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ITT: we write all the freshest tech buzzwords.
I'll start
>artificial intelligence

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>deep learning
>big data

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>well-accepted terms for things I don't like or understand are buzzwords!
kill yourselves

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they're buzzwords because they're often misused.

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>they're buzzwords because they're often misused.
that's not what a buzzword is
>a word or phrase, often an item of jargon, that is fashionable at a particular time or in a particular context.
learn the meaning of words that you use

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>Hyperconverged infrastructure
>Infrastructure as Code

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they're still mostly misused when they are used, dumb nigger.

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their misuse doesn't make them buzzwords, dumbass

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>learn the meaning
everything is memes anyway.
Nothing means anything anymore.

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back to Starbucks you code artisan

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>"who uses words correctly these days?"
people who aren't retarded NEETS
at least I have a job dude, keep working on those codecademy tutorials lad.

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If I see one more X as as Service, I swear.
I mean, SaaS makes sense. PaaS makes sense. MaaS is a bit tongue in cheek, but it's a real service for orchestrating local machines into a cloud thing.

But this shit needs to die. I swear if I see one more $Service_Name as a Service things, I'm going to shoot someone. IBM recently had an article about Managed Hosting as a Service. Yes, IBM, managed hosting is indeed a service. Do they call waiters "Servers as a Service Providers" when they go out to eat? Worse, do the others around the table laugh and think it's funny?

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>internet of things

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You mean $serviceName, right?

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They are misused because they are fashionable at our time and context.
If you are involved in IT you'll notice all these words fit in some way the definition of buzzword and these threada are about hating the misuse of said terms.

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I didn't say they were very intelligent people, now did I anon?

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/g/ is complaining about misuse of words? they are just as guilty of doing this.

I am involved in IT (koder, not tech support), and the only time I see words misused like that are on /g/ and random news articles

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ctrl+f - Cyber
0 results. wtf /g.

Here are some more:
neural networks
Heuristic analysis
Data science
Deep packet inspection
Functional programming languages

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>disruptive innovation

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I love the cyber segment it puts a good scare in people.

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>deep web
>dark net

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>machine learning

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please stop using the word 'buzzword,' it's just a buzzword used by marketers and it's lost any meaning

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>CIA nigger

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This has to be bait.

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>crafted with love

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Every new startup puts this shit in their about. What the fuck it even means?

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>crafted with love
often followed by
>code artisan

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>machine learning
>deep learning
>neural networks
>artificial intelliegence
>autonomoussufhjisuehf driving
>self driving

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>/g/ - Technology

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Full-stack web development.

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>A G I L E

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>top-down development
>open plan offices

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ITT: commie devs tell you how to speak in [current year].

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>coded with love from [third world country] using electron

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underrated post

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>mfw this is literally my job

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it means connecting things to the internet that shouldn't ever be connected to the internet, so everything you own and use is part of the botnet m8

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>the x experience

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Using acquired big data to teach our deep learning algorithm ai we have been able to simulate a physiological mindscape similar to one of an individual human being. It innovates and learns from previous experiments on the synergy between electromagnetic pulses from the brain and it influences in cyberspace. This allows the ai to simulate a limitless realm of thought and transmit it through the next gen information superhighway of tomorrow.

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Awww shit. Shot across the bow of Laravel developers.

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cognitive computing, our CTO just learned that one and it's now replaced big data everywhere big data could be used

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Is it webscale though?

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Believe it or not, this happens often and rarely means actually secure

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