came and destroyed? sure its the best
or you mean the 7900x on which it says 140watts and it literally draws 400 on heavy workloads?

>> No.61766273


thats a 100 dollar cheaper CPU at well above nessisary FPS

>> No.61766309

nvidia is actually the one that install all of their shit on games only when it comes to simple api like physx only which is literally nothing they dont bother

>> No.61766385

>cheaper than the 1600

>> No.61766422

don't show the frametimes, that is anti-semetic.

>> No.61766445

No one really on x99 platform dropped it for ryzen. Even the ones that louded it was good for video editing soon dropped like jay2 on YouTube.

Seriously anyone on hedt already would really drop quad channel and overall better performance for a consumer chip that perform worse than 4 cores in several scenarios?

Ryzen is just that: kind of falsified product when you want to display to other "I can do that too" but is too poor to buy the original.

It's like using a Mike Snickers instead of Nike. They might look same, but at end of the day you end with you foot fucked and it will last 3 weeks.

>> No.61766461

This has to be a joke

>> No.61766473

Fuck off intel shill.

>> No.61766503

A LOT actually dropped x99 cause simply it was slower in any possible way

as for jay he literally said he is gonna rebuilt cause he choose a piss poor case but details dont matter on /g/

really? is there a 4c out that that is faster than ryzen on heavy workloads? LOL
bs of that kind is the best ad for amd you spew so much shit and lies that not even intel shills believes them anymore

>> No.61766519


>> No.61766532

Yes just offend me because deep in your soul you know that the so dreamed ryzen you are saving to purchase is shit. At this time I bet you already realized that, but staying on phenon is even worse.

>> No.61766545

>intelshlls continue to spread their skewed benchmarks when processor speed and efficiency hit a fucking wall years ago and they're all about the fucking same now

>> No.61766603

pls buy intel

>> No.61766674

brasil is leaking so much that the atlantic will be filled with monkeys

>> No.61766712

>all above 60
not sure i see the problem.

>> No.61766726
File: 67 KB, 1427x575, hedtlol2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No-one really bought into the X99 platform to begin with.

Also, Ryzen isn't HEDT. Threadripper is. It hit #2 on Amazon preorder sales. >>61765144

>> No.61766741

you need +120bucks to beat that ryzen
found a problem

>> No.61766765
File: 232 KB, 800x449, intel ceo yells at clouds.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Ryzen is just that: kind of falsified product when you want to display to other "I can do that too" but is too poor to buy the original.
>It's like using a Mike Snickers instead of Nike. They might look same, but at end of the day you end with you foot fucked and it will last 3 weeks.

>> No.61766843

>[audible kek]

>> No.61766984
File: 1.52 MB, 360x201, 1488464010227.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Delete this, kaby lake doesn't exist! only skylake x counts !!!

>> No.61767033
File: 85 KB, 835x703, doitfgt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>WCCFtech retard tier .gif
>actually beliving anyone would ever buy the 1800X when the 1700/1700X exists
>actually beliving the retard that turboshit up this thread with his autism

>> No.61767054

>quad channel
when will this meme die? quad channel gives you like 3% more performance AT MOST. most of the time, it's 0%

>> No.61767074

>same cost
Not when you factor in the price of the motherboard it isn't.

>> No.61767084

the 2GB version of the R7 250 uses GDDR3, so it is on par with the 630, if not worse cause GCN housefire

>> No.61767085


>different fucking continents

>> No.61767088

maybe this can help

>> No.61767118

>can't do a decent gpu vm passthrough so has to use wangblows

>> No.61767192


>> No.61767237


>> No.61767238

>$100 cheaper
Whoops! Gotta buy a cooler for your i5 first, that's $30.
>$70 cheaper
Whoops! gotta buy a higher end motherboard!
>$20 cheaper
Hmm I wonder what other costs will appear next

>> No.61767300

pajeet my son

>> No.61767321

What the fuck does "Desktop" even measure?

>> No.61767343

how much space your desktop needs to dissipate the heat, the words underneath describe how much heat it puts off

>> No.61767396

>100$ cheaper
yea but the motherboards cost 299$ :^)
its X299 , the boards are stupidly expensive

>> No.61767442

that i5 has a 112w tdp and 4c/4t
the R7 has a 95w tdp and 8c/16t

double the cores and quad the threads at ~20w less
really makes ya thunk

>> No.61767454

That's why 4K benchmarks for CPU's are worthless.
That's just a GPU benchmark, those CPU's here are most likely below 40% usage, while the GPU is at 100% and it determines the min max fps.
The reason the 2600k got slightly lower min and max, probably had to do with no PCI Express 3 support.
Otherwise its all margin of error.

>> No.61767461

Gr8 b8

>> No.61767480


>> No.61767500
File: 547 KB, 2531x1359, 1501957299157.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

OwO what's this

>> No.61767519

not a problem unless you're a richfag or autistic. especially since it's on very high.
i can barely run crysis 3 on ultra low (19-24fps max) on my PC from 2009.

>> No.61767532

>1080p for top of the line CPU's

>> No.61767559

>2 of the 4 games run on source which is known for utter garbage multi threaded performance
>1 game is early access trash
F1 is the only valid bench on that image.

>> No.61767561
File: 50 KB, 449x642, free-shrugs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The guy asked for Witcher 3 at 4k. I gave him Witcher 3 at 4k.

>> No.61767899

see >>61767454

>> No.61767982

amd is shit for clueless cultists

>> No.61768002

>those frame times
More people need to show these as it displays how deceptive just posting simple FPS benchmarks are. What a stutter-fest.

>> No.61768005


>> No.61768011

you sound like an autistic chink , go eat some dog

>> No.61768014


Probably Toms Hardware or some other Nvidia and Intel shilling cesspool.

>> No.61768019

frame-times are anti-semitic

>> No.61768023
File: 460 KB, 1264x680, fixed gaymes.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.61768038

Back to the cuckshed, Brian.

>> No.61768065

dont need to do that , watch a 1080p60 video/stream while playing your game on a 4c/4t and see it chug to shit , even an older 4c/8t gets hit , i had an 2600 before upgrading to ryzen and there was a significant hit in performance while playing games , not anymore on ryzen as i have threads to spare

>> No.61768101

>corridor shooter

pick one

>> No.61768122


it came out in 2011 and is already EOL



last i checked intel doesnt make the motherboards

they produced the CPU and released it for sale

i can buy a fucking brand new 775 socket quad core 2 CPU for 16 dollars on pcpartpicker right now

but the rest of the parts will be expensive as fuck

whats your point?

>> No.61768138

his knowledge around games is so good as mine in pussies

he just googled doom found some SS from the 3 and thought it was the 2016

>> No.61768157


Ryzen x doesnt come with a cooler either dumbass

also you need a $100 GPU for graphics power on par with the intel 530/630 that comes for free on the 7700k

>> No.61768163

The biggest YT tech shills aren't using Ryzen at all despite all of them being on the bandwagon

Uses high end Broadwell-E
Uses high end Broadwell-E, his negro accomplice uses a 7820X he bought himself and got called an Intel shill
>Paul's Hardware
His offscreen editing buddy and himself uses Broadwell-E
Uses Broadwell-E (not even the most expensive version)
Uses high end Broadwell-E
>Digital Foundry
Used Broadwell-E and switched to Skylake-X

All of them are pushing Ryzen and Threadripper hard but none of them are really using them.

>> No.61768181

lets completely forget about the 77k in that graph wich shows identical results , lets just do that

>> No.61768193


>dota 2
>both games can run "autistically smooth" in just the first 3 tiers on logical increments

fucking please

the only game worth testing CPUs is and still is either Crysis or Witcher

and everything on not just "the 1 or 2 things that tank a CPU but arent needed"

>> No.61768206
File: 1.41 MB, 720x404, drop it like it's hot.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kaby Lake X does not have iGPU

>> No.61768232


>watching a stream while playing a game

who the fuck does this?

>> No.61768249

assfaggots playing /v/ermin

>> No.61768253

its okay when intel users say that , but when an amd user says that in benchmarks like csgo or whatever its suddenly
loving the double standards here

>> No.61768259


are you seriously trying to fucking compare fucking Doom to Witcher 3 or Crysis or GTA 5 during the day time with max draw distance?

you fucking fagget

the game is fucking scripted with enemies coming from the same spots all the time and like 3-4 on screen at a time

theres a reason it "looks so good"

>> No.61768313


show me a game where AMD is faster and cheaper

its not

its "almost as good and cheaper"

cause when you're fucking editing, encoding, decompiling, compressing, streaming and downloading while playing your video game and (also watching a 4k 60 video on youtube as well apparently) it'll be able to handle all that

after you spend $200 for each stick of ram at a high enough frequency to actually assist the CPU in even reaching those speeds

>> No.61768320

the game is scripted with enemies coming towards you

meanwhile the rest of the games arent scripted and the npc's do what they please

mein got shills have become dumber

>> No.61768325

It is like JIDF rhetoric:
>kikes kill some children and maybe burn some alive
muh self defense
>a Palestinian freedom fighter killing the land invaders
REEEEEEEEEEEEE the terrorists

>> No.61768334


wow 2-3 enemies have a few set things they might do

is the same as GTA 5 during the daytime in the city

>> No.61768353
File: 288 KB, 1920x1080, Untitled.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

shit anon looks like you got ass raped again

>> No.61768403

gta 5 has script shells moron they arent random at all no gta was ever random every single thing if pre configured

>> No.61768407

>after you spend $200 for each stick of ram at a high enough frequency to actually assist the CPU in even reaching those speeds
RAM is expensive right now across the board. This hyperbole is just making you look worse.



$17 difference between the cheapest possible G.Skill 2x8 2133 and 3200.

>> No.61768457
File: 36 KB, 924x511, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


AMD's last line of CPUs came out around 2011 didnt it?

and they still cant perform better than this

>> No.61768459

>100$ graphics
>on par
a 70$ gt 1030 is like 10 times faster
if you go used that gap only gets bigger

>> No.61768483

kek, americans never cease to amaze me

>> No.61768491


>if you go used

it specifically said no ebayshit

otherwise ill just have my dad conviently find a X299 mobo in the garbage

so now your entire thread of strawman attempts is out the windo

>> No.61768517

my god how dare enemies in a game have fixed spawn times and zones , how dare these people make levels fun and engaging , why do people do LEVELDESIGN REEEEEEEEEEE
i want everthing to be an autistic mess cobbled together w/ assets stolen from the unity store

>> No.61768540

How much delidding is worth?

>> No.61768547

so you are saying 7700k gpu is on par with a 6670?
are so obsessed with stupidity that you dont even realise how stupid you sound?

>> No.61768565

why would you ever buy anything other than an i9 on the newest Intel platform
But then why buy i9 when you could buy Threadripper

>> No.61768593
File: 88 KB, 625x626, 1470071364201.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Trash comparison

>> No.61768598

If by "can't perform better" you mean "can run circles around it in multithreaded/multitasking and match it in everything else"

>> No.61768604



>my dad buys the pcs parts for me
fucking neet,
also there are PLENTY of large name sellers and e-retailers listing "B ware" or open box stuff (the shit you all get so horny about in microcenter) on ebay , nothing wrong w/ that , reputable sellers and everything covered by warranty , i have yet to buy something that was DOA off ebay

also buying used was just an option , good job on completely missing my statement how a GT 1030 is leagues beyond integrated and well below 100$

>> No.61768648

Reminder that pretty much any price difference between the chips is offset by massively more expensive mobos for the Intel chips.
Hopefully coffee lake is better.

>> No.61768663

What's the power usage of both? 100$ cheaper means nothing if it wastes more energy.

>> No.61768682
File: 2.36 MB, 720x720, 6nbp47S.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Even if you fucking hate AMD and fucking love Intel, AMD needs to succeed. AMD needs to succeed and we need a shooting war between them and Intel.

>> No.61768685

Damn Intel is still getting shit on by Vidya Gaymers:


>> No.61768706

z170 to z270 to z370 inside 1.5 years

sure coffe lake will be so good

>> No.61768719

the i5 , wich is a 4c/4t part uses 20w more than the 8c/16 part from amd

>> No.61768725


Anyone buying the x299 Shit cpus is an idiot. It's better to go socket 1151. Cheaper overall. And you don't need to delid.

X299 is just retarded at this point.

>> No.61768746

I just meant price-wise, we know Intel releases a new platform every 5 minutes for dem shekels

>> No.61768751
File: 35 KB, 650x300, 87733.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.61768757


Kek. Fuck off retard.

>> No.61768788

112W vs 95W
But the question is, do anyone run at 100% 24/7?

>> No.61768850


No fucking way that you are this stupid. The 250 is like 50 times more powerful than the Intel GPU.

Besides you get 8/16 on the amd VS the 4/8 on the Intel. Compare same cpus and add the cheapest GPU to the amd. Then you end up with a system that is cheaper on amd.

>> No.61768885
File: 291 KB, 634x1223, 1496938930384.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm still buying Ryzen tho.

>> No.61768900


Which the
7640 and 7740 do not have kek.

I mean is quad channel the new meme Intel fags will spew out now?

Enjoy your 16 pcie lanes on a hedt. Enjoy hotter cpus than z270 platform.

Enjoy having a mobo with quad channel but won't be able to use them.

Enjoy a more expensive setup that gets eaten alive by amd.

>> No.61768923


Intel is for poor fags!!!!

>> No.61768928


Apps? Did you just say apps.

>> No.61769046


>want to play my Jap VNs
>don't want to mess with region settings and language settings to get some of the more older titles to work
>spin up another Windows VM
>dedicate 1c/2t to it
>still have 7c/14t left over to do WHATEVER THE FUCK I WANT


>do the same thing
>dedicate 1c to it
>only have 3 cores left

The moment I run any Chromium based browser after this fact, its over on the i5.

>> No.61769104
File: 156 KB, 633x758, 1501597124076.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.61769231

i was amd fag but now i run only intel

>> No.61769242


nigger, your own fucking website logical incriments has game guides for those games

the fucking 2nd and 3rd teirs can run those games at fucking 4k without issue

>> No.61769397
File: 15 KB, 644x95, buyIntel.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was intel Fag but I'm going 1700/1800X

>> No.61769561

This, not getting AMD again after having a FX.

>> No.61770161

>Wahh, I pre-ordered without waiting for reviews and got burnt/ I can;t research parts before I but them therefore I will never buy their product again.


>> No.61770162

Who made this? Jesus, this is so skewed.

>> No.61770472


forgot this lil tidbit of AYYMD news


>> No.61770850

>Intel's best is worse than Ryzen
Thanks for proving my point.

>> No.61770967

I was never a fag so I buy what's best.

>> No.61771004
File: 2.36 MB, 1920x1440, Ryzen7_7700k_1080ti.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Your tears are delicious :^)

>> No.61771011

>whats your point?
My point is that you need a fucking motherboard to use those CPUs, genius, and they're not cheap. If I need to shell out an extra $100 minimum just to buy the mobo to use the CPU, it isn't really the "same cost", now is it?

>> No.61771017

AMD X processors are meme, OC'd they're all the same.

>> No.61771156

Lol'd at BF1 one. Sorting by max FPS that you'd have for a split second is genius.

>> No.61771548

You know, if history is anything to look at, this is probably due to AMD not being able to write up drivers.

It's been their eternal failing.

>> No.61771639
File: 101 KB, 806x546, gamersnexus-custom-blender-render.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Game benches are useless since they are also depended on the GPU. How about ray CPU power?

>> No.61771671

>Raw clock speed matters more than actual performance and benchmark results

How deluded and irrational has this board become?

>> No.61771700

These people need the memory bandwidth, proven reliable mature platform (years vs months of existence), pcie bandwidth, and of course the free x99 CPUs and mobos they have been given over the years, for their actual jobs. Of course they aren't going to use another platform that is of equal CPU performance but doesnt meet all the other categories.

Their audience doesnt get free hardware all the time, and last I checked Ryzen is still cheaper than X99 (this is coming from someone with a 6850K). Most of their viewers are gamers, with some of them being university students in computer related fields that could leverage the high core count but can't afford X99. The gamers may want to stream in the future or be able to reliably play something like 64-man BF1/BF4 without stutter. Not to mention games are now heavily utilising multiple cores (Prey is a nice example).

>> No.61772453
File: 38 KB, 1309x956, Average.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



Might complement that with Passmark and CPUBoss as well while you're at it.


>Screenshots without any source

July 2017 with most recent AGESA, game patches and Dual-Channel 3200MHz DDR4 on a 1080Ti


>> No.61772600
File: 1.49 MB, 2048x1536, ebyn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>300$ cheaper
>15% faster

The 7800X scores only 32% better as well, according to Userbench.


>Multithread doesn't matter because it barely matters for my video games and web browsing

Since this is basically /v/ already, why can't we have their rule 2 yet? This would eliminate so many low-effort shitposts and shitflinging through cherrypicked benchmark bars, not only on hardware. We could actually discuss about technology again.

>> No.61773899

Why would you even look at the 1800x when the 1700 can OC just as high on most if not all B350 mobos

>> No.61774384

You know that Jay, despite the fact he's a raging faggot, just got a threadripper and hell using it for a main workstation now? Probably the rest as well.

>> No.61774616
File: 33 KB, 415x454, 1501038143935.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.61775869
File: 2.71 MB, 515x479, insecurity.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw I'm using a fx9370
>everything is fine
>it runs fast, games stay at 60 or 120fps, depending on what it is, 7zip is beautifully fast, shit compiles fast, shit like photoshop runs well enough editing 8k shit, premiere functions just fine at 1080p60
>it runs cool

what the fuck are you guys going on about? Is ryzen really worth the investment?

>> No.61775965

Even intel's housefire abortions are a bit above bulldozer, just a bit. Ryzen is infinitely better.

>> No.61775976

If you don't need to upgrade, don't. Ryzen really is much better though.

>> No.61776166

Digital foundry says otherwhise

>> No.61776248


userbenchmark has OC speeds dummy

you cant strawman it

>> No.61777022


i just went thru the cheapest GPUs on partpicker

the GT 1030 at $69.99 is the cheapest that's better than the 630 graphics


the cheapest ryzen is $100

that means its almost $200 off the bat to build a ryzen build even if you're not a gamer this isnt logical

but those CPUs arent better at gaming per price point than intel options so Ryzen is still a meme at this point

>> No.61777136

I was actually quite satisfied with my old FX8350
But I made the mistake of getting a piece of shit MSI board

>> No.61777208

Yeah but Ryzen is not a stuttery pile of shit housefire like Intel So Ryzen is better beyond infinity.

>> No.61777308

I was unsure what is better, but the 2666 vs. 2667 made it clear that AMD is vastly superior.

Also mark the TDP please.

>> No.61777600


actually correction, nvidia just released the GT 710 which can stream 4K at 30fps and lower at 60

which is close to the intel 630 which can run 4k at 60

and its only about 30 dollars

but the GPU wont fit in SFF cases

>> No.61777742


re-correction, now its saying it will fit


>> No.61777834


>> No.61777847


>> No.61778401

I did.
I bought an 1400 and i will go for an 1700 in a future.

>> No.61778812

Who the fuck cares you autistic retard nobody buys a $300+ CPU to match it with a $30 GPU.

>> No.61779304

that picture is fucking disgusting

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